Survivor (2000–…): Season 40, Episode 2 - Survivor - full transcript

One castaway is out for blood after realizing an ally was sent to the Edge of Extinction; another castaway must find a way to recover after letting information slip.

Waking up this morning

was a little bit surreal.

Realizing I'm not back
at the other camp anymore.

But if there was no
Edge of Extinction,

I'd probably be
super depressed.

I did not come
all the way out here

and leave four kids behind

to be out of the game
this early on.

But I'm not done.

There's still a possibility
for me to get back in.

There's still a possibility
for me to possibly help

my husband,
who is still in the game.

So I got to keep my head there.

The game is still going for me.

Well, my first reaction is:
this is not a good thing.

I just got a fire token.

I have a lot of thoughts going
through my head,

but the most obvious is:

they took my wife
out of the game first.

Just the thought of Amber being
on the Edge of Extinction,

it kills me.

It was really,
really, really hard

for us to leave the kids.

I know that that's
weighing on her.

So, if she was taken out first,

that makes it even harder.


-I got a fire token.
-You did?


-I don't know.

-I know.

-Oh, no.
-But I don't know for sure.

Maybe it was Sandra.

You think she would give it
to you? She probably would.

-Who else would she give it to?

I do have other friends
over there.

It could have been Sandra.
We just spent

the entire season
of 39 together.

But I don't know
if I can trust Sandra.

And if she voted my wife out,

this is war.

It kind of sucks, but...

-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

I'll be buying tarps in no time.

-Yeah, right?

Oh, yeah.


The last time I played,

it was all about
winning immunity

and finding idols.

But this time,

I want to work on
my relationships.

'Cause going through life alone

Going through Survivoralone
sucks even worse, right?

Right, exactly.

To win this game a second time,

I need to work on
my social game.

And teaching people
how to find idols

is a good way to do that.

You found it? Oh, baby.

Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.

-Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
-All right.

-Come on, come on.
-Okay. Okay.

Holy crab cakes.

I just found an idol.

I have never been so giddy.

And without Ben, I would not
have found this idol.

Oh, my God.

-Oh, my God.
-Okay. Okay.

We open it up,

and it's two.

So now I have to figure out

who I want to give
the other half to.

It has no power without
giving the other half away.

-Well, exactly right.

Oh, my God. Okay.

I thought Ben might try
and convince me

to give it to him,
but he didn't.

And that makes me feel like
he's somebody I can trust.


From minute one,
I've been with Adam.

He is incredibly smart.
Like, he knows this game.

So, maybe we can find some
allies to pull in with us.

Oh, my gosh.

No, you did not.

-Oh, my-- thank you so much
for trusting me.

But... right.

The good news is:

Denise has found the hidden
immunity idol.

The bad news is: Ben knows.

That sucks

because Ben is a wild card.


And I have to give...

No. No, no, no. I have it.

But here's the deal...

My God, I think that's
a terrible idea.

What do you mean you want to
give it to Parv?

One of the best players that
has ever played this game.

Are you serious?

She could know that you have it
and vote you out.

-That's true.
-Does Parv trust you

more than anybody else?

-No. No.
-Is she gonna keep that secret?

-Not a chance in hell.
-No. No.

Okay. If we do this,
we are solid.

-Hundred thousand percent.
-We are solid.

Yeah, we are.
We are, we are.

Luckily, I'm able to
convince Denise

that it makes way more sense
to give me

the other half of the idol.

I trust that you're gonna
give it back.

I mean, this is huge for me.

But the idea of playing
this game with Ben

makes me a little nervous.

I've been trying to get
some breadfruit

for the last few days,
and, unfortunately,

it has not been going
very well.

But I'm determined

not to give up, even though

I'm probably losing
a lot more calories

than I hope to gain from this.

I got this big bamboo stick

and I tied a rope around it.

So, hopefully, it will act as
kind of like a wire coat hanger

I can try to loop in
and pull it down.

Uh... still smallish.

But at least I know
the technique works.

-Good job.

So far this season, it's been

a really different experience
for me.

I am not used to playing
on the bottom.

It's a weird feeling,

but I also know this is not
the end of the game

and that there is an upward
trajectory for me

if I can figure out where
to get my footing.

I'm just treading carefully.

I don't want to put the target
on my back.

But I feel like the idol
would be a really important

thing for me to have.

