Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Survivor - full transcript

Two castaways find the opportunity to hatch a plan to keep from being voted off.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

After helping to vote out

Andrew, Lill was feeling good
about turning on her former

Morgan Tribe.
>> Usually I have regrets

stabbing someone in the back.
This time, I feel like

I stood up for myself.
>> PROBST: At the reward


...Rupert had the sharpest aim.
There it is!

>> Yes!
>> PROBST: Rupert wins reward!

But decided to give
the reward away.

>> Burton gave me the
immunity last night.

I'll give him the breakfast.
>> PROBST: Burton, you're

going to breakfast
and you're taking

somebody with you.
Burton chose Lill to join him

for a breakfast feast.
>> Oh, my Lord.

>> PROBST: They indulged.
>> To the outcasts.

>> To the outcasts.
>> PROBST: And Burton hatched a

plan to get rid of Rupert.
>> We've got to get

Rupert off right now.
Okay, so you need to

make friends with Christa and
say, "Listen, I'm going along

with whatever you guys want."
>> Well, see, now, it's starting

to lie and I'm going
to have a problem with that.

>> PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, Rupert guaranteed

himself three more days
by defeating all the others.

And with that,
Rupert has immunity.

( laughing )
Back at camp,

Ryno was feeling vulnerable
and tried some last minute

I could get the two girls,

and if you could get Lill,
you know, we kind of

control our own destiny.
>> PROBST: But at Tribal


Ryno was voted out.
>> I'll be back, guys.

>> PROBST: He became the first
member of the jury.

Eight are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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( thunder rumbling )

( thunder rumbling )

( thunder crashing )
( snake hissing )

>> Nighttime is my one bad time.
If I could go just 39 days

and never have to sleep,
I would make this beautifully.

But nighttime is killing me.
( quietly ): Just got to make it

through another day.
And another and another

and another and another...
At night out here,

I start thinking about family.
That's when I miss my family.

( thunder crashing )
I tell Laura, my wife,

all my woes and sorrows,
all my triumphs.

I tell Laura everything.
And I want for everyone to see

I am the best damn survivor
that has ever been.

I am it.
I know they will.

Shouldn't think that way,
I know.

I know.
I know. I know.

I hear you.
I hear you.

Take it down
to the one or two people

that I truly,
really care about.

I care about Sandra
and Christa.

They care about me.
It's very hard keeping

mentally aware of everything
that's going on around here.

I try to guide everything
that goes on on my island.

I try to direct
everyone's actions

while keeping myself grounded
and aware of what is going on

and what I am doing,
not settling ever

for anything but first.
And letting everybody here

realize that they are finishing
in places of honor.

To build them up to be a winner
and still lose...

that's a hard mental battle.
>> Beebee.

that's a hard mental battle.
>> Beebee.

>> Thank you, baby.
( chuckling )

>> I know.
( kisses )

Blah, blah.
>> Honestly, Rupert and Christa

are making me sick with their,
"Baby, baby, beebee, beebee,"

blah, blah, blah.
( Rupert laughing )

>> I know.
>> I've been saying this

in my head and I...
I've never... I haven't vocally

expressed this thought,
but I feel, uh, Rupert,

Christa and Sandra
have gotten to the point of...

of the old saying,
"Absolute power

corrupts absolutely."
They are so power-ridden,

they know it, that they feel
that they're above the law.

>> Jon and I will be back
in about 15, 20 minutes.

>> That's very good.
>> Burton and I decided to go

on a... well, we decided
to talk a little strategy,

knowing that the bond between
Christa, Rupert and Sandra

pretty much puts us
at fourth and fifth.

Like, to hand-feed me
number four and say, "Jon,

be happy. It's number four."
No. That's not going

to make me happy.
>> We need to be starting

to chat up with D and T.
Just be like, "Hey, listen.

You guys know you're going.
"If we can knock Rupert off,

we can break this triad deal."
If we can take him

out now, we need to.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> But, we need to...
We just need to start

getting a foundation
with D and T.

>> Once again, Jonny Fairplay
finds himself

in a great position.
He can either go with Plan A:

Christa, Rupert, Sandra,
and Burton, or Plan B:

Burton, D, T, and Lill.
And, uh, I'm throwing

all my eggs in choice "B."
You know, if the bases are

loaded and, you know, you got
three people saying, "Hey,

bunt"... Screw you, man.
This is my chance

to knock a grand slam.
>> Rupert would be scrambling.

