The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 1 - Welcome Home, Jaime - full transcript

After going through another operation, Jaime Sommer's memories are slowly resurfacing. Now she is ready to move back to Ojai and live near her foster parents, Jim & Helen Elgin. Oscar Goldman arranges a job for her as a teacher at the Ventura Air Force base school but Jaime also insists on taking on missions of the OSI.

OSCAR: Memo to the Secretary.
Top Secret.

From Oscar Goldman,
Office of Scientific Investigation.


The Bionic Woman,

Dear Mr. Secretary...

nobody is more aware than I am of the
millions of dollars that we've spent...

in making Jaime SOMMERS bionic.

But I wonder if it's altogether fair
for us to count on her services...

after all she's been through.

As you may recall it all started...

when our six million dollar bionic man,
Steve Austin, was reunited with Jaime...

who had been his childhood sweetheart.

After a tragic accident, she became the
world's first bionic woman.

She and Steve were planning to marry.


OSCAR: But Jaime's body
was rejecting her bionics.

But Dr. Michael Marchetti
wouldn't give up, even at death.

Please, Rudy, let me try!

OSCAR: Using revolutionary new cryogenic
techniques, Michael did save Jaime.



OSCAR: But when Jaime
saw Steve again...

Who are you?

OSCAR: Jaime had suffered
brain damage. Her memory was gone.

Steve decided it was best
not to tell Jaime of their past love...

because with Jaime's flashes
of memory, came pain.


Jaime's flashes of memory
and pain continued...

and led to near disaster
during the mission...

against the refinery owned by
Carlton Harris.

It was Steve who finally realized
what was causing Jaime the most pain.

It's me!

What're you talking about?

I'm not good for Jaime.

Well, what do we do?

Send her to Rudy's other complex
in Colorado Springs.

Away from here,
away from Ojai.

Away from you?

Away from me.

Bye .

Bye .

OSCAR: Mr. Secretary, as I dictate this...

Jaime is in the operating room
one last time.

Drs. Marchetti and Wells feel that
she is strong enough to take the risk.

If the operation is successful,
her memory will be restored.

If not...

Mr. Secretary,
I'll keep you informed.



RUDY: She's doing well.


RUDY: What percentage of her damaged
brain cells you figure we've regenerated?

MICHAEL: All of them, we're going to.

RUDY: Yeah, well.

At least we've restored
part of her memory.


RUDY: Mixed blessings for you, right?

If she remembers Steve and their
life together, you'll probably lose her.

MICHAEL: Yeah, but at least she'll be
without some of the pain she's had.


Hi, there.

Hi. How am I doing?

You're gonna have to tell us.

What's your name?


Do you know us?

You're Rudy and you're Michael
but I knew that before.


Let's try going back a little further.
Where'd you go to school?

Carnegie Tech.

It was Carnegie Tech, Michael.
I remember.

What did you major in?

Education. I was gonna be a teacher.

I... I really remember this, Michael.


Easy now.

Let's try another area.

Do you remember Steve?

Oh, my bionic friend.

What do you remember about him?

Um, he's bionic. He's cute.

What else do you
remember about Steve?

Oh... we grew up together.
At least I think we did.

Yes, you did.

Jaime, do you remember
your sky diving accident?

Sky diving.

I don't think I've ever been
sky diving in my life, have I?

Yes, you have.

RUDY(VO): We've gotta do
some more testing, Michael...

to determine exactly what
she can remember.

You rest now.

Goodbye, Jaime.


JAIME: London.

RUDY: Good.

If you have any pain,
you tell us right away.

Stop worrying about me.

All right.

Watch the screen.


JAIME: That's Wimbledon.


Ahem. That's Oscar.


That's Carnegie Tech.
That's where I studied teaching.

That looks famil... oh, that's Ojai.


Oh, that's my parents!

That's right. Do you remember them?

Mmm-hmm. Uh...

There was an auto accident and they died.
I was sixteen, I think.

Yes. Do you wanna stop now?

JAIME: No, I'm okay. Let's go on.

That's Steve's mom and dad,
and I do know them.

They became my
legal guardians after that.

JAIME: That's Forest Hills.


Wait a minute. You know,
I remember running in the rain...

and Steve finding me,
and I remember how it hurt.

I remember that.
Does it hurt now?

Mmm. No, not now.

That's good. Very good.

Can't we do some more?

Nope. Not yet.
It's too soon.

We've gotta do some more
testing on your bionics anyway.

I would really like to continue
working on my memory.

