Survivor (2000–…): Season 27, Episode 2 - Survivor - full transcript

A new alliance of seasoned players targets one of their own. Meanwhile, the old Colton rears his head and tries to disturb the peace at camp.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Player and their loved one began
the game together.

Welcome to the 27th season
of "survivor."

( cheers and applause )
>> but they soon found out they

Wouldn't have their loved one to
lean on.

You're playing against your
loved one.

Make a complicated game even

>> if there's a challenge for,
say, a tarp, she's on the other

Team, part of me is going to say
i need her to have a tarp

Instead of me.
>> you better not be on my team

Thinking that.
>> way to go, brad.

>> jeff: after saying their
good-byes, the two tribes were

Forced to vote out one of their
own, drawing first blood in

Front of their loved ones.
>> laura, laura.

>> not good.
>> the game wasn't over for cand

Expas laura.
redemption island was back in

redemption island offers you a

Second chance in the game.
and "blood versus water" was

Mutt on the ultimate test.
rupert you can take her spot on

Redemption island.
rupert gave up his life in the

you have now put yourself in a

Spot where you have to win

>> I'm after I'm after time and
i will.

>> jeff: john decided to let
his wife fight her way off

Redemption island.
>> I have to show all those

Dumb-asses what a big mistake
they made.

>> colton was working on
repairing his image.

>> he was one of the most
vindictive people to play the

has he changed?

I don't know.
>> brad culpepper, the former

Nfl player, hit the ground

>> to play this game you need to
get that alliance fast.

>> jeff: putting together a
majority alliance of men.

They got off to a slow start.
when katie struggled, they

Pulled off the victory.
gulang win immunity.

>> don't let that fool you!
>> jeff: after gervase'

Excessive celebration, the men's
alliance targeted his niece,

>> I'm a little spoiled on

Marissa right now just because
of the way gervase acted.

at tribal council, the men chose

Vengeance over keeping the tribe

Americanisa-- by voting merissa.
the tribe has spoken.

17 are left, who will be voted
out tonight.

>> hey.
>> hey, another blindside.

Tell us your name again.
>> I'm gervais' niece.

>> I just got blindsided.
theso I'm really pissed off.

We should have won our

And we lost.
but the other team started

Cheering and celebrat celebrates and
gervase was like, "that's how

It's done!"
just00 it in their face and

People got pissed he celebrated
too much and now I'm here.

>> tonight we have a third
person at redemption island.

At least it wasn't laura showing
up tonight.

>> you know why you voted that

>> why?
>> because you made that comment

Not liking brad.
you called him out in front of

People, and he didn't like that.
>> yeah, I'm just really pissed.

To be that girl, the first one.
>> well you're not first one.

>> yeah, you're right.
>> you're the third one.

>> you're right.
well, how do you all feel,

>> pissed.

>> pissed.
>> this is redemption island.

Welcome here.
it's a bunch of people sitting

Pissed off.
>> yeah.

It's best being on the front

>> it's best being the caboose.
the gift is in the giving.

>> it's hard to concentrate.
>> as soon as rupert was taken

Away, and I was by myself, my
heart just sunk.

You have a really tight back.
>> it's been a very peaceful

as far as consideration for

Others, it's been a blessing.
>> you don't want to be a part

Of what's happening right now?
>> I thought, like, this whole

Zen, calm, yoga mentality would
be appealing to me.

Well, it was for, like, three

Now I'm over it.
i came to play "survivor."

I didn't come to play red rover.
>> "survivor" is patience.

It's 39 days.
and you've got to be patient.

>> I don't want to live with
these people.

I don't want this to be the
final nine.

Like, I love caleb with every
fiber of my being, and i-- i

Just need to get to him.

Honestly, she came up to me and
tried to throw you under the

she's getting all caught up in

Her stories.
>> I don't believe any of that

let's focus on right now.

If we play the game eight steps
in advance, we're going to be in


>> shut it down.
nobody talk strategy again until

We lose our first challenge.
then we can talk after that.

>> I had really hoped colton had
seen the way he played and which

Changed but you can only fake it
for so long.

You can come out here and fake
it for four days, five days but

The elements get to you and your
true personality emerges.

