The Americans (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 9 - IHOP - full transcript

Philip and Elizabeth are thrown off balance when things with Tuan take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Henry makes a startling proposition and Stan has a disturbing encounter with Frank Gaad's widow.

Previously on "the Americans"...

Henry has really come into his own.

He's... he's prepared, he's interested,

and he's demonstrated a real aptitude

for challenging material.

We think we know what
happened to William.

Somehow he infected himself
with the virus he was carrying.

I'm afraid he has one last job.

Hold on.

I have to talk to you.

I'm going home.



What is it?

See the blood there?

Is that all blood?


Christ. I've never seen
anything like that.

Oh, man.


Come on, blow 'em out.

Before the wax drips. Okay, okay.

Ahh! Yay!

You want to know what I wished for?

Well, don't tell me.

So, uh, what'd you do on the day?


I have this tradition with my dad.

He takes me to the jockey
club for crabcakes.

Mm. Yeah.

We, uh, used to do it when I was little

with my mom.

It sounds sweet.

You miss your son, don't you?

You think about him a lot?


What do you think about?

That someday I'll... I'll get married

and I'll have kids.

And I'll do it right for them.

I don't think anybody does it right.

Okay. I won't screw it up completely.

That's a better ambition.

Yes, that's four seats total,

and it can be two and two,
across the aisle...

Okay, I will book that. Yes.

Did we ever get reimbursed
for the Lyndhurst cancellation?


I don't think so. Ask Stavos.


We should get Henry to do the books,

he's so good at math.
He's good at everything.

I still can't get over that report card.

I know.

Did you ever think that he'd be
doing better than Paige?

It seems like she's over Matthew.

Well, that's good.

Does Tuan ever say anything

about any girls to you?

I just think he's lonely.


I was supposed to go
over there tomorrow,

but Evgheniya asked me to go shopping,

and I need to do that.

I'll go over and see Tuan tonight.
Bring dinner.

Maybe even stay the night.

I just think, from now on,
we have to ke...


Dr. Tippens' office for you.


This is Philip Jennings.

Hello, Mr. Jennings.
This is Dr. Tippens' office.

For your appointment
Thursday at 2:00 P.M.,

Dr. Tippens is not available.

There's going to be a substitute,
his colleague,

Dr. Penderson.

He's a very dear, old friend,

and he's never too busy
to help someone in need.

Thank you. I understand.

Dr. Penderson's office

is at 4629 southeast grasslands parkway,

near the intersection
of 264 and Tresslau.

Okay. I'll see him then.

One of Gabriel's people. Thursday.


It's not absolutely conclusive yet,

but they just translated
an intercept from Thailand

showing travel for a group
of known KGB officers

coming in and out of the country

at the same time Gaad was murdered.

There was nothing else
going on in Thailand

to tie those guys to.

I know how you feel
about squeezing Burov,

but it might take years for us
to get somebody like that

inside the KGB again.

I could be next on their list.

Or you.

Any of us can be a target.

He's there. He's vulnerable.

Let us use the tape against him

and get him working
with us against them.

Think it through.




Uh, just a sandwich.

Um, roast beef, lettuce,
onion, mustard, on a roll.

Um, okay. Got it.


Hey, Evgheniya. It's Dee.

Sorry to call you so late.

Are you okay?

I was just wondering
if Tuan was over there.

I don't think so. Wait.


Sorry, Dee.

Pasha does not know where Tuan is.

Okay. Thanks.

I'm sure he'll turn up soon.

Okay. Bye.

The flashlights got through
and the batteries didn't.

is there a new shipment on the way?

That's the problem.

The super nite diet has no stimulants

and is backed by an absolute
money-back guarantee.

Well, it's time to put
your super nite diet to work.

Here's how to order.

Use your credit card
and call 1-800-453-2500

or send check or money order
for $19.95 plus $3 shipping

to super nite diet, P.O. Box 1155,

Norfolk, Virginia, 23501.

That's 1-800-453-25...

Tulip's the translator.

Steve recruited him.

So who was at the meeting?

Tulip, Daisy, and Shepherd.

Well, tell her I'll miss it.

I can't make every goddamn party.

I'll let her know.

I have to submit his par by Thursday,

so whether he's back here or not,

I still need to finish.

Well, don't spend too much time on it.



What is it?

See the blood there?

Is that all blood?


Christ. I've never seen
anything like that.