Jaime, we wanna move slowly
and carefully this time.

We don't wanna rush
and overload you again.

You guys are afraid that I'm gonna
blow another fuse, aren't you?


All right. I can take a hint.



if you can hear me, come on in.


I heard you clear as a bell
from half a mile away.


Oh, Michael, it is so wonderful.

There are so many little things
that are coming back to me.

About my parents
and my childhood.

And no pain?
No. Not yet.

I'm glad.

RUDY: All right.
Your fourth grade teacher.

Oh, well, uh, that was Mrs. Langford.


Who'd you beat last year at Forest Hills?

Uh, Chris Everett.

No, it wasn't Chrissie.
It was Billie Jean King, that's who it was.


describe the plane you jumped from
when you had your sky diving accident.

I'm sorry, but there is
absolutely nothing there.

Well, that makes it pretty clear.

Your memory decreases as we get closer
to the accident that caused your bionics.

And then just sporadic flashes
of memory after the accident.

Well, partial memory's better
than no memory at all.

I mean, at least I don't have
that pain any more.

Well, I will simply have to take the life...

and the limbs that you two gave me...

and take one day at a time.

And I am thankful for that. I truly am.
To both of you.

So that wouldn't happen
to be about me, would it?

May I read it now?

Yeah, well, since we've apparently
broken the pain barrier...

at least for the time being...

I guess you're entitled to find out
a little more about...

who Jaime SOMMERS was.

Was? What is wa...
Is, thank you.



Don't get up, gentlemen.

Was everything in that file?


I left out the announcement about
Steve and her engagement.

I just don't know the right way
to tell her about that.



So that's how the pros do it, eh?

Hi! I didn't even see you come in.

Well, I'm a quiet man.

Good to see you.
Thank you.

You look good.
Thank you.

I understand you've been
looking over your file.

Yes, that I have.

A lot of the things I remember...

but some of them are still pretty hazy.

Well, the past always will seem
a little mysterious to you.

What about the present, huh?
What are you gonna do?

Wanna go back on the
old tennis circuit?

I don't think so.

I don't think it would hardly be fair.

I mean, I don't think even Jimmy Connors
could return this serve.



Wow! I see what you mean.

What then?
What're you gonna do?

Well, before I became a tennis pro...

I got a degree in education.

And I always planned
on being a teacher, so I...

What I would really like to do...

is go back to Ojai...

put down some roots
and maybe find some old ones...

and try teaching again.


Sounds wonderful.

Good for me,
but what about for you?

Me? What do you mean "me"?

Well, I gotta think about
your needs too, Oscar.

I mean you got a pretty big investment
in your bionic woman here, kiddo.

I probably cost as much as Steve did.

Well, not quite six million.
I mean, your parts were smaller.

Come on, Oscar.
You know what I mean.

I owe you my life.

And I'm not gonna forget that.

And whenever the O.S.I. needs
something done, I intend to help.

Jaime, after all you've been through...

I think you deserve a life of your own.

Well, I can do that too.

I just wanna help you.

No. The answer is no.
It's over.

What is this?
Am I talking to Oscar Goldman?

I mean, you're supposed to be
cold blooded, a bureaucrat...


Why don't you give yourself a break
and let me work for you, huh?

Okay, I'll tell you what.

When you get settled up in Ojai,
we'll decide then.


if I don't get an assignment
from you very soon...

I'm just gonna show up
and I'm gonna kick your door down.

Ah, you're just the one that can do it.

And don't you forget it.

Let's see now.
Now do you need some reservations?

Plane reservations to Ojai?

Nope. Called my own private pilot
and he's on his way.

Oh? Steve?

No, no. Steve's dad.

Tell me one thing...

how much does she know
about herself and Steve.

Well, just that they were kids,
they grew up together. That's all.

We haven't decided yet...

how to tell Jaime about Steve
and their plans for marriage.

Why don't you let us do it?

Me and Steve's mother,
once Jaime's in Ojai and settled a bit.

Good idea.

Jim, I want to thank you
very much for everything.

My pleasure. Don't worry.
We'll take care of everything.

Thank you.
There she is.


Now you guys, you take
care of yourselves, okay?

RUDY: Don't worry.
We'll be all right.

All right, bye-bye.
Good bye.

You'll always be in my heart,
Michael, you know that?

Go ahead.

She's just taking off.

I checked the flight plan
and they're headed for Ojai, California.

Now you know what to do?

Right. I'll be in touch
with you from Ojai.

Well, next stop, Ojai.


