Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Survivor - full transcript

Tensions and nerves plague both tribe as they each wait for an outcast to rejoin their tribe

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

The Morgan and Drake tribes

were surprised by a big twist.
Your past has come back

to haunt you.
The six members that were

previously voted off
returned as a third tribe

with one thing on their mind.
>> Revenge, baby.

All about revenge.
>> PROBST: The Outcasts will

compete against Morgan and Drake
in a three-tribe challenge

and the stakes are severe.

It was an all-out battle
as the Outcasts

were playing for a chance
to get back in the game.

In the end,
the unbelievable happened...

The Outcasts defeat
Morgan and Drake!

...forcing Morgan and Drake
to Tribal Council,

each to vote out
one of their own,

while the Outcasts would vote
two of their own back in.

Back at Morgan, frustration hit
an all-time high.

>> The misfits...
>> Yeah.

>> ...have no right to be here.
>> None.

>> None.
>> PROBST: And Osten finally

threw in the towel.
>> Vote me right off,

'cause I don't deserve to win.
>> PROBST: At Drake, Jon and

Shawn were on the chopping

>> I want both of you,
if you would, sit down and just

say why we should keep you.
>> I feel that I've shown that

I'm loyal to Drake.
>> Jon, I feel like

I can't trust him.
>> PROBST: Drake went to Tribal

Council first, and made their

The tribe has spoken.

The Morgan Tribal Council
then followed,

and Osten laid down his torch.
You had enough, Osten?

>> Yeah, I'm quitting.
I-I just can't go any further.

>> PROBST: This is a first for

No need to vote.
Grab your torch.

Osten, per your wishes...
go home.

Tonight, the Outcasts begin
where Drake and Morgan

left off... at Tribal Council.
Find out which two Outcasts

will be voted back
into the game.

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( thunder booming )

( thunder booming )

>> PROBST: Come on in.
Have a seat.

Look at all these smiling faces:
Nicole, Skinny Ryan,

Lill, Burton,
Michelle and Trish.

Well, this is a first.
A tribe excited to come

to Tribal Council.
( laughing )

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: You guys did it,

you came back as a tribe
of Outcasts.

You defeated both
Morgan and Drake.

And tonight, you will now vote
two of you back into this game.

But first, Michelle,
tell me your reaction

when you heard me say
that you were

going to have a chance
to get back in this game.

>> I almost wet my pants,
to tell you the truth.

It was just amazing,
but we had

one thing on our minds, and
it was just winning for revenge.

>> PROBST: How big a factor

was that for you, Ryan?
You've got "Die, jerks"

on your head.
Oh, it was a huge,

huge motivation, because, uh,
I felt I was never

let into the tribe.
And I felt like

a complete outcast.
So, uh, for me

to come back and then
just to look over

after we already won
and saw those guys

still struggling,
having no clue

what they're doing...
You know, that, that,

that feeling of revenge--

>> PROBST: I've never seen
a celebration like that

at any challenge ever
in Survivor.

Burton, what was the key factor
for you guys doing so well?

>> It was an internal drive
that we all had.

We all pulled together
and we were determined--

no matter what the game was--
to win.

And we were not going
to stop at anything short.

So, this second chance,
for all of you guys, is huge.

Okay, here's how
it's going to work tonight.

What we're going to do
is give each of you

a chance to plead your case
about why you should represent

the Outcast Tribe
and go back into the game.

you got a lot of grudges.

I mean, they voted you out

Why should these guys
put you back in?

I think one of the most
important reasons

I should go back in
is because I was voted out

for being the bad apple.
And I think my biggest

mistake in the game
was speaking my mind

which I think is also
one of my best traits.

I think that
I'll be able to bring

that true character
back into the game,

because it turns both ways.
I'll be able to kick some ass

with that same character
and, um, I think

I'll make you all proud.
>> PROBST: Well said.

Lill, why should they send
you back in there?

>> I went out there
and I gave it my all.

And I still want to prove them
son of a bitches

that I am tough.
I want to go back in, guys,

and I want to go back in hard.
No matter what happens tonight,

this was good.
This was sweet revenge.

>> PROBST: Trish, make your

>> All right.
The bottom line is,

through this whole game,
I never took my eye

off of why I was here.
And I absolutely,

really want one of us
to win the million dollars.

