The Americans (2013–2018): Season 6, Episode 1 - Episode #6.1 - full transcript

Previously on The Americans...
The Centre started a program to develop officers
they're calling Second Generation Illegals.
They want Paige to be next.
I trained as hard as I could every day.
I'm not afraid anymore.
And you're not going to be, either.
So, I met someone.
Hey, this is Philip. Philip, Renee.
Nice to meet you.
She's moving in.
What is it?
Oh, j-just stuff from work.
Oleg Burov is back in Moscow.
We can go with the tape you made of him
admitting their defector was actually KGB.
You're going to get him killed.
I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, Agent Beeman.
Unlike you, I haven't forgotten what that means.
When you're walking in the dark, you don't know the answer,
but you have an instinct...
for how to move forward.
I can't just get this order from them
and do whatever they say.
It's not just me having a hard time.
It's you, too.
We're allowed to have a life.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Maybe you should stop... run the travel agency.
You need me, Elizabeth.
I don't want to see you like this anymore.
I'm, uh, just about to leave.
You sure you don't want to go with me?
I've got work.
I wish I could just run off
and go watch Henry play hockey right now, Philip.
I know.
Have a good trip.
Go, Henry, go!
Let's go! Come on!
Way to go, Henry!
Now stay with him! Stay with him!
Come on! Back, back! Back!
Go, Henry!
Go! Shoot it! Shoot it!
- Get him, Henry! - Get him, Henry!
Yeah! Whoo!
Looks like Henry's got a little fan club going.
Theo's kicking butt today.
I taught him everything he knows.
Way to go, Jordy!
Come on!
They were all so man-hungry.
Lyudmila, anyway.
And the families, with money... it was all so...
And the way they lived in the beginning,
it was like my freshman-year dorm.
I lived in a workers' dormitory when I was young.
It was hard work, but we had a lot of fun.
We would sneak boys in at night.
That's why I live off-campus.
I thought Katerina was great.
Yeah, she was so determined. And brave.
She reminded me of you, Mom.
Thank you.
In that skirt suit, with the vest,
running that whole factory.
- Fantastic. - Yeah.
That's how it is there.
But then she let that guy...
put her in her place.
Like... dominate her.
I hated that.
Sometimes it's a little more traditional there.
But some women I know would have cracked his head open.
Did your professor talk about the Summit again this week?
He spent the whole class talking about the Soviet SS-20.
What did he say?
It's got a range of 3,100 miles,
can carry up to three
independently targetable warheads,
each with an explosive power of 150 kilotons.
And it can be launched from the back of a truck.
After an hour of that, in the last two minutes of class,
he said if the Summit's a success,
there won't be any SS-20s anymore.
So you learned all that for nothing.
He thinks the Summit's going to be a big success.
It's hard to trust the Americans.
There's a long history of these types of negotiations.
I know.
Okay. You want a ride back to your apartment?
- Yeah. - Wait in the car.
See ya.
Keep your eyes open.
I saw McCleesh, coming out of DoE.
He was with some negotiators
for the ground-launched missile verification regime.
I'm going to see him soon.
I was at Haskard's Tuesday night.
I couldn't get to the briefcase. Back there tonight.
And then Voller again Thursday.
Are you sleeping?
You got nine weeks to the Summit.
I got a signal.
You have a meeting in Mexico. Tomorrow morning.
I don't know who it's with or what it's about.
They didn't tell you anything?
It happens.
I can't believe what Moscow looks like.
You could've been one of those silly little girls.
Café, por favor.
Look, you're doing great.
But we're not just about selling. We're about sharing.
Clients want to know your experiences.
They... They want to hear about Lacey's honeymoon in Barbados
and what made it so special.
The condo was perfect because you knew to switch.
And you took that incredible fishing boat,
where they cooked your catch.
That was amazing.
Well, it's a great story.
And, Rick, your... your road trip in the Delta...
- Don't remind me. - No, no, no.
There you go, because that's what they need to hear.
We're not brochures. We're people.
All it takes is one conversation to produce a breakthrough.
So just keep at it.
He opposed anti-segregation laws,
and, he thinks that women aren't protected
under the 14th Amendment.
- He's an asshole. - Hey, come on, honey.
