The Americans (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 9 - Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? - full transcript

Elizabeth discharges Hans because she thinks Todd saw him at the Venter killing, so Hans gets rid of the threat so he can continue working with Elizabeth. Philip divulges Martha knows Clark is not who he claimed to be but Philip trusts Martha not to talk. They talk to Gabriel about the Martha Operation and the FBI mail robot. Elizabeth and Philip visit the shop where the mail robot is taken for repair to obtain intel. When the elderly wife of the original owner comes in unexpectedly, Elizabeth chats with her and the old lady realizes Elizabeth is going to kill her. Visibly upset at having to kill her, Elizabeth makes her death painless with a drug overdose and she talks with her, reassuring her as she dies. Stan and Oleg continue on their own operation to save Nina. Philip has a very truthful Scrabble game with Gabriel.

Previously on The Americans...
Stan: I think your defector might be a Russian spy.
If I can prove it, we'll arrest her.
Then there's a good chance my government can make a trade.
For Nina.
Paige will have a choice.
She's not equipped to deal with this shit! [ Cup slams ]
Martha: [ Voice breaking ] They found the pen.
I met a man named Walter Taffet yesterday.
Who's he?
Well, he's you.
Who are you?
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We did good, didn't we?
I think Todd may have seen you as we left the factory.
is not possible.
I caught a glimpse of you at the bottom of the ladder
when we were leaving.
Came down too soon.
You th-- you think he may have seen me?
- Yeah. - You don't know for sure.
I don't have to.
Hans, it's over.
Us. This.
You've trained me well. We've-- we've worked so hard.
I can't take that risk.
I want to serve.
I wa-- I want to be of use to our cause.
You will.
You'll just serve in other ways.
[ Copy machine whirring ]
[ Telephone ringing ]
- Morning. - Morning.
The FBI found the bug in Gaad's pen.
Does Gabriel know?
Not yet. [ Sighs ]
There is more.
Martha knows about me.
The person they brought in to investigate isn't me.
Does she know that you're--
- No. - You're sure?
She doesn't want to know more than she has to.
What do we do?
[ Inhales, exhales deeply ]
Doing nothing is a bad idea.
We need to give it time.
[ Sighs ]
How much time are we talking about, Philip?
I'll let you know. I'm going back there tonight.
What? Why?
Philip, you can't.
If she's told anyone--
She hasn't told anyone.
How do you know? How can you know?
Because I trust her.
[ Engine turns over in distance ]
[ Car door closes ]
[ Liquid bubbling ]
[ Liquid pours ]
I went to the market
and got fresh basil and plum tomatoes.
I thought about Linguini with clams,
but the tomatoes looked too good.
Come here. Have a taste.
[ Slurps ]
It's delicious.
- It's not too spicy? - Perfect.
[ Telephone ringing ]
Mm. Can you stir?
You know how to stir, don't you?
This is she.
It's Children's Services.
I-I'm sorry. I haven't been home all day.
Well, the children are wonderful.
Um... but we've reconsidered.
It's just not a good time. It's not the right time.
Mm-hmm. Yes.
Of course. If things change...
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
[ Receiver hangs up ]
It's unrealistic to think about children.
Not now.
It's unrealistic.
- Clark? - [ Sighs ]
It's okay.
It's fine. I'm fine.
I just needed to know.
And now I do.
Why don't you sit?
Thank you.
To turning the page.
[ Sighs ]
Agent Gaad is under so much pressure
with this investigation.
I'm not sure he's gonna make it.
He lost his cool yesterday
in a way that he never has before.
He actually attacked the mail robot.
And Gene couldn't fix it.
They're sending it out for repairs.
[ Sighs ]
Who's Gene?
He's our computer specialist.
He's in charge of the mail robot.
It was actually his idea
to upgrade the message-delivery system.
Okay, mangia, sweetie, before it gets cold.
[ Water dripping ]
[ Sniffles ]
You may be right...
...about Zinaida.
What did you find out?
Nothing definite, but, uh...
I was looking around the Rezidentura,
asking questions.
And, uh... something doesn't seem right.
I have a way we can know for sure.
It's risky.
[ Sniffles ]
But it's Nina's only hope.
How risky?
If we get caught...
[ Sniffles ]
[ Clatter ]
[ Shouting ]
[ Gun clicks ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting continues ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Breathes heavily ]
Gabriel: The FBI won't stop
till they find who put the bug in Gaad's pen.
They have a building full of suspects.
Do you think Martha can keep it together
during a long investigation?
Yeah, I think so.
We've never seen her under that kind of pressure.
She'll protect me.
I agree with Philip.
We don't need to end the operation.
We're not there. Martha may still be of use.