Oh! Jaime!


Welcome home!
Oh, thank you.

We were so happy
when you called us.

Well, you and Jim are truly
my clearest memory.

What about Steve?

That's a rough one.
There's still so many pieces missing there.

Well, maybe it'll come back in time.

Maybe. But this place.

I don't remember much about it.
Did I come here a lot?

No. We just bought it three months ago.

Oh, you could've fooled me, you know.

Come on, oh, honey?
I'm going to show her the place.


Jim and I are finally going to
take the time to do some travelling.

So we won't be here a lot.

We've always wanted to raise horses...

and when this ranch came on the market,
we couldn't resist it.

You know, it's going to be
a great place to come home to.

We think so.

I sure hope I can find a place
in town that I really like.

That's part of the reason
I brought you out here.

Look there.

HELEN: That barn has
an apartment over it.


At least the health department
might call it that if it were all fixed up.

Oh, it's a mess, it's dirty,
full of junk.

But with your bionics,
it should be a breeze.

It's yours if you want it.

Well, I don't even feel like
I could just come in here and...

Oh now, Jaime,
if you really remember...

what you feel about us, there's
something else you should remember.

We're a family.

It's so good to be home.

It's good to have you home again.

Well, what do you say?

It seems to me like
you got yourself a tenant.



Hey, here's a card from Steve in Rome.

Here, you better read it.
My arms are getting too short.

"Dear Mom and Dad, Rome is beautiful,
the people are fun...

"the food is good, but I still like
mom's 'pasghetti' better.

"Be home soon, give Jaime my love.


That's what he used to call my spaghetti
when he was a little boy.

Is that a scrapbook on Steve?

HELEN: Mmm-hmm.

Can I look at it?

Well... Maybe it'll help
me remember. You know.

Go ahead.

That's Steve?

HELEN: He started out
sort of pudgy, didn't he?

Nah, he's cute. It's okay.

JAIME: Look at that.

Oh, that's Steve with his first fish.

HELEN: There's one of you.

JAIME: I remember this.

There, the two of you together.

How much do you remember?

Well, you know, it's strange.

I look at some of these pictures
and I remember them.

And yet other ones I look at,
and, uh...

I don't know, I feel warm...

but it's still like I'm looking
at somebody else.

JAIME: Oh, my graduation.
Look at those shoes!


What's wrong?

There's something you need to know
before you turn the page.

You and Steve were much closer
than you remember, Jaime.

Next page may be painful for you.

What is thi...?

We were gonna be marr...?


Married, I don't...

Steve and I were
gonna be married?

That's right.

Do you remember anything?

JIM: Anything at all?

Is it painful for you?

Are you feeling
any pain?


No, there's no pain, it's ju...

It's just...

It's just so hard to believe...

I can't understand how I...

I get... I get these
little wisps of memory...

but it just feels like there's
something missing and I can't...

What is it?

I don't know.

I just don't know what it is.


Think it'll do?

Looks, great.
Where'd you find it?

At a used appliance store in town.
Seems to work okay.

Here, let me get off the truck
and ease her down.

No, no, that's okay.


You know, it really knocks me out...

to see you do things like that.

I'll tell you something. It's a little secret
because it actually impresses me, too.

You and Steve
really are something.

Hey, don't worry it about it, Dad.
It's okay.

I'm thinking a little bit about him
myself these days.


Hey! First phone call on my new phone.
Be right back.



Jaime? Any luck with
that school up in Ojai?

No, I struck out.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

But you know, I think
I've got something for you.

At the Air Force Base school?
OSCAR: Right.

They got one teaching position left.

Well, that's all I need.

Okay, who do I talk to?

You talk to Lt. Col. Tom Holloway,
Deputy Base Commander.

He's awaiting your call.

Okay. That's great.

I, um... I talked with Helen last night.

I understand that you
learned a few new things.

Yes, I did.

I've got somebody here, a friend of yours.
He wants to talk with you. Hold on.


Uh, Steve? Hi.

How you doing?

Pretty good.

How's Mom and Dad?

They're fine.

Are you gonna be coming
out this way soon?

Yeah, in a couple of days.

I'm on my way to Thailand.

You think we could
spend some time together?

There's a lot of things
I'd like to talk to you about.


Good, I'll see you soon then, huh?


Bye .

Good bye.

Hi, I'm Jaime SOMMERS
and I'm gonna see...

Lt. Col. Tom Holloway at the base school.

Oscar Goldman had a lot of nice
things to say about you, Jaime.

