Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 4 - Survivor - full transcript

Fearing that they may be the next to go home, an aspiring Sole Survivor shares a shocking story from their childhood, and in an effort to escape the looming threat of elimination, sets out to find the elusive Immunity Idol.

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Previously on "survivor" ...

this season there are three tribes,

but matsing is the only
tribe on its try extinction.

The tribe has spoken.

Russell's clue and an alliance
between malcolm and denice

were all they had to show
after the first six days.

The tribe of six is
already down to four.

At tandang pete stirred things up
by starting a new majority alliance.

We have three votes,you,artis and abi.

Turning on his old alliance and giving
lisa the former teen star new life.

I have to play the hand i have that.

So today i'm up.

Things only got better for pete
when his ally abi shared the kphaou

and found the hidden immunity idol.

- I found it!
- I'm paying attention to everything.

At kalabaw,penner had been
the target from day one.

Do we want a veteran to
win or one of us to win?

But when he revealed
his idol to jeff kent,


the former professional baseball
player considered aligning with penner.



I'll try to befriend him.

I have to figure out what's best for me.

At the immunity challenge

- angie ...
- angie struggling.

And russell struggled,leading
to another matsing loss.

Matsing going to tribal council
for the third straight time!

And at tribal council angie and russell
took turns throwing each other under the bus.

The second time he went
in he completely gave up.

When you came back you were done!

Despite malcolm's close
connection to angie,

he joined matsing in voting
to keep the tribe strong.

The tribe has spoken.

Kick some ass.

Hopefully remains is the right combination
of people to turn this tribe around.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?





First three immunity
challenges,wake up the next morning


and it's pouring rain
and your fire's out.

It's just like what else
could you possibly pile on?

I was just thinking,oh,wait,we
have cold rice.

I think we all put on
brave faces for each other.

Everyone's scared,everyone's nervous.

But one win is all it's going to
take to turn the mood around camp.

Just one win to know that it's possible that
we're not just destined for annihilation.


Having three people in a
tribe,you know,at day nine?

This is not what i envisioned at all.



Sitting in our shelt theyre morning,

the rain's coming down and
the three of us are in there

and we're making jokes
and having conversations

but you'll get that silence and my
thoughts aren't on like,oh,missing home.

My thoughts are on how do i stay here?

Who's going home?

And in college i did have
roommates and we had three

and with three there's
always one that's out.

The minute i don't take all
my stuff to tribal council

will be the night i'm
probably going home.

Let's just mount the
greatest comeback ever.

- Absolutely. We're gonna. Gonna have to.
- Not an option.

It's not an option not to.

One challenge at a time.

My plan is with denice and malcolm to mount
the greatest comeback that's ever been seen.


There is no quit in either one of them.

There damn sure isn't any quit
for me because i was willing to die

for this damn game the
last time i played it.

So line it up,let's go and we'll
let the chips fall where they may.

Season 25 Episode 04





Half the time we've been here
we've been sitting in the rain.

Is there any way we can start a fire?

It's raining!

You know,you have nothing to do out here

but think about different
scenarios and how they might go.

Especially when it's raining nonstop
and for people who come on to "survivor,"

you're usually going to be a
type-a person who's usually able to


take the world by the
nose and make it happen.

And i'm just worried that
the rain may prove once again

that we are not ultimately in control.

Are you ready,magnesium boy?

Make it good,artis,because
we're only doing it one time.

There we go. Here it comes.

The weather sucks but
i'm feeling really good.

I feel like i'm in a very,very,very
good position in this game

and i plan on creating
a lot of chaos out here.


Any chaos that i create is
going to be beneficial to me.

Starting to rain again.

Want to wait for the rain to pass?

What is that? What's in that bag?

It's the clue. It's my
hidden immunity idol.

I was just staring at
the raft where we sleep

and i saw a little piece
of paper sticking out.


It's the clue that r.C.

And i have safely been guarding.

You want to read it?

"an idol lays in waiting
somewhere near your beach.

It's good to have protection
from friends and from foes.

It could just be salvation
is right under your nose."

under your nose? What does that mean?

