Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Survivor - full transcript

News from home draws sharp responses for tribemates and may impact one castaway's future.

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Previously on Survivor...

Chuay Gahn and Sook Jai

with living together
as separate tribes.

BRIAN: When I look at Sook Jai,
I see enemy.

I can't just, all of a sudden,
"Oh, great, one happy family."

It's not gonna happen.
They're gonna have to earn that.

KEN: There's definitely
a strategic reason to get along

with these people, because

things change real quick.

The immunity challenge

became a showdown
between Brian and Jake.

The only way Sook Jai can win
is if Jake

stays under the water
longer than Brian.

But Jake gave up too soon,

handing Chuay Gahn
their victory.

Chuay Gahn wins immunity.


Back at camp,
there was an uneasy atmosphere,

as the winners and losers
tried to coexist.

TED: It's like we can't
fully enjoy our win, because

we kind of like you guys.

CLAY: That's what we're
trying to tell them,

"Oh, we're so sorry
y'all got to go

to Tribal Council and that,"
but we were so damn happy.

Before Tribal Council,

Sook Jai made
an emotional pact.

Do we want to go ahead
and reveal who's going tonight?

I would only want to know
if everybody's in agreement

that that's what
we're going to do.

PENNY: Well, let's just save it
for Tribal Council, then.

It's tough when you have to

vote somebody off that you love.

PROBST: In a difficult decision,
the members of the tribe

reluctantly said good-bye
to Erin.

First member of our jury: Erin.

The tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

TED: Everyone deserves
what they're getting right now.

-We deserve to be right here,
-I know. Oh, no.

-boiling the soup.
-No argument about that.

While the other team
is going to Tribal Council,

because we worked our butt off

to get to where we are
right now.

TED: In the beginning, a lot of
people didn't predict this.

A lot of people
would never ever

have thought
that Chuay Gahn would be

this powerful at this point.

Um, whether it's a merger
or a non-merger,

Chuay Gahn is in
a very, very power position

to do whatever we want.

We went through our down time.

-JAN: Oh, absolutely.
-So it's their turn.

You know?

-It's definitely their turn.
-CLAY: Yeah.

JAN: Sook Jai left
to go to Tribal Council.

They had to vote someone off.

Of course then we tried
to guess who was going to go,

and, uh, it was half and half.

We thought Erin
and we thought Ken.

Penny, Penny.

Jeff just axed Penny.

Who you gonna, uh--
How you voting tonight and why?


Is Penny voting, you guys?

Um, I think I'm going to
have to go with...

Oh, dear leader, I don't know!


Oh, I don't know.

I think I'm going to have to
stab my friend Erin in the back

-and take her out.

Okay, down at the end?

NYC, himself.

Well, uh, uh...

-Jeff, how's my hair look?


By the way, by the way,
Jeff, by the way,

I just want to make sure
everyone knows,

I am a New York police officer,
one of its finest,

-and, uh, damned if you won't...
-And I don't want the women

-to know that.
-You won't... won't believe that

the, uh, uh-- when you
put on a uniform,

you get all kinds of bitches.


Yo, yo, yo, yo.

We did feel sorry for them

having to lose someone,
but we were

glad it was them and not us.

You think that's them?

Wow, you suppose
they're back already?

PENNY: It was really hard
to come back

after, uh, we voted Erin out,

because now we were
down to three people,

and Chuay Gahn has five.

It's a tough game.

Sure is.

PENNY: I love you guys.
Let's stay tight.

-I love you, too.
-You, too.

-Stay tight.
-That's it-- hang tough.

JAKE: We're still
two separate tribes.

We need to be able to win
an immunity challenge,

and we need to get
a plan together

and figure out how we can get
ahead on the vote somehow.

We've got to fight for
everything we're going to get.

-JAN: They're walking in.
-HELEN: Here they are.

TED: Your questions shall be
answered in a short second.

Survey says?

