The Americans (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 11 - Covert War - full transcript

In Moscow, Viktor Zhukov is assassinated in the escalating tensions between the two countries. When Elizabeth learns that her personal mentor has been murdered she risks everything to avenge his death.

Thank you for getting
a place for us to meet.

Why is it so hard?
It just doesn't feel like it did before.

If we start killing scientists
on U.S. soil...

Who knows where it leads?

What the hell
did you think you were doing?

They got my partner.

What would you have done?

Who killed vlad?

I don't know.
Don't lie to me.

You're separating?
Not exactly. We're, uh...

hitting the pause button.

Home, sweet home.

General zhukov.

Our war is not so cold
anymore, Elizabeth.

Our enemy is strong and capable.

They kill us, we kill them.

It's the world we live in.

But even in this world,

there are lines
that can't be crossed.

At this moment,
three high-level kgb officers

are being targeted in moscow,

including Viktor zhukov,
head of directorate "s."

[ Doorbell rings ]

There will be no sanctuary,
no safety,

not even in their own homes.

[ Thud ]

We're going to find them,

and we're going to kill them.

This isn't a cold war.

There's nothing cold about
the covert, violent exchanges

between the United States
and the Soviet union.

They've killed not only
our agents, but our citizens.

And for that, they'll pay.

[ Grunts ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Silenced gunshot ]

[ Silenced gunshot ]


No. Stop.

No, really. Wow.
You look amazing.

Well, I have
more paint on my face

than a new buick, so...

[ Laughs ]
Come on. Let's go.


[ Up-tempo music plays ]

What is this Harvey wallbanger?

Vodka, galliano,
and orange juice.

That sounds so continental.

This is my Italian lover,

[ Both laugh ]

[ Sighs ]

Have you ever dated anyone
from a foreign country?

Never. You?

Mm. Yeah. In college.

There was
this visiting Professor,

juhani, from Finland.

He was the first guy
I ever slept with

on a list of two.

I hope juhani's life
is happier than Stan's.

That was the Harvey wallbanger

Sorry. [ Chuckles ]

Speaking of... excuse me.
Can we get two more of these?

Bartender: You got it.

Thank you.

Have you ever thought about


Um... I mean, I think
anyone who's married

and says they haven't is lying.


But there is a difference
between thinking about it

and actually going through.

Is something going on, Sandra?

No. Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm just blah, blah, blah, blah.

[ Chuckles ]

Let's go dance.

[ Chuckling ] What?

Narrator: As is the case with
most mammals, the cheetah...

What does this
have to do with insurance?

The insurance company
pays for the show.


Well, that's what capitalism's
all about.

You make something,
then you sell it for profit.

How do you make insurance?

You buy insurance, doofus.

Do we buy their insurance?

No. We just watch their show.

I'm hungry.

Me too.

Well, I have orange juice
and... Peanut butter.

The orange juice is warm.

What do you do for food?

[ British accent ]
The Jennings family

are natural foragers.

They find comestibles...

Food wherever it can be found.

[ Snorting ]
No! Aah!

♪ Ever change your mind ♪

♪ which you do
from time to time ♪

♪ never chew a pickle
with a little slap and tickle ♪

♪ you have to throw the stone
to get the pool to ripple ♪

♪ that night
they danced together ♪

♪ it looked like love forever ♪

♪ he put his hand on her leg ♪
Matthew: Hello?

Oh, h-hi.

I thought you were at
the "rocky horror" show.

Doesn't start till midnight.

Oh. And Mrs. Peters
is driving you and Harry?

Yes, mom.

Could you, uh, put dad
on the phone for me, please?

He called to say
he's working late.

Shocker, right?

Okay, well,
have a good time, then.


Who wants skittles?

Me. And cheetos.

Can I have a Mars bar?

No, they're out of Mars bars.

Hey, look over there.

What's he doing?

Taking a whiz.

[ Whistles ] Hey, buddy,
you want to pack it up?

[ Chuckles ]

Nice one, dad.
Let's go.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sniffles ]


What happened?

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

I've been asking you that
for months.

I'm still waiting for an answer

that doesn't [Sighs]
smell like bullshit.