I think she went,got the clue
out of where we had buried it,

put it in her bag and i think it fell.

You found it here?

Right there.

She has no idea that i found
the hidden immunity idol,

but i don't feel bad because me
finding that clue proved to me

that she wasn't 100%
honest with me at all.

I'm really surprised that i saw
this clue sticking out of your bag.

I have no idea what
happened with the clue.

Maybe the rats brought it over.


I certainly didn't put it
there but because this popped up

i'm a little weary of my
place right now in the tribe.

R.C. Didn't do anything.

I was the one who put it there.

Abi showed me where the clue
to the idol was so i got it,

put in the my pocket,r.C.'S bag spilled
all over the bed and i was like ...

and then boom,clue planted.



Oh,my god!

This could haven't gone any better.
This is amazing. It's hilarious.


All you have to do is
just create a little chaos

because keeping people on their
toes is a big part of my strategy.

I don't want anybody to
be able to play their game.

I want them to play my game.


Getting ready to fish?

Yup,i'm getting ready.

You want to fish or
you want to fire,carter?


The rain was really debilitating
but when the sun comes out,man,

and you find yourself
in a tropical paradise!

I mean,this is the most
extraordinary place i've ever been.

So we said okay,let's get busy.

Let's get working.

Is this a fire officially?

Am i done making it?

Jeff,is this a fire?

Tell her the secret of the fire.

We've got a really young group
of kids that aren't married,

that don't know how to carry
professional conversation.


Jonathan can do that.

You know,and he's trying,you know?

The guy's trying.

We're going to just pick them up
underneath this boat right here

is the biggest clam you ever saw.

Pick it up.

That's as big as your head,man!

There's another one
right there,grab her.

From the get-go when we had jonathan
on our raft i always had an idea.

It doesn't matter if it was
jonathan or russell or skupin,

i didn't want a vessel
...veteran to win this game.

Jonathan has the idol,i want to get further
in this game so we have to make adjustments.

Unless you think you've
got value outside our tripe,

i can bring you value
in our tribe through me.


I think you bring yourself and your
veteran status and the immunity idol.

I totally agreed.

And i think i've got a good
relationship with our guys

and obviously carter is one of
them and i can control some people.

Awesome. Awesome. I hear you.

Jeff and i actually like each other
and he's a hell of a competitor,

a really nice guy and he and i are prepared
to be loyal to each other deep into the game.

Let's ride together and see where we go.


- And after the end ...
- we're gonna go far.

All right,man.

Having him on my side,at least for the time
being,will make us both pretty,pretty powerful.

It's exciting. It's
exciting to have a real ally.

I think i do.

You know,you haven't done anything
to make me feel like you're a ...

young man who's not going
to be true to his word.

And doesn't want to
play a straight-up game.

I do want to play a straight
up game. I want to get far.

I'm just thinking that you're
not going to get that far

if you're aligned with dawson and katie.

Right now i want to go far with you.

Thank you,man.


It's kind of crazy because i decided that
jonathan was no longer a target of mine

but somebody that i
was going to work with

and try to get to the top five
with him and then target him.

So i'd say me,jeff,and jonathan
right now have a pretty good alliance

and the girls for all i can
tell are on the chopping block.



It was a democracy in the beginning but
now it's a democracy between them three.


At the beginning of the game there
was our five-person alliance of the ...

you know,brand new castaways and then
there was jonathan on the other end

and we were kind of
working to get him out.

But the guys went out on to the ocean and
they were out there for a couple hours and,

of course,what are they talking about?

Just them in the water?
They're talking about us!

I think probably the best thing
for us to do is stick together

and when we merge try to
work whatever magic we can and

then we'll try to gather in some more ladies
and how awesome would that be as a strategy?

I'm a girl,i can make
fire,i can kill a chicken.

Doesn't matter.

We don't need them.

I think women naturally feel more
comfortable around each other.


As the game progresses i think the sex
starts to split a little and,you know,

the guys have this strict
thing that they think

that this is what they add to the
table and women definitely think well,

i have this awesome social
game and this adds to the table.

Don't underestimate me
because i'm a female.

