Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 2 - Survivor - full transcript

Tribes are quickly dividing as the stress of their situation takes an early toll.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor: 18 castaways were

marooned on the island nation of

Vanuatu, and during a native

ceremony, the men and women were

divided into opposing tribes.

>> It's perfect.

I can outsmart eight men a hell

of a lot quicker than I can

outsmart eight women.

>> PROBST: The pressure was on

when the men were given a chance

to get a traditional spirit

stone for luck.

You have to get it from the top

of that pole.

If you fail, the women get it.

Brady got the stone for the men.

>> I think the boys got a

lot more out of that ceremony

than we did.

We're out for blood now.

>> PROBST: On the hike to find

their camp, conflict came quick

to the Yasur tribe when Scout

held back the others.

>> I just wanted to

hunker down till daylight.

>> Like, I think sleeping

right here is, like, the

stupidest thing we could

possibly do.

>> PROBST: And for Lopevi, it

was Rory who stirred the pot.

>> We really need to come

up with some sort of game plan.

Nine of us walking in a group

like a bunch of ladies ain't


>> PROBST: Both tribes found

their camps.

>> We got the flag!


>> PROBST: And the next morning

at Yasur, there was more


>> Twila has been working

on the shelter constantly.

>> We had too much chatting

and not enough moving.

>> I call these sorority

girls "bowheads."

They all like to hang together.

They're like cattle.

>> I'm really not a

negative person, like...

>> Eliza talks non-stop.

She's probably at the top of my

list just to get her mouth out

of my face.

>> PROBST: At the first

challenge, the men and women

competed for immunity as well as

flint to make fire.

Lopevi had the lead, until Chris

failed to make it across the

balance beam.

The women win the war and


Back at camp, the younger guys

wanted Chris out.

>> PROBST: But Chris and Lea had

their own plan.

>> The only way we're going

to get a million dollars-- one

of us-- is if we get rid of the

young people.

>> I'll talk to Chad.

I'll take care of it.

>> PROBST: Lea and Chris's plan


Perceived as a physical threat

by the older men, Brook was

voted out of the tribe.

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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(bird chirping)

>> Last night was

freezing cold.

The standing joke this morning

was, "Well, how was your sleep

this morning?"

My answer was, "I slept like a


Woke up every three or four

minutes and cried."

It's not good.

We need fire for heat and just

for food, 'cause we're getting

so drained.

I want to eat something cooked

so bad.

>> Look, I'll eat it.

I mean, it's protein.

>> It's been pretty

tough... a lot tougher than I

thought it would be.

Are we prepared for fire if it

does actually take off?

Have we got everything we need

to keep it going?

Nothing positive's really

happened for us.

We need something to boost our


>> All right, dawg.

>> This could change everything.

>> We're ready.

This is it.

It smells good already.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Keep going.

>> Good smoke.

>> Ready?

>> It's getting darker.

>> Go, go, go!

>> Come on, J.P.,

go, dude, go.

Go, dude.

Come on, dude, come on.

More heat, the more fire, dude.

Go, dude, go, dude.

Keep it going, J.P.

>> It's hot.

Oh, yeah, it is.

>> Real light, real light and


Steady, steady, steady.

Real light and slow.

>> We got it.

Get it in there.

>> It's lit. It's lit.

It's lit. It is lit.

>> It's burning my hand


>> Come here, Sarge, quick!

Nobody blow.

Just let Chris, okay?

>> Cover it up. Make it more.

>> Ow! Man, that thing burnt

my hand.

>> It's going to take off.

>> Pay tribute.

Pay tribute.

>> It's going to start.

>> Respect the island.

Respect the island.

>> That's it, Chris.

>> Whoever gets to be around.

>> It's smoking!

>> Get away from it with that.

>> Whoo!

>> It's raining.

It just can't rain.

>> We need something drier.

We need...

>> It's too hot.


>> Cover it up.

>> Keep it hot.

Keep it hot.

>> Come on, come on, catch!

>> Nothing, dude.

>> You know, we're working

ourselves to death, and, uh...

that was a real downer.

We know exactly that if we don't

get water soon, we're going to

be hurting.

These girls are going to kick

our tail.

>> We don't mind spotting you.

