Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Survivor - full transcript

The discovery of hidden food inflames tribal passions; the men stay dry while the women get drenched during a downpour; the second castaway is voted off.

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Previously on Survivor...

16 strangers were abandoned

deep in the heart
of the Amazon jungle.

For the first time,
the tribes

were divided
into men and women.

This place was discovered
in 1541-- Spanish explorer.

He encounters a tribe
of very fierce female warriors.

This was the first notion

that women could survive
just fine on their own.

That is where the term
"Amazon women" comes from.


Shove off!

From the start,
the women had trouble.

SHAWNA: I just felt so stupid,
with the guys going off

one way, the girls
couldn't untie...

well, I couldn't
untie the knot.

PROBST: When the Jaburu women
finally arrived at camp...


...Christy revealed her secret.

And every tribe member
should know that I am deaf.

JENNA: I'm wondering
how she's going to be able

to work with the group
when she can't

-really hear well.
-PROBST: From the beginning,

some of the women found
surviving in the Amazon

tougher than they
ever imagined.

I don't know if I can do
a challenge tomorrow.

I'm having trouble walking.

They didn't catch many fish.

I was pretty sure

that after you gutted
the thing,

there would've been...
there's just

nothing even left.

I feel like I'm eating
vomit right now.

PROBST: And they had trouble
building shelter.

-Oh, my God!

PROBST: At Tambaqui,
things were different.


The guys finished their shelter

under Roger's
self-proclaimed leadership.

We need them about three
feet long-- the Y's--

and there should be
plenty of them, okay?

ROB: I know how to play
this game. I say, "Yes, Roger.

Yes, Roger. Sure, Roger."

PROBST: And the tribe
felt confident.

Yo, we're the favorites
right now.

Bottom line is,

a lot of girls
over there are eye candy,

but when it comes down to it,

you want people
that are going to be useful.

Survivors ready? Go!

At the first immunity
challenge, the Tambaqui men

quickly jumped ahead.

You're good.
Feet can't touch! No!

Daniel and Ryan,
got to head back.

But Ryan and Daniel
blew the men's lead.

Hug the log!

And Heidi led the women
to victory.

Jaburu wins immunity!

Tambaqui went
to Tribal Council,

where Ryan was the first person

voted out of the tribe.

Ryan, the tribe has spoken.

15 remain.

Who will be voted out tonight?

JANET: We've been sleeping
in the elements

for four nights now.

The shelter that we have
does not, you know,

live up to its name.

It does not shelter us.

Look at it. It goes...
(makes high-pitched noise)

It's-it's narrower over here
and wider over here.

-SHAWNA: What we wanted do there

was reinforce the center
because it's breaking.

HEIDI: There's not a roof
over our heads

because there's so many
other priorities going on.

Like, number one is water.

Everybody's energy is being
in that fire and water.

Water, fire, water, fire.
I mean, we just...

it takes everyone's energy
just to do that.

We need to designate.

We need one person
on fire, water, logs.

JEANNE: Okay, one person--
fire, water, logs.

Who's going to do that?

Our camp is so disorganized,

because we don't have a leader.

You really need to bring it
together and unify it

and work as a team,
and without a leader,

we're not going to get it

See, since we are not using
this section, are we, like...

I mean, do we want to try
to go, like, tepee style?

I really don't care if we
have a high ceiling or not.

-I don't care, either.
-I don't know.

I think those poles are fine.

So A-frame could be
the way to go.

SHAWNA: We don't have
the necessary stuff

to survive right now.

We are not surviving.

I think the guys
are much better off than us.

I have no doubt that

they probably had their stuff
together before we did.

Guys, this looks delicious.

ALEX: Here we are in the Amazon,
in this rain forest,

and we've built our shelter,
we're making do with our food.

We did finally figure out

how to use the manioc flour,
instead of just

eating it dry, which was nice.

Hotcakes are on, boys!

We're surviving.

Not the Ritz,
but it's... it's pretty cool.

It's hot, guys. You have to
balance it in your hands.

What a bunch
of lamebrains we are.

This is the way to do it.

It's filling.

It's filling,
and it tastes average.

It's great.

All right.
We going to fish?

Let's fish.

-Here we go.
-Here we go.

All right, ready?

Yeah, here we go, guys--
right side.

Easy on the left side.

Good job, guys.

The last few days here

have been
a little embarrassing.