The thing is he will be
livid, like, beyond belief.

>> I know.
>> The problem is it's more

risky to flip the alliance now
and to go against Rupert,

Chris and Sandra.
If I go this other way,

I have a much better chance,
but if I get caught

and the cover is blown,
it's not going to be

a good thing.
That's why we've got to start

talking to those girls,
'cause right now,

we're about to get screwed, too.
I talked to Lill about this

and I've talked to Jon about it.
So, we didn't know when to tell

Tijuana and Darrah
what the plan is to flip

on our original alliance.
>> It's empty.

on our original alliance.
>> It's empty.

>> Good boy.
>> I think I need to go fishing.

>> Good luck, Rupe.
>> All right, let's get

that big-ass shark today.
Big-ass shark steaks.

I have to go out and get fish.
I would love it if I was

a mean-ass son of a bitch
and just went out

and got fish for myself.
But, so, what do you do?

You go out and get fish.
>> Days can't pass by fast

enough, you know?
>> They're gone.

>> Burton and I found ourselves
with an opportunity--

everyone else there
with Rupert fishing

and Sandra and Christa
going to get lemons.

I looked at Burton,
Burton looked at me.

He was like,
"You think now's the time?"

I was like, "Absolutely."
>> A shark appears,

and I'm like, "Ah, I want him.
I want him, bad."

But, the only way
I'm taking that shot

is if I can get
directly over him,

hit him straight down
in the head

and hold that spear into him.
Because, if not, he's going

to be gone with my spear.
>> The alliance between Rupert,

Sandra and Christa...
the two of us...

>> It's unbreakable.
>> The two of us are

on the outside.
>> Right.

>> Because, Rupert's threatened
threatened by me, they all--

every single one has told me
they want him out

the second there's a chance.
Bottom line is, if those

three are in at the end,
no one else will be.

Because, Rupert will win
every immunity.

>> And, you know what,
I'd rather have one, two...

well, four, five, four,
three, whatever.

>> Me, too.
>> I would love to have this...

versus that.
>> Here's the key.

Here's the key.
Number one, Rupert goes first.

If he doesn't win immunity,
we go after Christa.

No one can breathe a
word, if we're all...

Here it is. Here it is.

>> I have an important...
I have one important...

When they come to us and say,
"Okay, Darrah's next."

>> If they think that I'm going
to be the next one to go,

I'll just play it off like,
"Yeah, I know I am."

>> "There's nothing
I can do about it."

>> Yeah. Okay.
>> Okay, just remember,

we have-- the five of us--
have to stick together until

all three of those are gone.
>> Look, we know it, that's it.

There's no more talking about
it, 'cause someone

could overhear.
( Jon speaks indistinctly )

>> Yeah, you're going
to be here...

>> You're going to be here

Gimme, gimme, gimmegimme.
>> We tell them,

Rupert's going home.
Their eyes

are about as big as the sun.
They can't believe it.

They're like, "Oh, my God!
Thank you guys so much!

Thank you so much!"
So, the game's about to take

a serious, serious change.
>> All right, let's get

some... do some work.
>> I was down in the dumps,

thinking that I was going
to go home, but all of

a sudden, that changed.
And now, I'm just...

I'm ready to stay.
>> I almost had a four-foot

gray reef shark.
My God, I sure did want

that shark.
I love being the baddest hunter

out there.
I never give up,

I never surrender,
I never admit defeat.

>> We got sea mail.
>> We got sea mail?

>> Yup.
>> Read that puppy.

Let me see that boat.
"Morgan, Drake and Balboa,

"in their shadows
you'll compete,

"not for gold or silver,
but a reward just as sweet.

"From poop deck
to crow's nest, just

as fast as you please,
"be the best swabbie you can be

for the adventures on the sea."
>> So, we're going to probably

be climbing something
from bottom to top.

>> Yeah.
>> We got tree mail,

and the clue says,
you're going to be following in

the shadows of ancient pirates.
I think I've got a pretty good

shot at it if it's something
that has to do with speed.