Guys, we're back, minus one.

Who'd we lose?

We lost Erin.


-How was the Council?
-JAKE: Sucked.

We don't want to go back.

How did Erin take it?

She took it hard.

So did we.

Thanks for waiting up.

You bet.

I'm sorry y'all have to
experience this with us.


That's all right,
that's all right.

Thank you, guys,
for mourning with us.

Thank you.

Y'all tired?

Uh, I don't know whether
I'm tired or depressed.

That really takes it out of you.

Losing somebody
that's been with you

for as long as
she's been with us.

Hardest thing I've had to do.

She's been my sleeping partner
for the past 24 days.


Yeah, she was like a sister
to me; she still is.

It's hard.

JAKE: Man, what an interesting
time we're having now.

I think what everybody
on both sides

is trying to do is
put their best foot forward

and just kind of see
what's going to happen next.

So I've got to figure out

how I can best fit in.

Y'all want to hear about
the first time

I ever shot
with a bow and arrow?

-It's a hysterical story.

First I heard this squirrel
just barking,

just chattering up a storm.

I said, well, I wonder
what he's looking at,

so I started sneaking over
to where he was,

and I looked up there and there
was a little six-point buck.

TED: What Jake has been doing
a lot is that he'll sit around

and start telling
some of the adventures

that he's been on, as if

we're going to be
overly wowed by that.

JAKE: Well, here I am standing
there with a bow and arrow

and my heart starts...
(imitates loud heartbeat)

And darn if he didn't start
walking toward me.

JAKE: I guess what I'm trying
to do by sharing stories

is to say, guys,

I'm an adventurer just like you,

I just happen to be
an old adventurer.

All of a sudden, he looked
up at me, just straight at me

and I had the prettiest
open chest and neck shot

that you've ever seen
in your life.

(clicks tongue)

I let go of that arrow,
hit him right square in the ass.


Everybody in the group are
sick of his Roy Roger tales.

Then all of a sudden, I hear
this, "Open your parachute!

Grab your rip cord!"

And I drifted right over
an airport runway.

Oh, my gosh.

And I hit that ground
and just--

My ankle went ka-bap!

-Just snapped it.
-Just snapped it.

TED: Well, I don't know
a lot about parachuting,

but that was a little
far-fetched for me.

I mean, and in the middle
of an airport?

Uh, I would imagine that's
some type of FAA violation.

I've had both my ankles
broken twice, see.

One time football,
one time skydiving,

one time motorcycle accident
and one time skiing.

CLAY: Jake thinks he's being
smooth and conniving.

He's just trying to get us
sucked in like,

"Hey, I'm just a good old

"mountain man that goes out
and kills them elk

"and falls down
them mountains and

"wrestles grizzlies,
and I fight off men

with alligators and..."

If he thinks we're biting that,
he's crazy.


Y'all, you can
see the clouds up there,

that moon's so bright.

Hey, does anybody
miss their family?

Oh, hell, yeah.

I miss my family
every, every day.

Yeah, me, too.

Son, this the hardest thing
I've ever done.

I agree.

It's hard, but...

Yeah, my son is 23 and he said,
"Dad," he said, "those nights

it's hard to get by,"
he said, "look at the moon,

and I'll give you all the
strength and energy I've got."

and I'll give you all the
strength and energy I've got."

Come on in, guys!

Welcome, guys.


Well, when you started

this thing, you probably made
a few assumptions.

One of which I'm sure is,

"Damn sure going to
miss my loved ones."

Well, before you jump to
any other assumptions,

your loved ones are not
anywhere on the island.

But I did ask them to send you

a little love
via a video from home.

He's lying.

That's what we have here.

How about a little sneak peek
right now at your videos?

Let's do it, do it.

Jake, this is your wife Jenny.

Hi, Jake darling.

I love you, sweetie.

I'm glad I get to do this tape
so I can tell you how much

I love you
and how much I miss you.

