The Americans (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 5 - Salang Pass - full transcript

Philip juggled the many women in his life while Elizabeth takes drastic measures to complete a mission. Stan asserts a plan to save Nina with an unlikely ally.

Martha: Previously on The Americans...
The Afghan people never wanted this Communism.
The rest of the world must know this.
I risk my life to come here.
Something doesn't feel right to me about Zinaida.
She's gonna meet senators, cabinet members.
She could meet the President.
If, by some wild chance, there is something here,
we need to know.
Philip: I was going over the files again of Martha's.
Nine people are getting security clearances
for a new Northrop factory.
The Centre will want Lisa in there soon.
Life gets pretty boring when you stop drinking.
So, tell me about you. What kind of work do you do?
Assembly line. It's a company called Northrop.
I've been thinking,
and what I really want this year is to get baptized.
These are great. You guys look 25.
We've never used someone this young before.
The CIA's a hard target.
♪ the itsy-bitsy spider went up the waterspout ♪
♪ down came the rain and washed the spider out ♪
[ Laughs ] Oh, my God, Clark.
Look at her.
♪ dried up all the rain ♪
What's her name?
That's Alicia.
Isn't she something? [ Chuckles ]
- Oh, couldn't you just eat her up? - [ Chuckles ]
- Could we have a minute? - Of course.
Thank you.
You got to admit.
I-- We're not buying one today.
[ Chuckles ]
Joke all you like, Clark, but this is serious.
I-I know.
And this isn't just for me.
Think about what it would be like to come home
and have that little girl running towards you
and throwing her arms around you.
We have a lot of love now, but...
there are other kinds of love.
You can't catch me!
I'm coming!
- Wait for me! - Let's play princesses!
Go get them.
[ Children shouting playfully, laughter ]
- Cute. - [ Laughing ] Oh, I know.
My kids haven't played like this in a long time.
You weren't at the meeting again.
I'll get there.
You're white-knuckling it. You know that doesn't work.
You need the meetings and the support right now.
[ Sighs ]
When someone falls like Maurice,
hanging on doesn't always help,
because then you're gonna fall, too.
Yeah, so I should just let him go?
I think you need a break.
Listen, my mom has this place.
She just moved into a nursing home.
- Oh, I'm sorry. - It's okay.
The house is completely empty.
Why don't you go stay there for a while,
get yourself together?
[ Scoffs ] I can't do that.
Why not?
It's 50 miles from here.
It's a great neighborhood, great schools.
It'll give you a chance to get back on your feet,
be with the kids.
Come on. How long are they gonna sleep
on your sister's floor?
See how you do without Maurice, even for a few weeks.
It'll also give him a chance to turn things around.
You could still come back here, drive to work.
You can't live like this, Lisa.
Let me help you out.
I'd like to.
[ Coughs ]
[ Sniffles ]
You asked what I can do to help her.
Well, I have an idea.
I think your defector isn't a defector.
Zinaida Preobrazhenskaya?
I think she just might be a Russian spy.
[ Sighs ]
You're out of your mind.
If I can prove it, we'll arrest her.
Then there's a good chance my government can make a trade.
For Nina.
The FBI will go to bat for her.
She was our asset.
They won't leave her to rot in the gulag if they have a choice.
Prisoner exchange. [ Sighs ]
You got something better?
[ Sighs ]
I know what you're thinking.
"Maybe he's trying to trap me the way I trapped him."
That makes sense. But you know what, Oleg?
I don't care enough about you to go to all that trouble.
So, what do you know about Zinaida?
[ Sighs ] I'm being honest.
If Zinaida is one of ours...
[Sniffs] I don't know.
Well, this is what I got.
You say you want to help her?
Find out.
When you land, take a week, be in touch with us next Friday.
Listen, you got what you needed from me.
Leave me alone now.
I can't do that.
I don't belong to you.
I didn't say that.
I helped you. I got you to the Afghan group.
Yousaf, this isn't about me.