If I do win, just to keep the
impression that our alliance

was going strong,
I'll be giving my reward

to Rupert, because he gave me
his last time.

Well, you got one coming
back your direction.

( laughing )
Soon as I can beat you.

( Rupert laughing )
>> The deal between Burton and

I, after I had given him my
bacon, my breakfast,

my wonderful breakfast...
he said he owed me,

and he would pay me back with
the next challenge he wins.

Burton promised me.
It's fine.

It keeps unity between he and I.
It's a deal.

It keeps unity in our group.
>> PROBST: Come on, guys.

Let's get to it.
For today's reward challenge,

you'll take part
in an obstacle course

that will move you along
an old pirate shipwreck.

You'll be running
in teams of two.

On my go, both members of a team
will scurry up the fishnet

to the first platform.
When both tribe members

are on the platform,
you'll race up the cargo net,

retrieve a bell, and ring it.
You come down,

your partner goes up,
and also rings the bell.

Using a grappling hook,
you'll then grab a rope

and swing across
to the second platform.

Make your way up
to the crow's nest

where you'll untie a series
of knots

and release a second bell.
Both members must ring the bell.

You then slide down the sail
to the last platform.

At the last platform,
you'll release a sandbag

with a bell striker on it.
Only one person needs

to ring the last bell.
Winning pair moves

into the finals.
Want to know

what you're playing for?
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Today's reward
is an adventure day.

You'll go deep-sea fishing.
Anything that you catch,

you keep.
And you'll do it all

aboard this ship.
>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Catamaran.
It'll be yours for the

Any afternoon on a catamaran

needs one thing--
pizza and beer.

>> Oh!
That's what it's all about.

>> See, now, that's worth it.
>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: We're gonna draw for

>> Oh.
>> PROBST: Burton and Lill once

again paired up together.
Christa and Darrah

working together.
Winner of this heat goes on

to the final.
Survivors ready? Go!

Christa and Burton
both neck and neck.

Burton starting
to pull his bell.

Christa getting hers.
Christa and Burton

both have rang the bell.
Burton's down.

Lill and Darrah both going up.
Ring it, Darrah.

There it is.
Get down

and move on.
Darrah's down.

Christa and Darrah moving on.
Lill takes a hard fall.

Christa, using the grappling
hook, gets the rope,

and she's off and soaring.
Send the rope back.

Darrah missed it.
She's gonna need

to use the hook.
Darrah right behind Lill.

It's a close race.
You have to untie these knots.

You will release another bell.
Ring it, slide down the sail.

Burton has it almost undone.
Christa right behind him.

It's gonna be a race
to the finish,

to the final platform.
Burton rings it.

Lill rings it.
( bell rings )

Burton has a sandbag,
getting the bell.

Burton and Lill
move on to the final!

Here we go.
The second heat--

T and Sandra, Rupert and Jon.
Survivors ready?

The girls up the net first.

T up first.
Rupert right behind her.

T grabbing that bell.
Ring it.

Get down.
When she's down,

you go up, Sandra.
Rupert has it.

He rings it.
Got to get down.

Go, Sandra.
Ooh, Rupert takes a hard fall.

That a way.

You guys are dead even.
Let's go, get that rope.

Go T, go.
Rupert has the rope,

flies across, lets it go.
Jon grabs it.

Use that hook, Sandra,
to grab the rope.

Rupert up first
to the crow's nest.

Rupert working on the ropes.
T working on her ropes.

Rupert has it.
He rings it.

Slides down the sail.

Jon, did you ring the bell?
You didn't ring that bell.

Jon's got to go back.
Now, Jon rings it.

( yelling )
( indistinct chatter )

( bell rings )
You're right back in it.

Somebody grab the slack.
Rupert and Jon

almost there.
Rupert and Jon moving on!

For the final round,
it's Burton and Lill

versus Rupert and Jon.
This time, you will be

retrieving puzzle pieces.
At the first station,

you'll untie a bag
of puzzle pieces.

The second person
will ring the bell.

At the second station,
puzzle pieces.

Second person rings the bell.
At the final station,

use the cutlass,
chop the sandbag.

Attached is a key.
That'll open

your treasure chest.
First team

to complete the puzzle wins.
For reward.

Survivors ready?

