The Americans (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - Yousaf - full transcript

A new mission with international stakes has Philip calling on Annelise for assistance just as an old foe returns to D.C. with a vendetta. Stan makes a discovery that could put the FBI hot on the trail of illegals.

[ Nina, in Russian ] Previously on The Americans...
The surveillance reports that you requested.
Alexandria, Virginia, the week of January 23rd.
The DOD meeting was on the same day as that horrible murder.
You mean that couple and their daughter?
That scared the hell out of me.
Get me all the files and physical evidence
connected to those murders.
Philip: Why don't you let me handle this?
Mullin's a camera buff, classical music lover.
There's a million ways in on this.
I'm so sorry.
I'm just having a... a hard time.
- What are you doing here? - It's okay. 'Cause, uh... I'm with Septic.
Hey! Hey, he's got a cam--
[ Grunts ]
[ Knife flicks open ]
[ Grunts ]
Henry: Are we gonna start going to church every Sunday now?
$600?! That was all you had.
- Lie to us. Lie-- - Dad--
- Stop it! - Does this book tell you to do that?!
- Philip. - You respect Jesus?!
But not us?!
Paige: You didn't have a choice, Philip. This is war.
- Reagan-- - I don't need the speech. I know it's war.
This is easier for you.
You think it's easy for me? What I do?
I didn't mean to wake you.
No, I...
wasn't really sleeping.
You hungry?
I want to talk to Paige...
tell her I'm sorry.
You weren't wrong.
She was disrespecting us.
I made her clean the kitchen and mop the floor.
[ Sighs ]
Come here.
Take this off.
You look tired.
[ Airplane engine roars ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Officer: You're back already?
Larrick: Yeah, I had a personal emergency.
Sorry to hear it, man. Anything I can do?
There are some things in life you can only handle yourself.
I hear that.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Good morning.
I'm calling from the JD Pierce Elementary School
in Mezzo Heights regarding our 17th Annual Fund Drive.
We'd be happy to make a contribution.
Philip: Hey.
- Leggo my eggo. Henry: - It's not an eggo. Mom made it.
Oh. In that case...
Put us down for $25, please.
So, Henry, I signed you up for a math club after school today.
- What?! - April fools'!
[ Scoffs ] April fools' is in a week, dad.
Yeah, I know. I'm just... practicing.
Come on, Henry.
She'll be fine.
[ Sighing ] Yeah.
We have to get to the office.
Sounds like things got rough at training camp.
Are you okay?
We're fine.
It was a dangerous mission-- and a successful one.
The Centre is very pleased.
So, where did our photos wind up?
We're leaking them to a newspaper in South America.
They'll make their way to Capitol Hill.
The important thing is, you're safe.
Something's come up. It's time-sensitive.
We'd like you to tackle it if you feel you're ready.
A Pakistani delegation is arriving
in Washington today for talks.
20 diplomats, but 5 of them are ISI--
covert action division.
- To meet with the CIA? - Yes.
The Americans are stepping up their arms shipments
through Pakistan to the Mujahideen.
We're getting hit hard this year
throughout the Afghan tribal regions,
especially in the southeast.
We need someone on the inside.
Who have you got?
Yousaf Rana-- number-two guy, Covert Action.
Highly respected, next in line to run the division.
We assessed him four years ago
when he was in the Netherlands on a posting--
Oxford-educated, a former professional cricket player.
Potentially susceptible.
Dated European women, one of the Guinness girls.
How long are they here?
Four days.
That's not much time.
We'll be fine.
My government has agreed
to accept your police department's version
of events surrounding Vlad Kosygin's death.
I got a call early this morning.
Is that why you're here?
To congratulate me on my reinstatement?
Or are you trying to tell me you know where I live?
You could have destroyed us both.
Mutually assured destruction--
keeps the world spinning.
He was a 23-year-old first-year officer.
He'd been here three months--
would have washed out in a year.
Didn't have the stomach for the trade.
He wanted to be a doctor.