Seems like you've had
a few drinks, hon.

I called headquarters.

They said
that you left hours ago.

Well, they were mistaken.


Look, Sandra, whatever it is
you're thinking,

I'm... Telling you
you don't understand.

[ Scoffs ]

You're a goddamn liar.

Can we just take a breath here
for a second?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Laughs ]

You know, every time
that I call headquarters,

it's so funny, because they say

that you left four hours ago,

and I keep telling myself,

"oh, yeah, he must be out
on a stakeout,"

or, "oh, he must be out
on a case,"

or, "oh, he must be surveilling
some bad guys or something."

But you know what? There aren't
enough bad guys in the world

to explain all your time away
from here, from us, from me.

And it dawned on me!

I was like, "wake up, Sandra!"
Because you know what?

The only bad guy here
is you, Stan,

and the opposite of the man
that I married and a coward,

and I am pretty sure

that I can't stand
the sight of you right now!

Sandra, please...
can you please...

stop! You know what?
What goes on in you?

What goes on in there, huh?!

do you know?
Do you have any idea?

No, you don't.
You don't.

'Cause there's nothing.
There's nothing there.

Just nothing.

I just need you to listen to me.


Because I am sick [Sighs]

Of kidding myself about you
and about this marriage

and about the last 19 1/2 years
of my life,

and I am... I don't know
how you can dare

turn my life into some...
[ Sobs ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

Zhukov is dead?

Monsters is what they are.

Assassins with
federal I.D. Badges.

[ Birds chirping ]

Who did it?

I'm told
the CIA director of planning

for the Soviet union,
Richard Patterson,

was the architect
of the operation.

He has to die.

Not by us. I'm sorry to say
there'll be no retribution.

Moscow's decided to end

the escalation of violence
for now.

So he gets to walk off free?

Moscow says
that we can't let this

spiral any further
out of control.

We have to stay focused
on the big...

moscow is wrong.

Do you agree with
the centre's perspective?

I do not agree or disagree.

I follow orders.

Speaking of which,
you and Philip

directly contradicted my order
regarding Gregory Thomas.

It was the right thing to do.

Defying orders is never
the right thing to do.

You're lucky
that your act of street theater

didn't bring down
the entire operation.

Sometimes the smartest officers
do the stupidest things.

We're sorry.

Viktor zhukov was a great man

who meant a great deal to you.

I know he'd have full confidence
you'll do the right thing.

I thought the Americans

that even covert wars
have rules.

I was wrong.

[ Liquid pouring ]

You wanted to see me, colonel?


How is the training going?


Any problems?


Change is hard, daunting.

It uproots us.

Have I failed
in some respect, sir?

No. You are exemplary.

But I see that you are unhappy.

Things are not as you expected?


Philip is a good man.

You are a good match.

[ Speaking Russian ]

Nine years ago,

fate or circumstance
brought malysh and me together.

And my life
has never been the same.

Malysh has taught me
what it means to love.

Do you know what love is,

It's a feeling.

The most profound feeling.

He isn't particularly smart,
or he isn't pretty.

But I love him.

Do you know why?

Because I take care of him
every day.

And he, in his way,
is taking care of me.

If you take care of something,

one day you will discover
that you love this creature

and your life
would be empty without him.

Zhukov was murdered.


The Americans killed him.

I'm going to find
the man responsible

and kill him.

Are those our orders?

Zhukov understood me.

He loved me.

I'm telling you,
the man who ordered his murder

will pay with his life.

Elizabeth, come on.
You can't...

no, they can't, Philip.

And I'm gonna make sure
they know it.

Patterson keeps an irregular schedule.

He takes a number of different
routes to Langley.

Sometimes stops off
to get a coffee or a doughnut,

but not always.

He arrives at the office
by 7:00ish,

doesn't leave for meals.

His dry-cleaners is next to
a bank with a security guard.

His gym has
exterior video surveillance.

Don't ask me why.

He frequents
the wheel house on comstock.

He always goes by himself,

but often leaves
in the company of a woman,

rarely the same one.

Patterson is tough to get.

You have to let this go.

