Sweet/Vicious (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - Sweet/Vicious - full transcript

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I came to give you an address

from the political prisoners

held captive in the dungeons
of the Unified States.

They do not want me
to give you this address

here in the United States.

African-American people

and their movements
for liberation

have been criminalized.

Our finest and freedom fighters

have been slain in the streets.

Our people who stand up
for our freedom,

have been raitroaded to prison

by the same legal system

that tries to protect you today

and yet tried
to kill you yesterday.

There are black
political prisoners

here in the United States!

And on behalf

of the white American
political prisoners,

I say to you. Brother.
We have you

and we will not
give up the fight!

We will not give up the fight!
We will not give up the fight!

Tupac! Tupac!

Tupac! Tupac! Tupac! Tupac!

I shall not fear no man but God.

Though I walk through
the valley of death.

I shed so many tears
If I should die before I wake.

Please, God, walk with me.

Grab a nigga
and take me to Heaven.

Forgive me for my sins,
let me into Heaven.

Back in elementary,
I thrived on misery.

Left me alone

I grew up amongst a dyin' breed.

Inside my mind
couldn't find a place to rest.

Until I got that Thug Life
tatted on my chest.

Tell me can you feel me?
I'm not Win' in the past.

You wanna last?

Be the first to blast.

Remember Kate.

No longer with us he's deceased.

Call on the sirens.

Seen him murdered in the streets.

New rest in peace
is there heaven for a G?

Remember me.

So many homes in the cemetew
Shed so many tears.

I! I suffered through the years.

And shed so many tears.

"How' 5 it gum"?

Every brother
ain't a brother, huh?

- Good time for this?
- Yes.

The first time we talked
on the phone

and you agreed
to these interviews,

you said, and I quote,

"If they kill me, I want
the people to have every drop.

I want them to know
the real story."

All I'm tryin' to do
is tell your real story.

After eight months,

the longest trial
in New York State history

has reached its conclusion.

The Panther 21,

accused of conspiring
to murder police officers

and blow up
government buildings,

have been acquitted
on ail counts.


Miss Shakur!

Miss Shakur,
how does it feel to be free?


You were
incarcerated for months.

You fought your own case

without representation and won.

Now that you're out.

Isn't there something
you'd like to say'?

Yes, I am a black woman.

A black woman
who just defended herself

against a racist,

fascist, imperialist system
and won!

But we must never forget

all the brothers and sisters
wrongfully accused,

who may never see justice.

We must speak for them,
because everybody knows

that all people
don't have freedom.

And all people don't have power.


We are in a revolution!

Freedom ain't free.

And though I walk through
these doors right now,

I am yet to earn true freedom,
for my people.

And for the unborn child
growing in my womb.

Power to the people!

Power to the people!

Billy Garland
was your biological father.

But she ended up with Mutulu.


Brothers and sisters,
Mutulu Shakur.

- Black is beautiful.
- Black is beautiful!

I don't think y'all heard me.
I said, "Black is beautiful."

Black is beautiful!

They try to tell me
to watch my mouth.

Like I always do.

I said, "You need to listen
to what comes out of my mouth."

You must stand for something.

You must live for something!

And you must be willing
to die for something!

I'd rather die on my feet

than live on my knees.

I am a revolutionary!

Did you read that article
in The New York Times?

- Yes, ma'am.
- And?

Nelson Mandela
just got transferred

from Robben Island
to Pollsmoor Prison.

And what did you think
about what the journalist said

about the escalated violence
in the towns?


You watch your sister.


I saw you last week
at the grocery store.

Then I saw you while we were
feeding the homeless.

Yeah, that was sweet.

You and all your other FBI pigs

need to stay the hell away
from my family!

Yeah, well,
that's not gonna happen.

Not until I have
that son of a bitch.

Well, good, motherfuckin' luck!


Take care of those kids.

Come on!

Merry Christmas, young man.

Thank you, Mama.

I love it, Mama.

- Thank you, Daddy.
- You're welcome, baby.

That'll get you a lot further
than a basketball.


Thanks, Mama.

What's up, beautiful?

I'm sorry
I didn't get you a gift.

You are my gift.


You know I'm gonna be gone
for a while.

They gonna be lookin' for me.

I love you.

FBI! Get down! Get down!

On the floor!

Get away from my kids!

Get your pig hands
off my fuckin' kids!

- Get her down!
- On the fucking ground!

Stay down.

I demand to see a warrant!

The Fourth Amendment provides

that the people be secure
in their houses

against an unreasonable search!

Where's your boy, Afeni? Hmm?

You don't know?
Let me remind you.

The bank robbing motherfucker?

You like seeing them like that?

- Fuck you!
- Not tonight, sweetheart.

It's Christmas.

Get off!

Keep her the fuck down.
Fucking bitch!

Will those men come get us
in Baltimore?

Not if I can help it.

I'm cold.

Come here.

He really a bank robber?

You know, I don't know.

And it doesn't matter,

they're just tryin'
to neutralize him.

How come?

Because he is a threat

to the structure of the society.

Your stepdaddy
is a revolutionary.

I'm gonna be a revolutionary.

I got a letter from
the government the other day

I opened and read it
it said they were suckers.

They wanted me
for their army or whatever.

Picture me givin' a damn,
I said never.

I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!

I wasn't wit' it,
but just that very minute.

It occurred to me
the suckers had authority.

Keep fuckin' walkin', boy!

Whether 'tis nobler
in the mind to suffer.

The slings and arrows
of outrageous fortune...

Or to take arms against
a sea of troubles...

And by opposing end them?

To die, to sleep, No more.

Meet the lead
in your production of Hamlet.


Who's my next victim?

- Fakespeare.
- Oh!

De Niro, baby.

Stop before your big ol'
ass head gets even bigger.

Can't get no bigger than yours.

Look who's talkin'.

- You a scrub.
- You a scrub!

Oh, you got jokes.

And that's
where you met Jada Pinkett?


She was somebody
that I connected with

on a deeper level

than, you know, just some
romance type of thing.

She was really
my true best friend.

What up, Setch?

You got something. Thank God.
I was hungry.

'Course I got you some food.

Where's Mom?

Uh, in the back.


You been asleep all day?

Still no men in your life?

No. Mutulu was locked up.

What about
your biological father?

I've only had contact with him
three, four times in my life.

What about Legs?

- Yeah?
- "Sup, Pac?"

- Whassup, man?
- Hey, man.

Got y'all some groceries.

Appreciate it, man.

Yeah, your momma said
y'all needed

a few things around here.

You know how I do it.

- Legs!
- Hey, little baby girl.

Over there learning
your school work?


All right. I can't read
or I would help you.

What's up, man? How you doin"?

- Maintaining.
- Yeah?

Where your mum at'?

I told her
I was coming over here.

She in that room.

Come outside, let me talk
to you right quick. Mm?

There you go.

Don't no(hin' compete
with that paper,

you know what I'm sayin”?

Nothin'. Don't tell your mama
I gave it to you, neither.

You know she gonna make you
buy, like, an encyclopedia

or some shit like that.

She a smart woman.

She told me y'all been going
through some things, too.


Look. She's still your mama,
you understand me?

No matter what.

Sometimes people need
to step outside of who they are

to realize
what they can really be.

You feel me?

I feel you.

You need anything, you ask me
about it. I got you.

I appreciate it, man.

- This nigga.
- Hey, man.

You take a vacation on my block?

You ain't got my goddamn
money, though, do you?


Is that what you want, homeboy'?

That what you want, nigga?

I let you slide,
I got to let everybody slide!

Come on, Legs!
I've done nothin'!

What was going through your head

when your mom says.

"You, your sister,
everybody pack up."

We moving again?

No, just us.
Mama's sending us away.

I'm not sending you away.

You're going to stay with a friend
of mine from the movement.

I cannot leave! All right?

Things are finally going good
for me here!

You're gain'. I need to...

figure some stuff out here.

I need you... Come on, baby boy.

I need you to be
the man of the house.

I've been the man in the house.

You think I don't know
what's going on'?

What the hell
that supposed to mean?

You know what it means.

Oh, you got something to say?

Okay. Go on, go on. Say it.


I didn't raise you to be silent!

I'm out.

Man, what's wrong?
What's going on'?

I gotta fuckin' move
to California.

Are you serious right now?

Are you playing with me?

Every time
shit start gain' good,

somethin' bad happen.

We're gonna be friends forever.

You and me.

It's all good.

I wrote something for you.

"You are the omega of my heart."

The foundation
for my conception of love.

When I think of
What a black woman should be.

It's you that I first think of.

You will never fully understand.

How deeply
my heart feels for you.

I worry that we'll grow apart
And I'll end up losing you.

You bring me to climax
without sex.

And you do it all
with regal grace.

You are my heart in human form.

A friend I could never replace...

That was a'ight.

You ain't even
moved to California yet

and you're already
going soft on me.

- Oh, I'm goin' soft?
- So soft.

You got the tears in your eyes.

The tears flow,
and I'm bein' soft.

I am gonna miss you.

City of Dope, I call it Oak.

Can't be broke selling coke.

Fat ropes, shattered hopes.

Fresh cars and all that dope.

I was exposed to a lot of shit

when I got to California,

that I didn't see
when I was in Baltimore.

What's up, y'all?

- I'm tired of this!
- C'mon, put the knife down.

- I'm tired of this!
- Please!

Put the knife down!

I've seen people
get killed in front of me

the firs! Day I got out there.

I'm just trying
to understand your mindset,

because it must have been
so difficult.

You got uprooted
from New York to Baltimore.

Now you're in California,
and you quit school.

I knew I had to make some money.

So that's when I really
started rappin'.

I met Leila Steinberg,

through this poetry
and hip-hop workshop

that she was having
at her house.

Let's welcome MC New York.

[ Rapping 1
I'm the son of a Panther,

spirit of a rebel.

She'd (inked me up
with this guy named Atron

who was managing Digital
Underground at the time.

But I'm only 18...

I got you an audition.

Get the fuck outta here.

Are you fucking kiddin' me
right now?

Oh, shit!

Tupac. Leila can't stop
raving about you.

I hope she's right.

Follow me.

- So you got rhymes, huh?
- Hell, yeah.

And so, they set up a meeting...

- That's him.
- All right.

“And I got to rap for Shock G.

- What's up, man?
- What's up with you, man?

Shock G. And of course,
you know Money B.

What's up with y'all, man?
Tupac Shakur.

So let's hear your flow.

Yeah! Make some room
'cause I'm kinda wild.

That's just my style
Livin' life as a ghetto child.

No backin' down
Still smile through the pain.

They was fee! In' my flow.

And I got signed.

Welcome to the Underground.

And the next thing
I know, I was on tour.

Chicago! Are y'all ready?

The Underground is in the house.

Oh; Yeah!

Oh, stop whatcha doin'
'Cause I'm about to ruin.

The image and the style
that ye used to

I look funny, but, yo,
Fm makin' money, see?

So' yo, world,
9 hope you're ready for me.

So gather round,
I'm the new fool in town.

And my Sound's (aid down
By the Underground

I drink up all the Hennessy
Ya got on ya shelf.

Just let me introduce myself.

My name is Humpty
Pronounced with a "umpty".

Yo ladies, on,
how I like to funk thee.

And ail the rappers
in the top 10.

Please allow me to bump thee

I'm standin' tall, y'all
And just like Humpty Dumpty.

You're gonna fall
When the stereos pump me

I like to rhyme,
9 like my beats funky

I'm spunky,
I like my oatmeal lumpy

I'm sick wit dis,
straight gangsta mack.

And sometimes I get ridiculous

I'M eat up all your crackers
and your licorice.

