Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 2 - Survivor - full transcript

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previously on
"Survivor," at the kama tribe,

The returning players were on
The outs.

Someone needs to win this game.

I don't want the play with
Returners, because they've had

Their chance.

at the manu tribe,
Reem and wendy were isolating.


Those might be the three we
Were wanting to vote out any


at tribal council
Reem dug her own grave.

My name got thrown out today.

I'm pissed off.

But that is part of this game.

I'm not done.


and was first person
Voted out.

reem, the tribe has


and the first person
To face a new twist.


go home or grab the
Torch and go to the edge of.


I have no idea where I am.

And I still don't know what's
Going on.

But they don't know I'm here.

Like I hope to show my face
Again and be like, look what

Just happened.

You know, I would love that.

But again, like what do I have
To go through for this second


This is the edge of extinction.

You will have to work hard for

When fear or loneliness sets in,
You must find the resolve to


If at any point you wish to end
Your adventure, raise the sail

And a boat will pick you up.


There's no time line on this?

Edge of extinction.

What does that mean?

I'm stranded.

Now I got nothing better to do
But analyze why I got voted off.

I'm so disappointed.

Like why didn't I notice I was
Seeming naggy.

I just didn't want them to be

Instead I blew my chance.

I just don't want to embarrass
My kids.

There has to be a good reason to
Leave them.

I'm not a quitter though, man,
You know?

I'm not a quitter.

I'm not a quitter.

I do not want to disappoint my

That's what's keeping me from
Raising that damn sail.

That's what's keeping me from
Raising that damn sail.

This is funny.

How are your hands?

My god.

Looking like an old lady.

By my pedicure still looks

How are you feeling about
Last night?

Several people tried to get you
To come over, right?

I understand reem was dead in
The water, but I didn't want to

Side with kelley.

Kelley has played two times

We've seen her game play.

We know how she plays.

It's not her first rodeo, and if
You guys keep going with the

Numbers, they will control the

At tribal council, my strongest
Ally reem was voted out.

Now I feel like I'm the next in

I blame kelley.

She's the ringleader.

It makes me so angry.

Kelley has played two times
Before this.

For me, she's had her shot.

Two times you can't do it, then
You can't do it.

Don't try to mess up first-time
Players' games.

She has this personality where
She tries to become your friend.

A lot of people are eating that

Not I.

I can see right through that.

Look over there.

She's already working her magic.

Right, right.

I just feel like you guys
Have the power to get her out.

Listen, I think your concerns
Are totally legitimate.


But to be honest, I don't
Think this part of the camp

Right now is a good time for
This conversation.

David, the other
Second-chance player, I think

It's resonating in him, but
Right now he's playing more of a

Go-with-the-flow kind of game.

I understand that.

But I think he's with me.

So if rick and david are on
Board with it, then I just need

One more vote.

We have to watch now.


We have to be really, really,
Really careful.

We have to keep close tabs on
Wendy now.

She'll be idol hunting.

I completely understand
Wendy's position, because I've

Been there.

I have been on the bottom.

I have been the target.

I know exactly how it feels.

She's trying to get something
Going, and having someone in

Camp who is freaking out and
Knows they're on the bottom is

Very dangerous.

I think she's trying to swap
And take us out.


She's probably going to look
For an idol.

How do you feel about going out
As a group?

Doesn't matter who gets it.

An open idol hunt?


We can't let wendy find the

I mean, everyone else worked
With me at the last tribal, and

I'm getting the sense they want
To continue to work with me.

But any time your name is thrown
Out there, it's like what, if

Because sometimes these things
Catch fire some at this point

It's wendy on this side and me
On this side, and we're

Basically going to battle, and
One of us is going to win the


We need a song and a dance.

You have choreography?

For the next immunity
Challenge... Come kama, kama,


You bend over in front of me.


Morale I think is a huge
Reason why we're doing well in

This game right now, why we won
The other day.