It is funny, the more you're
on the bottom,

the more you have to try to
claw your way to the top.

And the more you do that,
the more you're putting

a target on your back;

you're more on the bottom.

I have to be careful and I just
wait for a moment of peace,

then listen to the voice that
tells you when to go right,

when to go left-- that's what
I do when I'm idol hunting.

And I just try to get a vibe
for, like, which tree to go to.

It's how I found mine
the first season.

It's a prayer of sorts,
you know?

Like, if this is meant to be,

then send me an idol.

Oh, shoot.

When I found it,
it was such a surreal moment.

I definitely don't want to be
caught with it.


You all right, Kim?

Two people walked up--
Tony and Nick.

Two people I completely
don't trust.

I think they thought I was
looking for an idol.

But I don't think that they
thought I had found it.

-I'm just collecting.

It's not your
typical immunity idol.

I have to give part of it
to someone else.

I've always felt Sophie and I
would work well together.

And I go with the people that
I have a good feeling about.

Are you about to show me what
I think you're about to show me?

-Yeah, I am.
-And I think Sophie's in

a really good spot
in the tribe right now.


It's a legitimate immunity idol,

but it's unique, because
both halves are identical.

You have to give one to
another player before sundown.

-It only works
if you put it together.
-That's when I came back

and I was like,
"I need to talk to you."

I was in shock.

Kim should be telling Tyson
about her idol.

I am the last person Kim should
be telling about her idol.

This idol has power when paired.

So you'll have half,
and I'll have half.

I'm gonna leave mine here.

Do you want me just to leave
yours here, too, right now?

I see Kim as somebody
who's super aware.

She's, like, the most

socially adept person out here.

I think the problem
for Kim is, like,

everybody knows that's what let
her win the last season.

So I think

even if she is, like,
the nicest Texan in the world,

everybody's gonna see that
as a threat.

So she shouldn't be telling
the devil who has never worked

with her yet in this game
about an idol.

If I were Kim,
I'd be worried that,

by telling me about the idol,

she could be next
on the chopping block.

What? Okay.

"When you reflect back
on all you've accomplished

living on the edge..."


It means there's something out
there that we haven't noticed.


-That's what it means?

Immediately, I'm pretending like
I have no idea what it can be.

You know, basically sell it

across the seas to...

We're bartering back and forth.

The clue definitely

wasn't an obvious clue.

It's gonna take some mind work,

reading it over again
and again and again

until we can figure out

what all the different things
are referring to.

"Layered with opportunities.

"Liberated enough

-if you recognize them."
-"To recognize them."

There are so many random places
it could be,

and since the note
wasn't specific,

we ended up

basically scouring
the entire island.

Back when I played, you know,

20 years ago, 16 years ago,

there weren't any hidden idols

or anything like this.

So, this is all new to me.

We made that long trek

all the way up
to the rice bucket,

looked in the rice bucket,

around the rice bucket.

This tree's the most
out of place thing here.

We were completely lost.

Either we're reading the clue
all wrong,

or maybe there's not something
out there today.

Maybe it's something that

is gonna happen tomorrow,
and, today,

there's just a sign there
to get our brains thinking.

I'm happy that
we were proactive.

I do feel bad
that we wasted so much energy.

But, you know,
at the end of the day,

it's about not forgetting
why we're here.

It is easy to just kind of
relax sometimes,

take a nap on the beach.

But that's
not what we're here for.

So even though
that does feel nice,

we should keep our eyes open.

The one thing

that I hadn't checked was
the freaking water.

This is an amazing advantage.

I just have to sell this

to somebody
that I know might have

at least one token left.

So, since I have
no information,

this is kind of like
a blind sale. I'm doing it

just based on the probability
of who has more tokens.

So, hopefully,
tomorrow morning,

I have something else
in my bag.

Oh, snap.

I mean, this has to be
from-from Nat.


This is huge for my game.

Last Tribal,
I was left out of the vote.

So now I feel
like I'm on the bottom.

I mean, that's a no-brainer
right there.

Fire tokens
are really important.

These fire tokens,

they're really more valuable
than people think.

They think, "Oh, you get four
tokens and you buy a tarp."

No, you can have one token
and buy immunity.

They don't even get it.

They don't even know it yet.

This is
the biggest season ever.