So, put me back in the game
and I'll make sure that,

you know, one of the Outcasts
is the winner at the very end.

>> PROBST: Michelle, I know you
want back in this game.

Convince them.
>> All right, fellas,

this is what it comes down to.
We all know we're all deserving.

We've all been
kicked in the face.

And I'm telling you right now,
there's no better way to kick

those ass ...
back in the face

than by putting a sweet little
girl in there to do it for you.

( laughing )
You put me in there,

and I'll bring the Outcasts
straight to the top

where we should be.
>> PROBST: Ryan, your job now

is to convince them
that you're the man.

>> Uh, you guys know
how much I love

this game, and, uh,
you guys know how much heart

I have for the game.
Give me a chance

to carry the torch, so to speak,
into the game and, uh...

and bring the victory
to one of us.

>> PROBST: Burton, why you?
>> I'm about the most

competitive person I know.
And when I heard

that there was a chance
for two of us to go back in,

I swear to God,
there was nothing

I was going to do
not to let that happen.

And I'll also say that
whoever else goes in there,

if I'm able to go in,
you have my word

in front of everyone here,
I will never lie to you

in this game.

>> PROBST: All right.
Time to find out who's going

back into this game.
Here's how the voting will work.

One at a time you will go up.
You will be voting

for two separate people
on two separate pieces

of parchment.
You are voting people you want

back in this game.
You cannot vote for yourself.

Ryan, you're first.
>> Lill, I would never

Ryan, you're first.
>> Lill, I would never

put your name down unless it
was for something good.

If it's not me, I hope it's you.
>> Burton, I'm voting you back

in because I know you can win
the individual immunities.

And if I can't win, I want
another Outcast member to win.

>> Ryan, you were my friend
from the very beginning.

You accepted me no matter what.
And I want you in almost as much

as I want to be in.
And I hope we can be together.

Thank you.
>> Nicole, I know you're one bad

Thank you.
>> Nicole, I know you're one bad

bitch and I know
you'll go and get them.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

I know you're excited.
I'll remind you, the voting

is a little different tonight.
You want to see your name.

Two tribe members
who have the most votes

go back into the game.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...

One vote Lill, one vote Burton.

That's two votes Burton.

Two votes Lill,

two votes Burton.

One vote Michelle.

One vote Nicole.

One vote Ryan.

One vote Trish.
Here's where we're at:

two votes Burton,
two votes Lill,

one vote everybody else.

Two votes Ryan,
two votes Burton,

two votes Lill.

Two votes Nicole,
two votes Burton,

two votes Lill,
two votes Ryan.

Two votes left.
First person going back

into the game...

( clapping )
>> Congratulations, Burton.

>> Thank you, guys.
>> Congratulations.

>> I'll make you proud.
>> PROBST: Second person going

back into the game...
>> ( gasps ): Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Lill.
( clapping )

>> I am a nice person.
>>Congratulations, Lill.

>> Oh, my God.
Oh, baby.

Oh, my God.
>> These guys are going down.

>> My heart.
>> PROBST: Lill,

Burton, grab your torches.
Get fire.

As always, fire represents
life in this game.

You now have fire again.
You are back in this game.

Michelle, Nicole,
Trish, Ryan, you've put your

faith in these two
to carry on for the Outcasts.

For the last time, it's time
for you to go.



We have one member of Morgan,
one from Drake.

The only question now is.
are you going to a new tribe,

or are you going back
to your old tribe?

Let's find out.
In here is one Drake buff,

one Morgan buff.
You guys need

to decide who's gonna
reach in here and determine

the fate for both of you.
I'll do it.

>> Get the Drake buff.
>> PROBST: Take it back

with you.
>> Oh, God, help me.

>> PROBST: Lill's going back to

Come on over, get your new buff.
It's a familiar color.

>> It is.
Thank you.

>> PROBST: Going back to Drake.
Guys, you have a second chance.

Nothing to be said
except, "Make the most of it."

It might be difficult,
re-assimilating back

into these tribes again.
That's why you'll be immune

from the vote
at the next Tribal Council.

Give you a few days
to find your new way.

Head back to camp.
( thunder booming )

Head back to camp.
( thunder booming )

>> If it's Burton,
you can give him the hammock.

>> I would like to
see Lill, maybe, or even that

Skinny Ryan guy.
If it's Burton, I will fall out.

