Survivor (2000–…): Season 26, Episode 6 - Survivor - full transcript

A shake-up with the Tribes creates chaos and new alliances.

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Previously on Survivor...

From day one Eddie and Reynolds have been
fighting to stay alive in the game

We're in a tight spot now, friend-o.

Their couple alliance were decimated

The tribe has spoken.

And the only thing keeping them alive
was Reynold's luck at finding idols

I might just keep playing them if i can just keep finding them

and their muscles

Reynold hasn't miss yet, he's on fire!

Despite the Fans keeping them around
for their strenght in challenges

Michael releases for the Fans

Favorites wins reward!

At the Favorite's camp, the "stealth r us" had
their sight set on one of their own members


She is in this core six, but i really want Corinne out.

Until Brandon had a breakdown and destroyed their camp

throwing a wrench in their plan.

Is he in a place at all where we can still play with him ?

Here's a reason to vote me out, you little b....

or forfeit the challenge, give immunity away.

I'm the author of my fate.

At the immunity challenge, the Favorite desire to forfeit
led to an impromptu tribal council.

We're going to forfeit the challenge so that we may go to tribal

That's bull, Corinne, complete bull.

But he wouldn't go down without a fight.

- I'm tired of you talking
... don't walk this way.

I'll come over there and
knock your ing head off.

I'm telling you.

In the end, Brandon was
voted out unanimously.

Sixth person voted out
of this game, Brandon.

Good luck.

Kick their ass.

Well, game just got a
little more interesting.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Well, our first unanimous vote.
We're united!

He got what he wanted.

It's just going to make them strengthen in
their own head that they'll pull it off.

I don't respect one
ounce of what he did.

We would call that a traitor.

He gave them a hope and a pep talk.

A lot of hope.

He did severe damage to myself.

I feel the same way about myself.

Actually, i didn't mind him.

I had no idea he hated me.

He was very hard, he was
very cruel, he was very mean.

Mean in what he had
to say about all of us.

It's fine that he hates me and
Phillip, but he did it to you, he likes you.

He spilled your rice and beans, too.

He's such a good guy, and we're all bad people.

You just (bleep)ed over the six remaining
members of the tribe you liked.

He exaggerated.

I'm sure they sit around
and say things about us

and it's not like we're doing
this meaning harm on them.

He just wanted to go down playing.

I don't believe i ever had
one cross word with him.

You never saw him and i argue,
like hey man,

you go get the wood, you go do that.

We never had it.

It was all in that kid's head.

All of it.

I feel sorry for Brandon
and let me tell you,

what was going on with that
guy, it takes a professional.

Even a specialist wouldn't tell
you what's going on with him.

I hope he can never play this game again
because quiters don't get to play again.

He is out of his mind, up there with
Mel Gibson and any other crazy person.

I'm sorry you got called out.

I'm sorry you got called out.

I wanted to say something.

I wish somebody would have said
that's not who Phillip is out here.

I'm pissed about it.

It didn't need to go down like that.

I didn't care for the fact that
nobody jumped in to save Phillip or I.

Dawn had several opportunities where she could have
said we like these peoples, we don't like him.

It's unfortunate, but frankly
we're the better tribe.

We're going to win this thing, one
of us is going to win this thing.

We have to regroup and let
Brandon be what he was and move on.

It feels good that he's gone.

Absolutely true.

That's the bottom line on that.

One of us will win this thing.

When Brandon was there it
was like a certified asylum.

It's comforting to know Brandon
was able to fly out of the cuckoo's nest

and now we're just left with Phillip.

They're outgunned.

I looked at them, I evaluated.

When i was looking at them, i was taking
them all in, the men in particular.

They're worn, they're beaten.

We look healthy.

We're going to stay healthy.

Brandon's gone, i'm
already done with him.

I had an operation called
operation thunder ball,

all of us was on board
with it to go after Corinne.

She's ego driven and going
to do what's best for her.

The first opportunity that i have to take a
stiletto and get her out of the game, she's gone.

Season26 Episode06


All right!


What's it say?

"Beaten by exhaustion, battered by the weather,
winners will have fun and celebrate together."

Losers will be depressed, go
home to a wet camp.