She told you the mail robot is being repaired?
The Centre wants you to bug it.
And The Centre will want Martha to switch out the tapes
if we actually do get a bug into the mail robot.
Not necessarily.
Well, but how can she, Gabriel, when she'll be the prime suspect
for putting the bug in Gaad's pen?
That's not my understanding of how the operation will work.
Gabriel, I know how these things go.
What's the alternative if it's not Martha?
Does The Centre have someone else inside the FBI
who could switch out the tapes?
There are janitors, mailroom clerks who can gain access.
We don't want to risk the Martha operation
any more than you do.
You should trust the organization.
You what?!
I did what I had to do to keep working with you.
If he could identify me, there was no other way.
And no one saw you?
- No. - You're sure?
You all right?
I'm fine.
It was, uh...
It didn't go exactly as planned.
It seldom does.
These people...
My people, what we do...
What we've done to the blacks in my country--
it's wrong.
It has to stop.
I will do whatever is asked of me
for the cause...
For you.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Thank you very much.
[ Door opens ]
- [ Sighs ] Stan: - Long meeting.
Long day.
I'm tired, and I'm hungry.
Oh. Is that the best you can do?
What say I'll order something from room service
when I get you back to the hotel?
I love that idea. I want a BLT.
It's a bacon and lettuce--
Yeah, I got it.
[ Ratchet clicking ]
It's only natural that you developed feelings for Martha.
I understand.
Thanks for your permission.
I didn't mean it like that.
[ Toilet flushes in distance ]
[ Drawer opens, rustling ]
Who are you?
We're here to repair a machine.
[ Dial tone ]
That's not a good idea.
[ Receiver hangs up ]
If you scream, I will have to tape your mouth shut
and your hands and your feet.
I don't want to have to do that. Do you understand?
[ Betty sighs ]
Will it take long?
What you came here to do.
I don't know.
Not very, I hope.
[ Scoffs ]
May I? It's just bills.
I like to come here late at night and do the bookkeeping.
I'm usually alone.
Most people don't like to work at night.
They miss the stir, the activity.
But I like it.
And when I'm sitting here in the dark...
is when I feel most in tune.
In tune?
What does that mean?
I feel close to my husband. I feel his presence.
Don't feel him tonight.
Probably because of you. [ Chuckles ]
This is him.
This is Gil in the mother-of-pearl frame.
The frame was a wedding present from his sister, Louise.
She never married.
Her parents said it was because
she was too good for any man she ever met,
but she was a pill.
This is me.
You're very pretty.
Yes, I was.
And this is...?
Andy. [ Chuckles ]
He runs things now.
H-he won't be here till morning.
Gil started the shop. He was a machinist.
He learned the machinist trade in the army, World War II.
I taught math, little children.
I-I was good with numbers.
It wasn't, uh, calculators and robots then.
[ Chuckles ] Well, the world changes.
Some things stay the same.
That one was taken in France.
He was four years in Europe.
Gil's regiment freed Jewish people
from the concentration camps.
[ Sighs ]
H-he wasn't Jewish. He was Christian scientist.
But after the war...
he wasn't anything.
I would take Andy to church,
but Gil said he had no use for those stories.
What he s-- what he saw, it stayed with him.
[ Sighs ]
May I have a glass of water?
I just need your keys.
[ Drawer opens ]
[ Drawer closes ]
[ Ratchet clicking ]
It's an old woman.
Her husband started the business.
She comes in at night to pay bills.
At night?
She likes it when it's quiet.
How much longer do you have?
I'm trying, Elizabeth.
No, I know. I'm...
[ Sighs ]
He was gone for four years during World War II,
her husband.
She picked a bad time.
One sec.
Okay, I'll wait outside till the food comes.
Front desk said it won't be long.
You're very good to me, Stan.
I'll bring it to you as soon as it gets here.
Thank you.
[ Door closes ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Pills rattling ]
I have a bad heart.
They say that I need a new one,
but I don't want a new heart.
[ Sighs ] What-- what would I do with it?
[ Sighs ]
What's your name?
Are you a robber?
No, right.
You came here to fix something.
"All-- all marbles present and accounted for."
That's something that my father used to say every morning
before he started work.
What did he do?
He was a farmer.
Andy said the farm is a vineyard now.
A vineyard, like in France.
Yeah. Yours?
He was a coal miner.
Your mother?
An office worker.
And she cooked, cleaned, waited in line for food.
Oh, dear.
Is she alive?
Where does she live?
Your English is very good.
I've been well-trained.
[ Voice breaking ] Yeah.
You aren't going to let me leave...
are you?
It's not possible, no.
Ooh, this is not how I expected it to end.
