The Americans (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 10 - Only You - full transcript

After Amador's murder the FBI begins a massive manhunt for the killer. When they start closing in on Gregory, the KGB decides to send him to Moscow. Despite Elizabeth's best efforts he refuses to go, even if it means his life.

Previously on
"the americans"...

Look what the cat dragged in.
Look at the cat.

She came to visit me
a month before paige was born.

This is his turf, man.
No way we find him.


Out of the way!

So, what does some guy
in the hood

Care about a kgb spy?

Did something happen
between you and irina?

Philip: Nothing happened.

I asked you
not to lie to me.

I made a terrible mistake.

Can we
try and start over?

No. We can't.

You're separating?
Not exactly. We're, uh --

the pause button.

Can I help you?

I'm with the federal bureau
of investigation.

[ grunts ]

[ groans ]

You find out
who took amador.

You find out
where he is.


So, you're kgb, right?


You want
something to drink?

I didn't want this to happen,
but it happened.

Things just got all crazy,
you know?

[ engine shuts off ]

[ sighs ]


Replay it in your mind --

What you could, would,
or should have done differently.

Yeah, well...
Home sweet home.

Doesn't look so bad.

[ scoffs ] let me know
when you want to switch.

Philip --
go home.

We both need rest.

[ keys jingle ]

[ engine turns over ]

I just spoke
to amador's parents.

They're arriving tomorrow.

And they're very appreciative
of, uh, all of your thoughts.

Martha will let you all know
details of the funeral services

When we have them.

[ clears throat ]

Um, I knew chris
when he started here at c.I.

He's a --
he was a good agent,

Good friend, just a good man.

I'm sure that you all have
your own stories about him.

I was a little hard on him

But he did a lot for this
department and for this country.

And now here's
what we're gonna do for him.

We are gonna take
every resource we have,

Every ounce
of energy and focus,

And we are going to hunt
for whoever is responsible

For what happened to him.

And we are not going to rest
until they are behind bars

Or -- even better --

Until we zip them up
in a body bag.

[ indistinct conversations ]

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

He was just --

Just the other night he was --
[ gasps ]

He was asking me out again.
That's all.

[ sniffles ]
after he --

That man, he could drive
a woman crazy, you know?

Yeah, he sure could.

He was very fond of you,

Me too.

[ sniffles ]

Agent gaad wants to see you
in the vault.

[ sniffles ]
would you excuse me?

Anything on the ring?
Not yet. Have a seat.

Look, it wasn't on his body,
and it wasn't in his apartment.

He always wore the ring.

We're on it. If it's out there,
we'll find it.

Well, it is out there.

Look, I know that
the rezident was the target,

But if we don't
hit these guys

And they start killing
at random --

Stan, no one is accusing you
of anything.

I'm on your side.
We're in a war now.

It may be a secret war,
but it's a war.

We have to
fight like soldiers now.

And you're
one of our best.

Well, it doesn't
feel like it tonight.

I don't imagine it does,

But in a war,
blood gets spilled.

That's how it goes.

So, don't think twice
about what you did.


Now go home.
Get some rest.

I'd rather stay
and work the case,

If it's all the same to you,

The entire bureau
is working the case.

If anything breaks,
I'll let you know.

Tomorrow morning,
signal your source

And see what the hell she knows
about amador.

Now go.
That's an order.

Yes, sir.

[ knocking on door ]


Stan: Fbi!

Open up!

You up for a nightcap?

Sure. Come on in.

How -- how did you know
I was here?

If I can't find
a travel agent

Staying in a motel
under his own name,

Then I'm in the wrong line
of business.

Elizabeth told sandra.

Right, right.

Well, make yourself comfortable.
I'll throw on some sweats.

No offense, phil, but this place
is kind of depressing.

Philip: Yeah, I know.

It's a shithole.

Well, it's temporary.

Yes, it is.

Everything is.

Everything's what?


I'll drink to that.

Can I -- can I have
one of those?



You know,
I spent a lot of time

In shitty motel rooms
like this.

You know that?

I did not.