Hey, yo, fat girl, come here
Are ya ticklish?

Yeah, I called ya fat
Look at me, I'm skinny.

But that ain't stopped me
from gettin' busy

I'm a freak,
9 like the girls with the boom

I once got busy
in a Burger King bathroom

I'm crazy Allow me to amaze thee.

They say I'm ugly
but it just don't faze me

I'm still gettirf in
the gins' pants.

And I even got my own dance.

The Humpty Dance is your chance.

To do the hump.

Oh, do me baby,
do the Humpty Hump.

Ah, do the Humpty Hump.

Yeah! Ah, do the Humpty Hump.

Watch you do the Humpty Hump.

Yo, Chicago, we love y'all.

Digital Underground
is in the house!

Thank you!

Tupac! Tupac! Tupac! Tupac!

So where was
your mother at this time?

She had joined us
in California. All right.

- How was that?
- It was what it was, man.

- Care to elaborate?
- Not really.

What's up, man?
Hey. What up, man?

- Oh, my God! You're back!
- Did you miss me?

- No.
- Oh, you did?

No. So, how was the tour?

It was crazy. It was good,
but it was crazy.

This is how good it was.
There you go.

I see.

- What?
- Nothin'.

Shit, you need more than that?

Pac! Don't do anything stupid!

I only do this shit
'cause you're my girl, Afeni.

I don't do this shit
for everybody.

What the fuck?

- Hey!
- Hey!

'Yo! 'Yo!

- The lady's my mama!
- Pac, no!

This my mom!

- What you doin', boy?
- It's my mama, man!

- What you think you doin'?
- What are you doin'?

Fuck this nigga, man!

What am I doin'?
What are you doin'?

You on this shit?

The fuck is the shit, man?

- Are you on this shit?
- Baby...

- Baby what?
- I got it under control.

You don't have shit
under control!

You are being weak, all right?

You are better than that.
Stop being weak! All right?

This shit is killin' our people.

Listen, I said I got it under
control, baby. It's okay.

You don't have
shit under control!

Who you think you talking to?

Tupac Amaru Shakur,
don't you walk away from me!

I am still your mother!

- Hey, Money! Where Shock at?
- You know where he at.

It's just the same old song.

It's just a freestyle.

We keep the beat kicking.

Sweat drippin'...

Yo, Shock. We gotta talk.

I'm working, man.

I need five minutes.

What the fuck is you doing, man?

Shit gotta change.

What shit?

This "stay on the sidelines,
pay your dues" shit.

I can't fuckin' do it no more.

Either I do my own thing,
or I'm out.

Well, then bounce, nigga!

And one more thing...

I'm just fuckin' with you, dog.

C'mon, man.

Don't be fuckin' with me
like that, man!

- Goddamn!
- I got you, man.

You about to have me ousted,
bro. I'm about to be hot!

You over here
fuckin' tumin' shit off.

I got a little somethin' here
for you, man.

All around the world same song.

AH, all around the world
same song.

Tupac, go ahead and rock this.

Now I clown around.

When I hang around
with the Underground.

Girls used to frown,
say I'm down

when I come around.

Gas me and when they pass me
They used to diss me.

Harass me, but now they ask me
If they can kiss me.

Get some fame, people change
Wanna live they fife high.

Same song, can't go wrong
If! Play the nice guy.

Claimin' fame, must have changed.

Now that we became strong

I remain, still the same
'Cause ifs the same song.

All around the world,
it's the same song


Got a.


So, what's up, dog?

You got the second verse
for us or what?

Shit, man.

Hell, yeah!
You ready for it or what?

Come on, man.

Let's hear some.

Let's get to it.

- Watch and learn, midgets.
- Your mom's a midget.

Fuck you, Money B.

Kick that, Shock.


Got a.


I hear Brenda's got a baby.

But Brenda's barely got a brain.

A damn shame.

The girl can
hardly spell her name.

That's not our problem
That's up to Brenda's family.

- It still ain't right.
- I've been on this two hours.

Two hours or 10 hours,

we gonna do this shit
till we get it right.

You understand that shit?

Yo, Pac. Chill, man.

We'll just come back tomorrow
and do this shit, dog.

Tomorrow ain't promised
to no man, Shock.

Now double my vocals up
and make that shit sound big.

- This is my music!
- But it won't line up.

It ain't supposed to line up!
All right?

I want you to feel
every stutter, every breath.

I don't want this shit
polished. I want it raw.

Now stack that shit!

Tell his ass, Money.

Man, just give him
what the fuck he wants.

- Goddamn!
- I hear you, man.

Raise the fuckin' piano chords.

The girl
can hardly spell her name.

That's not our problem
That's up to Brenda's family.

Well, (at me show you
how it affects our...

That's what
I'm fuckin' talkin' about.

Now you got that shit.
You hear that shit?


It's sad, 'cause I bet
Brenda doesn't even know...

So at the time,

did you know that album
would make you a star?

My mindset wasn't
to become a star.

But it was your big break,

That wasn't even my big break.

That happened by accident.

I was on the set,

my boy was tryin'
to get the part,

I'm fuckin' around
with the lines

and I ended up gettin' the part.

Crazy, man.

You know what?

When you said that last time,
I was kind of tripping, right?

But now, you're right.

I am crazy.
But you know what else?

I don't give a fuck.

I don't give a fuck about you.

I don't give a fuck
about Steele.

And I don't give a fuck
about Raheem, neither.

I don't give a fuck
about myself.

All right. Cut!

Let's go again.

Right away again, from the top.

I ain't shit and I ain't ever
gonna be shit.

Pac, we cut.

Again from the top. You cool?

Yeah, I'm good.

All right. Let's do it again.

All right.

You're right. I am crazy.

But you know what else?

I don't give a fuck.
9 don't give a fuck about you.

1 don't give a fuck
about Steele.

I don't give a fuck
about Raheern, neither.

I don't give a fuck
about myself.

I ain't shit, and I ain't ever
gonna be shit.

So as soon as! Decide

that you ain't gonna be shit...


W ow .

It's amazing, Pac.
You're on your way.

Remember that, motherfucker,

'cause I'm the only one y'all
need to worry about, partner!

Do you think that later on
the role of Bishop

somehow seeped
into your personal life?


I drew on my personal life
you know,

from things
that I was going through

to play Bishop.

It didn't change you at all?

It just changed
the opportunities I had.

You feel me?

Ted Field's. Yo.

This scrub.

Excuse me?
Can I get your autograph?

- You know who I am?
- Oh, yeah. I love your album.

Is that right?

Of course you can get
my autograph, young lady.

- What's your name?
- Danielle. You're awesome.

Thank you, Dannie,
you just made my day.

- Tupac. Ted Field.
- What's gain' on, man?

Welcome to lnterscope.

I see you have met
my daughter, Danielle.


So, what's your favorite song,

Don't be shy, honey.

I Don't Give A Fuck.

Hey, that's a song, man.
It's off the album.

- Homework, yes?
- Oh, yeah.

- Follow me?
- Hey, guys.

Glad you could make it, Tupac.
Welcome, welcome.

We love your music, Tupac.

You paint a picture
for the listener.

It's not always pretty,
but it's real.

It makes you feel, and that's
what good music does.

I appreciate that.

You're welcome.

Now, we do have a couple
of thoughts, however.

Little stuff. Like, maybe
a couple of the tracks

that just we could hold off
on for now.

Like what?

Brenda's Got a Baby.

So, you know who I am,
and you know my music,

and you think that I would
actually scrap that song?

Well, to be blunt,

Brenda's Got A Baby
is depressing.

It's real. Like you said.

Yeah. With all due respect,

it's about a 12-year-old
who gets molested.

Nobody wants to listen to that.

It's about a 12-year-old

that gets molested
by her cousin,

ends up pregnant.

Gives birth to a baby
on a bathroom floor,

has to turn to drugs
and prostitution,

just to put food on the table,

and ends up murdered
in the streets?

That's a marketing nightmare.

And it's probably why all
the other labels have passed.

See, people just
wanna be entertained.

Well, I admire that you know
the lyrics to the song.

But also with people
wanting to be entertained,

there are people
that wanna be heard.

And that's where I come in.

And I'm reporting
from the streets.

I'm educating
and keeping it real

on what's going on out here,
all right'?

Do you know
where Brenda came from?

The New York Post.

Every day,
I read about that story,

and every day, that story
got smaller and smaller.

You know why?
'Cause it's the hood

and white America don't give
a shit about the hood.

Now, we understand that there
are issues in the inner-city.

There ain't no inner-city,
Ted. It's the outer-city.

You know why?

'Cause we're left
out of everything.

When you're born,

you're born into a dynasty
or an empire.

You know what I'm sayin'?

With the family crest
and the family heirlooms.

Our family crest is cotton.

We don't have
no family heirlooms.

None of that shit.

So the only thing
that we can leave behind

is our culture and our music.

Interscope was founded
on artistic freedom.

We're an artist-friendly label
and we support your vision...

I don't just need you
to support it,

I need you to understand it.

Let's try this.

Let me play this shit back
for you, all right?

Let's pop your new set
of ears on, all right?

And see if you can
get with this.

Pretend you're in a church,

- and the Rev is preaching.
- I'm Jewish.

Well, Shalom and L'chaim
on this shit.

[Song playing I.

Feel me?

In love with a molester
Who's sexing her crazy.

And yet she thinks that
He'!! He with her forever.

- You feel that, don't you?
- I hear.

You ain't never heard
shit this deep!

No, we have not heard
shit this deep.

That's right, Ted.

We'd like you to come
be a part of lnterscope.

- Welcome aboard, sir.
- Congratulations.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

[Song playing I.

Momma can't help her.

But it hurts to hear her calling.

Brenda wants to run away.

Momma say,
you making me lose pay.

There '5 social workers
here every day.

New Brenda's gotta make
her own way...

The album dropped,
the film was released,

and life started to change.

Look, you're gonna be
all right, Mama.

You're strong.

Thank you, baby.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

I have it on good authority

that the FBI has
a 4,000-page file on you.

Only 4,000, huh?

That mean I'm being
targeted then, right'?


Hey. What the fuck's
your name, boy'?

What the fuck
you stoppin' me for?

I said,
what the fuck's your name?

Tupac. Tupac Shakur.

Your real name.

That is my real
motherfucking name.

And what do you want?
This ain't South Africa.

- Up against the car.
- Get the fuck up off me!

What the fuck do you want?

Jaywalking, asshole.
You know what you did!

Man, give me
my goddamn citation!

Up against the wall!

Come on! It's Tupac!

You need probable cause

and jaywalking does not
fall under the scope

of Penal Code Section 836!


Rapper and actor Tupac Shakur

claims he was choked, beaten,

and had his face smashed
into the pavement

by Oakland police

after being stopped last night
for jaywalking.

You called America
"the biggest gang there is."

You give money
to militant groups.

Your stepfather
helped your godmother,

Assata Shakur, escape jail,

and your lyrics don't exactly
engender love

from the law enforcement

Of course not.

And then there was that
incident in Marin County.

Yeah, all the festival
and shit. Good.

- Crazy, though.
- Hell, yeah.

Damn, little brother,
look at the honeys! Kid!

Yeah, look at this gem
right here. She's bad as shit.

She cold as a motherfucker.

And she's shakin' it. Ain't she?

Swishing for a nigga,
you see her?

I could wife that.
I could wife that.

'Hey, Yo, man.
- What's up?

I loved Juice!
Bishop was a bad motherfucker!

I appreciate that, man.

- Sign this for me?
- Yeah.

This nigga think he's all that.

You a star now, huh, nigga?

