The Americans (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 13 - The Colonel - full transcript

Elizabeth and Phillip are at risk of getting caught when they fear their assignments may be a set-up. Stan is convinced he'll find Nina a way out.

Previously on
"the americans"...

Zhukov is dead?
Who did it?

The cia director of planning

For the soviet union,
richard patterson.

You gave me
richard patterson's name.

I let him go.

You're not the only one
who loved zhukov.

I don't believe you ever had
a relationship with zhukov.

I can help you,
and one day you will help me.

One step at a time.

We're just starting out

You don't
want to be married to me?

I don't think the centre
would even care.

We know
that we're looking for

A caucasian man and woman,
a couple.

I recruited somebody --

A colonel
in air force intelligence

Who works in the anti-ballistic
missile program.

This colonel
is way up the food chain.

A meeting has been set.

A trap
is always a possibility.

But in this case,
it's worth the risk.

There's one move
we could make.

We put a bug
in gaad's office.

Martha could do it.

No knock on your charms there,

But there's no way
she'll go for that.

I pronounce you man and wife.

Elizabeth: You and I were
never really married.

I know they're
just words people say.

Do you think things would've
been different between us

If we would've said them?

[ siren wails ]

Prince was arrested.

Failure to pay
child support.

How many days before
the feds

Start looking into an
incarcerated department
of defense employee

With a high-level
security clearance

And a felony charge
hanging over his head?

Even if the meeting wasn't
a setup before,

It's insane to go into it now
with prince in custody.

He could be broken
with a feather duster.

I don't understand.
It's just child support.

Stan: I know.

And, look,
I'm new to counterintelligence,

But would you believe

That they've actually had
foreign intelligence services

Target people
who are behind on child support?

I mean,
where these foreign countries

Even get that information,
I have no idea.

Anyway, that's how
a guy like you ends up here.

I'm not saying it's fair.

[ sighs ]

I'll probably lose my security
clearance over this --

Getting arrested.

You don't have to worry

About your security clearance,

I'm gonna
get this all cleared up,

Have you out of here
in an hour.

Sound good?

[ indistinct conversations ]

Something is wrong
with that guy.

I don't know what exactly,
but he's holding back.

You want to go back in,
push harder?

You know, I told him
he'd be out of here in an hour.

Let's just let him sit there.
No one goes in.

At some point, he's gonna
start shouting at the glass

That he wants to talk.

[ moaning, screaming ]

Oh, I love you.
Oh, I love you.

[ breathing heavily ]

[ both breathing heavily ]

[ chuckles ]

I will never forget tonight.

Me either.

[ sighs ]

My husband.

[ sighs ]

My clark.

[ sighs ]

Do you like wallpaper?


Well, I know you won't be here
seven nights a week,

But you'll be here a lot,
and we're making a home.

I want it
to feel like yours, too.

So, I thought
we might redecorate a bit.

I think
this place is perfect.

Mm. Mm.

[ sighs ]

I ordered you
eggs florentine.

Are you ready to meet with
the colonel tomorrow?

I'm ready.

But when someone
appears suddenly,

Promises big intel,
and sets their own meeting,

I worry about a setup.

Do you have any new information
on the prince situation?

Our contact
in the d.C. Police

Says he's been moved
into federal custody.

You have a right
to be worried,

But this is
what we're here for.

I know
what we're here for.


Another thing --
we had an intercept last night.

There's going to be
a meeting

Between weinberger
and james baker

At weinberger's
home office.

It was set up in a hurry

And flagged "top priority"
by the white house.

The centre's worried

That reagan may be planning
a covert strike

Against a spetsnaz detachment
in nicaragua.

They wouldn't discuss it
on the record in the pentagon,

But they want philip to pick up
the recording of the bug

And get it to them a.S.A.P.

I will let him know.

They also informed me
that you and philip

Radioed a request
for my reassignment.

Well, that couldn't
have come as a shock.

I had to fill out
an "officer in the field"

assessment form.

It has 27 sections.

Well, I guess
your job can be dangerous, too.