This is about war and peace for all of us.
So, when you get back,
start to make peace
with the fundamentalist factions in ISI.
[ Scoffs ] Make peace?
Look at the people you're fighting with.
Just today, did you hear?
10 of your soldiers flayed alive
and left in the sun to rot.
You're fighting barbarians.
Us now. You next. And maybe sooner than you think.
It's happening now.
The fundamentalists are everywhere in Pakistan.
Our officers are growing their beards.
We had our assessments.
The colonel added a new question--
"How religious are you, scale of 1 to 10?"
I said 5-- already a lie.
Most of the other division heads said 10.
Next time...
say 10, Yousaf.
Announcer: [ British accent ] The confirmed death toll
now stands at 64 Soviet soldiers
and 112 Afghan army soldiers.
But reports of fuel and ordnance explosions
in the Salang tunnel indicate the toll could go much higher.
You're listening to BBC News.
[ Radio shuts off ]
You look worried.
[ Sighs ]
Martha took me to a foster-care place to look at kids.
[ Sighs ]
They're so little.
Remember when walking without falling on their faces
was a big deal?
Remember Henry?
[ Laughs ]
Paige was so graceful.
Paige? No, she wasn't.
Yes, she was.
Philip, don't you remember that whole summer
she kept falling down?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
The summer of skinned knees.
I could almost do it if it keep Martha on track.
Where are you with Kimberly?
I'm seeing her tomorrow night,
so I should be in the house soon.
What's she like?
I have to go make dinner.
Henry: But John has the biggest vocabulary.
He's always like, "Albeit." I'm like, "What?"
[ Stan laughs ]
You know, I still don't know what that means-- "Albeit."
What grown-up even says "Albeit," right?
Well, you should meet our special agent in charge.
- Is that your boss? - Yep.
No matter how old you get,
you're still working for the man.
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
So, how's Mrs. Beeman?
Fine. She's great.
May I please change the subject?
- Yeah. Philip: - Yeah.
Um, I'd like to buy a dress for my baptism.
Oh, hey, this baptism-- I think that's great.
Thank you. Um, so, about the dress--
I don't need anything fancy.
I'll use my own money, but I just need someone to take me.
- Don't you have a dress-- - I can take you.
You have the Pacific Tours seminar, so...
I can take her to buy a dress.
[ Tools clattering ]
Woman: Tom! Dinner!
Five more minutes.
[ Clattering continues ]
[ A Flock Of Seagulls's "I ran" plays ]
- [ Indistinct conversations ] - ♪ I walked along the avenue ♪
♪ I never thought I'd meet ♪
- Gimme one sec. - ♪ a girl like you ♪
♪ meet a girl like you ♪
Hey, there, cowboy.
Couldn't we go somewhere a little more private?
Oh, yeah. No, it's just, uh, my friends always come here,
so I figured I'd get a ride with them,
and that way I could see you.
Yeah, yeah, no.
I just thought it'd be us hanging out,
not a whole group.
No, no, I was thinking that, too,
but we'll just toke up here, and then we can leave,
- and... I don't know. - Hey.
Who's this?
Uh... he's a friend of mine.
What kind of friend?
It's none of your business.
She asked me to come give her a ride.
I could give you a ride, Kimmy.
Great. You should give her a ride.
Take care, Kimmy.
- Wait, James. - Kimmy.
James, they're idiots. Please.
Yeah, in Wheatly High School jackets.
Well, I went to summer school there.
Are you even old enough to drive yet?
- I will be. - When?
Like eight-- no, seven months.
♪ aurora comes in view ♪
Great. Come on, I'll take you home.
- ♪ and I ran, I ran so far away ♪ - Uh, wait.
N-no, d-- don't take me home yet.
- ♪ I just ran ♪ - [ Sighs ]
♪ I ran all night and day ♪
Where do your folks think you are right now?
- ♪ I couldn't get away ♪ - A movie.
I can say whatever. They don't care.