It's over for Eddie and i as far as
making any kind of social alliances

with anybody here so i'm just
going to go out, win challenges,

eat rice and hopefully survive long
enough that something shifts in the game.

Because nothing is
shifting in this camp.

Come on in, guys!

Last time we were together it was pretty
emotional with Brandon leaving the game.

Michael, what happens
to the tribe dynamic

when something like that goes down
with Brandon on the favorite tribe.

How does it help you guys come together?

Well, it was good yesterday for
us to feel something good together

instead of feeling the rain
and the hunger and the dampness.

It was good to feel something positive
together and talk about everything.

Matt, did that do anything to change
momentum within this group of six?

You know, we've definitely been bummed
out losing so many challenges

and we always say oh, it was
so close and this and that.

But the good thing is we
were thinking that, you know,

the favorites had all this comfort and full
bellies and this and that and we thought

their camp might have been
this perfect little family

and they obviously were
not one big happy family.

And i actually feel bad for Phillip.

You know, sometimes
Phillip appears to be crazy

and this wild guy but i wouldn't
want anyone to

you know, spilling the beans and rice,

that's over the top and true craziness
so i actually feel bad for you guys.

Thank you.

Phillip, what do you notice different around camp
other than Brandon's physical presence being gone?

It was just harmony.

So relaxing.

We had a regular night's sleep.

In 36 hours i hadn't slept.

I had one eye open always looking at Brandon
wondering what the heck was going to happen.

So 14 days into this game, both tribes still very
good about the unity that you have right now.

Good, because it's about to change again.

Drop your buffs, we are switching tribes.

Oh, man!

Jeff, you're killing me!

I'm going to give each of you an egg
and all together smash it on your chest,

your face, somewhere on your body.

The color that comes out of the egg
will tell you what tribe you are on.

Everybody ready?

Three, two, one, smash.

If you are orange, take
a spot on the orange mat,

if you're purple take a
spot on the purple mat.

Hi, guys!

All right, the new Gota
tribe is Eddie, Reynold,

Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik and Brenda.

Here are your buffs.

The new purple
tribe, Corinne, Phillip, Michael, Matt,

Cochran, Julia and Dawn, you are Bikal.

Put on your buffs.

Cochran, you're a student of the game.

What just happened?

The game just started anew.

Matt, how are you doing?

The guy you were just talking about, feeling
sorry for, Phillip, is now your tribe mate.

I know, i'm actually real
psyched to be on this tribe.

I actually like all these players.

What can you do, you know?

Like move on. I'm psyched
to switch things up a bit.

Corinne, how are you feeling?

You were on the favorite tribe, you were
dominating and now everything's different.

Yeah, i mean, it's
definitely an adjustment.

- I'm a little bit ... were
you about to say injustice?

No, i'm just overwhelmed.

You're sort of like ... i've not said
basically two words to the other tribe

this whole time so it's
like getting to know them.

Meeting new people is nice.

I get to stay on my camp.

I don't know, i'm very overwhelmed.

Brenda, assess these two new tribes.

I don't know. We're strong.

I'm just looking at it, it looks
like we have a strong team.

So you would give the
advantage to your tribe?

Strength wise?

In a situation like this
i can say i'm pretty happy.

All right, well good
news on the food front.

You each have another
bag of rice to replenish.

We are going to need that.

You also have a new flint in case
the one you have is wearing out.

Gota, Bikal, grab your stuff and head to
your new home, this game just started over.

I could not be happier
about this new tribe.

I was this close to breaking and
now it's like a whole new life,

whole new chance, whole new game.

It's day one for Eddie and me now.

- Welcome home!
- Thank you!


Well, it worked out well for us.

This is all right with me.

I don't want to jinx us but i don't
think we should move in any scenario.

As far as challenges are concerned, i
don't see them beating us in anything.

I'm pretty sure we're the gods.

I'm ecstatic.

I think the Gota tribe is the best
that it could possibly be right now.

We are the young good lucking tribe.

It's awesome.

Group hug!

Theoretically the favorite
can do whatever they want

because there's four of them and
three of the fans but i don't think

we're going to go to a tribal council for a
little bit so i think my chances of going further

in this game significantly increased.

And so the story you
guys don't have is

Eddie and i are the ones even
keeping us in these challenges,

they've been trying to
vote us out since day two.