Burton up first and up and over.
Burton and Rupert both working

on their first bag
of puzzle pieces.

Rupert has his.
Has to head down

before Jon can head up.
Saw way too much

of Rupert on that.
It's up to Jon and Lill

to ring the bells.
Jon rings the bell.

Lill rings her bell.
Both teams moving on.

Rupert across.
Jon across.

Rupert already starting on
the second bag of puzzle pieces.

Burton throws the rope back.
Lill takes a face plant.

Rupert has his second bag
of puzzle pieces.

Burton, working fast
on his knot, right behind.

Burton and Lill
right behind them.

Rupert and Jon have their keys.
Let's go.

Go, go, guys.
Wait for Lill.

We're dead even.

Rupert and Burton unlocking
their treasure chests.

Rupert has his, Burton has his.
Who can complete

the puzzle first?
It is the flag

right above your head.
That's what

you're trying to recreate.
Burton and Lill

making good progress.
You both have the skull

and crossbones.
You're trying to figure out

how to frame it.
No need to force it, guys.

Burton and Lill getting closer
and closer.

Only a few pieces away.
Jon and Rupert catching up,

going to have to hustle.
Look at this--

down to the last piece.
>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Burton and Lill win

>> Oh, my God!
All right, quit

doing that Lill!
Come on, now.

>> PROBST: Okay,
here's the deal.

Let's review.
Catamaran, deep-sea fishing,

pizza and beer on the boat.
You can keep it for yourself.

If you want to give it up
to somebody else, you can do

that, as well.
>> I want to keep this.

Sorry, guys.
>> Jon.

>> PROBST: All right, Lill's
keeping her reward.

Burton's giving his up to Jon.
( Jon mutters )

>> You better drink
a twelve-pack.

>> I'm going to drink a case.
>> PROBST: Pizza and beer

for Jon and Lill.
Catamaran will

pick you two up.
Head on back.

Good effort, everybody.
>> Well, that reward challenge

was not as fun as I had hoped.
That was painful,

painful, painful.
>> I didn't want

to give this reward to Rupert,
because I don't want Rupert

to have any more food than
he can, because, tomorrow,

in the immunity challenge,
I want him to be tired, weak,

injured and hobbling around,
because I want to smoke him.

>> It's just the outside
that stinks of rot and death.

We had so much rot
and death here.

When Burton gave that away
to Jon, and Lill kept it in her

hand without even thinking about
it, that showed me that...

I might not be as secure
as I am... as I think I am.

Mean scum.
The bastard's going to be ...

( mumbling )
( panting )

Last ... damn thing
I give to Burton...

except a vote.
I may give him a few votes.

Rot and death.
>> Rupert deserves to go.

( indistinct chatter )
As much as he does

around here...
We're living because of him.

>> I'm sorry.
>> About what?

>> I should have sent you.
I asked them, and they said no.

>> Ah, it's okay, Lill.
You need it, you earned it.

you want it, bad.
>> But that's not it.

I went through the first one,
I didn't win.

( sighs )
>> You won, you should go.

>> I feel like ...
>> No.

>> I'm sorry.
It's not right.

You know it isn't, I know
it isn't, and everybody else

knows it isn't.
>> But what's done is done.

>> I should have sent
Rupert on this, and I didn't.

Yeah, but I'm such a bitch.
>> No, no. Thank God.

>> Don't say that about God.
( sobbing

>> I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

>> Rupert should go.
Rupert would catch fish.

I can't catch fish.
We got to bring back fish.

>> We're going to.
What's... What's the big deal?

We're going to.
That's not a problem.

We're bringing plenty of fish.
They're gonna be happy.

>> T and Sandra's looking at me
like I'm a scum.

I don't want to make anybody
mad, I don't want

to get anybody upset,
but I'm just not that good

at the game.
I don't go on

vacations all the time.
I can't afford

to do these kind of things.
If I had a chance

to sail on a beautiful boat,
that's what was in my mind.

I've never done anything
like that before.

>> Every single thing
is hinging on

yours and my relationship.
>> I know.

>> And... I know it's a game,
and I know it's backstabbing...

>> Because there's no point.
There's no way either one of us

can beat anyone else
as soon as we go through

with what we do tomorrow.
There's no way.

I know that. You know that.
That's it.