I can't do that.

Patterson is a careful man,

but he has one weakness.

He likes women.

Not for the long haul...
for a pit stop.

He can be reckless.

Interesting word.

My best shot to grab him
is at the wheel house.

"Grab"? You've got to be
out of your mind.

It's doable.
No, it's not. It's reckless.

If you're saying
I can't do it alone,

you're right.

Look, all I...

we just did this.

I know. I know we did.

We just got done defying orders.

This is different,
and you know it.

You want to kill him?

Put a scope on a rifle.
Take him out.

That's the point.
I can't.

His movements are unpredictable.
That's bullshit.

You're putting yourself in danger
because you've made it personal.

Do you see that?

If you're asking me

do I want to look in Patterson's
eyes before I kill him,

the answer is yes.

[ Door opens ]

Matthew: Hello?

[ Door closes ]
Stan: Hey.

Hey. Where's mom?

Aerobics class, I think.

How was
the "rocky horror" movie?

It was fun.

We threw toilet paper
and toast at the screen.

Y-you did what?

Never mind.


Are you wearing makeup?

Yeah, dad.

It's a drag show.
Everyone wears makeup.

And, no,
that doesn't mean I'm gay.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

What was so urgent?

Mom, daddy,
I'd like you to meet Clark.

Hi. [ Chuckles ]
Bill: Hi, there. Elaine: Hi.

[ Chuckles ]

To quote tevye from
"Fiddler on the roof," to life.

To life.

[ Glasses clinking ] To life.

[ Chuckles ]
They saw the show last night.

Oh, loved it.

Bill: "If I were a rich man"
was in perfect pitch,

but I thought tevye was
a little flat with "tradition."

Daddy is a baritone
in the church choir.

We're lutherans.

How were you raised, Clark?

Uh... Protestant.

Yeah, that's not so far off, hm?

So, would anyone like coffee?

I would.
Oh, let me.

No, no. You stay. Talk.

We've heard
so much about you, Clark.


Don't worry.
Nothing about work.

Martha keeps saying
what a wonderful guy you are.

We've never seen her so happy.


You said he's a great guy.

She's over the moon for you.

Well, your daughter
is a very special lady,

and I am so sorry to say,
but I really need to get going.

That's okay.

Oh, no.

Yeah, it's just...

it's just work stuff
that can't wait.

But it was a real pleasure
meeting you both.

It was great to meet you, too,

I hope to see you soon.

I'm sure we will.

Take care.


Okay, before you say anything,
I know.

I know no one's
supposed to know about you,

but they could just tell
that I was seeing someone,

and then, of course, they wanted
to meet you and...

Martha, your parents are lovely.

Like you.



[ Sighs ]


I'm pregnant...
number two.



How old is your daughter now?


She's in a play group.

There are no demands on
children in America, no chores.

All we do all day long
is watch them play.

Play is serious.
[ Chuckles ]

It's how we learn
to read one another...


And the world.

I don't remember much of that
as a child.

Because of the war,

you never had
the pleasure of play.

Things were hard.

Very hard.

Philip must be excited about
your family growing.

I haven't told him.

I will, of course.

Just not yet.

In case you change your mind.

You remember my dog, malysh?


He died.

I'm sorry.

I know you loved him.

He was my companion.

We all die alone, Elizabeth.

Before that, we make choices.

[ Car door opens ]

[ Sighs ]

I'll give you 20 minutes,

then I'll pull the car
in the alley in the back.

20 minutes.

It's not too late.
You can still turn back.

We both know that's not true.

But you can.

[ Scoffs ]

20 minutes.

Good luck.

♪ Can you face the fire
♪ can you feel the fire? ♪

♪ Will you love me
in the dark? ♪

[ Indistinct conversations ]

♪ In the dark ♪

Bartender: Hey.
♪ In the dark ♪

Tequila sunrise, please.
No problem.

[ Sighs ]

[ Up-tempo music plays ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Song ends ]

[ Coin clinks ]

[ Pete townshend's
"rough boys" plays ]

Tony, another round.

You got it.

I would have guessed air supply.

You surprised me with townshend.

