Sweet Life: Los Angeles (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Sweet Life: Los Angeles - full transcript

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For me and my friends,
life is lit.

- Looking at my car!
- Wait a second.


[upbeat music]

And this is our time
for growing up.

I'm really inspired
to have my first photo shoot

for my Buttrd By Bri page
and glowing up.

I just wanna stay out
of the friend group.

Yeah, exactly.

from a different continent.

Relationships got mad weird.

- Do you like P'Jae though?
- I like him.

Is that Myami?

- Who is this girl?
- Do you all know her?

- Jaylenn knows her.
- No, I don't know her.

Why are you bringing
the girl here?

- It's so weird.
- What are you talking about?

I don't ever wanna
come in with the energy

that you came in with.

I don't ever want,
like, these women...

I just came in and said hi.

Maybe we shouldn't try
to take it to the next step?

Friendships got tested.

My beef with Jerrold
is that he didn't have

Jaylenn's back
after the podcast situation.

He's like, actually a sociopath.

Like, I'm actually concerned.

Maybe you'll never be sorry.

I'm not gonna apologize
to Ty and Jay

because I don't have anything
to apologize for.

She got me fucked up.

Well, I don't do drama.

Please, God, get me outta here.

And that group chat
definitely got

a lot of people fucked up.

Never mentioned you had a boo

that was gonna be there...

And now
you owe Myami an apology.

Yeah, I'm trying
to get it off but...

Okay. I don't accept it.

You came at me weird.

Bitch, you came at me weird!

All of these and you disrespect
your friends, really?

- I never 'cause they love me.
- Can they?

What matters to me is
literally your attitude

and the energy towards Jerrold.

I still hold you
to the highest regard.

And so like, I'm sorry.

- It's okay.
- All right.

I'm sorry.

And while we figure out
our stuff with each other,

we stay on our grind.

Everybody's still
putting in work to level up.

And coming into the mix,
we've got new friends,

new energy, and,
of course, new problems.

In this friend group,
coming correct is mandatory.

[Blxst's "Gang Slide"]

♪ It was a midnight
gang slide ♪

♪ I had to pull up,
get right ♪

♪ A stick and move
on the Westside ♪

♪ 'Cause you know you give me
the best high, ayy ♪

♪ It was a midnight
gang slide ♪

♪ I had to pull up,
get right ♪

♪ A stick and move
on the Westside ♪

♪ 'Cause you know you give me
the best high, ayy ♪

♪ ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ Pooh, you a fool
for this ♪

♪ Oh, Lord,
Jetson made another one ♪

♪ ♪

♪ It's givin' boss bitch,
boss bitch ♪

♪ It's givin' boss bitch,
boss bitch ♪

♪ It's givin' bad bitch,
bad bitch ♪

♪ Never ever play me
like I'm average ♪

♪ Like I'm average, uh ♪

It's so nice.

Skinny season.

You are skinny right now too.

I've been in hot yoga for real.

And dead-ass, like, it just
burn so much calories.

Just why does it have to be hot?

It, like, sweats all
the toxins out of you.

And it just centers you
and your body

and I just be flowing
and look...

I would first,
I would go to, like, yoga

with Becky and, like,
I would breathe quietly,

but I would hear
Rebecca, like...

- [exhales deeply]
- That would be me.

I'd be like...
[exhales deeply]

I'd be looking around
and everybody doing it,

- I'm like, "Okay, we good."
- [laughs] Yeah.

Didn't you tell me
you fell asleep one time?

Girl, I fall asleep
so much in it.

I'm so excited to link up
with my girls.

This summer,
we've all just been trying

to scale our businesses,
make a name for ourselves,

and so we haven't been able
to really hang out.

Amanda is doing great
with her PR work.

Becky is launching
a line of supplements.

Bri, she's been doing really,
really good with Buttrd by Bri

and she's looking
to expand with more products.

I'm still running
House Party Creative

and our events are getting
bigger and better and so

it's just been really
beautiful to see all my friends

just blossom
in their own effort.

What the... shots?

- Ooh.
- Who the fuck ordered this?

Well, I think we
should take a shot.


To upcoming
Buttrd by Bri re-launch.

[all cheering]

- Balling by Bri, coming soon.
- Ooh, Balling by Bri.

- BBB, everything!
- BBB, everything.

- Cheers!
- Cheers.

Buttrd by Bri is booming,
I'll be real, like,

it started as my side hustle.

I was mixing shit up
in Tylynn's front yard.

So how do you know,
like, what's the formula?

I've been watching YouTube
videos because I might...

- YouTube?
- What's your marketing plan?

What's your plan on reaching out

- to a designer to get a logo?
- Um...

Do you wanna have,
like, a storefront?

Is it gonna be like all online?

This is... it's
the... it's this bag.

I don't see it going.

Okay, I don't like to know.

I was a little insecure
and unsure of myself last year,

and now it's like
an actual certified business.

Shit will really sell out
in, like, two hours.

And like, I'll just be looking
at the emails, all the orders

coming through and I'm actually
making money from this shit.

So like, that is probably
my favorite part.

I'm having a launch party, okay?

- Lingerie, sexy...
- We're elevating.

I can't wait.

House Party Creative
is definitely doing me.


Yes, I want everyone
there including...

Where the fuck is Cheryl?

Why everybody look at Ty?

Uh, 'cause
I invited her last time.

I mean, I didn't invite
her today because honestly,

I didn't think
that she would come.

I'm a little shaky,
like, I'm not really

all the way there yet.

So I can't just faking it
and invite you to shit

just for shits and gigs,
you know?