I just want you to know

when you look up in those stars,
you can see me looking down.

And everybody here loves you,
but I got to tell you,

I love you
with all my heart and soul.

I love you, darling.

Take care.

Nice little reminder of
what's at home, huh, Jake?

Certainly is.

She's quite a woman.

She's wonderful.

-PROBST: Brian, this is your
wife CeCe... -Hey, Daddy!

...and Logan.

Look at the camera.
Say, "Hello, Daddy."

-Can't believe that. Amazing.
-I miss you.

I love you.

He's getting really antsy.

We just got home, and, um,

I'm thinking of you.

Love you. Bye.


Whew, that was cool.

That was cool.

Next up, Jan.

Oh, gosh... (mumbles)

Lisa, Keller and William.


All your kids are on here.

We're just here in Tampa

sending you this video
to tell you hello

and that we all miss you
and we all love you,

and we hope everything's

going well over there.

Just keep your head up high
and you'll do fine.

I love you, Mom.

All right, Clay.

Linda and Shanda.

Hey, Dad. I love you
and I miss you so much.

-I hope you're doing okay.


I love you so much.

Take care of yourself.

We're all rooting for you,
and we love you so much.

Love you.


Ooh, she's pretty.

She is gorgeous.

All right, Helen,
you ready to see James and Kiki?

Oh, Kiki.

I really miss you,
and I wish you were home.

-I can't wait to see you.

Hi, Mommy.

I know it's probably
really hard,

but keep your eye on the prize.

I love you. Sabu.

Hi, Mom. Somebody else
wanted to say hi to you.

-He misses you terribly.

Good luck. Bye.

You ready, Ken?

Here's your mom
and your brother Ron.

Here we go.

Kenneth, hi.

How are you doing?

We are 100% behind you.

Where's my master?

Hey, Bupkis.

-Say hi.


We're thinking about you
and we love you.


PROBST: Penny, you got
a whole bunch of people

saying hi to you--
Matt, your fiancé;

Shannon, Matt's brother;

Colleen, Matt's sister-in-law;
and Ashley and Will.

Hope all's going well.

We hope you're, uh, doing good.

-We just wanted to tell you, uh,
-Oh, my God.

we're all still alive,
the dogs are doing good.

And we all just want to say hi.

Can't wait till you come home!

Say hi, Ashley.

-Can't wait to see you.

I can't wait to see you.


PROBST: Does the time away
from somebody

remind you of how special
that relationship is?

It definitely does.

And coming out here,

um, one thing
I've really learned

from talking with everyone
is how much in love

everyone is
with their loved one.

And it makes me--

you know, when I get married
and want to be

just this awesome wife,
and I've talked a lot with Helen

about recipes, and I'm
going to go home and be

this awesome cook and just love
everyone as much as I can.

PROBST: Well, there's only
one left, I think.

You're killing me, Jeff.

-That's you, big Ted.

Tell us about the new changes
in your life.

Well, I recently had a daughter.

She was born a couple days
before actually coming out here,

and she had to stay
in the hospital an extra day.

And that last day was the day
that I was actually leaving.

Well, here's your wife,
your daughter.

You're crazy.

-You're killing me.

Say, "Hi, Daddy."

-Say, "I miss you."
-JAN: Oh, my God.

Say, "I wish you were here."

Say, "Hang in there."

Say, "Remember, put God first."

Say, "Bye."




So, you've gotten to see

a little bit
of each other's families.

Well, the reward
for today's challenge is

one person gets to watch
their entire video,

while enjoying
a nice, cool beverage.

Now you'd assume that would mean
that this will be

an individual challenge, which
would mean that you've merged.

You're probably assuming
these gold buffs

are for your new tribe?

Finally, an assumption
that's right.

-Sook Jai

-and Chuay Gahn are no more.
-Whoo! -Thank you.

The eight of you
are now one tribe

from here to the end.