Do I look like
an air supply guy?

It's the comfortable shoes.

[ Chuckles ]

What was your second guess?

Leo sayer.


Christopher cross a close third.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Though Pete townshend
was my backup, though.


The pat benatar record
wouldn't load.

They got to get that thing

♪ Don't walk away ♪

♪ I very nearly missed you ♪

You waiting for someone?

My boyfriend and I
just broke up.

Too bad.

Mm. Not really.

Relationships are way too much.

You know what I mean?

Yeah. That's why
I never got married.


To being free and easy.

Well, I never said I was easy.

Well, then... Never mind.

♪ Ten quid ♪

♪ she's so easy to find ♪

♪ not a word is spoken ♪

Would you like to join us
at our table?

Oh, thanks, but I get kind of
obsessed with these things.

Are you kidding me?

No. I'm not kidding you.

[ Chuckles ]

What was the name of
John Anderson's running mate?

Patrick lucey.

Lucey... Lucey... Yeah, it fits.

You want to do another one?


What's a four-letter
slang word

that finishes the sentence,
"do you wanna..."

♪ Gonna get inside you ♪

You mean here?

♪ Gonna get inside... ♪

Here. Now.


♪ I wanna see what I can find ♪

♪ rough boys ♪

♪ don't walk away ♪

♪ I wanna buy you leather ♪

♪ make noise ♪

♪ try and talk... ♪

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Muffled ] ♪ under the sheets ♪

♪ nobody knows her ♪

♪ rough boys ♪

♪ don't you walk away ♪

♪ I very nearly missed you ♪

♪ tough boys ♪

♪ come over here ♪

♪ I wanna bite and kiss you ♪

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Let me get something.

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

♪ I wanna see what I can find ♪

[ Door opens, closes ]


So... [ Clears throat ]


Tell me the story of
who murdered vlad.

I...Keep hitting
a brick wall.

Nobody's talking.

Maybe you're talking to
the wrong people.

Maybe that's what I'll find out.

I have a lot more access
to the truth now.

Look, Nina,
the rezidentura was warned.

You had an opportunity
to make an exchange,

and you didn't do it.

I don't know what to tell you.


I-I don't...

I don't think we're ever gonna
really know what happened, Nina.

It... It's frustrating.

I would use a different word.

What is it you want from me?

Well, I've been thinking

that this part of things...
Should stop.

Is that what you want?

It's not what I...

It's the right thing to do.


I don't have
anything anymore, Stan.

No country to go back to.

My family,
I will never see again.

I only have fear... And you.

My wife... She knows.


Family is everything.

Are you there?

Elizabeth: I'm here.

Who are you?
What do you want?

What do you hear, Richard?

What do I hear?

Your footsteps.

Yes, but what do you hear?

I don't understand.


Do you hear that?

Your chest ring and falling.

Your pulse quickening.

Your heart beating.

How does it feel to be alive...

But know
that you're going to die?

You just don't know
exactly when.

Everyone dies.

That's true.

But you're fortunate.

You know what's coming.

But you won't get any goodbyes.

It will just happen,
just like it did

for the people you slaughtered
in moscow.

Do you want information?



What do you want?

I want to know how it feels,
how you feel.

I want to know how it feels

to order the deaths
of innocent people.

Those generals who died
in moscow weren't innocent.

They knew the risks.

Like you.

And you.

Do you know who I am?

Richard Patterson, CIA,

of operations and planning

for the Soviet union.

That is my title.
But do you know who I am?

I'm a bureaucrat.

I decide nothing.
I do nothing.

You give orders.

I give orders
that are given to me.

I implement the will of others.

But you...
your life is a lie.

You kill.
That's who you are.

That's what you know.
That's what you do.

You should stop.

You grind people into dust.

You have no heart,
no soul, no conscience.

You should stop talking
right now.

Your hands are covered in blood.

Do you care about anything?

Do you love anyone?

Does anyone love you?
I said stop talking!

[ Footsteps departing ]

[ Door slams ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Crying ]

Oh, God.

What happened?

What happened?

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

It's okay. I'll do it.
I'll do it.


I thought
this was what you wanted.