After last season's group chat,

Cheryl and I came
to terms with one another.

I'm not sure if Jerrold still
has bad feelings towards me,

but I do feel like Cheryl might
be hesitant to kind of grow

that relationship with me
because of him, which I get.

But I think at the end
of the day, we need to just

work on one another and forget
what our niggas got to say.

I would love to invite
Cheryl, but y'all said,

like, some mean-ass
shit to each other.

And it was
like really intense but...

- It's always...
- Yeah, I didn't like that.

I feel like
we said what we meant.

Yeah, like, you meant it.

And as long as we
can acknowledge that

and move the fuck on,
like, we might not ever

forgive, but I think, over
time we can forget a little.

Or like, forgive but not forget.

Or... yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, no,
I meant what I said for real.

Yeah, you, like,
I ain't gonna forgive you.

Y'all, so,
Rob just told me that P'Jae,

I guess, is doing some
interview at Power 106.

Interview for what?

I don't know, it's him
and Griff Tyler... hold on.

It's Power 106, LA's number one

for hip-hop,
Midday with Bryhana.

Now, you guys know you came
on to Bryhana's Midday Show.

So, you're not leaving
without being

in the hot seat, P'Jae Compton.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

"Sweet Life,"
this show is so fire.

I'm always talking to my
listeners about it.

- I appreciate you.
- Talk to me.

I just feel like
after the group chat,

I just... I don't... I don't
know what's going on.

Like, are you friends
with the girls?

Like, let's see.
The listeners wanna know.

Well, you ask me
about the group chat, like,

I feel like everybody was on,
like, BS, you feel me, like...

- Was on BS.
- And that goes for everybody

- sitting at that table, like...
- P'Jae's so mad.

The girls, their reactions was

a bit extra,
you know I'm saying?

I don't really know
where it came from.

- 'Cause we had...
- It was 'cause you had

- several people fucked up.
- It just came out of nowhere,

you know what I'm saying?
It caught me by surprise.

I don't know where I stand

with most of the people
that was sitting at the table.

You know what I'm saying?

Like, for example,
like Ty and Jay, right?

- Like, we were good.
- I'm tired.

All of a sudden,
group chat comes around

and it's a whole flip of energy.

- He called me and Jaylenn out.
- He said this on the internet?

It's not the internet,
the radio.

It's no, it's not,
not, I'm not losing

any sleep off of it,
you know what I'm saying?

- It sounds like you are!
- You're talking on the radio.

- Bro, let's discuss.
- I think I'm done.

Okay, here's the thing.

P'Jae caused 90% of all that
mess that went down last year,

and now he's on the radio
talking shit about everybody.

I'm just like,
"Stick to the point, bro.

"You're there
to promote your artist.

Do that and keep our
names out your mouth."

Hold on, pause.

I think that's the thing that
we missed at the reunion.

It's nothing to apologize.

- It's really nothing.
- Like, it's nothing.

The thing is,
is he was alone on an island.

There was
a lot of heat and pressure.

So just because you
couldn't take it don't mean

that I'm a horrible,
fucked up person.

At the same time,
at least I had the courtesy

to care enough about you
to bring it to your face.

This shit is stale and it's old.

I'm cool with the press fest.

I'ma see him at your event,
and it's gonna be all gravy.

The press fest.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

♪ Sometimes you love
too hard ♪

♪ Sometimes you go too far ♪

♪ Now, I won't want you
if you need me ♪

♪ Real things do not
go crazy ♪

We buying real plants this time?

You not... you not fucking
with the fake ones anymore?

Um, we'll see.

Because I don't
wanna hear nothing if there's

a bug crawling on the plant.

Well, that's why you're here.

How was last night, though?

- It was cool.
- It was cool, you know?

Me and Kofi
hung out with Jordan.

It was the first time that
we had seen him in a long time.

Just 'cause with
everything that's going on

with Hypland,
like, he's been busy.

- Yeah.
- You know, obviously,

it's a good problem to have,
like, you know?

Booked and busy.

What about some
of these hanging things?

I want, like, a bigger plant.

We don't got no space
for a bigger plant.


Did you hear P'Jae's interview?

No, I didn't even know
he was doing an interview.

They spent a good
chunk of time talking

about what happened
at the Peppermint Club.

I don't remember none of that.

The Peppermint Club was a vibe.

Me, Cheryl, Kofi, Jordan,
and P'Jae put a little party

together for the entire cast
to just celebrate ourselves.

We had a line around the block.

We had bottles up on stage.

Me and Cheryl were a vibe

up until
some weird shit happened.

I was on the stage
addressing the crowd.

Myself, Jerrold Smith,

Jordan Bentley, P'Jae Compton.

Then I seen Jaylenn's
cousin Keilan pull up.

Last time we saw him was
out in Cabo

when he was messy as hell,
things didn't go so well.

It's, like, it's all
for Ty at the end of the day.

It's all for Ty-Ty.

Keilan runs to try
and grab the mic,

and that interruption
made the party very awkward.

So, you know, we told
security to get him off stage.

[indistinct chatter]

The next morning,
I hop on Twitter,

and I see that Keilan
has a lot to say about

how me and my guys
kicked him out the club.

Next thing I know, I'm getting
a call and he's screaming

through my phone, accusing me
of kicking him out last night.

How he ended up outside?
I don't know.

You know,
there's liquor involved.

He's probably
arguing with security.

That don't got nothing
to do with me.

The fact that we're
still talking

about this is fucking stupid.

