The Americans (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 13 - March 8, 1983 - full transcript

Elizabeth and Paige take a trip that lands them in treacherous territory.

Phillip: Previously on The Americans...
Stan: I think your defector might be a Russian spy.
My government can make a trade-- for Nina.
Are you in the Witness Protection program?
Did you kill somebody? Are we aliens? What?!
We work for our country...
The Soviet Union.
Philip: The FBI found the bug in Gaad's pen.
Did anyone ask you to tamper in any way with this pen?
You were in there for three hours.
He's very thorough.
Martha: Agent Taffet wants to talk to me again.
What am I gonna do, Clark?
[ Woman speaking Russian ]
My mother... She's dying.
I want to arrange a trip
for Elizabeth to see her mother one last time.
We think you should go with me.
It would be the only chance you'll have
to meet your grandmother.
I wish it were possible, but we both know that it isn't.
[ Airplane engine roars ]
[ Woman speaks indistinctly over PA ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Have a fun time
missing a whole week of school without me.
I'm gonna get you, like, the best present.
How about a trip to Europe? That's-- that's a good present.
Well, I'm sure
next time mom and dad have business out of the country
and they get a free extra ticket,
it'll go to you.
Yeah-- you and me.
Come on. I want to go to Europe.
We're gonna be stuck in West Germany.
Maybe dad could take you to France or England.
I could take you to the Tower Of London.
Why would I want to see some tower?
Because it's where they used to keep prisoners
before chopping their heads off.
Okay, cool.
I'm sorry I never got to meet her.
You wouldn't have liked her.
Okay, you better go.
Okay, bye.
- Hustle up. - Paige, let's go.
Fly safe.
[ Man speaks indistinctly over PA ]
Yousaf: Whatever you did must have worked.
I heard the CIA canceled the meeting with the Mujahideen
and the Senate Armed Services Committee.
So, Annelise finally pays off for you.
The weapons stay out of your enemy's hands.
Was it worth it?
I don't think like that.
I know a lot of young men who won't be blown out of the sky
because of what I did--
what Annelise did.
What we did.
A lot of young men who...
[ Sighs ]
Yousaf, I feel like shit all the time.
[ Indistinct conversation in Russian ]
[ Indistinct conversation in Russian ]
Yours, yours, yours if you want it.
You want it?
Uh, I'd like those two plants, too.
[ Sighs ]
What-- you want them?
I mean, you haven't watered a plant in your life.
Well, they're thriving.
They didn't get that way on their own.
I bought plant food.
[ Gulps ]
Uh, you take the palm, and I'll take the arrowhead.
Uh, I'd also really love the rocking chair.
- Oh, I kind of wanted-- - My dad gave that to us.
I know, but...
I remember you nursing Matthew in that.
How about I get it on weekends?
I'm kidding.
You take it.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Clears throat ]
[ Inhales sharply ]
No one ever looks at photo albums
when there's time--
Only if someone dies or...
That Matthew was a good-looking kid.
I can make copies of those so we can both have a set.
It's expensive.
I know, but...
we both want them, right?
Um... You can have this.
I would... like that and the Degas print.
[ Car horns honking ] _
Paige: Can we talk here, mom?
Elizabeth: Yeah. Just quietly.
Does your mother know I'm coming?
I'm not sure.
What's she like?
She had to be.
She's not like the grandmothers you're used to.
Some of my friends have some pretty tough grandmothers.
Not like my mother.
Are we going tomorrow?
Still not sure. It could be a couple of days.
There's a lot they have to do.
Let's cross over here.
[ Motorcycle engine revs ]
Is there something wrong?
You're acting weird.
I'm just checking something. Look straight ahead.
What's going on?
I'm seeing if anyone's following us.
Why would someone be following us?
They're not.
I just-- for a second, I thought I saw something,
but we're fine.
Who would be following us?
[ Sighs ]
People from West Germany.
But they're not. They're not.
I just like to be careful.
Do you have to be careful all the time?
If I'm working, yeah.
[ Horn honks ]
And you're working now?
Not really.
It's... like a habit, I guess.
Look, they're already there,
and no one blinked at her passport.
All The Centre has to do is pick them up at the hotel
and take them across the border.
As far as you know, nobody caught the passport.
This isn't how we do things, Philip.
There's a chain of command.
I told you
I was gonna take care of my wife and my family.
This is her last chance to see her mother,
Paige's only chance to meet her grandmother.
I'm sure The Centre can understand that.
I know they certainly wanted her connected to her roots.
You can't blackmail the Organization this way.