>> I'd like to talk about
anything but "survivor."

>> strategy?
what is strategy?

We are a unit.
we are unity.

We are peace.
we are zen.

We are stupid!
>> we feel great this morning.

We got flint last night.
it was unfortunate we had to

Lose a tribe member to get a
flint, but we got the flint.

Kind of showed some of the guys
how to use the hawaiian sling.

We got some fish.
give a man a fish he eats for

teach a man to fish and the

Whole tribe eats, something like

>> I have a feeling I'm more at
risk in this game right now than

Tyson is.
i think alliances are just

Starting to form.
i think there's a lot more going

On than what it looks like just
at camp.

>> tribal council is such a

>> you didn't bond with marissa?

>> no, no, no.
>> who all wroapt the sad faces

Last night?
>> I did.

>> I did.
>> those are all girl votes, i

>> I'm a girl in this tribe.

I'm a minority.
and I am living in a man's world

Right now.
which is why my strategy is to

Really play it cool with the
guys, being with the guys and

Try to just work with them.
I'm on board with you.

I trust you.
>> yup.

I like you.
>> we work well together.

>> yeah.
>> the fact that rachel is not

Strategizing with the girls at
this point, who you kind of

Assume she would be closest
with, is really fishy to me, and

I am 75% confident that rachel
and john have an alliance.

>> I think that there is an
alliance between john and

be cautious of it.

I've definitely taken it it upon
myself to let people know-- john

Has an alliance in the tribe.
it puts a big red flag on john

Which is great for me because
the red flag is not on me.

>> what.
>> tree mail!

>> oh!
>> yeah!

>> gather around.
"so it is time for the entire

Tribe to head to redemption
island areinand witness today's

Duel to see who maintains hope
in this game and who goes home

For good."
>> we're all going.

>> yeah!
>> this game is crazy.

The whole tribe is going to
redemption island.

>> go, candice.
>> it's going to be tough for me

I've been wrestling with a lot

Of difficult feelings of guilt.
if candice looks at me and

Smiles and says she loves me,
honestly, that would take this

Weight that's just crushing my
heart right now, it would just

Throw it off.
>> jeff: come on in, guys!

Galang getting your first look
at the new tadhana tribe.

Marace voted out at the last
tribal council.

We haven't even brought in the
competitors, and already, four

Of you are crying.
is it just seeing them?

>> no, it's the heartache.
i wanted to run the whole way.

>> it's seeing them safe.
>> jeff: suddenly knowing who

It is is who was voted out is
more important than ever.

>> uh-huh.
>> jeff: we'll now bring in

The competitors for today's

>> hi, baby.

>> jeff: candice.
and marissa, voted out at the

Last tribal council.
marissa, you gave a big, long

Stare to your tribe that just
voted you out.

>> I did.
because I don't, I should be

Here at all.
we were talking about the person

Who should go to redemption
should be based off of their

my performance does dnot lose

Our challenge.
gervais, the reasoning I got

From my tribe was that you
burned the tribe with your

you rubbed salt in their open

Wound, and that's why I'm here.
>> I'm going to rub some more.

I promise you that.
>> jeff: during the season of

"blood versus water" you have
the opportunity to swap spots

With your loved one.
if you don't swap, this could be

It for marissa right here.
gervase is going to keep it

Where it is.
for today's duel, you will use a

Long pole to maneuver a wooden
spool through a channel.

Once you get to the top, you'll
place your spool, head back to

The next one.
to make it more difficult, the

Entire structure sits on a
spring, which means if you touch

It, it will wobble.
and your spools may fall.

And you have to start over.
the first two to get all 10 of

Their spools placed stay alive.
last person to finish is out of

This game for good.
in addition, there is one added

the first person to finish will

Get to decide what gets a clue
to the location of a hidden

Immunity idol.
it's an opportunity fair little

you can give it to anyone you

Want on any tribe for whatever

A lot going on.
let's get started.

Take your spots.
here we go.

The first two to finish stay

The last person to finish is out
of the game for good.

Here we go.
survivors ready?

it requires a delicate

Combination of speed, dexterity,
to which rupert is throwing

Caution to the wind and blowing
through this.