The person I was most worried
about coming back

in the game was Burton.
I was like,

"Well, if he comes back
to the Drake Tribe,

will he be pissed off
at everybody?

Is he gonna let
bygones be bygones?

What's his attitude
going to be like?"

>> Whoever shows up.
>> It's time to go to bed.

We'll see them in the morning.
>> Never in a million years

would I have expected
a chance to get back in the

game, so I'm pretty excited
right now.

I don't know.
I'm sure there's gonna be

a lot of mixed emotions.
I'm sure there's gonna be a lot

of resentment on their part.
From my standpoint,

they all kicked me out.
So, yeah, there's

gonna be some, uh,
some making up to do

on both ends.
Are you guys asleep?

>> Hey.
What do you think?

>> What's up, Rupert?
>> Amazingly enough,

Burton shows up in a good mood,
happy to be here,

full of enthusiasm
and life and just pumped Drake

back up-- bang, immediately.
>> Welcome back, Burton.

>> Welcome back, Burton.
>> Thank you.

It's good to see you guys.
>> If you're hungry,

there's lentils.
>> Oh, beautiful.

>> We're sorry, Burton.

>> And then the apologies

"Burton we're so sorry
we voted for you."

>> Here's the way I look at it:
water under the bridge.

I'm back and I'm happy about it.
>> That's what we wanted

to hear, and you know what?
We're glad he's here,

because he's so strong.
We're gonna go further.

>> We can't be beat.
>> We definitely traded up.

>> Yeah, I'm part
of the Drake Tribe-- again,

but I can't forget the fact that
they did vote me off.

So, I don't know
if they're just kissing my ass,

or if they really
are happy to see me.

because, in the end,
it's a game about deceit.

>> Let's go get our new tribe

>> Who's that?
>> It's me, I'm sorry.

>> Hi, Lill.
>> Welcome home, Lill.

>> I heard a female's voice
getting off the boat

and I didn't know
who it was, and then,

when I took a glimmer
and looked, it was Lill--

I could tell by her hat.
I was like, "Lill!"

>> I told you at
Tribal Council, we loved you.

>> I'm going to try again.
I'm going to try to make you

proud of me again.
I arrived on the beach,

jumped out.
"Lill?! Lill, is that you?

"Oh, we are so glad it's you.
We were afraid

it was somebody else."
I'm thinking, "Whatever."

>> When we lost you, it hurt.
>> You better believe that.

>> We lost a family member.
We welcomed Lill with open arms.

I don't know
if she bought any of that.

I don't think she trusts me at
all because I was

partially responsible
for voting her out.

We love you, Lill, you know

>> Well, I appreciate that,
but, I just didn't feel like I

was really a part of a group.
I just didn't fit in.

They are welcoming me,
but they voted me off.

I approached Andrew before,
the first nine days I was on.

He said to me,
he would get back to me

about Tribal Council.
But when it came down

to the voting,
he never did get back to me,

which just causes
hard feelings and resentment.

>> This is by far the worst
night we've been out here.

>> It's good to have you back,

>> It's good to be back.
>> Can I ask you a couple

>> Sure.

>> Away from all of these guys?
>> Yeah.

>> Come here.
>> Rupert pulled me aside

right away, so I thought,
"Oh, this is

either going to go good,
or it's going to go bad."

I didn't know what to expect.
>> Got to look me in the eye.

>> All right.
>> I'll tell you my reason.

I wanted to look him in the eye
and say, "This is why

I agreed to vote you out."
You laughed at me in my dress

and made me feel bad.
You, you...

I heard you say something
about a big kid in a sandbox,

laughing at me
about my plumber's crack.

I didn't like the way
that he treated me

in the start of this game,
and that hurt me and I wanted

him to know that that hurt me.
You took that road

that every jock
in my life has taken.

I was beneath you guys.
I heard you guys

laugh and joke about me.
I heard you guys...

I portray a very strong
and independent person,

but, in my head,
I'm that fat little terrified

kid that was picked on
in school all his life.

And I saw Burton
being those son of a bitches

that would make fun of me.
>> Well, I wish you would have

said something to me.
And I feel awful.

I have a lot of respect
for Rupert.

I hurt his feelings
and I felt bad.