Well, I mean,
I feel like it's worth getting

to a point that, like,
you don't feel like either

of you have to, like,
walk on eggshells, like...

I'm not walking on eggshells.


- Don't get it twisted.
- I'm not walking on eggshells.

And so we're gonna
be in these group settings

and it's just fine?

I'm not gonna make
the group setting awkward.

I don't got... I don't
got time for that.

I... I don't
have any time for that.

- Yeah.
- ♪ Livin' on the beat, yo ♪

♪ Feeling like I'm
floating to the ceiling ♪

♪ Is it magic? ♪

♪ Baby, tell me why
you disappearin' ♪

♪ This is magic ♪

♪ I won't ever tell
'em how I did it ♪

♪ It was magic,
can you imagine? ♪

♪ Money in the mattress ♪

♪ Love the way I stack it ♪

♪ I can make
it rain blue hundreds ♪

♪ Can you catch it? ♪

♪ If somebody come through
bluffin' I'ma blast 'em ♪

♪ And tell the police I
don't know what happened ♪

♪ If I gave
a fuck about a citch ♪

♪ I'd always be broke ♪

♪ I'd never get to pull up
in a Benz with my... ♪

- Have you told your folks?
- About what?

About us moving together?

I talked to my parents,
you told yours?

[inhales sharply]

- What the hell is...
- [inhales sharply]

- What is that?
- [laughs] I didn't tell them.

Babe, come on.

I'm kind of feeling,
like, either you're

not really sold on me.

They're not really sold on me.

I'm completely sold.

My dad likes you.

My mom is... you're,
you're growing on her.

It has really
nothing to do with you.

My mom's just gonna be, like,

"Y'all should be married
to be moving in."

So when are you gonna tell them?

The day before we move in?

- That sounds good, actually.
- No, no!

At every chance my mom
can get, she be like,

"See, that's what happens
when you be shacking up.

Like, ugh,
definitely shacking up."

That's what the old folks
call it, shacking?

- Definitely shacking.
- Wow.

the girls are pissed about

P'Jae's Power 106 interview.

Did you listen to all of it?

I listened to,
like, clips of it.

P'Jae was talking shit about

pretty much everyone
on the radio.

You saw it as talking shit.

I felt like he was
getting it off his chest.

Just saying how he felt.

He had more energy
in the interview

than he's ever had in real life.

I feel like Rob is
starting to be Team P'Jae.

And I mean, I know P'Jae
is a talent manager

and they've been
working together on comedy,

but P'Jae has consistently
had my friends fucked up.

And how close Rob and P'Jae
have gotten is lame as fuck.

Outsider looking in,
y'all be kind of attacking.

- Who be attacking him?
- Be specific.

The girls.

He can't be mad that me,
Bri, Becky, Tylynn

call him out on his shit.

Is that just the guys
or do you guys call

the girls out on their shit
like Tylynn?

How does that go?

I hold my friends
accountable, period.

Uh, I don't know.

I'm the newest
in the friend group,

and kind of from what I see,
there's no place

for anybody who disagrees
with Tylynn.

When there's a disagreement,
she kind of goes, okay,

you're really my opposition.

I also see the friends
kind of just leaning into it.

It's like,
hold them accountable.

Have that conversation.

Since P'Jae is
helping you with comedy,

he can do no wrong?

P'Jae has become
my guy because he put me

on a comedy show, like,
I'll rock with him for that.

Obviously, you know
this is what I wanna do.

And the comedy,
this is my dream.

And I think I wanna
take that leap.

- What?
- I'm gonna quit my job.

I'm quitting...
I'm quitting my job.

Yeah, well, I'm thinking,
this is the last semester.

So then what are you gonna do?

Hmm, we jumping all into comedy,

entertainment, writing,
all of that stuff.

But are those jobs
and things gonna be secure?

- This is what I wanna do.
- I like this shit.

- So now, it's, like...
- And that's great.

What is the issue with being,
like, part time?

- Kids are so stressful.
- The kids really stress me out.

So at this point,
I'm like, you know what?

Fuck them kids.

- [laughs]
- Like, it's not for me.

It's... I don't wanna
feel like I'm quitting

on them,
but I feel like I'm only 26.

It's hard to impart
into them when I'm still

trying to figure out who I am.

I'm trying to put me
out of my misery.

Help me out here, baby.

I wish I could put
myself out of my misery.

- You can.
- No, I can't.

So we can both be unemployed.

- Oh, here we go.
- Very cute.

My main concern is,
we are starting to,

like, try to build
a life together.

It's very expensive
to live in LA.

How are we gonna
do this rent situation if

you could potentially
not be working?

You know that my money is just,
like, tied up in real estate.

Just, I need you
to believe in me.

I do, I'm already doing that.

- And the kids?
- But I want you to have money.

I don't see you making
full time money from comedy.

♪ Pull up inna the party,
yeah ♪

♪ I nah watch nobody, yeah ♪

♪ Pull up inna the 'Rari,
yeah ♪

♪ Bare feelings dem a carry ♪

[upbeat music]

- Hey!
- Hola!

- Hi.
- Hi, Tasha.

She coordinated.

Jay and I are
hosting a barbecue today

with the help
of my Uncle Chunky.

We invited all
of our closest friends

with the addition of my
mom and Jaylenn's mom.

Jaylenn's cousin Keilan
is pulling up

with Candiss, my best friend.

And, you know,
after the big blow up

in Mexico, we hashed it out.

Candiss, you have to relax!

Like, what the fuck
were you thinking, right?

- Listen.
- You have to get off ten.