Uh, we lost the first
immunity challenge,

but we've established

a... a very good team.

All right, everybody ready?

One, two, three.

That was a good one.

-Yeah, nice cast.
-Coordinated effort.

DAVE: I think what we're doing
is really settling down

to a schedule.

We... we got our shelter built.
Uh... we're

assessing our food.
You know, what do we need to do

in order to sustain ourselves
for the long haul?

BUTCH: One, two, guys,
we're getting her down.

It's going to take a while.

One, two, three.

(thunder crashing)

They look pretty angry.

Getting a little concerned?

-Want to go back to camp, guys?
-You can hear it. -Yeah.

All right, Tambaqui, let's get

-on the move.
-Let's go.

One, two, three.

Wind's to our back.

It was so sunny a minute ago.

DAVE: Not seconds
before we got back, it...

it just dumped.
It rained hard.

(thunder crashing)


It came down in buckets.

But inside the shelter,

there were a couple of drips
here and there;

pretty much, we were dry.

It'd suck to be outside
right now.

(thunder crashing)

Have a seat near the fire.

I am so cold right now.

Right now... a

horrendous storm just hit us,

and we're getting buckets...
buckets of water on us.

The ground's fallen through.

Our... our stakes are flimsy.

We didn't get our structure up
in time, so we are wet.

We lost our flint,
so we can't rebuild a fire.

So, right now, we're focusing
on the fire shelter.

And, um, these palms
are... are crap,

so we're trying to figure out
how to weave them together

to ensure that that thing
doesn't go out,

'cause that's our lifeline,

and serious trouble
if that gets hit.

I can't believe
how badly this sucks.

We thought we'd have
more time than this.

Forgot that we're in
the middle of the Amazon,

and that torrential rainstorms
come by daily.

Okay, it is your first
reward challenge.

Today, we're going to test
how well you communicate.

Your ability to listen
to each other and take direction

will determine the outcome.

It'll consist of a puzzle,

which will demand teamwork
to build. The 30 pieces


to solve your puzzle

have been scattered
in the jungle clearing.

You're going to pick

one tribe member.

They're going to be your guide.

The other tribe members
will be blindfolded in pairs.

The guide
will navigate the pairs

through the clearing,
which has trees and logs

and mud,
as you gather the pieces.

Once you've gathered
all 30 pieces,

you can take your blindfolds off

and start to put
the puzzle together.

First tribe to complete
the puzzle wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

-Well, the river

is a source of a lot of food.

Outside of both
your guys' camps,

there really are fish this big,

and the best way
to catch them: fish bait.

-Oh, yeah.


There's a lot of bait here.

Should provide a lot of food.

Jaburu, because you have
one extra member,

you're sitting somebody out.

You also have to decide
who your guides are.

Jaburu, who's sitting out?

Christy, you're sitting out.

Who's your guide?

Tambaqui, who's your guide?

Let's get blindfolded up.

All right, guys, here we go,
for reward.

Survivors ready?

Each of you guys turn around.

Turn around the other way.

All right, first thing-- Roger,

you're going to go forward
five steps.

Shawna, go forward ten paces.

Just go forward. It's a...
it's a tree stump

in front of you, Shawna,
but keep going. Step high.

Hey, um, Ro-Roger,
turn around to your right.

More. Straight ahead.

Reach your left hand out,
Shawna. There you go.

-Come to me. -BUTCH: That's it.
No, no, no, no.

Dan, not you. Not you, Dan.
Roger. All right, bring it back.

Heidi, go forward ten spaces,
to your right.

That's right where you started.

Now, keep going.
Whoa. Stop there.

-Hold on a second.
-Drop that board.

PROBST: Guys, remember, this
is about clear communication.

Whoa. Right there.
Whoa, stop, stop.

Sorry, guys. Sorry.

All right, now, straight ahead.

Tambaqui, you got to talk

-to each other.
-Uh, uh, Roger...

I mean, Dave. Dave.

All right, straight ahead
15 steps.

Heidi, left, left, left, left.
There you go.

PROBST: Girls are way ahead
of the guys.

Rob... excuse me, Alex.

I'm sorry, Mitch...
Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt.

Right, there it is.

Okay, you guys, turn around.

Shuffle-step back toward me.

I can't see my other guy.

Tambaqui, you better pick it up.

Drop your piece.
Drop your piece.

That's 27 Jaburu, 18 Tambaqui.

