Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 14 - Survivor - full transcript

After a fight with a tribe mate, one castaway declares regret for having ever made an alliance with that tribe member. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways are forced to watch their loved ones battle each other in order for them to spend time away from the tribe at an overnight visit. The gloves come off when one castaway calls another out for being the bossiest of the tribe. The Immunity Challenge becomes a nail-biter to determine who is safe from the vote to be sent home.

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>> PROBST: Previously on

As the last original Mogo Mogo

member Shii Ann was in

>> My best chance is
to call everyone on their game

and stir it up before I leave.
If you make it to the final

two with your current strategy,
I'll be shocked.

>> PROBST: At the Reward
Challenge, a feast was on the

Everything from a bowl of rice

to a full-on steak dinner with
all the fixings.

The winner will be in the charge
of that menu.

The game exposed the tribe's
true feelings.

Who does not deserve to be an

>> That's a shot in the heart.

I'll get 'em all later.
>> PROBST: Rupert was the last

one standing, earning the right
to divvy up the meal.

Back at camp, Alicia was upset
at being named an undeserving

>> You know, it's never

fun to hear things about
yourself that aren't flattering.

>> She's just being a big
baby about it.

>> PROBST: At the reward dinner,
a clear pecking order was

exposed when Rupert gave the
best meals to himself, Rob,

Jenna and Amber.
>> I'm sure the fifth,

sixth and seventh weren't too
happy, but, hey, what can you do

about that?
>> PROBST: The next day Shii Ann

was still at risk despite her

>> Yeah, we should talk

>> I don't want to hear it.
There's a plan, Shii Ann, and

it's too late for anything to

>> PROBST: With her neck on the
line, Shii Ann came through for

herself at the Immunity

>> Yes, take that!
I need this more than all of you

>> Yeah, don't get too

cocky, though.
You've got to live with us, Shii

>> PROBST: Shii Ann's victory

meant all bets were off.
>> Should have been

cutting deals with me, stupid

Let me just say that again:
Stupid players.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Alicia, Rupert and Boston Rob

were all at risk, but in the
end, Alicia was voted out.

>> Yes?

>> PROBST: ...the tribe has

Six are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪
>> It's so nice out.

♪ ♪
>> It's so nice out.

>> This is the first
beautiful day that I've

experienced here on Chaboga
Mogo and I've got to be honest.

It's not really brightening my
mood because the longer I stay

here, the more I realize I have
very few friends and now I'm

stuck in a tribe with five other
people who don't necessarily

trust me or even like me, and
it's very alienating.

It's really unpleasant out here.
>> There you go.

Oh, my God-- nice, fresh milk.
>> That's it?

>> Yup.
I'm cooking, too.

I'm not having plantains today.
You want them, you can cook them

I'm not eating them.

>> I'm just really
tired of Jenna.

I cannot stand her.
The girl's a bitch, let's face

it, and, uh, she's bossier than
anybody else here on this tribe.

>> I like eating off
the fire, so just take it, put

it on the log and then we'll eat

>> She drives me crazy.
I just wanna strangle her!

>> Rupert, you're the man.
>> I had a couple of

them that got off the spear
that were monsters, just

I'd like to gut these guys.

We'll come back and get 'em,
clean 'em and eat 'em.

When I came out of the ocean, I
realized that nobody was going

to help me clean fish, but they
all want to eat the fish.

I'm feeling used and abused.
If somebody comes up and asks

which fish is theirs, I'll
probably tell them the one that

they caught and the one that
they cleaned.

>> We usually get one
fish per person.

>> If everybody gutted
one, they'd be all done.

>> Rupert catches all
the fish, but Rupert catches all

the fish because he's a big man
who can handle those tides.

At 120 pounds, those tides would
literally crush me against the

He comes up and only brings one
fish up to cook for himself.