Yeah, before -- before,
when I was working undercover.

No matter what city I was in, it
was pretty much the same room.

Lumpy bed, right?


Yeah. Too soft.
It sags in the middle.

You would think they
would spring for a decent bed.

But I guess that's
kind of the point, right?

No matter where you are,
no matter what city or town,

You're always in the same place,
the same shitty room...


You got anything salty,
pretzels or nuts or something?

Uh, no, I-I don't.

[ sighs ]

[ sighs ]

My partner was found dead

Oh, jesus.

I am...So sorry.

Chris amador.

He was a good guy...

Not like me.

He was never married.
Maybe that was it.


He had no secrets, you know?
[ chuckles ]

You can't be married
and not have secrets...

Can you, phil?

No, you can't.

What happened?

He was stabbed.

Who did it?

Bad guys.

We're gonna find them.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah,
I'm -- I'm -- I'm all right.

You can stay here
if you want.

In your lumpy bed.
No. No, thank you.

I was actually thinking
the chair.

That's worser.

I don't -- I don't see
a whole lot of future

In my sleep tonight.

Why don't I
drive you home?

No, I'm good. I'm okay.
I'm all right. Thank you.


You know, I mean that
sincerely -- thanks.

Of course.


Stan: Tell me
who killed amador?

Who killed amador?

Who killed vlad?

I don't know.
Don't lie to me.

I'm not lying, nina.

Vlad was my friend --
my friend.

I'm sorry
you lost your partner.

I am.
I lost my friend.

This is a really bad day,

it's a very bad day.

[ sighs ]

But I-I need to know
what happened, nina.

We had no idea
what was going on.

We don't kill fbi agents.
You have to believe.

three of my men were killed

Protecting a scientist
two weeks ago.

Yes, and -- and that day,
I told you --

Arkady was
behind closed doors.

I told you
something was going on.

But yesterday -- nothing.

Really? Nothing?

Nothing, until somebody called,
threatening to kill vlad

If something happened
to your partner.

[ sighs ] next thing we know,
the police call,

Saying he's been murdered
in a mugging.

What are we to think?

I don't know who killed vlad,

If I can find out,
I'll let you know.

Will you?

Yes. We're not monsters,

But I have to know
what happened to amador.

Do you understand that?

Vlad --
he never wanted to be kgb.

He joined
to make his uncle happy.

He was a colonel
for the red army

And raised vlad
after his father died.

He pulled some strings
to get him into the door,

And vlad was just getting
his guts up

To tell him that next year
he was joining medical school.

He wanted to be doctor.

That's all he wanted
with his life.

I'm sorry.

I know you just tell me
what I want to hear.

That's not true.

Listen to me. I know.

But if you can,

I want you to find out
what happened to vlad,

How this happened.

Will you do that?

I will.

I want to be able to tell
his family...Something.

Come on, guys.
Clear bowls. Brush teeth.

Do I still have to keep cracking
the whip like this?

Henry, did you pack
your homework?
I don't know.

Well, can you check, please?
You guys, come on.

I need a little extra
hustle from you two
getting out the door.

You're the one
who wanted it this way.

Excuse me?

Stand up.

Do you know what my mother
would have done

If I talked to her
like that?

You get to dress how you want,
use the phone, watch tv.

You do not get to speak to me
like that.

Are we clear?

[ door closes ]
philip: Hello?

Dad --
you and I are not done.

Henry: Hi, dad.

What are you doing here?
Philip: Thought I'd take
you and henry to school.

Hey, champ.

You think you can get ready
lickety-split, hmm?

[ smooches ]

Go. Go. Go.

Paige: Come on, henry.

I would appreciate it
if you didn't make
surprise appearances,

Especially when we are adjusting
to new routines.


[ water running ]

Clark had a talk with martha
last night.

Amador wore a ring.

it wasn't on his body.

We swept the safe house.

Yeah, and gregory's team
swept the car.

We were all moving
pretty fast.

Do you have any idea
where they ditched it?

I'll signal gregory
and have him get into it.