Alex, reach down.

No, not that. That's a stick.

Jaburu down
to three pieces left.

Drop it, Shawna.

Butch, put the sign down?

No, no, not you. I'm sorry.

Uh, Matthew, all right,
to your left.

Left, left, left.

PROBST: The girls
are way ahead of the guys.

three more steps, Alex.

Keep coming-- three more steps.
One, two, three,

-four, stop. -JOANNA: Come
right, you got our last piece.

Come on, Jenna.
Keep coming to me.

Step forward, this way.

Follow my voice!
Follow my voice! Drop it!

PROBST: That's it for Jaburu.
Take off the blindfolds.

-Start solving the puzzle.
-JOANNA: Let's go, Jaburu!

-Take the blindfolds off!
-We can take them off?

-Let's put the puzzle together.
-PROBST: Jaburu is starting

on the puzzle.

Let's go, Tambaqui.
You're still in this.

-Butch, this is it, right?
-Butch! -BUTCH: To your left.

You got it, Roger,
to your left.

-Keep going.
-This is Roger! Is this it?

Right there's a frame.
Right there's a frame.

-Come around the frame.
-Is that the right sign?!

Alex... or Dave, Dave,
Dave, Dave, you go

to your right now,
to your right now.

-Butch! -All right, Alex, you're
going to stop right there.

Wait. I need a vine.

Looks like an "E."


Roger, keep following
my voice back.

JEANNE: Now I need a corner
of a square.

BUTCH: Now, you guys come
toward me, straight ahead.

We're in. Go, drop it.
Now, take your time, guys.

take off your blindfolds.

Start solving your puzzle.

Jaburu has a big lead.

-Got to be a top one.
-It's got nothing on it?

No, it's got...
turn it over, Butch.

I need bright yellow.

See these square... these, uh,
triangles right here?

Those are the teeny corners.
Does anyone have any yellow...?

PROBST: Make sure to check
the puzzle reference.

You guys may be closer
than you think with a piece.

We need fish. We need fish.

-Oh, right there.

We're having dinner tonight.

Yeah, that's it. That's it.


-Jaburu wins reward!
-Yeah, baby!

-Oh, yeah. -Wins their second
challenge in a row.

From what I know about the
Amazon, you should be eating

very well for the next couple
of days.

Fish will love this.


You are two for two.

You the man.

I have to admit,

I'm not accustomed
to losing to women.

I don't care what it is.

It's just not my deal.

Not that I'm a chauvinist.
It just...

It's just my personality

that makes a man do it,
and I'm...

something like that,
I expect to win.

We got our asses kicked, though.

DAVE: I think the mood in camp
is a little frustration.

I mean, everybody wants to win.

And, particularly,

seven guys don't want to lose
to a bunch of girls.

If you win, it's great,
but if you lose,

no... no matter
who you are out here,

you have a tendency
to want to blame yourself.

We were running around
like chickens

-with their heads cut off.

ALEX: We're feeling
the pressure a lot.

And there's a lot
of pressure on us now.

We've lost two in a row.

We could have used that bait.

Bait would have been nice.

DAVE: I think, you know,
we got an immunity challenge,

-what, in two days?

We'll go into that.

I think, if we take
a deep breath--

ten, 15 seconds-- sit back

and work on it as a team,
we'll be all right.

Good batch.

Is it?

Mmm, mmm!

That tasted like you put

some beautiful spices
in it today.

HEIDI: 'Cause I did try to burn
it a little bit more,

since it was wet in there.

We need food-- real food.

The manioc--

the fried manioc or whatever--

burnt manioc--
was just no good.

-Oh, it's disgusting.
-Yeah, it really is.

It's got maggots
just everywhere in there.

Aah! I didn't know
about the maggots.

-Oh, yeah.

I did not know about them.

JANET: Mentally,
I can handle this game great,

but physically,

it's really, you know,
taking its toll,

and it's so much tougher
than I thought.

-I just wish we could
catch some fish. -I know.

Did you get any nibbles?

-Did they go for it?
-Yeah, I got... I got about six.

I saw them.

JENNA: We've had nothing to eat
in, like, five days.

Barely anything to eat.

But, for the challenges,
I mean, so far,

we've... we've done really well.

We've won them both
over the guys,

who are very cocky
and think that they...

they were going to beat us
both times.

My fishing technique is,

put the bait on the hook
and pray.