He should have been a doctor.
I had a friend-- Chris Amador.
Funny guy.
What we like to call a character.
He could light up a room.
You target our people, we target yours.
You have a beautiful home, Agent Gaad.
I'd give you a tour, but I'm due back at work.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Excuse me.
Is this your paper?
Just leave me the crossword.
Sunday was a bear, wasn't it?
Let's see.
Thank you.
They're here.
Man #1: Pleasure to meet you.
Man #2: - How do you do, sir? Rana: - Pleasure.
Man #3: Very nice to meet you.
Javid: Let's go chat.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
[ Lock clicks ]
How'd it go with Yousaf?
Shouldn't be a problem.
I think we should use Annelise.
You do?
Yeah. This guy's been ISI for eight years.
He's experienced.
He'll be suspicious of a woman he meets in a bar or hotel lobby,
but the wife of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense?
But Annelise has no experience running something like this.
Yeah, maybe to make the initial contact,
but she'd have to keep it going for months-- maybe years.
I'll get her there.
I can do my job, Philip.
I know you can, but this time...
you don't have to.
When was the last time you spoke to Annelise?
Six weeks ago?
Trust me-- this is the better move.
[ Typewriter keys clacking ]
[ Telephone ringing ]
[ Keypad beeping, door opens ]
Welcome back, sir. [ Door closes ]
What's all this?
Oleg Burov.
Arrives in this country January 8th
to head up Line X for the Rezidentura.
Two weeks later, there's a meeting of all the groups
working with the DOD on Stealth technology.
That's here.
That same weekend,
there's a family murdered in a hotel room...
Mm-hmm. Too close.
You think Burov is involved?
I can't make a direct connection.
But look.
No suspects... no motive.
Shot to death in a hotel room
2 miles away from a top-secret meeting.
The dead couple-- any DOD connection?
I haven't found any.
Why were they there at the hotel?
Their son told the police they were on a family vacation.
You ever take your briefcase with you on vacation?
[ Velcro rips ]
- Holy shit. - Yeah.
Drug dealers and smugglers--
they rig up concealments.
But not like this.
This is an intelligence service.
It's the corner table.
[ Jazz music plays, indistinct conversations ]
You look spectacular.
Thank you. So do you.
We could... skip this.
Go upstairs, have room service.
I can't do that.
Douglas and I have been trying to make things work.
He's a wonderful man. He's so understanding.
Well, and good for you.
I-I have nothing but respect
for the great institution of marriage--
or those who can do it.
Anyway, that's not why I called.
It's not?
Swedish intelligence needs you.
Are you serious?
There's a dinner tonight in the home of William Clark,
the new head of the National Security Council.
You are serious.
A Pakistani delegation will be there,
and I would like you to talk to this man.
Who is he?
H-he's... not a bad man,
but dangerous things are happening in Pakistan--
things that could threaten all of Europe.
Annelise, it's important.
I don't think we're even invited
to a party at William Clark's house.
How hard would it be
for the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense to get invited?
He's handsome.
And powerful.
What do you need me to do?
[ Footsteps approach ]
Hey, dad, do you have a minute?
I've come to a decision.
Here's what I want to do this summer.
Cedar Grove Fellowship Camp?
Is this from church?
Look, [Sighs] I know it's not your thing,
but it's not all preachy and everything.
It's just-- it's normal.
Swimming and hiking,
and they teach you teamwork and social values.
Three months?
That's the summer. It's a summer camp.
I'm not even asking for money. I'll be a CIT.
Counselor In Training.
[ Sighs ]
I'll, uh, I'll talk to your mom.
All right, but I really need to get this in.
It's almost April, and it starts June 5th,
and that's, like... soon.
And you're old enough to be a counselor?
Yeah. Well, in training.
Okay, counselor.
[ Inhales deeply ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Chuckles lightly ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Both laugh ]
[ Sighs ]
Is she kidding? She can get a job for the summer.
She can do a paper route or take tickets at the movie theater.