The feds are gonna push this
as far as they know how.

I'll make sure he knows to lay
low until we know what's what.

Stan came by the motel
last night -- drunk mess.

What did you find out?

[ sighs ]
that his partner was killed.

I couldn't exactly work him
for leads.

You the one who wanted to be
his friend, right,

Because of what a great
potential source he could be?


Call next time,
all right?

I don't need permission
to see my kids.
Fine. Stay.

[ water stops ]
clean the kitchen
while you're at it.

[ chuckles ]

Paige! Henry!

Ready? Let's go.
Paige: Yeah.
Henry: Yeah.

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ drawer opens ]

[ sniffs ]

[ chuckles ]
gaad: Hold that smile,

We got a hit on his ring.

J. Edgar's genius --

Put every available agent
in the field,

Double up on local uniforms,
soon enough you get a hit.

Where did they find it?

The owner of a salvage yard

Tried to fence it at a pawn shop
in kingman park.

Salvage yard?

It must be where they dumped
the car used to move amador.

But we got to it
before they crushed it.

Doherty and macmillan are
gonna go down there now.

I'm going.
I'm going, sir.

Yeah, but I want you to go
with them.

I don't want you flying solo
on this.

[ door creaks ]

[ coin drops ]

[ telephone rings ]


[ tapping ]

[ receiver clicks ]

[ jazz music playing ]

The ring you tried to
pawn this morning

to a federal agent.

Look, I don't ask questions, and
sometimes people leave things.

It's a fair trade.

Well, in this case the federal
agent in question was murdered,

So I'm gonna ask questions,
and you're gonna answer them.

Sound okay?


Who delivered the car
and when?

It was left here
last night.

I didn't see anyone.

They just left it?
Some people do.

They know
that I sell the metal --

Uh-huh. And the ring was
in the trunk?

You got the keys?

It was shoved
right up there.

So, a car just shows up in the
middle of the night, no plates,

Trunk stripped of carpeting
where you find a ring,

And your first move
is a pawn shop?

Vin numbers
are filed off.

With the vin numbers
filed off?

[ groans ]

Ring was shoved up here.

you think it fell off?

He left it for us.

Just give me a minute here,
would you?


I want to
ask you again.

Who dropped off this car?

like I already told you --


[ grunting ]

You listen to me,
you piece of shit.

You may think
you know what I am

Or what I will and won't do
in this situation,

But you have no idea.
[ groans ]

Now, I don't believe someone who
just murdered a federal agent

Would dump their car
in some random salvage yard.

So, I want you to tell me
everything you know about this.

Do you understand?

There's some black guys.
They're drug dealers, I think.

They dump cars with me

They came by
late last night.

I don't know names.
I swear to god.

See, that wasn't so bad,
was it?

You and I are gonna go look
at some mug books together.

[ mid-tempo music plays ]

Lloyd, have another?

♪ I've been watching you

How bad is it?

We don't know.

The guy may have left his ring
behind in the trunk.



We'll let you know
what we know.

You just keep safe and out of
sight till this thing goes away.

You okay?

Not really.
[ chuckles ]

Philip is, uh,
staying in a hotel.

The kids
aren't so good.

Shit. Elizabeth.

[ chuckles ]
you told me so, huh?

Why are you
telling me this?

I don't know.

Who else can I tell,
you know?


No, I can't.
I'm [scoffs] a mess right now.

You'll be okay.

[ scoffs ]

We all will be,
you included.

This thing
is gonna blow over.

We're just trying to
get ahead of it.

And if it doesn't
blow over?

Let's not cross that bridge
unless we have to.

In the meantime,
you just stay out of sight

And check your signals.

I'll be waiting.

I swear I'm not
trying to make any trouble.

But they always wore hats
and jewelry like they wear.

These guys all look the --

Don't even say that.

Son of a bitch.


[ indistinct conversations ]

I think we got him.

I-I-I don't know.

The guy who killed chris,
the -- the russians, the
whole damn thing, maybe.

You want to sit down?
The guy from the salvage yard
who hocked the ring,

And he does business with some
riffraff from the projects.