We've had
a few problems fishing.

Nothing was really biting
out here.

This stuff is tough,
whatever this is.

And you can see them.
They're all around you.

They're jumping.

Come on, fishies.

Come on!

Oh, there's a beauty coming up.

Oh, yes!


Gosh darn it.

JEANNE: Bait's working.
We're going to get fish.

Need a little time
and a little patience,

but I feel better
about the future

because now we have the bait,
and I know how to fish,

and it's going to be okay.

ALEX: My trouble is people who
tell other people how to live.

-I'm doing okay so far. -As long
as you're not hurting...

as long as you're not
hurting somebody.

-If they want to believe

what they want to believe,

-that's all fine and well.

It's just like the gay issue.

I mean, it doesn't matter to me.

ROB: I was really stumped
on who I could get

that might vote against Roger,
up until this morning,

when a lightbulb
went off in my head.

As long as they don't
bother me, I don't give a damn.

I don't like to see them
flaunting it, though.

-I mean, that...

You like to see two guys
out on the street...

-Doesn't bother me at all.
-...making out and all that?

-I don't care.
-It doesn't bother you at all?

No. Could care less.

Alex and Roger had

a little bit
of a tiff this morning

-over homosexuality.
-You don't know!

You've never been
in the situation, and you're...

Alex, that is not natural.

-Period. -Who said...
who said anything about natural?

ALEX: First of all,
I'm straight, so I don't know

what it is to be homosexual,

and Roger is straight,
so he doesn't know, either.

What it comes down to is,
if it's what makes you happy

and if it's not
hurting anybody,

then who cares?

The sex part of it that goes
with the male and the woman...

-Mm-hmm. to procreate.

-Yeah. So you're only...
-It's an expression...

So what you're saying is,
you've only had sex two times--

the two times you wanted
to procreate, that was

-the only times you've had sex
with your wife? -No. No.

Okay, then it
wasn't about procreation.

-It wasn't. Sorry. -ROB: Now,
what I'm hoping is that

this has planted the seed
in Al... in Alex's head

that Roger may not be
all he's cracked up to be.

Roger is a bigot.

You tell me why it is not wrong.

-I'll tell you why
it's not wrong. -Okay.

Because I know people
who live their life

for a long time
being "straight,"

and they came out of the closet
and have had more love

and joy and happiness
as a result of doing that

-and being true to themselves...

...than they ever
would have living a lie.

-That's why it's okay.

-That makes it okay?

ROGER: You have your opinion,
and I have mine.

-And you can't convince me,

-and I can't convince you.
-I don't want to convince you.

I have no desire
to convince you at all.

-(water sloshing)
-JANET: I'm disoriented.

Are we on the trail that...?

-DEENA: Whoa! Here's some light.

DEENA: And when it
gets dark in the Amazon,

it's not like
dark in the city.

It's you can't see
where you're going.

You can't see in front of you.

So our fire is our life.


half of the tribe went nutty.

(thunder crashing)

JOANNA: What the Devil meant for
evil, God done turned into good.

They tried to take our roof,
and we're still dry.

The rain just stopped.

Thank you, Lord. Cover us.

Get that idol gone, put him
out there somewhere tomorrow.

-I'm serious.

I'm not touching it.

DEENA: Joanna doesn't
like the immunity idol

because she thinks
that it is an idol,

and idols are...

forbidden via
the Ten Commandments, right?

"Thou shalt have
no other gods before me."

She didn't want it
in the camp at all.

She didn't want to touch it,
she doesn't want to hold it.

She wants nothing to do with it.

(thunder crashing)

JEANNE: Why can't you look at it
as a symbol instead of an idol?

JOANNA: Because it's not-- it's
called an idol for a reason.

-Well, why don't you change
the name? -It's almost like...

-No, I can't do that.
-But it meant...

it meant that we were unified
and we...

No, you don't understand.

You know,
some people worship Buddha,

and some people do that
or whatever.

I worship the most high
El Elyon God,

Jehovah Jireh,
El Shaddai, and he

despises idol worship.

You... if you read the Old
Testament, they got struck down,

and that's why we
got rained on last night,

bringing the idol
into our... our tribe.

That idol is the reason
why we're all here right now.

JOANNA: That idol's not
the reason we're here.

We won before
we even had the idol.