You'll have a flag and paints
waiting for you back at camp.

With 14 days left,
this is a new start.


Thank you.
Thank God, yes.

PROBST: The first part
of today's challenge is

an obstacle course.

You're going to run it in pairs
that'll be chosen at random.

It's going to be the first time

some of you
have competed together.

The goal is
to get one wicker ball

from one end of the course
to the other.

You're going to
climb up a ladder,

you'll grab a machete,
which is wrapped in burlap,

you'll use the machete
to chop through a log,

and then the log
will release the wicker ball.

You'll then move the wicker
ball through a fishnet tube,

over and under a series
of horizontal ladders,

and then you'll climb
up and over a cargo net.

Then you'll head to
the finish line, where you will

place your ball
on top of a pyramid.

The winning pair
will then compete

against each other
in the final mental challenge.

Switch out your buffs;
we got a challenge to run.

Okay, we've randomly
selected our pairs.

First up, Jake and Jan
taking on Clay and Ken.

This is the first heat.

Winner moves on
to the next heat.

-Survivors ready?
-JAN: Yes.


Guys are making good progress.

Clay's released his ball.

Ken and Clay
are off and running.

Right on it.

There it is.

Jan and Jake are right behind.

Jake and Jan gaining ground.

Clay and Ken are
moving on to the cargo net.

Don't lose that ball.

Clay and Ken moving on
to the next round.

Next up, Ted and Penny
taking on Brian and Helen.

Heat number two.

Winners move on
to the next round.

Survivors ready?


Big Ted starting in on the log
like a madman!

Brian and Helen
have their wicker ball.

Penny and big Ted
are right behind them.

Brian and Helen moving on
to the cargo net.

Penny and Ted falling behind.

Good job, good job.

Brian and Helen moving on
to the next round!

You'll take on Clay and Ken.

Winner of this heat moves
to the final round,

where you will take on
your partner.

Survivors ready?


Clay and Ken make quick work.

Brian and Helen
are right behind.

Helen is working that fishnet.

Brian and Helen moving on
to the cargo net.

Helen and Brian win.

Brian and Helen,
you've reached the finale.

Here's how it works.

There are 20 wicker balls.

They're made up into seven
pieces that make up a pyramid.

Your goal:
use those wicker balls

to replicate the pyramid
in front of you.

Survivors ready?


Come on, guys.

-Let's go, let's go.

Brian's got it!

-Good job.
-Ready for something to drink?

-Good job!
-Watch a little video?

Let's go, everybody.

Take a look at Brian's video.

-Right on.
-Let's head out, guys.

Let's go.

Great, Brian!

Good job, Bri!

-Thank you.

You can have the honor,
since it is your reward.

One glass, one pitcher.

You got it.
Salud, everybody.

-Salud. -I'm gonna...
I'm gonna pass it around.

While you guys drink,
got your name on it.

Oh. Hey.

If my wife does anything
embarrassing, I apologize.

She's a little crazy.

Hey, honey! Congratulations.

I guess you won...

because you're watching
this tape.

Say hey, Logan.

"Hey, Daddy!"

Say hello. Boop-boop.
Look at the camera.

Say, "Hello, Daddy!"

I miss you. I love you.

Also, I've been
getting in shape.

Look at those muscles, yeah!

(chuckles) Logey and I,
we're going to party.

Now that you're gone,
we're going to party.

See, I told you.
What'd I tell y'all?

So Logey and I are
going to go downstairs

and we're going to go dance.

(music playing)

Logan's like, "What the..."

He's like,
"What's Mommy doing?"

He's liking it, though.

Oh, my gosh, that's too funny.

CLAY: She's a fox,
I'm going to tell you.

She's a fine-looking woman,
and, uh...

Buddy, she's-she's fit for the
bikinis, I'm going to tell you.

BRIAN: Sorry if she gets
a little crazy here.

That's okay.