You have to be in a positive

We need to feel bonded, and for
Us, dancing has become our


K-a-m-a, kama, kama, kama.

To the front.

It's pump, pump, pump, and kama.

I hate kum ba yah survivor,
But it's the worst.

I want to blend in with everyone

I like going to tribal first
When I play "Survivor," because

You see immediately where the
Lines are.

You know how to work with it.

When it's consume "Kumbaya" and
Is, I just won first challenge,

You don't know what the hell is
Going on.

I haven't really talked to

How are you guys feeling about
Returning in general?

I'm glad that you guys are here.

But like moving forward, is
That something that interests


Yeah, yeah.

Everyone's going to be scared of
Joe the further along we get,

But that time is nowhere near
Here, and things can change

Before them.


I'm finding it frustrating
That these newbies aren't being

Forthcoming about their
Perception of returning players.

I know joe and I are under
Magnifying glass.

We're like these ants that
People are looking at real hard,

And I'm afraid the sun is going
To come and zap us the hell off

This camp.

Aubry is clearly trying to
Make sure she's not first one

Out from our tribe, because
Aubry approached me and julia

And said, so how do you feel
Tact returning players, which is

An on-the-spot question to ask,
Like what can I possibly say?

Yeah, we want you guys gone.

They've had their moment to

It's our time to have our

Aubry said something interesting
To me the other day.

She grabbed my arm and she said,
I really like you.

Let me tell you, she said the
Exact same thing to me.

She said the exact same thing to
Her, the exact same thing to


I heard, I just want to have
An open dialogue, those key


I like the way you think, you
Remind me of myself.

Aubry is going to everyone.

I think she's a little panicked.

I have you.

We could start to have a

I think so.

I just wanted to make sure
That we can have a dialogue,

Because I feel great with you.


She's like, I really like you.

I think you're a good player.

You remind me of patriots.

I think you're cool.

Some of the things you remind
Me, that's funny.

You just remind me of me a lot.

I think you play like I do.

We see similar things.


Same wavelength.

She's doing her best to pull
Somebody in with her.

She's doing a great job at her.

She might have to go.

Did you check this?


There were so many little
Crevices up here.

Get a stick.

It usually won't be like that
Far down.

I almost feel like kelley the
We should all look for an idol

Together could be cover.

Because she already has it?

Let's go over here.

I really like kelley.

I feel good working about her
With a big group, but I don't

Have anything with her.

We shouldn't say anything to
Wendy that we're concrete doing


But it's possible that it is
Now, you know?

Wendy feels like her back is
Against the wall because she

Lost her only ally, which was

She's worried she could be next
To go.

So wendy's pitch is that we
Should get rid of wentworth.

The funny thing is I know that
Kelley wentworth is not going to

Let me get too deep into this

I know she wants to cut me soon.

She's a really smart player, and
She's going to do everything she

Can to eliminate threats.

What are you guys doing?

I just need to know if you guys
Are working with me or with


Listen, we agree that
Kelley's a huge threat.

I'm just saying, like I'm a
Number you can use, and we have

The same end game.

What would our numbers be?

You, you, me, keith and war dog.

I was loyal to reem even if it
Affected my game.

This is what you want in this
Game, this is not on deaf ears.

Orchestrating a blind side is
Very delicate.

You have to be so careful about
Who you let know about it.

I mean, keith seems to be tight
With wendy, but trying the pull

In war dog, that makes me very
Nervous, because he doesn't like

To talk tract until it's
Absolutely necessary.

But at the same time, wendy's
Loyalty and trust could be worth

More than money in this game.

She wouldn't be a bad person no.

She's so loyal.

I think that's a great thing to
Have in our pocket.

I don't want to shut this down
At all.

But seriously, dude, I trusted
You in this game more than I

Trust anybody else.

I'm with you.

Like I talk more game with you
Than anybody by far.