I should get you back.
- What's the rush? - Come on.
I'm gonna be driving all night as it is.
Well, when are you gonna be back?
[ Sighs ] Listen, Kimmy.
This whole age thing...
But y-you're not old.
You're young.
Age is just a number.
[ Sighs ]
You like hanging out with me, right?
Yes, I-- I really like you.
But I live in New York,
and when I'm down here, I'm busy with work.
Come on.
You saw what just happened.
When people see us together, it's weird.
♪ from my view ♪
♪ appearing from my view ♪
Well, then, let's just hang out in private.
What are you doing on the 11th?
The 11th?
My parents are gonna be at a big fundraiser.
♪ a beam of light with you ♪
You should come by.
Smoke some pot.
♪ I ran so far away ♪
♪ I just ran, I ran all night and day ♪
[ Sighs ]
Elizabeth: It's a succulent.
It grows like a weed and requires minimal effort.
My kind of plant. Thank you.
[ Laughs ]
Mother-in-law's tongue-- that's what it's called.
[ Laughs ]
It's so strange being here in your house--
y-your mom's house.
This is, uh...
It's what?
[ Sighs ]
I don't know.
I was always afraid that if I left Maurice,
I'd be lost, lonely.
You're not.
No, I'm not.
I don't miss him.
And I'm not talking about his temper or his moods.
I don't miss him.
- Mm. - His presence.
[ Sighs ]
The kids are having a harder time.
Teddy started wetting the bed.
I know. It's breaking my heart.
But Maurice has been great about it.
- Staying in their lives. - Yeah.
He talks to the kids every night.
I hear them on the phone-- two hours at least.
One foot in front of the other, you know.
Coach bag? Nice.
I know. Do you like it?
[ Laughs ]
Guess what.
Northrop has a plant 10 miles from here.
You're kidding me.
No. I put in for a transfer.
Oh, I would love to put that 50-mile commute to bed.
And since I have security clearance,
if something comes up, my name goes to the top of the list.
Fingers crossed. That'd be great.
I'm on a roll.
Plus, I got my lucky charm-- you.
[ Laughs ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Sighs ] Cheers.
[ Laughs ]
[ Sighs ]
Da, budem.
Your taste is ridiculous, dad.
Is it? You think so?
[ Laughs ]
Okay. All right.
How about...
Okay, fashion queen, you pick one.
[ Clicks tongue ]
[ Sighs ]
I've got it.
I have got it.
Yeah. Try it on.
Dad, this is way too--
Just try it on. I'll buy you the dress.
- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
- Really? - Of course.
Thanks, dad.
You're welcome.
[ Sighs ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
Hey, remember that woman at the EST thing? Tori?
Oh, the one who had all those horrible problems
with her father?
She called the FBI...
and asked for me.
As in called called?
Asked me out.
[ Chuckles ] I guess women do that now.
Est women do that.
[ Laughs ]
They're being themselves.
I thought the whole point of going to EST
was to get Sandra back.
Doesn't look like that's happening.
Do you have any idea how long it's been
since I've been on a date?
I don't-- I don't know what we would talk about.
I-I couldn't talk to Sandra, and I lived with her.
How's Matthew dealing with all this?
He pretty much hates me.
You know what you should do?
Spend time alone with him now that you have the chance.
'Cause you get him away from the other parent,
and... [Sighs]
they're just a whole different person one-on-one.
Yeah. And without-- without that other--
whatever you want to call it-- influence.
You want to know the truth?
I don't get Matthew.
H-he's-- he's a complete mystery to me.
All the people I've investigated, arrested,
but, man, there's nothing like a teenage boy.
Right, but when he was a kid...
Oh, it was better, sure.
We did stuff together.
You know, go to a Cardinals game.
Watch TV.
You know, I went away undercover for three years.
And when I came back, I thought, you know,
he was gonna be so happy to see me, like--
like I pictured him all the time
when I was away.