Who has?

Sherri. She's the worst.

She was in line with
everybody else but me and him.

We are totally on our own so if you
want to vote her out, we're with you.

Yeah, we don't care.

Right away, as soon as we hit the beach, Reynold
and Eddie pitched me and Malcolm this idea that oh,

Sherri is on the outside and she's the
person we need to get off the island

so to me that immediatly
raises red flags.

I look at Reynold and i
think used car salesman.

He's got beautiful baby blue eyes talking
the talk but it's not all it seems.

Sherri's over there trying
to make a new alliance.


What's Eddie like?

Is he a ... Eddie is a wonderful
guy when he's not with Reynold

and he's the biggest salesman, Reynold.

So if we lose who do you want to go?

Who do you think?

He wouldn't tell you if
he found an idol, right?

Reynold played his immunity
idol at tribal council

but i think he's out
looking for it constantly.

Sherri spilled the beans of the whole tribe
to Brenda and i about Reynold and Eddie.

She kind of spoiled everything about
their tribe which is good news for us

because we're still thinking along
the lines of favorites versus fans.

We obviously appreciate
you telling us this information.


Here we are!

Home sweet home.

Let's show you where everything is.

New tribe is me, Cochran, Dawn and
Phillip from my previous alliance

and the new people are Matt, Julia
and then there's Michael.

Hello philippines.

Oh, do i have a special place
in my heart for a gay.

If i hadn't played this game before
i'd turn on my alliance

just to allign with the gay,
that's how much i like gays.

However i can't do that, none of my
people are going to flip, that's for sure.

We got a little down time so this
is a good time for me to talk to you.

I had to make a big move in my season
where i completely switched gears

because i was
ready to be ...

you know, a double agent if i had to
because obviously i could just sit pat

and see where things go since we have
the numbers or i could make a big move.

So if you were going to
make a big move with me,

we have to make sure you
survive at least to the merge.

Julia is a 20-year-old very, very
smart not college educated like myself.

But she young.

So i wanted to plant the seed with her

because it would probably be easier
to get her trust than the two men.

Can i ask what you see in me
that's having you give me this talk?

I tend to like people who do
things that are, like, extraordinary.

I think Phillip's being a great strategic
player giving a little bit of information away

that could either make me feel really
comfortable and excited or skeptical

and he knows that so i'm
hoping to be on his good page

because i think that it's always nerve-wracking
to go when you here in the minority.

I'm going to give you some
time to think about that.

I prefer you keep it to yourself.

I'll do my best.

You're under your control.

I told Julia, people can advance
and move ahead in this game,

particularly if you're
down in the numbers.

I'm the type of guy that once i
say something, i'm going to do that.

The flip side of that is, i'm
not going to ask twice.

Most people underestimate me
because of my pink underwear

but you've got to be ready
to make a move when it comes.

I learned that from
being a federal agent.

That didn't take long.

I know. It took seconds.

They kind of just slammed her.

There's complete divide between them.

She's pretty much coming to us
because she doesn't have any ...

she's not tight with those
two so they're not together.

So if we did want her and
we had to split votes ...

he had an idol already and
he's looking for another one.

He had one and played it?

Because he was so paranoid
so if he finds another idol ...

so far you couldn't ask for more from a dysfunctional
group of people you're going to join up with.

Sherri is dead set against
Eddie and Reynold.

They are both gunning for each other
within minutes of us hitting the beach.

You don't have an idol?

No, i don't have an idol.

Oh, damn it.

Is that your dream
... i've looked.

Andrea had a dream i
had the idol last night.

It's sitting on my wrist
right next to her head.

I love this game.

She's a smart girl but i'm an accomplished liar
when it comes to women so maybe i pulled it off.

This is a perfect scenario for us.

A, we'll hopefully win and b, we could
split the votes just so there's no idol.



It's fine.

I'm happy so far.

I'm happy with the place and
these guys seem very, very nice.

Very chill.

So we'll see what happens
in the next 24 hours.

I had a quit chat with Julia.

Are you planning to make
big moves in this game?

Planning to get to the end?

Because at the merge that's
when everything happens.

You have to know who to talk
to and who you can trust.

Do you think you can work with us?

You think about it.

And she goes yeah, i'll think about it.