>> But, like...
I'll admit, I am putting

100% of my faith in you.
You and I just have

to control everything
from here on out.

And as long as the two of us
can get Lill to vote with us,

there's three people.
>> Oh, we're fine.

>> And we're fine.
Yes, all right.

>> I heard Burton and Jon
talking in the bushes.

Jon is going to work
his magic on Lill

the whole boat ride.
>> If they turn, we're all dead.

If they...
>> It's not turning,

it's just that they want her
in the palm of their hand.

What kind of game is he going
to play on her on the boat?

>> It doesn't matter.
Lill will come back,

and I will talk to Lill.
I talk to Lill

every morning for hours.
>> You going to ask her

what they talked about?
>> Yep.

I'm going to ask her exactly
what they talked about.

And she will tell me.
>> Lill?

Time to go.
>> Got to find out what's going

My only hope is

when Lill comes back,
she looks me in the eye

and tells me
what Jon is talking about.

>> Oh, yes.
>> Oh, my goodness.

>> Cheers.
>> Cheers.

>> To the final three.
>> To the final three.

>> I have never ever
been on anything

anywhere near this boat.
Who's the captain?

>> Hola, señor.
El capitán.

Oh, you're glad you didn't
give this bad boy

up now, aren't you?
>> I don't know,

the ramifications...
>> There are no ramifications.

I have everything worked out
and we have all day

to discuss it,
so you will have no more

questions and there'll be
no more talk at camp

between anybody.
So, the only thing

that can hurt us...
>> You just need to let me know

what's going on.
>> I'm going to tell you

everything today, and when
we leave here, you will have

no more questions.
>> All right.

You may have to tell me
a couple times.

>> Okay. Here's the deal.
First: Rupert.

If Rupert's not available,
then Christa.

>> Yeah, but I have a lot
of guilt.

You don't, I do.
>> Please, you... you have to

check that guilt at the door, or
else quit this game right now.

Cheers. Are you happy?
>> I'm happy.

>> You should be,
you're final three.

>> I smell Cerveza.
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Yes, sir!
Thank you very much, sir.

You drink beer, Lill?
>> Not a whole lot.

>> Well, I'll be happy
to finish that for you.

I think you know that.
Oh, you're the man!

>> Oh, my gosh! Oh!
>> We got veggies over there,

and we got a whole meat
over here.

>> Simple-made things
make me very excitable.

( laughs )
>> I need to date women like

>> Hey.

>> Mmm...
>> Mmm...

>> This is the best part
of this entire game.

Right here.
>> You know how much I like

Seeing how good I look right now

is a great thing.
Oh. Man.

>> Square knot.
I am the Scout Master.

>> You're drunk, Lill.

>> I've had three-quarters
of a beer.

>> I think you're drunk.
>> What happens if I get one?

>> I think you're drunk.
>> What happens if I get one?

>> Uh, reel it in.
>> I would really like

to bring some home.
>> Yeah.

>> Whoo-hoo.
>> Any fish?

>> Yeah.
We fished the entire time.

>> See, they kind of fished for
us, and they threw out

the fishing hooks in the back
and... nothing.

>> Yeah, you just
trolled around.

When Jon and Lill came back
from their catamaran,

I just sucked Lill in quickly
and told her, "You stick with me

and you could be top two."
You know, "It could be you

and me."
How many other times have you

been on the winning team?
I tried to figure out

what Jon was talking
to her about

and if Jon was going to try
and suck her in and get her in

some kind of alliance.
>> No, no.

>> And she said "no."
I know now that Lill

will be wholehearted with me.
I wanted to hug and kiss her.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Rupert, for the second time,
I take this away from you.

Once again,
Immunity back up for grabs.

Okay, let's get to
today's challenge.

It is based on an old dart game
called "Killer."

Your first goal: become a
Killer, and you do that

by hitting your own color
on the target.

Once you're a Killer,
you can start attacking

other tribe members.
Each time a Killer hits

another tribe member's color,
they lose one, two

or three of their lives,
depending if they're hit

in the single,
the double or the triple

section of the target.
Once your lives are gone,

you're out of the game.
Last person left on the board...

wins Immunity.
To make it a little more fun,

you won't be throwing darts...
you'll be using a blowgun.

We'll draw numbers
to pick your spot.