>> Go ahead. We got you.

>> Now, go up first.

>> Now step on my shoulder.

>> Got it?

>> Got it.

>> All right, yeah, you can

get it?

>> Get her the machete!

>> Wait, I can't do it.

You got to do it together.

>> Keep her on your shoulder.

>> One, two, three, up.

>> Yeah.

Here it comes.

Oh, geez, the machete.

>> Please don't drop the

machete, dude.

>> Lift me up a little bit


>> You better hurry up.

>> Yeah, honey, I-I can't...

>> I can't do much more

of this.

>> Get it!

>> You're on my hand.

>> Get it!

>> Wait! (grunts)

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I'm going to grab it.

>> Yes!

>> Yay!

>> Good job, mama.

>> I'm going to tell you what.

This better be good for dinner.

>> That better not be


Day four.

It's going rough.

It's just getting unreal-- the

circumstances and our living


And it's about 1,000 times

harder than I thought this was

going to be.

(thunder rumbling)

Gosh, can we get a break here,


>> It's just... horrendous.

The beach is uncomfortable.

The water's uncomfortable.

It's freezing at night.

Everything is damp.

Like, you always feel wet and


I mean, it's beautiful, like,

looking at it, but, like, to

live here, it's just so


I think someone was saying last

night that being here is like

being in prison, because we do

not have nearly enough food, and

then we have these unripe,

disgusting plantains that when

you cook 'em just taste like

burnt... mush.

>> How's the coconut cooked?

>> Uh-oh.

>> What is that, a maggot?

>> Yep.

>> Here, hand it over.

>> Oh, my God, there are maggots

in that.

>> There are a bunch of

'em in there.

>> Oh, my God, I see them.

>> Where?

>> They're all over.

>> It can't be a maggot,

because it's...

it's-it's been boiled.

>> Are those maggots, Scout?

>> Those are definitely maggots.

>> Eh, I'm eating it anyway.

Everything was boiled.

>> Boy, look at all that

protein in there.

>> Yeah, eat 'em up, mm.

Gosh, give 'em to me. Mm...

>> Just not eating and

not sleeping at night, and

the... the maggots...

And it's just all sinking in.

It's... it's rough.

Nothing's wrong. It's just...

it's just coming out of me.

>> You've been crying.

>> (sighs)

But nothing's wrong.

I'm just... it's just coming

out of me.


Like, I'm having fun.

I'm not... I'm not complaining

at all.

I'm so happy to be here.

I just am hungry and tired.

>> Eliza, do you know why

somebody put the...?

>> Thank you.

You are so nice to me.


>> I don't know.

These young ones-- I don't know

if they thought this was a joke.

I don't know what they was


If it comes down to eating

maggots, I'm going to eat


To me, if there was,

they were cooked.

They're good. Protein.

Eat 'em. Shut up.

Sorority girls, like... like

Scout calls 'em-- they're not

mature enough.

They're not physically strong


They just...

they just wear me out.

They just don't understand the

game, I guess.

If they want to be pampered,

they need to go back to the

Holiday Inn.

>> Travis, can I ask

you something personal?

>> Yeah, go ahead.

>> Before Tribal Council,

did my name come up?

>> This past one?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Yes, it did.

>> Tribal Council last

night was very intense, and it

was an eye-opener.

As of right now, it's myself,

John and Brady.

We're kind of like the physical,

young, vibrant guys in the


Then you have the older crowd:

the Sarge, Chad, Rory, Travis

and Chris.

Those are five guys.

Right now, it's five against


Those aren't good odds.

>> I'll shoot you straight.

Let's stop and talk, all right?

>> Let's stop and talk, man.

>> You're too big of a threat.

>> Okay.

>> I like you.

>> Great.

>> I think... I think...

>> Wait, a threat to

the group or a threat to you?

>> When this thing...

when this thing goes, it's your

personality, your great looks.

That's a threat.

When I make my decision, I've

got four children at home

and a wife.

And that's what I base my

decisions on.

You are so frickin' dangerous,


>> So if I had kids, would

that... would that alter

your decision?

Is that what you're telling me?

>> No, I'm saying, if

you had kids, you'd be playing

the game and understand...

>> What, like-like you?