[ Chuckles ]
The-- the story.
I'm not afraid of leaving the world.
I-I don't know why, but I'm-- I'm not.
It's better than falling down in the street like a drunk
and waiting for some stranger to pass by.
Or sitting in front of the television alone.
Oh, I hate hospitals.
When Gil was sick, I hated to go see him there.
I went, but I hated it, everything about it.
[ Sighs ]
[ Thud ]
[ Speaks Russian ]
[ Shouts ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
Oh, you're hurt.
I got it. I got it.
[ Groans ]
[ Speaks Russian ]
[ Groans ]
[ Video game beeping ]
It's late, Henry. Give it a rest.
I'm almost done.
You know how you get when you don't get enough sleep.
I'm almost done.
[ Door closes ]
[ Clatter ]
A-are you married?
That's good, to have a-a partner, a-a f-friend.
Gil and I were married twice.
What do you mean?
We got divorced.
He remarried, but his wife died in an accident,
and we did it again. [ Chuckles ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gasps ]
We no longer had sugar in our eyes.
[ Chuckles ]
N-none of that, uh,
"Why can't you be the person I want
instead of the person you are?" stuff.
This time, it stuck like glue.
We were 27 years.
We were happy in the sec-- second round.
There are only two things
that Gil would never say a blessed word about.
[ Chuckles ]
The other woman. My nemesis.
No, my best friend.
What was the other thing?
The-- the war, of c-- of course.
Did Gil send you?
Did he tell you I'm afraid of pain?
Is he with Helen?
No. No.
[ Inhales sharply ]
I don't want anything to happen to Andy.
He's a good-- he's a good son.
Nothing's gonna happen to him.
I promise.
Do you have children?
And this is what you do?
By yourself?
With my husband.
To make the world a better place.
You think doing this to me
will make the world a better place?
I'm sorry, but it will.
That's what evil people tell themselves
when they do evil things.
[ Shivering ]
[ Breathing heavily ] I... can't... can't...
[ Breathing rapidly ]
can't... can't...
[ Wheezing ]
Philip: 1-2-3.
What happened?
They'll find her body in the morning. She was sick.
You okay?
[ Sighs ]
[ Clears throat ] [ Sniffles ]
We have to go.
Aderholt: How long was she alone in the room?
No more than 10 minutes.
Guy must have come in through a window.
Maybe he was already there.
In a closet, under a bed.
You checked the room first?
Are you all right?
I got a hell of a headache, but other than that, I'm good.
Take some Aspirin?
It works better if you take it with beer.
It's not supposed to, but it does.
Go home. Get some rest.
Don't worry. We'll beef up her security.
Okay. Thanks.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Coughs ]
Well... [ Sniffles ]
She didn't break or confess
or panic.
Maybe she was in shock,
thinking she was gonna die.
Has anybody said anything at the Rezidentura?
No. Nothing yet.
[ Pills rattle ]
[ Tab pops ]
Not for me.
How's your head?
It's felt better.
Sorry to hit you so hard.
Try it with a raw egg.
It's what we do... for a hangover.
I don't have a hangover.
I think I'll have one.
Wasn't there just a little part of you
that wanted to crack my head open?
[ Tab pops ]
"Geode." That's very nice.
Don't-- don't do that.
Well, it's just a strong word. That's all I'm saying.
[ Sighs ]
Stuck between a geode and a hard place.
Yes, 24.
Loving, devoted, adoring.
[ Sighs ]
Where do you come up with this stuff?
I love words. They leave a trail.
For example, "amatory" is from the Latin word for love,
while "wedlock"-- the condition of being married--
is Norse, Norwegian.
Wed... lock. Hmm?
Which means "perpetual battle."
Your point being?
Love and marriage in many ways are antithetical.
One is a bolt of lightning, an epiphany.
And the other is planting, tilling, tending.
- It's hard work. - I'm-- I'm trying to concentrate here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, okay.
[ Exhales sharply ]
59. Bravo.
When I first saw Elizabeth...
it-- it felt like a--
A bolt of lightning?
It had never happened before.
Or since.
May I share something with you?
Elizabeth rejected the first officer
proposed to be her husband in America.
Well, in her own way, she chose you.
It never felt like that to-- to me.
Nevertheless, it's true.
Philip, would you like to tell me what's going on?
You're not in this alone, you know.
Elizabeth loves you. I love you. What's the problem?
The-- the problem?
The problem is you, Gabriel.
And all this talk.
All this talk.
Because you think you can wrap me around your little finger.
But I'm not Elizabeth.
I'm aware of that.
I trusted you.
I trusted you.
And your job was to look out for me. It was.
And now my job is to look out for my family,
because no one else will.
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