Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Survivor - full transcript

An explosive argument between two tribemates sparks heated debate about facts, rumors and loyalties within the tribe.

Previously on Survivor...

Sook Jai remained
a tribe divided.

Stephanie and Jed have not
worked on the hut very much.

PROBST: At Chuay Gahn,
Jan and Helen got lost while

the guys had all the fun.

-Oh, baby! -Go!
-At the reward challenge,

Sook Jai won
a large fishing net...

Sook Jai wins!

-(team whooping)
-We're eatin' fish, guys!

PROBST: ...despite losing
for the second time

and Tanya's ongoing illness...

No, I will throw up.

PROBST: ...Chuay Gahn tried
to keep hope alive.

We're gonna get 'em,
that's all I can say.

At the immunity challenge,

they almost pulled it off.

Come on, come on, come on.

It was a tight race
until the end,

when Sook Jai claimed
another victory...


...sending Chuay Gahn back
to Tribal Council

where Tanya's illness finally
caught up with her.

The tribe has spoken.

14 are left.

Who will be the next to go?

CLAY: We've had two
immunity challenges;

we've lost that and a war
challenge, we've lost that.

But, yes, our tribe's a family,
there's no doubt about it.

And we're happy.

We understood each other's

We liked each other's

It was a-a immediate bond.


The personalities didn't clash,
they clicked.

Are those your
real color eyes there?

-Mm-hmm. -Oh, okay.

-They just brown.

GHANDIA: I was happy that Ted
was on my same team.

This is the longest I have ever
been away from my husband.

He's my best friend,
my homeboy, everything to me.

And Ted brings that home
to me, you know?

It's kind of like my husband's
here with me chilling,

and that really
made me feel good.

And he's so good to hug.

He's just, he's just cool.

ROBB: This has
definitely got to be

the weakest
I've ever felt in my life,

the most fatigued and most
drained I've ever felt.

None of us have the energy
to do anything.

My feet, they're just blistered
all to heck, peeling off.

WOMAN: That is the biggest
blister I've ever seen.

We're horrible campers,

we're terrible outdoorsmen.

We are starving!

We're starving.

Look at me,
I'm, like, Ally McBeal size.

So far, we haven't been
very successful

getting fish in the net.

Whether or not we're
doing something wrong--

I'm not sure--
so I'm not so sure

how rewarding
that net is to us.

I'd like a big plate of
cheese and crackers.


You know what?

We got the net
in that challenge

and we're trying to figure out
how to make it work.

Nobody's ever
lived on the beach,

nobody's ever
been around the water.

We don't really know how
to work it.

All that work for nothing.

Wait, we have one.


You know, it's kind of strange

to be out here and see where
all the fish comes from

that I eat every day at home...

...and not have any idea
how to get it. (chuckles)

GHANDIA: I feel a little tired
because I didn't get

a lot of sleep last night.

I just feel kind of depressed,
and I feel...

I feel used.

BRIAN: Oh, wow,
it's the real deal.

Can I sit next to the diva?


Ted and I have gotten close,

and it always seems that
I'm sleeping next to him.

And so, last night,
he threw his arm over me

and really pulled me close
into him,

which was kind of okay with me
in the beginning, but, um,

he started to, like,

uh, become very,
kind of, sexual.

I mean, specifically, he was
grinding against, against me.

And he didn't stop.

He kept trying to--
in my opinion-- engage me.

I think Ted's actions

are inappropriate
because he's married

and because he just had a baby,
like, two weeks ago.

And also because he should
respect me as a married woman

and respect my marriage, also.

You can't just
do Ghandia like that.

You can't... I mean...

I'm just not gonna go for it.

You went up on me
last night, tough.

That's, that's, like,
you know what I do?

Sometimes when I'm sleeping,
you know, it's like

in the middle of the night,
I'm not, like, totally clear.

I'm thinking I'm sleeping with
my wife, so I think what we need

to do is I'm not gonna hug you,
I'm not gonna hold you

because I keep on
forgetting that I'm,

like, not in the bed
with my wife.