And he's tall enough he doesn't
even need the steps but it falls

pick them up and go back to the

it doesn't do any good to rush

If it's going to fall.
candice has her first one.

Marissa has her first.
there are 10 total.

You have to stack all of them.
rupert has his first.

Candice is on her second.
out to an early lead.

Marissa taking her time,
starting to figure this out.

It's one thing to get there.
then you have to get your stack

Nice and straight because the
taller it gets the more likely

It is to fall.
candice places her seventh.

Rupert places his seventh.
it is now cappedis and rupert.

Marissa is trying to place that
sixth one.

Candice working on her eighth.
rupert now working on his

the wind is starting to pick up.

Candice has her eighth.
rupert trying to place his

rupert places his eighth, but

That stack is leaning.
candice placing her ninth.

>> slow and steady, babe.
>> jeff: marissa placing her

just like that, rupert losing

His hen tire stack.
rupert lost everything but his

First spool.
candice very close to winning

This and staying alive.
she'll number charge of who gets

That clue if she can just place

Very tough when you're at the

It's easy to knock the entire
stack over.

>> jeff.
>> jeff: one, two, three, cand

Sis good.
take a spot behind your deck.

We are now down to two.
one person is going to stay

one will be out of this game.

>> take your time now!
take your time!

>> jeff: marissa places her

She has one left.
rupert now working on his fifth.

Marissa on her tenth, and could
be final spool.

To stay alive all she has to do
is get it on top of that stack

And hold it for three seconds.
>> get your elbows up!

Make it level.
get your elbows up in the back.

>> jeff: three, two, one.

Marissa stays alive.
>> nice job!

>> jeff: she joins cand tois
continue on in her quest for a

Million dollars.
>> I'm sorry.

>> good job, babe.
>> you'll be fine.

I'm fine.
you'll be fine.

You'll be fine.
>> jeff: candice, marissa,

you've done what you needed to

Do to stay alive in this game.

>> I can't believe it.
first one out.

Never went to tribal.
never got a vote.

>> jeff: regret the move you

>> not at all.
i have no regrets.

This is a great game, and I love

But I love my wife more.
>> jeff: all right, rupert.

For this journey on "survivor,"
your time has come to an end.

>> yes, sir.
>> jeff: rupert, grab your

throw your buff in the urn on

The way out.
it is time for you to go.

>> I love you.
>> I love you too, honey.

>> I love you.
>> jeff: all right, candice,

As reward for winning this duel,
you get to decide who gets a

Clue to the location of a hidden
immunity idol.

You can give it to anybody you
want for any reason.

A lot of strategy.
who do you want to give it to?

>> not a lot to think about
here, jeff.

You know who it's going to.
>> jeff: giving it to your

>> my baby.

>> jeff: john, this is the
clue to a location of a hidden

Immunity idol.
what you do with it is up to

>> I love you, babe.

>> I love you, too, babe.
>> jeff: candice and marissa.

You live to see another day.
grab your stuff and head back to

Redemption island.
all right, guys.

Head on back to camp.
>> I am so pumped that candice

Kicked so much ass.
i had all these guilty feelings

And she just took them off the

Now I have a clue to the hidden
immunity idol.

This is, like, incredible.
>> john, congratulations, man.

( applause ).
>> and she looked fantastic.

>> I can't even explain the
amount of pride and hopeness i

Had in seeing candice just,
like, dominate.

I didn't love the fact that
marissa won.

She is so pissed.
>> she's angry.

>> I would prefer to have rupert
out there than marissa.

I want to have as many week
people around candice as humanly

if both people out there suck

And are weak in challenges, I'm

>> here's the interesting thing.
our new twist it's person we

Vote out has the chance to swap.
who has the most likely chance

To swap are players who played
the game.

Who do we want out of the tribe?
>> tyson.

>> for example, rachel would be
the next to go and tyson would

Have a really tough time not
switching and that would make

Their tribe a lot weaker.
>> I do agree with what you're

we're kind of going on

Supposition on that one.
>> that is a no-brainer.

For a selfish reason I have not
wanting to vote rachel out is if

In fact tyson switches places
with her he's going against

Candice at redemption island,
and I would like to have that

Not happen.
>> if you can find that idol, we

Know who doesn't have it.
that's so key.