BRIAN: She kept her clothes on,
which I was happy about,

but, uh, I didn't want everyone

to know more about me
than they should.

It's almost one of
those things where, uh,

I didn't think it was necessary
for them to see my family.

The house is a real mess.

-Why don't you clean up?
-I'll show it to you, anyway.

Is this kind of weird,
seeing your house?

Yeah, it's really weird.

And here's your lovely piano
that we miss you playing.

(playing discordant notes)

There's the beater.

There's your car.

The Caddy, Caddy, Caddy.

HELEN: With the nice
two brand-new cars

in the garage
and the baby grand piano,

it looks like Brian's doing
pretty damn good for himself.

If I were against Brian
right now,

that'd be enough to vote him
off, because I'd be going,

"This guy doesn't
need the money."

We want you to come home soon,
and we want you to win

the million dollars
so that we can all go to Fiji.

Love you.


"Chuay Jai."

Underneath that, "Survivor 5."

Then the rest of the goal
is going to have each person

with their hand
on the top and the bottom.

That'd be real neat,
to put all of our handprints.

We had a little challenge,

and, uh, found out
we was all one tribe.

And now is when
the game's gonna start,

'cause I'm gonna tell you what.

Hell, I'm here to win
a million dollars.

To outplay, outwit and outlast.

-KEN: Clay.

-You said you wanted to put
our handprints on it? -Yeah.

Oh, that's great.

That looks great.

My main concern was getting to
this point to where now we have

individual challenges,
and it could help me.

I'm going to be a viable threat
for that immunity

every time it comes around.

-TED: Oh.
-Got it.

-Good deal.
-That is good.

Okay, who's next?

We've now come to a merger,

which is a crossroads,
and it's a new game.

You've got two former enemies
that are now sleeping together.

But right now it doesn't matter

whether it was
somebody from my tribe

or somebody
from the other tribe.

Whoever's getting on
someone's nerves,

that's pretty much
how the vote's going to go.

PENNY: You know what?
That refried bean dip

with cream cheese, there's sour
cream in there, too.

-HELEN: There... Okay, I was
wondering. -I forgot.

'Cause it was sounding really
thick to me, but... -Yeah.

-I thought
about that last night. -Okay.

TED: Helen would be talking
about recipes and food,

and those things were
really, really, really

starting to bother me.

Are you sleeping, Ted?

Just, uh, resting the eyes.

TED: I felt myself,
little small things

starting to get on my nerve.

You know, I was feeling

grumpier and grumpier
and grumpier.

So, wh-what do you put-- what's
in that sauce, to flavor yours?

It's got Worcester, soy sauce...

TED: I internalized all of that,
and I said, um, it's time.

It's time for me to get away
and to get some me time.

It was some real good
quality me time.

I think the reason why a lot of
people don't take the me time

is because
they don't want to be

perceived as a loner or

somebody out there,
not a part of the team,

that type of thing.

I honestly am taking a risk
by doing that.

Ted just went off on the canoe.

He didn't tell anyone.

He probably didn't mean
to go out that far.

Probably just needed
to get away, you know.

I think Ted kind of

goes off and does
his own thing sometimes,

and sometimes I don't think
he fits in with the group

maybe as well as
he may think that he does.

Ted is not that fast, I mean...


-He can't swim at all.
-He can't swim worth--

He's not--
he's too big to run.


CLAY: As long as I just don't--
just kind of leave

-him alone, he's not gonna piss
me off. -You gotta be real...

-It's his way or the highway.
-Ted doesn't like...

Ted doesn't, you know--
he ain't got a clue.

It's just amazing how out here

the littlest things tick people
off or get under someone's skin,

which is so interesting to me,
how such a small, minute thing

out here can really escalate

into a, uh, bigger problem
down the road.

We're just trying to get him--
we got to get him on the jury.

That'll secure me and you

-immunity all the way in.

Okay, you got it.