-Right, right, right.
-So I'm, like...

But it was really
compromising for me,

and I just feel
like such trash today.

Don't, because, I mean, when
I do that, I'm not thinking...

I'm not, like,
in my total mind trying to,

like, start something with you,

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

...and I apologize
if I've offended you.


I mean, it wasn't done
maliciously, it wasn't done

trying to start something
or anything like that.


Please, from the bottom
of my heart, I do apologize.

Why are you crying?
What's wrong?

-What's wrong?

Because that's happened
to me before.

Did it really? Honestly?

I was raped before, in college.

-Were you really?

Get out of here.

Yeah, I think...
I apologize.

And I've had people tell me that
I bring it on myself and stuff.

-And for a minute this morning,

I thought were you gonna try to
pretend like it didn't happen.

No, uh-uh. I was planning on
talking to you later on,

but I didn't have, like,
an opportunity...

-I'm sorry. talk to you about it.

I'm really glad you apologized.
That makes me feel a lot better.

No, seriously, I apologize
a million times.

-Okay, okay.
-Can you forgive me?

-Yes, I can.
-Okay, all right.

Thank you. Seriously.

-You're a good person, Ted.
-And don't worry.

You don't have to worry about
that ever happening again.

-Okay. -You got it?

-All right. -Uh-huh.

We've always been a family

and we'll continue
to be a family.

Even though this incident does
exist within our family--

quote, unquote "family"--

I think we can pull together.

I think we all are gonna give
110% in the challenges.

We've got some ass-kicking
to do, fellers.


Welcome, guys.

-TED: What's up, Jeff?
-GHANDIA: Thank you.

Well, as you may or may not
know, as recently as the 1960s,

this island was ruled by pirates

who would rob and steal
from passing boats.

That ties in
to today's challenge.

Today's challenge is a race
along this bamboo course.

At the end of the course,
two boats-- one for each tribe.

Your goal:
rob or steal ten items

from the other tribe's boat,
back to your boat.

First tribe to do so wins.

Here are the rules:

You can only take
one item at a time.

You can only have two members
on a course at any time.

If you fall off, you lose
the item you were carrying

and you go back to the start.

In the center of the course,
there's an attack zone.

It is clearly marked
in black-and-gold cloth.

If you are in the attack zone,

you can engage contact
with somebody else who is

also in the attack zone

and try to push them off
the course into the water.

If you are not in the attack
zone when you engage contact,

you're out of the game.

And one item
from your tribe's boat goes

into the other tribe's boat.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

-Yes, sir.

Bring it in!

Here's your reward.

For 24 hours you will have two
Red Berets: Thai Special Forces.

These guys know how
to live off this land.

You can use them to help
improve your shelter,

fix a boat or source every bit
of edible food in your camp.

So when this is done,

you ought to know how
to do this for yourself.

(all agreeing cheerfully)

Thanks, guys.
See you in a little bit.

Sook Jai, because
you have two extra members,

you're sitting two out.

Who's sitting?
Jake and Erin.

Take your spots.
Wait for my go.

Here we go, guys,
great reward at stake.

-Survivors ready?


Go, go, go, go, go!

You got that, baby.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

No, no, no, Ted.
Back to the start.

-Go, go, go!
-He's got to go back.

No, no, no!

No, that one's dead.

In the water.
In the water.

Clay, back to the start.

One for Sook Jai.

Two for Sook Jai.

Chuay Gahn, one.

Three for Sook Jai.

Chuay Gahn, two.

Stephanie, back to the start.

Thataway to get inventive, Ted.

Sook Jai four; Chuay Gahn, two.

Got a showdown.

Are you standing and trying
to punk me, bro?

I'm doing
what I've gotta do, baby.

Get in the black zone, Ted.


Go, go, go.

Attaway, Penny.

Sook Jai, five;
Chuay Gahn, two.