I'm just out here
with my people. You feel me?

Your what, nigga?

'MY People. 'Your People?

These ain't
your goddamn people, nigga.

You ain't never did shit
for the hood, nigga.


Fuck you,
you ol' fake Hollywood ass?

Fuck you. "Ain't done shit
for the hood"?

Nigga, I rep the hood
every motherfuckin' day.

I'm out here, nigga,
I ain't hiding.

And I'm tryin' to have fun,

but bullshit niggas like you
wanna start shit.

My nigga, you the one
that's bullshit, nigga!

You got the same 24 hours
I do, partner.

What, you mad 'cause another
man ain't doin' for you?

You could be out here
doin' for your own, nigga,

but you in my face,
fuckin' with me,

looking for a hand out.


"Poor" what?
Goat mouth motherfucker.

Sucker-ass niggas.

Get the fuck out of here
with that shit!

Get this nigga, man!

Come on! Come on, Pac!


You all right?

I'm good.

You know
what I can't understand?

Is how that incident
could possess you

to go to a... tattoo parlor
and get that "Thug Life" tattoo.

"Thug Life" is an acronym.

The hate
you gave little infants...

- Fucks everybody.
- Fucks everybody. I know.

I've seen you on TV.

But what does it mean?

'Cause, Pac, it has to be more
than just an acronym.

You need to have a plan.

I mean, this is
a brilliant opportunity

to bring together
the revolutionaries

and the gang communities
under a code of conduct.

And you can unite them.

We gotta create a movement
for our community,

make sure our people stay safe.

When the US send they troops in,
they send in thugs.

When the police come knockin'
at your motherfuckin' door,

that's thugs.

You trying to start
a positive movement

for black people

by using negative symbolism

like "thug" and "outlaw".
Come on.

See, unlike you, my constituents

ain't Booker T. Washington

They're hustlers,
street soldiers,

mothers trying to get off
welfare. Feel me?

You got to enter
in somebody's world

in order to lead them out.

I'll buy that,
but just not from you.

So you're not buying it from me?


And why is that?

After that incident,
what was your next hit?

It sure wasn't
anything conscious.

It wasn't
Brenda's Got A Baby, was it?

- You're right, so...
- No, no.

So I can't have some fun
on my records?

- What was it?
- It was I Get Around.

Now, see, you're
a walking contradiction.

I ain't no
walking contradiction.

No, you told me, you're
talking about "Thug Life"

is this, or power
to the people, but...

What's wrong with that?
I'm talkin' to my people.

Now, just because
you can't understand it,

don't mean there's
something wrong with me.

Feel me?

'Cause every brother
ain't a brother.


Stranger than ever.

Back to get wrecked, all respect.

To those who break their neck
To keep their hoes in check

'Cause, oh. They sweat
a brother majorly.

And I don't know why
Your girl keeps pagin' me.

She tell me that she needs me
Cries when she leaves me.

And every time she sees me.

She squeeze me
Lady, take it easy.

Hate to sound sleazy,
but tease me

I don't want it if ifs that easy.

Hey, yo, bust it,
baby got a problem.

Saying bye-bye.

Just another hazard of a fly guy.

You ask why, don't matter
My pockets got fatter.

Now everybody's
iookin' for the tatter.

I saw your video with
all them hoochie mamas in it.

Those are church-going
women you're taking about.

I suppose
that's holy water in the tub?

The next time,
why don't you come out

show 'em how to rap?

You know?
I know you lost your mind.

Hold on.
Sorry, that was my publicist.

Your publicist?


That's who that was?

How you here right now?

- What are you doing here?
- Look at you, all Hollywood.

- I gotta get like you.
- Oh, you're Hollywood.

You're about to drop another
album, do another movie.

You know how I roll. You know...

- Comin' up.
- Yeah, you a big shot now.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- How's yum mum'?
- Huh?

- How's your mom?
- Oh, she's straight.

She good.

She's strong, you know.

Should have been here.
I got stuff all over.

- I got you.
- You gonna hit me with that?

You supposed to come out,
but it's cool.

I'm gonna call one of my
church-goin' home girls

to come kick it with me
at the session.

You do that. Bye.

- Hey.
- Bye. What?

Just remember I love you, scrub.

I ain't no scrub.
We ride or die. Come on.

Yeah. Hey,
let me check somethink.


- Hey. Pas, what's up, man'?
- Whassup?

- What's up, man?
- All right?

What's up, man? All right?

Good seem' you too, man.

What's up, y'all?

My baby.

Hey, baby.

How are you, Aunt Linda?

I'm good. Let me take
a look at you.

- Where's she at?
- She in the house.

Come on, I'll take you to her.

All that dancing tire you out?

What you mean, tire me out?

I still got a couple
of moves left.


I'm just messin' with you.

How you dam' though, Mama'?

You good?

I'm just taking it...

one day at a time.

Trying to keep it all together.

You always got it together.

I'm good.

Setch is good.

I wouldn't be the man
I am without you.

Thank you.

Look at you.

I'm so proud of you.

[ Door opens I.

Pac, they in there
talking about you on the TV.

Come on.

Those that produce
these type of records

have a responsibility.

The Vice President
knows your record.

It was fundamentally wrong.

I hope they have
recognized their mistake

and I hope in the future
that they will

exercise better responsibility
or concern...

Turn that off.

For what these records
will do on the street.


I'm worried about...

Ain't nolhin'
to be worried about.

Like all Black leaders,

you have a bullseye
on your back,

- and today it just got bigger.
- But I ain't no Black leader.

Not yet.

Your mama's right.

This is the same shit
that happened to Geronimo.

And how you not a Black leader?

The Vice President was just
talkin' about you on the TV!

Baby, you have to understand.

With the Panthers,
it wasn't that we had guns,

or black leather.

It was because of our message.

We were transforming minds!

They are gonna come after you
with everything you love!

They gonna give you the tools

that you need
to destroy yourself.

New York City, what's happenin'?

Yeah! How y'all feeling tonight?

We are glad to be here.
I'm Atron Gregory,

and I'm the manager
of Tupac Shakur.

And you are officially
at the album release party

for Strictly 4 My N.l.G.G.A.Z.

Make some noise.

That's right. That's right.
That's right.

We wanna thank y'all especially

for the love and the support.
It's been quite a journey.

I'm proud to announce
that 2Pacalypse Now

is officially gold and
on its way to platinum.


We are hoping for
even bigger and better things

for Strictly
4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z., all right?

But without further ado,

I'm gonna bring out
the man of the hour,

Mr. Tupac Shakur!

Whassup, New York?

I said whassup, New York?

All right. All right.

It feels great to be back in
my city where I was born, man.

New York, baby!

- I love you!
- I love you!

I love you back.

So how many of y'all heard

what the Vice President
said about me?

Cops kill innocent Black folk
every day

and Quayle's comin' after me?

Shit! Learn how
to spell "potato", motherfucker,

and then talk shit!

But I gotta thank Mr. Quayle.

'Cause you can't buy
that type of publicity.

Matter of fact,
I'm gonna send his ass

a thank you note with a CD.

Spell a couple of words wrong.

See if his dumb ass
get it right.

The motherfuckers been
comin' for me my whole life.

Ain't shit new.

But I got somethin' to say
to the motherfuckers, though.

You wanna know what I gotta
say to these motherfuckers?

I think I see my nigga
Biggie Smalls in the house!

You ready to
kill this shit, nigga?

Is Brooklyn in the house?


Drop that beat.

[Music playing 1.

Where Brooklyn at?
Where Brooklyn at?

I ain't bred right

I've got a few screws loose.

Dudes kill me
when they clap back.

Hit me with the deuce deuce.

You ain't killing nothing man
but your fans

I'm in the hood ducking
D and T's in the vans.

The DTS comm' around
tryin' to mess the plans.

But I'll be in the hood
Working extra hard for scams.

Cut two bricks made crew flip
That's a hundred grand.

It's the worst game
HI be hustling, hand-in-hand.

Sleek grand homie Man for man.

We all home, too.

You know the rules,
gram for gram. Uh!

One, two, three and to the four.

Snoop Doggy Dogg
and Dr. Dre is at the door.

Ready to make an entrance
So back on up

'Cause you know we're
about to rip shit up.

Give me the microphone first
So I can bust like a bubble.

Compton and Long Beach together.

Now you know you're in trouble.

Ain't nuthin'
but a G thang, baby.

Two loc'ed out niggas,
so we're crazy.

Death Row is the Gabe!
That pays me.

Yo, I could really
get used to this shit.

Nigga, you keep making joints
like Party and Bullshit,

you gonna have to.

Hey, look, but you can go
further, though. You feel me?

We got a big platform, man.

Use that shit to make change.

What you talkin' about?

Drop some knowledge on they ass.

Somethin' to put in they rods,
somethin' to make 'em think.

Men at some times
are the masters of our faces.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not
in our stars but in ourselves.

What's that, dude?

That's just
a motherfuckin' homie.


Sup, man, you trippin'.

But look...

This power shit is somethin'
you gotta be ready for.

Why you always talkin'
about this power shit, man?

What's up with that?

Man, I got niggas twice my age

writing me,
askin' me for advice.

There was a kid that was dyin'

and his last wish was to see me.

Of all the people
he could see in the world,

he wanted to see me.

And now somebody killed a cop

and they blame it on my lyrics.

That type of power.

That shit crazy.

Man, I just want enough power

to get people up off their asses

so they can go out there
and buy my album.

Hey, look. Check it out.

Let's get in here
and get to work.

Absolutely, homie.

God damn.

- What's up, Tron?
- Your phone broke?


Oh, no, it's off.

God damn!

Somewhere we can talk
in private?


This is from the lawyers.

The retainer's been depleted.

Unless we pay the balance,
they no longer represent us.

What about Above The Rim?

I called them twice.
The check ain't come in yet.

Okay, call...

Call them again, a'ight?

Maybe we should hold off on

sending funds
to your family and...

Hell, no. That's mandatory.

Is room service mandatory?

Are they mandatory?

Good mornin'.

Shakur's private life

has drawn more attention
than his music.

The rapper has been arrested
10 times since 1991.

The release of his first album

came one month after
a 6-year-old boy was killed

by a stray bullet
after Tupac got into a fight.

The first album went platinum.

The second album went platinum.

There's marketing.
There's sample clearances.

There's unit sales
and returns to...

Ain't nobody returnin' my shit!

But they have to be reconciled.

It's all very complicated...

Y'all makin'
this shit complicated!

As I said, Tupac, it all just
has to get reconciled first.

Reconcile me a fuckin' check!

You got that shit?

Hey, there, man. Y'all set?

That kid's keeping
the niggas up off him.

Like a slim jim.

When you knocking down

as many bitches as I am,
you'll slim up, too.

You always
knocking down some bitches.

You crazy.

Some bitches
he ain't never seen.

There goes Pat. Fight mete mood.

I never seen 'em.

- What's up, Big Suge?
- What's up, Pac.

- How are you?
- Good, man.

Hey, I like what you're doing,
homie. Your shit's tight.

I appreciate that.

Are they taking care of you?

- You know how this shit go.
- Yeah, I do.

Hey, listen, if you ever
need anything,

even outside of this rap game,

you come holla at me, a'ight?

I ain't just tryin' to
come up off your fame

or make money off you.

I wanna see
a young brother get his.

- I dig.
- A'ight.

Matter of fact, let me talk
to you for a minute.

Shit, I can't do it right now.
I gotta roll out to New York.

- Above the Rim, right?
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah.
We doing the soundtrack.

Is that right?

Hell, yeah. Shit gonna be tight.

Matter of fact, I know
you got a track for me.

