Survivor (2000–…): Season 26, Episode 15 - Survivor - full transcript

The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season. Hosted by Jeff Probst.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Cochran pulls it out for immunity.

Cochran is on a tear.

Cochran wince,final immunity!

The same guy that was afraid to take off his shirt the last time I playedment

but now i'm not the little harvard nerd.

Cochran,how often does that happen.

More often than you think.

So you said it a few times but you kind of referred

To this as almostance out of body experience.

You studied this game from when you really were a kid,a teenager.

And here are you,and not only did you win,you earned the last name.

You dominated in this game.

So from the sort of self-proclaimed harvard nerd how does that feel?

I mean obviously it feels incredible.

The first time you played you were so uncomfortable.

You were the zero in 90210 as you said.

And now you're very confident.

You have a completely different style.

My mother helped me pick this out.

To be fair.

But you're right,the first time i went into it so anxious

That people were going to perceive me as a nerd.

Perceive me as,you know,socially awkward freak.

And i am fundamentally the same socially awkward freaky nerd guy

But the difference is instead of the eck centricity

And quirks being the source of embarrassment or anxiety,

I have just accepted as a reality of my existence.

And that say mentally lib ralingt.

Because i got to focus on the game instead of worries about

How mi perceived which well ruined my game the first time.

Being on the show focused half my life,it was a dream come true.

So what is,what is that message?

Because there are a lot more,i think this is fair to say t

There are a lot more of us in the world that are like you

Than are malcolm with the flowing locks and i do everything in my--

You know,swimming suit.

So you are the guy,cochran,that says on any given day,

Anybody can amaze you if they believe.

Do you get kids coming up to you saying i relate to you

Because i'm kind of like new.

Yeah,i mean it helps that i kind of resemble an 11-year-old,

But it's like yeah,i do kind of have that,you know,

Same kind of scrappy underdog appearance and demeanor that i think appeals to kids.

And you know,yeah,i don't have a coherent answer,

I'm kind of speechless right now.

How are you different today.

You seem very different to me.

Just looking at how are you composed.

How are you-- what changed as a result of playing twice?

I mean like i kind of said accepting my excentricity as a part of me

Instead of a source of embarrassment.

I'm proud of who i am,you mentioned richard hatch,

I'm managing a 13-year-old kid,i was john back then f coy go back in time

And say to that 13-year-old in a little over a decade

You will do what that guy in borneo is doing,it's incredible.

It speaks to some sort of metamorphosis,

Whether it is a heightened sense of confidence or if it's just--

I done know.

- I can't articulate it.- What is advice to a new player.

You played twice,studied it,

Wrote a thesis at harvard about survivor and the jury system.

There are a probably a few key pillars,

One is you should go to bed every night,boston rob,

Somebody mentioned you should go to bed thinking with the best move for each of your opponents is,

You can appeal to those self-interests and adjust your game accordingly.

You have to be calm without being complacent,and be vigilant without being paranoid.

And it is a constant tightrope balancing act.

Stand easy yesh said than do.

But i think if you can execute on that,it works out.

You recently graduated harvard law.

- Yeah.- Lawyer?

Is that the future?Are you going law?

Or has this awakened some inner spirit and you're going to do something else.

There is some tribal spirit in me that i try to burst out.

I don't think i'm going to be a lawyer.

Mi grad yaingt.

Survivor did help me realize,you can pursue your dream,i feel stupid even say-- .

- **- What is the dream.

I would like to write in some ca patsity.

I feel like i have the gift of gab.

You do.

And you can't back off now because you just said i have to accept and go for what i am.

So all right,i do have our first twitter question which is from 4 gray patti at 4 grays.

She says hey,cochran,how do you feel about being considered a sex symbol now?

Well,first off if you follow me at twitter on--Cochran

and how does feel to be a sex symbol,first you should tweet me.

Are you dating or not-- oh,so you are single.

I'm single.

Patti at 4 gray z tweet cochran,he's on there.

All right.

Dawn was side-by-side with cochran the entire 39 days.

But the result was very different.

No votes.

Lots of tears.

For dawn this season was one big roller coaster of emotions.

It is kind of funny that i cry so much.

But it's almost impossible not to cry when i think what a million dollars can do for my family.

I have six children.

Everybody knows i cry.

No surprise.

The things that's hardest about the game is it makes you feel

Kind of schizophrenic how quickly the emotions change.

I just want to eat.

The game is just breaking me down.

I'm beyond rational thinking.