Me and Jaylenn decided
that the only beef

that was gonna be at this party

was gonna be on the grill.

- My boy Rob is here.
- For sure.

Now we have the men here.

- Right.
- That's my dawg.

- This is my safe space.
- You know what I mean?

I haven't seen you
in a minute, though.

You know, he popped back
out with, uh...

- What you mean?
- On the ground with P'Jae.

Huh, tell what
pops on the ground.

I haven't seen him
in a minute, he pop out.

He pop out with the homey,
I'm like, "Oh."

- They popped out like this.
- K-10. K-10.

- He's foolin'.
- [laughter]

Y'all stop, yo, yo.

- Yeah, they pop out...
- They popped out.

- Come on, man.
- Yeah, come on, man.

- So I mean, you my boy.
- You know, I got...

I just wanna know
what's going on

'cause I kind of feel like
he low-key not fucking with me,

Ty, you know,
he be on his own too.

So you know what I mean,
it's... if it's the elephant

in the room, bro,
I'm the type to just...

- Call it out.
- Call it out.

You know, I just like
to be aware.

- Y'all gotta...
- I feel like y'all

- gotta chop it more.
- We should.

- But, you know?
- I'm always down.

♪ ♪

- Ooh.
- Uh-oh.

Marcus look like he lost weight.

Yeah, we got the homeys
in here, look at 'em.


Marcus and David is friends
with me and Keilan.

We all go back to high school.

Any time that they're around,
it seems

to just turn up the vibe.

It's always just fun.

They keep the energy alive
and, uh,

just keep that, that fun vibe.

- What's up, boss?
- For sure, what up... what up?

The party!


- Which one the mom and who...
- Which one the daughter?

Uh, that's the mom,
I'm the daughter.

You got me confused.

So this is this
first time I'm allowing

Jaylenn to bring Marcus
and David around my girls.

I knew I had to warn the ladies,

but not all the ladies.

That's the thing about Marcus,
you know,

like, he's into all women.

Well, this is my mother.

- Mother?
- Yeah.

- Hell, no.
- Thank you.

No... ain't no way
that's your mom!

- Yeah, that's Mom.
- No, in a compliment way. Wow!

It really is, thank you.

- I said thank you.
- AKA my younger sister.

- Mom, pleasure.
- Marcus, pleasure to meet you.

Do you think
those boys are cute?


Hey, man... hey,
what are we doing?

We're doing...
We're taking shots?

What are... what are we
doing, man?

Not at all.

It's a certain je ne sais quoi.

You know what I'm saying?

Ah, I like that.

Jerrold, P'Jae,
and Kofi got the wood.

If I was to compare,
I would say we're a little bit

more unfiltered,
a little bit more uncut,

a little bit more raw,
and, uh, it could get wild.

You know what I mean?

Lord, lord, lord.

Look the wolf... man.

Me and the homeys,
we call ourselves the Wolves

simply because, you know,
we got wolf mentality.

The wolves
is the only animal that's

not in the circus,
so it's a savage.

What's up
with the Peppermint Club, dude?

- Ooh!
- Let's speak on that.

- You was there too!
- I was there.

So the wood,
whatever they call it,

he had the shine on them.

And then they didn't like that,
and they took it out.

From where I was standing,
it just looked like

a whole bunch of hater shit.

- You remember that.
- You remember.

Let's really speak on it.

The night
at the Peppermint Club,

I saw the homeys on the stage.

The DJ sees me
walking up to the stage.

He's showing me mad love.

He like, Keilan, we got K-10

in the building, you know,
we just happened

to be at the same time, uh,
I guess,

when Jerrold
was giving a speech.

Next thing I know,
I got security breathing

down my back saying that
I need to be escorted outside.

So I'm looking at security like,

"Wait, who's telling you to,
to escort me outside?"

The security points at Jerrold.

What the... why the hell am I
getting kicked outside for?

The shit don't make sense to me.

My whole thing is whether
you thought I was

trying to steal your shine
or anything like that,

bro, like, you address me
like a man, bro.

I'm a little hot about it,
no... no, cap, you feel me?

Like, I, I definitely
got to approach that man.

We definitely got to have
a conversation with Jerrold,

no doubt, because he got... he
got some explaining to do.

So this is what I'm gonna wear.

- Bri, stop.
- Do you like it?

- What?
- What does the back look like?

Yeah, my ass is about to be out.

- So pretty.
- Thank you,

but I did just... ahh!
I'm so scared!

- What?
- I just... okay.

So I hung out with Cheryl
the other day, and she just,

like, really wants Myami
to come to the party.

she just wants to have,

like, a girl there with her.

You know, Cheryl and Myami
have been friends

- since high school.
- Mm-hmm.

She doesn't really feel,
like, included with us,

especially after, like,
everything with Ty.

That's weird,
but she is kind of shady

from what we've seen, so.

I really don't understand
why Myami needs to attend

the Buttrd by Bri events.

After season one had aired,
so many viewers came after me

because of the beef
that Myami and I had.

Just try to understand what
it feels like to have hundreds

of people on social media
talking about

they're gonna come
to your house and jump you,

talking about they wanna,
like, slit your wrists.

If Briana really decides
to invite Myami,

I just hope
that everything goes well.

But if it doesn't,
you know, I warned her.

I obviously don't want,
like, any drama

at my event but it's, like...

Okay, what if I said
I didn't want her to come?

I mean, then that's what it is.

- I don't know.
- [chuckles] Right.

Rebecca's been stuck
on last year's drama

and last year's problems,

and the energy has just been
really exhausting.