I felt really bad.
Well, I apologize for

that, I honestly do,
because I had no intention

of making you feel weird.
>> You made me feel

like I was getting used, so...
>> Well, I apologize for that.

>> Within two minutes of
talking, all fears were

subsided, all hesitation was
gone-- everything was good.

>> If, if we go to next Tribal,
what would happen?

>> Jon's out. Guaranteed.
>> All of a sudden, Rupert

said, "If there's a Drake to go,
it's going to be

Jon first," and...
I about fainted.

I could not believe it.
>> He wrote my name down

on the 18th day.
>> He wrote my name down

on the 12th day.
>> I'm writing his name down

the next time
we go to Tribal Council.

>> You are sure
it would not be me again,

it would be Jon?
>> Jon. He's out.

Then it's down to you and me
and Chris and Sandra.

>> For me, it was a second
chance at life in this game.

Good to see you on this side.
>> It's good to have you back.

We're gonna be
a stronger team now.

>> Oh, yeah.
>> Well, I've been away

for nine days, and I come back
and the Morgan Tribe...

needs some help,
some serious help.

I went and got water.
I've been collecting firewood.

I don't know what else to do.
I don't know what else

to help them with.
These people,

they have no energy.
They have nothing.

I mean, they are just...
they're becoming

like dead weight.
>> At the next

Immunity Challenge,
you can't be voted out.

You get a bye.
If we lose, you know, one of us,

one of the four, are going home,
and you're not going anywhere.

>> I have immunity
for the first Tribal Council,

and I feel like I've got
somewhat of a second chance,

and... they resent it.
>> We killed ourselves

to make it five-five,
so we go into the merge even.

And then we go yesterday
to the reward challenge

and this happens.
We're like...

"What the hell?"
I woke up this morning

really angry.
I almost had to pinch myself.

"Is this real?
"Am I hallucinating?

This is day 20.
Why the hell is Lill here?"

Nice new buff, though.
>> Oh, yeah.

That's okay.
We welcome the curveballs.

Bring them on.
Let's see where

we're going to go next.
>> It's clearing up some.

I'm trying to fit in again.
I'm trying to find

my niche again.
I've learned that

this is a game.
And I want to stay in

as long as I can.
>> What is it?

>> It looks like an orange.
>> It smells like a lemon.

>> Tangerine.
>> I think it...

I think it's lemon.
>> They found a lemon tree

since I've been gone,
which is great news to me.

It's almost like
I'm starting over from scratch.

There's all these new things.
Christa, you want

to run down there?
>> Sure.

>> So, uh, we're going to go
find this lemon tree,

get some more lemons.
>> Jon wants me to stay with

him and help him out.
>> He needs help cooking.

>> Okay.
>> We'll be back.

>> Yeah, we'll be right back.
Jon did not want us

all four to go.
>> Yeah.

>> He's paranoid.
>> He thinks he's

the next one to go.
>> Well, he should be paranoid.

>> The thing is, I have
this philosophy that we need to

tell each other the truth.
And he has done nothing but lie

all of the time.
>> Right.

>> There's the lime trees.
>> Oh, my God, look at that.

>> My lying's done with, 'cause
if we're all lying to each other

and screwing each other over...
>> Right.

>> ...the Morgans are going to
end up winning the thing.

The conversation we had was
kind of a confirmation of

"I want you guys
to know I'm honest.

"I'm not going to play
any games.

I'm not going to be deceitful."
>> I say screw Jon.

Because he's the one
that's going to be

trying to play 500
games at the same time.

And if we ever have a merge,
he's going to go over to Morgan

and try to play
with all those people.

I was trying to figure out,
if there ever was a merge

with the Morgan Tribe,
what could happen.

I thought, "Jon
gets on a lot of people's nerves

real quickly."
>> They're not gonna take him.

They're not gonna believe him.
They're not gonna trust him.

>> Hold on-- the only thing,
though: If the Morgans

need him, they might take him.
>> Right.

>> Not because they like him,
but because they don't

have a choice.
>> Right.

>> We are making rice
this morning. Uh...

>> Our last rice.
>> We only have, I think,

one serving of rice left.

>> That's it.
( whispers ): That's it.

>> Oh, gosh, that's it.
>> Food, as of this morning,

definitely shifted from
critical to dire.

It's terrifying.
Frankly, I don't know

what we'll do.
>> We're suffering.