It was like a slap in the face.
Like next time when I'm hungry,

I'll cook only enough plantains
for me, because I'm doing that

So, I wanted to tell him that I

thought that was a bad move.
>> Everybody can go down

there and gut a fish and put it
on the fire.

>> Yes.
You go out there and spend that

hour and a half fishing.
We can't physically do that.

If we...
>> How many fish have you

>> I've cleaned one.

>> How many have they cleaned?

>> But you're talking
to someone who does help out.

I'm just saying we're doing the
other things that...

>> But don't be mad at me
because I'm starving and come

back and put a fish on the fire.
>> No, but my thing

is all of us, Rupert.
I know you're bigger.

We all have the same hunger

>> Everybody could have
gotten up and cleaned their own

damn fish.
>> I was cooking.

>> And everybody else?
What was everybody else doing?

>> I know.
I'm not talking for everyone

>> My little Jenna had

the nerve to bitch at me about
putting one of my fish on the

She's just getting really a pain

in the ass, and I'm very sorry
that I have an alliance with

Jenna just got mad at me for

throwing the fish on there and
saying that I was eating in

front of you guys.
>> You know what?

You eat that fish.
Nobody is complaining.

You can eat all those fishes.
You don't have to share with us

at all.
I think that the dynamics are

changing a lot in this tribe,
and I wouldn't count me out yet

because she-devil has some
tricks up her sleeves, and I'll

be playing them.
>> PROBST: Have a seat on the

All right.

Today's challenge is for reward.
And we thought this time maybe

we'll show you what the reward
is before we tell you about the

Amber, here's your mom, Sheryl.

Come on in, Sheryl!
>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Amber, get on that

>> Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: All right, Sheryl.
Sheryl, just take a spot right

there behind the rope.
Rob, here's your brother, Mike.

>> Yeah!
>> You look good.

You grew a beard, too.
Losing weight.

>> You too, huh?
>> Yeah, on the South

Beach Diet.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann, here's your

mom, Lily.
>> Oh, mom.

Oh, I love you.
I miss you.

I'm sorry.
>> Don't be sorry.

>> This is my mom,

>> PROBST: How does she look,

>> LILY: Great.
>> PROBST: Big Tom.

Get down here and say hello to
your son.

Get in here.
>> There he is, Big Dad.

>> Oh, Tommy boy!
What's happening?

>> Mom said she's getting buff.
You'd better watch out.

>> You working?
>> No, no.

Hey, I wanted to go here anyhow.
( applause )

>> PROBST: Jenna, here's your
brother, Ji.

>> Ji!
How are the girls?

>> They're great.
They're really fine.

Everyone's wonderful.
Everything's great.

Everyone's just thinking about

>> PROBST: Okay.
Is that everybody?

>> No.
>> Laura!

>> PROBST: I'm kidding.
Rupert, come say hello to your

wife, Laura.
>> JENNA M.: Oh!

>> You just stay here
for a while.

>> LAURA: Oh, my gosh.
>> Oh, God.

>> PROBST: Whoa, Rupert.

All right, Laura, I gotta break
it up.

Okay, let's get to the
We've put together a menu of

indigenous items from every
place we've been at on

Each round will feature a

different food item.
Each round we will lose one

We'll start with six, we'll

work our way down to one.
For the winner, here's what you

get: an overnight-- loved one
and survivor.

We're down to eight days.
Eight days and six people, a

one-in-six shot at a million

You could refill their tank in a
way that could be the difference

in this game.
A lot at stake.

And in case you haven't figured
it out by now, you ain't eating

You guys are doing the eating.

>> You got this, Ji.
>> Oh, Mommy!

>> Mind over matter.
>> PROBST: I'll get the first

>> Mind over matter, guy.

Fish heads, very popular in

Okay. Let me explain the rules.
Last person to finish is out.

So the first five move on.
You need to show me an empty

Once I say okay, you're good.

You can take a drink of water
after that.

Everything's got to go down.
Here we go.

