The Americans (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 11 - Dyatkovo - full transcript

A surprise assignment from the Centre divides Philip and Elizabeth, forcing them into a moment of profound crisis. Stan gives Henry a tour of the FBI -- but will he see too much?

Previously on "The Americans"...

I took some pictures
of pastor Tim's diary.

I didn't want to take the film
to Fotomat or anything.

Pastor Tim thinks
I might really be screwed up.

He's worried about my soul.

It's a boarding school,

so I would live there
during school,

and then I'd come home

Henry knows what he wants.

I think he'd be better off.

One sec.

Where's mom?

I don't know.

She didn't say
where she was going?

I don't think so.


Chris says we're supposed to
hear from St. Edwards

in the next week or two.

So are you gonna let me go
or what?

Henry, if you get in...

I'm gonna have
to talk to your mother,

but... Fine.

It's fine by me.

Thanks, dad.

Uh, I'm gonna go out.

Tell mom I'll be back by eight.


How are things going
with the Morozovs?

Moving forward.

What about your pastor?

Paige is open to
finding a new place

for him.

That's very good news.


I'll see what we can do.

The centre thinks

they might have found

a woman named

Anna Mikhaylovna Prokopchuk,

who they've been

looking for for years.

A collaborator

who was on a Nazi

execution squad.


She personally shot

hundreds of our boys.


They used to line
them up around a pit

at the edge of town...

In Dyatkovo.

Where is she?

Newton, Massachusetts.

Her husband was a medic

in the American army.

They met in Germany

after the war.

She's been living under the name

of Natalie Granholm

since the '50s.

But we're not...

We're not sure it's her?

They can't find

any exit documents

matching the maiden name

she used when

she came to America.

And any photos of her

were destroyed
during the occupation.

Except for this.

The centre wants you to find out
everything you can.

We'll make sure it's her
before we do anything.

I looked into
what you asked me about.

The centre
did harvest and weaponize

the Lassa virus you recovered
from William.

They named it 'variant V.'

for Vitaly.

His Russian name.

Henry asked about St. Edwards

I-I said he could go,
if it's okay with you.

Which it is.

I think if he wants to go,

he should go.


I just thought...

He's doing

really good now.

All this math stuff.

A girlfriend.

It's all just...

Working out.

If he gets in,

he'll be there
for a couple of months,

back home,

then gone
for another couple of months,

and back home again...


They like each other.

Good for them.

How many people work here?

That is a good question.

Hey, Dennis.

This is my friend
Henry Jennings.

You work for the post?

Oh. No, I'm just writing
a school paper.

Hey, you got any idea
how many people work here?

Eh. Not a clue.

Make sure you check out

the new soap dispensers
in the bathrooms.


Well, duty calls.

Nice meeting you, Henry.
You too.


Who's that other guy?

That's agent Wolfe.

My boss.

What's that?

That is the vault.

What do you do in there?

Secret stuff.

Come on.

It's actually a secure room.

What does that mean?

It's got acoustic shielding.

There's no way anyone
can possibly listen in on

what you're saying in there.


Can we go in?

Uh, no.


It's a mail robot.

What does it do?

It delivers mail.

That is so cool!

Eh. It's more trouble
than it's worth.

So, I'm starting to think
it doesn't make it better,

but it is something...



How was it?
It was great.

I got to meet Stan's boss...

Who's the head
of counterintelligence,

and I met his partner, Dennis...

They work on together cases.

There was
this whole computer room

with humongous computers in it,

and there's this other room,

it was called the vault.

Nobody can hear you
when you're in there.

What do you mean?

Well, people can't listen in
to your conversations.


You hungry?

Me and Stan stopped off
at Kentucky fried chicken.

I'm gonna go write this while
it's still fresh in my head.


Who the hell knows.

I think it looks like her.

Think Stan wants Henry
to join the FBI?


Matthew certainly
isn't cut out for it.

He could clean up
and go straight

when he gets older.

I think the die's cast
with that one.

Well he's not getting Henry. No.

Do you think Paige wanted us
to see those photos?

I don't know.

She already told us.

But... Maybe she wanted
to see us

read them right in front of her.

Or she was just moving too fast.



Her husband.
He's an ophthalmologist.

What does she do?

She's a nurse.
Works part-time now.

They have two daughters.

One lives in Portland, Oregon,
the other in Boston.

She takes a drawing class.

What else?

She volunteers
at a free clinic in Southie.

Takes care of her granddaughter
two days a week,

in the morning.

She's made a nice life
for herself.

How did we find her?

When the red army
took back Dyatkovo,

Anna Prokopchuk wasn't there.

Turns out she was
in a hospital in Germany...

Getting treatment
for a venereal disease,

which she got from sleeping
with too many Nazi officers.

We didn't know it
until last year.

Since then we've been
tracking down medical records

in the Nazi archives,

looking at women
with venereal diseases

in hospitals in Germany.

They found a woman
named Natalya Konina...

Her height and age

were a close match
to Anna Prokopchuk.

And Konina
married John Granholm.

So, Konina is Prokopchuk,

or someone who was
the same height and age

as she was
at the end of the war.


I'll get these to the centre.

"The hallowed halls of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation"

are abuzz with activity

as agents struggle
to keep our country safe

"from threats
both foreign and domestic."

Laying it on a...
A little thick if you ask me.

It's amazing there.
It's the FBI.

You have, like,
the best job in the world.


Well, what's not great about it?

Well, uh...

The FBI is basically...

You know, I can't explain it
to you, Henry.

Because I don't trust you.

You don't trust me?

I'm not allowed to.

You are the greatest kid
in the world,

but I have to think of you
like you could be a spy.

That's what the FBI is like.

So... Are you allowed
to trust anybody?

Some people trust their wives.