>> we have our five guys strong.
if we stay solid, we go past the

Merge and everything.
>> right.

>> then we use it to help us.
>> john is with us.

And I like the kid.
i I think he is solid.

I think it's good for him to
have the clue because get, the

Clue in front of everybody is a
curse and a blessing.

I mean, it's a blessing in the
sense you've got an opportunity

To find the idol.
it's a curse in the sense you

Have a target.
>> we have such a good thing

>> let's keep it that way.

>> between your camp and fresh
water are you going to see a

pay attention where you walk or

You may stumble over immunity.
i have oi decision point to

there's a fork in the road.

Do I go this way and tell the
guys in my alliance or find a

Way to run off in secret and
find the hidden immunity idol

i think I'm kind of be private

About it and make sure I'm the
only one who can find it.

>> that was brutal.
>> that was rough.

>> I am surprisingly okay with

>> are you doing remarkable.
>> look at that.

>> there's a little bit of sense
of relief that I don't have to

Worry about him.
i don't have my dream of playing

With my husband, but we're-- I'm
not a target anymore.

I'm not two.
I'm one.

>> I feel like I'm in middle
school again.

I don't mind campfire-side chats
or whatever, but that's all they

Want to do.
>> I'm going to be okay, you

>> I was impressed.

>> it will empower me and make
me want to beat the other team.

>> do we think this is a
y.M.C.A. Camping trip where we

Talk about improving ourselves.
well you know what?

I want to improve myself by win
$1 million.

>> tyson told me that they want
to get rid of you.

>> wow.
>> it's not hard for me to,

Like, twist the story and lie to
someone to benefit me in this


>> if I can get all of this zen
and zahn out of here, I can run

This show.
>> was he strategizing against


>> no it's thinking what if that
team loses, then what do we do?

I'm like I don't know.
you know?

>> I do want to play against

I can't have him against me
because he will towrn me.

He lost that stuff.
like, he thrives on, that and

It's sick.
>> tina said that she was

Actually freaked out because
you're over-strategizing with

>> what did she say?

>> you're so interested in what
she said because you know

Something she said you told her
to not tell me.

>> I'm just going to get her.
>> wait no, stop, stop.

>> either you're going to tell
me what she said or I'm going to

Go get her.
>> don't make a huge scene, sit

>> tell me what she said.

>> don't know.
>> when I'm ingery I turn into a

Raging bitch, and hopefully the
camp will erupt into chaos

Because if there's one thing i
know I can rule in chaos.

What did tina say to you.
>> I told you.

>> you didn't tell me anything.
what does dshe say?

>> that we were

>> no, your exact words were
tina came up to you out of the

Water and said colton is totally

>> all diwas pull you aside to
talk us about us, that's it.

>> you need to calm down because
if you don't you're going to be

Competing in that duel next

>> so this is what "survivor 27"
looks like? There is so much

you don't want to deal with

Drama for 39 days.
>> I can just say-- can I please

Just say-- I just want to
address the entire tribe and

This is all I'm going to say.
im all for burying the hatchet.

I don't want to look like a
( bleep ).

I don't want to be a ( bleep ).
but I cannot forge forward in a

Relationship with--
>> this doesn't matter to most

Of us.
i know at least for me, I know

For gervase, I know for laura,

>> I want to have a peaceful

And I want to win.
>> I had a fight with austin.

I think it's interesting with

I think he came out here wanting
to be different than the person

He was and he pretended to be
for, like, a day and a half or

but now you look at him and

You're like he's going to end up
over thinking himself out of the

>> right now let's just relax.

>> I tried to get to the truth,
and now it's like let's all just

Be kumbaya-- whatever.
i hope we go to immunity

Challenge tomorrow and get

These people need to experience
tribal council and realize this

Is a game.
this isn't "national lampoon's

Horrible vacation."
>> I woke up this morning, and

Everyone's being super sketchy
and I don't know why.

I don't know if the vibe-- if
the vibe has gotten thrown off

Or what exactly is going on.

Do you think I'm in trouble?
>> no.