Three, two, one, eat.
>> Go, Ji, the whole thing.

>> PROBST: First five to get it
down move on.

Ji's got it all ready, all of
it in his mouth.

>> Oh, my gosh.
My mom is not going

to be able to finish it.
>> PROBST: Lily fighting it a

little bit. It's all right.
You're getting it down.

>> Nice job, Ji.
Get that down.

Show him your empty mouth.
>> PROBST: Ji is good.

>> Yes.
>> PROBST: Lily's good.

>> Come on, Mike.
>> Bo is good, Laura is good,

Coming down to the two on the
end, Mike and Sheryl.

>> Come on.
Three, two, one, swallow it.

There it is.
>> PROBST: Mike's good.

( applause )
>> This way you don't

have to eat anything else.
>> Spit it, Mike.

You can rinse and spit.
>> PROBST: Sheryl, now comes the

hard part.
>> I know.

>> PROBST: You got to go.
No hugs good-bye.

>> I won't. Love you.
Everyone sends their love.

>> Love you, Mom.
>> Love you.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: These are flying

cockroaches from right here in

Ji, one for you and, Laura, a
nice plump cockroach for you.

Three, two, one, eat.
Ji's good.

Bo's good.
Laura, Lily and Mike.

Laura is good.
It's between Mike and Laura.

>> Oh, I love you.
>> PROBST: Mike is good.

Lily, I'm sorry, you're out.
>> That's okay, Mommy.

You don't want to live here

It's horrible.
>> PROBST: Lily, it's time for

you to go.
>> Mom, I love you.

Just tell everybody I love them
and I say hi.

>> Love you.
>> I'll be home soon.

>> PROBST: Good-bye, Lily.
>> Love you, Mommy. Bye-bye.

>> PROBST: This is fafuru, the
worst-smelling stuff in the

>> Don't smell it, Mike.

Don't smell it.
>> PROBST: Fish that's been

marinating in seawater in the
sun for three days.

Boston Rob remembers it well,
and to make it fun we'll do just

like we did in the Marquesas,
hands behind your back.

Here we go.
Three will move on.

Three, two, one, eat.
>> Swallow it down, Mike.

Just swallow the whole thing

>> PROBST: Bo's face says it

>> Swallow it, swallow, Mike.
>> PROBST: Bo trying to keep it

Bo's got it. You're good.

You're moving on.
>> Ji, it's mind over matter.

He's got it down.
I can smell that burp.

Ji's in.
We're looking for one more.

It's Laura or Mike.
>> Come on, Mike.

>> PROBST: Mind over matter.

Swallow that last bit on your

Mike's in.
>> Yeah!

>> I give you credit for yours.
>> PROBST: Laura, it's time to

say good-bye.
>> Okay.

>> I'll be home soon.
>> I know.

>> I love you.
>> PROBST: Next item...

We featured these in Thailand.

They've been cooked, so they're
not harmful, and only two of

you will move on.
Make sure you show me that mouth

and make sure it's empty.
Hands on the table.

Three, two, one, eat.
>> Go, Ji.

>> PROBST: Bo not wasting any

Shoves half of it down.
>> That's it, Mike.

>> PROBST: No, no, no, no.
Ji, I'm sorry, you took a

drink of water, you're out.
>> No one said we couldn't.

>> Not during the timing you

>> PROBST: Yeah, I did say you
can't do it.

>> Mm-mm.
>> PROBST: Yeah, I did.

I clearly did.
Ji, you're out.

Bo and Mike you're moving on.
Ji, you might not remember,

but I clearly said, "Show me an
empty mouth.

Once I clear you, if it comes
"up, you're okay, and then you

can take a drink of water."
I know you don't like the

decision, but you're out.
It's time for you to go.

>> Gotcha. I love you, baby.
>> Love you, too. Bye.

>> PROBST: It is down to Bo and

Final round, wichity grubs from
Australia, and these are alive.

