The Americans (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Day After - full transcript

The Day After premieres, making the stakes - and terrible consequences - of the Cold War plain. Even with that in mind, will Elizabeth be able to complete the painful process of the "Patty" operation?

Previously on "the americans"...
Philip: Gabriel said something about getting stuff from level 4.
I don't have access to level 4.
Yeah. We're working on getting you the access code.
Patty. Right?
Um, young-hee from mary kay.
[ exhales ] of course. [ laughs ]
Philip: How'd it go?
Good. It was different.
[ indistinct conversations, laughter ]
It was fun.
Thank you.
What we do
Isn't so different from what you do.
I know what spies do.
You are going to go to bible study every week
So that not a day goes by
Without you seeing pastor tim and his wife.
Because, thanks to what you did,
That is all that stands between us
And this family being destroyed.
I'm going to talk to the centre.
I'm going to tell them that it's time we ease up on you two.
No new operations.
This will be the closest you two have ever come to a vacation.
Okay, so, where should your hands be?
10:00 and 2:00.
Good. Adjust your mirrors.
Can you see behind you?
How about this? [ taps on glass ]
Okay, so, now we're gonna turn on the car.
Put your right foot on the brake.
Push all the way down.
Turn the ignition.
[ engine starts ]
Great. That's enough for today.
Dad! Okay, okay, okay.
So, put the shifter in drive.
Slowly take your foot off the brake.
Oh, my god. I'm driving.
No, you're gliding.
So lightly -- lightly --
Put your foot on the accelerator.
Little more gas.
Soft hands, paige.
You don't have to hold the wheel so tight.
[ tires screech ]
Dad! [ sighs ]
You can't distract me like that.
Okay, put the shifter in park.
Dad, this car is so big and -- and so long.
You know, I-I think I would do better
If I was in, like, a small --
Get the camaro out of your mind.
Okay. Right. Eyes on the road.
Hands at 10:00 and 2:00.
[ shifter clicks ]
[ sniffs ]
Wait. She left for good?
Oh, no. [ laughs ]
Every year, she going back to korea for one month
To visit the family there.
Whenever she is gone,
Everything just [imitates explosion]
[ chuckles ] but this time, it is so worse.
My kids, they're going crazy.
They do. All of a sudden, everything is, "why, why, why?"
All the time -- "why?"
First, it was just sue,
But now all three of them doing like that.
[ chuckles ] "why I have to do this?
Why I cannot wear that? Why I have to do that?"
[ scoffs ]
They're just seeing how much they can get away with.
Ohh, they will not avoid punishment for anything
When their grandmother is back.
She is old-fashioned like my mother.
She will not let them get away with anything.
She will make them stand still for their spanking
Before they even think to ask a question.
My mother was a tough one, too.
[ chuckles ]
My mother was so creative with her punishment --
Never the same way two time.
One day, bend the knees, pinch your ear,
And jump up and down in a circle.
[ laughs ] I almost like that one.
I pretend I was a frog.
[ both laugh ]
Oh, me and don, we too soft.
We just say, "no tv one week." right.
[ children shouting indistinctly ]
What I--
[ sighs ] [ shouts in korean ]
[ speaking korean ]
[ sighs ] what happened now?
[ sighs ]
Hi, don.
[ sighs ]
[ shouting continues ]
Uh, tell me, anything new?
Nothing much.
Oh, come on.
I have to always ask before you tell me anything!
No, really, things have been quiet for a change.
Yeah? Yeah.
I mean, I don't...
Fight with my dad as much when he calls.
I don't know why.
Don't matter why. Enjoy.
I will.
I am.
[ tires screech ]
[ shifter clicks ]
That was great. That was great.
I'm -- I'm -- I'm just gonna go and throw up.
Dad, stop. That was really great.
No, no, no, you --
Really, you were -- you were great.
You're a driver.
I guess.
The committee for the church's ethiopia trip
Is having their last meeting next week.
Sort of a send-off for pastor tim
And the other people he's going with.
Yeah, you should go to that.