I feel much more comfortable
With you.


I'm in.


Good, man, great.

Love it.

My strategy coming into this
Game is get with big guys and

Kind of slip through, and I
Think david might be my guy.

We're two peas in a pod.

I think we see the world the
Same way.

We see the game the same way.

I'm going to use my sense of
Humor and try to get in tight

With him.

I would be fine going all the
Way to the end with you.

I shouldn't even be telling you,
This but you could like string

Me along and cut my throat at
Four or five, whatever.

I'm just telling you...
Let's shake on that I'll cut

Your throat at four.

Is that cool?

Rick's hysterical.

I love the guy.

He's so much fun to be around.

Rick is honestly the person I
Trust most in this game.

Also he's very smart and
Strategic, and that could be

Really great for my game.

So I'm going to try to keep rick
Around for as long as possible.

There is an idol here.

Without a doubt.

I think we can be more
Aggressive looking for the idol.

We need the find it.

Advantages and idols are in
Everyone's mind.

I'm the the biggest fan here.

I've been wanting to do this for
So dang long.

As a fan watching through the
Tv, I'm thinking how in the heck

Do these people find this stuff.

And it's the same for me now.

It's just shooting in the dark.

You truly have no idea where
It's at.

Geographically the space is

We have no idea how the idols
Are hidden or if there's clues

Or markings.

And the jungle is so thick that
You really have to search for an

Extended period of time.

And time away from the tribe is

Do you even think there are
Idols out here?

Of course there are.

Recently I see some men
Disappearing, and they're gone

For a long time.

Whether they're going off alone
Or they're going off in pairs,

It's quite obvious there's a lot
Of idol searching going on.

I'm sure they're looking for

Everybody should be looking for

Why aren't I looking for idols?

Why do the men always find the


We need to be babysitting more.

No, we need to be looking.

I wish I knew what was going on
With idols and advantages.

I'm sure people have started
Looking, but I have no idea how

You would even begin to start
Looking for something.

I mean, it's a big place, and
Everything is unique in its own

Way, but also exactly the same.

They're all trees that look a
Little funky.

Where do you begin.

This is what I was saying
With men versus women.

We're sitting here chitchatting.

We could be looking for an idol
Right now.

It's interesting to me that
The women and men do fall into

These preconceived roles.

I don't know if it's about
Living this primitive lifestyle

Where the men were the gatherers
And hunters... No, the women

Were the gatherers.

I don't know.

I think it's my own personal
Issue that I have to start to

Figure out.

I'm not a sneaky person.

And it feels sneaky to me to
Kind of slither off searching

For idols.

There's a lot of people
Looking for the idol.

The odds of you finding it are
Slim, but ever since I was a

Kid, finding an idol was kind of
On my "Survivor" bucket list,

Because my two favorite female
Players were parvity and kelley


They weren't just girls that
Rode coattails.

They were bad asses, especially
Kelley wentworth.

Kelley found two immunity idols
In her season.

An she used them brilliantly.

All right, baby.

And so I always wanted to
Find an idol.

And this is "Survivor."

You can find an idol anywhere.

I see a tree that's kind of
Fallen over.

And I'm thinking, if I was an
Immunity idol, I would be hiding

In there.

I can't believe I pull out my
Beautiful immunity idol package.

"You have found a hidden
Immunity idol."

I feel ecstatic.

My god, I found an immunity

Finding it on the same tribe as
One of my role models makes it

Astronomically more exciting.

I just have to hide it, because
I am 100% keeping it to myself.

I'm very tight with kelley, but
I'm definitely not telling her.

I'm glad I have it and she

come on in, guys.

Kama getting your first look at
The new manu tribe.

Reem voted out at first tribal

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
Immunity challenge?


first things first,
Got the take back if idol.


once again immunity
Is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, both
Tribes will swim out to a cage.

You have to get up and over the

You'll then untie a very long
And very heavy snake.