But i'm not concerned
about getting a flipper.

We don't need it.

Within i would say 30 minutes he's
got Julia in a corner telling her

she's got to flip if she wants a chance
in the alliance, she could be seventh place.

You can't say to Phillip that doesn't
make sense, we don't need somebody to flip.

We're looking for an idol.

He's the worst federal
agent i've ever met.

What cases did he crack?

Like, what was he working on?

Is that the reason our
country's in such a mess?

Like, honestly.

In true Phillip fashion he comes over to
me and is like i have to tell you something.

He says so i talked to
Julia about flipping.

I'm like what?

For somebody who is supposed to be able to
read people, i'm lying all the time to him.

I can't ... it's
so ... he's just ...

i'm just glad he's with us.

He can't be left alone.

I guess not.

Don't think it hasn't
crossed my head to turn around

and vote Phillip out and
be like the hell with him.

He need a warm glass
of shut the hell up.

Come on in guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

We are.

First thing's first, Andrea.

Take it back.

Once again immunity back up for grabs.

For today's challenge
two members of each tribe

will race to roll a large
tribe-colored crate back to the start.

Then the next two go.

Once you've collected all six crates you
must use them to build a staircase that spells

"Fans vs Favorites"

First tribe to finish wins
immunity, is safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be sent home.

With two new tribes and nobody
certain where they stand,

you do not want to be at
tribal council tonight.

Give you a minute to
strategize, we'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Good job, guys.

Phillip and Julia, Eddie and Erik
looking for that first crate.

They are very heavy.

That's it, guys!

Phillip and Julia taking their time.

Eddie and Erik off to a quick start.

Not messing around.

Come on, guys.

Gota off to an early lead.

Phillip and Julia slowing down now.

Eddie and Erik have a nice
rhythm making this look easy.

Doing great!

Go now!

Two more, one more!

Head out, Gota.

Gota has their first crate.

Malcolm and Andrea heading out.

Phillip and Julia really
slowing down toward the end.

Bikal falling behind quickly.

Malcolm and Andrea coming
back with their second crate.

You got it, we're almost there.

One more push.

Bikal is back with their first crate.

Dawn and Michael heading out.

Go, baby!

16 days out here, very
heavy crates to push.

Michael and Dawn trying
to make up some time.

Gota's back, head out.

Gota has their second crate.

It's now Reynold and Brenda heading
out for the third crate for Gota.

Bikal really slowing down.

Michael and Dawn giving it what
they've got but it's not a lot.

Reynold flying.


Matt and Corinne now heading out for
Bikal looking for that third crate, while

Reynold and Brenda come back
with the third great for Gota.

You've got some time to make up, purple!


Erik now heading
out, Sherri getting into it.

You got it, yeah!

Head out, Bikal with their third crate.

Phillip heading back out
with Cochran this time.

Sherri and Erik coming
back with that fourth crate.

Malcolm and Eddie heading out
for the fifth crate for Gota.

Phillip and Cochran working
together on that fourth crate.

Here you go, guys!

Go Cochran!

Go Phillip.

Malcolm and Eddie are going to try
to pass Phillip and Cochran here.

Push! Push! Go!

Gota back with their fifth crate.

Phillip and Cochran back
with the fourth crate.


I'm not fourth.

Phillip having to run for a third time!

I thought i was six.

Not back to back.

We need you.

Strange strategy by Bikal.

Phillip on his third
pass and it's showing.

Oldest guy out here.


Gota has their sixth and final crate.

Start working on the staircase.

Michael and Phillip are
walking their fifth crate in.

They've still got a sixth crate waiting.

Big lead for Gota right now.

One, two, three!

These crates weigh a lot.

To get them to the top takes
everybody working together.

Michael and Phillip back.

Dawn and Matt heading out
for the sixth and final crate.

Wasn't i sixth?

Gota working quickly.

They think think they've gotten
a idea going that's right.


Bring it up.

Come on!

Bikal with their sixth crate.

Start working on your staircase!

Now's where team work
is coming into play.

You're looking to spell
out "Fans vs Favorites"

i think this is the
one we want up there.

Julia is calling shots for Bikal.

Malcolm calling the shots for Gota.

He seems certain that he is right.