My point was, you've been
in the field too long.

You've lost touch
with both your basic obligations

And the central rules
and regulations

That make
this organization function.

It's happened before
with officers in your position,

And it can be remedied.

I'm sure they'll send
someone else to remedy it.

Don't be sure.

I've been serving faithfully
much longer than you, my dear.

I told them
they're in danger of losing you.

And whether you see it
or not, I'm right.

I'm surprised
they gave you this job,

When you have no understanding
of people at all.

I know you better
than you know yourself.


And you
don't know me at all.

Well, you should be
heading home soon.

I'd stay out of my way
if I were you.

[ typewriter clacking ]

[ copy machine whirs ]

The meeting tomorrow
with the colonel is on.

Prince is
in federal custody.

If it wasn't a setup
in the first place,

What are the odds
of him keeping his mouth shut?

[ sighs ]

I listened to the gaad bug
last night.

Three times yesterday somebody
knocked on gaad's office door

To say they had an update,
and three times he said,

"into the vault,"
and then footsteps

As they walked
out of the office.

Could be them setting us up
with the colonel.

Or could be them running any one
of their other operations.

If this goes bad,

You need to be out of town
somewhere with the kids.

It goes like this --
they let the meeting run

So they have tapes on me
for my trial.

Then they swoop in,
arrest me.

Maybe they rip the disguise
off me then,

Maybe wait
till the interrogation later.

we'd have a couple of hours,

Maybe days,
before they I.D. Me.

But now we have till stan beeman
gets his first look at me.

You have to be already gone.
Get the kids to canada.

the rezidentura there.

That's fine,
but you have it backwards.

I'll meet the colonel.

You take the kids,
get ready to move.

You'll be doing
something else.

There's a meeting
at weinberger's tomorrow.

The centre needs the tape.

Okay. So, you grab the tape,
pick up the kids from school,

Wait someplace safe
while I meet the colonel.

[ clatter ]

[ sighs ]

I know what you're trying to do,
but listen to me.

If one of us
is going down

And one of us
is staying with the kids,

Philip, after everything...
It should be you.

That's not true.
I wantit to be you.

You're the one they want.
[ sighs ]

The one they understand.
Don't argue with me.

Just say yes.
It's for all of us.


The colonel is my mission,
from my agent.

It's what
the centre ordered.

The bug's receiver is in that
car -- we think, in the trunk.

How do we know
it's that car?

We turned the bug on
for two minutes,

Traced its signal,
and that's where it landed.

How do they listen to it?

They either
sit in the car,

Or they pick up a recording
and take it home with them.

What, they just
leave the car there?

Probably switch it out
from time to time.

They turn it on remotely

When they want to record
something from the study,

Then come by
and pick it up.


We've arranged
for weinberger and baker

To have an actual meeting in
the weinberger study tomorrow.

We also made sure
the kgb heard about it,

Along with the word "spetsnaz,"

Which is all it takes
to drive them crazy.

Given how important
this bug must be to them,

They would never
risk exposing it

By sending a rezidentura officer
to pick up a recording.

They know that we follow them
around day and night.

That means
they should be sending in

A directorate "s" illegal.

We'll be waiting.

[ doorbell rings ]
[ sighs ]

[ indistinct talking
on television ]

Hey. I'm sorry I'm late.

Henry doesn't want to go
with you guys tonight.

[ sighs ] why not?

Hey, buddy.

You don't want
to come have dinner with us?

No. It's game five
of the stanley cup,

And the islanders
just got a goal.


I don't want
to miss a thing.

Hi, honey.

How are you?


You know what?

Why don't I stay here with
you guys and watch the game?

Really? Cool.

I'll make something to eat.


[ exhales sharply ]

I think
this is gonna work, sir.

Gaad: I know.

After we get the illegals,

The rezidentura
is gonna go ape shit.

We need to do right
by our source.

I'll talk to
the deputy a.G...

As soon as
we pull this off.

Oh, come on.

...Into the crowd.

Face-off will be
in the new york zone.

You all done?

Oh, I'll grab these.

Jackson holds the...