BRIAN: With regards to
my alliance with Ted,

I think that once it does
get down to either him or me,

obviously I'm going to be

looking after
good old number one.

I-I think if we just
play it a little bit cool

and just march
right on in there,

that would secure us
all the way to the top two.

Okay, yeah.


JAKE: I'm right in the midst
of trying to find

somebody that will get on
my team from the other side.

And I don't know who I can trust
on the other team.

That's the problem.

Ted-- everybody's tired of Ted,
getting tired of Ted, so...

They like him,
they love him to death,

but just his attitude
is, uh, getting pretty old.

So, in your estimation,

that's probably
who you'd go for first?

If it was right now, yeah.

JAKE: From Clay,
I got a sense that they're all

really tired of Ted today.

He said that's probably
who they'd vote off

if they had to vote today.

At first, I would've
definitely said, uh, Ken,

but then everybody telling you,
"He's a pretty good ol' guy.

He's a pretty good ol' guy."

Clay said, uh, we were

ready to vote Ken out.

Now it's very likely
going to be Ted.

You know, if we can get
some kind of an alliance

cooking right now, we can...

we can handle this thing
kind of systematically.


Right now, it's Ted.


Right now, it's...
it's Ted to go first.

Oh, yeah?

JAKE: I'm just trying
to salvage our team,

trying to salvage me.

I'm trying to ooch my way
into some spot

that might get me
to the final four.

How you doing, Jeff?

JAN (giggles):

Welcome, guys.

First things first.

Ah, hate to give her up.

Immunity is back up for grabs,

but because you guys are now one
tribe, tribal immunity no more.


This is what you now covet.

The immunity necklace.

Wear this,
you cannot be voted out.

Today's challenge
will be played in two rounds.

The first is a simple
elimination round

that will test your memory.

The second round will be a final

showdown race
on the course behind me.

For the first round,
I will show you a grid.

On the grid will be the numbers
one through nine in English

and the numbers
one through nine in Thai.

I'll give you 30 seconds

to study the grid
and memorize the Thai numbers.

Miss one number
and you're out of the game.

Take a seat.
Grab the colored cards

that have the Thai numbers
on them.

I'm going to say
a number in English,

you show me that same number
in Thai.

All right, look closely.

You got 30 seconds
to memorize these.

All right.

Grab your stack, stand up.

Show me the number nine.

Ken, you're right.

Jake, you're not.

Have a seat.

Clay, you're right.

Helen, you're not.

Have a seat.

Penny, you're right.

Jan, you're wrong.
Have a seat.

Ted, that is not right.

Have a seat.

Brian, that is not right.

Have a seat.

We're down to three.

Only two of you
will move to the next round.

Show me the number one.

That is correct.

-That is also correct.

I knew it was.

Penny, you need to
get this right.

Miss it, you're out.

That is wrong.

Clay and Ken moving on
to the final round.

This will determine who wins
the first individual immunity.

All right, this one's
a little more complicated.

We have a series of sandy
mounds laid out on a grid.

Buried inside those mounds
are ten disks for each of you.

There are instructions on these
disks that will navigate you

through the grid, from
one buried disk to the next.

The first symbol
represents a number.

This is the number of
sandy mounds you will travel.

Second symbol is a direction--
east, west, north, south.

This is the direction
you will travel in.

If you misread
the instructions,

you'll uncover a red disk.

That means
you got to try again.

If you get it right,
you'll uncover

the next set of instructions,

which will also have
a tally card.

Tear off the tally card,
hang it on your tally board.

First person with their ten
tally cards on their tally board

wins immunity--
safe from the vote.

-Ready to run it?

Take a spot, wait for my go.

Compass right here;
you can reference it anytime.

And always remember,
the water is west.

Here we go, guys, for immunity.

-Survivors ready?


Go, guys!

One, two.


One, two.


Clay found his first one.

Good job.

No, Ken, try again.

Clay has his second one.