I'd be playing the game like you

if I had kids?

>> I've known you for

what now, five days?

>> Five days. Five days.

>> I've got a family at

home I've known a long time.

>> Five days.

Who else is a threat, T.?

>> Anybody playing the game.

>> Yeah?

>> Anybody that's in this game.

There were 17 threats when we

started this game.

17 threats.

Only one person wins.

>> PROBST: Yasur coming in nine


Hey, guys.

Yasur getting your first look at

the new Lopevi Tribe.

>> Who's gone?

>> PROBST: Brook-- voted out,

first Tribal Council.

Ready to get to today's


>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: Okay, it's for


Here's how it works:

Each tribe member, numbered one

through eight, will line up on a


Moving one tribe member at a

time, in order, you move down

the beam, squeezing past the

other tribe members.

If you fall off, go back to the


Keep trying until you get it


You cannot touch more than one

person at any time.

If you do, go back to the start,

try again.

First tribe to get all eight to

the finish platform wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Hopefully, this will


(excited chattering)

...your night sleeping a little



Okay, you have one hammock,

two pillows,

three nice heavy, heavy


In addition, Lopevi, from here

on out, you'll also be playing

for your flint.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: Yasur, because you

have one extra tribe member,

you're sitting somebody out.

You cannot sit out the same

person in back-to-back


Who is sitting out, Yasur?

>> Scout.

>> Scout.

>> PROBST: Scout's going to sit

this one out.

All right, take your spots on

the beam-- wait for my go.

Here we go, guys.

For reward in the form of

blankets and pillows and for the

men, the chance for fire.

Survivors, ready and begin.

You can only touch one person at

a time.


Back to the start.

Resist the temptation to touch

two people.

That's it.

Eliza, back to the beginning.

Brady making his way past one.

Eliza and Lisa struggling.

Nice and close.

Brady starting to figure it out.

Moving past Chad.

Brady and Chad doing well.

Eliza moving past Dolly.

Don't touch two people.

Brady moving past Sarge.

As you get room, spread out a

little more.

Eliza is down.

>> Yes! Go, go, go!

Come on, Yasur!

>> PROBST: Bubba and Brady doing

a little waltz.

Not sure Bubba likes this.

>> It's okay.

Come on, come on.

>> PROBST: Julie's in.

Brady only one spot away.

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: And he's there.

All the way down.

>> Julie, come on.

(indistinct chatter)

>> PROBST: J.K. moving past J.P.

Holding that hug just a little


J.K. and J.P. still struggling.

Julie's finished.

The women have two across.

The men still at one.

John talking through it with


>> You have to trust each


If you lean back, he'll hold


Trust him.

>> Way to go, way to go!

>> PROBST: John goes in.

>> Nice, nice, nice.

>> PROBST: Taking Twila a long


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Twila's across.

That's four for the women.

And the men still at one.

>> We want them damn


I'm freezing my butt off.

>> John, you're going

with them, buddy.

>> PROBST: Brady trying to help.

...back, John!

Chad, you've got to trust...

you've got to trust that he'll

hold you, buddy.

You have to lean back a little


>> PROBST: Ooh.

>> Way to go, Twila.

You're looking good.

>> PROBST: No, Ami.

Back to the start.

You touched two people at one


>> Just jump and go.

>> PROBST: John's past Chad,

moving on to Sarge.

>> Take your time, Ami.

(indistinct chatter)

>> PROBST: That's the way, John.

Moving past Bubba.

John back in.

Ami across.

Five women, one man.

Leann gets past Dolly easily.

Pillows, blankets, hammock at

stake for the women.

Women down to the last two.

>> Go, go, go.

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Dolly steps down.

Mia moonwalks over to the side.

(woman cheering)

Yasur wins their second

challenge in a row!

(cheering loudly)

(women whooping)

All right, well, guys, once

again balance beam proves tough.

You were playing for flint in


That will stay with me.

You'll get a chance at the next


Guys, head on out, back to camp.

Same way you came.

Women, this is yours.


>> Could you imagine Sarge

getting past Travis?

It's impossible.

>> And Twila's little dance.


What the hell... what is that?

>> That wasn't Twila.

>> Well, whatever her name


>> Mia.