- Well-- - You don't agree?
I worry if we say no, she just digs in.
But if we say yes, she comes home a Jesus freak.
Well, then, maybe we just need to let her figure it out.
I'm not trusting someone else with our daughter's mind.
What if we say no and she does something else,
like... drinking or drugs?
I'll take my chances.
Well, then, maybe--
Where are we with Annelise?
What'd you order?
All this sneaking around gives me an appetite.
So? How'd it go?
Good. I think.
No, it was good.
I felt like I was doing something important.
Tell me.
Well, Yousaf kept checking me out
during Bill Clark's warmonger toast.
Then I got Jeanne Kirkpatrick to introduce us.
We ended up on the patio, smoking those-- those little Japanese cigarettes.
You know, the ones that come in the blue pack.
What did you find out?
Well, he's here on some big, secret mission,
but he doesn't really know that much about it.
What do you mean?
He's the number-two.
And his boss-- this Javid Pervez?
Well, Javid doesn't really keep him in the loop.
Yousaf knows diddly-squat.
He's set to get Javid's job in a couple years, so...
[ Sighs ] We can't wait a couple of years.
Do you want me to go after Javid?
No, y-you've-- you've been great-- really great.
How did you leave things with Yousaf?
He said he wants to see me again before he leaves.
Philip: I want to shut down the mission.
Kate: Shut it down?
Yeah, Yousaf's boss keeps him in the dark,
doesn't let him in on anything.
We're just wasting our time.
Reagan's trying to turn Afghanistan into our Vietnam.
We've all got brothers fighting there-- fathers, sons.
I understand that, but we have a problem.
[ Sighs ]
All right.
Let me talk to The Centre.
Meanwhile, have Elizabeth keep working the target.
Annelise is working him.
That doesn't seem like the best way.
Well, the intel on Javid came from her.
Can we move on?
I'm not a dolt, Philip.
- I didn't think you were. - I am responsible for you,
and I expect a certain amount of respect.
If you mess up, my head will roll, not yours.
No, if we mess up, we're dead.
So I'll wait for word from The Centre.
[ Sighs ]
Still cold out there.
Judge Akin, case 41967-P...
You like the cherry blossoms?
Never miss them. And the number?
Long as I've been here,
still knock me out year after year.
[ Typewriter keys clacking ]
[ Sighs ]
Looks like this number is unassigned.
Best I can do is give you a junction box.
That'd be great, Mrs. Portman.
Corner of Grant Street and Mohawk Lane in Bethesda.
Pair number 1457.
Thanks for this. You did some good today.
We're finding everything out that we can--
where they worked, hobbies, phone records,
what they did in their spare time,
matching the names of birth certificates of people who died young,
tracing border-crossing records.
Speak to the Metro Police?
Yeah, they've got nothing.
They didn't know what they were looking for.
Wasn't there a son?
He was down at the pool when it happened.
Didn't see anything till he came up and found them.
If he'd been there ten minutes earlier...
Kid was lucky.
Not that lucky.
Arkady covered this up well.
Yeah. But he couldn't have been perfect.
And the killer's still out there.
[ Door opens ]
I just got a signal.
They want us to kill Yousaf's boss, Javid Pervez.
He goes, Yousaf steps into the job.
They don't want to let this one go.
This whole thing's gonna be won or lost in the third world.
[ Sighs ]
Did they give us anything?
Javid's traveling with virtually no security,
and he takes a swim every night before dinner.
I'll take care of him.
You'll be with Annelise.
I'll go to the pool.
It's the best move.
Is she ready?
Because we're going to a lot of trouble
if you can't get her there.
She'll get there.
[ Door closes ]
[ Engine shuts off ]
Annelise: We're all set.
Dinner in his room tomorrow night.
[ Sighs deeply ]
What's wrong?
I'm a little worried.
What? Is it me?
I'm not... sure you're really ready.
To do what?
Yousaf has to talk to you.
Men talk to me.
