The Americans (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 12 - The Oath - full transcript

An Air Force colonel offers to sell SDI secrets to the KGB. Viola reports the bug in the Weinberger home. Phillip agrees to marry Martha hoping she'll continue spying while Nina confesses to spying for the Americans.

Previously on the Americans...

All you have to do
is put the clock back.

I don't have to listen to you.

I listen to my lord.

No! I'll do it!
I'll do it!

I'm in love with you.

And I would do anything for you.

What was so urgent?

Mom, daddy,
I'd like you to meet Clark.


It's a studio.

It's time you and your source

started having your meetings
in a safe house.

You don't
want to be married to me?

I don't think the centre
would even care.

Dad is going to be

staying somewhere else
for a little while.

This is your fault! You're
always giving dad a rough time!

Who the hell are you?

A friend of Adam dorwin,
who recruited you.

I was very fond of Adam.

I can't say the same
about you, sandford,

since we've only just met.

- Who killed vlad?
- I don't know.

There's a team
at livermore labs.

They've had a breakthrough.

It's only a matter of time.

[ Mid-tempo rock music plays ]

I don't like surprises,

Well, you'll like this one.

Waitress: Hey.

You want something?

- Guinness.
- Hm.

I recruited somebody...

a colonel
in air force intelligence

who works in the anti-ballistic
missile program.

You did what?!

I did it the way
Adam dorwin recruited me.

I spent a lot of time
talking to the guy,

built up a bond of trust,
et cetera, et cetera.

Dorwin did not recruit you
on his own.

He followed our instructions,
every step of the way.

Listen, listen, this colonel
is way up the food chain.

He's got incredible information.

Did you see it?

- Some of it.
- Show it to me.

I don't have it on me.

- It's for sale.
- By who?

Well, it's his information,
but I'm the vector.

You want it,
you got to go through me.

How much?

50 grand.

[ Scoffs ]

We playing at the big-boy table
now, sandford?

- I swear this is great stuff.
- Here you go.

How do you know we can trust
this colonel?

He's hit the wall.

He's completely disillusioned

with the chickenhawks
in the Reagan administration.

It's a gold mine,
I'm telling you.

We'll see.

You want it or not?

$50,000 buys
a lot of poker chips.

If your information's
as good as you say it is,

you'll get your money.

But I need to know
what I'm buying.

Signal me once you load in

what you've got
at your dead drop site.

Then we'll talk.

Gamblers are unreliable.

The centre never should have
okayed prince's recruitment.

True, but all his intelligence
has been good.

Yeah, so far.

If prince really did recruit
an air-force colonel,

it would be
our highest-level source ever

in Reagan's
missile-defense program.

Or he's setting us up.

- Did you talk to Paige?
- About what?

Having dinner at my place.


Yeah, it's fine, of course.


She said you put
some stuff up on the walls.

Just a calendar.

Oh, you need to make her another
set of keys to your place.


Henry took the set you gave her
and buried it in the backyard.

Won't tell us where.
[ Sighs ]

Are you okay with this?

With this?

This arrangement...
the apartment.


[ Birds chirping ]

[ Clock ticking ]



Reverend: Our savior illuminates
the darkness.

He shines his heavenly light...
his cleansing light...

on a righteous path,
showing us the way.

Now, Lucifer
thrives in darkness.

He places his stones,
his lies, in dark places

so that we will stumble
and fall from grace

into eternal damnation.

You see, lies are
the devil's handmaidens.

They are his sword
and his shield.

They weigh down our hearts
with sorrow and corruption.

They banish us
from the kingdom yet to come.

Now and forevermore.


- Amen. - Amen.
- Amen. - Amen.


[ "Pac-man" noises play ]

[ Sounds continue ]

[ Sighs ]

You're good at games.
I'll give you that.

I enjoy the maze part, and
the eating-without-eating part.

Pac-dots are calorie-free.

What's the verdict
on the prince intelligence?

Science and technical officers
at the rezidentura

- made a cursory review.
- And?

It's 10 years ahead of
anything we have in the field.

So you think
the colonel's for real.

Us intelligence would never
give up anything this valuable

as part of a trap.

Philip and I both question
prince's motives.

He says $50,000 is his motive.

I think that's believable.

Think how much prince could get
from the FBI

for delivering a directorate
"s" officer to them.

He'd be swimming
in very deep water.

He doesn't strike me
as the type.

The FBI could be behind it
without prince being aware.

They could be controlling
the source

and waiting for a meeting
to be set up with the colonel.

A meeting has been set.

The colonel put the time and
location for us on a microdot.

He also said the technical
information he sent

was just to prove he's for real.

He says that he has
something truly vital for us,

but he can only give that to us
in person.

A trap is always a possibility.