Gota has three in place.

If they're right, that's a big lead.

So where is it going?

It's going to go right up here.

Right up here.

If you think it's somewhere
let's put it there.

You've got to get it right.

I don't want to be moving again.

Bikal appears to be on some sort of
medication they're moving so slow.

This way.

Gota working on their fourth and
fifth crates at the same time.

Nearly knocking Reynold
off of this structure.

That's got to go at the very top.

All of us have to lift this up.

One, two, three.

Bikal finally putting
one crate in place.


Gota has five crates in place.

One crate left for Gota.

One, two, three.

Bikal needs to be right and they
need to start moving quickly.

This is wrong, guys.


I think this is like the very first one.

This should be at the very, very bottom.

You've got to be kidding me?

Put this one in the deep freeze.

This is over.

Five, five, five!

Gota finishes.

Gota wins immunity!

Great job, guys.

That was pathetic.

It sure was.

Great job, guys, great job.

You guys are amazing.

Gota, who wants it?


Gota, congratulations.

No tribal council.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Enjoy the night off.

Big win early with these new tribes.

Domination by Gota.

Bikal, tribal council tonight.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Somebody going home.

Corinne is so inept except
at taking care of her body.

As far as anything else
going on it's just empty.

Favorites must dominate for now.

What we would say back in the day
was the responses of human beings

vary greatly under
dangerous circumstances.

Strong men advance only,
weak men grow agitated.

But superior men they stand their
ground and wait for better chances.

That's what i've got to do here.

I've just got to wait for the
proper moment and give her the boot.


Before we do that i
want to say something.

We did our best today.

We actually did gel together
as a group here in camp.

We've worked very effectively together.

I think we all went in there
thinking we could go in there

and kick some ass but some
days the better team wins.

Phillip is the most annoying
player out here hands down.

The reason why everybody keeps
thinking he's the ring leader is

because he does outrageous things
and we all just keep quiet about it.

Today was their day, you know?

They had more strength than we did.

They clearly got off to
a quick start with us.

I didn't see anybody out there
on our side not putting in 110%.

We were all running and strutting but they were
moving those boxes like they were paperweights.

I don't care.

I know he's not the leader and i
know i'm not going to listen to him

but if he wants to have
a speech, have your speech.

On a scale of one to, on an airplane next
to a baby annoying he's on the airplane

next to the baby annoying
and the baby has diarrhea.

It's the most annoying
situation you can be in.

But i don't think we have to hold our
head low or like somebody threw this.

None of us did that.

I don't play that way.

It's frustrating but there
is little i can do about it.

As annoying as he is, he'll vote
with me and he ain't gonna flip.

What i saw today is everybody out
there pushing, everybody stepped up.

So hold our heads
high, we'll get him next time.


Thanks, Phillip.

What are you thinkings, Phillip?

What are you thinking?

- In terms of tonight?
- Yup.

I think a girl's going to go.

That's my plan.

I wanted to see where
you were coming from.

I want to be here, dude, i want to make it
to the merge, i want to be a strong tribe.

We'll beat them next time
and make it to the merge.

Yup. Is it plead our
case to Phillip time?

I just wanted to see what he thought.

I already told him what i'm going to do.

We have to vote out the girl.

She got flustered and it was clear she got
flustered because we didn't get it right.

There's a price to be paid for that.

Plus i think you guys are better
assets going forward

strength versus strength against
them the next challenge.

We get to the merge, we'll be counting
on you because here's what i want to do.

I still operate stealth "r" us,
it's up and running.

I won't tell you who the members are but
it's a force to be reckoned with in this game.


When i actually induct
someone into stealth "r" us

they've given a name as you
know from watching my season.

You have to choose people
with names already out here.

So your test will be you're going to probably be
told by someone else within my tribe to do something.

Unless i tell you differently, do it.


So don't wait
for it from you ...

in other words, if someone else told
you, you just acknowledged what they've said.

There is two of us that are
really the controlling factors

and we deliberately set it up that
way so if one of us got out of the game

we could still operate as stealth "r" us,
like any backup plan you'd have.

I was trying to keep a straight face,

but hearing Phillip talk about this
stealth "r" us and all this stuff,

it made me want to bust out laughing.