Way to go, Clay!

Okay, one.


Clay has his third disk.

Ken has his first one.

Way to go, Ken!

Good job, Ken.

Clay has his fourth disk.

Clay has his fifth disk.

Clay has his sixth disk.

Ken has his second.

Clay has his seventh disk.

Clay has seven.

Ken has two.

Ken, wrong again.

Clay has his ninth disk.

Ken has his third disk.

One more, Clay,
and you win immunity.

Clay has his tenth disk!

-Yeah! Yeah!
-(onlookers cheering)

-JAN: Way to go, Clay! Yay!

-Clay wins immunity!
-Yeah! -(cheering)



Thank you.

-Way to go, Clay!
-PROBST: Get over here, Clay.

I know I look sexy, baby!

I know I look sexy!

-Pretty good!
-It's me, baby.

Clay, safe from
the vote tonight.

At a one-in-eight game,
very important.

The other seven,
everybody's vulnerable tonight.

You guys can head back to camp.

-I'll see you at Tribal.
-Thank you.

Good job, guys.

Y'all did a good job.

-Congratulations, man.
-Thank you, thank you.

-Congratulations. -I don't want
anybody to be jealous or

anything, but I plan on keeping
this thing a long, long time.

-That's fine, that's fine.
-TED: It's all good, baby.

Clay, you did good.

-Thank you, sir.
-You done good.

Thank you, sir.

You really did great.

TED: Today, we had our first
individual immunity challenge.

And the fact that
NYC was in the finals

basically showed
his strength today.

So our strategy now is to
let's go ahead and eliminate

the strength or the potential
strength of Sook Jai.

They've been worried since
square one that I was a threat.

And they didn't want to have to
compete against me for immunity.

So I don't think
they're going to take Ted.

It's not in their best interest
to do that, and they know it.

So they're not going to.

We got to create
a little bit of stir.

-Shake up the chicken coop?
-We got to create...

We got to create
some doubt here.

Basically, we got to bring
one over, or we're screwed.

Yeah. Now, who can you
bring over?

I think what I'm going to do
is tell Clay he ain't got

a chance of winning
against Brian.


We ought to get rid of him.

The plan is pretty simple.

We get rid of Brian,
and we get rid of Brian tonight.

Brian's a class act.

So the idea is to get rid of
a real strong person.

But the way we do it
is, I use my team members--

there's three strong--
to vote for Brian.

And Clay brings in
one other person with him,

and we vote Brian out,
just that quick.

My plan calls for you to be able
to handle one of the ladies.

Can you handle one of them?

-Oh, yeah.
-Can you?

Oh, easy.

And then we-we can
move into the...

-Top two?

It's-It's a pretty good plan
for moving us there.

It's-It's a great plan for you.

Mm-hmm. I'll take anything--
they trust me.

CLAY: Jake's trying to get me
to work out a deal where

he's wanting me
to kick Brian off

and he's got it
all figured out.

We'll see what happens.

Jake is out for Jake,
and Clay's out for Clay.

If we did that and voted
Brian off, it be three.

That's what I'm thinking.

I mean, that's in Clay's
best interest,

but he's not going to
see it like that.

I don't know.

KEN: Jake has
an alternative plan,

trying to work
a deal with Clay.

It would actually be
in Clay's best interest,

but whether or not

Clay sees it like that is going
to be a different story.

Have you heard anything?


I say just, uh, vote for Ted,
like they said.

They said they were
getting rid of him, so, uh,

just vote for him
and hope for the best.

That's all I can do.

KEN: Chuay Gahn is saying that
they're going to vote Ted out.

If that's the possibility,
it might keep me afloat,

I-I'll throw a throw a vote
that way.

God, I hate this cleavage
leaking out

in front of everybody,
but that's okay.

-Really got us all turned on.
-I know it, I know.

BRIAN: Now it's the, uh,
fourth quarter basically.