But in this case,
it's worth the risk.

That's easy to say
from the sidelines.

Don't get your panties
in a bunch, Elizabeth.

This isn't about you and me.

The centre wants the meeting
with the colonel to proceed.

I don't trust a word
that bitch says.

I mean, who knows
what she could be up to?

So, let's contact the centre.

Make sure her orders are real.

Tell them
to bring her back home.

Assign us a new handler.

I am done.

We should've done this
a long time ago.

I've never liked her.

There's one more move
we could make

to see if the meeting with
the colonel is an FBI set-up.


We put a bug in gaad's office.

[ Sighs ]


If the FBI are running an
operation to trap kgb officers,

chances are
they're talking about it.

Philip, there is no way we'll
get a bug in gaad's office.

Martha could do it.

No knock on your charms there,

but there's no way
she'll go for that.

She'll go for it.

[ Sighs ]






Ooh, gotcha.

Pitch one in here, pitcher.
[ Laughs ]

Okay, go. Arc it.


Right on the teeth.
[ Laughs ]

Come on.

- Ooh! There we go!
- Now we're in the ballpark.

- Your turn. Heads up.
- All right. I'm ready.

[ Laughs ] Ready?

- Oh! There it is!
- Oh!

[ Knock on door ]


I could hear you guys laughing
out in the hall.

Are you early?

No, I-I'm right on time.

I'll get your Mac and cheese.

All right.

Um, do you have everything
that you brought?

Your homework and...

I didn't really get to it.

So, I don't have
any tupperware yet.

Just give me the bowl back
when you're done.


Three cheeses. Right?

- Bye, dad.
- Bye.

Bye, sweetheart.



I mean, really,
driving all the way to leesburg?

Isn't there such a thing
as being too careful?

Actually, there isn't.

And if you ask me, our...

our secret makes it
that much more romantic.

I would love to share
our relationship, Clark.

I would like to shout it
from the rooftops.

One day, Martha, I-I promise...
just... not now.

Here you go, sir.

What's this?

I believe it's called champagne.

Are we celebrating?

I certainly hope so.

[ Chuckles ]

Thank you.

- Great. Thank you.
- Enjoy.

Martha... I want you
to close your eyes.

And I want you to concentrate.

But don't say anything
until I'm done, okay?

Okay. [ Laughs ]

"M"... Shh. Shh. Shh.

[ Whispering ] "A," "r"...
"R"... "Y."

[ Laughs ]

Oh, yes!

Yes, I will marry you, Clark.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Oh, yes. [ Laughs ]

- Wow.
- Thank you.


[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

I was worried.

I'm sorry.
I was detained at work.

I can't stay.

Is everything all right?

Nothing is ever all right.

Arkady is expecting me.

Something going on
I need to know about?

Sonya met a deputy chief of
mission at the French embassy.

They've had lunch twice.

She developing him?


Arkady thinks he's vulnerable.

Is he intel or...
or legit diplomat?

We don't know yet.

She's meeting him again
next week.


Are you okay?

Now I am.


I don't know.

Come here.

[ Chuckles ]

I had a dream about you.

Oh, you did?

A good one, I hope.

I was in a fire,
a burning building...

the rezidentura, maybe.

I don't know.

There was so much smoke
I couldn't see anything.

But then I saw you.

You came through the fire
and the smoke and everything.

Did I save you?

Who knows?

I woke up.

I was safe, but you were gone.

It was you.

Did you kill vlad?

I would never do anything
to hurt you.

You know that.

Let me.

I want to take your name.


I know it's not what the modern
woman does these days,

but I want to be
Mrs. Clark westerfeld.

Martha, you can't take my name.

I know. I know.

Mr. rules and regulations.


There is nothing I would like
more than to be able to say,

"this is my wife,
Martha westerfeld."

But there's no need.

You're already right here.


Oh, you have the look
on your face. [ Laughs ]

You have the "Martha, I need to ask
you something important" look.

[ Laughs ]

Am I that predictable?

[ Laughs ]

But I've dated
nothing but unpredictable

since I was 15 years old.

So I'm ready for steady Freddy.

Wow. Okay.

[ Zipper zips ]

Uh, well, here's the thing,
my wife-to-be.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Agent gaad... Is my boss.


Right, and the next time
your boss is out of the office,

I would like you to do me
a favor.

What kind of favor?

I need you to place this
in agent gaad's office.

Somewhere where he won't
notice it or pick it up.

Keep this in your purse

because I'll need to check it
when we meet at night.

Clark, you, uh...

You came out of nowhere,

like some sign from the universe

that, after a lot
of crappy years,

things would be okay.

Are things gonna be okay, Clark?

I mean... just please tell me
that they'll be okay.

They will.
I promise.