[ Sighs ]
But his job... is not to talk.
[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
Are you okay?
I've only got five minutes.
Listen, a few months ago,
a family was murdered in a hotel in Alexandria.
Do you remember that?
It was on the news.
I think they were illegals.
Are you sure?
It looks that way.
Must have been chaos at the Rezidentura.
They would keep it quiet.
You must have heard something, seen something.
I have nothing to do with illegals.
You know that, Stan.
Listen, I think that Burov is here
to steal Stealth technology,
and those illegals were trying to help him.
I don't know how,
but I finally have the clearance to find out.
And when I do,
Oleg Burov's ass will be kicked out of this country so fast,
he won't have time to buckle his pants.
I'm sorry. I really have to go.
What's the matter? Tell me.
Sandra is having an affair.
[ Sighs ]
So are you.
[ Scoffs ]
It's been bad for so long.
Not bad. Not anything. Just... dead.
But the funny thing, the crazy thing,
is it's still a shock.
She was a big part of your life.
You have a son.
I shouldn't be telling you this.
It makes me sad.
To see you in pain.
[ Sighs ] I really have to get back.
[ Door closes ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Footsteps approach ]
It's not bad.
The second N is a little off, but...
You went through my garbage?
I was emptying your garbage.
And from now on, you can empty it.
In fact, you can take out the trash for the whole house.
I didn't turn it in-- the application.
I know you didn't.
I spoke to Pastor Tim.
You what?
I also told him you will not be going to camp.
- This is bullshit! - Paige.
I'm so sick of this!
Henry breaks into the neighbor's house, and it's no big deal.
But I want to be a better person, and I'm the bad guy?
You don't know what's best for you, and I do.
[ Sighs ] You can't stop me.
Watch me.
[ Door slams ]
Woman: - Come on, now. Let's get going. Girl: - Bye, dad.
Man: I'll see you later. [ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
Woman: What about some fruit?
Girl: - Pretzels? - A fruit.
Here. Take an apple. You can eat it in the car.
We really need to get going,
- or you're gonna be late, okay? - Okay.
- Take Glo Worm. - I can't find it anywhere.
Did you leave it in the living room?
- I don't know. - Well, go look.
It's not in here.
Look by the dollhouse, honey.
[ Gasps ] Glo Worm!
[ Wind whistling ]
He goes alone, the pool has one entry.
Do it in the swimming pool.
- He's swimming, he has a heart attack. - Yeah.
You have about an hour, hour and a half with these.
These are, what-- 98% effective?
You want two?
Have you seen your daughter?
She's been moping around since I got home,
now she's locked in her room.
I told her she's not going to camp.
[ Sighs ]
You did?
She was about to forge my name on the application.
How do you know?
[ Zipper closes ] Do you not believe me?
N-- no, no. Of course I believe you.
I just...
I didn't think Paige would do that.
You don't know what she would do.
You know, you are so easy on her. She walks all over you.
- That's not true. - She's gonna be eaten alive out there.
She's never gonna be ready for the real world
if we do not get her ready.
We need to go.
[ Stairs creak ]
Jared: And I told the police everything I know.
Beeman: I know.
Well, then, what are you doing here?
Look, I know this has been a really... hard time, Jared.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
I'm sorry.
But if it's okay with you, I would like to ask you...
a few more questions about your mom and dad.
To help you find the people who killed them?
Did your parents ever travel outside the country?
Um, they went to Paris for their wedding anniversary once.
They brought me one of those little Eiffel Towers.
And how about friends?
Did they have a lot of friends or, uh, go out a lot?
They didn't have big, drunken parties,
if that's what you mean.
Yeah, uh, they had friends.
I mean...
Yeah, my mom was on the PTA, and my dad coached t-ball.
Yeah, they were really great parents.
I bet they were.
[ Liquid pours ]
But did you ever feel like there were parts of their life
that you didn't understand or... that were confusing?
What do you mean?
I don't know. Things like... secrets.