>> It was a game.

I mean, we lost.

>> At least show some class,


>> (stammers)

>> We probably would've


>> I understand that

they're proud about it, Sarge.

>> But we would've done the

same thing.

>> No, I don't think that

we would've done the same thing.

I don't think that we would've

intentionally shoved somebody's

nose into it.

You know, that was nonsense.

That was classless.

Show some class!

They're grown women.

I understand it's a competition,

but if she was a man, would you

have taken that, Sarge?


>> Take what?

I mean, we lost.

I mean, I lose humble because

it's a competition.

>> I'm humbled because of

that, too, but I don't need a


>> Okay.

I have been contemplating over

this one person that is striking

me wrong as rain.

>> Yeah.

>> Same person.

>> And I'm like, man,

I just... I'm... we're in a


And to sit there and defame

someone because of a game, you

know, how you going to get


I mean, he's all, "Well, they

shouldn't have danced."

But to sit there and walk around

here and grumble for hours over


It's just, I don't know, it...

strikes me funny.

>> I think we're going to

have a sunny day.

>> Good morning.

♪ Good morning to you

Good morning to you. ♪


>> I am just happy that

we have water and we had

blankets last night, and the

guys are suffering big time.

And I wouldn't want to be in

their shoes because I know what

it was like the first couple

days and that sucks, big time.


>> Don't move, don't move.

>> You guys, I have never

killed anything.

>> My shoes aren't...

Wait, don't move, don't move.

He's going to go that way.

I want him to come this way.

You can't run after it because

the thing will fly.

(clucking continues)

Just don't scare him away the

other way.

>> Chicken soup sure

sounded good.

>> Chicken soup?

Man, the whole chicken.


>> Just swing down and

thump him.


>> I'll tell you what.

I'll kill that rooster if I

find it.


>> Oh, I see him.

Oh, my God, he's laying an egg.

>> "She."

I hate to be mean but...

>> What are you going to do?


>> I could go right

through here.

>> I say just stab her.

>> It will be gross.

>> Solid stab.

>> Just do it.

Just do it.

>> Oh, God, I hate to do


>> Take a deep breath, say

you're sorry, thank you, God,

for this gift.

>> Yeah, really.

>> Thank God for this


But I'm sorry, chicken, 'cause

I can't stand to hurt any




Ooh, get her, get her!

Get her, get her!

Grab her, grab her!

Grab her!


>> Well, is there an egg?

>> There's several eggs.

>> There's several eggs!

>> Yeah.

We almost had us a chicken.

I got five eggs.

>> Onesy... twosey...

>> Oh, this is a blessing,




>> Careful.

>> Whoa, no.

No, no, no.

>> What happened?

>> Oh, no, oh, no.

>> The good news about

being a tribe of all women is

that we care about each other,

we want each other to succeed.

We haven't had to start voting

people off yet.

And I think we can win the next


But I definitely see groups


The two groups that were formed

I think are like the older

generation and then the younger


That diversity in age has really

separated everybody.

>> Can you get it?

>> I think so.

It's heavy, but I got it.

>> The younger group would

be Mia, Julie, Dolly, Eliza and

Lisa, which I think she likes

being in the younger group.

And the older group has been

more like Scout and Twila, and I

think Leann's more in the older


>> I just, every time I

hear 35 I think, half of 70.

I'm almost 70.


>> I think I gravitate more

towards the older group just

because they're really willing

to work.

But this is a game of non-trust.

I view the first day coming in,

do not trust anyone.

Don't trust anybody.

>> Well, it's going to

come down to a point not where

who likes who but who is

threatened by who.

Do you know I mean?

>> Yeah, but that's why I

say if we can get down to five

women, then the strategy's over.

>> And the girls go.

>> Yeah, and then we're


>> Twila is just wanting

to know that she is part of a

majority group.

That she's, uh, she's not on

the chopping block.

At first, we were all talking

about you.

>> I know.

>> And-and then, uh...

I think Twila knew that the five

younger girls-- and we had said

that if we had gone to Tribal

Council the first, uh, challenge

that we would have voted for


And then now, you know, we

cannot vote for Twila.

She's busting her ass.