Rice was the one staple that
was consistent for us,

kept our energy up,
and we don't have it now, and

I don't know how that will play
a factor in our performance

when we have challenges.
We'll have to see.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
Drake and Morgan each getting

their first look
at the new tribes.

Let's talk about how you guys
are doing 21 days in.

Sandra, what's the
food issue like?

>> There is no food issues.
Um... this morning we had

rice and corn.
Yesterday, we ate about

12, 15 pounds of fish.
Um, then we had some

refried beans at night,
and everyone went

to sleep with full tummies.
>> PROBST: Now, I haven't been

to Morgan's beach, but I'm
looking at Savage.

I'm gathering you guys aren't
doing as well?

>> Actually, we just...
we don't have any food.

We're surviving right now
on mussels and, uh, coconut.

Did any of you guys come here
today expecting a merge?

Were you counting on
that to save you?

>> No. Uh, honestly,
I have not expected a merge.

I don't expect some big buffet
under some table.

>> PROBST: Once again, the game
changes when you least expect

Drop your buffs.

>> Oh, my God!
>> PROBST: We're merging.

>> Oh, yeah.
>> PROBST: Drop them at your

Drake is no more,

Morgan is no more.
You are one tribe.

>> And they're black, baby.

>> Thank you.
>> Oh, my God.

Give me a hug.
( sighs )

>> PROBST: So, here's how it
works-- you'll come up

with a new tribe name,
paint a new tribe flag.

Based on what I just heard,
you're going to be living

on Drake's beach.
From this point forward,

all challenges are individual.
That means all rewards

are won by an individual,
and immunity is won

by an individual.
So, I'll take that back.

Tribal immunity, no more.
This is now what you covet.

>> Ah...
>> PROBST: And it's what you're

playing for today-- individual

Ready to hear
about the challenge?

>> Yeah.
>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Today's challenge is
based on a pirate punishment

called keel hauling.
A pirate who'd been bad was tied

to a rope and dragged
underneath the boat.

If the sharks didn't get you,
the barnacles would certainly

cut you up, and you had to hold
your breath the entire time.

Today's challenge is based on
the same principle.

You will jump into the ocean,
swim underneath a platform

by pulling yourself
along a rope.

You got to hold your breath
the entire time.

If you come up in the middle,
you start over.

When you get to the end,
you'll reach a ladder.

Climb up and race
back to the start.

We will run two heats.
First two to complete two laps

in each elimination round
moves to the final.

Swim out to the boat,
wait for my "Go."

All right, we've randomly drawn
numbers to select your order.

For the first heat,
you will complete two laps.

The top two finishers
move on to the final.

First heat is Tijuana, Christa,
Rupert, Jon and Sandra.

Survivors ready?

Rupert out of the water first.
Christa right behind him.

Jon in it.

now in it.
One more lap.

Move, move, move, T.
Let's go, Sandra, don't give up.

>> Oh... I'm the only one?

>> PROBST: Rupert. Jon.
Here comes Christa.

It's Rupert and it's...

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: Close finish.

Swim on back over
to the boat, guys.

Here we go, heat number two.
Savage, Lill, Burton,

Darrah and Ryno.
Two laps, top two finishers

move on to take on
Rupert and Jon in the final.

Survivors ready?

Savage having trouble.
Ryno out of the water first.

Following right behind, Burton.
Darrah right in this.

Burton and Ryno back in.
Go, Darrah, go.

That a way, Lill.
Savage trailing.

It's Burton and Ryno--
sprint to the finish.

Burton's in,
and Ryno is in.

Burton and Ryno
moving on to the finals.

Jon, Rupert, Ryno,
Burton in the final.

Here's how the final round
works-- you'll complete five

laps, at the end of each lap,
you'll grab a gold medallion,

move it from the back
of your platform

to the front of your platform.
First tribe member to

complete all five laps
and transfer all five medallions

from back to front
wins immunity.

Survivors ready?

Rupert out of the water first.
Everybody else close behind.

Burton and Ryno.

>> You got it, Rupert.
>> PROBST: Rupert has his

first medallion.
Burton has his first.

Jon and Ryno both have their

Rupert out of the water again,
leading the pack.

Grabs his second medallion.
There's Burton

with his second medallion.
Ryno and Jon

fighting for third.
Rupert out of the water again,

with a bigger lead.
>> You got it, Rupert.