You should bring your EST lady here for dinner.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Take the pressure off.
Yeah, that'd be nice. Thanks.
[ Tools clanging, indistinct talking on radio ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Scrubbing ]
7:30. They're going to a play.
You'll get in there and see what you have to work with.
- [ Sighs ] - [ Spray bottle hissing ]
What I have to work with is a hormonal 15-year-old girl.
I saw the baptism dress.
Did you like it?
What are you doing, Philip?
I took my daughter to buy a dress.
You seem to suddenly think this baptism is a good idea.
You're the one who's been singing with the choir.
Your girl, Kimberly--
she has no idea her father's in the CIA, does she?
Look how she wound up.
Don't say it's the same.
And don't call her "My girl."
[ Door opens, closes ]
I don't have anything for you.
That's disappointing.
Look, if there was something to know,
I would have found it out.
I can't get anything.
I think there's something to get.
What's more likely--
Zinaida being a double agent or you trying to set me up?
You're still in love with her.
I can't help you.
You love her. I want to save her.
You love her, too!
I want to make it right.
This defector is our only lever.
Believe me or don't believe me,
but how much time does Nina have?
So, what is this?
Blue cheese.
Not a fan of the stinky cheeses.
It's the most expensive cheese I could find.
Kind of an acquired taste.
[ Both laugh ]
I wanted to celebrate my good luck with my good friend.
I got a call from Northrop.
There's an opening in fuselage assembly--
same thing I do now, except in this time zone.
So, you got it?
I got it. [ Laughs ]
15-minute commute, door-to-door!
- That is so great. - [ Laughs ]
What do say we dump the stinky cheese
and go to Manelli's to celebrate?
Did you win the lottery?
[ Laughs ]
New clothes, new bag, Manelli's.
[ Laughs ]
This is really cone of silence, though.
So, I met this guy.
Why didn't you say so?
I didn't want to say something until there was something to say.
Is there something to say?
- No. - [ Laughs ]
Not like that. Not like that.
So, he takes me out, and just-- he asks me questions.
Yeah, you know, just stuff about work,
stuff we're doing at General Dynamics,
and he pays me for it.
He works for this consulting firm, and they--
I guess they help out all the defense contractors.
They help them with their bids,
and I don't know really what it is, but he's nice.
Is he cute?
He's gonna want more.
What, sex? God, I hope so.
[ Both laugh ]
Be careful, Chelle. I'm not kidding.
- Mm. - Look at me.
I'm not kidding.
You be careful.
[ Both laugh ]
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
[ Laughs ]
The Nicaraguans are very happy about the Boland Amendment.
The Centre wanted you to know.
I'll tell Elizabeth.
I know you lost a comrade.
She felt close to Lucia. She took it hard.
Elizabeth takes things hard.
I know that.
For your friend Kimberly.
[ Sniffs ] Afghani?
Appropriately enough. Very strong.
It's one of the ironies of this work
that so many lives depend upon
one man's relationship with an adolescent girl.
[ Sighs ]
You don't like that.
She's 15 years old. Do you?
I don't think you can reliably run her
any other way-- long-term.
- Why don't you let me see about that? - Of course.
You are the one in the field, and you're the best.
There's nobody better.
But Paige, Kimberly, Martha with her baby fever--
that's a lot for anyone.
I can imagine it might be confusing, even for you.
I'm not confused.
"Confused" is the wrong word.
It's difficult for all of us sometimes
to keep in mind that when people's lives
intersect with our operations,
it's the operation that's crucial.
And when the person involved is so young...
You have a conscience, Philip.
There's nothing wrong with that.
But conscience can be dangerous.
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, I'm a little bit country.
[ Laughs ] They're actually almost cute.
Come in.
Nice place.
It's all my stepmom.
She's into decor,
but I never let her into my room.
[ Chuckles ]
You want to see it?
[ Floorboards creaking ]
Welcome to my world.
Hey, look what I brought.
[ Sniffs ] Wow.