Sook Jai five;
Chuay Gahn, three.

Come on!
Drag him in with you!

Come on, girl!

You want me to push him in?

Push him in-- yeah,
go ahead, push him!

(teams shouting)

Make sure you're both
in the attack zone.

Turn him in the water with you!

(woman whooping)

PROBST: Sook Jai, six;
Chuay Gahn, three.

Go, go, go, go, go!

PROBST: Brian with another
basket for Chuay Gahn.

Sook Jai, seven;
Chuay Gahn, four.

The man from New York
holding forth.

Go, go, go, go!

First one to ten wins.

Bust him up like he
stole somebody's wife!

Penny with another one
for Sook Jai.

That's eight to four
for Chuay Gahn.

Stay there! Ken, go get her!

-Yeah! -Whoo!

Whoa, whoa, guys, hold up!

Ken, you were
not in the attack zone

when you first made contact.

You're out of the game.

One of Sook Jai's baskets
goes to Chuay Gahn.

Sook Jai seven;
Chuay Gahn five.

Don't get too cute in
that attack zone, guys.

No, no, no!


You have to be in there, too!

Robb, you were not in
the attack zone

when you grabbed Clay
around the throat.

You're out of the game.

Another basket from Sook Jai
goes to Chuay Gahn.

The score is tied now: 6-6.

Bunch of little whiny babies.

Sook Jai, you're
self-destructing. Let's go.

The first one to ten wins.

Careful, Ted.

Grab him! Grab his legs!


Stephanie, what are you doing?

You were in the water

and you weren't close
to the attack zone.

Another penalty.

Chuay Gahn is now ahead: seven.

Sook Jai, five.

And Stephanie
is out of the game.

Eight, Chuay Gahn.

Five, Sook Jai.

TED: Am I in the zone?
Am I in the zone?

Just grab ahold of him.

Jump on his back
and hold onto him.

Grab his shirt.
Grab his shirt.

PROBST: Shii Ann,
back to the start.

Behind you, Ted!

Behind you, Ted!

Watch out, B! Watch out, B!

He's not in it.

PROBST: No, Jed, you weren't
in the attack zone

-when you first made contact.
-Yes! Yes!

Come on, guys.
I'm like a broken record.

Jed, join your tribe members.

You're out of the game, too.

Another basket from Sook Jai
goes to Chuay Gahn.

Chuay Gahn, nine;
Sook Jai four.

Chuay Gahn is one basket away.

Am I in the zone?


Chuay Gahn at nine,

just needs one more.

Clay has it.

Come on, Clay.

Slow, Clay, slow.

Easy, Clay, easy, steady.


Chuay Gahn wins reward!

(all cheering, shouting)

PROBST: Chuay Gahn,
two Red Berets for 24 hours.


Love ya, baby.

Fish! Fish!

So we lost one, huh?

I don't mind getting beaten.

But after the reward challenge,
I was so bitter.

We got chumped.

That last time, he came at me

and I put my hands out
and pushed him in.

He's a weak little whiny punk.

Backwoods hick.

Did you hear him...
(mimics goofy yelling)

Screaming at me, dude.

I wanted to spit in his face.

Robb, idiot that he is,

he talks so much.
He can't even...

There's no way a logical thought
goes through his brain

'cause his mouth is
always flapping.

That's all I'm saying.

We're eight strong.

We're gonna go into this
immunity challenge--

the one that counts--

we're gonna
kick their ass, bottom line.

We got beat today, dude,

but it wasn't by
somebody better than us.

Okay, I'm not gonna be
a sore loser.

We lost, dude, we lost
by a bunch of rules.

You know what, though?
Who gives a ...?

'Cause I got a good shot on
homeboy from the backwoods,

and big Teddy wasn't so big,
that's what I'm saying.

I was a little bit disappointed
when I saw what the reward was.

I mean, it could have
been useful

to have the Red Berets
maybe help us

with our shelter, but otherwise,
I mean, I was hoping

they'd bring, like, a big turkey
or something.