Dawn,i'm proud of you that are you not crying now after watching yourself cry.

No tears.Yeah.

It's unique to the game for me for some reason.

I think the tears are cleansing.

People have been kind enough to send me e-mails on the medical benefits of crying.

And so i think there's a hormoneal benefit to it i think there's cleansing.

- Okay,but let's get down to it.- Yeah.

First of all explain it to me.

Explain the emotional breakdowns.

Because everybody here and everybody who didn't make the jury,

They have the same experience as you.

- But they weren't crying every time.- Yeah.

I have to believe that for myself,

I had to go completely against my character in this game to vote out the people i love.

And when you saw me vote out corrine,

I was really,really close with corrine,

So from that point on,that should have let everybody know i was in it to play no matter what.

And that showed me,i started to lose stability at about

The corrine vote i think because it was painful to let go.

I played a completely different game this time.

After last week's episode when you voted out brenda which we're going get to.


Brenda is on satellite,waiting to talk.

You have not talked.

You took,i saw,even through my social media,how it was devastating.

- Yeah.- What people said to you.

And the things they wished would happen to you.


Obviously the game is extremely personal for everyone that plays it.

I don't know that there is anyone here

That didn't have their feelings hurt on a deep level,

Regardless of the fact that we siferned up for it.

We signed up for it.

But you don't expect to build the bonds it that you do.

And that's why it's so hard but the media hit-- .

I'm talking about the public.

- So let me set it up differently.- Okay.

Watching television changed,it's forever changed.

You no longer sit at home with your bag 9o of doritoes and yell at the tv screen.

You write to the person on the screen and in most cases they have one,

An account too and they write back so when you hear this,does this change--

It takes an incredible constitution.

You have to know who you are.

- Yeah.- Otherwise you're on the ground.

- Yeah.- Dow understand who are you or did it get to you.

It didn't get to me.

I knew who i was.

I absolutely-- the game has changed me in that way.

I didn't know who i was before i played two years ago.

Now receiving all that feedback,

I had to say thank goodness i know,and my family helped reinforce.

I am not saying that there weren't days because there were thousands mefs ages.

Fluff to where i shut down my twitter account.

Because-- .

You shut it down-- because i didn't want to lear any more.

It was extreme.

And i just decide,you know what,i know who i am.

I know who i am.

And i don't want to have that much negativity thrown my way.

I just choose not to read it.

One of the biggest moments of the season with dawn involved brenda.

And if you didn't see it,let me remind you.

After brenda found dawn's missing teeth

If may use this phrase that somebody gave me,

Dawn turned around and bit her in the butt with them it was a massive and painful blindside.

The two have not spoken since the show ended.

Brenda didn't want to hear from her.

Brenda is in miami now on satellite and we will explain why she is on satellite in a minute.

So brenda are you here.

You genuinely seemed pained when that happened.


It was very real.I didn't think i would play so hard with my heart,

You know,especially the second time around.

But circumstances as you saw made me so close to dawn,unbelievably close.

And i really thought it was mutual.

So that is-- that feeling,

That feeling of being betrayed by her really,really hurt.

- All right so dawn,i know you have tried to reach out.- Yeah.

- She didn't want to you.- Yeah.

She can't a tried you-- avoid you now,she's here.

What do you want to say to brenda.

You can look right in and talk to her in miami.

Well,for one,i legitimately hate that it caused so--

Had i known that it was going to cause that kind of hurt t was a deep hurt.

I regret.


Let me be a little--Audience here,

you swore at a time where you were so vulnerable

That i think most people thought this goes beyond the outwit,outplay,outlast,

Something weird happened and brenda stopped the game

And said woman to woman,i got your back.

When you say that it went that,it feels --

No,i hate the reaction.

I chose to play the game to vote out anybody

That didn't have the same last name as these six kids in the front.

So i have to own that.I do.

- So do you want to apologize.- I absolutely want to apologize.

I did get to talk to her briefly at ponderosa and explain to her what happened.

It is just that i think as time goes by and you relive the experience-- .

What is the apology.

- Oh,i'm so sorry it hurt her.- Tell her,dawn,she's here.

No,brenda,i mean i have reached out.

I do want you to know,i do care about you.

And i do hate that it hurt you.

And i do appreciate that you helped me save my game.

You know,i really love you.

And i'm happy for this part in your life that it's behind.

Brenda,one of the great things about survivor is that

When game is over you don't have to see these people again if you don't want to.