It's a war,

and I lost the first battle.

But this fire token economy

could change everything.

Taking on projects is fun.
It keeps my mind occupied.

'Cause if I don't occupy
my mind,

I'm gonna start doing
crazy things,

like searching for idols
in front of everybody

and just get myself in trouble.

Made it strong enough.
All right, let's go.

So I say, "You know what,

let me just build the ladder."

Don't tilt it to the side,

'cause all the rungs
will slide right off.

We'll climb up
and simply pick the papayas

off the tree,
simply walk down the ladder,

simply go to camp,
chop it up and simply eat it.

Simple as that.

Left! Go left!

-Go left, right, left!
-I don't even have...

Left! Left!

Left, right, left!

-Go left!
This ladder,

it's got to be, like,
20 feet tall and...

150 pounds.

Watch out. Watch out, guys.
Watch out.

Bamboo coming through. Stop
right here. Stop right here.

I don't even want
to call it a ladder.

It is two pieces of bamboo
with other pieces of bamboo

tied with flimsy twine.

Don't break my ladder, guys,

I am so nervous.

No, don't be nervous.

He's surely joking.

I know we signed waivers
before we came out here,

but I don't know

if there was a ladder clause
in the contract.

-All right, walk yours around.
-Oh, Tony.

-It's gonna be
a spiral staircase!


No, no. Don't worry, guys.
Don't worry.

It's designed to be like this.

At some point, you imagine him

to laugh and walk away.

Bring that all the way
in here...

Tony never laughed
and he never walked away.

It's kind of like,

you know, playing a game
with a kid,

where you just imagine
it's all make-believe,

and then you realize,
at some point, that,

for them,
it's not make-believe.

-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, my. Kim.

Guys, you got to make sure
you hold it real tight there.

-It's on.
-All right,
I'll hold the other side.

-Oh, no!

-Can somebody boost me up?
-Get out of...

I got you, I got you, I got you.

-No, man.
-Yes, it's not gonna work.

-Oh, this is perfect, guys.
Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony,

you don't want
to be the first medevac.

-You're making me so nervous.

Tony, it's not square.
It's-it's gonna...

-I know. I-I designed it to...


No! Ah!

-Tony, Tony. Right there!
-Right above your head!

Right there!

Tony, I think that's
all we need. This is good.

-We got to catch it.
This is
our second one! Tony!

How is this guy still alive?

He does not give two cares.

That's the guy that's

enforcing the law at home.

Now I'm questioning my read
on him.

Maybe he's not joking.

Maybe he really believes
that he is

a structural engineer.

-Tony, good job.

No, for real, if you guys want
to use it, no problem.

I've known Tony for six years.

I love the guy.
And I knew people would, too,

if they just got to know him.

we don't want to seem
like we're too much of a pair,

so we're trying to keep
our distance from each other.

-We can't freaking play.
I got to s...
-I can't even get

-to talk to you.
-Yeah, that's-- Why is that?

-Why is that?
-I don't know. Uh, because

people perceive us so much as
a pair right now that I cannot

even have a conversation
with you.

If they're already assuming
that, we might as well

-just show 'em, "Yeah, that's
right. We're gonna go talk."
-Yeah, see...

The first time, at Cagayan,

it didn't work out so well
for Sarah.

It worked out great for me,
the Cops-R-Us alliance,

which just included me, because,
um, Sarah was voted off.

But this time around,
I'm gonna make it up to her

if she gives me that trust.

-Cops-R-Us? I swear to God.
-Yeah. Cops-R-Us.

-We bring Cop-Cops-R-Us back.
-Yeah. Hey. There we go.

-All right. And-and I'm-I'm
not kidding this time.

The last time
Cops-R-Us happened,

the other half of Cops-R-Us

voted this half of Cops-R-Us out
of the game.

I didn't know
how Tony operates.

It was like we were brand-new
partners out on the street.

Now I know my partner.

And as long as nobody knows
about Cops-R-Us,

Cops-R-Us can work.

Come on in, guys!

Sele, getting your first look
at the new Dakal tribe.

Amber voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Rob, got to ask--

Amber voted out.

Is that personal?
Is that toward you

because you guys were a couple?

I mean, it's tough.
This is a game.

I get it.

All right, shall we get
to today's immunity challenge?

First things first, Denise,

-got to take it back.
-Do I have to?