TED: All right, guys,
they're here.

They're here.

We got company.

CLAY: Hey, here
they come, ya'll.

Hey, here they come.

Sawat-dee kha!

In my readings, before coming
to Thailand,

I knew that the Red Berets
were... were as equivalent

to our Green Berets in the U.S.

So I knew that they were gonna
teach us how to get food

and help us to survive overall.

-Thank you. -Thank you.
-Thank you.


Oh, can eat? Oh, yeah.

Can eat. Can eat.

Eat. Eat. Very much.

Can eat?


CLAY: With the reward,
we won the Red Berets.

They got to come in,
they got to show us everything

we could eat on the island.

At first, we didn't think
we had anything to eat,

but we looked around,
and they showed us a lot.

Can eat? Soup.

I'm gonna tell you what,
these guys are sharp.

HELEN: I swear to God,
they can make anything

with their knife and bamboo.

I mean, every time you think

they've shown you
the last thing,

they're over there going

Can eat.

HELEN: Thai cooking like I've
never seen before, yeah.

Everything in that wok is
from right here on the beach.


HELEN: The Red Berets
said you can eat it,

so if it's edible,
we're eating it.

Good. Mmm!

JAKE: Right now, there's a
genuine feeling of niceness

with all of us.

We're all feeling very
comfortable with each other,

so it's not hard to be genuine.

Ah! Ooh, not bad.

No. Good, good.

(clicks tongue)
Not bad.

Very good. Thank you.

No more dishes?

-I think that's it.

Once that "genuineity"
goes away

or the lack of trust--
that goes away--

then there's gonna be problems.

GHANDIA: I'm gonna tell you
something else,

last night Ted was on me while
he was sleeping next to me.

And then when I confronted him
to let him know it wasn't cool,

he told me that when
he's sleeping, he's in a fog.

HELEN: Ah, yeah.
Yeah, right.

Mm-hmm, yeah, mm-hmm.

That made me feel like such
a trashy piece of trash.

Mm-hmm, I don't blame you.

And now I'm feeling that I need
to stick with the women.

I accepted Ted's apology
to his face,

but then when I had time
to think about it,

I kind of thought that
the excuse he gave me was

a little bit disingenuous;
a lot disingenuous.

He said, "Is it okay
if I hold you?"

HELEN: Well, and we're all
in there so close, yeah.

I said, "Yeah, that's fine,
because that comforts me."

Right, and you don't want

to act like you can't handle
the situation, you know?

-That makes you look bad.

So I just started telling
everybody in the tribe

what happened because I felt
that everybody in the tribe

should know what he did.

And I was a little hard on him

in retelling the story
to everybody.

So then when he moved his hand
on my shoulder,

he started biting me on
my shoulder, back here,

like sexy biting, you know
how you bite somebody's...

-Then it was on from there.

I was, like, "This is some ....

"Your wife just had a baby
a ... week ago,

"and you bump ... on my ass?

You're happily married."

But every part of the story
that I told was true.

The only part that I think

that I think I probably left out
is that he apologized.

I wake up at the end
of my little nap,

after I delegate my duties,

and there's no fishing net
to be found.

Me and Robb walked around
the beach in search for it,

and basically,
whoever last was watching it

just didn't delegate off duties,
and let it drift away.

ROBB: We figured if we left
the net out for a while,

we might catch some fish

and we might eat and feel good.

Well, the damn net floated away.

We don't know where the net is.

PENNY: Tell you what, I sure
would feel ten times better

-if I could eat something.
-I would, too.

-We found some sour berries.

Well, we got some great news.

We've lost the net.


We don't have a clue
where that net is.

That sucks.

Those boys took
the fishing net out,

"We're gonna leave it out in
the ocean for hours and hours."

Okay, we come back, it's gone.


Jed was sleeping.

So, because Jed was sleeping
and unwilling to get up,

the fishing net went bye-bye.