We'll get started.
First up: Lill.

Get a lung full of air
and make yourself a Killer.

So, your goal is
to hit your own color,

activate your Killer status.
Not enough;

going to need a little more air.
Next up: T.

Give it a good blow.
>> Oh, that sucked.

>> PROBST: Darrah trying to hit
her color.


Step up and show them

how it's done.
It's as easy as that--

Rupert is on the board
as our first Killer.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: Burton looking

to hit brown.
Look at that!

>> Good job, Burton.
>> PROBST: Burton follows right

Burton now a Killer.

You hit Sandra,

but you're not a Killer.
Doesn't count.

There it is!
Jon's on the board.

Jon is a Killer.

Darrah takes two hits.
You lose one life

and you lose a second life;
Darrah down to her Safety.

Burton gives T a hit.
>> Ooh!

>> Thank God.
Sandra hits herself with

a double and becomes a Killer.
Good shot, but you're not a

Killer-- doesn't count.
Jon hits Christa with a triple.

Christa, one life...
two life... three life.

>> My bad.
>> PROBST: Christa's out of the

game, have a seat on the bench.
>> Sorry.

>> That was quick.
>> PROBST: Darrah takes two

hits, you lose your last life,
Darrah, have a seat next to

Christa, you're out of the game.
Burton has Killer status.

Looking to put some pain
on somebody.

And he does
with a triple on Rupert.

Rupert loses Killer status...
one life...

and a second life.
And with one hit,

Rupert is down to one last life.
( mouths word )

>> PROBST: Rupert takes his last

Rupert, out of the game.
T. takes a double hit.

Rupert, out of the game.
T. takes a double hit.

T., you lose this life
and you lose your last life,

your Safety. out of the game.

Have a seat on the bench.
>> He kills me again.

>> Oh...
>> Son of a...

>> PROBST: Burton hits a triple
on Sandra.

Sandra, now down
to your last life.

Sandra hits Burton.
>> I wish that counted, too.

>> PROBST: But you're not a

Burton hits Sandra and,
just like that,

Sandra loses her last life.
Take a seat on the bench.

We're down to three:
Jon, Lill, Burton.

Burton gives a triple shot
to Jon and, like that,

Jon loses one life...
two life...

and the third life.
Jon, have a seat,

you're out of the game.
>> It was a pleasure having me.

( chuckles )
>> PROBST: Once again,

we're down to a familiar pair:
Lill and Burton.

All you have to do is

hit light blue anywhere,
Lill's out of the game,

you're going home with Immunity.
Takes his aim.

Lillian, out of the game.
>> Oh, my heart.

>> PROBST: Burton wins
Immunity-- again.

Burton, come on over.
You've had this

around you before.
>> I have.

>> PROBST: Turn around
and put it on.

Safe from tonight's vote.
Three more days out here.

Valuable Immunity.
As you know,

if you wish to assign it
to somebody else, you can.

You have this afternoon
to think about it.

You guys can head back to camp.
>> Thank you.

>> The immunity challenge
pissed the hell out of me.

I know I was clearly
the best dart-blower there.

And they knocked me out
so damn quick.

My own team, Burton and Sandra,
knocked me out.

Sandra truly was a mistake.
I don't blame her at all.

Burton, he knew
what the hell he was doing.

>> You and I, we'll
go all the way.

>> I know, dude.
>> Like, I don't want to be in

the final with anyone else...
>> There's no one here.

There's no one else.
>> ...for a number of reasons.

But, if nothing else,
I want to hang out

with you that last day.
>> Exactly.

>> I want you and I
partying our ass off.

>> Exactly, man.
I'm pretty happy right now

in that, uh, Rupert's
going home tonight.

Although, I promised him
that I wouldn't write

his name down again,
promises, to me,

uh, can be broken
about as easily as a fat woman

on wicker furniture.
It's that simple.

>> I love... I love
shell collecting.

I got tons of shells.
>> Good therapy.

>> Yes.
>> What needs to be done?

>> Shell collecting.
>> I better get on

my shell collecting, then.
Burton and Jon keep

pounding into my head--
this is a game!

But I'd love to keep Rupert,
because I love that man.

>> It's the same.
It's the same. It's the same.