Hell, yeah, nigga. Let me know.

A'ight. Well, just get at me.

For sure.

- Sure.
- All right, homie.

See you in a minute.

What's happening?

Hey, what's up? What's up?

What up?

This dude right here.

Word? You know what I'm sayin'?

I know what you're sayin'.

My nigga.

- What's up, playboy?
- What's good, homie?

Have a seat, man. Sit down.

- What's good?
- So, look.

You know why I'm here, right?

I need 52 of 'em.

of the motherfuckers, ASAP.

Have you ever heard about me

not doing somethin'
I said I was gonna do?

Shit, nigga,
that's what I'm here for.

- Let's handle business.
- Let's handle business.

- Love.
- All love.


Special, grab that money, man.

See what the fuck's gain' on
up in here.

What up, Big?

- What's up, man?
- Just kicking it. Chilin'.

Okay, the club
is jumping off, y'all.

It's the Kid Capri.

Special shout out
to our host, Nigel.

Brooklyn 19 finest
is in the building, y'all!

Yo, who's the dude?

That's Nigel.

What's goin' on, Big?

Nigel. Tupac.

I know who this is.

Yeah. Nigel.

- What's up with you?
- Where the waitress at? Huh?

Hey, wait, can you get
your ass over here right now?

Hey, why don't you go

and get my niggas
some Cristal right now

- and put it on the table?
- Okay.

Hurry UP-

Hey, look, this is my city.

I'm just tryin' to show you
a little hospitality.

- You feel me?
- I appreciate the hospitality.

- Yeah?
- For real. Hell, yeah.

Well, shit, you gonna get it.

If you need anything
up in this motherfuckin' club,

this is my shit.

- You let me know.
- No doubt.

I got you. Anything you need,

With the crocodile
motherfuckin' leather on.

Look at you!

- All right.
- Have some fun.

Who the fuck
you think you talking to?

This ain't Nutso.

You ain't the motherfuckirf
man no more. I'm the one!

You killin' that shit, nigga.
Look at you, playboy.

- Yeah.
- Look at you!

Yeah, lookin'.

You look like me
up there on the screen.

Hey, but...

I told you about class
and style, right?

- Yeah.
- Check this out, playboy.

Got somethin' for you.

"Oh! 'Right?"

- Look at it.
- The Rollie!

You goddamn right, the Rollie.

Shit. Hold on, man.
Let me get this.

Hello? I'll be back,
Pac, hold on.


- Whassup, Big?
- Whassup, man?

- What's goin' on?
- Killin' it, man.

- Big! What's up with it?
- What's up, man?

You already know.

Man, same old.
At work, you know.

- Doin' my thing.
- Yeah.

Yo, Pac, so when you two
get so tight?

Man, we just, you know,
we kick it a little bit.

Be careful, man.

Duke a serious cat.

Shit, I happen to be
a serious motherfucker myself.

You know how I get down.

All right. All right.

Don't fuck with me.
What's up, Big?

You good, playboy?

All right?


All right, so we gonna
shoot to the bay tonight,

knock these two shows out

and be back in town
for the final mix.

We should be good.

- What's up, Pac?
- What's up, Big Suge?

Came with a little gift for you.

Is that... Oh, shit!


For one song?

I told you, it's more
than just about the music.


- God damn!
- We'll chop it up.

- Appreciate that, man.
- Let you get back to business.


- That's a lot of money.
- Hell, yeah!

Yeah, but, Pac,
what's fat boy really buying?

At this point,
I don't give a fuck.

Look, Pac, this nigga ain't
who you think he is...

Hey. Man!

All the shit I got goin' on,
court cases and all that,

and you worried
about this fuckin' money?

I'm down to get paid, Pac,

but this...

In Washington D.C.,

a coalition of black women

have added its support
to the growing outrage

over a particularly
angry form of rap music.

There are three things wrong

with "Gangsta Rap"
and misogynist lyrics.

It is obscene. It is obscene.
It is obscene.

Hip-hop ain't
from her generation.

Yeah, well,
maybe it's not hip-hop

she had a problem with.

Maybe it was being called
"bitch" and "nigga"

she got fed up with.

All right, if that's true,
she could've hollered at me,

she could have hollered
at any of the other rappers

she got at in that interview.

I don't disagree. Okay?

But you do acknowledge
that there is a gap

the Civil Rights generation

and the hip-hop generation?

Yes, a big fuckin' gap.

But gettin' at us in the media
without fucking talking to us

ain't gonna change shit.

Come on, Pac.

You really don't think

that there is
at least some relationship

between your objectification
and treatment of women

and how you ended up in here?

Fuck you.

All right, look.

So they say that
3 don': Love women.

- No!
- Right.

They say I degrade women.


- Do y'all agree with that?
- No!

Y'all smarter than that, right?

Y'all college students.

Y'all know better
than that, right'?

So, this one's for y'all.
This one for the ladies.

Some say the blacker the hem;
The sweeter the juice

I say the darker the flesh
then the deeper the roots

I give a hot'.-'a
to my sisters on welfare

2Pac cares,
if don't nobody else care.

And I know they like
to beat you down a lot.

When you come around the block
Brothers frown a lot.

But p(ease don't cw
Dry your eyes.

Never let up
Forgive but don't forget.

Girl, keep your head up.

And when he tells you
you ain't nothin'.

Don't believe him.

And if he can't
learn to love you.

You should leave him

'Cause sister,
you don't need him.

And I ain't tryin' to gas ya up

I just call 'em how I see 'em.

You know what makes me unhappy

when brothers make babies.

And leave a young mother
to be a pappy.

And since we all came
from a woman.

Got our name from a woman
And our game from a woman.

I wonder why we take
from our women.

Why we rape our women
Do we hate our women?

1 think it's time
to kill for our women.

Time to heal our women
Be real to our women.

And if we don't we'll have
a race of babies.

That will hate the ladies
That make the babies.

And since a man can't make one.

He has no right to tell a woman

when and where to create one.

So will the real men get up
I know you're fed up, ladies.

Put your hands up in the air.

Keep ya head up.

Ooh, child.
Things are gonna get easier.

Keep ya head up.

Ooh, chi.-'d,
things are gonna get brighter.

Y'all sound so good!

Ooh, child.
Things are gonna get easier.

Ooh, chi.-'d,
things are gonna get brighter.


Thank you, ladies,
for the sounds!

See this nigga, man?

You got, like, three car
loads in back of us, man!

I love Atlanta, man!

It's enough to go around,
right now.

They all coming to
the motherfuckin' room, too.

Hot, man.
You killed that shit today.

Hell, yeah!

What do you want?
Get the fuck out!

I was gettin' out!

You're on our side of town!

What the fuck's goin'
on with this motherfucker?

- Stealing too many cars?
- Pull over!

Hold him! Hold him! Come on!

Hold him! Gimme a shot! Come on!

You like that, huh?

Hey! Hey, yo!

Come on! Get up!

Hey, yo, what the fuck gain' on?

What the hell y'all doin"?

Goddamn, get!

Mind your fucking business!
Get back in your fucking car!

Fuck you, motherfucker.
What the fuck you gonna do?

Listen, get back...

Didn't you hear
what he said, huh?

Get your black ass
back in the car, nigger.

Come on!

Fuck that!

Hey, y'all get down.
Get the fuck down!

Forget it!

- Fuck this.
- Hey, he's got a gun!

Drive! Drive!

Rapper and actor, Tupac Shakur,

recently arrested in Atlanta

following the shooting
of two off-duty policemen...

Authorities say two officers
were crossing the street

when a car driving recklessly
nearly hit them.

I mean, shit. They were
dressed in street clothes.

How the fuck was I supposed
to know they was cops?

Shit, you're blessed, playboy.

- You're a lucky dude, Pac.
- Hell, yeah.

Look, I thought they was just
a couple crazy motherfuckers

fuckin' with a brother.

And in a way, they was. Feel me?

'Cause the guns they had,

they stole the motherfuckers
out the police lockers.

Oh, word?

Send her up.

Hey, but look,
I know the judges, too.

Anything you motherfucking
need, I got you. A'right'?


What's up, baby?
What's gain' on?

Yo, Pac, I want to introduce
you to somebody right here.

I'm Brianna.


I know exactly who you are.

Wanna dance?

Let's dance.

Tonight is your night.

For the rest of your life.

So just lay back
and relax and listen.

There's something
in your eyes, baby.

It's telling me
you want me, baby.

Tonight is your night.

See you don't have to
ask for nothin'.

I'll give you
everything you need.

So girl don't be shy.

Oh, just - Baby, come inside.

Tum down the lights

'Cause there is something
that I want from you right now.

Give me that honey love.

There wasn't nothin' between us.

She did what she did
on the dance floor.

We had sex that night.

And after that she wasn't
on my radar at am.

Mr. Shakur. Messages.

She's called numerous times.

You want some more?

What up, Pac?

What's up, Pac?

What the hell is she doin' here?

I just got here.

Get some of this coke
up in you right here.

Nigga, what?

You know I don't fuck
with that shit.

The fuck's goin' on
with these motherfuckers, man?


Man, all that money
for that lawyer?

I feel like I'm a fuckin' ATM!

Hey, yo, Pac. I got you
if you need some, man.

Nah, I don't need nothin'.
I'm good.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm good.

You okay, baby?

Anything I could do?

I'm gonna take care of you.

This feel good?


- I want to roll out.
- What?

She gave me a massage.

I bounced,
went into the other room,

fell asleep, and that':
How that happened.


Why would you
let them do this to me?

What the fuck goin' on?

You let them do it!

Do what?

You know exactly what they did!

They your niggas. What the
fuck are you talkin' about?

How could you
leave me with them!

I came here to see you!

Hey! Hey! What the fuck
you talkin' about?

I swear to God this ain't
the last you'll hear from me!

What the fuck?

Hey man, what the fuck going on?

It's all good.

Nigga, it ain't all good.

She just burst in talking
'bout some niggas

did somethin' to her!

Hey, you better lower
your motherfucking tone.

Nigga, I ain't lowering shit,

Fuck you think
you're talkin' to?

That's why I fuck
with you, nigga.

Look, she trippin'.
I'm gonna go take care of it.

I got this.

- You gonna go take care of it?
- Yeah.

Let's give this motherfucker
two minutes to calm down.

Fuck like that.

She didn't give me no pussy,
act like she got...

Why the fuck
am I being arrested, man?

You ain't got no motherfuckin'
witnesses, honky!

That's Mr. Shakur right there.

Put your hands up!

What the fuck y'all doin'?

What the fuck's goin' on?

What the fuck
is gain' on, Nigel?

Pac! I got you, nigga.
Don't worry about shit!

Hey, I'll fuck your wife,

The cuffs hurt, motherfucker!

Hey, I'll tie
your motherfuckin' kids up!

You white motherfucker.
Do you know who I am?

You talk to Nigel's lawyer?

They straighten this shit out?

The judge just approved
his motion to sever.

Motion to sever?


It means Nigel gets
his own fucking trial.

They're tryin' to isolate him.

You're facing the charges
on your own.

How the fuck
can he do this shit?

With very powerful friends.


Is the accused in the courtroom?


Could you please point him out?

I love women.

And women love me.

1 don't have no need, no reason

to be raping no woman.

And I wasn't raised that way.

There wasn't no evidence found
against me, 9 ain't guilty.

Why am I the only one
in court right now?

Why the camera's all on me?

And in the report
and all these charges?

I didn't do nothin'.

I'm charged with being
in concert with some guys.

But where they at?

Why me? "Cause I'm Tupac?"

No, I'm not angry at them.
I'm angry at the system.