They're the ones
who brought him the car.

He says he's got no names,
he can't I.D. Them

'cause they're
always wearing hats,

But then he pulls a face
at one of the mug shots,

And here we go.

I've seen him before,
in philly.

That I wasn't expecting.

Chris and I are at the site
where we lost joyce ramirez.

The wife of the dead directorate
"s" officer?

and that same guy is there.

I notice him,
which I would have forgotten,

Except an hour later
he's at the trucking company

Where we're following
a lead.
He followed you?

Only explanation
I can make sense of.

Didn't you grab him?

He was a little fast
for me.


Now I know him.

[ door creaks ]

[ whistle blowing ]

Shit! Go!
Go! Go! Go!

[ indistinct shouting,
woman screaming ]

Curtis! Curtis!
Don't shoot!

Aah! Don't shoot!

[ screams ]

Don't shoot!

Out front! Out front!

[ shouting continues ]

[ sirens wailing ]

[ tires screech ]

[ groaning ]

Get on your knees!
On your knees!

Hands on your head!

[ breathing heavily ]

Bring him up.

Curtis, right?

Should have let me catch you
the first time.

I'm upset now.

[ indistinct shouting ]

[ breathing heavily ]

The fbi picked up a member
of gregory's team.

So we won't be skating our way
out of this one.


[ sighs ]

How long ago
did he contact you?

Hour and a half.

Signal him back.

Put him in a safe house.

I'll get the exfiltration plan
going as soon as possible.

They'll be watching him.

We'll have to be careful, but
nothing we haven't done before.

His team?

Money cached,
contingency plans.

They all know to disappear

Or expect heavy jail time
for drug dealing.

[ sighs ]
what about him?

What about him?

Stub this out,
will you?

[ sighs ]

Will he set off
into the night gently?

Moscow can be
a frightening prospect

For someone
who hasn't seen the world.

He's devoted to the cause.
I think he'll like it there.

Do you agree, philip?
I'm not so sure.

Tell him the truth --
nice apartment,

Regular stipend,
but he won't be rich.

Language lessons
for as long as he needs them.

They'll call him in
to lecture the cadets,

But he won't have an office
at dzerzhinsky.

It's a hard adjustment,

But after the first few years
he'll be fine.

I'll tell him.

You need to make sure
he's actually planning to come.

His options have narrowed
by quite a lot,

And one of them
is turning on us.

He has always
been completely loyal.

He's never really been tested.
He grew up here
and turned on his own nation.

That's harder than anything
any of us have ever done.

Well, now he's facing
life in a cage

Or a thousand volts
running through his body.

Talk him into moscow.

If you can't,

You take the only other option

As sad as we would be
to see it go that direction.

[ engine turns over ]

You know, I only have one real
question for you, curtis,

Which is --
do you have any idea

What it is
that you've been doing?

'cause if you do know, then, uh,
keep your mouth shut.

That's how bad it is.

But if you don't know,

If you've somehow kind of been
tricked into this,

You might want to speak up.

You've been arrested twice --
minor drug raps.

I work
in counterintelligence.

Do you know
what that is?

I'm not saying anything
to you.

I chase spies...Kgb.

You ever heard of them?

That's the russians.

You know
what I don't care about?

I-I couldn't care less.

I may look dumb,
but I'm not.

You don't look dumb.

Cops got
all kinds of tricks.

You know, my partner was killed
two nights ago.

I'm way past tricks,

His name
was chris amador.

And he was stabbed.

I don't know what to do.


Like revenge, you know?

But who --
who really cares?

I mean,
what does that get me?

But these russians
that I'm talking about --

I'm pretty sure they're the ones
who killed him.

So, I'm not tricking you,

If you're working
for the russians

And you know it,
you wait for your lawyer

you've committed treason.

But, see,
I don't think you do know.

You and I don't have much
in common.

No shit.

But we're both
goddamn americans, right?


[ engine shuts off ]

[ sighs ]



We always knew
this day could come.

You said.