Becky is so upset with Myami.

At this point, like,
it's really not making sense.

Like, it just feels
like a lot to constantly

have to double check what I'm
saying, what I'm happy about,

because these can
be triggers for her.

Like, it just feels like
I'm walking on eggshells.

You know, that's my best friend,

but, like,
you can only take so much.

I just don't wanna be
a mean person.

Every person we jointly
know will be there.

I just wanted to make sure that
you were, like, okay with that.

Nothing's gonna change
if I said I don't

want her there anyways.

But I still want you to come.

You're still coming, right?

Yeah, why would I
miss your big launch?

Give me a hug, for real,


Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!

I have a speech.
Mom, Mom, Madre.

Speech, speech, speech, speech!

Hey, no, but honestly,
I just wanted to thank

my loved ones, y'all.

Me and Ty
really wanted to create

a space to just chill
with just no awkwardness.

So I have everybody
out here that I love.

Ay, so I appreciate
y'all so much, bro.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

I have one thing to say,
I'm sorry,

but I want some grand babies.

She's all in! I'm with that!


We have hot girl summers.

Nobody has the grand kid money.


I need him to hide
the birth control pills

and don't pull out.


You got permission.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

♪ Bounce, rock, roll,
and skatin' ♪

♪ Niggas, bitches, homeys ♪

♪ Bounce, rock, roll,
and skatin ♪

♪ Bounce, rock, skate
on threes, on threes ♪

♪ We can freak it, uh-huh ♪

♪ Freak if you want to,
say what? ♪

♪ Dine if you want to,
but, uh-huh ♪

♪ Communicate and you know
that we can freak it ♪

♪ Freak if you want to ♪

[upbeat hip-hop music]

♪ Buss it all down ♪

♪ Flying, only time
we do planes, nigga ♪

♪ Everywhere
the Grizzley gang go ♪

♪ They got
them things with them ♪

♪ Beat the streets, but I
lost a couple main niggas ♪

♪ Speaking of the streets,
play with me... ♪

Let's just get
this shit on the table.

My boy better come
correct because if he ain't,

I ain't rocking with it.

♪ Speaking of the streets ♪

♪ Play with me they
put yo' brains in them ♪

♪ ♪


Hi, how are you doing?

Can I get a shot
of tequila, please?


Um, reposado, yeah.

Appreciate you so much.

[indistinct chatter]

- Yo.
- What it do?

What's good, man?

I appreciate you pulling up
so we can, you know,

have a conversation
face to face.

All I've heard is that
everybody thinks that I kicked

you out of Peppermint, so I
wanna hear with you got to say.

Explain to me,
why is security even

being called on me
in the first place.

Out of everybody on stage,
hundreds of people,

why are they coming
to point me out specifically?

You didn't pull up with us,
why were you on stage?

Because my boy, the DJ...

- Mm-hmm.
- Your DJ, right?

- That you hired, right?
- Yeah.

- He called me up the stage.
- Okay.

So what's wrong with me
being on the stage

if I'm being invited
on the stage by the DJ?

I was on the mic
addressing the crowd,

and then all of a sudden
I'm hearing what about K-10?

- What about Keilan?
- I understand that.

So that interrupted
the party at that point...

I get you on that but, bro,
if that's the DJ doing that,

why... why... why do I have
to be in the mix of that?

So why... why
is the DJ doing that?

Because the DJ got love for me.

Why... why Rick tweeting that,

"No lie, K-10 walked up
and instantly tried to grab

the mic,
I couldn't let it happen."

He's not... he's not doing
all that if you not

walking up
trying to grab the mic.

Nah, I'm turnt up,
I'm talking, he's turnt,

but nobody said nothing
on the mic but the DJ, dawg.

- Okay... and that's...
- So why am I...

So why am I getting
kicked out the club?

Bro, he literally
tweeted that you were

trying to grab the mic.

But the mic wasn't grabbed.

But you're
the reason that he's...

- So I'm not... so...
- We gonna kick the DJ out?

That we're paying to be
there and DJ the party?

But he's the one
causing all the ruckus.

I literally have a video

of how everything happened, bro.

We have footage of the night
of how awkward that moment got.

Can you just show me
the video you're talking about?

- Yeah, we can...
- We can see the video.

This is our motherfucking city.

Obviously, tensions is high,
niggas is drunk.

I'm on the mic.

Everybody don't know
where the fuck we from.

Right, so I'm shouting
out the cast.

- What did he say?
- Go back to that.

He said K-10 was the biggest
fuck-up outside of P'Jae.

So what does that
have to do with me?

So why am I
getting kicked out, bro?

Bro, let's dead this narrative

that we kicked you out.

What's the point of me
paying and having security

if I can't call security
whenever I have an issue?

So I told security,
get Keilan off stage.

However security ended up
throwing Keilan out,

that don't got nothing
to do with me.

It just really seemed
like it's some hater shit.

As a real nigga,
you don't call security.

Bro, we Black men.

You already know what that type
of shit can lead to, though.

Why are you hating
because somebody

- is getting love by the DJ?
- Look.

The last thing that I ever been
is a hater, bro.

And you know that...
And you know that.

- Dawg.
- And you know that.

But you
sound like one right now.

It was our party, and we didn't

want you on stage
after that happened.

Jerrold energy, I mean,
it always

been off for me a little bit.

I mean, it could have
been from our past history

when it came down
to basketball and how

I used to give his
school buckets and shit.

But it could also be
the fact that me and Cheryl

got a little bit of history.

You know, we used to rock
a little bit,

vibe, talk a little bit.