I don't want nobody else to go
to jail, know what I'm sayin"?

But I don't wanna go to jail
for something I didn't do.

I just don't wanna be
the scapegoat.

You know what I'm sayin'?

It's like the only way I know
how to live my life

is to be responsible
for what I do. I don't know...

I say somethin' else...

- Get this money, nigga.
- That's right.

It's a lot of money
on this table, yo,

you better not steal shit.

Hold up, hold up.
Hold up. Hold up.

Turn that TV up, playboy.

All right. I got it.
I got it. I got it.

Y'all know me
to be a business man...

Turn up the TV.

Because you find me
in my places of business.

You don't just find me anywhere,

"you know what I'm sayin"!?

It's like...
3 don': Understand this.

Mr. Shakur also recently told.

The New York Post

he blames this entire case
on hangers on.


Oh, shit.

I'm a hanger on now, right?

Y'all hear this bullshit?

I gave that little nigga
his first Rolex!

Y'all know goddamn well
Pac gonna be here next week

asking me for bitches and money.

Fuck that bozo-ass nigga.

I should have been
fried his ass some.

Yo, let's get that nigga.

Y'all ain't gonna get shit.

Now, nothin' happens
unless I say it happen,

all right, God damn it?

And don't you ever get

in my mothen'uckin' face
like that, nigga.

I'll bite your
motherfuckin' nose off.

Now, count the money.

I see what you mean.

Crack your motherfuckin' skull

in this motherfucker.

All right, look this is
what we gonna do.

Fuck what that nigga Nigel
takin' about. I'm on him!

Paid as many bills as we could.

Promoters are canceling
right now, Pac.

This damn rape case
is killing us, too.

I didn't rape nobody!

I know you didn't rape nobody.

But perception is reality.

The picture
that you paint with your pen,

that's your truth.

But the picture the media
paints, that's theirs.

What about Higher Learning?

They wanna go
in another direction.


They dropped you
from the movie, Pac.


Where you going, Pee'?



"MAN". Yo, Pam coming by tonight?

You got my money?

'Cause I ain't goin' nowhere
if you ain't got my paper.

Yeah, man,
that 7,500 we talked about.

I'm on my way.

Yo, Pac, man, how many verses

you gotta do for this nigga?
One verse? Full song'?

Shit, I just gotta
do a song. That's it.

So we hit
the strip club after this?

- Hell, yeah! I'm with that.
- Yeah.

- Right, man. You know.
- Try that.

- Shit.
- All them buns.

Get some of that.

Get some girls up in this piece.

Hit the motherfuckin'
floor, nigga!

Do you know who this shit is?

Shut the fuck up!

- You know who he is?
- Get the fuck down!

Take everything out!

Oh, shit!

Just fuckin' made me
shoot you, nigga!

I told you get down, nigga!

But you wanna be a tough guy!

What the fuck's wrong
with you, nigga?

Stay the fuck down!

Get the fuck back upstairs

before I make one big mess
of this elevator!

What the fuck's
wrong with you, nigga?

You got guns?

You think this is
a fuckin' rap video, nigga?

You know what happen to rappers

that think
they is fuckin' gangstas?

Fuck you!

Fuckin' have shot me!

Didn't I told you,
gimme everything!

Gimme every fuckin' thing!

You think this is
a fuckin' rap video?

- Come on! Come on! Come on!
- Get the watch!

Get the chain. Get the chain.

Let's go! Let's go!

- Let's go!
- Pac!

- They got Pac, man.
- Come on.

Hey, Pac, man. Come on.

Come on.

Call a mothen'uckin' ambulance!

We have to get him
outta here, man!

Get him up! Get him up!

Get back.

Get them niggas back.

What happened, man?

Get them niggas back!

Call my mom!


Come on, Big, let's go, man!


Shortly after midnight,

at 12:25 am,
on Wednesday morning,

Tupac Shakur was shot five times

as Mr. Shakur was on his way
to a recording studio

on the eighth floor
of the Powers Building.

I believe that
this was a robbery.

They said, "Give up the jewelry
and get on the floor". Tupac resisted.

The other three complied.

Chief, when you say
"resisted", what did he do?

He refused
to go down on the floor...

- Yeah.
- And said something back?

He resisted
and a struggle ensued,

and that's when
the shots rang out.

No visitors, Big.

C'mon, man. That's my man, dude.

Only family.

Y'all can't be serious, man?

Come on, man.
Get your hand off of me, man.

What you mean?

Come on, dog.

What you doin', man?


Y'all trippin', man.

Stop following me, man.


Y'all niggas trippin', man.

Get me outta here.

Baby, okay.
It's okay. It's okay.

We have security.
You're safe here.

It was a set up.

Just hours after
surgery, rapper Tupac Shakur

checked himself
out of Believue Hospital

against doctor's orders.

He is due to appear in court
later this week.

Can you move, please?

Were you set up,
sir'? Are you innocent?

Can you move? Get the fuck...

Damn. You're bumping
into my wheelchair, man!

Mr. Shakur.

Your hat.

On the counts
of rape and sodomy,

how do you, the jury,
find the defendant?

Not guilty.

On the counts of sexual abuse
and unlawful touching,

how do you, the jury,
find the defendant?



Court will recess until

February 8th, 1995,
for sentencing.

Court's adjourned.

Mr. Shakur,
please stand for sentencing.

Mr. Shakur, I sentence you
to a minimum of 18 months

and a maximum of 4 years.

This is beyond excessive,
Your Honor.

Let me finish, Mr. Warren.

The sentence is to be served
at a maximum-security prison.

Maximum security?
For illegal touching!


Counselor, one more outburst

and I will hold you in contempt.

Mr. Shakur, would you like
to address the court

before you're taken
into custody?

Your Honor,
throughout this entire case,

you haven't looked me
in my eyes once,

but you've spent hours
pouring over my tattoos,

days debating about
what my lyrics mean,

still never looking at me,
the man, the person.

It's obvious you're not
in Search of justice,

so there's no point in me
asking for a lighter sentence.

As far as I'm concerned,

there's no justice
being served here.

So do what you wanna do
'cause I'm not in your hands.

I'm in God's hands.



I'm gonna be all right, Mama.

I'm all right.

I'll be all right.

All right.

Hold down, little brother.

I shall not fear no man, but God.

Though I walk through
the valley of death.

- Let's go, ladies.
- Let's go, let's go.

Back of the bus.

Let's go, let's go!

Move it, move it, move it.

Back in elementary,
I thrived on misery.

Left me alone

I grew up amongst a dyin' breed.

Inside my mind couldn't find
a place to rest.

Until I got that Thug Life
tatted on my chest.

Tell me can you feel me?

I'm not living in the past.

You wanna last he
the first to blast...

Let's go, big boy. Come on!

Well, if it isn't the superstar.

Turn around, nigger.

You heard him. Do it, nigga.

Turn your black ass around.

Do it!

Fucking issue?

Let's go.
Eyes front. Keep moving!

Lord! I lost so many peers
And shed so many tears.

Now that I'm struggling
in this business.

By any means.

Label me greedy gettin' green
But seldom seen.

And fuck the world
'cause Pm cursed

I'm having visions of
Leaving here in a hearse.

God, can you fee! Me?

Take me away from
an the pressure.

And all the pain.

Show me some happiness again
I'm going blind

I spend my time in this cell,
ain't livin' well.

Go around the corner.
Let's go. Let's go!

1 know my destiny is Hell,
where did I fail?

- Not you.
- What the fuck you doin'?

You stay the fuck there
and don't move!

- What the fuck you doin'?
- Stop talking!

What the fuck you doin', man?

Bitch-ass motherfucker!

Piece of shit, motherfucker.

Let's talk
about your life right now.

Your latest album,
Me Against The World,

debut at number one
on Billboard.


Thank you.

You're the first artist
in history

to have a number one album
while in prison.

Now, do you think that
you'd be on top of the charts

if you weren't locked up?

- Of course. Yeah.
- You're on appeal.

Bail is set for $1 .4 million.

You're sitting here in jail,
right now, talking to me.

Tupac Shakur can'! Post
his own bail?

Who did you want to speak to?

Ted Field.

I'm sorry,
he's in a meeting right now.

Okay, well, can you get
his ass out the meeting?

I'm sorry, Mr. Shakur.

I'M have to take your number
and he'll call you back.

Take my number?

I'm in fuckin' jail!

Come on, motherfucker.

Save that goddamn thug life shit

for the streets,
you understand me?

Just another nigga
up in this motherfucker.

Well, all that Black Power
and all that, man.

I'm from the West Coast,
I already know what's up.

And I'm from B.K., man,
you know how we do it.

I'm tryin' to tell you,
right now...

Nah. Turn that shit back on!

Turn it back up.

Who shot ya?

Separate the weak
from the obsolete.

Hard to creep
them Brooklyn streets.

It's on, nigga.

Fuck all that bickering beef

I can hear sweat trickling
down your cheek.

Your heartbeat sound
like Sasquatch feet.

Thundering. Shaking the concrete.

Finish it, stop,
when I foil the plot.

Neighbors call the cops
Said they heard mad shots.

Saw me in the drop
Three in the corner, slaughter.

Electrical tape
around your daughter.

Old school new school
need to learn though.


I burn, baby,
burn like Disco Inferno...

Loyalty is everything.


Peel more skins
than Idaho potato.


The lyrical molestin'
is takin' place...

Turn the motherfucking
music down.

I make your skin chafe
Rashes on the masses.

- Who you talkin' to, homie?
- I'm talkin' to you, nigga.

You know this nigga?

Turn that fuckin' music down.

Hey, you know what?
Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Let me holler at you,
young blood.

Let that shit go.

Don't let that shit take you
off somewhere. Let it go.

How the fuck am I supposed to
let that shit go?

He's tellin' me he had something

to do with this shit!

You don't even know what year
he wrote that shit in.

Fuck that. He knows
what the fuck he doin'!

Maybe he didn't have a choice
about what to say about you.

That nigga you rollin' with,

he done had his foot on those
hip-hop niggas for years now.

I don't give a fuck.

The nigga gotta pay!

He gotta pay for that shit!

That's how this shit gonna go!

.He gotta pay?
- Yes!

Let me tell you somethin'.

Listen to me, son.

I said listen to me!

Man, you got a date.

A date to get out
of this motherfucker.

Do you understand me?

I'm gonna be
in this motherfucker

for the rest of
my motherfucking life.

All I'm ever gonna see are these

goddamn bars
and these goddamn walls.

Now, you gonna be great one day.

Don't let something
you do for 50 seconds

get you 50 years.

' $30! You.

- I got you.
- Yeah.

It's your last time, nigga.

- Fuck that old man.
- Kill yourself, man.

Fuck that.

They say anything
about my money?

We're trying, but...


Lift your head up.

Son, let me see your spirit.

Now, lift your head up.

How they treating you in here?

You know.


I do.

Mama, I'm sorry

- that you gotta come here...
- I...

I should be the one
apologizing to you.

It's not you who put me in here.

It was me.

You were right.

Just like the Panthers.

They gave me all the tools
to destroy myself.

That's the system they run.

And I fell for it.

Excuse me, ma'am. I am so sorry.

I'm sympathetic
towards your need

to touch this nice young man,

but the rules won't allow
for it. I'm so sorry.

Please, no touching.

Thank you.

Come here.

When I was in jail,
pregnant with you,

they treated me like
less than a human.

No real food to eat,
no proper nourishment,

no medical treatment,
this place...

This motherfucking place

is designed to destroy you.

Your body is in prison,
not your mind.

"And above all else,"

"to thine own self be true,."

"And as sure
as the night follow the day,

"Thou canst then
not be false to...