>> really.
>> I'll keep my ears open but

You need to decompress a little

I like colton, but for the first
time in my life, I came to play

For me.
and that monica that's just

Going to sit in mediocrity, she
died in samoa.

>> uh-huh.
>> if he says anything about any

Of us targeting one of you,
approach us.

>> I saw him this morning and he
said, "is it everyone still on

Kat or are they all on me?"
so he knows people are on him.

>> this game doesn't have to be
a game.

Fear at all.
>> because I've been afraid.

>> I know.
>> I've been very afraid.

>> he's a bully.
that's the way he plays.

He is a gay russell hantz.
i have seen a side of colton

That is nasty.
what he did to kat last night at

Our camp was bullying, and if he
did it to kat, he can do it to

he can do it to aras.

He can do it to gervase.
and at a certain point you have

To say I don't want to play with
that person.

>> this is the five to the end.
>> a new alliance has formed and

It is tyson aras, gervase, tina,
and me.

And I feel really good about
this alliance.

Wisdom is experience.
and everybody in this alliance

Of five that I have has had a
lot of life experience.

>> on three, or something, or
let's-- don't say anything on

one, two, three, don't say

>> jeff: come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?

>> yeah.
>> jeff: first things first,

Take back the idol.
once again, immunity is back up

For grabs.
for today's challenge, three

Members of each tribe will be
tied together while pushing

Another tribe member who is
inside a barrel through a series

Will flag poles.
in the flag poles, the person in

The barrel must grab a bag of

Once you collect all the bags,
the remaining tribe members will

Race to roll those balls and get
them in the target.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be voted out

Of their tribe and sent to
redemption island.

In addition, you are playing for

Want to know what you're playing

>> yes.
>> oh, yeah!

>> jeff: a lot of fishing

You have line.
you have hooks.

You center lures.
you have live bait.

Fishing is, obviously, key to
your survival out here.

This will make that pursuit a
whole lot easier.

Galang, you have one extra

Sitting somebody out.
who is it going to be?

>> kat.
>> kat.

>> jeff: kat, take a spot on
the sit-out bench.

Everybody else, I'll give you a
minute to strategize and we'll

Get started.
all right, inside the barrel for

we have katie.

Inside the barrel for galang we
have laura.

Here we go.
for immunity and reward.

Survivors ready?

>> let's go, galang!
>> jeff: you have to get them

To the first cradle before they
can get out of the bar expel

Start working on the knots to
release the bag with the ball in

>> up, up.

>> jeff: get it in there!
keep workin working it!

Now you're there there.
katie is first out for tadhana.

Laura is out for galang.
you have to rip through those

do not be tentative.

You do not want to go to tribal

>> good job, laura.
>> unclip it.

>> jeff: laura has the first
bag for galang.

katie has the first bag for

it's close out of the gate.

>> come on, guys!
>> one, two, three.

>> good job, galang!
good job!

>> laura's out for galang.
>> go.

>> jeff: katie working now for

>> come on, katie, get up there.
>> jeff: laura has the second

Bag release forward galang.
galang in the lead.

>> galang, good job!
>> come okatie.

>> jeff: tadhana now has their
second bag.

>> jeff: it is a dizzy righted
in that barrel.

>> keep going!
keep going!

>> jeff: gla at their third

Laura really has this down now.
katie out now.

She's working on that third bag
of knots.

Laura has third bag for galang.
the returning players still in

The lead.
katie has the third bag for

trying to stay in this.

Laura has that fourth and final
bag for galang.

Katie working on the final bag
for tadhana.

>> we're right here.
>> come on, katie.

>> jeff: laura has the fourth

Katie has the fourth bag.
we are very close.

>> come on, guys!
push it up.

Line it up!
>> tadhana now taking the lead.

Tadhana finishes first.
get out!

>> back up, back up.
>> jeff: galang cannot get in

Their final cradle.
>> good job.

>> there you go!
now she's out.

Let's go, laura!
these returning players taking

On their loved ones.
nobody wants to go to tribal,

And everybody wants the fishing

First up for tadhana.
>> you got this, baby.

>> jeff: you've got to land
all six balls, one in each of

The holes.
>> come ohayden.

>> jeff: hayden lands the
first one for tadhana!