She did take me to her
winter formal

back in high school,
so I could understand on why

he could get a little
bit of certain type

of energy around me
or something like that.

I know we ain't been
the closest friends.

We ain't been this,
we ain't been that.

You know,
you friends with Candiss.

I've had some history
with Cheryl in the past.

Why does it feel like
now some energy

has come in and resurfacing?

I don't... I would
hope that's not why.

- Oh, come on. Chill.
- You all went to homecoming.

What the fuck
do I care about that?

But you have me looking weird.

We told them
to get you offstage.

And however that ends up
making you look,

bro, that don't got
nothing to do with me.

it ain't really cutting it.

Whether it's cutting it
or not, it's not like

we was gonna be
best friends after this anyway.

We never meshed
in the first place.

Yeah, because we come from
two totally different worlds.

- That's fine.
- I'm really from

- this side of Inglewood...
- That's cool.

And you guys are the wood.

If that's where I come from,
then that's fine.

That's, that's, that's who I am.

- That's prima Donna, man.
- And that's it... that's fine.

We're gonna agree to disagree
and that's gonna be it.

Call it how you see it, champ.


Both: It is what it is.

- All right, bro.
- All right, man.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

Ready for BBB?

How's Cheryl
beat me getting ready?

- I'll always beat you.
- You like shave...

I gotta do my hair, my beard.

"I've gotta do my hair,
my beard."


Deciding on shoes,
and I feel like

I need to re-curl this,
but I'm ready.

See you soon, Booboo.

♪ Bad bitch alert ♪

♪ I'm a walking money bag ♪

♪ Get a nigga for his bands ♪

♪ Then I go and pop tags ♪

♪ We some boss-ass bitches ♪

♪ Wrap our hair in
Louis rags ♪

♪ Still wearin' pack hair ♪

♪ Bitch, that's a gag ♪


- Look at you!
- Look at y'all.

Mwah. Thank you. Look at you.

House Party Creative
might have helped Bri

put on this event,
but it was really her vision.

Just thinking about
where she was a year ago,

I'm just so proud of her.

It's beautiful to see
just the people

that showed up for Bri,

I mean, from her friends
to influencers.

Even though there's
still some drama,

it's good to have
everyone back in the room,

but at the same time,
I'm still a little annoyed.


[all cheering]

The boobies... I hear.

- Thank you.
- Y'all good, though?

- All right, boo.
- Yes, yes.

You did such a good job.


♪ ♪


How are you feeling, Myami?

For sure, okay.
This is a party.

- Okay.
- I'm ready to drink.

- Okay.
- We need some aroma spray.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Myami has arrived.

Shit is already getting
a little awkward.

And I mean,
P'Jae is not even here yet.

And nobody has seen P'Jae
since his Power 106 interview.

So I wouldn't even
been blame that man if

he didn't even come.


I'll bounce these titties.

Those are perpetrating.

- The sexual energy...
- Cheers!

In here is strong.



What's my nickname?

I'm just trying
to hit on you, Cheryl.

He was also trying to hit
on your mama at the barbecue.

Excuse me, my brother,
we're not gonna do this.


- We're not gon...
- That's what's not going.

We're not gonna do that.

He said, excuse me, my man.

♪ ♪

- There they go.
- They in love right here.

Hey, Kofi.

- Yeah.
- What's going on?

- What's up with you, my boy?
- What's up, my guy?


- How you doing, Cheryl?
- I'm good.

- You good?
- What's up, man?

What's going on?
Good to see you.

Good to see you too.

What's up, Myami?

- How you doing?
- Good.

- Good?
- Yeah.

Give me a hug or nah?

Yeah, I got you.

How are you doing?

This is awkward.

We'll have to disperse.

- Let's take a...
- Let's take a shot.

- Let's take a drink.
- We're taking a shot?

Nah, let's do a drink.

Yeah, I think I need
a couple of those.

- P'Jae, welcome.
- Hey, how are you all doing?

- Hi, P'Jae.
- Good, what's up, Amanda?

I saw Myami earlier.

I mean,
I'll always say is give her

a chance, second chance.

You know what they say,
fool you once...

Shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

- Okay.
- Okay.

She probably need
to hear that too.

- What?
- What I need to hear?

Well, duh.

Second chances for Myami,
that's what Ty said.

Oh, my God,
this is what we're discussing?


Have you spoken
to Myami tonight?

- No.
- Very much if you're not gonna

talk to me nice,
don't talk to me at all.

That's my mood.

I want to figure out
how we can move past

Palm Springs,
it has like us in a choke hold.

I didn't know that this is
what I was walking into.

It's a little intense right now.


Um, everyone, gather around,

gather around, gather around.

All right, so,

Bri really wanted
a cool surprise tonight.

Like, obviously, we can have
a party and all that,

but she really wanted
to engage y'all

on a really intimate
and sexy level.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Please keep an open mind.

You know, keep some open legs,
I don't know.

[crowd cheering]


[all cheering]

♪ I got a slim waist,
body tight, go ♪

♪ What the body like ♪

♪ Freak ho with a mouth ♪

♪ Freak,
what the pussy 'bout ♪

♪ Ride good, do it slow ♪

♪ Ride,
what them hunnids for ♪

♪ Slut, bitch, she's a ho ♪

♪ Slut, make the pussy go ♪

♪ I got a slim waist ♪

♪ Body tight, go ♪

♪ What the body like ♪

♪ Freak ho with a mouth ♪

♪ Freak,
what the pussy 'bout ♪

♪ Ride good, do it slow ♪

♪ Ride,
what them hunnids for ♪

♪ Slut, bitch ♪

- I fucking love it.
- You guys look beautiful,

thank you all-
No, you look beautiful.