Thank you.

[ announcer
speaking indistinctly ]

[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]

Did you pick a hotel?

Yeah. The melton inn,
tuscarora state forest.

I already
packed their bags.

They're in the garage

If you have time
to put them in the car tonight.

If they freak out about
the surprise family getaway,

Just say we all need a little
spontaneity in our lives.

Where are you dropping
the tape?

They're picking the car up
from the usual garage.

If I make it out of
the meeting with the colonel,

I'll be there
by nightfall.

We'll have a great weekend,
back home by Monday.


If not,
we're still on the same page?

I take them to ottawa
and contact the rezidentura.

I know it's not
what any of us think is ideal.

But there aren't
a lot of choices then, philip.

There's one other choice
we can make right now

Because who cares
what the centre ordered?

All they care about
is that both missions get done.

I will take the colonel.
You pick up the tape...

Philip --
...Because paige and henry
need you.

They love you.
And I-I get it.

I get it.

You see us together,
and you think, "it seems easy."

That's not it.
You're their mother.

I know that.

[ sighs ]

We have to follow orders.

No, we don't.
Philip, please.

Don't fight me on this.

Okay, fine.
I w-- I-I won't fight you.

I'm headed home, guys.


Henry: I love you, dad.

I love you more.

I love you more.

Got to dig
a little deeper.

Take a look
at the last page.

That is
our own private cabana.

Eight days.

Stan --

And your mother already
said that she would
stay with matthew.

I don't want to go
on vacation.

Sandra, look...

You know,
I've been working on this case,

And it's been --
it's been terrible.

But tomorrow it's gonna be over,
behind me.

I swear.
And I know -- I know --

How many times do you have to
hear this same old shit?

I know that.

Whatever has happened between us
is my fault.

But I want to make it better.
I do.

If you don't want to go
to the beach, I understand.

But sometimes, you know,

A little bit of sun,
a little bit of ocean...

It looks nice.
It is.

Philip got us a rate.

[ sighs ]

I appreciate
what you're trying to do.

I do. But no.

It's not gonna
fix anything.

[ sighs ] sorry.

[ dog barking in distance ]

Can I help you?

Oh. I'm lori's aunt,
from 3d.

And I'm staying with her,
and I'm locked out.

Um, lori's on her way
to her brother's,

And I need to call
and tell him to send her back

So she can let me in.

Could I possibly
use your phone for a second?

Uh, listen, uh,
I've had some problems.

Um, why don't you let me
make the phone call for you?

Of course.
I'm so sorry to trouble you.

Here's the number.

Thank you so very much.


Oh, yeah, sure.

Of course.
Hang on just a second.

[ clears throat ]

Your nephew
wants to speak to you.

Oh? Oh.

Oh, thank you.
No, no, no.

I'm so sorry
to disturb you.

It's right there,
around the corner, to the left.




Oh, I feel so stupid.

I-I got them from her,

But I -- I left them
on the counter.

I know.
[ laughs ]


[ taser clicking ]

[ groaning ]

You won't be able to move
for 20 minutes...

[ groaning softly ]

...Which is 10 minutes longer
than you have left.

[ exhales sharply ]

[ groaning continues ]

Viktor zhukov was my friend.

We met in stalingrad
in 1942.

He was ragged, skin and bones,
same as we all were.

First time I saw him,

He was standing
over two dead nazis.

[ groaning continues ]

I was surprised, after the war,
that he'd survived.

We found ourselves
working together

In what was then called
the nkgb.

[ groans lightly ]


I had a nightmare.
Paige, I'm sleeping.

I'm gonna wake up mom.

No. You're not allowed,
and you know that.



What are you doing?

I, uh --
I couldn't sleep.

What are you doing?


Why are you down here?

I wanted to get
a glass of water.


You're doing laundry
in the middle of the night?

I don't hear
the washing machine.

I was folding.

Why don't you go back up to bed,

Baker leaves the white house
in 90 minutes.

His limo will pull up

With two secret service cars

The meeting with
the secretary of defense

Should last
approximately 45 minutes.