When you have an empty mouth,
completely empty, you show it to

You ready to do this?

Three, two, one, eat.
Bo shoves the whole thing in his

mouth, it's down and he's in!
>> Who's your daddy now?

>> Whoa!
>> Wow!

>> PROBST: Wow!
>> Wow!

>> You're a sick kid.
>> I didn't even see that.

>> Neither did I.
>> Hey, you get this far, you

might as well go after it.
>> PROBST: I like that attitude.

>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: great effort.
It was nice having you out here.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: It is time for you to

>> Bring it home, baby.

>> Thanks.
>> Take care, guys.

>> Nice to meet you, Mike.
>> PROBST: Big Tom, join him out

( grunts )

>> Oh, me old son, me old son.
Me old boy, me old boy.

>> Wicked, wicked.
>> PROBST: Okay, here's the

We've taken Camp Chapera where

you used to live and we've
upgraded it a little bit,

Probably like you wish it had
been when you lived there.

You're going to spend the night
with pop, see what it's like

being a survivor, and hey,
if it's good for two, it's

better for four, right?
So Big Tom, choose one survivor,

we'll bring their loved one
back, and the four of you will

spend the night at Chapera.
>> Rupert.

Rupert with Laura.
>> I'm gonna pick aggravation

right there.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob.

Mike, get on back here.
You're not done yet.

Boy, it is going to be a party
tonight with the four of you.

>> Yeah!
>> Whoo!

>> Yeah!
>> Whoo!

>> Home again, home again!
>> Home sweet home.

>> Wow, look at the food.
>> That's the best thing

I've tasted in the last 31 days.
>> Here's to friends and

>> To friends and family.

>> Ooh, baby.
It's good to drink beer with my

I wished it had been his
mother or my neighbor's

after I seen what a romantic

And I could have picked old
Rupert, but I couldn't have

stand to see him.
I've never seen a man slobber

over a woman like he did his

There was slobber hanging down
in his beard.

>> What do you think
about everybody back at camp?

>> Me?
>> Yeah.

What do you think they're
doing right about now?

>> Amber's getting high on life
or getting low on the ground.

Rupert's probably kissing and
hunting his harpoon.

Jenna is running that mouth like
a bell clapper and Shii Ann is

trying to make an alliance with
a bush because she's tried

everybody else.
( all chuckle )

>> That's all we've got left.
>> Man, you both on that swing?

Swing away, swing away.
>> One, two, three.

>> Oh!
♪ Swing low, sweet chariot

Coming to carry me home. ♪
( drunken yelling )

>> BOTH: Who's your daddy?
>> We tore it up.

We partied hard all night long.
This is definitely what I needed

to get to the end, just to
finish my game, you know, a

little visit from home.
>> Let's go for a walk on the

beach and we'll give you guys
some time, all right?

>> All right.
>> To be completely

honest with you, right now I'm
in an alliance with Amber first

and foremost.
>> What I got to do now is

I got to get Rob and Amber to
keep me with them.

>> I was, like, "Lex, do
me a favor, keep the girl and

I'll help you out on the reverse

He goes, "All right." Sweet.
And the dumbass actually kept

her and then I snaked him.
>> I think me and Rob might

be first and second.
That's all we said we was gonna

>> You know who my solid is?

It's Amber.
>> Don't freakin' bank on it.

>> I'm banked on it.
Dude, I'm telling you,

she won't switch.
I'm guaranteeing, Mike.

I guarantee.
I feel it that she's not gonna.

Big Tom, though...
>> You've got to do what you got

to do.
>> I don't trust him as

far as I can throw him.
>> Welcome home.

far as I can throw him.
>> Welcome home.

>> Don't even tell us
how it was.

Did you eat pizza, Rob?
How you doing?

>> Okay, how you doing?
>> Today, Bo and Mike

came back from their little
adventure with Big Tom and Rob.

We need wood!
We need wood.