>> PROBST: Third medallion.
>> You got it, Burton.

>> PROBST: Burton on his tail.
Ryno close behind.

Jon falling out of this.
Rupert with his fourth

>> Go, Rupert...

>> PROBST: Burton closing the

It's a tight race.
Rupert, Burton.

>> Come on, Ryno.
>> PROBST: One lap to go, guys.

Rupert going for his fifth.
Burton going for his fifth.

It's a race to the finish,
got to get it on the f...

Burton wins immunity by a hair.
Burton, swim on over.

Immunity waiting for you.
Put this on.

Put an arm through.
Strap it on like the pirate

I know you want to be.
Very interesting dynamic now.

You already have immunity
as a result of

the resurrection vote.
You now win

individual immunity.
You can assign that to somebody,

knowing you'll still be immune,
or you can hoard it

and make sure
everybody else is vulnerable

at tonight's Tribal Council.
You have this afternoon

to think about it.
You can head back to camp

in your new boat.
Take this with you and bring it

to future challenges.
Hey, one more thing, guys.

Savage, that buffet
you referred to?

Waiting for you
back at the camp.

( cheering and clapping )
>> As soon as you think

( cheering and clapping )
>> As soon as you think

you got the game figured out,
they say, "Throw your buffs

down and you're all in one
tribe. "

We're now going
to be the Balboas,

which I love, you know.
That's my snake's name.

And it's so nice
to have new people in our home.

>> Balboas!
( cheering )

>> It is a merge
between the Morgan Tribe

and the Drake Tribe.
We're coming together as one.

And it'll be interesting to see,
"Will everyone be unified?"

Or will it still be
two separate tribes

living together as one.
>> Whoa!

>> Cheese!
>> Wine!

( cheering )
>> We rolled in,

and there was a feast just
waiting for us on a table--

ribs, bread, cheese, oranges,
nuts, everything--

the works--
and we just tore down.

>> Balboa!
>> Balboa!

( cheering )
>> The feast was great.

I got some ribs,
a big old hunk of lamb.

>> Anyone want bread?
>> Yeah.

>> Oh, heaven!
>> Does anyone care if I double

>> No.

>> Not at all.
( loud burp )

>> That food was heaven.
It made me feel human again.

And from a morale standpoint,
I realize I may actually

make it out of this place.
>> I depend on Rupert for my

>> For a few solid moments,

we were all together as one.
But I knew that here is where

the true game starts.
>> We have to figure

out who goes first.
We're thinking Little Jon.

We can't stand Little Jon.
He's arrogant.

He's out for himself.
We don't trust him, and

we would love to see him go.
>> I know. I know.

There was a little worry
on my part, and then Lill was

sitting there like a golden

She was kicked out of that

She was pissed off.
She hates their guts.

She goes, "As soon as I pulled
that buff out," she goes,

"I was about to cry."
She goes, "Not because

I was back in the game.
"'Cause I was back

with those people
that stabbed me in the back."

>> We were trying to figure out
how we could turn one Morgan

against the others,
and we find that little Lill

already kind of resented them
for voting her out.

>> She hates them.
>> Does Burton know?

>> Yep.
>> Really far.

>> Are you sure?
>> Yes.

>> Burton took me aside.
He says, "It's like this.

"We're going to try to go
all the way, you and I.

The Drake Tribe wants you,
and you only."

I have to think that
maybe he's on the up-and-up.

>> Did y'all talk to Lill?
>> Uh-uh.

>> What is she doing?
>> I have no idea.

>> We've seen Lill and Burton
talking a lot,

so they could have
something going on.

And, if Lill goes
to the bad guys,

we're in serious trouble.
Do you want to vote

with the Morgans?
>> I don't know.

>> It's important to us.
>> You guys are ready

to ditch me off again.
>> What are you talking about?

>> The same people are still
there that voted me off.

You... you can't tell me
that you'd have put me

before the other three people.
You guys would have

ditched me in a minute
if we stayed as Morgans.

I had immunity.
>> And you don't think they

You don't think they would?

Oh, please.
>> I don't know.

I don't know.
>> That's very naive.

You're being...
>> I have not totally

decided yet, and I... and that's
all I can say now.

I have not totally decided yet.
>> Will you let me know before?

>> Remember, I asked you
to let me know before,

and you didn't?
I don't know.