What? He doesn't know.
Well, just to play devil's advocate...
Uh-oh, here we go.
He's a judge, so... doesn't really matter
what his personal opinions are.
And everyone agrees he's brilliant.
A lot of Nazis were brilliant too.
- Paige... - Whoa! Whoa!
It's okay, I can handle a college student.
Great. She is all yours.
See? He can't handle her either.
See? He hates Bork, too.
How about your high school student?
He's great. Doing really well.
- He's a hockey star. - Yeah.
He's like Wayne Gretzky.
- Ooh! - Really?
Kind of. He's become a real little leader out there.
That's cool.
Oh, he's not so little anymore. He's taller than Philip.
Not quite.
Okay, how about dessert?
I made too much. You're all getting leftovers.
Oh, no, no, no, sit, sit.
He's hungry.
No, he's just tired, give him to me.
Okay, okay.
Just leave 'em.
I'm going to get you started.
How can you be so cute when you're cranky?
Maybe he is hungry.
- You want to nurse? - Yeah.
Let's bring him in here.
So noisy, Calvin, why you so noisy?
Dennis was saying on the way over
it's so nice to come here
because they never see each other at work.
Well, they still have that one case together.
- The couple? - Yeah.
I don't know much about it.
I think their marriage is in trouble.
I don't like that he's alone with her sometimes.
He hasn't said anything?
I mean, I don't know anything.
Is it really bothering you?
I don't know. It's just...
he tells me stuff now, but I still feel like
- I don't really know what's going on. - Yeah.
You ever get that?
Only all the time.
Welcome to the FBI.
- Yeah. Right. - Yeah.
More coffee.
You know, you don't have to feed me every night.
It's not part of your job description.
Well, we both have to eat,
and I always make too much food, so...
How's Erica today?
The usual.
She was bragging about you yesterday.
Said you're saving the world.
I wouldn't say that.
I mean, it'd be nice one day to feel like I did my part.
If we don't blow each other to bits.
Well, that'd be good.
I drift off sometimes.
When I'm there, I think about her.
And when I'm here...
She understands.
Hi, Stephanie.
Colleen. How's she doing?
Still breathing.
You need anything?
I need quiet.
I painted that right after my mother died.
That's it?
I don't really, um...
art's not my thing.
That's like saying life's not your thing.
Beauty is not your thing.
Hmm, I don't know.
For God's sake.
How many paintings have you made?
I never knew an artist before.
Well, now you do.
Yep, yep.
Kick, kick.
1, 2...
You're fantastic.
I, uh, have to head home a little... early today.
We won't burn down.
Excuse me, I'm with security. US Navy.
I noticed you sitting in your car here.
It's not the best neighborhood.
I'm just waiting for a friend.
Mm-hmm. Can I see your driver's license, please?
Thank you.
Ellen Terreno.
Picture doesn't do you justice.
I don't know if you know, there's a lot
of sensitive, restricted areas around here.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, about eight blocks that way is the Naval Observatory.
That's where I work.
It's also the Vice President's residence.
A lot of embassies to the northwest.
I'm actually going to need your phone number
and a second form of ID.
I've got my college ID.
That'll do.
One honk, get closer.
Thanks! I'll see you later!
I haven't stayed there.
It's good. Old.
- Run-down? - No, more classic.
But Madison Hotel is also good.
It feels like South America.
- South America? - Ah, no. I'm sorry.
I mean American South.
I'm telling you, the best Chinese food in the city, okay?
It's about a block away.
Come with me,
I got, like, 40 minutes left on my dinner break.
I wish I could, but my friend and I already have plans.
Next time.
Okay. Well, here's your driver's license, okay?
I'm gonna hold on to this other one, though.
You can get it back Saturday night
after I take you to dinner.
Call you tomorrow.
Oh, come on. You can't take my college ID.
I need it.
I-I promise I'll meet you Saturday.
I don't know, beautiful girl like yourself
might forget, you know.
I couldn't forget you.
That was a nice try.
I'll see you Saturday, Ellen.
You must miss your girls, being her.
Uh, before I leave,
they are sweetest they have ever been.
Aha. And school?
Both smarter than me. I can admit this.
My Katya, she is serious.