Let's get 'em to...
As soon as they came in, instead

of letting them sit down and
rest and enjoy their visit here,

we put them to work, got them
started, you know, helping us

out at camp.
>> That boy has been on the

farm all his life.
When he gets up in the morning,

he knows what work is.
He's used to it.

>> On the other hand, Rob
and his brother wouldn't help us

get the wood.
>> They didn't get

>> Just take a nice cozy

seat here.
>> Go spear yourself a fish.

>> You feeling pretty good?
>> Yeah.

>> This will probably
be the only time you'll be in

the ocean.
>> Is the tide deep, or...?

>> It's not bad.
I took Bo out spearfishing.

Big Tom wanted him to spearfish
badly, and I wasn't even going

to give Bo a spear.
>> Okay.

>> He won't kill you, Rupert.
>> You know, I kind of

protect those spears, even
though I don't talk about it.

I protect those spears.
This is hard fishing, you know.

Bo wasn't the greatest swimmer.
He was using the spear to propel

himself more than to fish.
As we were fishing, I look at

Bo's spear, and the head of it
is gone.

I had my flashbacks to when Sean
lost his spear tip in Pearl

>> A fine bunch of seamen.

What did he do?
>> Lose the spear.

>> Oh, my God, no.
>> I'm not as worried

about it because I've got my
spear that is now going to be

considered mine.
They want to keep eating, they

will let me use the damn spear.
>> What happened?

>> I did it.
>> You did it?

Bo is a bigger dumbass than his

I mean, Big Tom is pretty dumb,
but Bo is just-- he's out there,

All right. You guys, you got to

police your zone and go...
>> See you soon, all right?

>> It's kind of like a dream to
come down here and see my

And remember, trust no one.

>> All right.
>> I think my brother

definitely knows what he's
doing, but you know,

he only has seven days to go
I believe, so you're going to

see a lot of sneaky activity
going on.

Have fun.
>> All right, buddy.

Tell everybody I'm all set, all

>> I can say once you get to
a certain point, the pressure is

on you and you need to do some
things and my old man, he'll

fight to the end, as long as
he's walking, he'll fight so I

ain't got to worry about him.
>> Who's your mama?

Berry picking bucket.
>> Berries.

>> Got a big-time

>> "If you think this
next challenge is buckets of

fun, you'll build your own fire,
then go for a run.

The first person with your
flame in the sky, you'll be safe

for the vote for someone else's

>> Wow.
Well, we got some tree mail.

It's got a bucket with a hole in
it and a letter basically saying

that it's going to be buckets of

I know I'm still a huge target
and I know if I don't win

immunity, I may be the next to

>> PROBST: All right.
Let's get to today's immunity

Shii Ann, give it up.

>> I hate to part with it.
>> PROBST: I know you do.

Once again, immunity back up for

Today's immunity challenge is
going to test your ability to

make fire quickly and keep it

Here's how it works.
You'll have two buckets.

One bucket you will use to build

The second bucket you will fill
with water.

As you fill that second bucket,
the weight of the water will

cause that bucket to drop.
That will cause the fire bucket

to lift.
Your goal: get that fire bucket

high enough to light a fuse
which will ignite the wok at the

top of your structure.
The first person to get their

fire to light the fuse wins

Here's the rub.
The bucket that you're putting

water in has a hole in it, so
you're going to have to keep an

eye on your fire, making sure
you don't run out of matches

while you chase down more water.
Make sense?

>> Yes, sir.
>> PROBST: we'll draw numbers

for your positions and we'll get

For immunity, survivors ready?

Mariano takes his entire pile.
So does Amber.

>> First step is getting that
fire going.

Rupert's already has got fire.
Shii Ann taking her time.

Rupert has fire and he's going
for water.

Big Tom has fire.
Big Tom going for the water.

Rupert and Big Tom filling up
their water buckets.

Mariano has fire.
Boston Rob, Rupert and Big Tom

filling their water buckets.
Jenna has fire.