As soon as we lose,
we lose the idol,

so if that idol is our friend,

why isn't he with us
when we were doing bad?

-(thunder crashes)
-I'm gonna talk

(laughs): all night long
about the goodness of the Lord

and the land of the living.

-DEENA: Couldn't you do it
in a whisper? -No.

-I haven't been to sleep yet.

(thunder crashing)

So, that's the disadvantage

of me being deaf
at night, right?

-'Cause I miss out on that.

As soon as it gets dark,

I can't see,
I can't read their lips,

and I can't hear,

so I'm totally like...
(blows raspberry)

out of the group.

Well, that's why
I talked to you yesterday.

You're missing a lot of the...

-The inter... -Right, and then
that just makes me think,

it's like, so maybe I am
really at a disadvantage,

-because... you know?
-You definitely are,

'cause you can't... yeah.

Christy had asked me

what we talk about at night,
and if I could fill her in,

so I said, "You know what,
I just want to let you know

"that Joanna is not excited
about the idol like we are,

so just wanted
to let you know."

And she goes,
"Well, that's stupid."

Then Joanna walked by, and...

it just was a...

dog-eat-dog situation.

-You are going around
telling people. -I...

-That's not right.
-I said it is your opinion.

You didn't say it like that--
you said, "That's your opinion!"

No, I didn't mean it that way.
I honestly, I didn't mean it...

But why are you insulted?
Why are you so insulted?

I'm not going around
telling people about

you getting up in
my face saying it, am I?

Don't interject
in my conversation negatively,

because I'm gonna
shut you down with my hand.

-Okay, okay, so now I know.
-You're gonna get the hand.

-Choose somebody else. -Hey,
hey, excuse me, we both made

a mistake. I said that, you put
a hand in my face...

But my mistake came
after your mistake.

I don't know, she flipped out,

and she just put
the hand to my face.

And when somebody
puts a hand in my face,

that really pissed me off,

because I'm standing
right there.

Man, if you are
a "vessel of Christ,"

don't you think you need to be a
little nicer or a little kinder?

-I say, "Get out of my face..."
-I mean, how would that feel

-if I put that in your face?
-But I wouldn't... I didn't

do anything for you to do that.
I didn't come over here

and do anything for you to go...
I didn't jump

-in your conversation. -Well,
obviously, I charged on over

-here to try to, like, you know?
-To let you know.

I mean, is it okay for me to
express my feelings

-with somebody? -But I thought
you said you wanted to find

a way to let it go.
If you're still expressing

your feelings, that means
it's not squashed.

Well, I'm-I'm hurt, so I'm
trying to get it out so I

-can feel better. -You won't be
hurt anymore if you don't

come up into my face saying
things that you say, okay?

JOANNA: It wasn't
that I went over there to...

dog her out anymore, but I
wanted her to know, don't think

you're gonna around the tribe
talking trash about me

because you got up
in my business.

-That's your way of doing it.
-Leave me alone.

-Okay. Okay.
-And get out of my face.

I know.

-I know.
-(Christy sighs)

(whispering): I'm not
gonna let this bother me.

I'm not gonna
let this bother me.


(birds chirping)

-Hang up everyone's bags.

Should we? 'Cause, then, what
if it rains when we're gone?


What is that?

-Do you guys see what I see?
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Whose is that?

Whose wrapper is that?
Because that is not fair.

There's something in there

-that shouldn't be in there.

Take a look.

I don't know whose it is.

Oh, the food thing.

-Is that what you guys mean?
-Yeah. Where'd it come from?

Well, heck, I don't know.

JENNA: We put all
of our stuff in the box,

and we covered it up
'cause it was gonna rain,

and we took all the packs out

and at the bottom
there's a granola bar.

It was a wrapper-- I had
no idea if it was empty or not.

-(several talking) -I think that
somebody smuggled it.

-Somebody just needs to fess up.
-Yeah, really.

Well, it sure... it was not me.

-Uh, it's not me. -But is there
something still in there?

-JOANNA: Okay, I so

do not think anybody
would be out here starving

and know they have that
and not eat it.

Well, I would like someone
to pick it up with a stick

and throw it in the fire.

JENNA: First it was, like,
immediate anger, like,

who brought this?

You're not allowed
to bring this.

It's food. We're starving.

You have no right
to eat over us.

We all agree, right?
We're killing it?

-Jaburu. -Yeah.

JOANNA: We're hungry, but we're
gonna throw it away.