We absolutely have to have her


The expendable person really is


>> She drives me nuts.

>> She's driving everybody...

if she's driving Scout nuts,

I mean...

>> If it comes down to

alliance-wise and stuff, it's

Ami and me and Scout and Leann.

The only one we have to worry

about is, uh, Dolly.

Dolly's going to be the...

She's the pivot person in the


I think she's in, but you never


>> Yeah, let them do

their own thing.

If we got five voting for Eliza,

then we're in the clear.

>> That's it.

>> I'm-I'm with you.


>> Mail for you, buddy.

"So far, it seems the spirits

haven't responded to the stone.

"Depend upon your tribe mates.

You can't do this on your own.

"When you put it all together,

it takes agility, skill and


Tonight, the dreams of victory

for one will turn to dust."

>> Tree mail!

>> Tree mail!

The spirit stone, is, of course,

the, uh, idol that we won on our

first welcome to the island, and

it's supposed to bring good luck

to the bearer, but quite

frankly, it has not worked for


We haven't won immunity yet.

>> We need some sort of

victory around here.

>> We'll get one.

We all got to work together.

We know that.

>> The stone is important

for us.

It started off, uh, as a stone

at the ceremony.

We just brought it with us to

set up our camp, but then we

started sort of neglecting it,

and things weren't going our

way, so, um, we started to give

it a bit more respect.

>> Remember the rain when

you took it down?

>> I don't know if it's

just sick timing, but the day

has been clear all day, and then

all of a sudden, they put the

spirit stone back on the pole,

and it starts raining again.

There's magic on Vanuatu.

That's... There's magic on this


>> PROBST: Yasur, Lopevi, come

on in!

All right.

Let's get to today's challenge.

I will take back immunity.

I know you hate to see it go.

>> We'll get it back.

>> PROBST: Immunity back up for


Today's challenge is going to

test communication and the

ability to work together.

Scattered out in the field and

in the water are 12 pairs of

puzzle pieces.

You're going to designate one

tribe member to be your set of


The other tribe members will be

blindfolded and tied together in

three groups.

You'll collect the pairs of

puzzle pieces one pair

at a time.

Bring 'em back, drop 'em on

your mat.

Once you have all the pieces

collected, take off your

blindfold, start assembling

three puzzles in order from

bottom to top.

First tribe to complete all

three puzzle wins immunity.

And for Lopevi...

>> Fire!

>> Yeah!

>> Fire!

>> PROBST: You're still playing

for that flint.

Okay. Yasur, you have one extra


You're sitting somebody out.

Who's it going to be?

>> Dolly.

>> PROBST: Dolly's going to sit

sit out.

>> I'll sit out.

>> PROBST: Who's going to be

your set of eyes?

>> Scout.

>> Scout.

>> PROBST: Scout's going to be

the eyes-- Lopevi?

>> Sarge.

>> PROBST: Sarge is going

to be the eyes.

All right, let's get you

blindfold, and we'll get going.

Here we go, guys, for immunity,

and Lopevi, for flint.

Survivors ready?


>> J.P., forward 15 paces.

J.P., forward.

Chad, go, Chad, keep going.

Keep going. Bubba, ten o'clock.

Ten o'clock.

>> Pick it up.

You unhook it. Unhook it.

>> Go straight ahead!

Lean down. Pick that up.

Pick that up.

>> Here, I got something.

Come on. Turn around.

>> Bubba, come to me.

Right here.

>> Ow!

>> This way! Sideways!

Sideways! Back up. Drop it.

>> PROBST: Yasur has their

first piece.

Lopevi has their first piece.

Looking for 12 pairs.

But a traffic jam with Yasur.

>> Come on, come here.

>> J.P., stop!

J.P., nine o'clock.

Nine o'clock. Okay.

Six o'clock, J.P.

Six o'clock.

Six o'clock, J.P.!

>> Yo, Sarge.

>> Help!

>> Water team, go

straight, go straight.

You're doing great.

>> Right in front of you.

Keep walking, keep walking.

Right there!

>> PROBST: Lopevi with their

second pair.

Left! Straight, Bubba. Left.

To the left. To the left.

Right there.

>> Keep going, keep going.

>> PROBST: Yasur with five


>> One, two, three.