The doctor said it's some kind
of hemorrhagic fever.

Did he say anything else?

His report is on the way.

Tuan never came home.

I called the Morozovs around 10:00.

He wasn't with pasha.

I waited until 3:00 A.M.

He could be out with those new kids,


I don't know.

Out in the middle of the night...

What, you think he's reporting on us?

To who? His people?

The centre talked to them.

I know.

Not the Americans.

I can't imagine.

I went through the house.
I didn't find anything.


I mean, it would make sense
that he's out with those kids

if... if he's trying to work
them against pasha, but...

3:00 A.M. just seems a little late.


It didn't feel right.

We'll check it out.

Have norm and Marilyn... Yeah.

I, uh...
I was at Kimmy's a few days ago.

And on the tape, um...

A group of mujahideen died
of a hemorrhagic fever.

So maybe it wasn't about protecting us

after a nuclear attack.

Maybe they just wanted
to use it in Afghanistan.

We don't know it's
the same virus we gave them.

It's a hell of a
coincidence if it isn't.

Ah, that's great.

Yes, she will...

Have you been busy today, father?

Never too busy to help someone in need.

Gabriel gave me all this
equipment before he left.

To make the reports for
the next few months.

He showed me how to use it, but...

I can't use it.

It's all right. I'll tell them.

Father Victor was out again

last Tuesday and Wednesday, very late.

He came back both times drunk.

I know he's been seeing the Frenchman.

How much of this did Gabriel know?

He knew about it,
but it's getting more serious.

His eminence the metropolitan

is listening to father
Victor more and more.

I've seen them meeting in private.

I know what you'll think.

That I'm looking out for myself,
my position.

That I'm jealous.

I'm not.

I'm telling you what's going on

so you can protect yourselves.

All right.

Thank you.

Will I see you again, then?

Only if something urgent comes up.

Um, the new person
who's coming to work with you

should be here in two to three months.


Sometimes I hear things...

Exactly the things
I was asked to tell you about.

I don't know if they're urgent.

I used to just tell Gabriel, and...

Well, he always said
it was very important for him

that we talk them through.

I'm sorry. I just can't meet
with you on a regular basis.

I understand.

I will pray for you.


You should try it.

I keep hearing that.

It is a great solace.

Especially when you
live this kind of life.

How's your son doing?

Good. Thanks for asking.

He's a senior now,
if you can believe it.

Wow. Yeah.

Ah, thanks. Mm. Ah.

Looking at colleges?

Yeah. With his mom mostly.

You know we're not, uh... I know.

Well, she's in charge of all that.

W-well, it's...
It's nice of you to come.

It's been, um, quiet since the funeral.


Have you been... Seeing friends?

Getting support?


You know, not one of you
from the office has been by.

Or called.

That's awful.

I, uh...

I guess we're not the best at that.

Now that he was retired,
I thought maybe...


It's okay.

How are things there?


You know, he was a great boss.

I mean, I'm not the easiest guy
to be the boss of.

Did you just come to visit?


I'm sure that, over the years,

he's told you some things
that you couldn't repeat.


We have a better sense now
of what happened in Bangkok.

It was them.

And now I have something
on someone else...

An unrelated case...

But the department wants me to use it

as a way to get back at them.

The thing is, this guy,
he didn't do anything.

The opposite.

I don't see putting him at risk

so we can go after some other people.

Revenge isn't that important.

And I don't think it would be to frank.

He would want revenge.


Hi, Henry.

Can I talk to you guys for a second?

S-sure. Everything okay?

Uh... S-so... You know

how I've been doing really well
at school recently?

We sure do.

My friends have been, too.

My new friends. Like Chris.

And she's going to this
great high school next year

called St. Edwards.

It's in New Hampshire.

Her brother's a junior there.

Her dad went and her uncle.

Her whole family.

So, is it a religious school?

No, no.

It's... it's just called that.

And I want to go there.

It's in... It's in New Hampshire?

Right, but it's a boarding school,

so I would live there during school,

and then I'd come home vacations.

And when would this start?

Next fall.

W... uh, what... what...

What's wrong with...
With the high schools here?

They're not that serious,
kids mess around,

and it would be hard
to get the teacher's attention.

Well, there are private schools here.

But, w... isn't it expensive?

I mean,
p-p-private schools cost a fortune.

Yeah, but at St. Edwards,

I can probably get a scholarship.

I sent in an application.