He was going for Chinese food at a place called Hunan Taste.
That's the only reason he was out there.
N. Hadley. Blue eyes. 5'11".
US Naval Observatory patch on his hat.
Black uniform.
I saw everything, Mom.
I was a mile out of the zone, like I'm supposed to be.
Waiting for my next shift.
Maybe I shouldn't have been reading.
It's okay. It's not your fault.
I'm sorry, Mom. Damn it!
This is... This is part of it. This is what happens.
You handled it well.
He has my ID. With my picture.
Fake name, fake address.
You gave him a fake phone number.
You remembered everything. Okay?
He's a security guard at the US Naval Observatory.
He's not a police officer. This isn't a big deal.
I really want you to understand this.
Under pressure, you kept your cover.
You said and did all the right things.
There's nothing to worry about.
I need you to drop me near Wisconsin and Calvert.
- Is she okay? - Yeah.
I like Julie, but I told you when she came on,
she's too young.
I have a lot of faith in this one.
Wait, stop here.
Excuse me. Sir?
Can I help you?
Yeah, uh, do you have a light?
Yeah. Somewhere.
I always like DC this time of year.
I prefer it when the cherry blossoms are out.
You sure you're good?
I spent nine hours getting clean.
They'd have to have the whole FBI on me
for me to miss it.
Arkady Ivanovich sent me.
We need your help.
The people... running the organization right now,
they have very...
old-line view of things.
Not interested in all the changes that are happening.
And Gorbachev doesn't have the power to get rid of them.
I'm out of it.
He told me.
I wouldn't be here except...
some very powerful people
are out there to get rid of Gorbachev.
To stop all the good things
that have been happening lately in our country.
Your wife had a meeting in Latin America
with a general from the Strategic Rocket Forces.
Strange, right?
No stranger than us meeting here.
My wife just... does her job.
That's all she's ever done.
She's good at it.
I know.
But it's possible that she is being used
by the people who are...
trying to stop all the progress that we've been making.
Or she is one of them.
Everything is divided up.
That's how Arkady Ivanovich explained it to me.
This summit, it could be a turning point.
We have a pretty good idea where you stand.
I'm not involved anymore.
And this has nothing to do with me.
We want you to find out what your wife is doing
and tell us.
And if you have to...
stop her.
She's my wife.
I understand.
I left my wife and my baby boy to be here.
I don't have any immunity.
If I'm arrested, I'm finished.
If they catch me and send me back,
I'll be shot.
I'm here because the future of our country
is being decided right now.
You know that.
I'm sorry you have to make some tough decisions, too.
I'll wait to hear from you.
There's all this crap in the paper about the Summit...
like we're the ones standing in the way...
You working on it?
It would be good if they made a deal.
Fewer weapons.
Fewer weapons for us, not for them.
They just want to use these treaties as a cover
so they can keep building up their arsenal
while we get rid of ours.
That sound fair to you?
What's going on with you?
What do you mean?
Elizabeth, look at you.
You smell like cigarettes all the time.
Your whole way of being seems off.
These past few months,
it feels like it's just getting worse and worse.
Well, I'm busy, obviously.
It is finally getting to you.
After all these years.
You're amazing...
but it is finally getting to you.
When you told me to quit, you were right.
It was the best thing I ever did.
And I was thinking...
I'm... Look.
I'm so tired right now.
Work was...
I-I know. I'm sorry. Look, I-I just need to...
I have to talk to you about something.
Let's talk tomorrow. I'm... Honestly, I'm just beat.
I-I know how hard you're working.
I'm not complaining.
This summit is a big deal.
There's a lot to do.
Whatever it is you want to talk about,
we can talk about tomorrow.
Whether it's Henry or your work, it can wait.
It's not Henry. Today, I...
Whatever it is,
I have to figure out
what the hell is going on with the Summit
and everything else right now.
So, I know you love to talk, but you don't have to sit here
and wait for me 'til 1:00 in the morning.
I know how tired you are, but I need to talk to you.
If you knew how tired I am, you wouldn't still be talking.
Elizabeth, this... this job you're doing,
it's... it's exhausting and it's complicated and hard.
I don't need another one of your speeches, Philip.
I need sleep.
Let me sleep.
Fine, go sleep.