>> Scout!

>> Hey, water team, go right.

>> J.P., left! J.P., left!

Straight! Go straight!

Feel it? That's you!

>> Good!

>> Mia, it's right behind

you, cookie.

>> It's right here.

>> You got it?

>> You guys, hurry up!

Let's go!

>> Yo, Bubba, go to the left!

Left, Bubba! Bubba, left!

No, Bubba, go to the left!

Bubba, left! Left!

Left! Now straight!

That's it!

Yeah, straight ahead!

Come on! Right here!

Straight ahead!

>> PROBST: Lopevi coming back

with two pairs.

>> Straight! Right there.

Put it down.

>> PROBST: Lopevi with eight


Yasur at five, falling behind.

Yasur with their sixth pair.

>> What else?

>> Turn around.

>> Come on!

>> Brady, straight ahead!

>> Ow!

>> PROBST: Brady took one on the


>> You're all right, man.

You're all right. Just breathe.

>> This way.

Feel the path right there.

You're on it.

>> You got to lead us.

We can't hear you out there.

>> J.P., left, to the left!

>> Water team, you're

going to pick one up right there

in a minute.

>> Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

>> PROBST: Ooh!

>> There it is.

All right.

>> PROBST: Lopevi with their

eleventh pair.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Lopevi needs one

more pair.

>> Ami, go straight ahead.

>> Feel in front of me

and stuff, 'cause you

never know.

Oh, my God.

>> To the left, J.P.!

Left! Right there!

Left! Left!

That's it! Come to me!

>> Go straight.

Come on, come to my voice.

Come to my voice.

>> PROBST: This is nine and ten

for Yasur.

>> Sarge, we'll direct

them, Sarge.

We'll direct them.

>> You need to stay still

and be quiet!

>> Lopevi!

>> Stay!

>> Lopevi!

>> Stay, J.P.!


>> Lopevi!

>> Hey, you, hey, stop!

Stop! You are messing me up!

Straight! Straight!

>> To your right.

Go ahead.

>> To the right.

>> I got it.

>> You got it?

>> Is this it?

>> Scout, should we go

back to the water?

>> No, we're good.

>> We don't have any more

in the water?

>> No, we got 'em.

You guys, hurry up!

Get to my voice! Let's go!

>> PROBST: Lopevi coming back

with their last pair.

>> Put it down!

>> PROBST: Get 'em off!

Take off the blindfolds!

>> Come on, guys, let's do this.

>> PROBST: Yasur coming back

with their eleventh piece.

>> Hustle. You're there.

Drop it. Take off your


>> PROBST: No, Scout!


>> We got any more?

Scout, we got any more?

>> We got one in the water.

>> I said that!

I said I thought...

>> All right, go.

Go to the water. Go.

>> Look at the yellow.

>> PROBST: Lopevi with a huge


>> Keep going, Lisa.

Reach out and get it.

Unclip it.

>> PROBST: Let's go, Yasur!

Keep moving!

Yasur, take off your blindfolds.

>> Take off your


>> PROBST: Start untying.

Let's go!

>> Let's go! Untying.

>> PROBST: Lopevi taking a long

time with that first puzzle.

Yasur, you're still in this.

>> Let's go, let's go,

let's go, let's go, let's go.

>> PROBST: Lopevi has their

first puzzle complete.

Working on number two.

Yasur has their first puzzle


Moving on to number two.

>> Let's go, let's go, let's go!

>> PROBST: Lopevi moving on to

their final puzzle.

>> Hand me something.

Hand me something.

>> PROBST: The guys working

together well, talking,


>> Right there!

That's it, that's it, that's it!

>> PROBST: Lopevi wins immunity!


>> I am Lopevi!

Say my name!

>> PROBST: Lopevi finally wins a


You have immunity.


No Tribal Council.

>> What up? What up?

Give it here! Give it here!

>> MEN: Fire!

>> PROBST: Fire!

>> Fire! Fire!

>> PROBST: Congratulations.

Yasur, Tribal Council tonight.

You'll vote out your first


Head on back.


>> Hey, there's no crying

on Survivor.

>> No crying in Survivor.

>> No, there's not.

>> Honey, we play 'em

well, and we play 'em tight...