Oh, he's sweet.

As a matter of fact, I've been
a fan of yours myself.

Saw you play last year
at Forest Hills.

You wanna tell me why you've
decided to go back to teaching?

Well, after my sky diving accident,
I wasn't quite the same...

so I just decided to settle down.

Sorry to hear that.

I'm afraid you're not going to be able
to do much settling with your class.

You see I only have one position open...

and it's not exactly the easiest.
As a matter of fact...

they've managed to chew up
four substitutes in three months.

Oooh. Sounds like
it's going to be a challenge.


It's a class comprised of sixth,
seventh and eighth graders.

The kids of our service personnel.

They travel a lot,
which adds to the learning process...

but unfortunately,
they spend most of their time...

adjusting to new schools,
teachers, friends.

I think quite a few of them have
tough disciplinarian fathers.

That sort of thing.

It's not gonna be easy.

I hope you've got a couple of good,
solid legs to stand on.

Well, as a matter of fact, I do.

Good. Can you start tomorrow?

Oh, you bet!
Where can I pick up the books?

Come on, I'll show you.
And how 'bout a little tennis sometime?

Uh, sure.

Hey, good.

All right.

HELEN: Anybody home?

Just us schoolteachers.

Oh, so glad about your new job.

Have you met your class yet?

No. Apparently, there's something
you have to brace yourself for.

You can handle them.

Why don't you have dinner
with us tonight?

No, thanks. I'm gonna
whip up a little tuna salad...

and I've gotta studying to do.


Don't think I have a can opener.

Oh, I'll get you one at the house.

No, no, no. It's okay.

I mean, what are
fingernails for, you know?





You don't happen to have an extra
set of those nails, do you?

No, but I'll have Rudy check
the parts department for you...

see what he'll come up with.


I brought over some old pictures
I've found for you to look at.

Okay, I will. Thanks.

It isn't easy, is it?

No, it's not.

How does it feel?

I look at those pictures and I see
somebody that looks like me...

and sometimes I even
remember bits and pieces...

but mostly it's in my head
and not in my heart.

Especially when it comes to Steve.

Can I, uh, say something just
between you and I, Helen?


I care an awful lot about Steve.

But I just don't know where my heart is.

I understand.

It's so frustrating to be confused.

It really is.

Well, there's one thing
not to be confused about.

I almost had you for my daughter-in-law
and nothing could've made me happier.

But back when you were growing up...

even before you lost your parents
I always thought of you as my daughter.

And I always will, Jaime.

So you see, I win either way.

Hi, Jaime?

Welcome aboard.

I'm Karen Stone.

Hi, Karen Stone.

You know, I was new here last year.

But now I'm an old hag.

So you need any help at all,
just give me a holler.

Thank you.

Uh, and it might be sooner than you think.

You know they gave you the dirty dozen.

I know.
Are they really as bad as they said?

Not really.
They're just into pre-adolescence.

So they're a little more outspoken
than some of the other classes.

And of course, you're the new teacher,
so you just gotta be put through the mill.

Of course.


Shh! Be quiet!

My class is starting. Bye-bye.

Good bye.


Come on, you guys.
Sit up straight. Let's go.

Good morning.

We know you.

Well, good.


I'll get to know your names
as quickly as I can.

You had to quit tennis, huh?


Yeah, but that's a long story.
I'll tell you about it sometime.

Now! don't know what kind
of a routine you're used to...

but I've written my plans for the
classroom organization on the board...


Well, I thought I wrote it on the board.
Just one moment, please.


How'd you do that so fast?

All right, I would like each of you to copy off
the section that applies to you.

You see, I've got sixth, seventh and eighth...


Who did that?

Nobody did that, huh?


Would you please hand me
that telephone book?

Thank you.

I guess you know what a
rotten reputation this class has.


The other teachers have all sorts
of terrific little names for you.

Guess you can be a pretty
rough and rowdy bunch, huh?


That's okay. I don't mind that.

'Cause it just shows me you've got
a lot of spirit and I like that.


I am not just another substitute.

I am here to stay.

And if we're gonna get along,
you're gonna learn a little bit about respect.

Now some teachers feel that the best way
to get respect from their students...

is to threaten them.


I don't like to make threats,
because most of the time...

they're not really carried out,
you know?

And I've always felt...

that the best way of teaching
was the gentle approach.


I feel that respect for a teacher
should grow naturally.

Through friendship and some trust.

And I expect you to be able to
develop and understand all this...

and have that kind of respect for me.