Is there going to be a friendship here with dawn or will it take more time?

I think-- i think time has gone by which has-- which really has helped.

I think ironically the episode was so close that i'm still feeling it.

But i did feel that dawn was a good person.

I would love to hear about her family.

And i-- that's why i bonded with her.

- It wasn't just a-- thing so to lose a good friend-- .- Dow accept the apology.


I feel like-- feel like i lost a friend and then gained one so that's good.

We have one little thing,brena stand up and show us

Why you can't be with us tonightment because you have great news of your own.

Big news.

Will,yeah,after survivor you gain a little weight but i gained a little extra weight.

A little baby weight.

Brenda is pregnant.

And is literally due any day which is why she couldn't be here.

Thank you,brenda,hang tight,don't go anywhere.

Still to come tonight,malcolm,

He couldn't defeat the harvard nerd but does very a career as a soap star?

And if you have a question for this guy,tweet it to us now.

It's hashtag survivor finale boston rob is next.

Take a break.We're live.




Survivor reunion will continue only on cbs.

It's moving.

This is beats el lar vie.


So disgusting!

I loved that challenge.

All right,we are live in loss lang-- los angeles,its survivor "fans vs.Favorites".

One of the things was former federal agent turned stealth "r" us Ambassador

phillip shepherd.

Phillip,are you,and you know this a polarizing figure.

So -- yes.

So from the first time to the second time

What was their a change in how people saw new did it remain the same is.


I mean it was wonderful,the responsive's got friend fans all over the world.

The twitter change,the facebook change,

Everybody is really digging the way i play this season.

I like that.

I heard,i have heard this is crassy that two people

I know in my life have told me that they ended up watching the show with you

Because you just walk around and then somebody will say hey phillip,come watch the show.

And you go all right.

So you have fan viewing parties.


I generally run into somebodyon the street.

They tell me how much they love the show.

They have been watching the slow for 14 years and what have you.

They say we love you.

We'll have a great conversation.

I say why don't you come on out with us.

Saw some photos there.


So before we get to the br rules,just quickly stealth "r" us,

Do those come to you in a vision,the name.

How do you do that.

I have given out over 2,000 names already to people.

But in the show what happens is i study the person.

I get a sense of who they are.

Like i've done with you.

And i have a name.

For me?

For stelt r us.

Give me a name.

That name is the piercing eagle,soaring from above,

Rising above the fray,and coming in with the question that is piercing and on point.

Welcome to stelt r us.

Thank you very much,phillip.

Well,this season phillip,did was very vocal that he modelled his game

After i think one of the best ever played boston rob.

He even took to creating something that he called the br rules.

Take a look.

Pretend are you boston rob because that is what i do.

I played with the smartest player

That i have ever had an opportunity to play within,boston rob.

In fact i created something called the br rules.

The br rule one would be get an alliance.

Br rule toon,get an alliance within the alliance.

Br rule three,keep your enemies close.

And keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

I had an organization called stelt r us,

I have given each a name,eliminater,enforcer,serenity.

Br rule four,get rid of your alliance before it gets rid of you.


Boston rob watched this season,phillip,

And he flew here to los angeles to be here tonight with a message.

What's going on brother.How are you doing.

All right,so obviously you watched.


Now first of all what do you think,

It has got to be a nice gesture that he called his game based after you,the br rules.

I will just start by saying phillip,

I think are you one of the most entertaining characters this show has ever seen.

I personally was flaerted beyond belief

That you chose to emulate your game based on mine.

Of course,it would be an honor you had a little bit of trouble with execution,all right.

But when it was all said and done i was proud of you.

And you actually inspired me to put pen to paper

And create the first official copy of the boston rob rule book.

I want to brent this-- present this to you tonight.

Hold on,wait a second.

So this is a legit book with what,your rules for survivor?

These are the strategies with which i live my life and you know what,

Phillip,you never know when cbs and survivor may call again.

This may just come in handy.


So is this-- okay,is this a legit book.

Probst,get the book,you could use it.

Okay,give it to him this say big moment for phillip,his idol.

Thank you,brother.

Appreciate it.

While they do that,clearly i need the book.

The br rules.

Later we're going to reveal the winner of sprint's player of the season award

And up next,he's one of the most popular to ever play,

So popular he played last season as a fan.

We asked him to come back and play this season as a favorite.

And you were devastated when he was voted out.

Malcolm is next.

But first bring it down for a second.

Change it up for a second.

Let's lose the music.