I didn't trust mine.

I have no idea why.

Well, what about your kids?

Not really.

That sucks.


Natalie Granholm.

And they're sure it's her?

It just says to go ahead.

They saw the same pictures
we saw.

I think it looks like her.

Don't you?


But I want to be sure, before...

I can't just get
this order from them

and do whatever they say.

I'm not just...

We talked about this.

We'll make sure.


Um. Valentina Ivankova.

She is reporter.

Any reason they're moving her?

I don't know.

What was Yuri's relationship
like with her?

Did he seem to take any kind of
special interest in her

in the last few months?

Not really.

She's the same with him
like with everyone.

Okay. Great.

That's all good.

Just keep noticing stuff,
just like that.


So, how's the little man?


So good.

No trouble with him.

So sweet.

And how about that guy?

Have you seen him again?


I likes him. Even more.

You know,
he was a very big hockey player,

but he doesn't think
he's too... Important.

And he likes me too.

Well, good.

Sounds great.

But you know,

you have to be careful
with him too.

I know.



Not one sound.

I don't have much money.

You can have what there is.

I-in my purse.
In the kitchen.

Take it.

All of it.

This isn't about money.

What do you want?

The truth.

About what?

Anna Mikhaylovna Prokopchuk.

You tell us.

I don't know.

I don't know what to say.

I don't know who this person is.

She's you.


No. You have wrong person.

My name is Natalie Granholm.

I-I don't know this person...

I never met this person,
I never heard this name before.

I can show you.


It's in my pocketbook, okay?

My driver's license.
You can see for yourself.

You... you see
I'm not this Anna,

I'm not this person,
whoever she is.

Where were you born?


Y-you think
I knew this person from Russia?

What can I say? Uh...

I haven't lived there
for forty years.

Where in Russia?

Wh-where "what?"

Where are you from?


You're lying.

About what?


I don't understand...

Your life is a lie.

Why are you saying such things?

I don't know
what you're talking about,

who you're talking about...

Who are you?

You were born in Dyatkovo.

No, no.

I was born in Sevsk.

I've never been to Dyatkovo.

But you know it.

It wasn't that far
from where I grew up.

I-I never been in Dyatkovo.

My name is Natalie Granholm.

I was...
I was Natalya Konina.

You... you mistaken.

Please. I swear.

I-I-i don't know.

I don't know this person,
this Anna, whoever she is.


Anna Mikhaylovna Prokopchuk.

Who is she?

What did she do to you?

You think she's me?

No, you... you...
You mistaken.

I swear you mistaken.

My name is Natalie Granholm.

From Sevsk.

I'm... I-i... it's not me.

I swear it's not me.

I am a wife, I'm a mother,
I'm a grandmother.

I lived in this house
for twenty-five ye...


You're a traitor!

You betrayed your own people!
No. Never.

You slaughtered your own people.

That's not true...
Young boys...


Brave men who were fighting,
unlike you...

You took them
to the edge of town

and you shot them
and you dumped them in a pit.

No, never, never. I... you did this
over and over again, we know...

You have the blood
of over a thousand soldiers

on your hands.
No, no, no.

I'm Natalya Konina.
From Sevsk.

You know what you are?

You're a monster.

You want to know who we are?


You alright?


You believe her?

She's lying.

Even if it is her...


You think... She's changed?

You're not going to fool us.

We know who you are,

and we know what you've done.

What are you going to do?


For what?

Your husband.

He should be home soon.

John? Why?

You think he knows something
about this woman?

He's never been to Russia.

He... he cannot tell you

He's a good man.

It's all true, what you said.

I'm Anna Prokopchuk.

From Dyatkovo.

I betrayed my country.

Yes, yes, yes.

I betrayed my people.

Friends, neighbors...
I killed them all.

I deserve to die.

You can kill me.

John did nothing,
he knows nothing.

Just kill me.

Then go.

Sit down.

Tell us what you did.

I killed people.

Innocent people.




I worked with the Nazis.


Where did you murder them?

In Dyatkovo.


Edge of... edge of the town,
like you said.

Exactly where?

What side of the town?

I don't remember,

it was far away, long time ago,

I... i-i can't remember.

But I did it.

I killed them all.

No! Please!

Don't hurt him.


He doesn't know.

He thinks...

I'm wonderful.

If you scream, you'll die here.


You want money?


Take it.

There's more upstairs.

They're not here for money.


What's going on?


When we met...

After the war...

They're here because of the war.

They want to know...

Can I have some water?

Natalie, what's happening?


I'm from Dyatkovo.

You're from Sevsk.

When the Nazi overran Dyatkovo

we were rounded up

and taken to the square
in the center of town.

My father was shot,

along with many other men.
And boys.

I held on to my mother.

But she was shot.

They made me dig a hole...

I used a shovel, a pail,

then my hands...

We threw them in like garbage.

I was sixteen.

I didn't know
anything about world.

About anything.

They let me live.


There was no reason.

Nothing made any sense.

They gave me food.

I was obedient. Helpless.

The first time,

they gave me so much to drink,

I could barely stand up.

The first time?

That I shot them.

Soviet prisoners.

It wasn't me, in my body.

It wasn't me.


I couldn't say,

how could I say,
what could I say?

I wanted to be the person...

The person you thought I was.

I know who you are, Natalie.

I know you.

You're... Good.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't do this.

Please don't do this.

Please. If I could do...


Listen to...
To me. Wait.

Whatever happened
way back then...

Wait. Just wait.

No. Please.
Look, it's...

It's not his fault.
It's not her fault.

You... you heard
what they did to her.

You heard it.
Please. Please.

You can't do this!

You can't do this!
Please, no!

You can't...

My John!


I want to get out of here.

We should just go.

I mean it.

Let's go home.