Then you have to get the snake
Out of the cage and back to


You'll place it in the cradle.

You'll untie a series of "Not
The newses," releasing numbered


Nose tiles will help you solve
The combination lock.

That lock will releasing a

You'll then attempt to land
Those rings on a series of


The first tribe to spell
"Immunity" wins immunity.

In addition you're playing for


want to know what
You're playing for?


today you have a choice.

You can choose between spices
Plus a few fives and a cutting

Board, or if you're willing to
Do a little work, a dee...

Deluxe survivor fishing kit,
Everything you need to catch

Fish if you're willing to put in
The work and think you can pull

It off.

Losers, tribal council, where
Somebody will be the second

Person voted out of "Survivor
Edge of extinction."

Aubry, you've done this
Challenge before.

Yes, I have.

how did it go?

That is one heavy snake?

And the result?


See if you can change that story

Kama, one extra person.

Sitting somebody out.

Who is it going to be?

I am.

all right, julie,
Take a spot on the sit-out.


Everybody else take a minute to

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go, for immunity and
Reward, sure rivers ready?


Everybody in the water.

Got to get to that cage as fast
As you can.

Kama moving through the water

Wendy very good in the water.

Manu moving much more slowly.

Keith struggling in the water
Like he did in the marooning,

And that's forcing tribe mates
To stay back to help him.

Kama getting up and over.

Manu now working up and over.

Everybody for kama is at the

Manu still working to get keith
To the cage.

Keith, come on.

you cannot start working.

Everybody has to get over.

There are four sets of knots
That will release that snake.

Once you have the snake free,
You have to get it up and out of

The cage.

Let's go, guys.

Keith, jump over.

keith still taking a
Lot of time to get over.

Now you can start untying.

Kama has their snake free.

Kama now trying to get up and
Over that cage and start pulling

That snake.

That snake weighs a lot.

Kama now with plan.

Aurora is over first.

Keep going.

Get it up.

Come on, guys.

manu has their snake free.

They can start working it out of
The cage.

One, two, three!

eric literally
Carrying that snake on his back.

Kama halfway there now.

We need one of the big guys
Up here.

manu still stuck in
The water, absolutely no.

Progress made with that snake

Back up!

kama doing a nice job.

They've got momentum.

The entire tribe is working
Together now.

Help me, keith, help me, keith.

you can see manu

Joe leaves it down.

You're good!

Kama now has their snake free.

Manu now getting some momentum.

Suddenly they have more snake

There's another big section
Coming out.

Manu trying to get back in this

It takes all eight tribe members
To carry that snake.

It is heavy.

Manu has three-quarters of their
Snake out.

One last big push will do it.

You're good!

Up and over.

You got to go under.

Very the heavy snake now to drag
Through the sand.

Manu has struggled this entire
Challenge from the get-go, but

Manu is back in this.

Let's get it on the table.

you have to get up on
That cradle.

Everything about this challenge
Has been hard.

But you have to keep digging.

Now you can start untying.

You're looking for six numbered

Manu still fighting.

One, two, three...

One, two, three...

all right.

You're good.

It's going to be ron solving the
Combination lock for kama.

Manu now has their snake.

You're looking for six disks.

Got to get all six.

You got it.

there it is.

David whipping through these
Numbers now.

Meanwhile, ron is trying one
Combination and he's got it.

Three people.

David still working on that
Combination lock.


There we go.

David tries another combo.

He's got to hook these rings in
Order spelling "Immunity."

Joe has the first letter for

There it is.

David finally involves it.

Manu is back in this.

Chris tosses.

Can he tie it up?

And he does.

We're tied 1-1.

Chris is keeping manu in this.

All the pressure now on the ring

Here comes eric.

Yes, yes, yes!

eric hooks his second.

Chris still firing for manu.


Here comes joe to get back in.

Throw it till you get it, joe.

Joe lands a third ring for kama.