I have to decide
before I get there though.

I am in a whirlwind right now.
I just... You don't know

which way to turn.
They're all offering friendship.

Whether or not I can trust all
this, I can't really say.

>> I think we go after Savage.
If he's the head over there, we

chop the head off.
>> I know Andrew feels

as if he's close
to being on the cutting block

because I think the Drake Tribe,
they want to vote out the

strongest on the Morgan side.
And, definitely, the swing vote

tonight could be Lill.
She could potentially go

with Morgan or Drake.
>> PROBST: Welcome.

with Morgan or Drake.
>> PROBST: Welcome.

First thing I need to ask...
T, what was the reaction today

when you guys heard
there was going to be a merge?

>> Shocked.
Um, because it is a

merge that can be of a benefit,
but it also can hurt us all.

Overall, I'm looking at it in
an optimistic view,

but it... it was a shock.
It was a shock.

>> PROBST: Lill, you go
back to Morgan, you're there

for a day, and then, suddenly,
you merge.

How are you feeling
about everything?

>> I am thrilled.
I'm thrilled with the merger.

I'm ready for it.
I'm just glad that

I now have a larger family.
>> PROBST: Ryno, you still

have 18 days left in the game.
Now you're one big tribe,

and it is an individual game.
So how do you vote

from this point forward?
>> Yeah, it... it's hard for me

right now.
I... I'm looking at everybody,

and I... I don't know them
well enough to write their name

down, but I don't know.
I mean, the feast

was so great today,
and then coming here,

it's, like, it sucks.
>> PROBST: Here's how

the individual immunity
works in terms of assigning

it to someone.
It's a little unusual tonight.

Lill and Burton, as a result
of resurrecting themselves back

into this game, were given
immunity simply to give

them a chance to reintegrate
back into this game.

Burton then goes and wins
individual immunity today.

That immunity is assignable,
meaning you can give

it to somebody else
here tonight and protect them.

Typically, that would make you,
yourself, vulnerable.

Tonight, you won't be.
You have nothing to lose

by giving it to somebody.
So, Burton, do you want to give

that immunity to anybody?
I've done a lot of thinking

about it and, uh...
it is quite an unusual

situation, and I do believe
I will pass this immunity on.

Such a close fight,
I couldn't not give it to you.

There are now three people
you cannot vote for tonight.

You cannot vote for Lill,
you cannot vote

for Burton and, now,
you cannot vote

for Rupert as well.
Time to vote.

Savage, you're up.
>> Little Jon, you talk too much

>> Ooh, yeah, Mr. Macho...

Mr. Savage...
going down.

Dig it?
>> You're our biggest

Dig it?
>> You're our biggest

threat out here.

>> Jonny Fairplay,
this message goes for you.

You're a troublemaker
and you're very manipulative.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote:

One vote Andrew,

one vote Jon.

Two votes Savage,
one vote Jon.

Three votes Andrew,
one vote Jon.

Four votes Andrew,
one vote Jon.

Five votes Savage,
one vote Jon.

Two votes Jon,

five votes Andrew.

Three votes Jon.

Four votes Jon,
five votes Andrew.

Seventh person voted out
of the tribe:

Need to bring me your torch.

Andrew, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

>> Ryno, D, T, hang tough.
>> PROBST: You've survived 21

>> Ryno, D, T, hang tough.
>> PROBST: You've survived 21

At the very least, you will

be a member of the jury.
You still have 18 days left,

so I suggest you
head back to camp,

get up tomorrow,
and get to work.

Good night, guys.
Stay tuned for scenes

Good night, guys.
Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
Next time on Survivor:

Life after the merge is rocky.
>> I think the Morgan Tribe is,

just in general, very lazy.
>> They work more than

what is necessary.
>> PROBST: Tribal alliances

fall apart.
>> Take Rupert out?

We're crazy if we don't.
>> What if we got rid of Burton

and kept the two females around?
>> PROBST: And the food fights

( Lill screams )

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>> I am unbelievably proud to be
part of the Morgan Tribe.

We went through hell.
And to rally from losing the

first three immunities, to even
the score to five Morgan to five

Drake, is a phenomenal

Cheers to Morgan.
Ryno, D, and T,

stick it to Drake.
Show them what we're made of.

And continue to make
all of us proud.