We should all go to that.
Pastor tim likes seeing us together.
It makes him think we're --
I don't know --
More normal.
[ grunts ]
[ breathing heavily ] good shot.
Game. You want to go again?
Just give me a sec.
Ohh. [ sighs ]
[ ball bouncing ]
[ breathing heavily ]
You're on fire lately.
You been taking vitamins or something?
Just getting more sleep.
How you managing that?
We, uh --
We let go of a few accounts a while back.
Made things easier.
Less money made things easier?
Some clients aren't worth the hassle.
[ sighs ]
Should've been a travel agent.
Should've been a lot of things.
You all right?
Tori and I broke up.
[ sighs ] I'm sorry to hear that.
That's okay.
I liked her a lot, but...
She --
She just wasn't sandra, you know?
[ sighs ]
You want to go again?
Uh, I got to get going.
My new boss hits the goddamn roof
If we're five minutes late.
There's this group of guys, the munchkins.
They're always running after the director, webster.
They walk like him, talk like him.
They even dress like him.
My new boss is a prime example.
Kiss ass?
Oh, way beyond.
What happened to your old boss?
He retired.
I just saw him.
He's going on a long trip to thailand.
Great guy.
Now, he didn't give a shit how we got the job done,
Just long as we stopped the russians.
[ indistinct shouting ]
[ bag thuds ]
There was a signal at william's site.
Have you heard from gabriel?
Why would william signal us without telling gabriel first?
I don't know, but we should go.
He wouldn't want to meet
Unless he was sure he could get clean.
I'll signal hans.
[ sighs ]
Might be your best look yet.
My source at the fbi is in moscow now.
You got her to moscow?
You think she'll be able to, uh, adapt?
She's alive.
She's free.
Can't remember. What's that feel like?
[ sighs ]
They've got me on a regular schedule now --
Three-man team once every two weeks, like clockwork.
They're not suspicious or they'd be on me a lot more.
I keep stumbling into teams
That are covering other guys at the lab.
Where have you been?
They told me all communication should go
Through gabriel or the centre, not you.
We've been on a break.
A break?
We get breaks?
Things were...
We needed time.
We've been maintaining a couple of agents,
But nothing big for...Seven months.
[ sighs ]
Sorry to interrupt your vacation.
We just got something new in from fort detrick --
A modified strain of the lassa virus.
Causes a hemorrhagic fever that liquefies your organs.
Makes your blood come out through your skin.
[ exhales sharply ]
It's the worst thing I've ever seen.
It's on level 4.
How close are you to getting me there?
We're making progress.
I was thinking about...
Not telling the centre about this.
You pulled your agent out
When the centre didn't want you to. That's different.
It was a right decision.
I'd like to make the right decision.
[ sighs ]
I remember when I thought,
Uh, getting a sample of meningococcus was a big deal.
Nobody needs this.
The americans have it.
Or they're just testing it to make antidotes
In case we use it like they say at my lab.
It's never enough for them.
I don't trust us with it.
You trust the americans?
On the other hand,
The threads on their containers
Work most of the time.
Hello. I'm john cullum.
In this evening's abc theater presentation
Of "the day after,"
I play a father in a typical american family
Who experienced the catastrophic events
Of a full-scale nuclear war.
Before the movie begins,
We would like to caution parents
About the graphic depiction of nuclear explosions
And their devastating effects.
The emotional impact of these scenes
May be unusually disturbing,
And we are therefore recommending
That very young children not be permitted to watch.
In homes where young people are watching,
We'd like to suggest that the family watch together
So that parents can be on hand to answer questions
And discuss issues raised by the movie.
In a moment -- "the day after."
[ symphonic theme music plays ]
You taking everything you got?
Damn it, maureen! It's an alert!
It is four sets of everything.
It's just strictly by the book.
I'm scared is what.
Man: Frankfurt. [ signal blaring ]
Woman: This is the emergency.
All persons in transit
In the kansas city metropolitan area
In advance of a probable attack...
[ radio chatter ]
Takeoff runway 3-1.