It just sailed away.

Yeah, yeah, wrong, yeah.

(Ted laughs)

HELEN: Today is the first day
that I really realized

I'm playing Survivor.

I know that sounds silly,

but I guess
I got in the mode out here

where I was surviving
off the land; I really did.

I've been focusing on that, and
forgetting that there's a game

going on here psychologically.

And you could have blown me away
with the Ted and Ghandia thing.

-It's kind of serious, yeah.

That's why
she's been depressed all day.

-Wow. -I guess it got
pretty bad, so...

I was completely asleep.

And she said--
you know, me, too.

-I didn't even know.
-I didn't know either, yeah.

That's highly depressing.
Okay, I hear you.

I agree. I feel the same way
because, all of a sudden,

the person I thought
I was dealing with

is absolutely not the person
I'm dealing with.



I just don't think that's cool.

Um, but I'm just letting you
know what we're gonna do,

the three of us are
gonna take him out next time.

Okay, okay.

Just letting you know
that and where we are.

It was quite a surprise when
it got back to me that there's

a problem with Ghandia and Ted,
and I'm, like, I'm just,

the first thing I'm thinking is
that I'm highly disappointed

at some of these actions.

But I don't know
what was happening

or what wasn't happening.

I wanted to sit back and hear
both sides of the story.

-All right, let me digest this.

-We'll talk about it tomorrow.
-That's fine, that's fine.

-Thank you, Helen.
-Yeah, yeah.

Oh, boy.

I'm coming.

So they're making that soup.

It seems like they just keep
adding and adding

and adding and adding.

-Adding more stuff?

BRIAN: I think one of the
most important skills,

especially out here,

is just listening,
taking it all in,

not saying much.

Even when you're hungry
as heck,

hot as heck,
the emotions are high,

you've got to remember
to keep that character cool.

Like Cool Hand Luke,
just keep it cool.

Nothing happened, right?

-A long story.
-Yeah, okay.

Long story.

I'll just put,
I'll just say it this way...

I mean, I'm a man,
man of my word.

I mean, a mistake happened,
and I rectified it.

-Good. Good.

-Honest mistake. -Nothing
happened, though, right?

-No, nothing at all. -Good.

-Nothing happened at all.

That's all I need to hear.
That's all I need to hear.

That's the thing that's tripping
me out, man-- know what I mean?

All I need to hear.

That's all I need to hear--
nothing happened.

Ted told me
that nothing happened,

which he was denying
anything happened,

which is fine
because nothing did happen.

I interpreted it as they
might've been close,

but there was no contact.

There might've been a hand here
or a ankle here

or an earlobe here or something
simple as that.

Case closed.

What's the side
you're getting-- just denial

or that she came on to him?

Um, no, just more denial.

Yeah, okay.

And then as Helen was walking
by me, I mentioned

that he denied everything;
he said nothing happened.

I didn't realize that Helen
would run right back to her,

but I was surprised she went
right back to Ghandia

and said, "Brian said that Ted
told him nothing happened."

(wry laughter)

He didn't do anything.

So... you got a knife
in your hand.

He didn't do anything.

I want to just punch
his ass in the eye.

-He didn't do anything.
-Now, if it comes down to...

-He didn't do nothing?
-No, no, it never happened.

I guess it was a figment
of your imagination, yeah.

No, no.

Ghandia, I wouldn't...

I heard from Helen
that Ted told Brian

that nothing happened,
and something did happen,

which really,
really set me off.


What was that?

TED: What the ... was that?

I-I... It's...
just-just crazy lady.


CLAY: That was
the most childish act

she's done so far here.

Ghandia gonna
go down to the beach and cry

and holler and carry on.

My two-year-old did that
one time,

and I whupped its ass
and put it back in bed.


Piece of ...!




Butt crack showing
every damn day.

Rambo, if you could
only understand

how much bull...
going on around this camp.

You don't understand.