Without telling us about it?!

Okay, look.

It's not like I can go and not tell you.

You have to, like, say yes.

Henry, wait. Okay. Let's just...

Let's slow this all down for a second.

But it's a great opportunity, mom.

Henry, do you not want to live here?

No, no, it's not that at all.

It's just that St. Edwards is great.

Chris told me all about it,

and her dad wrote a
recommendation for me...

He... he wrote a recommendation?

Look, it's an important school.

Important people have gone there.

Two senators and a guy
who won a Nobel prize.

It's really prestigious.

The academics, the sports,

they're all right there.

You wouldn't have to drive me anywhere.

I'd just be there.

The teachers are your coaches.

You eat dinner with them.
You wear coats and ties.

It's serious.

The students are waiters.

It's a lot of responsibility.

Here, here's a brochure.

So... Chris...

Oh, no, no. It's nothing like that.

She's not my girlfriend.
She's... she's just a friend.

But you've been spending
a lot of time with her family?

My teacher Mr. Jeffries
thinks it's a great opportunity.

He says that I'm at
the most kids my age.

Don't we want to capitalize on that?



Uh... May I come in for a moment?

I-I won't stay long.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm interrupting your dinner.

It's just a snack.

Well, it looks good.

Would you like something to drink?

Just a glass of water, please.

How's your Russian coming?

Your life will get better
when your Russian improves.

Do my parents know where I am?


But I spoke to them,
and I told them you were safe.

That you were being taken care of

by people who respect you.

Why are you here?

Do you have some news for me?


Did you came all this way just to...

No. No.

I'm... I'm here now.

I-I've retired.

I was done.


Are you married?

No, no. No.

I never was.

Too difficult for my work.

I have some family.

Well, that must be nice.

Well, we're not close.

But I came to hear about you.

Tell me, do you like your teacher?


She's nice.

She comes in every other day.

We talk.

She helps with grammar, writing...

And who takes care of everything else?

Volodya... From your organization.

He makes sure I have what I need.

You're friends?


Has Volodya introduced you to people?

A few.


Nobody suitable.

Well, as soon as your language improves,

we'll see to it that
we find you a job at a paper

or in publishing, translating.

Y-you'll meet people.

Clark thinks about you, Martha.

He wanted to send you a letter,
but it's not allowed.

He's the reason I
talked to your parents.

He insisted.

He wants what's best for you.

We all do.

What's best for me?

I understand everything now, Gabriel.

All of it.

You can go.

And please don't come back again.

There you go. Thank you.

You look at it?

It's... it's like an Ivy league college.

It's like a country club.

It's like a fancy orphanage.

If you told me when I was a kid his age

that I would live in
a house like this...

The thing is...
He has been working hard.

We have to let him grow up.

He doesn't have to go away to grow up.

It might be good for him.

He's doing fine here.

Look at his grades.

I mean, a place like this...

You think he's gonna keep wanting

to wear a coat and tie
to dinner every night?

I mean, I'm...
I'm glad he's doing so well at school,

but he's not the kind of kid...


The Rexer tour, yes.

Thank you.


Next, step down, please. Hey.

Good to see you. Yeah, you too.

Where were you?

What? Where were you, just now?

Wait... Don't think, answer.

I caught surveillance.

I was out and I caught
surveillance on me.

Is that what you... Where were you?


Why? Who were you meeting?

Was that your team on me?

Who were you meeting?

No one!

Do not lie to us. We were there.

Tell us!


It's not what you think!

I'm sorry!

It's just... My little brother
from my family in Seattle.

He's sick.

Really sick. I call to check on him.

That's it.

Sick with what? Leukemia.

I'm careful.
That's why I go out of state.

Tonight was the first time
I caught surveillance.

I didn't know it was you,
but I didn't make the call.

I went in the Ihop instead,
ate, and went home.

That's what it is, I swear.

When I got the signal for this,
I just disappeared on them.

They're not bad people.

They took me in.

And the kid's been
doing terrible lately.

He likes me.

Don't put this in a report, please.

I know it's a dumb thing to do.

But I work hard.

You know that.

I do everything, and...
This has nothing to do with that.

Don't tell anyone.

I can't have my people
finding out about it.

What do you think?

I don't know.

I believe him.

Do you?

If we report it,

would they send him back to Vietnam?

I don't know.

M-maybe that's what he wants.


To be pulled out of this shit...

Start over.