>> gervase is going to be first
up for galang.

>> come on, ger!
>> jeff: gervase just misses

To the left.
>> jeff: hayden scores the

Second for tadhana.
>> relax, dude.

>> that's it, that's it!
>> jeff: gervase has first

Ball for galang.
it is 2-1, tadhana in the lead.

Hayden scores the third for

>> jeff: gervase has a nice
touch going.

And he lands a second one for

Gervase with a third for galang.
we are tied now, 3-3.

>> come on, hayden!
>> jeff: hayden just misses

For tadhana.
>> you got it!

>> jeff: gervase with the
fourth for galong.

It is 4-3 galang.
there are six total.

Hayden scores the fourth for

>> jeff: we are tied, 4-4.
two balls left for each guy.

Gervase looking for that fifth
and he has it.

Gervase with one ball left to

Could this be it?
it is!

Gervase wins it for galang.
>> marissa!

That's for you, baby!
>> jeff: returning players win

Their second immunity challenge
in a row.


Galang, another victory.
once again immunity is yours.

( applause )
in addition to immunity, huge

Fishing reward.
everything you need to catch

come grab your reward.

Head back to camp.

>> jeff: all right, tadhana,
tribal council again tonight

Where somebody will be voted out
of this tribe and sent to

Redemption island.
grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you at tribal tonight.

>> we beat them in the first

And then we came back.
great job.

>> katie, you did really good.
>> is it just me, or is gervase

As stupid as he looks.
trying to throw salt in the

where can we have a physical

Challenge where I'm going to
body slam him.

I'm going to throw him in the
water, he'll come back up, and

I'll throw him in the water i
swear I am.

>> we were really in need of
this challenge not because of

The fishing gear but we need the
immunity idol.

We don't want to send anyone

There are three girls left.
we have lot of guys, lots of

Brawn, but there are only three

The chis could pick us off if
they wanted to.

Hopefully they want to keep me

I don't want to see the other
girls go but there's only one

Person who wins the game and i
have to do what I have to do to

>> we both think rachel only

Because of the new twist.
>> all things being considered

The three girls are relatively
even, so the tyson possibility

To weaken their tribe kind of
puts it over the edge.

>> I was just, like, if tyson
doesn't take her place, then

Losing rachel makes us weaker
than losing one of the other

>> even he doesn't twill weaken

Him to a point.
>> she is the only girl who has

Shown he doesn't, like, want to
be physical.

>> not more than anybody else.
>> the consensus is rachel

Because they're concerned about
tyson and maybe tyson will take

Rachel's spot at redemption
island, and thereby weaken their

but from a personal standpoint.

>> don't really want to have
rachel go to redemption island,

And then have tyson switch
places with her because then

Tyson's competing against

>> we're going to say-- does
john have allegiance to the five

Guys or to rachel?
doubts have arisen because of

His extreme hesitancy to vote
her out.

This early in the game to have
doubts arise is not a good

>> what we came up with it is

That it's going to be rachel are

What do you think about that?
>> you talked to john about

he's not going to get rid of

>> he had a tough time with it.

He's very--
>> I have a tough time believe,

That he's going to write her
name down.

>> even if he doesn't put her
name down--

>> it doesn't really matter.
>> wait, he has the idol.

What if he saves her?
>> we don't think he has it yet.

>> we just want to let you know
our mark for rachel is going to

Be ciera.
>> it's gonna be rachel.

>> okay.

>> we're gonna-- we're probably
gonna tell rachel that it's you,

>> I am freaked out.

John told me that he was going
to tell rachel to vote me, and

Don't worry about it because
we're all voting rachel.

Well, that's too sketchy for me.
>> they told me all the guys are

On the same page with voting
rachel out.

>> here's my concern.
we all vote rachel.

If he has the idol and he-- john
told me they're going to tell

Rachel to vote me.
so she'll write my name down.

We all vote rachel.
he saves rachel I go home.

>> that is the exact certain.
i said why don't me and ciera

Vote someone else, john.
>> am I in trouble.

>> no, it's ciera.
>> this is not the vote they

Really want to make.
i didn't want rachel to go and

I'm disagreeing with the other
guys in my alliance about that.