You're acting like a child.
You can say what you want to say.
I'm just getting done what I need to get done.
You can't see 10 feet in front of you.
I've done nothing but try to take care of you,
and because you're not getting what you want,
you think I'm the enemy.
And when Elizabeth doesn't see everything
exactly the way you see it,
you think there's something wrong with her.
You know who there's something wrong with?
Grow up.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
An order came in from The Centre.
No assassinations without the approval
of all departments at The Centre and the local rezidents.
She got a message to them.
It can't be a coincidence.
She's working for us.
Do you really see this working?
What do you think it's like for Nina
where she is right now?
[ Sighs ]
I don't think about the prison.
If they send her to the labor camp...
A lot of the time, people spend 20 years there,
then after they're released,
they just stay in shit little, local villages
until they die.
Can you imagine what she'd think
if someone told her the two of us were sitting here,
doing what we're doing to try to get her out?
[ Sighs ]
I think she knows I'm trying to help her.
I think she'd like to put a bullet in my head.
[ Chair squeaks ]
[ Indistinct conversation in Russian ]
[ Muttering ]
[ Scribbling ]
It's not like that.
[ Sighs ]
You should get some rest.
Can't this wait till tomorrow morning?
I-I don't quite understand it myself,
but it's exciting.
All I really have left is my brain.
And this-- it's, um...
[ Sighs ]
It's a challenge.
I'm not one of the martyrs, anyway.
And if I live, then maybe...
Who knows? Maybe one day, I'll see--
[ Sighs ]
They only have my body.
You understand?
[ Chair squeaks ]
[ Sighs ]
What's going on?
You remember when we got the news
that Nina was convicted?
You told me these operations sometimes go this way.
I couldn't live with that.
That is Oleg Burov admitting
that Zinaida Preobrazhenskaya is a spy working for the KGB.
Who's he say it to?
You've been talking to Burov without my knowing about it?
I guess I couldn't get out of
the "losing sleep over it" phase with Zinaida, sir.
And I found out Burov had...
kind of a thing for Nina.
And how did you find that out?
Well... I...
think you know that things... got...
more complicated than they should have
with me and Nina.
Burov found out, tried to use it against me.
A couple of months before they arrested her.
So, this has been going on for--
I knew I could get him this way, sir.
I just needed time.
And I got him.
And with that, we can arrest Zinaida
and trade her for Nina.
Do you give a shit about the Bureau, Stan?
Did you put the bug in my office?
No, sir.
Did you have anything to do with it?
No, sir, of course not.
"Of course not"?
I wouldn't be here.
I got Oleg Burov for treason,
the head of Science and Technology at the Rezidentura.
I-I may be able to turn him, sir.
Let me do this.
Why would I be stupid enough to trust you again, Stan?
I don't know if I'd trust me again, either, sir,
but I got this asshole on tape.
That's proof.
If this is the end of my career,
it's the end of my career.
But Nina was our agent.
We owe our agents anything we can do to help them
if they get caught.
That's how it works.
Don't give me a speech
on how we're supposed to treat our agents.
[ Door opens ]
That's right-- you were both having the same problem.
When you try to separate sex from intimacy and honesty,
it always goes wrong.
Thank you, Randi.
So, two nights ago,
I decided I was going to confront my husband
about how dissatisfied I was with our sex life.
But instead of being supportive, he got really mad at me.
He started yelling.
I start yelling back, which we always do.
We have these terrible fights.
But this time, it's just about sex.
And suddenly, out of nowhere, he says,
"Just let me go down on you."
He'd never said anything like that before to me.
I immediately got so...
turned on.
I was just ready--
ready to be responsible and accountable
for all my own sexual desires.
I was ready for him to go down on me.
Uh, excuse me.
Uh, Philip!
- Hi. - Hey.
So, I was-- I was a little surprised to see you here.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.
I mean--
I know what you mean.
I actually came with, um, Stan
- the first time. - Mm-hmm.
Um, so, I-I guess--
You weren't expecting to, and you got something out of it.
- Right. - That's great.
I guess.
[ Chuckles ]
Look, you know, I'm-- I'm kind of here... privately,
so I-I--
Yeah. I get it.
So, maybe I'll see you next time.
[ Sighs ]
[ Rhythmic knock on door ]
[ Knock repeats ]
[ Lock disengages ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Voice breaking ] Mamochka.
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Sniffles ]
It's important in the Soviet Union.
We've heard about that.
[ Motor shuts off ]
[ Speaks indistinctly ]
Man: Come with us, please.