>> Everything's going to be


>> Let's go...

>> We've got a coconut down here

ready to go.

>> I never expected to

like everyone so much.

>> Really?

>> It's just awful.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.

>> So, are you voting

with them now?

>> I'm not voting with

anyone at this point.

I'm just going to... for this

time, I'm voting, like, for her,

because I don't know who else to

vote for.

The "T" works pretty hard

right now.

>> Right.

>> Originally, we had

Dolly secure, but I think, being

as sweet as Dolly is, you know,

she, uh, you know, kind of

switched back and felt guilty.

The only good thing about...

Well, not the only good thing

about Eliza, but a great thing

about Eliza is the fact that you

tell her to do this,

and she'll do it.

I don't think she's looking out

for her best interests.

I think she's looking out for

everybody's interests, and it's

just not possible in this game.

>> Okay, so if we keep to

our first five, then we go with

Twila then, tonight, if we go...

>> Do you feel comfortable

with that, or do you want

to keep Leann, or do you

want to get...?

I mean, Leann's just kind of


>> DOLLY: Yeah, Leann's...

>> I love Leann.

I love everybody, okay, but,

like, is she less of a...?

You know, 'cause Twila does work

so hard.

>> Yeah. Maybe Leann.

Yeah, my head is completely

spinning, and I'm, uh, I'm

afraid, um, at this point,

because I don't want to...

I don't want to make the

wrong choice.

I'm definitely in the middle,

and I hate that, but I-I think

I-I'm definitely more loyal to

to my younger crowd,

my younger girls.

>> Right, right.

>> 'Cause I'd have more

fun out here, I think.

>> Do you want to say

Twila or Leann?

It's up to you.

>> Let's say Leann for

the first one.

>> Okay. Leann.

>> All right. Okay.

You know, it's... I'm already...

I've got myself in a jam.

It's a cluster... cluster


>> How are we going to

decide, like, now that we have

to talk about it.

I'm down with talking about it.

Like, I didn't really talk about

it before because I wasn't close

yet, you know what I mean?

>> I think, uh, I think,

uh, Julie and Mia and myself,

and I think Lisa also, are

saying Leann for this first


>> Right.

>> It's so tough, you know.

>> Uh-huh.

>> I know I can vote for

Leann or Eliza, either way.

>> That's my preferred

vote is Eliza, because she's

just so, just...

>> Yeah.

Yeah, she is irritating.

>> Just so irritating.

>> Yeah, but I have Mia

and Julie saying Leann, and just

get it done and get it over


>> I wish I knew their

criteria for that.

Leann doesn't complain.

She's a strong competitor.

>> There's no rhyme or

reason behind her, it's just...

>> Leann's a pretty good

worker, isn't she, or is she...?

>> I haven't even noticed.

I don't even notice Leann.

That's the thing.

For some reason, she's just not

on my radar at all.

>> Dolly told me that she

was definitely going to vote for


I nearly dropped my teeth.

That just...


>> So who are you voting

for, Leann?

>> Who am I voting for?

>> Me.

>> I don't know.

Is there, uh...

(chuckles nervously)

What's going on?

I don't know what's going on at


>> I don't agree with

either one.

I just think it's turned into a

popularity contest...

>> What's the other one?

>> ...and I'm not into


>> What's the other one?

Is it me?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Why me?

>> What Dolly said was,

"We'll vote Leann off now and

save Eliza for later."

And I guess it's just how the

cookie crumbles, but it's kind

of turned into this Dolly, Julie

and Mia are, like, running the

whole thing.

>> I don't like that at all.

I-I don't like that at all.

>> This is the most

interesting thing.

I swear, everyone just running

off... trying to scheme.

>> Never knowing what's

really going on.

>> Dolly is playing both

sides big time.

>> She is hard-core playing.

And, I mean, maybe we should

just vote for her.

Honest to God.

Honest to God.

As opposed to it being one of

the two of us.

>> You'd have to talk Scout

into that.

>> Yeah, Scout and Twila

would never go for it.

>> Yes, they would.

>> They would, too.

>> They would go for it?

>> Yes.

>> At least Eliza is down

there, and they can't really be


>> Oh, yeah, true.