We're getting into
the long stretch.

Everything counts.

Friends count, uh,
relationships count.

The littlest things are gonna
either, uh, make you or break

you in this stage,
so unless you're holding

that immunity necklace
around you, who knows?

We'll now bring in
the first member of our jury.

Erin will attend
all Tribal Councils.

She's here merely to observe.

You're not to
address her, either.

Now with the addition
of the jury,

you're voting people out who
you're then going to ask

to vote for you
to win this thing.

Politically, becomes very tough
to navigate through this.


Now that
it's an individual game,

how does it change how you look

at the other seven members,
in terms of threat?

Everybody's kind of
figuring out,

where do I stand in-in this
tribe that we got now?

How strong am I of a competitor?

What's Penny's, uh, strong
points or her weak points?

Then you got to turn around
and look at Ted--

what's his strong points
and what his weak points are.

And you've got to try
to figure out

how I could fit in a-and beat
the both the big and the little.

And I'm not a real big guy.

And so it, uh, it plays on you.

Jake, do you think everybody
is exactly as they appear?

Well, I keep... I keep trying

to focus on the way I'm playing
the game.

And I keep trying to be
just who I am,

as genuine as I possibly can be.

But, you know, it's a game,

and it's filled with lies,
and we just have to accept that

and try to ferret out

the ones that we think
are doing it the most,

get rid of them as quickly
as possible and go on.

Big Ted, had any moments
at camp where you thought,

"Eh, maybe I shouldn't
have said that;

that might have come off
the wrong way"?

I-I haven't done anything
that I regret.

However, there was a point
where I was feeling

basically homesick.

Um, I think that challenge
that we had where I actually

got to see a picture of my baby,
I thought that was

going to have
a positive impact with me.

However, I felt real depressed
and down and blue

because I couldn't
hold my daughter,

I couldn't play
with my daughter.

So the way I rectified
that situation is by taking

some quality me time,

just basically, you know,
clearing all that blueness,

which is going to get me
to the end,

as far as this game takes me.

Penny, you starting to notice
things about people

that you didn't notice
the first 26 days?

Not really.

Um, I've just, you know,
frankly enjoyed

the merge that we've had and
I think it's been more relaxing,

myself, around camp,
because now we can all take on

the same excitement and the same
joy that we all have as a group.

Brian, what's tonight's vote
going to be based on?

Past performances, um, uh...
general working around camp--

those that, uh,
work a little harder,

those that, uh,
don't do as much.

So probably, uh, production--

or lack of production,
I should say.

Okay. Clay.

Yes, sir?

With that immunity necklace
around your throat,

you are safe
from the vote tonight.

And doesn't it feel good.

PROBST: That said,
you cannot vote for Clay.

Everybody else is vulnerable.

It is time to vote.

Helen, you're first.

Hope to see you soon,
and, uh, a great player.

I really didn't know
who to vote.

I really have enjoyed
meeting you.

I've really enjoyed knowing you.


You're a neat guy,

but you got to get rid of
the strong for me to keep going.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...




That's three votes, Ted.



That's two votes Ken.


We're tied at three votes.



That's four votes Ken,
three votes Ted.

Last vote...


Need to bring me your torch.

Ken, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Good luck, everyone.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Ted feels the sting
of receiving three votes.

I got three votes
from the members of Sook Jai.

CLAY: Ted didn't know we
instigated those three votes

for him, and, uh, and he won't.

Someone gets a big reward.

You'll be treated to a
once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It's a chance
to get away from camp,

come back with a belly full.

This is definitely
a life-altering experience.

Um, you learn
how to appreciate things

like you never have before.

Like bananas, like,
that's such a life-giving,

delicious, incredible thing.

And if, uh, anybody feels sorry
for me, you know,

that I got kicked off,
you know,

chocolate chip cookies,
ladies, they-- I love them.

It's my favorite sweet thing.

Anyway, I'll see you all soon.