But Phillip may be a ticket for
me to get farther in this game

so if i have to kiss
ass right now to Phillip

and be like "yes, master, i'll
do what you say."

If that can get me to the merge, and to the
next process in this game, i'm going to do it.

Enough said.

And this conversation
will not be repeated again.

When i see you've executed the
very first task i've given you,

you will then become a member along with
the other six members in stealth "r" us.

Stealth "r" us.

Do i get a t-shirt.

You do, i have t-shirts and everything.

All right.

Yup, man.

What are we saying to Julia?

I'm going ask her who she's voting for.

I'm going to tell her
that i'm pleading my case.


What are you guy thinking
in terms of voting?

We don't know.

I'm trying to figure out what they're
thinking, dude and i have no idea.

My question is down to
do we all vote for one?

You know, all of them have just been
like, you know, sorry, sorry, sorry.

The best scenario would be that they
want to vote for one of their people

and that they would bring us in and say we
want your vote to get rid of this person.

Well what if we all
just vote for Cochran.

You don't like that?

Who then?

I would almost say Dawn.

How would you feel about that?

I don't know.

I mean, whatever you guys decide is fine.

I think we all vote for Dawn.

That's fine.

Okay. Cool.

Sounds like a plan.I'm
glad we got to talk.

Right now Julia thinks that Michael and
myself are going to write Dawn's name down.

But i'm definitely not writing Dawn's name
down, i'm writing Julia with a capital "j."

and to be honest, it's like as long as it ain't
me going home, that's all i give a crap about.

I love you guys, i think you're
great and if i was on your tribe

from the beginning more than likely i'd
be in an alliance with the two of you.

However we don't know.

Everyone's playing "survivor"
so it's really, really difficult.


And so, like, who are
you guys going to vote?

What i was going to say
was, like, you tell me how to vote.

That's ... you
know what i mean?

You tell me.

Our fear is always, like, if
we divulge the information

and someone has the
idol we blow everything.

Well, i can tell you.

Obviously people lie to
your face in survivor

i don't have the damn idol.

If i did i would play it
tonight and not give a damn.

It seems relatively clear to me that one
of the fans is going to go home tonight.

I kind of like the idea
of voting off Julia.

But a possible down side is that Matt and
Michael are openly very close to each other

so leaving an outspoken duo,

a power couple in this game doesn't
seem to make that much strategic sense.

Michael and i, we've been gung-ho on
starting fresh, you know what i mean?

We haven't really talked a lot strategy
wise so i don't know where Phillip lies,

if he's the kingpin and this and that.

Matt i'm pretty sure he doesn't have
the idol, he reeks of desperation.

But it seems between Matt and Julia.

Who knows? If an idol is played, maybe
it's me, maybe it's Corinne.

Maybe it's Phillip.

The original plan, we seemed to be thinking Julia.

Thinking about it, Michael and Matt seem
much closer than either of them to Julia.

The most important thing
is who doesn't have the idol.

Matt doesn't.

No, Matt doesn't.

100% does not.

We stay in the game if we keep Matt.

And any breakup ...
what did you say?

Matt's got to go.

Why, because you think he has it?

I don't think any of them
do but i know Matt doesn't.

But i think it should be the girl

because i think that we have a
chance to turn both of these two.

That's kind of where i was at.

I think we can turn them.

Tonight's vote is kind of a
toss up between Matt and Julia.

I mean, i will say i'm
glad my gay got saved.

God save the gay.

I am undecided.

I would love to get rid of Julia
because, A, she's really boring.

And, B, she really is the
one that cost us the challenge.

The thing is, i really, really like Matt.

Matt came to me, he was honest with me, doesn't have
the idol, i'm convinced he doesn't have the idol.

Why will i punish him when Julia
hasn't said two words to me?

She doesn't contribute
anything except a nasally voice.

So i'm all about getting rid of her.

It's really hard.

I don't know what to do anymore.

So Matt, when you guys finally came together and
there are fans now with favorites,

what's that like for you
being such a fan of the game?

I was super stoked.

Like i was a big fan of
Cochran and Phillip and Dawn

and Corinne so it was pretty surreal

and i couldn't be happier
with this group of people.

Julia, the obvious question
is four favorites, three fans.

Are the fans in trouble?