Shii Ann with a good fire going,
building something that's going

to last.
Amber still trying to get her

fire going.
Boston Rob's bucket is moving.

This may do it.
His fire bucket is up.

It doesn't look like the fire is
going to be strong enough.

Don't touch it, let it fall.
Work that fire.

Boston Rob's fire went out.
He had enough water but he had

no flame once it went up.
That's why you guys got to keep

an eye on your fire, make sure
your fire is still going or

you're wasting your time.
All the water's drained out of

Big Tom's bucket.
Shii Ann's fire has gone out.

Everybody is starting over.
We're dead even once again.

Got to tend to your fire, build
a fire that's going to last.

Boston Rob is down to his last

Make sure you light something
that's going to stay lit.

Wind playing a factor, got to
protect that flame.

>> I'm out.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob is out of

matches and has no fire, out of
the competition.

Boy, even with matches you guys
are having a tough time getting

>> I'm out.

>> PROBST: Amber is out of

Boston Rob and Amber out of the

You out of matches, Rupert?
>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Rupert's out of

Rupert out of the competition.
Big Tom has another flame.

Can he keep this one going?
>> That's it, I'm out.

>> PROBST: Jenna is out of

Down to Big Tom and Shii Ann and
Big Tom has a fire going.

>> I'm out of patience.
>> Where are the fire

gods when you need them?
>> PROBST: Tom, really doing a

good job with the fire right

Patience is paying off.
>> Go get that water.

>> PROBST: Shii Ann getting

>> Nice.
>> PROBST: Each time you get a

little closer, Big Tom.
>> Come on, Tom.

You got it.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann has fire.

>> Go, go, go.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann's fire

getting stronger.
>> Tom, a little momentum, not

quite enough.
This could be enough.

This one might do it.
Question is, is his fire going

to be strong enough?
Close, close, close, just shy.

That's it.
Big Tom!

Wins immunity.
>> Way to go, Tom.

Very good.
>> PROBST: Came down to two and

nobody gave up.
Big Tom pulled it out.

Turn around here, buddy.
Put this on.

>> Thank you, man.
>> PROBST: You got it?

>> My first...
>> PROBST: Nice job.

You are safe tonight at Tribal

The other five of you, not as

Somebody going home tonight.
You have the afternoon to think

about who that's going to be.
We'll see you all at Tribal

Go back to camp.

>> ♪ I'm going to surprise

♪ Here I come.
Here comes Big Tom.

♪ Here he comes.
I worried myself to death.

♪ I guess like everybody
I've worried myself to death...

I won immunity.
I finally got one.

I was proud of it.
See ya later.

>> I find the dynamics
in the tribe very interesting at

this point, because now it's
down to six and if anybody wants

to take a power position,
they're going to have to use me

as a swing vote.
I mean, if you went to Rob and

talked to him about voting for
Jenna instead of me, maybe, but

that's pretty risky.
You need to talk to Amber.

>> Well, I've said all
along, tonight I'd rather have

Jenna go.
I told you that.

>> Well, here's the thing.
What I don't understand is, if

you want Jenna gone, why don't
you just go talk to Amber?

>> You're putting me like
I'm a damn hero here.

I can't do nothing.
I'm like you.

Why don't you vote her off?
Me and you, we've got two votes.

>> Yeah.
I'll vote her off.

>> All right, well, there's two.
Now what are we going to do?

The only way she can save
herself is to get three other

people to vote off...
Well, I'd like to vote Jenna

I'd want Jenna gone because Rob

and Amber pulls Jenna in, my
butt is on a highway to hell.

>> Big Tom wants Jenna out.
>> Yeah, he hates Jenna.