Now, I think
it's safe to assume that,

Given the level of security,

They'll come pick up
their recording afterwards.

Okay, I want everyone in place
starting right now.

[ sighs ] the centre wants you
in moscow Tuesday.

You're being reassigned.

I'm sorry, claudia.

In my day,
they didn't coddle you.

You'll finish
the assignment?

Of course.

Do you expect any problems?

Not from them.

But as I've been
telling the centre all along,

Every instinct I have is
crying out that this is a setup.

This is what you think?
It is.

But sometimes
the centre sees a pot of gold,

And they can't keep
their hands in their pockets.

You should get
philip and elizabeth

Out of this, arkady.

They just
stabbed you in the back.

You care so much
about them?

So long as
I still have this job,

I'm responsible
for my officers.

You're responsible for them,

This is happening in one hour,

It means I would have to
abort the mission on my own.

You have that authority.
I do?

When the centre
has been this clear

And there is
no new information?

Besides, if you're wrong,
we'd be giving up

The greatest
intelligence success

Since we got
the atom bomb.

That's what we always say

Right before
our people die for nothing.

The next thing we always say is,
"it was so obvious."

[ telephone rings ]

Mr. Philip, I have
the singles resort itinerary

Up on the screen.

It wants approval, hmm?
All right.

[ keys clacking ]

Big news?
What big news?

I want you to stay here
for the next few hours,

And then --
then I'll tell you everything.

They expect me back.
I can't stay.

You're not going back.

I can't tell you all the details
right now,

But in a few hours
I'm going to have

Some very, very happy people
at the fbi.

And they're going to approve
your exfiltration.

Just like that?
Just like that.

It's time, nina.

My god.

Aren't you happy?

Of course.

I -- I-I just...

You didn't think
I'd come through.

I knew you would.

Listen, nina, they're gonna
want to send you out west

'cause your people don't have
any resources out there,

But -- but there are
different cities,

Different places
you can choose.


We won't see each other.

Probably not
for a long time.

But you're gonna be okay,

I told you I'd get you through
to the other side of this.

Where's philip?

he said he had to run.

Uh, and he wanted me
to give you this.

Thank you.

[ door closes ]

[ sighs ]

[ door closes ]

I have meetings.
I'll call in later.

See you tomorrow.

[ van door opens ]

How we doing?
Everyone's in position.

about to take place.

Okay. I'll be on radio.
By the way, brenn called.

That guy prince -- he started
shouting at the glass.


He wants immunity
and 500,000 grand.
For what?

We'll find out when he gets
immunity and 500,000 grand.

You sure he's not bluffing?

The guy's a gambler, but I don't
think he's a bluffer.

We should make the deal.

"very, very happy people
at the fbi"?

Hold, everybody. Hold.

She's a resident.
She's a resident.

Future's bright,
don't you think?

Good lord, is that really
what I asked you to say?

Forgive me.

I was in a hurry.


I hope I don't seem rude.

In fact, it's out of
appreciation and gratitude

That I'd like to keep
our meeting short today --

Safer, basically.

Let me just say,

Our technical people said
what you sent us was incredible.

It is incredible --
from the latin "incredibilis,"

"in" meaning "not,"
"credible" meaning -- well...

Your message said
you had something vital for us,

Something from the president's
anti-ballistic-missile program.

I'm giving it to you now,
but you're not hearing me.

The technology --
it's incredibilis.

[ chuckles ]

At best, it's 50 years
from being remotely operational.

The damn thing's a fantasy.
Well, if that's true,

Why the commitment
from the reagan administration?

The hell if
I'm supposed to know that.

Some people say
the president only hears

What he wants to hear.

Some say it's all one big psyop,
a way of getting the soviets

To spend themselves
into oblivion,

Trying to keep up
with a technology

That will never pan out.

And really, that's just what
the world needs, isn't it?

Another crazy arms race,
but this time in space.

[ engine turns over,
tires screech ]

[ tires screeching ]

What the hell's going on?
What are you doing?

You got
the emergency abort signal.

It's a setup.