"Any man" - "...any man."

That Shakespeare...

I can always count on you, Mama.

You are appreciated

when I was young.

Me and my mama
had beef 17 years old.

Kicked out on the streets.

Though back at the time

1 never thought Pd see her face.

Ain't a woman alive.

That could take my mama's place.

Suspended from school.

And scared to go home,
I was a fool.

With the big boys
breaking all the rules

I shed tears with my baby sister.

Over the years.

We was poorer
than the other little kids.

And even though
we had different daddies.

The same drama.

When things went wrong
we'd blame Mama

I reminisce
on the stress 1 caused.

It was hell.

Huggin' on my mama
from a jail cell.

And who'd think in elementary.

Hey, Pd see
the penitentiary one day?

And running from the police,
that's right.

Mama catch me
Put a whoopin' to my backside.

And even as a crack fiend, Mama.

You always was
a black queen, Mama.

I finally understand for a woman.

It ain't easy trying
to raise a man.

You always was committed.

A poor single mother on welfare.

Tell me how you did it.

There's no way
9 can pay you back.

But the plan is to show you
That I understand


Three million dollars.

One per album. Up front.

And a house for your mom.

That's it?


Money ain't a thing.

What you need is guidance.

I already got a manager, man.

I'm not sayin'
you can't have friends,

but I'm the one that's gonna
be there with you 24/7, 365.

So it should be me.

Death Row ain't a label.

It's a way of life.

Where's Atron at right now?

Are they here?

Or are they out there beggin'
the white man for your money?

Your money.

It's real simple.

A lot of people are born males,

but they're not men.

I'm a man.

Nobody fucks with me.

Nobody fucks with my money

and nobody fucks with my family.

And if they do...

I know you heard the rumors.

But I want you to understand
one thing.


All right.

- So when can we do this?
- When can you sign?

Nigga, show me the pen.

This is my pen right here.

We got a deal, baby.

Big Suge.


- Hey!
- Whassup with it?

So, while
we're finishing the setup,

I may as well tell you

I've got the cover story
pretty much written.

- Yeah?
- Footage out together.

So you got one last bombshell
you wanna drop?

- Hell motherfuckin' yeah!
- All right.

Is this mothen'uckin'
camera rolling?

This shit on?

Let everybody out there know,

all you motherfuckers

that thought
you was gonna bury me,

thought you was
gonna silence me,

let you motherfuckers know,
I'm back!

Welcome to Death Row.

California love.

In the city of LA.

In the city of good 0!' Watts.

In the city. The city of Compton.

We keep it rockin'.

Welcome to Death Row.

Hope this is enough
to start your day off.

- Don't believe it, I'm here!
- Believe that.

On that note,
Suge sends his regards.


That's right?

Yeah. It looks good on you,
it looks good on you.

- Take this with you.
- Certainly!

- What we doin'?
- We out!

Yeah! Shit.

Oh, shit!
Doctor motherfucker Dre!

What up, Pad?

Whassup, nigga?

Ever since honeys
was wearing Sassoon.

Now it's '95 and they dock me
and watch me.

Diamonds shining
Looking like I robbed Liberate.

It's all good, from Diego
to the Bay.

Your city is the bomb
if your city making pay.

Throw up a finger if you fee!
The same way.

Dre putting it down
for Cafifom-i-a.

- California knows how to party.
- California knows how to party.

- California knows how to party.
- West Coast.

Whenever you're ready, Pac.

Shake it, shake it, baby...

Right after the hook.

Shake it, shake it,
shake it, Cali.

Out on bail, fresh out of jail
California dreaming.

Soon as I step on the scene
I'm hearing hoochies screaming.

Fiending for money and alcohol.

The We of a Westside player.

Where cowards die
and the strong ball.

Only in Cali where we riot
Not my to five and die.

In LA we wearing
Chucks not Baflys.

Yeah, that's right.

Dressed in Laos and Khaki suits.

And ride is what we do.

Flossing, but have caution
We collide with other crews.

Famous because
we program Worldwide.

Let them recognize
From Long Beach to Rosecrans.

Bumping and grinding like
a slow jam, it's Westside.

So you know the row
won't bow down.

To no man.

Say what you say.

But give me
that bomb beat from Dre.

Let me serenade
the streets of LA.

From Oakland to Sac-town
The Bay Area and back down.

Cali is where they
put their mack down.

Give me love!

California, knows how to party.

California knows how to party.

Come on, baby.

- In the city...
- Of South Central.

Pac, that shit was dope.

Fresh out of jail.

History in
the motherfuckin' making.

I'm gonna knock
these three albums out.

- Just like that?
- Hell, yeah!

Can't keep a nigga like me
in one spot.

Shit, I feel you, Pac.

I been tellin' you
to come out here to see me

so we can get you straight.

- You good, Pac?
- Yeah, I'm good.

Hey, I'm gonna mix this record.

Yeah. I'm gonna
head down to beat.

We just gonna go in
chop it up in just a minute.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

You good?

Come here!

Oh, shit!

- Shit!
- Fuck! Christ!

Kick that!

Get his nigga ass out the hall.

Fuck that nigga up!

Damn, Suge!

Little motherfucker
ain't paying.

What the fuck did he do?

- He's a motherfucker.
- God damn.

Are you cool? You need anything?

- Ah, shit. I'm good, nigga.
- A'ight.

About to go shut this shit down.

Just killed that shit.

All right. I'm out.

Oh, shit, nigga.

God damn!

- Daz, is this you?
- Hell, yeah, nigga.

That shit knockin'
like a motherfucker, boy.


You already know this
that gangsta party, cuz.

Hey. Nigga, nah,

the gangsta party
was in the hallway.

That nigga gettin' fucked up.
For real.

I see you got your chain.

Welcome to the family, Pac.

This nigga is just ready
to get to work now.

Ain't nuthin'
but a gangsta party.

Ain't nuthin'
but a gangsta party.

Ain't nuthin'
but a gangsta party.

Picture perfect,
3 pain! A perfect picture.

Bomb the hoochies with precision.

My intention's to get richer.

With the S-N double-O-P
Dogg my fuckin' homey.

Youse a cold-ass nigga
on them hogs.

Sho 'nuff

I keep my hand on my gun
Cuz they got me on the run.

New Fm back in the courtroom
Waif in' on the outcome.

Free Tupac, is all that's
on a nigga's mind.

But at the same time.

It seem they try:'n'
to take mine.

"So .-" ma get smart
And get defensive and shit.

And put together a million march.

For some gangsta shit.

So now they got us laced.

Two multimillionaire...

That's straight classic
right there.

Shit. 2 of Amerikaz
Most Wanted, cuz.

Hey, yo, Daz.

Hey, slow it down
for me real quick.

That's it, right there.

- Yo, where Dre at?
- Shit.

You gotta ask him.

You know how that shit go.

It is what it is.

That nigga about his business.

All right, hold up.

Can I get everybody's attention?

Like I'm always tellin' y'all,

Death Row is more than a label.

It's a family.

And tonight,

we got one of our members
back, fresh off acquittal.

Not guilty. Not guilty.
Not guilty.

And we have a new family member,


Nobody's ever did what we doin'.

No other label
has put out this many

platinum albums
at the same time.

And when Pac's album drops,

the first ever
double rap album...

Hell, yeah.

Ain't no tellin' where we going.

We got here today,
by trusting one another.

By being a family.

BY being loyal.

Like my man here.

Ronnie, you hungry?

- No, I'm good, Suge.
- No, have some more.

- I'm good, I'm full.
- How about a steak?

I'm full, I'm full. I'm good.

Now you full?

I guess you're done
taking from my plate, huh?

You've been stealing from me
for months. Why stop now?

Tape costs.

Studio time.


This motherfucker
spent 250 grand

on an artist
that ain't even mine!

You think I wouldn't find out?

You think I'm a bitch?

That I was just gonna
let that slide?

Answer a man
when he's talking to you!

That's not me.

You must have a problem
with mathematics, Ronnie,

'cause this shit don't add up.

But, hey, you like
to eat good, right?

Then eat this shit,
motherfucker. There you go.

Eat good. Eat that shit!

- Huh? How does it taste?
- I'm sorry!

Huh? You like that shit?
You like that shit?


- I'm sorry. What?
- I'm sorry.

- You say you're thirsty?
- No, I'm sorry!

- Don't he look thirsty?
- Yeah.

- I think this nigga's thirsty.
- Suge...

Give this motherfucker
some champagne.


Drink that shit.

You like that champagne?

That good-life shit, huh?

How's it taste now?

Give this nigga some shrimp.

- Greedy motherfucker.
- Eat that shit.

How the good life
taste now, nigga?

All that shit! All that shit!

You wanna steal
from your family, huh?

- You greedy motherfucker!
- Suge, Suge.

- You wanna take from me?
- Suge.

Nobody takes from me!

Get this motherfucker
outta my face.

Get your bitch ass out of here.

No! Oh, God!

Yeah, motherfucker!

[Men grunting 1.

Who wants dessert?

This nigga right here, man.

Hey, man.

- Shit!
- What's up, Tron?

I finally get a moment
with you, man.

It ain't like that, man,
all right?

I've just been busy 24/7.

So you did it, huh?

Yeah. I'm with Suge now.

Look, Tron,
I appreciate you, man.

You've done a lot for me.

You've helped me along the way.

But, right now,
I gotta do my own thing.

And no man can stay
in the same place forever, right?

So you got rhymes?

You come a long way
in a short time, man.

Take care of yourself, Pac.

No doubt.

All right.


Hey, hey, beautiful.

Why so cold?

Kidada Jones, right?
I'm Tupac...

I know who the hell you are.

I'm surprised you're
calling me by my name.

- What are you talking about?
- Quincy Jones.

You don't remember
the magazine article?

You know the one where
you said all my father does is

stick his dick in white bitches

and make fucked-up kids?

I'm one of those fucked-up kids.

Look, stop.

Can I just get three seconds
to apologize?


Look, I was stupid.

I was dumb.

I said some dumb shit,
all right?

Look, I was just trying
to make a point

on how successful brothers

value while beauty
over black beauty.

It just came out wrong.

I say a lotta stuff
that just comes out wrong.

My big mouth.

I got a big mouth.

I got a big smile, too, though.

Are we done?

"We must not hate those
who have done wrong to us."

"For as soon as
we begin to hate them,."

"We become just like them,"

"pathetic, bitter, and untrue."

Am I supposed to be impressed
with Shakespeare?

I'm just trying to get you

to keep from stooping
to my level.

You should really try harder.

I'm gonna try real hard, baby.

I like that one, too.

I'm gonna call it Euphanasia.

Nah, I'm not feelin' that.

Needs to be more about you,
like somethin' you feelin'.

Yeah. That's hot.

Mm-hmm. Especially that one.

I'm feelin' like everybody

watchin' my motherfuckin' moves.

All Eyez On Me.

[ Door opens I.

- That's it, right there.
- Hell, yeah.

Yo, Suge.

What the fuck happened to you?

Some niggas jumped me
at the mall, homie.

Them niggas took

my motherfuckin'
chain too, blood.

Swear if had my strap,

I would have laid
all them niggas down.

Word on the streets, though?

Them Bad Boy niggas,
them bitch-ass Bad Boy niggas,

they got a bounty
out on our shit!

Well, them motherfuckers
gotta get dealt with.

Where the fuck
were y'all at? Huh?

Why weren't you with 'em?

Frank, you on Pac 24-7. It's on.

Pac, I got you.

- I hope you ready.
- That's what I do.

Them motherfuckers
wanna do this?

Get the fuck outta my office!

Death Row in the building!