[ Laughs ] Doesn't even smell like...
[ Laughs ] Yeah.
So, you spend all your time trying to convince them
to vote the way that the companies want them to vote?
Yeah, pretty much.
[ Laughs ] Wow.
Yeah, you definitely need a better life.
That's why I'm hanging out with you.
Or maybe I should be working with your dad in the State Department.
[ Laughs ] Yeah, think again.
Do you even know what division he's in?
[ Inhales deeply ]
It's so boring.
He must know a lot about soil.
[ Laughs ]
Yeah, no, really, he does.
We used to have this garden
when my mother was still alive.
I mean, my-- my real mom.
[ Chuckles ]
Right out there.
He showed us how to plant seeds,
and all different depths,
and my brother and sister, when they were still around,
we would just, like, water and weed and all that stuff.
[ Chuckles ]
Carrots, squash,
these little, tiny, like, watermelon,
crappy watermelons, like the size of a rubber ball.
And me and my dad, we had these two rakes.
There was a big one, and there was a little one.
And he would go rake on one side,
and I would rake on the other,
and we would just, like, meet in the middle.
Is it still out there? The garden?
It's a lawn now.
My stepmom-- she, uh...
[ Chuckles ]
She s-said it looked messy, so...
[ Sighs ]
She doesn't cook or anything, you know.
She's always, like, out.
I mean, they're both gone, I mean, a lot.
You know, she's on like 30 different foundations.
She's never here, and my dad-- I don't know where he is.
[ Sighs ]
You know, if you told me
that he had another family somewhere,
I would say, "Okay, yeah, great. That explains it."
Hey, don't bogart that joint.
- You should be careful. It's strong. - Hmm.
I can handle it. [ Exhales sharply ]
I have the greatest idea.
[ Popcorn popping ]
Rocky road!
- Oh. - Can I?
Yeah, uh, just take-- take two spoons.
Yes, please.
[ Laughs ]
I love any kind of ice cream with stuff in it, you know.
The crunch.
Let's put popcorn in it.
Open it.
It's hot.
No, it's not.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh. Ohh! Oh! Oh!
Oh, that's hot.
[ Chuckles ]
See, dumbo?
You know what this means?
- War. - [ Squeals ]
Just got real--
[ Laughs ]
That burned my face.
[ Squealing ] Aah!
- I'll take you down a rocky road! - [ Laughs ]
- It burns! In your face! - Aah!
Announcer: It's a low-driving kick that lands at the 40.
[ Soft music plays ]
Man: From the top of the volcano,
in a fiery burst of smoke and ash,
but these explosions in which the magma is...
I'm so stoned.
...are only the most...
I need a bathroom.
Don't move. I remember where it is. one in which lava pours from inside the volcano
out onto the ground,
forming a familiar molten river known as a lava flow.
Gradually, that lava...
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Speaking indistinctly]
...the most powerful nuclear detonation in history.
More than 36,000 people died as the result of the eruption.
[ TV turns off ]
- [ Car door closes ] - [ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
Call me.
[ Dog barking in distance ]
[ Door opens ]
How'd it go?
He has a briefcase that he takes to the office every day.
So next time you're there, you'll put the bug in?
[ Sighs ]
Anything else?
Her parents came home.
So I had to run...
like a teenager.
The whole thing was just...
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, God. I don't know.
Are you stoned?
[ Sighs ] I'm okay.
[ Sighs ]
Do you think about when we learned to do this?
It must be different for a man.
I don't know.
You had to find it in your mind somewhere.
[ Bed rattling ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
They kept telling us we had to make it real to ourselves.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
Is that what you do with Martha?
I guess.
[ Sighs ]
How do you feel about Kimberly?
[ Sighs ]
I feel bad for Kimberly.
I haven't slept with her, no.
Should I sleep with her?
I don't know.
No, honestly. I'm asking you.
Honestly, I don't know.
[ Sighs ]
Do you have to make it real with me?
Not now.