- You look beautiful.
- Yeah... yeah.

Seeing everyone at my event
coming through, like,

wow, people really fuck
with my shit,

and that is just really
the best feeling ever.

This is really my passion.

I really, like,
put my blood, sweat,

and tears into this shit.

It really, like,
makes me emotional

to just think about just
how much my business

and I've grown
in this past year.

You know, like, I'm making
moves, and I'm just...

I'm so proud of myself for real.

- Hey.
- Hi, nice to see you again.

- Pleasure.
- Rebecca.

Baby boo.

Oh, my friends!

Hi, beautiful.

Thank you for coming.

♪ ♪

What are you doing, Marcus?

Bri... Bri, I know you're
having a conversation.

But can I pull you to the side
really quick?


I just... I just wanna have
a word with you.

Thank you.

I would definitely like
to have like, you know,

one-on-one time to get
to know you.

Everybody can go to dinner,
go to a movie,

but I wanna have a workout,
you know what I mean?

'Cause it looks like
you work out,

'cause your body is bangin'.

You work out with all bitches
or like, what is it?

I don't call women
bitches, but...

- Period.
- That was a test.

I'll be real, you can
literally see my ass right now

so I feel like Marcus
is just lost

in the sauce of my outfit
right now.

But I'm obviously
not dating anyone,

so I might see
what he's talking about.

I saw you looking at me,

looking at you at the barbecue.

How was I looking at you?

Just how you're looking
at me right now.

I'm just looking at you.

And I'm gonna be
honest with you,

a little birdie told me that
you like dark-skinned dudes.


So I had to come over
and introduce myself.

You're friends
with Jaylenn, yeah?

Keilen too?

- I'm friends with you now.
- Okay.

But let me ask you
a question, is it a date?

Because here's the friend zone
and here's the date,

- and I'm over here.
- Definitely right here.

Right here?

Definitely right in the middle.

No, but dead-ass, like,
I just met you, bro.

- Can we work out?
- Can we hang out?

- Can we hang out?
- Yes.

I would love to hang out.

- Love that.
- I would love that.

I usually pick guys that
are wrong for me.

Either they're not around
or they're telling me

to chill out on the PDA.

So say what you want to say
about Marcus,

but he's here, he's cute,

he's giving me attention,
and that's my love language.

Is he Mr. Right?

Probably not.

But he's doing all
the right things right now.

- Can we take a picture?
- Okay.

- You are so gorgeous.
- Thank you, stop it.

This your good side?

- I have no bad side.
- Uh-huh.

Massaging on the body, buddy.


We could do the hands.
We could do the hands.

Let me get your hands up.

I need it.

Anyone gonna try my body butter?

I had it rubbed on me.

I've just been rubbed
the wrong way.

At all times, you're always,
like, what is...

'Cause we're really gross girls.

So why are you not...

So why are you not with me?

- Because of your energy.
- My energy is fine.

Tonight is the perfect night
for Becky and Myami

to release all of the tension.

There's love in the air,
there's masseuses here.

If there's any chance
of Becky and Myami

moving on from this,
it's tonight.

You love me, bitch.

Nah, bitch,
you're happy to see me.

Becky keeps talking about
my energy.

But, honey, you should be
concerned about your outfit.

I've never seen somebody pop up

at a lingerie party
in a nun suit.

It's not giving body.

I mean, it's giving lace,

but you could put lace on a cow.

What we're getting at,
that shit from last year...

All that shit from last year,
all that energy...

Last year,
we're talking about this year.

The only reason to hold
that heat is

because Rebecca is not
over this man.

Get the fuck over it
just like P'Jae is over you.

Like, the moment
that you get over it

is the moment that we
can be cool.

This is our first time
seeing each other since then.

It did not have to be,
we have mutual friends.

I don't associate with anyone

that's not on my level
and that's not...

Okay, you think we're not
on the level?

She's talking about, like,
on the level of friendship.

We haven't had
the best energy in the past.

I thought we were having
a moment,

and then it got back to hot,

Bitch, don't do me.

Yeah, walk away, ho.

Okay, don't say that.

I will... like,
walk away, bitch.

♪ ♪

It's time.

Me and the girls haven't
forgotten about what P'Jae

said on his radio interview,

and it needs to be addressed.

And I mean, since he put us
all on blast,

I just feel like it's time
to return the favor.


- What's up?
- I need to talk to you.

And my bitches need
to talk to you too,

- I ain't even gonna lie.
- That's a gang slaughter.

- It's a talk?
- Yes, it is.

- Just a talk?
- It is.

We heard what you got going on.

I'm not afraid.

We could talk, we could talk,
we could talk.


I wanted to clear the air

about what the fuck was said
on the interview.

- No.
- For me, it's why

are you discussing us
in the first place?

- I was asked questions...
- I was asked questions.

I answered the questions
to how I feel,

which is not up to debate,
because that's how I feel.

If you listen to the interview...

We listened multiple times.

There was a lot of Ty and Jay,
Ty and Jay, Ty and Jay.

You made a decision on where
we stood in our friendship.

- And so...
- I didn't make a decision.

- I didn't make no decision.
- But it felt like that.

I said I don't know
where we stand.

I know,
but even if you didn't say

you don't fuck with me,
you don't have beef,

I feel like we're in a certain
place that we've never discussed

and I'm hearing on the radio
for the first time.

No, listen,
I don't like what happened.