Actually, it's good that you
don't understand what's going on

'cause there's
a lot of bull... going on.

(muttering angrily)

You lying piece of...


Ghandia was making an issue

that was very, very small,

that could have been handled in

a very professional,
one-on-one manner,

and has exploded it
into an issue

that goes beyond me
and beyond this game.

Ghandia, I think we need to have
a talk in front of everyone.

Oh, for real, yeah.

I think so, too.

I think the sooner the better.

Mm-hmm, I'd like
it to happen right now.

You want to have it now?

-All right, cool. Okay.

Yo, Brian, Janny,
we're gonna have a talk!

I told all the tribe members
to come in together

'cause I was tired of all this,
you know, rumors going around

and people getting confused on
what the facts are, et cetera.

The other night, I was waking up
when the event happened;

I was waking up,
and from some crazy reason,

you know, in that position,
I started grinding on Ghandia,

maybe two or three times,
before realizing

"Whoa, sh...
this isn't my wife."

We talked about it,
and I said to Ghandia,

"I am totally apologize and
I explained to her exactly

what happened, the same way
I'm explaining to you guys.

And what sparked this meeting,

I hear Ghandia saying that,
you know, I'm denying it.

I am not denying ...

You didn't deny it to Brian?
You didn't say ...?

I didn't deny ...

I am not denying ...!

Helen told me
that you denied it to Brian.

Well, that's what you get for
listening to other people

when I told you in your face.

Here's my, here's my issue
of clarification:

You said that you woke up

-and you realized that you were
making a mistake. -Yes.

So you didn't bite me on
the back of my shoulder,

-you didn't kiss me on
my shoulder? -No.

You didn't put your hand in
my head and rub my hair?

Please. Come on.
Ghandia, you're blowing it.

And then when I changed
positions again, you put your

hand in my hair
and you was massaging my head.

-No. -You was trying...
To me, I got the feeling

that you was trying
to get with me.

No, no. First of all,

-I don't need to get with you.
-I know you don't.

Second of all, I'm not even
attracted to you.

So, I mean, it's not,
it's not even about that.

I am, I am 150 to 200% happy
with the wife that I have,

that I've chose to spend
the rest of my life with.

I mean,
that's my love right there.

And I have a daughter,
that's my ... love.

Your version of what happened...

I just, I just want you to be
honest, but you don't remember.

You don't remember biting me
on my shoulder;

you don't remember
kissing me on my shoulder?

Ghandia. Ghandia...

That just made me uncomfortable.
Hold on.

And then the excuse that you
gave me that you were in a fog

and you thought
that I was your wife,

I thought that that was

I thought
that that was disingenuous.

That's funny because your
comment after I apologized was

to cry and say, "You know,
I really, really needed that

and I really appreciate
your honesty."

I did, I did.

So if you didn't feel
that I was disingenuous,

then you would have,
you would have addressed it

right then and said,

"Look, Ted, I don't believe
your apologies."

All-all it is now is that it's
all out on the table,

it's all out in the open.

-We all understand
what happened. -Ghandia...

And then from here, we just go
and we just start,

and we just go on from here.

It's in front of everybody
and it's off, it's over.

I agree, I agree
with this clean slate.

Let's go fishing.

Again, once again, last time,
I apologize for everyone, okay?

It's a new day.
Let's start it right now.


TED: Drama is the cancer
of any team.

If the drama continued or
if I wasn't straight forth

or we didn't have this circle,

this meeting that we had,

I think it would have fractured
the tribe completely.

But I think we put a Band-Aid
on it for right now.

Everyone, everybody happy?

Yes! Yes.

Good job. Okay.

Thank you very much.


Thank you very much.

Good luck mission.

Thank you, my man, thank you.

Thank you, my man. Good man.

Thank you. Thank you.


Kob koon ca.

All right, there is
some treemail.

Look at that.

That's pretty. Wow.

-Hey, guys!

Treemail! Thank ya.