It is 3-1.


chris now a second
One for manu.

It is 3-2.

It's all you, buddy.

chris on and off.

I'm ready for you.

here comes keith for manu.

Keith struggled early in the

He would like the make it up
Right here.

Keith just misses.

Good job, keith.

Good hustle.

Beautiful, beautiful.

eric nails the fourth
For kama.

It is 4-2 now.

Keith tosses.

Way short.

That's all right.


Yes, buddy?

Ierk has a fifth for kama.

Kama closing in on it now.

keith would like the
Close the gap.

Can't get it done.

You know what you got to do.

chris back in.

Chris is the only one who has
Had any success.

Chris hits the third for manu.

Joe hits the sixth one.

Kama is starting to close in.

Chris has got to pick up the

Chris snags the fourth ring,
Keeping manu in it.

Joe hooks the seventh ring.

Kama has one left.

Here comes eric to close it out.

Chris trying to stay in it.

Just misses.

Eric could win it right here for

And he does!

Kama wins immunity sending manu
Back the tribal council.

Kama, kama, kama, kama.

kama back-to-back
Challenge wins.

Once again nobody going home

From your tribe.

In addition, you have a choice
Of reward.

What are you going to do?

Well, we're going to do the
Fishing gear.

Fishing gear will be waiting
For you back at camp.

No tribal council back at camp.

Nice work.

All right, manu, for the second
Time this season, somebody from

Your tribe will be voted out.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.

Losing our second challenge
Definitely is deflating.

It hurts.

But now I'm thinking maybe this
Is not a bitheir equation of

Just wentworth or wendy even
Though they're going to war with

Each other.

Maybe there's plan "C."

Keith is a liability in

Maybe a new game plan has to be

Well, wasn't for a lack
Of trying.

Good job.


You got four letters on your

Nothing you could have done.

Nothing you could have done.

That's all right.


You have nothing to apologize

The challenge was a disaster.

My swimming was bad.

Chris had to help me a lot.

And then the rings toss, I just
Look home.

So it did not go as landed.

Before we lost 24 challenge, I
Was sure that wendy was going

Home, but now I'm thinking that,
You know, my name could be on

The chopping block, so this
Could be my last day here

Playing survivor.

So what do you think?

After the challenge I'm thinking
Keith is the one to go now.

He's a liability.

At this point we're down to

We can't lose again.

We need strength.

And keith is not strong in

He's killing us.

So all these things add up.

I'm thinking to myself, how is
Keith in this game helping the

Wardog out.

The answer is he's not.

I don't think...
They're coming up.

I knew this would happen.

Wardog is leading the charge to
Vote out keith.

It's stupid.

I don't know what he's thinking.

Yeah, he's failed miserably, but
He's not a threat to anybody,

Whereas windy wants to get me

So I am not happy.

I think it's got to be keith.

He's a complete liability in

Wendy is diving down.

She's a good swimmer.

She's as tough as any of those

What are you doing?


I new convinces wardog to
Vote out wentworth was going to

Be difficult, and sure enough,
Wardog is very adamant that

Keith is going home, so now I
Don't think that I have the five

Votes I need to get rid of

It's like, damn.

The they're up there talking
About possibly getting keith

Out, because he was a no show.

Unfortunately, keith kind of
Shot himself in the foot, which

Kind of sucks.

Because he's a good kid.

And I know that this game means
A lot to him.

I'm so freakin' sorry, yo.

You did beyond freaking amazing.

I promise you I tried the
Swimming thing.

I don't know what it was.

All I can tell you is that I
Promise you, like no matter at

What point in the game we are
New york I'm never turning my

Back on you, because you have
Helped me way too much.

Literally never, like I promise
You, like ever, like at no point

In the game.

Honestly, I don't want keith
To go, because keith has

Specifically told me, I'm in
With you until the end.

I'm going to stay loyal to you
Before anyone else.

That's not the top of player you
Vote out.