I'm right here.

There's... I have a lot of
good reasons for all of this,

and I can go into them
if you want,

but look at me...
look me in the eyes.

Do you want me to,
or do you trust me?

I trust you.

I love you.

[ Clock ticking ]

Could you make up
the guest room, viola?

The eppersons will be
staying with us this weekend.

Deborah loves
lilacs and chocolate.

Well, I'll leave her some
by the bed.

Thank you.

Can I talk to you for a minute,
Mrs. weinberger?

Uh... In the other room?

[ Ticking continues ]

Of course.

I didn't want to do it.
I swear.

We know that.

I was afraid.

Not for myself...
for Grayson.

They made him very sick.

They said they could help him,

that they were the only ones
who could help him.

But if I said anything,
Grayson was gonna die.

[ Voice breaking ]
He put a pillow to his face

and said he'd be dead
in 15 seconds.

I begged him...
I begged him to stop.

So I said I'd do it.

I put the clock...

Back into Mr. weinberger's office.

You're a very brave woman.

I'm gonna call in
a sketch artist.

Would that be okay?

[ Sniffles ] Yes.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

This is big.

The CIA officer who was nabbed
at the wheel house...

Richard Patterson.

He was taken by a couple...
a man and a woman.

That is no coincidence.


[ "Mississippi queen" plays ]

♪ Way down around vicksburg ♪

♪ around Louisiana way ♪

♪ there lived a cajun lady ♪

♪ aboard the Mississippi queen ♪

[ Song ends ]

I thought you guys sounded good.


Hey. Door was open.

Oh, hey.
Thanks for coming.

Should I plug in, or...?

We only have one amp.

Well, what are you guys playing?

I could just come in
on some vocals or whatever.

Yeah. Cool.

Yeah, you can play my guitar
for now.

Paige: They were doing
"Mississippi queen."

- I'm Paige.
- Sarah.

- Are you in the band?
- No.

Yeah, she's just watching.

So, should we?

[ Plays "Mississippi queen" ]

[ Laughter ]

Harry: Totally.
Let's play again.

[ Drumsticks clack
rhythmically ]

She sounds like pat benatar.

And he called her

Feelings come and go, honey.

It doesn't mean
the battle is lost.

I don't want to fight
for his feelings, mom.

Either he's into me or he's not.

And he's not.

[ Sighs ]

How well do you even know

I mean, I know you like him,
you think he's smart.

Maybe you like
the way he looks at you

underneath all that hair of his.

[ Sighs ]

But the thing
to understand is that...

We see what we need to see
in people...

things that aren't really there.

Is that what happened
with you and dad?

Did you need to see something
in him that wasn't really there?


It was there.

You should finish
your French homework.

[ Ticking ]

It's off now.

How do you know?

I can read its signature.

There's no signal at the moment,
but it's fully functional.

How long has it been here?

A few months.

It's extremely sensitive...
a Russian version of our 3vx.


Built to filter out
ambient sound.

Okay, you can put it
back together.

You're just gonna
leave it like that?


The clock
with the... thing in it.

It's all right,
Mrs. weinberger.

Your husband's been briefed.

Now that we know
they're listening,

we'll know what to say.

[ Ticking continues ]

[ Telephone rings ]

- Martha.
- Ohh!


Um... I was daydreaming.
Thank you.

These are the surveillance
reports that you requested.

- Just put them on my desk.
- Okay. Um...

- Was there something or...?
- Yes.

I need to re-schedule
my 2:30 with Tennyson for 5:00.




I'm sorry I startled you.

Not to worry.

[ Knock on door ]

Clark, I'm sorry I woke you.

Come on in.
This couldn't wait.

What is it?

Um... [sighs]

I like to think
that I'm a practical person.

Yeah. I think
that's what we like about...

that's what we love
about each other.

So I made
a pro-and-con list.

Um... I mean, look.

I can't even tell my parents?


All right.

Martha, with my job
and my security clearance,

if my superiors were to find out
I was even secretly dating,

let alone married to someone

I'm supposed to be overseeing
in an investigation,

I could go to jail.

[ Sighs ]

I bought rings, you know.

[ Sighs ] Listen.

I just want to be sure that
you're going into this thing...


With both eyes open.

Because we won't
be able to live together.

I'll stay when I can, of course,

but, Martha, no one... no one...
can know about this.

Not for the foreseeable future,

[ Sighs ]

I have to come clean with you
about something.

I've been married before.

A long time ago...
it didn't work out.

Why not?

It's funny.

It's something I've been
thinking a lot about lately,

but I realized that... [ Sighs ]

me and my ex-wife...
we... we didn't care enough.

What do you mean?

What I mean is,
we cared about each other,

but [Sighs] we didn't know
how to be married.