"Plan it, move it, build it
higher and higher,

"only one tribe can be the first
to cap the golden spire.

"Put your minds together,
you need to work as one.

If not, then for one of you,
your island time is done."

ERIN: When we started off,
we didn't think

we could have picked
a better team.

All I know is that the majority
of us don't really care

whether or not we win
the immunity.

We're actually hoping
that we lose.

We're ready
to get rid of some people.

Come on in, guys.

First things first.
Penny, gotta take it back.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Today's challenge
is called Temple Transfer.

And it's very simple in
its concept,

but it's a lot harder
than it looks.

The temple is made up
of six pieces,

each tribe has three platforms.

Your challenge is
to transfer your temple

from platform one to platform
three using all three platforms

to solve the puzzle.

You can only move
one piece at a time,

and in addition, you can never
have a larger piece

on top of a smaller piece.

Finally, all of
your tribe members must be

inside the white ring
before you can move on

to the next platform.

It will take
your collective brainpower

to solve this puzzle.

Sook Jai, you've chosen Ken
and Penny to sit out.

Take your spots.
Wait for my go.

Here we go, immunity at stake.

Survivors ready?

-Yes! -Ready!

-Go. Go.

I got it, I got it.
Let's go.

Let's go. Ready?

Let's go. Wind sprint.

CLAY: Everybody in the circle
before he sets it down.

Set it down.

Let's move. Let's move.

Come on, come on, come on!

PROBST: Gonna be
a small piece on top

of the larger piece.

-Which way we going?
-Uh, right over there. -Okay.

You got it?

Over here-- we're going over
here, over here to there.

Back to me.


Spire over there,
little piece back over there.

Come on, Sook Jai!

Use all three platforms.

Bring the spire over here,

bring the big piece over there

-'cause it's smaller.
-Right. And then we... Okay.

-And then we start
unstacking them. -Yes.

All right, let's get them.

Wait... Hold on...

Is this piece smaller?

Okay, okay, let's go change
that one and put it on the...

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Boom, boom, boom.

No, no, no. We got it.

We got it.

-Nice and easy. -Step up.
-Step up, up...

-Drop it.
-Drop it!

Chuay Gahn making good progress.

TED: Family, baby;
remember family.

(team member whoops)

Not yet, not yet.

The game is not over yet.

Chuay Gahn is very close.

Come on, Sook Jai.

Come on, guys, don't give up,
don't give up.

-Set that one on the top.
-Thanks, baby.

Hand-in-hand, guys.

Chuay Gahn on their last move.

Take that one off of there,
come back with that one.

No, no, hold on.

Got it!

You can be like King Kong.

(Chuay Gahn cheering)

Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Thank you, God. Thank you, God.

Thank you, God.

HELEN: Thank you, God.
Glory to God.

CLAY: Need some rain.
Need some rain. Rain!

Chuay Gahn, get a little feel
of this for a change.

No Tribal Council tonight.

Congratulations, guys.

-Have a good night's sleep.
-You got it.

Sook Jai, our first date
at Tribal Council.

You guys can head back to camp,
grab your torches.

I'll see you there.

We worked together.

We just lost immunity.


You see, I could do a logic
puzzle in my sleep.

That one that we did today--

so easy.

What happened?

I could have stepped in.

Jake could have stepped in.

But did we step in? No.

Bless her heart, dude, but
Shii Ann just gets on my nerves.


I think the majority of
the tribe has decided

that Shii Ann is
our weakest member.

The poor girl
just doesn't click.

You know, it seems like
she almost tries too hard.

She's got on
all our nerves, you know?

She's a good girl, man,

but I mean, she's our weakest
member for sure.

We've got a few lazy people--
I mean, some are trying

to hide it better than others,

but Jed, it's not that
he's not valuable.

He's just flat-out lazy.

He doesn't do anything.

He lays around all day.

I don't dislike Jed,
but I do think that,

for the most part,
he was lazy in the beginning,

and he did a lot of things that
pissed a lot of people off.