My suitcase is packed.

We leave tomorrow to begin filling our 27th season.

And rather than tell where you we're going,

We divided to tease you with what we're doing.

So this is a clue to what we're doing next season.

You're going to take a look and ask you to tweet us at hashtag survival finale.

Tell us what you think means.

Take a look.

That's all you get.

Tweet us,hashtag survivor finale,malcolm is next.

Doing two seasons back-to-back there is still a part of me

That needs to be back out here to get the job done.

No way. No.

I got-- i doll.

I'm the only one in the game who knows where both idols are.

But my head is in the guillotine right now.

I love this game.

I'm to the going down without fireworks.

This is the other immunity idol i have been hanging on to i'm giving it to eddie.

The second time it going to the fence,i crashed and burned but i went down in flames.

We are back.

It is the survivor fan versus favorite.

Reunion show with malcolm.

So we ask a lot of you because literally the moment

You were voted out the first time you played we said dow want to do it again.

We need to know how.

And you didn't hesitate.

You had no time to recover.

Literally like a few days.

Yeah,before 37 days what days you lasted out there.

What is that like.

Can you explain it to somebody the wear and tear.

I mean this is so crazy to hear stories from season past breaking people down in one season,

Doing one time there was no break.

I think hi a week or so.

And it,so it is compounded,

Exponentially worse do it back-to-back that day,muscle mass way i haven't recovered.

- Still.- Still,yeah.

What did you learn from playing twist.

Because once you play once,the game is different.

You see it pore slowly,right?

You learn humility,.

What dow mean by that.

I mean i thought i was going to strut out there and there would be no competition.

I would win everything and it would just be a cake Walk am

but that is what makes it so fun.

You just said anybody can win it.

I love cochran.

But like if you told me on day one,i thought he would be the first one gone.

He was laying on the beach upside down because his feet were burned.

How does that-- but that's what makes the game so much fun.

So you-- it's humbling and you learn are you not infallible.

I want to ask you something that--

I have more twitter questions about this than i think any other for you.

This one is from colette without says why didn't malcolm go along

And look for the idol even though andrea was sitting there at the well?

I looked for a good long time.

It is a television show.

My hands were bloody from digging.

And again i found three idols over two season was a clue.

And then i finally get one and i get this nagging little sister won't leave me loan.

So it still stings a little bitment but i did look.

I wasn't just,you know,farting around board hit on andrea.

We'll talk about andrea and the boys.

All season long mom,grand mass,daughters more than a few guys

Have been swooning over malcolm and his movie star looks.

Malcolm got his chance to test his acting chops on the bold & the beautiful,take a look.

Great job on those promos,noise took.

Thank you.

And i wanted to congratulation you on winning the fashion challenge.

Thank you,malcolm.

A few tense moments in there but you won fair and square.

And you didn't lose your marbles.

Emmy nomination.

Aside from the act cag rear you are probably pursuing,who typically comes up to you?

You know,i get a lot of kids.

And it's one of those things,i don't think it is totally stems from survivor.

It is just that i have always worked with kids.

I taught elementary school for a year all through college

I did special olympics and the like.

I get tons of kids and i love it.

I get along with kids.

There are so many fans of yours and cochran

That are young people today but we saw one earlier.

I wanted to find out what it is.

Jules,stand up.

How are you.


Are you nervous.

- Yes.- Okay.

Let me put my arm around you.

Boston rob is in front of you,rudy is behind.

You are vouned by survivor royalty.

What is it about malcolm.

All the little girls and boys like him.

That he's competitive.

And-- .

So is it the hair or is it just that he's so good at everything.

I think both.

Do you want to do survivor?

Is that something would you do one day.

I'm not sure.

I think i would have to have time to think about that.

Okay,i'm not asking you to be on the show.

I'm just putting the thought in your head.

Because you remind me of andrea.

Go up to andrea,thank you,jules.


that's you.I mean you were howl were you when we started this,

First time you played you were like 20,21.

I was 21 on redemption island.

The thing that seems to get in your way because again you were a very good player in this game.

But reynold and eddie,its's the boys that get new trouble.

It's its boys.

You got to stop being on the island with these handsome men it's distracting.

What is it,what is the after life when you get blindsided with an idol in your pocket.

I know.

I mean the thing though is i respect the game some of

And i loved worked with these two and phillip and stealth "r" us,hi so much fun.

It was our best move.

It got me.

I went out laughing.

Is that on a book shelf somewhere,what do you do with that?