It's not possible.
Who did you tell?

We didn't tell anyone.
Calm down.

I don't think you did,

I saw the signal.

They wouldn't send that out
unless this was a setup.

There's nobody here.

This isn't the setup.


[ tires screech ]

[ horn blares ]

We got another woman
approaching the car.

We have another woman
approaching the car.

Everybody, hold.
Wait for the moment.

I don't want anybody moving
until someone opens that trunk

Or gets into that car.

This could be it.
This could be it.

What the hell?

It's a couple.
Phillip: Get in!

Go! Go!
[ tires screech ]

It's them. Take them.
Take them!

Get the backup moving.
Hold on.

[ tires screeching ]

[ tires screech ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ exhales sharply ]
[ tires screech ]

God damn it!
[ tires screech ]

[ siren wailing ]

Get in the cars!
Get in the cars!

Go! Go!

[ siren wailing ]

[ tires screech ]
[ horn blares ]

[ tires screeching ]

Block off moore
at the 320 intersection.

No, hennig,
go left on lincoln from 320.

[ wailing continues ]

[ tires screeching ]

Shut down eastern avenue
at the takoma metro.

[ horn blaring ]
[ tires screeching ]

[ siren wailing ]

Okay, second unit,
second unit southeast on fenton.

Balducci, balducci,
8th street northeast. Check
the north side of van buren.

[ siren wailing ]

[ engine shuts off ]

You get the prints.
I'll get the car.

[ thudding ]

[ engine sputters ]

[ engine turns over ]

[ tires screech ]

[ siren wailing ]

[ siren wailing ]

We should still take the kids
to that hotel tonight.


It'd be nice.

What's wrong?

Okay. Okay.

Hold on.
Hold on. Hold on.

It's okay.
Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me!



[ keys clatter ]

I took a bath...
To start my new life.


It didn't work out,

It all fell apart.

I can't.
I can't go back there, stan.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what I --
I thought it was...

I'm gonna take care of this
for you.

I am.

Just...Not yet.

Shh. It's okay.

I know. I know.
I know you will.

I know. I know.

You should go home
to your children.

I'm not leaving her.

She's gonna have to
stay here with us a
very long time, philip.

I'm not leaving her.

Her great aunt?
Had she been ill?

Uh, no.
She fell down the stairs.

W-we don't see her much,

Um, but elizabeth's
the only relative she's got.

So we're driving up now,
and I-I think elizabeth

May stay up for a while
and take care of her.

Okay, well, we'll watch
the kids. Don't worry about it.

I really,
really appreciate your help.


[ peter gabriel's "games
without frontiers" plays ]

♪ jeux sans frontiéres

♪ jeux sans frontiéres

♪ hans plays with lotte,
lotte plays with jane ♪

♪ jane plays with willi,
willi is happy again ♪

♪ suki plays with leo,
sacha plays with britt ♪

♪ adolf builts a bonfire,
enrico plays with it ♪

[ whistling ]

[ speaking indistinctly ]

♪ whistling tunes, we hide
in the dunes by the seaside ♪

[ whistling ]

♪ whistling tunes, we're kissing
baboons in the jungle ♪

♪ it's a knockout

♪ if looks could kill,
they probably will ♪

♪ in games without frontiers,
war without tears ♪

Uh, you know what?

I should probably
get my homework.

Okay, that's fine.

[ labored breathing ]

[ weakly ] philip.

Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

♪ dressing up in costumes,
playing silly games ♪

♪ hiding out in treetops,
shouting out rude names ♪

[ whistling ]

♪ whistling tunes, we hide
in the dunes by the seaside ♪

[ whistling ]

♪ whistling tunes, we piss on
the goons in the jungle ♪

♪ it's a knockout

♪ if looks could kill,
they probably will ♪

♪ in games without frontiers,
war without tears ♪

♪ if looks could kill,
they probably will ♪

♪ in games without frontiers,
war without tears ♪

♪ jeux sans frontiéres

♪ jeux sans frontiéres

♪ jeux sans frontiéres

♪ jeux sans frontiéres