[ radio chatter ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
[ alarm whining ]
Man: Unlock code inserted!
Data mine. Unlock codes inserted.
Table switch enable.
[ sirens blaring, people screaming ]
[ explosion roaring ]
[ glass shattering, people screaming ]
[ explosion ]
Danny! Don't look!
I got you, son. It's all right. I got you.
[ breathing heavily ]
[ wind howls ]
Man: Hello.
Is anybody there?
Anybody at all?
[ insects chirping, dog barks in distance ]
[ clicks tongue ]
You okay?
Just thinking.
Yeah, that was...Intense.
After watching that, I think maybe william was right.
What if this time,
This one time, we don't report back?
It liquefies your organs.
I just think we should consider --
I understand. I do.
...They are making that poison for us,
To destroy us.
We have to be able to defend ourselves.
These are the people that dropped the atom bomb twice.
I mean, we can't just sit
In our comfortable house and pretend.
This is why we're here.
I'll search young-hee's place,
See if there's anything we can use on don.
It might be difficult getting to him that way.
Pretty clean, that guy.
I don't know.
You never know.
You are the best, best, best.
Stop thanking me.
I don't want to stop thanking you.
Don's sister even doesn't offer to babysit.
[ laughs ]
If she hear I need a babysitter,
She take the phone off from the hook.
-[ laughs ] -busy tone.
What hotel did you guys decide on?
Oh, neither.
We, uh, rent a cabin in the woods.
[ gasps ] ah. Fireplace, a lake --
Romantic, right? Mm-hmm.
We will maybe just fall asleep.
[ laughs ]
Don't let the kids push you around.
We'll be fine. Go, go.
You three! [ speaking korean ]
[ laughter ]
[ grunts ] you be good.
-Be good to ms. Patty, okay? -Okay.
Be very good.
Don: Mwah.
Okay. Oh.
[ children laughing ]
[ car door opens ]
[ engine starts ]
Together: Bye!
Bye, mom!
[ child laughs ]
Who wants pizza?
[ children shouting ]
[ chuckles ] come on inside.
[ both breathing heavily ]
[ grunting loudly ]
Tatiana: Shh! Shh!
[ breathing heavily ]
Shh! Shh!
[ laughs ]
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
[ lighter clicks ]
[ light switch clicks ]
[ water sloshes ]
We could have another driving lesson this weekend.
Okay. [ sniffs ]
[ sighs ]
What's wrong?
That "day after" movie.
Yeah, it's upsetting.
You really think it's all gonna end like that?
I hope not.
But you do know some stuff
From the work that you do.
That movie was... Pretty real, right?
That's why your mother and I do what we do --
To keep things like that from happening.
Do you really think it makes a difference?
I don't know.
[ inhales deeply ]
[ yazoo's "winter kills" plays ]
I just hope we're all together when it happens.
Paige. And quick.
It's better if we just... Get wiped out straightaway
Than get sick or anything.
You shouldn't have to think like that.
Don't you think about it?
Yeah, I do.
¶ lost ¶
¶ in daydreams ¶
¶ you drove too fast ¶
¶ and got nowhere ¶
¶ you rode on half fare ¶
¶ when you got too scared ¶
¶ how winter kills ¶
¶ tear at me, searching for weaker seams ¶
[ woman moaning ]
Oh! Oh!
¶ how winter kills ¶ [ moaning ]
¶ I'll tear at you, searching for weaker seams ¶
¶ how winter kills ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ winter kills ¶
¶ how winter kills ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ winter kills ¶
¶ how winter kills ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ winter kills ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ winter kills ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ winter ¶
¶ how ¶
¶ winter ¶
¶ kills ¶
Hi. Elizabeth: No, that is not what happened.
The reservation was made on the 21st.
This was your responsibility.
It was confirmed by your office,
And it is not my client's problem
That your people can't communicate with each other.
Fine! I will!
[ receiver slams ]
[ sighs ] I have to re-book
The entire dawes hotel package before noon.
Let me deal with it.