What up, Pac?
Big shout out to Suge!

Boy, y'all Win' it
with this album.

I think I see Faith
in the building.

What up, Faith?

Oh, shit, Pac. Look who it is.

Biggie's wife
in this motherfucker.

All Eyez On Me, let's go!

- What's up, Faith?
- How you doing, Suge?

- Baby, how you doin'?
- So good to see you.

You, too.

- What's up, girl?
- Hey, Pac.

- How you doin'?
- I'm good, you know.

Just out here, doing music,

writing these songs
in Los Angeles.

That's what's up.
That's what's up.

But on the real though,

we need to make a song together.

All right. I'm only here
for one night.

We need to go to the studio
after this, then.

- Okay.
- For sure.

All Eyez On Me
got the world shook.

Record-breaking sales!

Hell, yeah.

You killed that shit, nigga.

Suge, what up?

- What's goin' on?
- Everythin' good.

Studio sent over the DATs.
Music's ready, brother.

They goin' crazy out there, bro.

Let's get it.

Tupac! Tupac!
Tupac! Tupac! Tupac!

I won't deny it
I'm a straight rider.

You don't wanna fuck with me.

Got the police bustin' at me.

Put your motherfuckirf
hands in the air!

West Coast, get up!

Get 'em up! Get 'em up!

Everybody! Come on!

So many battlefield scars
while driven in plush cars.

This life as a rap star
is nothin' without heart.

Was born rough and rugged
Addressin' the mad public.

My attitude was "fuck it"
'Cause motherfuckers love it.

To be a soldier.

Must maintain composure at ease.

Though life is complicated
Only what you make it to be.

And my ambitions as a rider.

To catch her
while she hot and horny.

Go up inside her.

Then I spit some game in her ear.

"Go to the tele, hoe!"

You put what money in a Benz

'Cause, bitch, I'm barely broke

I'm smokin' bomb-ass weed
feelin' crucial.

From player to player.

The game's tight,
the feelings mutual.

From hust! In' and prayers.

To breakin' motherfuckers
to pay up

I got no time for these bitches

'Cause these hoes
tried to play us

I'm on a meal-ticket mission
Want a mi.-", so I'm wishr'n'.

Competition got me ripped.

On that bullshit they stressin'.

House of Blues,
make some motherfuckin' noise!

Makaveli in this Kil/uminati.

Put your motherfuckirf
hands in the air!

Y'all know the words, sing it!

Hail Mary, run quick, see.

What do we have here now?

Do you want to ride or die?

I ain't a killer,
but don't push me.

Revenge is like the sweetest joy.

Next to gettin' pussy.

Picture paragraphs unloaded
Wise words bein' quoted.

Peeped the weakness
in the rap game.

And sewed it.

Bow down, pray to God
Hopin' that he's listenin'.

Seem' niggas comm' for me.

Through my diamonds,
when they glistenin'.

Now pay attention:
Bless me please, Father

I'm a ghost.

In these kiflin' fields
Hail Mary, catch me if I go.

Let's go deep inside
the solitary mind.

Of a madman.

Screams in the dark.

Evil lurks, enemies see me flee.

Activate my hate
Let it break to the flame.

Set trip, empty out my clip
Never stop to aim.

Some say the game is all corrupt.

And fucked in this shit.

Stuck, niggas is lucky
if we bust out this shit.

Plus, Mama told me never stop
Until I bust a nut.

Fuck the world
if they can'! Adjust.

It's just as we“ Hail Mary.

Come with me.

Hail Mary Nigga, run quick, see.

What do we have here now?

Sing that shit, House of Blues!

Do you want to ride or die?

Tupac! Tupac!
Tupac! Tupac! Tupac!

So they always
playin' fat boy shit!

It's time to play my shit!

All right, kick that shit!

That's why I fucked your bitch.

Let's go! Death Row!

Take money! Come on! Take money!

First off, fuck your bitch.

And the clique you claim.

Westside when we ride
Come equipped with game.

You dam to be a player
But I fucked your wife.

We bust on Bad Boys
Niggas fucked for life.


Biggie Smalls
and Junior M.A.F.l.A.

Is some mark-ass bitches.

We keep on coming.

While we running for your jewels.

Steady gunning
Keep on busting at them fools.

You know the rules.

Lil' Caesar, go ask your homie
How I'll leave you.

Cut your young ass up,
leave you in pieces.

Now be deceased.

Lil Kim, don't fuck around
with real G's.

Quick to snatch
your ugly ass off the streets.

So fuck peace!

I'll let them niggas know
it's on for life.

Don't let the Westside
ride tonight.

Bad Boy murdered
on wax and killed.

Fuck with me
and get your caps peeled.

Grab your Glocks
when you see 2Pac.

Call the cops when you see 2Pac.

Who shot me,
but your punks didn't finish.

Now you about to fee!
The wrath of a menace.

Nigga, I hit 'em up


You can come, too.
Hell, yeah, snakeskin.

Can I get a minute?

All right, look, ladies.

Y'all give a nigga a minute.

Then bring y'all
fine asses back, all right?

- Why you tripping?
- I'm tripping?

You don't see
a nigga partyin' and shit?

"Claim to be a player,
but I fucked your wife"?

What is that shit?

All right, look, hold on.
It ain't even like that.

That nigga knows
I helped him out

with everything. Feel me?

Let him rock the mic
in my shows,

sleepin' on my couch.

He owe me more than that,

and he just turned
his back on me

like he didn't know the niggas

were fittin'
to blow my head off?

And Faith?

- Casualty of war.
- Casualty of war.

The fuck has happened to you?

What happened to me?

I got shot 5 times.
That's what happened to me!

What happened to you?
You used to be down.

I'm still down.

I'm just not down
with this shit.

It's stupid. And it's dangerous.

It's dangerous
getting shot, too.

The man I knew

wanted to use his voice
to educate.

To bring people together!

That don't mean I gotta lay down

and let these motherfuckers
kill me!

That's what I'm supposed to do?

I'm supposed to be one of these

"turn the other cheek"

If a nigga comin' at me,
he gen' get dealt with.

So can nobody
tell you nothin', huh?


Not about this.




Thank you.

Thanks, man.

I didn't think
this was gonna happen.

- Yeah, right.
- I'm serious.

I called you 50 times.

- It wasn't 50 times.
- It was.


And I invited you to my show
at the House of Blues,

- and still nothing.
- Mm.

I had to think about it.

I almost gave up, though.

I'm glad you didn't.

Me too.

To live and die in LA.


Doesn't matter what you say
About Los Angeles.


Don't cry. Don't cry.

Frank, get your boy.
What'd I tell you?

Us niggas hustle for the cash
50 it's hard to knock it.

Everybody got they own thang,
currency chasm'.

through the hard times,

Worrying faces.

Shed tears as we bury niggas
close to heart.

Who was a friend
is now a ghost...

It sounds good.


None of this
is by accident, right?

Someone's getting deep.

I'm serious.

I mean, whatever we're
supposed to be doin' here,

we gotta do it, right?

You will.

You won over my dad
and that's not easy.

But you don't do what's easy.

You do what's right.

Feel like I can conquer
the world with you, girl.

So what brought all this on?

I'm fixin' to do my own thing.

That completes my contract
with Death Row.

It's time to be my own man.

What's wrong?

What's Suge gonna say

when you tell him
you're leaving?

Don't worry about that,
all right?

That's cool and all,
that's cool and all,

just make sure, next time,

they don't take
your new chain, nigga.

Nigga, what? '

That shit ain't funny.
That shit ain't funny at all.

- What up?
- What up, Pac?

What's goin' on? What up, Suge?

- What up, Pac?
- Yo, can I get a second?

Oh, mm-hmm.

- Let's let them have a minute.
- All right, let's move.

All right, blood.

Everything cool?

Yeah, everything cool, man.

I just finished Makaveli,

All Eyez on Me
was a double album.

So that completes
my three albums.

Look, big homie,

I appreciate everything you've
done for me, man. You feel me?

You gave a nigga a new life,
so I'm always down with you.

But I wanna start
my own company.

Doing music, film,
TV shows, all that.

Nigga might even
start directing.

That's cool and all.

Far as the commitment side,
you're good.

You came in on fire
and put in work.

I appreciate that.
I respect that.

But let me show you somethin'.

As far as the money side,
we ain't recouped all that.

What we gonna do about that?

There's more to this business
than just recording records.


- Mama!
- Mm-hmm.

How you doing, son?

How you doing? You lookin' good.

Oh, thank you.

Mama, this is Kidada.

Nice to finally meet you.

Thank you. It is an honor
to meet you, Ms. Shakur.

Oh, please, call me Afeni.

Would you like
some veggie stir-fry?

Oh, my son's eating vegetables?

Yes. I'm getting him off

of the hot wings-and-Hennessy


You see me coming up
in the world?

- Thank God for you!
- Yeah.

You're a miracle worker.

You know,
let me get some waters.

You want something?

- Uh, water is great.
- Okay.

Thank you.

I'll be back.

Just gonna lay the licious
on me in front of Mama?

You know she got a white mama.



This is bigger than
all of our apartments

back in the day.

- Good God!
- Yeah.

- And I got heat. Here.
- Yeah.

Don't gotta sleep
in my jacket no more.

Oh, Lord.

You've come
a long way, son. Wow.

We all have, Mama.

How are Setch and the kids?

They doing good.

The kids ain't
so little no more.


Your sister's a good mom.

She takes after somebody I know.

Beautiful, smart,

and got my son eating healthy.


And I know
your friends love her, too.

Yeah. She is somethin' special.

Yo, Pac.

I thought about what you said
last night.

Man, I thought real hard.

Let me chop it up
with you for a second.

I've been thinkin'.

I got somethin' for you
I want you to see.

It's yours.

Death Row East?

Yeah, why start some new shit
when we can expand?

Euphanasia will have
guaranteed distribution

and a bigger platform.

I run Death Row here
and you get the East Coast.

We partners now.

You already know
how this business is.

While you making
movies and records,

you need somebody
to make sure you good.

Now what do you say?

- Do you believe in God?
- Certainly.

Then believe in Death Row East.

You feel me?
Believe in that. It's real.

You feel me, look, ain't
no other record company

sold as many records as us.

Death Row East will be
a direct personification

of what we did on the West Side.

But, yo, are you concerned
about Puffy and Biggie?

Look, if this was chess,
we'd be yelling checkmate

three motherfuckin' years ago.

You feel me? Look, we're
coming to the East Coast

to prove that there is no fear,

but instead opportunity.

And opportunity is

overthrow the government
y'all got right now,

which is Nas and Bad Boy
and all that bullshit,

and we will bring
a new government here

that will feed every person
in New York.

It's real simple.

You're either with us,
or you against us.

The East Coast don't
love Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?

And Death Row?

We know y'all, East Coast.

- We know the we at.
- East Coast in the house.


Yo, that was
a bold-ass move you did

last year at the Garden, feel?

Yo, you almost caused a riot.
What happened? Talk to me.

I did it "cause
I ain't scared of nothin'."

And it was real, you feel me?

Shit, we grew up
fistenin' to East Coast rep.

We were just
tryin' to let 'em know

where we was from
and what we stand for.

Wasn't nothin'
but some love, that's it.


We'll put it out on the table.

Tell me how you feel
about Puffy and Biggie.


Puffy and Big?

They my homeboys.
It ain't like that.

They didn't want it like that.


And we don't need
to be doing that.

It's all love.

- Hey, Suge!
- It's cold as fuck.

Can't wait to get back to LA.

Man, how the fuck
Snoop gonna tell the world

that them is his homies?