Real quick, is it better to
Keep keith around?

What do you mean?

Win or not win?

Let's say we take out kelley.

I think it's something
Serious to think about, because

I don't know how many
Opportunities in an upcoming

Within we would have.


We're thinking the same
Thing, my friend.

Holy crap, we might still be
Able to take out wentworth, and

The best part of that is chris
Actually came up with the idea.

Chris came to me.

We both think this is the prime
Time for a blind side.

This is huge.

So chris came up to me at the
Water hole and was asking about

Is keith the right person to get
Out next.

What about kelley?

Are you serious?


My god.

This is great.


The answer is yes.

If we could get him on board,
You and I, wendy.

We're on board.

That's four.

We only need keith.

Yes, best news of the day.

This is so exciting.

I feel like we've been handed
This gift.

It's christmas, because I'm all
About blind siding wentworth.

I think that's a great idea.

This tribe is not big enough for
Two returning players.

So I want to take her out before
She comes after me.

And as long as everyone is on
Board with this plan, it's

Almost going to happen on its


Chris has approached us about
Getting rid of kelley.

My god.

I'm down.

I'm completely down.

Completely down.

I'm excited.

It's hard in my position.

This is exactly what I wanted.

They have the numbers to vote
Out kelley.

I have new life.


We need to think through this.

You and me.

But there's been some
Discussions about now would be a

Really good time to make a move
On wentworth because wentworth

Is one of those players, she's
Only going to use us until she

Doesn't need us anymore.


She's good enough to know that.

But here's the thing.

It's like a tribe swap, we're
Talking about a scenario in che

We need a couple because we'll
Be down on numbers, and I think

Wentworth might be a bigger
Target than you and me.


She might be our shield.

That's our thing.

I don't trust wentworth one bit,
But I feel like we all have a

Similar aligned goals right now.

Chris is throwing cold water
On my idea.

He wants to take out wentworth,
But I think that's very


She's a returning player.

She's a threat.

She plays the game hard.

She finished fourth place last

She's a gamer.

But that means she has a bigger
Target on her back than I do.

That's a great reason to keep
Her around.

Bring a goat to the end and take
The spot away from them?

What do you think?

I mean, I think if we could
Take out wentworth first, we

Take out keith next.

Well, we can change it.

It's not too late to go another

I want the plan to be my plan,
But I want everybody else to

Feel like it's their plan, too.

I don't want them looking at me
Like I'm trying to call the


That will just get me into

So chris and myself, we got to
Make a decision, but if we are

Going to take out wentworth,
This is the vote.

I'm trusting my life with you
Guys tonight.

I know.

People are acting very strange.

It's making me nervous.

There has been a shift.

And I'm like, if I were in their
Shoe, what would I do.

There is no question, I would
Vote me out.

It's not like these people know
Each other's game, burr they do

Know mine.

I don't know who is telling
The truth and who is not.

I've been in this position
Before, and both times I was

Blind sided.

I trust lauren, but not these
Other people.

So my heart is beating very fast
Right now.

I feel like it is going to be
Deeéjaaà vu, and if they take me o

Before keith, I'm going to be so
Pissed off.

So last tribal, seems pretty
Clear reem was the person you

Wanted out, but wendy, you got
Votes, as well.


are you concerned you
Might get votes again the un?

Yeah, I feel like the first
Vote establishes where you are.

So considering I wasn't with
Them for the first vote, maybe

I'll get votes for the second

wentworth, you also
Received a vote.

Is it unnerving to get a vote at
The first tribal?

Yeah did I want to see my
Name, no, because that means

That your name is coming up.

, we all knew who voted
For wentworth, and it was reem,

But her name is still out there
For sure.

I mean, she's... Thanks, kevin.

I'm not telling you anything
You don't know.

wentworth, kevin
Pipes in, just so you know, your.

Name is still out there.

But as a returning player, is
That to be expected.