Or maybe...
maybe they had a place in the house where they hid things?
What are you trying to say? That they were criminals?
- Not at all. - All right, well, then, what?
Look, my-- my parents were kind,
and they cared about people, and...
You know, and I know that because I lived with them.
Of course you know, Jared.
I'm not doubting you for a second.
Sounds like they were really great parents.
But it's funny, you know-- when you get older,
you realize that your parents are also just people,
like everyone else.
And just like everyone else in the world,
you can't really know everything about them.
I mean, we all have secrets, right?
My sister, Amelia.
She was 14.
Did she have secrets?
I'll bet she did.
And that's okay.
I'm just hoping
that if I can figure out some of your parents' secrets,
I might be able to find out who did this.
[ Sighs ]
Yeah, okay.
So, let me ask you...
have you ever seen these people before?
I've always wondered about the women in Muslim countries,
covering themselves up.
Is it shocking to look at me?
Rana: I believe I can carry on.
[ Lock clicks ]
♪ oh, ohh-ohh, oh-ohhhhhhhhh ♪
♪ oh, ohh-ohh, oh-ohhhhhhhhh ♪
Thank you.
♪ in the snowfall, in the rainstorm ♪
♪ as the guards call, there's a newborn ♪
♪ there's no worry, there's no hurry ♪
♪ everything's fine in the sunshine ♪
♪ but it must be done ♪
♪ oh, ohh-ohh, oh-ohhhhhhhhh ♪
♪ I can't find my way ♪
♪ oh, ohh-ohh, oh-ohhhhhhhhh ♪
♪ but it must be done ♪
♪ ohhhhh, ohhhhh ♪
♪ but it must be done ♪
♪ I can't find my way ♪
♪ but it must be done ♪
♪ oh, ohh-ohh, oh-ohhhhhhhhh ♪
[ Moans ]
♪ oh, ohh-ohh, oh-ohhhhhhhhh ♪
[ Gasps ]
♪ in the snowfall, in the rainstorm ♪
♪ as the guards call, there's a newborn ♪
[ Gasps, moans ] ♪ there's no worry, there's no hurry ♪
[ Gas hissing ] ♪ everything's fine in the sunshine ♪
♪ oh, ohh-ohh, oh-ohhhhhhhhh ♪
♪ but it must be done ♪
[ Choking ] ♪ in the snowfall, in the rainstorm ♪
♪ as the guards call, there's a newborn ♪
♪ there's no worry, there's no hurry ♪
♪ everything's fine in the sunshine ♪
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
That was beyond expectation.
[ Exhales sharply ]
What did you expect?
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Lighter clicks ]
I will have to convince Javid
that more frequent trips to Washington are now necessary.
[ Knock on door ]
[ Sighs ]
I need a drink. [ Door closes ]
What are you doing?
Just pour me a drink, I said!
[ Sniffles ]
[ Glass shatters ] How could you do this?!
- Annelise-- - What kind of man are you?!
Ohh! [ Glass shatters, clatter ]
Aah! No!
You're a pimp! You turned me out!
God! I hate you! I wish I'd never met you!
Stop it! Let me go! I'll scream "murder"!
[ Muffled screaming, sobbing ]
Just listen. Just listen to-- Listen!
Just listen.
[ Panting ]
Just listen.
[ Sobbing ]
You don't think it kills me
to watch the woman I love sacrifice herself like that?
[ Sobs ]
Give herself to another man,
even if it is for a cause bigger than either of us?
It is not something I take lightly-- ever.
[ Sobbing continues ]
[ Indistinct ]
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[ Whimpering ]
[ Beeping, static ]
[ High-pitched warbling ]
[ Dial tone ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Dialing ]
[ Dialing ]
[ Ringing ]
[ Telephone ringing ]
[ Southern accent ] Hey, is Bobby there?
Bobby who?
Oh, I'm sorry, darlin'. I must have the wrong number.
[ Receiver clicks ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Keys jingle ]
What about Annelise?
They'll smell it.
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