Look, calm down. I'm gonna
handle it, all right?

Calm down? Nigga,
whose side is you on?

Who the fuck are you yellin' at?

I told you to
calm your little ass down.

I'm gonna handle it.

This is my shit, all right?

Nigga, you either handle it

or I'm gonna fuckin'
handle that shit.

You watch who the fuck
you're talkin' to.

Come on, we're all family.

Y'all do somethin'
about this shit!

Don't tell me how to
handle my business!

Nigga lost his fuckin' mind
talkin' to me crazy.

They're downstairs
talkin' about you.

Man, I don't give a fuck.
I said what I said.

Don't nobody do nothin'
until we get there.

I'm on the way
back to LA right now.

Hey, hold on
for a second, all right?

Hey, we full, homie.

You gonna have to fly solo.

Hey, y'all gonna have to
get on the other one.

I'm cool. Y'all go ahead.

Mean like a motherfucker.

Don't fuckin matter
what he said.

It only matter what I say.

Tighten up. Nigge-

Yo, for real, this is shit!

Gettin' back
to that good weather.

- What's up, cuz?
- My homie.

Oh, it's like that?

These niggas are fucked.

Hey, you goin'
to Vegas tomorrow, cuz?

To the Tyson fight?

- What's up?
- What's up, fam?

- You all right, man? You good?
- I'm all good.

It was a hot trip, cuz,

but guess I'll holla at him
when he come back from Vegas.

Yeah, he be all right.
We'll figure this shit out.

Baby, let's just
stay in all night, okay?

Let's make this our forever.

I gotta go support Mike,
baby, all right?

He asked me to be there,
so I gotta go.

- That's my homeboy.
- Yeah. And I'm your girl.

You got this undying loyalty

to help people
and that's not always good.

That's just who I am.
How I was raised.

So I gotta be there.
I said I would.

I know.

- But right now...
- Is that right?

I'm going to need you
right here with me.


You're so beautiful.

Introducing the one
and only iron Mike Tyson!

Here we go,

Tyson comes
right into Bruce Seldon!

Tyson coming
forward... Swing and a miss

with the right hook,
and down goes Bruce Seldon!

And that's it! Just like that,
ifs over in the first round!

Fifty blows. Fifty right
on his ass, real quick.

That nigga knocked his ass out.

Remember them bitch-ass niggas

that jumped me in the mall?

Left corner pocket,
right now. Piru.

You already know
what time it is, nigga.

- Hold on, Pac.
- Hold up, blood!

- Hold up.
- Come on, wait up.

- Come on.
- Hold up, though, man!

There's the dope, right there.

What's up now, motherfucker!

Hey, baby. What...

Oh, my God! What happened?

Found the motherfucker
who stole the homie chain.

You got in a fight?

- It ain't nothin', all right?
- And over some stupid chain?

It ain't about the chain.

You just said it was
about the fucking chain!

I'm not gonna let
nobody diss my company!

Your company?

Me and Suge are partners now.

So first you talk about leaving

and now all of a sudden
you guys are partners?

God, for someone
so smart, you...


It ain't like that, okay?

It's not like what?

Is not like what?

Everything I got is tied up
in that motherfucker.


My house, cars, even my music!

I couldn't leave if I wanted to.

Dre left.

Clearly I ain't Dre.

Where are you going?

Goin' to the club with Suge.

Okay. I'm gonna go with you.

- Kidada.
- What?

Baby, listen...

I'm gonna be there
an hour tops, all right?

One hour.

Then I'm coming
right back to you.

Put on that red dress.

You know I like you in that one.

We hit the crap tables,

drink a little Hennessy,

bring it back to the room

- and make a mess.
- Mm. Okay.

So then you're
really gonna go, huh?

I have to.

One hour.


Promise me.

[ Door opens I.

Yo, you cool?

Yo, Pac, you stayin'
or you going?

All right,
y'all hurry up and get there.

Keep your eyes open.

- Let's have some fun.
- E.

- Y'all ready?
- Yeah, I'm good.

You got some rolled up or what?

You already know.

Hell, yeah.
That's what I'm talkin' about.

Roll with it.

Yeah. You already know.


You ride with them
in the Lexus, all right?

Jump in the car with Suge.

You sure after everything
that happened?

Yeah, I'm good.

Plus I'm ridin' with this
big nigga right here, man.

I'm straight.

All right, let's roll.

That colorful-ass sweater
Suge got on, man.

Nigga, let's ride.

That shit look
like somebody's rug

be in they fuckin' living room.

Outlaw immortal win this tussle.

Using my strip for muscle.

Off in this hustle and bustle.

When niggas be itching
And trying to dust you.


Yeah, we one in the streets.

From the west to the east.

Ride or die is the motto...

Outlawz is the shit.
You feel me?

- You fuckin' with that?
- Hell, yeah.

Yeah, we ready for whatever
And we heavy in the game.

Suge, you a crazy nigga.

Yo, Pac. What up?

You're looking good.

- I'm good, man. You good?
- Be safe, man.

- All right.
- You too, brother.

We one in the streets.

Yeah, we ready for whatever
And we heavy in the game

I know you know the name
But let me say it.

What you puttin' in there now?


This is the shit right here,
Suge, on me.

You hear that?

- What the fuck is this?
- Hear the sounds of this?

This is my shit right here,
Big Suge.

Blackberry Molasses.

One of those things
that never change.

Oh. Hell, no.

You gotta keep pushing on.

The sun don't reign all the me.

There's gonna be
some heartache and pain.

Turn that shit off.
We Death Row.

Man, look,
open up your mind, Suge.

Time's we got past that.

Listen to more than
just the rap shit.

My nigga's R&B on here
that's slammin'.

This is ghetto gospel
right here.

Your movie's got you fucked up.

You gettin' soft.

- No, fuck you, nigga.
- Play that hard shit.

Keep that shit off.

- Ain't that Pac?
- Sure, it's Pac!

Hey, what's up, Pas'?

- What's up, girl?
- Where y'all goin'?

About to go to the club.

Can me and my homegirl go too?

Hell, yeah!

We're going to 6-6-2. Fall in.

Follow us.

Oh, shit!



Metro PD! On the ground!

Hey, man,
my homeboy's been shot!

He's in the fucking car
right now. He's been shot!

On your knees! On the ground!

- Freeze!

He's the victim!
He's the victim. He's with us!

He in the fuckin' car!
My man he's been shot!

- LAPD. He's with us.
- Come on, man.

He's a victim!



I'll get his legs.

Oh, shit. Come on.

- Keep your eyes open, man!
- Come on, Pac.

Hold on, Pac. Stay with us.

Keep your eyes open, Pac.

They mothen'uckin'
shot my nigga, man!

Hurry up!

Stay with us, Pac.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Keep your eyes open, Pac.

It's gonna be all right.

When Jesus, when Jesus.

Jesus died for you and me.

This is what he's done.

He has lifted.

Lifted - He's lifted.

All of my burdens.

He's lifted all of my burdens.

All away.

Said He is.

Yes, He is.

Every time I speak
I wanna shiver, you know?

I don't want them to be like
they know what I'm gonna say

'cause it's polite.

They know what I'm gonna say.

And even if I get in trouble,
you know what I'm sayin',

ain't what we're supposed to do?

I'm not saying
I'm gonna rule the world

or I'm gonna change the world,

but I guarantee
that I will spark the brain

that will change the world.

- My sou!
- My soul.

Only God can judge me.

That right?

Only God can judge me now.

Nobody else - Nobody else.

AM you other motherfuckers
get out my business.


Perhaps 1 was blind to the facts.

Stabbed in the back

I couldn't trust my own hornies
just a bunch of dirty rats

was I succeed?
Paranoid from the weed.

And hocus pocus,
9 try to focus but! Can't see.

And in my mind
m a blind man doin' time.

Look to my future 'cause
my past is all behind me.

Is it a crime to fight
for what is mine?

Everybody's dyin' tell me
what's the use of tryin'

I've been trapped since birth
cautious 'cause I'm cursed.

And fantasies of my family
in a hearse.

And they say it's
the white man I should fear.

But it's my own kind dam'
ah' the kimn' here

I can't lie, ain't no love
for the other side.

Jealousy inside,
make 'em wish 3 died.

Oh my Lord,
tell me what I'm livin' for.

Everybody's droppin' got me
knockin' on heaven's door.

And all my memories
of seem' brothers bleed.

And everybody grieves
but still nobody sees.

Recohect your thoughts
don't get caught up in the mix

'Cause the media
is fun of dirty tricks.

Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me
Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me now.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me.


I hear the doctor
standin' over me screamin'

I can make it.

Got a body full of bullet
holes layin' here naked.

SW I can't breathe
somethings evil in my IV

'Cause every time I breathe
I think they kilfin' me

I'm havin' nightmares,
homicidal fantasies

I wake up stranglin'
tangled in my bed sheets

I call the nurse
'cause it hurts to reminisce.

How did it come to this?
I wish they didn't miss.

Somebody help me
tell me where to go from here

'Cause even thugs cry
but do the Lord care?

Try to remember, but it hurts

I'm walkin' through the
cemetery talkin' to the dirt

I'd rather die like a man
than live like a coward.

There's a ghetto up in heaven
and ifs ours.

"Black Power!" is what we scream.

As we dream in a paranoid state.

And our fate
is a lifetime of hate.

Dear Mama, can you save me?
And fuck peace

'Cause the streets got
our babies we gotta eat.

No more hesitation each
and every black male's trapped.

And they wonder why we suicidal.

Running 'round strapped.

Mr' Police, please try to see.

That there': A million

Stressin' just like me.

Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me
Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me
Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

- Only God can judge me.
- Only God can judge me now.

That which does not kill me
can only make me stronger.

That's for real.

And I don't see why
everybody feel as though.

They gotta tell me
how to five my life.

You know?

Let me live, baby, lei me live.

Pac, I feel ya,
keep servin' it on the reala.

For instance say a pfaya
harm' mark is out to kit'! Ya.

Would you be wrong for buck:'n'
a nigga to the pavement?

He gen' get me first

lif I don't get him
fool start prayin'.

Ain't no such thing
as self-defense.

In the court of law.

So judge us when we get to where.

We 're gain wearin' a cross.

That's real, got him, lurked him.

Crept the fuck up on him.

Sold a half a million tapes
now everybody want him.

After ta/kin' behind my back
like a bitch would.

Tellin' them niggas

”You can fade him,”
punk I wish you would.

It be them same motherfuckers
in your face.

That'H rush up in your place
to get your safe.

Knowin' you on that paper chase.

Grass, glass, big screen
and leather couch.

My new shit is so fem
already said a ki or ounce.

Bitch, remember 2Pac and 4-Tay.

Them same two brothers dodgin'
bullets representin' the Bay.

Pac, when you was locked down.

That's when I'll be around.

Start climbin' up
the charts so sick.

But they tried to clown.

That's why they ride
the bandwagon.

Stiff be dra-gg:'n' sewn' lies.

Don't think
9 don't see you haters

I know y'all in disguise.

Guess you figure you know me
'cause I'm a thug.

That love to hit the late
nightclub drink and buzzed.

Been livin' lavish
like a player all day.

Now I'm bout to floss 'em off.
Player shit with 4-Tay.

Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me
Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

That's real.

Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me
Only God can judge me.

Only God can judge me, only God.

Only God can judge me now.

Only God, mane - That right?

That's real.

Only God can judge me now.

Fuck everybody else,
you know what I'm sayin'?

Man, look here, man.

My only fear of death

ls comm' back to this bitch
reincarnated, man.

That's for the homie mental.

We up out.

Only God can judge me now.

Only God can judge me now.

Only God can judge me now