>> Do you have an

alliance with somebody that

you're not telling us about?

>> I don't know what to

base my vote on.

I don't know whether I should

vote for Leann, stick with my

original alliance, and, you

know, hope that they carry me

through, or I should vote off

the person who makes me really

nervous, who I don't completely


Out of all of those five girls

in that alliance that we have,

I trust Dolly the least.

>> I got so much pressure

on me from both sides, that I

just don't know what to do.

>> I know.

All I want to know is that

you're not writing my name down.

>> No.

>> I think there is a

possibility that she could vote

me off.

That she would turn on me.

I just don't want the other four

girls in that alliance to go


But then again, if I bring it up

to them and I tell them, look,

I'm thinking of voting out

Dolly, they're going to say, we

better just vote you out.

So I don't know what the heck to


>> PROBST: Behind each of you

guys is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch,

approach a flame and get fire.

This is part of the ritual at

Tribal Council because in this

game, fire represents your life.

When your flame is gone, so are


Back in its slot.

Have a seat.

Welcome to your first Tribal


I know you guys don't want to be


Before we get to the vote, let's

talk about today's challenge.

Scout, did you feel anything as

you saw the lead getting further

and further away?

>> Yeah, I definitely

feel like I blew it.

You know, I would have loved to

have done differently.

But you can't wallow in that.

You've got to step forward and,

you know, that's what we're


>> PROBST: Eliza, let's talk

about workload.

How did it fall out?

>> Everyone has their on

days and off day, I mean, except

for... except for Twila.

>> PROBST: Was Twila the only

one doing work or were there

people at the other end of the



>> Oh, no, I had help.

Leann, Scout, Ami, us four did a

lot of work.

But the rest of them worked hard

in their areas, too.

>> PROBST: Leann, what's been

the toughest for you?

>> Not sleeping.

It's really uncomfortable, but

it's much better with the

blankets for sure.

I slept last night.

>> PROBST: And what's the impact

for you because you're tired or


>> I get a little quiet.

Especially in the mornings, I'm

kind of mm...

>> PROBST: But in a social game,

withdrawing can work against


>> I'm very much aware of


I get the feeling I'm going home


>> PROBST: Dolly, how are you

getting along with everybody?

>> I think I'm getting

along almost too well with

everyone and it's kind of

becoming a problem for me

because I feel kind of like

Dolly in the middle.

Four people want to vote one

way, and four people want to

vote another way, and I'm kind

of the deciding factor tonight.

>> PROBST: Eliza, are you

worried it could be you tonight?

>> I'm definitely worried

it could be me.

I mean, you never know if, you

know, somebody tells you they're

voting one way if they're

actually going to do it.

You know, you just have to pray

that people stick to their word.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Eliza, you're up.

>> My vote is for Leann

because Dolly's pretty much

running the show, but I do like


>> Leann, you seem like a

great girl, just didn't have

time to get to know you.

And, um, it's purely so the five

"young'uns," as you call us, can

stick together and get through



>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



Two votes Leann.


Three votes Leann.


One vote Dolly.


Two votes Dolly.

Three votes Leann.


That's three votes Dolly, three

votes Leann.

>> (softly): What?

>> PROBST: Dolly.

Four votes Dolly.

Three votes Leann.


We're tied, four votes Leann,

four votes Dolly.

One vote left.

The second person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu...


Dolly, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, the person who thought

they were the swing vote is the

person you just voted out of

your tribe, so the question is:

Will tonight's vote bring you

together as a tribe or continue

to separate you?

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> If you were not here, we

would still have fire and

shelter and food!

>> I'll whoop that scrawny

bitch's ass, 'cause I don't

get it.

>> Do you feel I'm not

pulling my weight?

>> I saw you go on a lot of


>> I'm a grown-ass man,

and I don't take orders real


>> PROBST: Both tribes will vote

out one member tonight.

Separate Tribal Councils.

Two people going home.

>> No.

>> First of all I have to

say, phew, because this game

is... is too much for me.

I wasn't cut out for this.

And I'm just a simple farm girl.

I can't plot, plan and scheme,

and I'm not too good at reading


I just kind of live in my own

little world.

And I'm way too simple.

And I... I just belong on the