-You gotta.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
gonna race out with a cart

to retrieve three keys.

-Those keys will release

three very heavy chests.

You'll then disassemble
your cart,

get it through a barricade
and reassemble it.

When you get to the end,
you'll use the pieces

inside the chest
to solve a giant dragon puzzle.

First to finish wins immunity,

safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody will be

the third person voted out
of Survivor: Winners at War.

In addition, playing
for a reward. Want to know

-what you're playing for?

Small in stature,

large in value--

the Survivorspice kit.


Everything tastes better

with the Survivorspice kit.

Give you a minute to strategize.
We'll get started.

All right, here we go!

For immunity and reward!

Survivors, ready?


First job is to get that key
off the post...

-Right there. Stop right there.
-...and use it to unlock

your chest.

Ben trying to retrieve for Sele,

Tyson for Dakal.

-Right through, Tyson.
-Here we go, here we go,

-here we go.
-Tyson has it!

-Ben has it! Now you got to get

that chest off
and onto your cart.

Both tribes
working together

-very well.
Sele has their first chest.
-Move this.

There goes Dakal
with their first chest.

Get up there, get up there.

-Get it down. Get it down.
-Push it! Push it forward!

-Push it forward!
-No, you got to...
Now Tyson back up

-for Dakal.

Leave the sides on.

Ben's gonna go back up for Sele.

Both tribes working
on their second cart.

Tyson inching that key.
He's got it. Tony gonna unlock.

Ben now trying to make up time
for Sele.

Get that stick out of there.

Up, up, up.

Sele now in the lead.
-Let's go!

-Let's go, guys. Let's go.
Now it's Dakal chasing them.

Both tribes

-working on their third
and final chest.
-Go, go, go, go!

Come on, Ben.

Got to get that key down first.

Good job, Ben.

Ben, Tyson at the same time!

-Dakal has their chest off.
-Faster, faster, faster.

Let's go, let's go.

Dakal has theirs!

You're good!
Start taking it apart!

Sele, you're good!

Start taking it apart!
Now you have

to disassemble your cart and
get it through the barricade.

The pieces go through.

The people go over.

-This is where teamwork comes
into play.
-It won't work.

Bring it up!

-All right.

-These are

heavy chests you are moving!

-Yo, this is heavy.

Go, go, go, go, go, go...

Here comes that final piece
of the cart.

-Hey, get over here.
Dakal, they're good.

-Everybody's got
to get over now.
-Fall, fall.

-Okay, go!

get everybody over!

-The other one!
-Move it forward!
Now it's how quickly

-can you get your cart
back together.

-Put that one on!
Wheels, rails, chests,


Railing going back on.

-Let's go.
-On three.

Hey, you got it, guys.
Doing great.

-Get in the back.
That'll do it.

Get in the back.

Dakal gonna give it a go.
-One, two, three.

Sele still working
to get it together.
-Go, go, go, go, go!

-Go, go!
-Go, go, go!

Dakal pushing...
-Go, go, go!

-...through a very
tough obstacle!
-You got it!


And they've got it!

Now you got to get
the chest up there!

-Guys, grab number two.
-Watch out, watch out.

Dakal has pulled ahead now.

Sele still working to get
their cart back together.

-Okay, we'll put this on
and I'll go make a path.
-That's it.

That's right.

-Watch out.
-Let's go.

You're good!

It is Sandra and Sophie now.

Roll fast, fast.

Sele finally has their cart
back together.

All the way.
All the way.

They're gonna attack
the obstacle course now.

It's stuck. It's stuck.

Sandra and Sophie
with a big head start

on the puzzle.

Rob and Denise waiting
to get in on this puzzle.

That's it.

You're good, Sele!

Now start unloading the crates!

Towards this. Towards Ben.

It is Sandra and Sophie
with the early lead

on the puzzle,
that first section.

Rob waits for his tribe

that is really
slowing down now.

-You're good!
Get to work, puzzle solvers!
-Go, go, go.

It's Sophie and Sandra for Dakal
making very fast work

of this first section,

as Denise and Rob just start
on their first section.

-Let's go!

Sandra and Sophie figured out

the first section; they're
moving on to the second section.

-Yeah, good job! Yeah!

-Good job, guys.
-Whoo! We got this.

Come on, we got this.