I don't want my alliance not to
trust me because I want very

Publicly given a clue to the
hidden immunity idol.

I haven't found it yet but i
don't necessarily need them

Having feelings of doubt when it
comes to my faith in the

>> federally if I saw all this

Crap in my rice I would not pay
the bill and go home.

Oh, there's coconut here and

>> it's good.
>> where is john going?

>> john's kind of hiding the
idol crew, not really fig

Everybody in.
we all know he's looking for it.

It makes you a little weary.
right now, john is with the five

we'll see how long he stays that

>> this is great.

As soon as I mention rachel,
it's like no.

Now, he's got a clue to the

>> I wonder if he's-- if he's
going to share it or if he's--

>> yoing yoeng he'll share it.
>> no, absolutely not.

>> he's not sharing.
>> one thing, maybe, two things

Maybe more.
for everything to add up, it's

Like I don't want to be the one
that says break up the five guys

but to be honest, we should vote

because he could have found the

Idol, just his energy and his
resourcefulness I totally think

He could possibly have the the
idol, and if somebody starts to

Show signs they're willing to do
their own thing and go against

The group, get him out now.
blindside him now.

>> jeff: let's talk a little
bit about the men versus women

out of the gate you vote out

then you vote out marissa.

So now it's five guys, three

Are the women talking about

>> I definitely feel like when
you're seeing all of the men go

Off into the boat, and there are
three women sitting, there's a

Sense that we're all vulnerable
because at this point we are

Down in the numbers.
>> jeff: hayden, you're

are you relating to this?

>> like, I understand where
they're coming from when they

Say, this but the guys have
bonded together in a way that's

Just kind of how it wrkd out so

Not to say there's not anything
going on, or whatnot.

>> jeff: katie, hayden just
was clear to point out saying

I'm not saying there is not
something going on.

>> jeff: what do you do?
>> we're trying to figure this

>> jeff: john, candice is the

At redemption island.
>> yes.

>> jeff: she gives the clue to
the idol to you.

>> of course.
>> jeff: caleb, would it be

Fair to assume if you're john
that you now have at least a

Little "x" on the shoulder?
>> based on the history of

"survivor" the hidden immunity
idol is a target.

>> another thing, jeff, there's
probably an assumption he has

Already found it.
he has to figure out whether

It's best to tell the whole
tribe or not.

>> jeff: so, john, with
everything else that's going on,

Whoever this tribe votes out
will try to take your wife out.

>> yeah, andop of that, whoever
we vote out tonight, their loved

One could potentially take their
place, and then try and beat

>> jeff: so, hayden, you vote

Somebody out, they go to
redemption, their loved one

Takes their spot.
>> it's twisted, jeff.

I mean, it is.
potentially, we could weaken

Their tribe.
by voting somebody out here

>> jeff: there are probably

More layers to votes this season
than we have ever had before.

And it is time to vote.
rachel, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.
anybody has the hidden immunity

Idol and you want to play tnow
wouldn't time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked
to leave the tribal council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.

two votes john.


that's two votes rachel, vo two

Votes john, one vote ciera.

That's three votes rachel, two
votes john, one vote ciera.

Second person voted out of
"blood versus water."

that's four.

That's enough pup need to bring
me your torch.

Rachel, the tribe has spoken.
you will have a chance to get

Back in this game.
grab your torch.

Head to redemption island.
good luck.

>> peace, guys.
well, the good news is, you're

Only six days into this game,
but you've got to wint next

grab your torches.

Head back to camp.
good night.

Captioning brought to you by
survivor productions, cbs,

And ford.
drive one.

if you want to take rachel's

Spot, rachel will be back in the
game on your side.

>> jeff: will tyson rise to
the equation.

>> it's up to you.
>> okay, none of you has a

Chance to hell.
>> jeff: and when colton

Finally crumble.
>> jeff: are you quitting this

>> I don't care.

>> at tribal tonight, I got
voted out.

It wasn't a huge surprise to me.
as a girl in a guy-dominated

they split votes tonight between

Me and john.
i looked over, and his face was

Kind of surprised.
it is a really close tribe.

Like, they're all friend, but i
think it's going to change now.