How'd it go?
[ clicks tongue ]
I didn't find anything.
You should plan dinner for the kids
Because I'll be home late.
We don't have to go through with it.
We've been over this.
I'm not saying because of me.
I'm saying because of you.
You don't want to do it to her.
We can tell the centre the operation failed.
They'll find another way in.
I don't know that there is another way in.
[ paper rustles ]
I'll be okay.
[ birds chirping ]
Don't leave me in suspense.
We're gonna move forward. [ sighs ]
We haven't told gabriel anything.
Think it'd be better if it came from you.
[ sighs ] well...
The centre will be pleased.
If you didn't want anyone to find out,
Why'd you tell me?
Big decision to make on your own.
[ indistinct conversations in distance ]
[ horn honks ]
[ telephone rings ]
[ keypad beeps ]
Elizabeth: Hi, don.
Hello. Patty, how are you?
Is, um, young-hee there? Can I speak to her?
Uh, she's not here.
She went to one of her skin-care demonstrations.
[ clicks tongue ] right, right.
I forgot.
Are you okay?
[ chuckling ] I just feel stupid
Talking to you about this stuff.
Um... What's wrong?
I just got in this huge fight with this guy I'm seeing,
And he left me at this restaurant,
And I went out without any cash, so I can't get a cab home.
Where are you?
At the corner of, uh,
Edgewood street and columbia pike.
I'll go get you. Stay there.
Thank you so much.
[ click, dial tone ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
Pastor tim: [ chuckling ] no, no, no, no, no,
I can't take credit for that,
Although I'd love to,
But, you know, we all did it together.
Although, I'll tell you,
If you really want to thank someone,
Don't forget linda.
All those labels, right?
Hey. So glad you could make it.
So are we.
Mom was sorry she couldn't come.
Oh. She sends her love.
Uh, listen, I have to thank you again
For another fantastic deal.
Those rates were even better than the ones for kenya.
Honestly, we should be thanking you.
You and the church have been great for business.
How's alice doing?
Oh, why don't you ask her yourself?
[ indistinct conversations ]
So, uh, how do you think paige is doing these days?
Oh, she's fine. Yeah.
She's doing better, I think.
Yeah, I don't know.
She seems...Sad.
I know she's had to deal with a lot
These past few months, but --
She's a teenager.
I mean, they're crazy most of the time.
You'll...Find out yourself soon enough.
[ chuckles ]
Still, I'd like to sit down
With you and elizabeth and paige
When I get back from ethiopia.
You know, just to see where we're all at.
Hey. How you doing? Thanks for coming.
[ horn honks ]
Don: Okay. Elizabeth: Thanks again.
Ah, no problem.
Can I -- [ sighs ]
I feel like such a jerk
Even asking for another favor, but, um...
My landlord fixed this leak in my living-room wall,
And I have to move this big chest back,
And the guy I'm seeing was supposed to help me.
Is there any way I could get you to come in
And [sighs] help me move it?
Thank you so much. Yeah.
Okay. [ chuckles ]
[ grunts ]
That is perfect.
Thank you so much.
Oh, one more thing. I almost forgot.
I need your expertise.
So, my brother's birthday is coming up,
And I wanted to get him this really fancy bottle of wine.
And this...Is what they recommended.
This is nice.
Good choice.
I got an extra bottle
Just so I could see if it was good,
But I can't tell.
[ chuckles ] I'm sure this is good.
You want to try it?
Yes. [ both chuckle ]
[ glasses clink ]
[ liquid pours ]
[ bottle thuds ]
Very, very good.
To good wine.
Good wine.
[ glasses clink ]
[ knock on door ]
Hey. What are you doing?
Are you almost done?
Not really.
I had bible study last night,
Youth group Tuesday night,
And food pantry two mornings last week.
There's a lot of homework this year.
You should finish.
We could go for another driving lesson...
In the camaro.
It was so kind of you to help me out today.
No problem.
Young-hee likes you a lot.
She talks about you all the time.
"patty did this, patty did that."
I like her a lot, too.