Denise and Rob quickly

closing the gap.

They've made up some time
very quickly in there.

You're good, Sele!

-Move, quickly move.
Denise and Rob

made up a lot of time
in that first section,

-and they are back in it now.
-Set them up.

We are basically
dead even right now.

-Let's go. Separate them.
-Okay, okay.

Look at me. Look at me.

Purple over here.
Purple over here.

Rob and Denise slowing down now,

really examining
what they're looking for.


The question is: Will it work?

Put that on.

Two very different approaches
to how to solve this section.

-Keep going, Soph.
-Good job, good job.

This is one side of the puzzle.
All right?

-Yeah. Okay. Yep.
-This is the other side
of the puzzle.

Rob and Denise have yet to put
a piece into their puzzle.

Very unusual
to take this much time.

Denise, that-- Rob.

Sandra and Sophie,
piece by piece,

-are pulling away
in this challenge.
-Yes, Sophie, yes.

Almost on box three.

Rob and Denise are

absolutely nowhere.

We need a thin little piece.

For all the time
they spent organizing,

absolutely nothing
to show for it.

Okay, Soph!

Let's go, let's go!
-Okay, Soph!

Thin stripes, let's go!
-Let's go!

Sandra and
Sophie are done

-with the second section.
-No! Set it down there!

Moving on to the third
and final section.

Go. Leave that,
leave that, leave that.

Absolute disaster on the puzzle.

Sele-- they got a strategy,
and it's not working,

as Dakal closes in
on winning this challenge

in a blowout and brutal fashion.

There it is!

Dakal wins immunity,

sending Sele
back to Tribal Council

-with a devastating loss!
-Great job!

Dakal, congratulations.

-Immunity is yours again.

-Thank you, Jeff.

-It's the queen.

Nobody going home from Dakal.

Waiting for you back at camp,
the Survivorspice kit.

Grab your stuff, head out.
Enjoy the night off.

All right, Sele,
grab your stuff. Head back

to camp. See you tonight
at Tribal, where somebody

will be the third person
voted out of this game.

If you break it down
to old versus new,

we're outnumbered
by newer players here.

So I want to make sure

there's no strong,
new-school faction

that's growing
that I'm on the outside of.

So one of them's gots to go.

I'm usually comfortable
in that spot,

and I was
second-guessing myself,

and I never usually do
in that spot.

-Usually, like...
-There were too many voices.

-Everybody was screaming.
-Too many. It's hard
to do that, though.

Yeah, well,

let the craziness begin.


Today was not my best day.

First, I find out

they send my wife
to Extinction Island.

And then in the challenge,
I blew it.

Dude, you suck today.


Bro, I tried hard.

-You weren't much better.

I take full responsibility,

but for whatever reason,
I'm not too worried about it.

I feel secure

in the relationships
that I'm building out here.

So, for me, the question is

which of these new-school guys
is going home?

It could be Jeremy.

At this point,
he's on the bottom.

On the other hand,

-Ben is a little bit
of a wild card.

He wants to seem harmless,

but Ben is dangerous.

And I don't trust him,
so he might have to go.

So, look,

let's just assume for a second
no idols.


The options are

Jeremy and Ben.

Who's the most beneficial
that we get out?

It's been 14 years
since I've played,

and the game has changed a lot.

And I'm trying to adapt to that

right now, but I feel like
I've been left out.

And now I'm not even sure

about my old-school alliance.

I feel like it's me
going home tonight.

It's not hard to pick up on that

when people are walking off
and talking

and nobody's including you
on anything.

Even Parvati, who I thought
I was very close to.

Okay, well,
I know I'm kind of on the outs.

Parvati and I were, like,
close at the beginning,

and she doesn't hardly talk
to me at all anymore.

And I thought we were together,
but I feel like you already know

you're on the outs
when that happens.

So I just want to make my case
with you guys.

-You know he's not...
Yeah, you know I'm not

-an old-schooler, right?
-You do know who this is, right?

-Yeah, no, I know.
But, I mean, just...
Little awkward.

Oh, my God.

We had a plan
at the very beginning.

It was
kind of an old-school thing.

Obviously, we need to keep it
on the DL, but Danni,

right in front of Ben,
comes out with it.

You know, I don't really know
what's going on with Danni.