It's not him.
It's not about him.

I don't care about him.

About zhukov?

I was out of control.

[ Continues crying ]

It's okay.

It happens.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Birds chirping ]

And they took you where?

It was a warehouse, I think.

It was industrial.

How do you know?

The sound of her footsteps,
the way her voice carried.

It was large, empty.

She was alone in the warehouse.


The man was with her?

The same man?

I think so. Yes.

What were you doing
in the restroom?

I was going
to have sex with her.

And she attacked you.


And she had help.


And she said
she was gonna kill you.


Because of the deaths
of the kgb agents in moscow.

I think so.

You think.

It was personal...
killing me.

How do you know?

By the sound of her voice.

Assuming she was a kgb agent

and she brought you
to a safe house to kill you,

why do you think she let you go?

I don't know.

So, a woman and a man.


A couple.

I love to come here
this time of year.

Everything is
in the process of becoming.

The garden is beautiful.

The flowers will be temporary.

We will have to enjoy them
while we can.


How are you and Philip?

The same.

Do you know
why you were chosen for America?

Because of my commitment.


Loyalty, intelligence, skills.

But most of all,

you were chosen
because of your fear.

My fear?

Of surrender.

Surrender for you
would be an act of suicide.


But not everyone is your enemy.

These buds
don't look like much now.

But in a week or two,

the garden will be
bursting with color.

Nature is genius...
And easy to overlook.

I have no more stories
to tell you, Elizabeth.

I lost my way a long time ago.

I have lived for my work,
for the party.

Now I miss what I never had.

What's up?

I wanted to say thanks... A lot.

You didn't have to drive
all the way out here.

I did, though.

I-I brought beer.

"Thanks a lot" beer?

[ Door closes ]
Do you, um, have an opener?

[ Cap clatters ] Oh.

[ Chuckles ]

Just like old times.

[ Cap clatters ]

At least I stopped using
my teeth.

[ Chuckles ]

This place is, um... Homey?

You going somewhere?

I can't stay here anymore.

I don't want to bring
the kids here again.


It was fun for a night or two,
but they need to feel...


I completely... I...
[ Sighs ]

No, I think it's been
long enough, and...

It's the right thing to do.

Actually, you think, um,

I could take you
back to the house

and borrow the car
to move my bags?

Because my...
my battery's dead.

Yeah, your bags
will fit in the car,

and you could just
deal with the battery tomorrow.

Oh, you want to see it?

See it?

The apartment.

Oh, you got an apartment.

So, do you want to see it?

No, I'm...

you should definitely
take the car,

and I should, um...
I'll take the bus.

I can drive you.

No, no, no.
Bus is a breeze.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

You gave me
Richard Patterson's name

and told me
not to act on that intelligence.

But you were counting on
the fact that I would.


"Hello, Claudia,
how are you?"

"I'm fine, Elizabeth.
And you?"

Why did you want me
to kill Patterson?

I admire your predictability,

It's comforting.

I let him go.


It's not what you wanted.
I know that.

But it's what I did.

I don't understand you.

You're not the only one
who loved zhukov.

You and Viktor?

Don't look so surprised.

We were a good match.

When you're a loner,
there's nothing more satisfying

than finding another loner
to be alone with.

That's not true.

Viktor was easy to love.

Yes, he was.


But you're not.

I don't believe you ever had
a relationship with zhukov.

I think you wanted me
to go against kgb orders

and kill Patterson
so you could... what?...

ship me off to moscow,

bring me to heel like
your dog on some short leash?

Believing in people isn't easy
for you, is it, Elizabeth?

I am on your side.

We've invested everything
in you, count on you.

My only ambition is to make sure

you're the best officers
you can possibly be...

are trained to be.

If I have to be tough
to accomplish this,

I will be.

You really believe all that,
don't you?

You've only ever wanted
to hurt us.

And maybe in your mind you think
it's better for the centre

if we don't really get along,
but you hate us.

I don't understand why.

Because we're better at this
than you ever were?

Because I beat your face in?

You're still new at this,
my dear.

So much to learn.

This isn't gonna go well
for you, old lady.