I twaer all the time,actually.

I kind of want to--

I would love to sell it and see how much i make but my mom would be pissed.

She would not let me.

What is the biggest difference.

You obviously were savvy to the game very quickly but are you playing with favorites.

Guy whose played before like malcolm and phillip and all these other guys,cochran.

What is the biggest difference that you saw that they did that you didn't do?

I think the returning players know how to control your emotion and stay detached it.

You can't really prepare yourself.

And if you-- when you play the game survivor for the first time

You form these relationships with people and then they can betray you.

And it's really hard to get over that and still think like rationally.

So the second time you don't take it personally.

After the game it's like we're all good friends now.

You realize like it really is just a game.

And that is what everyone said,it's just a game,don't take it personally.

But it's easier said than done.

All right,up next,we have $100,000 to give away.

If is our sprint player of the season honors.

And it's going to go to one of these season survivors who will it be?

Plus a fun look back on our very first season 13 years ago.

We have a special appearance by richard hatch.

We'll be right back.



Survivor reunion will continue only o

well,Survivor has come a long way since our first season premiered in the summer of 2000,

13 years ago,let's take a look.

Are you witnessing 16 americans begin an adventure

That will forever change their lives.


Pick it up,pick it up!

I was going for that fish.

Tastes like chicken a little bit.

Guys,bon app at this time.

Me and richard got to be pretty good friends.

Not in the homosexual way,that's for sure.

We have richard the snake and kelly the rat.

Let it be in the end the way mother nature intended it for the snake to eat the rat.

We are back with one of the original rudy bosch,

A 72-year-old navy seal when he played.

You're now 85.


And you look great.

It's all that easy living.

So you've done a lot.

I mean your career has a navy seal alone was a lifetime.

Where does survivor rank?

Survivor was nothing,you know.

Putting up with the people was the hard part.

Like my year buddy richard-- my queer buddy richard.

We say in the not in the homosexual way.

When i got back they made a shirt i like rudy but not in a hem sexual way.

A gave one to rosie o'donnell.

And then she gave me a car.

That's a good deal.

Only rudy can get away with saying this.

So one serious question,being a navy seal,

The last few years the seals have been so much in the news with protecting our country.

What kind of pride to you have being one of those guys?

Right here.

You're wearing it right there.


That means i'm a seal.

And i'm proud of it.

And i was one of the original seals.

Well,richard hatch wanted to be here.

But he couldn't.

And so richard wanted to send you a message this is from richard.

Take a look.

Hey rudy,i missed you,bud.

You look good.

You can believe how long this show is going on?

Hey,bud,do me a favor.


Rudy,thanks for being here.

I couldn't even call him a queer.

All right,well,

If we had a sprint player of the season award chances are good rudy would have won it.

The question is who is going to win it this year.

Eddie is going to win.

You look like ayeddie,you are a's family,right.


Let's see if he is in it,since wednesday you were texting and voting.

There was a record number of votes,71% of the votes cast this season were for two people.

The first one malcolm.

The second one is in miami preg nament,brenda.-- pregnant,brenda.

The vote was 36% malcolm,35% brenda.

Malcolm is the sprint player of the season!

Thank you,thank you.

Thank you.

You tweeted us with some very interesting guesses as what our promo means.

When we come back we will reveal what we are doing next season.






All right,yes,stand up,cochran.

We have a million dollar check for john cochran.

Make sure it's all in there and signed.

- Congratulations.- Thank you.

Welcome to an elite club.

All right f you wouldn't to see interviews with cochran and the runners up tomorrow,

Earlier we teased you with what we are doing for our 27th season.

We got great responses from the--

They said season 27 looks like it could be a shark attack.


Stella at i live in a van says you're trying to --

It's time to mix up the island way third tribe,no.

How about piranhas and swimming challenges.

All great things but not what it is.

Here it is,one more time this time with a little more information.

Take a look.


That is it,that's all you get.

I can tell you this,we're very pumped about it

We think it will bring another little twist in an already great game

And we will be it with you in september.

If you want to own a piece of survivor,

You can bid on props from tribal council,from the challenges.

The web site is on the screen now,proceeds benefit survivor stand up to cancer.

Help raise money to vote cancer off the planet.

Bidding starts after the show.

If you feel you have what it takes to be on survivor all you have to do

Is put together a 3 minute videotape.

We always appreciate your loyal support.

Thanks for keeping us on the air for 13 years.

See you september.

Good night.