Yeah, I've played before.

People can use that as an asset
Or a negative.

what is the asset of
A returning player?

I think one asset is that I'm
Always going to be a shield.

I'm always going to be a bigger
Target than most of these

People, especially in the early
Game when people are just trying

To figure out who to get rid of.

I also think that I am a strong
Tribe member as far as like

Winning, like we need to win.

We need numbers right now.

lauren, you're nodding.

That rings true to you?

My gosh, we can't lose
Again, ever again.

It sucks, it's worst feeling in
The world.

I think if we can have a strong
Tribe, that would be the best


keith, the talk seems
To be centering around keeping.

The tribe strong.

Does that concern you in because
No matter how you look at it,

Your challenge performance was a

That's true, but at the same
Time, your longevity in this

Game will not depend on ring

One clear-cut rout keeping the
Tribe strong, you could still be

Going to the merge with numbers,
And you have someone that flips.

It will depend on the
Relationships you wild.

is it fair to keep
The tribe strong and keith did.

Not get it con and he should go
Home, it's easy?

It makes a lot of sense.

You're balancing staying strong
As a tribe, but also staying

Strong as a voting unit, people
You can trust.

This is such a crucial part of
The game strategically.

And today it was even more
Crystal clear, like, all right,

We got to figure some things

kevin, two big ideas
Chris just shared, don't want to.

Lose again, which is challenge

And trust.


A good point.

And I think last tribal loyalty,
Performance, then you lose

Again, and all of a sudden
Performance is looking pretty


Maybe a little strength can go a
Long way.

Is wardog, is there a lot of
Talking at camp?

Are we self-now?

Is that game on, blind sides
Will be coming?

I think there is a lot of
Talking going on.

There's a lot of different ideas
Floating around.

And it's possible somebody does
Get blind sided tonight.

so where is your
Gauge on how well you think you.

Can read these other people?

I will know tonight if my
Gauge is strong or not.

Those votes get read, I'll know
Where I stand on this tribe.

david, what's your take?

Do you think tonight's vote will
Be a blind side?

I really believe tonight will
Absolutely be a blind side.

I feel like I could write down
How everyone is going to vote,

And if it doesn't go that way, I
Think the blind side will be on


keith, do you think
It's going to be a bloind side?

I think everybody has worked
The game to their advantage to

Make sure they're not the ones
Going home, so I think everyone

Thinks they're not going home,
So, yes, I do think there is

Going to be a blind side.

wentworth, you can't
Put it any better than, that.

Everybody has talked to
Everybody and is certain they're

Right, which means it can only
Be another blind side.

Yeah, you have the
Conversations you have and you

Hope the vote sticks.

Some people here didn't work out
For them this time.

Who doesn't want to check
Blind side off their list.

Notch the tree, drink from the
Well, blind side.

I think you're fine.

I got pat on the shoulder.

wardog, what gavin
Said is just being honest.

I think every move you make
Sure a rational decision.

We want our cake and we want to
Eat it to.

Unless I'm dealing with the
Seven best liars in the world,

With the choice today, we can
Make that happen.

all right.

It is time to vote.

David, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want the play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, kelley.



That's one vote wentworth, one
Vote keith, one vote wendy.


That's two votes keith.


For real?

that's three votes
Keith, one vote wentworth, one.

Vote wendy.

Second person voted out of
"Survivor edge of extinction,"


That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Wow, wow, wow.

Y'all think you're still going
To win challenges?

keith, the tribe has


Dang, dang, dang.

Dang it.

Dang it.


You have a decision to make.

If you want a chance to get back
In the game, take the torch and

Get in the boat.

If you do not want the play
Anymore, follow this path and

Your adventure will end.

My god.

Come on.


Come on, god.

My god, come on, god.

Come on, god.

Come on.

Come on, god, come on.

Come on.

Come on, god.

Come on, god.

Come on, jesus.

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