[ Car door closes ]
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Voice breaking ] Paige?
What are you doing?
I'm praying.
For your mother.
[ Sniffles ]
Take a seat.
I spent an hour and a half with the Director.
I told him what you've been doing.
He asked if we should open an investigation.
I said yes.
I also recommended that you be dismissed immediately.
He's across the street
with the Deputy Attorney General right now.
I'll have final word on what to do
in a couple of hours.
Until then, you wait at your desk.
What about Zinaida?
We arrested her.
They're not trading her for Nina.
There's a CIA asset
that was arrested a year ago in the Soviet Union.
They want him more.
It's a day of big disappointments for all of us.
Are you awake?
What is it, honey?
I don't get how she could let you leave like that--
Basically... say goodbye forever.
Would you let me do that?
[ Sighs ]
You would never have to do anything like that.
[ Footsteps approach ]
[ Lock rattles, disengages ]
[ Keys jingle ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Walkman thuds ]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Muffled screaming ]
[ Screaming stops ]
[ Philip sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Keys clack ]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Keys clacking ]
[ Telephone rings ]
Agent Beeman, can I see you in the vault?
[ Sighs ]
I remember you burst into my office last year
because you felt like the red tape
was stopping you from doing your job,
and now I understand you've been running your own operation
with Oleg Burov at the Rezidentura.
I know Agent Gaad is not happy,
but from where I stand,
that's two times you've gotten close to people there.
I'm sure you understand
that the people who run our government agencies
are just bureaucrats.
The President understands that's how government works.
It's all red tape.
There's not gonna be an investigation into what you did.
The only thing that matters
is the work you are going to be doing--
with Burov.
If you have trouble with the bureaucrats here,
you come to me.
I'm gonna tell them the same thing.
I won't let them stand in your way.
We need to get Nina Sergeevna released
so I can use that as a lever with Burov.
That, we can't do.
You'll find another way.
[ Door opens ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Telephone rings ]
[ Door opens ]
Frank, let's take a minute.
Sure. Come on in.
Everything we've talked about here
has been making me trust my gut
in ways I never thought I could.
Where is your gut, Lance?
- [ Chuckles ] - Point to it.
I know I've dishonored my word and my marriage vows,
but... being here in this room
with people who aren't judging me
just makes me realize-- in my gut--
my body belongs to me.
Your body talks, too-- not just your mind.
You're so stuck in your mind,
but what you're just learning
is that these feelings in your gut
are just as important--
more important than all the shit in your head.
Thank you, Lance.
[ Applause ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Chuckles, clears throat ]
Intense tonight.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.
"Intense"-- good word.
It's amazing, though, seeing so many people opening up.
Do you... talk about this stuff to your boyfriend?
A-about you being here?
I mean, we thought about coming together,
but he did this seminar two years ago, and...
- Yeah. Yeah. - [ Chuckles ]
It's hard, in a couple.
He and I... [ Sighs ]
Maybe we should've come together. [ Chuckles ]
But even in a relationship that's fairly new,
you run into things.
You have to really work at it.
Oh, God. Don't-- Please don't tell Stan any of this.
- I wouldn't want him thinking that... - Oh.
...there was anything with me and Arthur that wasn't--
Stan shouldn't have anything in his head
that would get his hopes up about us.
Of course. I won't.
Believe me, he doesn't even know I'm here.
[ Chuckling ] Oh.
Why are you here?
[ Smacks lips ]
I don't know.
[ Chuckles ]
No, it's...
Last time I was here...
[ Sighs ]
I guess I just liked something about it.
Werner says everyone comes here
thinking that they're there for someone else,
but they're really here for themselves.
But why the graduate sex seminar?
I don't know.
I mean, everything is fine with Elizabeth.
But I-I-- I just feel like I...
[ Sighs ]
No, yeah, I-I get it.
I mean, the sex part's not really about the s-sex,
as they've been saying, but....
it's about everything.
Learning how to be open...
Really knowing yourself. Someone really knowing you.
I'm not sure...
anyone in my life has ever really known me.
What about you? Has anyone ever really known you?
Does she know you're here?
No. [ Chuckles ]
I kind of waited till she was out of town.
I understand.
It's hard.
[ Sighs ]
You know, this is maybe--
this is gonna sound a little crazy, but--
And don't take this the wrong way-- but...
[ Sighs ]
What if, as long as we're in this seminar together,
what if you and I agreed to just...
tell each other everything?
No secrets.
like an experiment.
I don't really know if I can do that.
[ Chuckles ] I don't know if I could do that, either.