>> He hates Jenna.
>> I don't care who goes

as long as it's not me.
>> I'm not going to

leave without trying.
>> If you can get them

to vote Jenna off, it would be

>> I'm feeling out a few people.
I'm trying to see if there's any

way I can get a tentative

I mean, each one of them is
planning to take a knife out and

stab the other in the back.
So, I'll tell you who Big Tom

wants to vote out, and you

>> Rupert.
>> No.

>> Jenna.
If you would be willing to do

>> He told me that he was

annoyed with her.
>> He hates her.

>> But unless he voted
with me, I can't do it.

>> But would you do it?
>> Shii Ann is talking

about getting out Jenna.
I don't know necessarily if I'm

gonna, you know, 100% go along
with it, but I'm gonna entertain

the idea, because this is the

It's, uh, hard-core.
You've got to play this game, I

think, more intense than you did

>> This looks like fun
time for girl talk.

>> We're just talking
about the stuff I'm gonna eat.

>> What are you gonna eat, Shii

>> Oh, my God, so much.
>> Shii Ann's a scrambler.

I can't even deal with her.
I'm very, very annoyed with her.

Let's put it that way.
She opens her mouth, and I feel

like putting a gun in mine.
>> No, but the only thing is,

I made a deal.
>> I realize you've got to go

all the way, and if you can't
go all the way, you've got to go

all the way fighting.
And that is how I'm choosing to

play the game.
I can't wait to see what's gonna

I mean...

>> It's going to be interesting.
>> It's gonna be real

interesting, because, you know,
I know a lot of things about

this tribe, and it's all gonna
come out tonight at Tribal.

>> Yeah.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in
the members of our jury...

Lex, Kathy and Alicia-- voted
out at the last Tribal Council.

All right, guys, let's talk a
little about roles.

Jenna, who's working?
Who isn't?

>> Uh, Rupert's always
working, catching fish and

lugging some wood along with Big

Um, I've been the only person to
go get plantains.

>> PROBST: What's Amber doing?
>> Uh, Amber helps

make the plantains.
She got water, and we cook.

>> PROBST: How about Boston Rob?
What's he doing to keep a place

in this tribe?
>> Boston Rob has been

trying to fish, but the majority
of the work is definitely

Rupert and... Big Tom combined.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob, do you

agree with the assessment,
you're not really doing that

>> Uh, I don't think

that was the assessment, Jeff.
>> I think I said...

>> I probably haven't
been as productive.

I mean, I've fished almost as
much as Rupert, maybe not as

much, but I've tried as much.
I haven't been as productive as

getting them, but I'm out there
giving it a shot.

>> PROBST: Amber, do you take
the past 33 days and look at the

actions of people and factor
that in to who really still is

>> I'm definitely

factoring in the actions that
people have made in the last

couple of days, let alone the
whole entire game.

People have changed a little bit
since day one.

I know for me, paranoia around
camp is... it's insane, it's

ridiculous, you can't escape it,
and... it's gotten to the point

where I'm annoyed with it.
>> PROBST: Rupert, are you

noticing that the paranoia is
causing an annoyance to the

point that it's starting to
fracture relationships?

>> The paranoia in our
tribe has at times started to

rip our tribe apart, rip
alliances apart, rip friends

>> This is funny,

'cause you are the most paranoid

( Jenna and Rupert talking )
>> PROBST: Wait.

So what happened, Rupert?
>> When I brought fish

home, and I looked at everybody
and said, "I'm taking one and

putting it on the fire right now
and I'm eating it, and I don't

give a damn what anybody else
does," it kind of freaked them

out a little bit.
>> PROBST: Well, it's a fair

question, though.
If your role is to provide fish,

why should you be entitled to
the first one?

Somebody else is doing fire.
Do they get to sit next...

closer to the fire?
>> And if somebody's

doing plantains, do they get to
eat all that they want and then

you cook yours later?
>> That is why it

freaked everybody out--
because... I just stepped up and

said, "Mine."
>> I wasn't freaked out.

I thought he deserved to eat a
fish before the challenge.