'Cause if we didn't hunt it
or kill it or catch it,

we don't eat it.

Jaburu rules.

That's, like, so depressing.

-Hey, we're all here to play the
game the fair way. -So stupid.

-And starving is a part of it.
-I agree.

HEIDI: We ultimately
burned it in the fire,

because it was
definitely not fair.

The guys didn't have one;
we should not have had one.

I don't really want
to accuse anyone, but...

-DEENA: I know, but I need to
know what you know. -I agree.

I want to sit everybody down
and cross-examine

your sorry butts
and find out exactly who it was.

DEENA: Everybody is
adamantly denying it,

then it sets off
the whole inquisition party,

and, of course, I want to know
who took the candy bar.

Jeanne saw

the little candy bar thing
inside of Janet's bag,

and Jeanne doesn't want
to just let it go.

She wants to give Janet

an opportunity to either
say that it was her candy bar

-or deny it. -I think even
if she doesn't confess,

I'll still think it's her,
you know what I mean?

-I think so, too.

The reason why

finding the granola bar
in our little chest

upset me is because,
you know, we came out here

to play a game, play fair.

We knew we weren't
gonna get any food,

and, uh...
I don't like cheaters.

Let's see what we got.

MATTHEW: The fact that
we were kind of gloating

before the initial
immunity challenge

made us look
even worse when we lost it.

Hey, fellas, we got mail.

MATTHEW: When it happened
the second time,

people started to realize,

this could become
a very disturbing trend.

-"What will you remember?

"For immunity, absorb it all.

"The only things that matter

are things you can recall."

ALEX: This immunity is
really important for our tribe.

It feels a little
do-or-die right now,

just 'cause we've lost two.

You know, if we drop
three in a row... that's bad.

Welcome, guys.

First things first.


Immunity, back up for grabs.

All right,
in a survival situation,

your awareness
of your surroundings,

and the retention of that
information is critical.

Today's immunity challenge
is gonna test just that:

your observational skills

and your retention
of that information.

I'm gonna give you
two minutes to explore

an Amazonian Indian village.

I'm gonna ask you
a series of questions

based on your observations.

Jaburu, because you
have one extra member,

you're sitting somebody out--
can't be Christy.

You can't sit out
the same person

in back-to-back challenges.
Who's sitting out?

Take a seat on the bench.

The rest of the tribes, you
have two minutes. Go explore.

There's an upstairs
and a downstairs--

check them both out.

Make sure you check out

the back areas, too.

This looks like corn.

-What's this stuff?
-DAVE: This is manioc.

The stove is made out of mud.


This is manioc?

30 seconds, tribes.

What are these?

Yeah, not really.

All right, guys,

that's it-- head in.

I'm gonna ask you guys
ten questions.

Tribe who gets
the most right out of ten

wins immunity--
three more days in the Amazon.

For the losing tribe,
Tribal Council--

somebody going home.

You cannot look
to your tribe mates for help,

don't look backwards
at any time.

First person, step up.

Jeanne, Dave.

-Come on.
-Question number one.

All right, if you've
been aware, the first one

should be easy.

"What are the colors
of the feathers

on the rattle that came
with your treemail?"

All right, reveal.
Hold them in front of you.

Dave says yellow.

Red and yellow. Close.

Red, yellow and green.

No score.

Set your pad down
and take a spot.

Next two. Deena, Rob,

question number two:
"How many rungs

are on the outside ladder
leading upstairs?"


Deena says eight.

Rob says six.

Correct answer...


One for Tambaqui.


Tambaqui takes an early lead:
one, zero.

Christy, Butch,
question number three:

"How many pigs are in the pen?"


Christy says 12.

Butch says nine.

Correct answer: nine.

Tambaqui, on the board again.

Tambaqui two, Jaburu zip.

Alex, Jenna, this is
question number four.

"One of the small bowls

"had something in it.

What was in the bowl?"

Cover your answers.


Jenna says nuts.

Alex says nuts.

Nuts'll work.

One point for both tribes.

Tambaqui three, Jaburu one.

Next two.

Question number five:

"What are the two items sitting
in the finished canoe?"

There are two items
in the finished canoe.

What are they?


Daniel says spear.

You say ax and hammer.
Neither are right.

It was a spear,
but also a coil of rope.

No score.
Tambaqui three, Jaburu one.