I think she feels like she's

on the outside,
and now she's telling Ben

-all of our secrets.
No, I mean...

So there is an old-school,
new-school thing.

-No. 'Cause he said to me...

-Specifically, he goes...

-He asked me...
I knew it. There is

the old-school, new-school
thing happening right now.

That's a fact, Jack,

and I'm totally, 100% concerned.

These old-schoolers,

they're gonna cling on
to each other.

And I don't want
to be bamboozled

by these guys.

And so being able
to get them out now

is my main objective.

So, here's the thing.

Let's get rid of Danni,
and then that'll show

there's no old-school,
new-school thing.

It's an easy vote
across the board.

Okay, I think we're
on the same page for now.

-I'm just gonna go check in
with other people.

What you thinking?

I know I'm on the outs,
and I know that

it's more likely me, and...

-I don't feel that way.
-And, well...

I'll tell you this.

Like, we work together
moving forward,

I will be 100% yours.

Like, I will let you
know everything.

But to get who?

Well, yeah.

-Are you sure?
-I figure...


In the beginning of this game,

even though
she threw my name out there,

I was completely willing
to forgive that.

But then Danni came up
with the plan

to vote out Parvati.

I mean, Danni.

Parvati is my number one.

-So, Danni's hustling.

And she came to me with a plan

to vote off Parvati.


Well, I'm not trying
to start no, you know,

Apocalypse Now,

but I'm good to vote Danni.


This is incredible news for me.

The old-schoolers
are turning on each other,

and it started with Danni

throwing Parv under the bus.

Honestly, if I had my choice,
it would be Parv.

Parvati is a massive threat
in this game,

but she is super tight
with Boston Rob.

And Boston Rob
is the godfather,

and going against the godfather

is really dangerous.

would she tell Rob?

-That doesn't make any sense.

-I don't even...
Is she just clueless?

Danni and I, the first day
that we hit the beach,

we were talking.
We were connecting.

But now she's coming after me.
So, it's weird.

Yeah, man.

What the hell?

And you for sure don't think

that Ben
will do anything crazy?

Ben is all frickin' over
the place.

Does he have an idol?



...and take control of it?
'Cause we're not in control.

This is a miracle.

The biggest name
out there right now is Danni,

and as long as it's not me,
I'm good with that.

But Rob's controlling
the tribe.

Him and Parv.

And I don't like watching
other people control the game.

I like to be the one

to pull the trigger
on these blindsides.


We can pull this off.

I know where the idol is,
and so I know

that Parvati doesn't have it.

And so we can

just vote her out of the game.

But it's all about

choosing when
to take these risks

because it could backfire.

But I know
that I will never win this game

if I don't take those risks.


Thanks, Ben.

-It's been six days.
I-I don't know.

It looked like a hole.


All right. Rob,

what's the state of the game
right now?

This game is and always has been
about relationships.

I had my wife sent
to Extinction Island

because of our relationship.

And within this group here,

there are
multiple relationships.

It's more complex this season

than it's ever been
in the history of this game.

And, Ethan,

how does that manifest itself

through the eyes
of somebody like you

who has not played
in a long time?

It's quite confusing,
to be honest.

Reading people and understanding

if my relationship is real

or if this is just a new side
of the game

that I just don't understand.

Michele, that's
a really interesting question

for an old-school player
to ponder is,

"Is it real?"

old-school, new-school,

that's kind of out the window.

It doesn't matter
when you played the game.

The reading people aspect

has been hard, I think,
for all of us.

I looked every single one
of these people

in the eye last Tribal Council,
and I thought

that I was gonna be
on the right side of the vote,

and I got hoodwinked.

Parvati, is there anything

to what Michele's saying?

Man, you just got to... keep up.

I think it definitely matters
when you last played.

People that haven't played
in a long time, like Danni

or Ethan, have no experience
with immunity idols

or advantages
or hidden surprises

that can come up
and blow everything up

at a moment's notice.

does it make you feel old?

-Not chronological age in life,

but you're coming into a game
that you could maybe feel like,

"Wow, did it leave me behind?

Or can I catch up in time?"

Yeah, it does make me feel old
in that way

'cause there's just
a different kind of play.

I played a very loyal game

with great alliances.

And I thought
I had some of that forming

in this game, and clearly,
all of a sudden, I didn't.

The past couple of days,
people running off and talking.