See, it's different to be
just lazy and not help us,

but he's lazy and hurting us.

We need to have some type of
harmony while we're out here,

when we've got all the other
odds against us: the rain,

the heat, no food,
you know, not much water.

So we need to have

some kind of unity out here,
and with certain people,

we really don't feel
like we have that.

So we'd rather
just get rid of them.

PROBST: As you walk in, grab
a torch, approach the flame.

This is part of the ritual
of the first visit

to Tribal Council,
because fire represents

your life in this game.

As long as you have fire,
you're still in the game.

When your fire's gone,
so are you.

For those of you who are still

in the game
after tonight's Tribal Council,

you'll take these torches back
with you to your camp,

and bring them to
all future Tribal Councils.

So let's get right to it.

I haven't had a chance to get
to know much about you guys.

Shii Ann,
what surprised you the most,

in these first nine days,
that you didn't expect?

Oh, I think the biggest thing
was a lack of food, actually.

And the shelter, I guess.

I expected more help, so that
was probably the biggest shock.

Jed, are you expecting food
in terms of a reward?

-Are you counting on that?
-We're not expecting anything.

I mean, we'll live on snails
for another week or two,

and then drop like flies

Robb, what's your role,
specifically, in this tribe?

Um, I think I'm just
the happy-go-lucky kid,

down to do whatever.

I'm just trying
to apply myself everywhere

and help and stay up,
stay happy.

At this point,
a lot of us are really drained.

I mean, you're used to eating so
much and having so much energy.

I'm a high-energy kind of guy.

I bounce off the walls,
you know?

I need a lot of energy,

and, man,
it's just so hard to come by.

PROBST: Stephanie, if food
continues to be an issue,

will it divide this tribe?

Will it get to a point where
it makes people angry

just because
they're so damn hungry?

Oh, it definitely will.

I mean,
it's already changed my mood.

I think it's a little bit harder
on people who are in

really good shape and need the
calories and their body's used

to burning a lot of calories,
to go without food.

I think that they tend
to sink faster.

I mean, it looks like that
in the tribe to me.

We're a group here.

It could get bad.

PROBST: So it's your first time
at Tribal Council.

It's never fun to vote somebody
out, I don't care who you are.

Jake, how about for you?
You picked this tribe.

How do you go about voting
your first person out?

I hate to do it 'cause I love
every one of these people,

so this one is gonna be a
really, really tough one for me.

I think what I'll probably do is

just take a strategic approach
and mosey over and vote.

It's time to vote.
Shii Ann, you're first.

If you did the half chores

you tried to delegate
to other people,

this wouldn't be happening.

Well, Shii Ann, you never
really seemed to click.

You sort of, uh,
got on my nerves.

You're a sweetheart, but, uh,

I'll catch you
on the flip side, baby.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes have been read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council
area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote... Jed.

Jed. That's two votes-- Jed.

Shii Ann.

Shii Ann.

Two votes-- Jed,
two votes-- Shii Ann.

Shii Ann.

Three votes-- Shii Ann,
two votes-- Jed.

Jed. Three votes each.

That's four votes-- Jed.

Jed. That's five votes, Jed.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jed, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Get a good night's sleep.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

PROBST: Next time on Survivor,
the tribes receive new members.

There's a dummy over there.

I can't carry the damn thing.
I didn't...

-TED: Right. -I swear to God
there's a dummy over there.

Big as your ass!

PROBST: And Chuay Gahn
is tearing apart.

The relationship between Ghandia
and I is nonexistent.

I only see five people
on this island.

We ain't gonna be picking
each other apart,

and if they start that ...,

I'm gonna shut that ... down.
I don't care.

I mean, you don't see
anything coming,

but any time you go
to Tribal Council,

your head's
on the chopping block,

whether it be a threat,

or whether
you rub people the wrong way.

I just hope that everyone else
takes... and step back

and enjoys the beauty
of Thailand and the awesomeness

of this experience.