Heidi, Matthew,
here's question number six:

"How many hammocks are there?"


Heidi says two.
Matthew says two.

You're both right: two.

Tambaqui has four,

Jaburu has two.


there are only ten questions.

Joanna, Roger,
question number seven:

"How many manioc cakes
are in the frying pan?"


Joanna says nine.

Roger says nine.

You're right: nine.

-DAVE: Good going, Rog.
-ROB: All right.

PROBST: Tribe who gets the most
right out of ten wins immunity.

All right, guys,
we're at five-three, with

three questions left.
Because of the point difference,

Jaburu, you got
to get this right.

Question number eight:

"There are two types
of fruit in the kitchen.

What are they?"

Pineapple, banana.

You're both right.
Another point for both tribes.

Tambaqui, you have six.

Jaburu, you're at four.

Here's the deal, guys.

Two questions left. Deena,
if you don't get it right,

Jaburu can't catch up,
Tambaqui wins.

"In the trough,
there are many manioc roots.

How many of them are peeled?"

How many of
the manioc roots are peeled?


You say one.

You both say one.

You're both wrong; it was four.

Jaburu, because
you didn't get that right,

the contest is over.

Tambaqui, immunity.

-(cheering, whooping)

(excited shouts)

Tambaqui, congratulations--
no Tribal Council date tonight.

I know you like that.

Jaburu, I'm sorry to say, I will
be seeing you at Tribal Council,

including Shawna.
You have a few hours

to think about what's
gonna happen tonight.

I'll see you there.
You can head back to camp.


(rhythmic chopping)

CHRISTY: I need a volunteer
to help me put this up

so we can build a shelter.


help me put up one side.

'Cause I want a shelter.

It took me, what, two hours?

I think my tribe

is the most laziest tribe,

the most laziest group
I've ever been involved with.

And it's, like,
what do they expect out here?

What do they...
I mean, some people are

just slacking
and lying around, and...

and it pisses me off.

I want the shelter so bad.

Then I can just sit and chill
like you guys.

DEENA: I took a break
from cutting down palm trees

so that I could sleep
on the bed,

and Christy went off

on Jenna and Heidi
and Shawna and I.

That set me off a little bit.

I didn't say anything to her,

'cause it's not worth my time

or my effort,
so I just walked away.

♪ We'll win, we'll win ♪

-♪ We'll win ♪
-♪ We'll work ♪

♪ Together ♪

-♪ We'll win ♪
-♪ Yeah ♪

-♪ We'll win ♪
-♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ We'll complete our shelter ♪

♪ Before the judgment day. ♪

Okay, there you go, Christy.


Build away.

I don't want to build.

-I want to go fishing.
-JOANNA: See? See?

-See what I'm talking about?
-I don't know,

I did that part.
I didn't get any help.

I don't feel
like doing it today.

CHRISTY: I gave up
on working with the tribe.

I feel totally

excluded from the tribe,
and so I realize

I'm automatically rejected.

I mean, Jenna hasn't even said

a word to me
this whole five days.

My pole is in the boat,
and the bait is right there.

The small knife is over there.

But I need somebody to go,
so I'll wait, whenever...

somebody wants to go.

It's okay, if you guys,
if this is your priority

I'll join you guys,
I'll help you guys.

I'd like it if all of us do it.

But I do not want to be
the only one building it, so...

Believe me, no one's shirkin',
everyone's workin'.

DEENA: If Christy gets voted out
tonight, it's gonna be because

of her personality
and her attitude, not anything

to do with her handicap
or her disability.

That "Y" is dead wood.

-CHRISTY: No, it's not.
-It isn't?

It's not. I swear to God,

-I tried it. It'll hold on.
-So it's sturdy enough?

-It worked fine.
-All right.

JANET: Who I think
will go tonight will

either be me or Christy.

I... can't really know

until that moment
which of us will go.

They're probably
deciding that now.

Is everybody here?
I want to say something,

if everybody's here.

You know, it's gotten around

that I'm the one that
brought the... granola bar,

candy bar, whatever it was.

I don't know
who smuggled it in...

but it wasn't me.

So if you're gonna
vote me out, that's fine,

as long as it's
not for that reason.

Because if it is,
you're making a mistake.

JANET: Strategically, I probably
should vote for Christy,

but I think, instead,
I will vote

for Jeanne,
because Jeanne is the one

that stirred up all of this,
she's the one that

first brought it up
and then went

around to people and said,
you know, "I think Janet

smuggled in food."