Well, i definitely think that
it would be silly to think

the fans weren't in a
little bit of trouble.

We are the minority.

The favorites have the numbers so
there's a little bit of a divide.

Is there a sense, Michael, then that it
is you, Julia, or Matt going home tonight?

100%, yes.

One of us is going home tonight.

No question?

Not in my mind.

Corinne, have there been any
bonds made that make it hard...

even though this is a
game... to vote somebody out?


What's your first impression of Michael.

You know i always like
to play with a gay.

I was thrilled.

And the more i got to know the
two of them it was the same thing.

It was actually so overwhelming
for me because i was, like,

god there are at least three people
i'd replace in my own alliance.

They're great, great people.

And i struggle with the fact that this
decision tonight isn't necessarily a fair one.

It's very hard for me.

Phillip, what's the currency
that helped you decide

who should we keep tonight
between Matt, Julia, and Michael?

The number-one thing i'm going to
be looking for is are you loyal,

are you trustworthy and
can you do challenges?

When we get to the merge if i ask you to do
something can you do what i ask you to do?

Corinne, how do you
asses who to get rid of?

You're in a great spot.

There are four favorites.

I'm not going to mince words.

I'm paranoid about the hidden
immunity idol and, yeah, sure,

it looks good when you're 4-3 but it just
takes one immunity idol to send one of us home.


And it's entirely possible one
of the three of them have it.

Surely they're not going to tell me.

Clearly they want me to
tell them who i'm voting for

because that would be the
best way to position the idol

but you can't give up any
information because that's dangerous.

So Matt, what do you do when Corinne
is being pretty honest and saying,

listen, i'm worried so either
tell me the truth and convince me

or tell me a lie and convince
me but you've got to convince me.

Well, we talked today about
the hidden immunity idol.

I know she's been worried about
it and i have nothing to hide.

I told her i don't have it and i
also think some of my tribe mates

would have told me if they had the idol
and i would have told Corinne who had it.

Again, this is "survivor" 101.

If i'm them, we have one
shot to turn this around.

If we've got one idol
between the three of us,

we play our cards right we
can get some footing here.

And i do trust that he doesn't have it.

But unfortunately it's not that simple.

Phillip, Corinne is very concerned.

I'm very concerned about the idol, too.

The way we'll approach this
decision is based on whether

or not we think you
have the idol or not.

So if you have it
you're going to play it.

If you don't you'll
probably be going home.

Cochran, how do you determine
who you'll get rid of?

If you get to a merge you
might need those two people.

You don't know what's
happening on the other tribe.

That's the big thing, actually.

We don't want to keep losing because
the more we keep losing the closer

they're getting on the other tribe, they're
like the bold and the beautiful group.

I don't see me necessarily
penetrating that group.

So the main thing is loyalty and trust
as Phillip said in a merge situation

but it's not an enviable choice right now
because they are really all good options.

Okay. It is time to vote.

Phillip, you're up.

My vote is for you, Julia.

I hope it's you and not me tonight.

Darling, you know i think you're great, i'm
just trying to live to see one more day.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are
read the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Julia.

Two votes Julia.

Dawn. Two votes Julia, one vote Dawn.

Matt. One vote Matt.

Matt. That's two votes Matt.

Matt. Three votes Matt, two
votes Julia, one vote Dawn.

Seventh person voted out
of "Fans vs. Favorites"

Matt, you need to bring me your torch.

Matt, the tribe has spoken.

- See you guys.
- See you, man.

Well if tonight's vote is any
indication, Julia, Michael, you're in trouble.

The only way you stay in this game, you
have to win immunity challenges.

Grab your torches, head
back to camp. Good night.

Next time on "survivor."

Phillip talks the talk.

Anything to do with the upper body
i'm almost certain i can win it.

But can't walk the walk.

I can't run, i'm tired.

While Malcolm's game
is just getting started.

I can't wait to see the
look on people's faces

when i take control of this
game in just a few short days.

God i can't wait!

You know, i came into this game knowing

that my social game
would be my strong point.

I got along with everybody.

No one thought, oh, this guy is crazy

or too gnarly because he
has a beard and tattoos.

Everyone accepted me for who i was.

I played to win.

I put all the cards on the table and
i got voted out

but i really don't regret anything.