The world is a shitty place,

what I really think.

We agree.

I want to focus on now.

like we always talked about,

There are plans put in place
to help you,

To take care of you.

And right now those plans
are being put in motion.

I do not know
the details,

But I guess we will probably
take you cross-country by car --

Moscow, elizabeth?

I mean,
can you really see me there?

I want to talk to you about it
because I can.

There would be
an adjustment period --

Get me to l.A., okay?

It's a lot closer.
Fresh start in compton.

I can change my identity,
my name.

Gregory, this is bad.
The fbi are after you.

Maybe I can do a little work
on my face, you know?

I mean,
if you can stand it.

You guys are
the masters of disguise.

I don't think
they're gonna go for it.

If you ask them,
they'll do anything for you.

Gregory. Gregory, please,
let's just talk about this.

Let's just get out of here,
you and me.

I can't.
I got to -- I...

Gaad: Gregory thomas.

His last known
political activity

Was a protest March
on memphis city hall

With martin luther king
in March of '68.

Now, we all know the kgb
tried to infiltrate

The civil rights movement.

America's oppressed minorities
were rising up already,

So why not get in
on the action?

But the question is,
did they go so far

As to recruit
any civil rights activists?

[ knock on door ]

Philip and elizabeth said
you'd be expecting me.


[ lock clicks ]



Means a lot meet you,

let's -- let's sit.

We have to move quickly,

But we want to make sure
we're doing everything we can

To make this
as easy as possible for you.

I understand why you want to go
to california

Instead of moscow,
of course.

I wish with all my heart
we could make that happen.

We'd do it for you, gregory,
in an instant.

We'd spend anything,
move any mountain.

But it just
wouldn't work --

New documents, new history,
even a new face.

With what's at stake,

I'm afraid it wouldn't be enough
to put off the fbi.

You're more scared of them
than I am,

And I'm the one
willing to take the risk.

The problem is,
the risk isn't just yours.

It's philip
and elizabeth's, too.

I would never,
ever betray them.

I don't think you would.

But do you know
why I'm the best at my job?

I'm a guard dog.

I don't take any chances
with the people I protect.

That's why they send me --
an old lady --

Halfway around the world
to do this.

Now, you've been brilliant,
a hero,

And your reward is waiting.

If you have any last thought
to run to california,

Please understand
that the fbi will follow you

To the ends of the earth.

We put evidence
in your apartment

Linking you to the murder
of the fbi agent

Who was bleeding in the trunk of
the car your people disposed of,

Trace amounts of bloody fibers
from his suit

in the safe house.

When the trail stops
at your doorstep,

We won't have to worry about
them following it any further

And getting to philip
and elizabeth.

It's your final act
of service.

[ laughs ]


You guys don't mess around,
do you?

No. We don't.

[ sighs ]


I won't take to moscow.

It takes time,
but others have done it.

You'll like it

I have never...

Wanted too much,

I just wanted to live
for something,

And I've done that.


And to know
when I'm done.

Now I'm done.

[ door opens ]

You tell him how lovely moscow
is in the spring?

[ sighs ]

Some people just aren't cut out
for foreign travel.

You think
he's negotiating,

Trying to soften you up
for california?

I think he's trying
to get away from us.

Or he's fooling himself.
I don't really know.

But we need to get him
to moscow, philip.

And if he won't go?

He was elizabeth's
first recruit, her agent.

I've had my differences
with her,

But if this ends
the hard way,

I don't want her
to have to do it.

You'll be there?

Of course.

we know who killed chris.

Oh, god. Thank god.

Don't have him yet.

But you will, right?

Yeah, I think so.
I think we will.

Good. That's good.


[ clears throat ]

[ ring clinks ]

You know...

Most agents never actually
pull the trigger.

But that hasn't been
my destiny.

I know.

Well, you don't know everything,

I've protected you
from things.

I never asked for that.
I didn't ask for protection.

Well, if you want to have
a family, be in a family,

That's what you do,

Did something else happen?
Is it --

It's just...

The world that we live in
is a little darker

And a little uglier
than I think you know.