I mean, she really basically
stirred it all up.

(thunder rolling)

Behind each of you guys

is a torch
in your tribe color.

Grab a torch,

approach a flame,
dip it and get fire.

This is part of
the ritual of Tribal Council,

because at Tribal Council,
fire represents life.

As long as you have fire,
you're in the game.

When your fire's out,
so are you.

And then put the torches
back in their slots

and have a seat.

So, let's talk
about the first six days.

Who's emerging right now, Janet?

Is there somebody you look to
for certain things?

Or maybe somebody else
for other skills?

Well, Joanna's an
extremely strong woman,

incredible strength, and we
really, really relied on her,

and Deena both,
I, you know, I think

really... did
an incredible amount of chopping

and, you know,
just the really heavy labor,

because they're just
really strong women.

Deena, you guys
have certain things

you have to accomplish
at a camp.

You got to build shelter,

you got to get fire,
you got to find water.

Take me through the shelter.

We have none.

It's... sort of completed.

But it's not really a shelter,

it's kind of a mishmosh
of hodgepodge of... of a mess.

You have to factor in
the elements.

We have a lot of downpours here,

and then there is the traipsing
out to find the right materials.

JOANNA: We can't say, oh,
we're just gonna take all day

and build a shelter
and we don't have any water.

We can't say we're gonna take
all day and build a shelter and

we don't have a fire
to boil the water,

'cause if we can't have a fire,
we can't boil water to drink.

And then we're gonna die.

What I'm getting at is,

it doesn't sound
like you have any plan.

Christy, is there anything

that's not being done at camp
that you could do better?

The shelter.
The shelter.

I think the shelter should
have been built days ago.

-Joanna, you're shaking your
head no, no, no. -No, because

after we came back
with the palm fronds,

somebody asked her about
completing the shelter, and she

-was, like, "No, I wanna go
fishing." -Well, that was today,

because I work hard,
there are people

sitting down, doing nothing,

and here I am, trying
to put a shelter together

and I get no help, no support.

I asked questions,
I got no answer.

So I felt very, like,
so you want me to help you now?

Do you feel excluded?

-Do you think

it has to do with

-that you're deaf?

No question?

(choked up):
No question.

What's a sign of that?


there's something
important going on,

I'm not... I have
no idea what's going on.

I don't know when
I need to join the group.

I... um, every time I'm there,
people just...

move away, or they just...
they don't include me.

I work harder than them,

and I don't feel
like they're working...

And it just makes it harder when
your team doesn't accept you.

Janet, body language is

-telling me everything.
-I-I just find it

insulting for someone
to say that we sit around.

Let me ask you, then--
what do you think about

the notion that Christy
is being excluded on purpose?

I think that's also ridiculous.

It's not...
we don't exclude anybody.

We're women living together
in the jungle,

trying to survive
without food and water.

So eventually,
reactions are gonna happen.

It is time to vote.

Heidi, you're up.

Janet, I'm voting for you,

because I know
you want out of here.

You were sick at first, and
it's really hard to catch up.

I understand
we need physical strength,

but your attitude stinks.

My vote is for Jeanne.

You've got incredible strength,

you're just nonstop,
but you're just too aggressive.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted
out'll be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...





That's one vote Jeanne,
one vote Janet,

one vote Christy,
one vote Jenna.


Two votes Janet.

Three votes Janet.

First person
voted out of Jaburu...

Janet. That's four,
and that's enough.

The last vote
will remain a mystery.

You need to bring me your torch.

Janet, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Good luck, guys.

I hope tomorrow morning brings

some much needed change
to this tribe.

Good night.
Head back to camp.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

PROBST: Next time on Survivor,
Jaburu can't get it together.

JEANNE: The hygiene of the camp
right now is lacking,

and our tribe is pretty much


PROBST: But can they
get cleaned up in time

for their big date
with Tambaqui?

-It's sort of a mixer, if you
will. -But you should hear

what we say about him
at our camp; it's all good.

Yeah, Rob!


Well, guys, it was an amazing...
an amazing week.

I found out I am not

an Amazonian woman,

I'm a Cancun woman.

For all of you

middle-aged women out there

that are thinking of having

a midlife crisis,

I would highly suggest

a change of hairstyle.

So, thanks,

and... good luck.