[ Laughs ]
But it would be a good thing to have.
It would be scary, maybe, but good.
I'll think about it.
[ Knock on door ]
[ Nina speaking Russian ]
[ Horn blares ]
Woman: Unattended parking is not permitted on Departure level.
Elizabeth: Whew.
Violators will be ticketed.
It's weird.
- What? - I don't know.
Just being there and being here now.
It is weird.
Let's get a cab.
I don't know... if I can do this, mom.
I don't think I can do it.
Go home and-- and lie to Henry about everything.
All my friends, everyone in my life.
To lie for the rest of my life.
That's not who I am.
Everybody lies, Paige.
It's... a part of life.
But we're telling each other the truth now.
That's what's important.
You're gonna get through this.
We will. I promise.
Come on.
[ Keys jingle ]
[ Tape rewinds, answering machine beeps ]
Hey, guys. It's Stan.
Just wanted to let you know Henry's over here.
We're playing, uh, this football game.
So just come pick him up
or call, and I'll send him over.
Okay. Bye.
[ Beep ]
BBC reporter: Ambassador Troyanovsky stated that Moscow hoped for success
in the United Nations' efforts to end the Afghan conflict
so that the Soviet Union
might withdraw its 105,000 troops there.
Though the Soviets
were not included in the UN-sponsored talks
between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran,
they wished them the best in a peaceful negotiation.
[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
Philip: Hey!
Hey, welcome back.
Paige: Hi, dad.
Hi, honey.
I missed you guys. How was the trip?
Uh, I think I have jet lag.
- [ Chuckles ] - Big traveler.
Oh, uh, h-he, uh... he's at Stan's.
They're playing some football game.
Do you want some food?
I-I think I really need to go to sleep.
Sure. Good idea.
So, how did Paige do?
Really good.
I think, um...
I think it was good for her.
[ Indistinct talking on TV ]
[ Sighs ]
How-- how was it with your mother?
I'm glad I went.
Thank you.
Reporter: ...combating various proposals in Europe
for nuclear arms reductions.
[ Sniffling ]
I, um...
I took care of that Martha thing today.
I mean, we'll see,
but maybe they'll shut down the investigation.
Did you tell Martha about it first?
Uh, no.
She's absorbing everything... right now,
so when she finds out he's dead, she'll, um...
she'll come to me and she'll tell me
how much she needs to know about it.
I think she should hear it from you first.
A woman like that, with this on her conscience...
I don't think you're seeing things clearly.
Maybe not.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Crying ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Sniffles ]
Hi. Alice?
It's Paige.
Can I talk to Pastor Tim?
[ Reporter talking indistinctly ]
This guy today, his apartment--
He had all this kid stuff-- games,
you know, stuff Henry plays with.
It was hard.
It was hard, Elizabeth.
[ Voice breaking ] No, I'm not.
I've been having a really hard time,
and I'm hurting a lot.
[ Crying ] I don't know what to do.
I almost feel like...
when I do this stuff...
if I don't--
I just feel like...
from now on, I need to be able...
to know... what I'm doing better
s-so I...
What do you mean?
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffles ]
I've tried praying, and it doesn't help.
Can you please...
[ Breathes shakily ]
...please help me?
[ Sighs ] I guess I just feel like...
[ Sighs ]
Wallace: The President launched a new offensive
against the nuclear freeze movement.
Addressing a convention of Evangelicals,
onward Christian soldiers...
Hold on. W-we should listen to this.
...against the arms freeze from their pulpits.
President Reagan: Simpleminded appeasement
or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly.
It means the betrayal of our past,
the squandering of our freedom.
I can't take it.
They're just-- they're liars.
They're liars, and they're trying to turn me into one.
Wallace: Mr. Reagan cast the US confrontation
with the Soviet Union in moral terms,
using some of the sharpest language of his presidency
to condemn Soviet leaders.
In your discussions of the nuclear freeze proposals,
I urge you to beware the temptation of pride,
the temptation of blithely declaring yourselves above it all...
- Yes! - ...and label both sides equally at fault.
They're-- they're not who they say they are.
They're not... Americans. ignore the facts of history
and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire,
to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding,
and thereby remove yourself from the struggle
between right and wrong and good and evil.
I'm-- I'm not supposed to say it.
Y-you can't tell anyone.
They're... Russians.
...while they preach the supremacy of the state,
declare its omnipotence over individual man
and predict its eventual domination
of all peoples on the Earth.
They are the focus of evil in the modern world.
[ Applause ]