I-I don't know many happy couples.
It's kind of amazing what you have.
You'll meet someone, too.
[ chuckles ] we'll see.
There are a lot of jerks out there,
And they all seem to want to date me.
[ laughs ]
You okay?
Uh, yeah.
I haven't had much to eat today.
[ chuckles ] so it's really hitting me.
[ both laugh ]
You know, maybe one of those jerks isn't a jerk.
[ chuckles ]
You have to give people a chance.
When I first met young-hee,
I said some terrible things,
And -- and she seemed so arrogant,
But -- but then I really fell in love with her.
I'm not as great as young-hee, so -- [ chuckles ]
You always undervalue yourself.
You are a good person, a-a kind person.
Thank you.
I-I should leave.
[ glass thuds ] mm. Mm, no.
I don't feel right.
Oh, god.
[ glass thuds ]
[ sighs ]
I can't believe it.
Believe it.
You love this car.
I love this car.
[ chuckles ]
Why'd you change your mind?
Well, honey, however much I do love it,
I love you more.
But if you put one scratch on it,
I will ground you for life.
So pay attention to everything I say.
[ shiny toy guns' "major tom" plays ]
[ grunts ]
[ belt thuds ]
Okay. So, we're clear.
So turn the wheel to the right,
And just give it a little gas.
It's okay. It's gonna be fine.
There we go.
¶ standing there alone ¶
¶ the ship is waiting ¶
¶ all systems are go ¶
¶ are you sure? ¶
¶ control is not convinced ¶
¶ but the computer has the evidence ¶
¶ no need to abort ¶
[ grunts ]
¶ the countdown starts ¶
¶ watching in a trance ¶
¶ the crew is certain ¶
¶ nothing left to chance ¶
¶ all is working ¶
¶ trying to relax ¶
¶ up in the capsule ¶
¶ "send me up a drink" ¶
¶ jokes major tom ¶
¶ the count goes on ¶
Oh, my god. There's a car coming behind me.
That's okay. Let him --
Let him go around.
¶ 4, 3, 2, 1 ¶
¶ earth below us ¶
¶ drifting, falling ¶
¶ floating weightless ¶
¶ calling, calling home ¶
¶ second stage is cut ¶
¶ we're now in orbit ¶
¶ stabilizers up ¶
¶ running perfect ¶
¶ starting to collect ¶
¶ requested data ¶
¶ "what will it affect ¶
¶ when all is done?" ¶
¶ thinks major tom ¶
Paige, honey, you need to blink.
I promise you, it'll be better if you blink.
Uhp, uhp, uhp, uhp!
¶ across the stratosphere ¶
¶ a final message ¶
¶ "give my wife my love" ¶
[ sighs ]
¶ then nothing more ¶
You did it.
I did it.
High five.
¶ far beneath the ship ¶
¶ the world is mourning ¶
¶ they don't realize ¶
¶ he's alive ¶
¶ no one understands ¶
¶ but major tom sees ¶
¶ now the light commands ¶
¶ this is my home ¶
¶ I'm coming home ¶
¶ earth below us ¶
¶ drifting, falling ¶
¶ floating weightless ¶
¶ coming home ¶
¶ earth below us ¶
¶ drifting, falling ¶
I'm -- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
¶ coming, coming ho-o-o-o-me ¶
¶ ho-o-o-o-me ¶
¶ ho-o-o-o-me ¶
-Aw, man! -Yes! High score!
I'm kicking your butt. [ keys clacking ]
Wait till my turn. [ chuckles ]
Yeah, if you get a turn. [ door closes ]
[ video game beeping ]
Mom. Guess what.
Dad let me drive the camaro in real traffic.
He did?
That's so great.
[ breathes deeply ] um...
You know, I have such a headache.
I think I'm gonna go lie down for a little bit.
[ beeping continues ]
[ beeping stops ]
You gonna come back to the game or not?
[ door opens ]
[ door closes ]
[ sniffles ]
[ sighs ]
[ voice breaking ] I'm gonna miss her.