I felt like y'all are attacking
me personally, right?

- Did you ask...
- Listen.

Because Jordan told you
to shut the fuck up.

- Did you say that to him?
- Listen.

You worried about other
people's business, bro.

It's all of our business
at this point.

Why are they in our
conversation then?

It should be the same
fucking energy.

- It's only four of y'all.
- This is one guy.

I'm just looking
across the room,

and I just see a lot
of girls coming

at P'Jae and for me,
we've seen it.

It's like, damn, can we...
Can we have a good time

and have a good vibe without
P'Jae being yelled at?

So for me, I'm like, okay,
we can't have this.

Y'all wanted me to apologize

for what happened
in Palm Springs.

It was like, okay,
but this, okay, but that.

And I apologized so many times

- that it was just like bro...
- I don't remember no apology.

Who did you apologize to, P'Jae?

Bro, I literally...

You only apologized
to Myami, oh, my God.

At the group chat,
just I'm talking

my feelings personally,
you did not apologize to me.

P'Jae apologized to everyone...

I apologized to everyone.

- You said you didn't accept it.
- No... no.

- What's the...
- What's the big issue?

- I would like all of you...
- I'm not apologizing no more.

I'm not apologizing no more.
Y'all should apologize

for how you all made me feel
at the group chat.

- That's valid.
- P'Jae!

All the shit you put me through?

Do you not understand
I had death threats

in my DMs... multiple in it.

On account of you and how
you handled Palm Springs.

You guys really
ganging up on him,

- like, let him talk, bro.
- He's not getting ganged up on.

[overlapping chatter]

For Rob to insert himself
with something that has,

honestly, completely nothing
to do with him,

in that moment,
I was just like, damn,

he is being really fake
right now.

P'Jae hung out with you
a few times in the summer,

and now you're screaming at us
to leave P'Jae alone?

I know anybody anti-Ty,

it's her versus him, it's her...

Just let him talk.

So you anti-Ty now? Kofi!

- Just let him talk...
- Just let him talk.

This is exactly what I've
been saying, like,

all because I'm trying to let
P'Jae get a word in.

Now all of these wild crazy
things are being said to me,

but nobody wants to say
anything to Tylynn.

I understand you're mad,
I understand you get to a point,

but there are just certain
things that you can't say.

I need to see Amanda,
check her on the wild stuff

she's saying, like,
come on, like,

nobody can see this?
We all can hear this.

Nobody's been holding
Tylynn accountable,

but tonight is the night.

That's wack, bro.
I'm out, bro.

She gonna let it be, bro.

- That's wack, bro, that's wack.
- What are you upset about?

That's wack... she's just saying
crazy shit, bro, that's wack.

Because you said
crazy shit, nigga.

What the fuck is that, bro?
You wanna talk about anti-Ty?

Fuck you! Fuck you!

We're not doing that, bro.

- Ty, what are you doing?
- I love Tylynn.

But I can't let you do that.

Anybody who's against Tylynn
can't be you don't love her.

You're trying to embarrass me
for no reason.

We have no beef.

Everything that he was saying,
it was just, I never knew

you had that type of feedback
on me, and that shit hurt.

Me and Jaylenn have
invested so much

into our friendship with Rob.

Him coming from Chicago to LA
alone and solely for Amanda,

I've treated you like family,
and so to have you come

and go against us out of nowhere

for P'Jae?
That shit was weird.

Anybody who disagrees
can't be...

Or they hate you.
No, I can't do that.

I know everybody's on her side,
I know that,

- but right now, I'm not.
- Why?

I understand you wanna come
to P'Jae's, like,

you know what I mean,
help, but you gotta...

You gotta... you gotta chill.

No, that's cap,
I can't do that, no.

Rob, you inserted yourself
into the conversation.

- It was the girls and P'Jae.
- Okay.

I'm pissed, like, Rob comes over

and inserts himself into our
discussion with P'Jae,

gets into it with
my childhood best friend.

I'm focused on calming Rob down,

getting him to just look at me.

That's why she's the way
she is because y'all do that!

No, you're gonna wake up
and regret this shit, weirdo.

Nah, everybody on her side.

Nuh-uh, I'm not with that, bro.

He came in and inserted himself.

- Because...
- But he's your homey.

- Can I talk?
- Go ahead, go ahead.

Nobody's about to talk but her.

- Chill, chill, chill.
- Let her talk.

I hear P'Jae repeating
what I'm saying and it's like,

bro, I'm the boyfriend here,

I'm not gonna lie, P'Jae got
me hot, though, real talk.

- Don't do that, bro.
- Let her talk.

I just said that, bro.

Don't say what the fuck
I just said.

All right, I'm just saying,
I just said that.

- Okay, then let her talk.
- She's talking.

Nigga, don't fucking say
what the fuck I just said.

What the fuck you gonna do,

I will slap the shit
out you, bro.

I will beat the shit out you,

[loud clattering]

- What's up with you, nigga?
- What's up, bro?

What the fuck is wrong
with you, bro?

♪ Have you ever
been punched ♪

♪ In your motherfucking face ♪

♪ What you say?
Oh, you haven't ♪

♪ All right, wait, bitch ♪

We just wrapped
the Power 106 interview.

Man, that was
a crazy experience.

And I was able to get
stuff off my chest

that just didn't sit right

or it just didn't
make sense to me.

I didn't say nothing
that didn't happen

or that wasn't the truth,
you know what I'm saying?

I didn't accuse nobody
of nothing.

I just called it how I saw it,
you know what I mean?

♪ ♪