So, sometimes...



We could just get out.
We could just leave.

I mean,
I don't even care where we go.

We could live in a shack,
and I wouldn't care.

You and me and matthew --
that is all that matters.

We could leave
everything else behind.

[ voice breaking ]

[ both laugh ]

They got chinese
in moscow?

That's one problem.

[ sighs ]

Your friend claudia --

She stepped
between me and that door.

She really think she can stop me
if I wanted to walk out?

You'd be surprised.

[ laughs ]
that's funny.

[ chuckles ]

Russian girls.
You're all tough, huh?

I guess we had to be.


That's why I fell for you.

'cause I'm a tough girl?

'cause you're committed...

and stubborn.

You like all that?

Don't take him back.

Find somebody else.

He's gonna soften you
all up.

[ sighs ]
gregory --


Find somebody that will love you
for being so strong.

[ breathing heavily ]

I'm not going with you,

There's nowhere else
to go.

You know they put
the fbi agent's murder on me.

I had nothing to do
with that.

It was a smart thing
to do.

You know, the fbi -- they're
gonna keep going on this thing

Until they get someone.

So, you're --
you're what?

I'm gonna walk out that door,
find some men with guns,

Put an end to this hunt

So you can keep doing the job
that you were sent here to do.

Gregory, nobody wants that.
I don't want that.

You've been faithful
to the cause for years.

We want to reward you.

This is my reward.

[ sighs ]
you're being stupid.

We have a whole new life
for you.

[ zipper closes ]

I don't want a new life.

Hey, you don't know
how good things can be.

Moscow is beautiful.

It's cosmopolitan,
much more so than washington.

There is art. There -- it's --
there's culture.

You're a travel brochure.

Listen, people would be
in awe of you,

The way you have lived,
what you have done.

You know me, okay?

I lived here.
I fought here.

They're not gonna let you stay.
They can't.

They can't risk that,
that you could change your mind,

That something
could go wrong.

You trust me.
I ain't changing my mind.

I trust you.

But you know
I can't let you.

It ain't up to you,

I can't!
Gregory, please.

You can.


Goodbye, elizabeth.

[ door opens ]

Look who's here.

He won't come.

He wants to find some cops
to shoot him.

He thinks that'll
end things for us.

For us?

True to the end.

Come on, gregory.

Look, you people owe me
this much.

Wait outside, elizabeth.

Gregory, please.
I'm done talking.

Elizabeth, wait outside.


You don't have to
do this.

[ breathing shakily ]

I trust him, philip.

He'll do what he says.

I think
that would be a mistake.

We owe him this.
He's right.

And I know him.

He's always done
everything he said he'd do.

That's who he is.

Please, philip.

I'm asking you. Please.

[ door closes ]

[ roberta flack's
"to love somebody" plays ]

♪ there's a light

[ car door closes ]

♪ a certain kind of light
[ engine turns over ]

♪ that never shines

♪ on me

♪ I want my whole life to be

♪ lived with you, baby

♪ lived with you

♪ there's a way

♪ many people say

♪ to do everything

♪ but what good does it bring

♪ if I ain't got you

♪ if I don't have you?

♪ oh, you don't

[ indistinct shouting ]
♪ you don't know

♪ you don't know
what it's like ♪

♪ you don't know
what it's like ♪

♪ to love somebody

♪ to love somebody

♪ the way I love you

[ indistinct conversation ]

[ tv chatter ]

♪ you don't have to be

♪ you don't have to be
so blind ♪

♪ I'm so blind

♪ you don't know
what it's like ♪

Woman: The streets of washington
erupted in gunfire

When gregory thomas,
the main suspect

In the recent murder
of an fbi agent died

In a bloody shootout with
authorities today downtown.

Witnesses on the scene say that
thomas opened fire when d.C. --

[ click ]

♪ you don't know
what it's like ♪

♪ to love somebody

♪ you don't know
what it's like ♪

[ indistinct conversation ]

♪ to love somebody

♪ you don't know
what it's like ♪

♪ to love somebody