Boy, this broad is spooky.
Yeah, I know.

I'll make you a deal.

I won't call you a sewer sprat,
and you don't call me a "broad."

How'd she hear that?

I have very good hearing.

All right, let's break up the
regimentation here a little bit.

I want everybody to move
their desks in a circle...

so we can all see each
other a little better.

Now once we get the desks moved...

I want each of you
to write an autobiography...

because I wanna know everything there is
to know about each and every one of you.

So think about that while
you're moving your desks.

Come on, move it.

Get going.


Jaime, how was your first day?

Oh, it was fun.

I'm sure you did fine.

Listen, the control tower
called my office.

Colonel Austin radioed that
he's over San Antonio.

He'll be landing here
in about an hour and a half.

Okay, um, good.
I'll come back and meet him.

Say are you two, um...

I don't know, Tom.

That's okay, I'm just checking.

Bye- bye .




No! It's gonna explode!

MAN: It's gonna explode!

My leg! Can't move my leg!


Can you walk?

I don't...
The pain. Don't move me.

All right, then
I'm gonna go for help.


I'll be back.


Down this way here.

Oh, now he's around...
Was right...

Look, uh, are you sure
this is where you left him?

I mean there's nobody out here.

Well, he was right here.

Well, maybe somebody beat us
back here and took him to the hospital.

No, the guy couldn't even move!

Okay, lady, then where is he?

I don't know where he is.

MAN: You wouldn't believe what she did to
get me out of that car after Johnny hit me.


Yes, Miss SOMMERS is quite
a unique young woman.

I think it's time I went to Ojai.

We have quite a few
surprises in store for her.

No, Oscar, it was the strangest thing.

They still haven't found a trace of him.

Jaime, I'll look into it.

And let me know if anything else
happens that's unusual, huh?

Okay, um, I gotta run now, Oscar.

'Cause Steve's plane is landing.

So, I'll see you soon.
Okay. Bye-bye.


Hello, Vaughn.

Oh, it's so good to be back in Ojai.

Even though you
don't remember all of it?

Oh, yeah. Even then.

You know I got to see your mom's old
scrapbook. We really did grow up together.

Yeah. Do you remember any of it?

Boy, I've been trying real hard.

How did you and I first meet?

Well, it was my first day
in the third grade.

You dared me to eat one
of everything in the cafeteria.

Did I? Did you?

Yeah, I tried.
I got pretty sick.

I got even with you
right here on this swing.

Yeah, what'd you do?
Stick a frog down my back?

No, it was a lizard.

Eww. That's an awful thing to do.




Why did you hide this from me?

I was afraid it might
bring back your memories.

And your pain.

Does it?

No. Not anymore.

What we were to each other,
and our engagement.

You know about that?


It must've been so awful for you trying
to keep all that bottled up inside of you.

I really appreciate everything
you have done for me, Steve.

And I appreciate...

what we must've shared.

But I don't feel those feelings now.

I can't remember what it was
like to be in love with you.

I understand.

I mean, knowing you now,
I can understand how we got to be so close.

And maybe in time we can
be that close again.

I guess what I'm trying to ask you is
if this can be a whole new beginning for us.

How long will you be in Thailand?

Just until I can convince Oscar
that the mission's completed.

It won't be long
if! know your son, Helen.

Well, the sooner he's home again,
the better we'll all like it. Bye, son.

Goodbye, Dad.
Goodbye, dear.

Goodbye, Mom.

Are you coming, Oscar?

I'll be along. I've got
a little business here, Steve.

STEVE: Okay.

You will come home
and see me, won't you?

You can count on it.


We'll join you in a minute.

I wanna talk with you.

What's wrong, Oscar?

Well, I'm a little concerned
about something, Jaime.

I can see that.
What is it?


it might be dangerous
for you living here in Ojai.

What are you talking about?

The accident.
That accident that you just saw.

It may not have been an accident.
Someone may be trying to kill you.

Me? Uh... Who?

We don't know.

But we think it might be safer
for you to be away from here.

Jaime, I want you to plan on...

Oscar! Wait a minute.
I came back to Ojai...

to put down some roots
and to teach and to make my life.

Now I can't run away from all that
just because you're suspicious.

All right, let me ask you something.

Say there's another accident,
only this time, you're in the middle of it.

Do you think
you can handle it?


It's easy to say, huh?

I can't leave here, Oscar.

Sooner or later, I'm gonna have
to make a stand for myself...

and I may as well do it right now.

I'll be in in a minute.
Don't worry.