Does that sound silly?

No. It sounds sad.

And I'm sorry, Clark,

but I can't do this
if we can't tell my parents.

Because this kind of happiness,
really, it's...

it's all they've ever wanted
for me.

But can we trust them?

They live 2,000 Miles away
at the end of an old dirt road,

and all they care about is me.

Yes, we can trust them.

Well, then, okay.

- Okay?
- Yes. Okay.

Thank you.

Clark, I don't want to wait.

Let's just get married
this weekend.

Let's just find someone
to marry us and let's do it.

Let's just do it our way.

Till death do us part.

Gaad: The budget is
what the budget is.

If that's a problem,

we'll bring it up
with the deputy ag

when we meet with him tomorrow.

Yeah, that's it.

Our first day live
in gaad's office.

No mention of prince
or any meeting with the colonel.

Which doesn't mean
it's not a trap.

Well, we have 72 hours
to figure that out

before we have to meet with him.

When's the wedding?

[ Inhales sharply ]

Yeah. It's tomorrow.

Not wasting any time.

I wanted a longer engagement.

Martha had other plans.

Mm... I need you there.

I need a family...


[ Clears throat ]

[ Siren wails ]

[ Car door opens ]

Excuse me, sir.
Can I see some ID?

Yeah. Yeah.

One second.

Mr. prince,

turn around and put your hands
on the roof of the car.


Prince was arrested.

Shit. Any idea
how the FBI got onto him?

Not FBI...
local police.

Failure to pay child support.

[ Sighs ]


[ Scoffs ]

How many days before the feds

start looking into an incarcerated
department of defense employee

with a high-level
security clearance

and a felony charge
hanging over his head?

All we need is three days
until you meet with the colonel.

Even if the meeting wasn't
a setup before,

it's insane to go into it now
with prince in custody.

He could be broken
with a feather duster.

I know you and Philip
radioed the centre

to confirm
the orders for the meeting.

I also know
they confirmed them for you.

What confuses me
is why you went around me.

Do you really think
I'd make something like this up,

with the security of our nation
at stake?

Is that what you care about...
our nation?

- I hadn't figured that out.
- I do.

And orders
to meet with the colonel

were confirmed, as you know.

That was before
prince was arrested.

I don't see moscow
changing their minds.

Martha, Mr. and Mrs. hanson,

I'd like you to meet my mother,
Alexandra, my sister, Jennifer.

[ Laughs ]
Is it okay if I hug you?

- Oh, welcome to the family, Martha.
- Thank you.

- You're exactly as Clark described.
- Aww.

- Hi, there.
- Hi.

I'm bill.
Uh, this is my wife, Elaine.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you as well.

So nice to meet you both.

I can see
the family resemblance.

[ Laughs ]

- That's what people say.
- Yeah. Yeah, they do.

Clark westerfeld
and Martha hanson?


- You ready?
- Of course.

Officiant: An oath is both
a statement for the present

and a promise to the future.

It is the means by which
we humans tell each other,

"I'm in this
for the long haul."

Martha Anne hanson,

do you take this man,
Clark Herbert westerfeld,

to be your husband and partner,

in good times and bad,
till death do you part?

Yes, I do.

Clark Herbert westerfeld,

do you take this woman,
Martha Anne hanson,

to be your wife and partner,

in good times and bad,
till death do you part?

I do.

Please place the ring
on the other's finger.

By the power vested in me
by the state of Virginia,

I pronounce you man and wife.

[ Laughs ] Oh, mommy!

Oh, daddy.

It was beautiful.
[ Indistinct conversations ]

- Welcome to the family.
- Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

[ Laughter ]


It was touching.

No. It was.

I didn't expect it to be.

You and I were
never really married.


It's funny...

I know they're
just words people say.

Do you think things would've
been different between us

if we would've said them?

[ Sighs ]

I don't know.

[ Sighs ]

Gaad: This is
a composite of the woman

based on
Patterson's description.

And this is one of the woman

based on
viola Johnson's description.

Different people.

Not necessarily.

Hair, eyebrows, and noses
all completely different.

The bone structures are similar.

Both women have cheekbones,

Noses, lips, ears.

The differences
are superficial, sir.


This one is based on

viola Johnson's description
of the man who poisoned her son.

Deputy ag: What do we have
from Patterson on this guy?

Patterson never actually got
a look at him.

But we know that we're looking
for a Caucasian man and woman,

in their 30s, perhaps 40s.

I'm not convinced the people
who abducted Richard Patterson

are the same people who poisoned
viola Johnson's son.

I am.

You say that based on
these drawings?

And my experience in the field.

This is speculation.

Call it what you may.

These people are
the illegals we've been chasing.

[ Knock on door ]