He went and caught it.
>> You know, it's so

funny, this paranoia about the
food is mostly caused by one

person pointing it out, and that
person would be Jenna.

The person at camp who monitors
food, plantains, fish, coconut,

who makes it, who tells us when
we can make it, is Jenna.

>> PROBST: So, Shii Ann, why are
you asking Jenna?

>> You've never asked me.
>> Jenna, stop monitoring what

what everyone is eating.
And if Rupert catches 20 fish

and he wants to eat them all,
let him.

Rupert, you deserve every single
one of those fish.

No one else here catches as many
fish or does as much work as

So I don't blame him for putting

that first fish on the fire.
I don't blame him if he wants to

eat all 20 fish, because, gosh
darn it, he earned it.

I mean, I'm just gonna call it
as see it.

The people who are remaining,
there's two power pairs, right?

There's Rupert and Jenna,
there's Rob and Amber, there's

no secret.
I keep wondering why they've

decided not to take Tom and I,
who are swing votes, to

eliminate one of the two of the
power pairs.

You know, take one power couple
and just cut it up.

>> PROBST: you got everything

>> No, uh, what should I say?
No, I... See, I'm very torn

tonight about who I should cast
my vote for.

Whether or not I should cast a
vote for the person who I found

most annoying on the tribe,
or... if I should cast a vote

for the person who I think might
win this game, and point them

>> PROBST: When you say, by

making that vote, you'll expose

>> Well, I'm not... By making
that vote, I will be making a

You know, I'm just going to say

Tonight I'm going to be casting

my vote for the person who I
think is playing the game the

best, for the person who I think
everyone else on the tribe

should be looking out for, and
for the person who I think, if

people don't watch, will win the
million dollars.

So maybe this will help shake it

>> PROBST: Is that your goal?
>> Yeah. I love the

I want to see what happens.

>> PROBST: Big Tom, you have the
coveted immunity.

Formally, I will ask you if you
want to give it up.

>> I don't...
That's the ignorantest thing

that's been said here tonight.
No-no offense to you, but, no, I

don't want to give it up.
>> PROBST: Big Tom gonna hold on

to immunity.
You cannot vote for Big Tom.

Everybody else is fair game.
It is time to find out what

exactly is going on within this

Boston Rob, you're up.
>> It's time for you

Boston Rob, you're up.
>> It's time for you

to go, and if you're wondering
if you can eat and how much you

can, because you think that I
monitor that, eat a lot, Shii

Ann, eat a lot.
>> Amber, this vote is

Ann, eat a lot.
>> Amber, this vote is

for you out of respect.
You are the mastermind right

now, so from one she-devil to
another, this is the vote I'm

casting tonight.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote...

Shii Ann.
Shii Ann.

Two votes Shii Ann.

Two votes Shii Ann, one vote

Shii Ann.
Three votes Shii Ann, one vote

The 13th person voted out of the

Shii Ann.

That's enough-- you need to
bring me your torch.

Shii Ann, the tribe has spoken.
>> Good luck, everyone.

>> PROBST: It's time for you to

Well, Shii Ann went out of this
game playing until the very end.

Obviously she wanted to stir
things up a little bit in camp.

Guess the next few days will
show us what, if any, impact her

words had.
Grab your torches.

Head on back to camp.
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Survivor: With only five
all-stars left, paranoia reaches

new heights.
>> I looked over, and my

heart sank because Rob was
standing right there.

>> We got problems.
>> PROBST: And the battle lines

are drawn.
>> Did you or did you

not tell me we needed to get Rob

>> Rob is...
>> Did you or did you not tell

me we needed to get Rob off?
>> The she-devil did her best.

I really tried.
I played this game as hard as I

I played with the best of the

best, but you know what?
I knew I was outnumbered, and I

knew they were gonna vote me
off, so I just wanted to warn

everyone, don't forget little
Amber with her big green eyes

and her beautiful smile.
Don't forget, she's playing for

a million dollars.