>> Yep.
>> We target the Morgans first

and we got to get Darrah
and Tijuana out

before any of them,
so they won't pass that damn

immunity between each other.
Darrah is still acting

like she's ready to go
and packing and saying

her good-byes.
But that could all be an act.

Luckily, I have Lill
on my side,

I have Sandra on my side
and I have Christa on my side.

Lill has been the key figure
in a lot of votes lately.

Is it still going to be Darrah?
>> Uh, I don't care.

I... I've said from the get-go,
it doesn't make ... to me.

>> Okay. Okay.
I'm going to go get dressed.

If they've turned
and they've gotten

Darrah, T, Jon and Burton
together on one side,

I've got my four on my side
and we will have a tie.

We five stand strong together.
>> That was my point

the whole time.
>> Burton said "yeah."

I want to see Sandra say "yeah"
and look at me.

>> I'm good.
>> I want to see you say "yeah."

>> I'll give you
a "hell, yeah."

>> The vibe at the camp
is that everybody's agreed

upon Darrah going home.
Maybe Burton figured out

that there was a way
between him and Jon

to get together
and outmaneuver us three.

But I don't see it happening.
I just can't see it happening,

because all along they've said,
"It's going to be

the strong five
and we'll separate from there."

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in
the first member of the jury,

Voted out at the

last Tribal Council.
Ryno is here merely to observe.

He's just gathering information
to help him make a very

important vote at the final
Tribal Council.

Okay. 27 days--
that's a long time

to be out here.
Sandra, is there anybody

in this tribe you couldn't
survive without?

Why Rupert?
>> Rupert is the only one

that brings fish,
with the exception of the one

that Burton brought.
But Burton brings in stingrays.

Um, we'd be assed-out if it
wasn't for Rupert, assed-out.

>> PROBST: Lill,
how important is Rupert's

fish-catching abilities?
>> It is very important to us,

but we also have another person
who does do fishing.

>> PROBST: Burton, is there
or is there not a

little competition
to be the alpha male

between you and Rupert?
>> No, I don't believe so.

I mean, Rupert has definitely
caught more fish than I have.

But there's no doubt
in my mind that if one of us

got struck by lightning,
the tribe would get by.

>> PROBST: Sandra, you have
become your own society,

complete with leaders
and followers.

Who here is getting a free ride?
>> Let it be known

that Jon wakes up at noon
and then he goes

under the bushes.
He has this secret spot where

he takes an additional nap.
I have yet to see him wash

a dish or even clean a fish.
>> PROBST: Jon, she pointed

a big, old, fat finger at you.
>> That's fine.

She gives me a headache.
So, I could care less.

It's all about her.
>> PROBST: What's that, Jon?

>> It's all about her.
>> PROBST: Okay.

Darrah, you seem
like you've given up

to me.
If you're going home tonight,

No, not surprised at all.

>> PROBST: Disappointed?
>> Um, yeah, disappointed,

but not surprised.
>> PROBST: All right, guys.

Burton, you have immunity.
It's yours to keep

or give away to somebody else,
if you want to.

Uh, I think I'll keep it.
>> PROBST: All right.

That being said, Burton cannot
be voted for tonight.

Everybody else is fair game.
It is time to vote.

Christa, you're up.
>> A Morgan has to go tonight.

Christa, you're up.
>> A Morgan has to go tonight.

And the other two
work harder than you do.

>> To be the man, you got
to beat the man.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.
The person voted out

will be asked
to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...

Two votes Darrah.

Two votes Darrah,

one vote Jon.

One vote Rupert.

Two votes Rupert,
two votes Darrah.

That's three votes Rupert,

two votes Darrah,
one vote Jon.

That's four votes Rupert.

Ninth person voted out
of the tribe-- Rupert.

You need to bring
me your torch.

>> I cannot believe that.
>> PROBST: Rupert, the tribe has

You guys can head

You guys can head

back to camp.
Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:
Jon is stunned

with some devastating news.
>> Love you, Jonny.

>> I love you, guys.
>> PROBST: While a member of the

tribe does the unthinkable.
>> We can't sabotage the tribe.

>> I didn't do it.
>> That was the most idiotic

thing I've... I've seen
since this game has begun.

I got nothing to say
to either one of you.

>> Well, ... you, too.
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