And when you're not involved
in those conversations,

then you know
you're on the bottom.

Parvati, you had
a pretty big reaction.

Yeah. Danni came out
of the gates really strong,

originally wanting
to vote out Rob.

And then Rob and Danni
have a conversation,

and all of a sudden,

Danni's now in an alliance

with the old-school people,

-So, it's like...
-So, wait, can I touch on that?

I'm talking with Ethan today,

and Danni comes up
full-out talking with Ethan

about a new-school,
old-school vibe

right in front of me.

And Ethan had to stop her
and be like, "Wait a second.

You do realize
he's a new-schooler."

So obviously, there was

-an old-school thing going on.
-There wasn't.

So, there's paranoia
among the old-school players

because they might not get
what's going on right now.

And then there's paranoia
amongst the new-school players

because we're watching
all the old-schoolers

getting paranoid,

and then it's just creating
this huge paranoia.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

-Wait a minute, Ben.

Are you saying
you're watching us

get paranoid, so that's why
you're getting paranoid?

I'm not paranoid.
I'm not paranoid right now.

I watched you three
run around all day today.

Parvati, Rob and Ethan.

-All day.
Everybody does.

-This is Survivor.
That's what it is.
-I know.

But you're singling us out
when you're included

doing those same conversations
with other people.

-It's unfair.
I think
that's a perception.

I will agree.
I will agree.
But you go off

with two new-school players.
We didn't call you out

about that,
which happens quite often.

You guys do all the time.
And I went off with you today.

I-I went off

-with Jeremy.

-I went off with you. Okay.

Okay, but...
-So, what's your point?

That everybody's paranoid
is my point.

-That's what I'm trying to say.

Everybody's paranoid,

and we're causing everybody
to be paranoid as a group.

There is a good reason for it.

Jeff, this is how it is
at camp all day, too, right?


And this is real. This is live.

We haven't had

enough time to figure this out
as a group,

and, uh, it's-it's...

it's exciting.

Do you worry
that they could be going,

"You know what?
If he's gonna talk like that,

-let's just get rid of him"?

And this whole thing
with the idols, right?

Like, I've had a big target

'cause of idols, and I've had
to try to diminish that.

And so I'm not going to look
for idols.

If you want to go look
for idols,

I can show you how to look
for an idol.

Who has the idol?

I ain't got nothing.

Does someone have the idol?
Anyone have the idol?

I think we should find out
who has the idol.

-Sounds good.
-Okay, let's do it.

Let's all open our bags,

and let's see who has the idol.


Wow. Another first

at Tribal Council.

I'll put mine up here
just so everybody can see.

I-I will say
I think this is ridiculous,

by the way. I mean,

this is Survivor,but go ahead.

-Go through my stuff, you know?

If that's how you want to play.

-Let's see.
-Nobody has the idol.
That's the thing,

-is nobody
probably has the idol.
I don't know.

Maybe somebody has it.

Why should everybody
get to know who has the idol?

-Why-why is that a thing? No.
-Do you have the idol?

-I don't have the idol, Rob.
Okay. So,

I'm just saying,
it's very paranoid around camp.

Because of this.
Because of that.

I mean, people look for idols.
That's part of the game.

-Let them.
-I agree. It's part of the game.

Rob, what is the point of that?

What is it
you're hoping to find?

I'm trying
to find out the truth,

just like everybody else.

Personally, I think

relationship building
and the alliance building

is more important

than the idol searching
at this stage of the game.

And yeah, it would be great
to have an idol,

but ultimately,

it comes down to
where are the votes gonna go?

Parvati, what is
tonight's vote about

given everything
that just went on?

I think tonight's vote
is about relationships.

How solid your connections are
that you've made.

How much you can trust
the people that you've

given your trust to and...


All right, it is time to vote.

you're up.

Another crazy one.

I hope this is the right risk
to take.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has
a hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote: Parvati.



Two votes Danni.


That's three votes Danni,
one vote Parvati.


Four votes Danni.

Third person voted out
of Survivor: Winners at War.

Danni, that's five.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Danni, the tribe has spoken.

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-It went...

Well, hello, guys.

There's a lot
we get to talk about.

Amber, nice to meet you.

I've never been voted out.

To have my torch snuffed

was not a feeling
that I wanted to experience,

but I still have life
in this game,