That's the worst thing
you can do to a woman.

It's about to get crazy.


Of our tribe ...

and they were like almost useless.

Oh,this game,i tell you.

Once again,not make the merge?

Gosh,that would just suck.


Because of a smoker,a
lunatic,and a beauty queen.

You know,i think i sized russ
up pretty good right off the bat.


He's met my low expectations
the entire way through.

He's been foisted twice now
into a position of leadership

and it worked out once in samoa for him.

I mean,you know,until he collapsed.

You can tell watching him
that he lacked self-awareness.

From day one.

And it's apparent in challenges,apparent
in the way he talks to us around camp.

It's apparent when he loses his
cool at tribal for no reason.

He's still here only because we're
doing so badly and we need muscle mass.

So,i mean,in terms of sleeping
arrangements,food,all that stuff,great.

Game play? Sucks.


Because,yeah,everybody's trying to
figure out how it's not gonna be them.

But the unfortunate part is neither one
of them has said anything to me about

where they want to go in the event
that the bottom falls out of this thing

and that makes me a little suspicious.



So i have a clue to where the idol is
hidden and until my torture you have?

I will be trying to find that idol
because there's no question about it:

i'm probably gonna need it.

The clue reads something like...

and i love this word "somewhere near
your beach it's right befeat your nose."

the real frustrating
part is i have a feeling

that i've been like past this
thing like a hundred million times

it's like right there and then
everybody's gonna see,there's gonna be,

like,this flash on the screen and
they're gonna be like this dummy!

He's walking past it.

And it just sucks.

I'm trying to find the stupid idol.


I thought it was
something that fell down

but it was just like something
that was already blown.

Went up the beach when we had
a momentary break in the rain,


gathered some wood and came around the
corner and i don't know why,but just ...

it just seemed a little shady.

Russell was at the
very corner of the ...

of our shelter and he was putting a banana
leaf there and he kind of said like ...

then i saw a popl ...

i mean a banana leaf blow and
i'm like did that just come from

there so i was like let me
go and see what's going on.

I don't know but it definitely kind of
planted a little seed of "what are you doing?"







it was just kind of ...

i don't know.

It makes me nervous.

I was talking to denice and she
had this scared look her in kwai

and tells me she thinks
russell has an idol

and i guess she saw him digging
around the corner of the shelter.

So after denice tells me all this,the
logical thing is if you busted him

while he was hiding it,he
just stuck in the his pocket.

So me and denice went through
all of his stuff in the shelter.

I mean,i have no shame out here.

If you have an idol,i
want to know about it.

I want as many variables
in my control as possible.



It wasn't in his clothes,wasn't
in his shoes,wasn't in his bag.

There's no reason to take a risk.

Might as well just blind side him
and,you know,leave no room for error.


You keep boiling rice,abi?

Yeah,you boil it.

But after it's boiling
you keep it boiling?

You keep boiling it until
there's no water left.

I think we need more
water,what do you guys think?

If you need to add more water
than you've got to add my salt.

I don't want it to be too salty.

Taste this,you're gonna die.

I think it needs more salt,but
you know me,i'm a salty person.

It's like a home-cooked meal.

All right,thanks for helping,r.C.

There was already a wedge between r.C.


And abi but now it's concrete and
it all comes from one piece of paper.

I would love to send kwraeurs
home right r.C. Home right now.

I don't trust r.C. She is dangerous.

But she has one big problem: i'm here.

Do you want to talk at all
about what happened yesterday?

I really don't.

I have nothing to talk to you
about,i'm over it,i moved on.

- I know but because we ...
- i don't.

If you want to keep on talking
to me,move on,i'm serious,stop.

Move on. I'm not going to talk to you
about anything you know what you did.

I didn't do anything!

I do not want to talk to you.

You know exactly what you did.

You broke betrayed
me. You broke my trust.

So that's it. Don't even go there.

That's why we need to talk abi.

I don't want to talk to you.
I have nothing to talk to you.

- Fine,we won't talk.
- Yeah,i don't want to.

Abi is irrational. She's not rational.


You don't know what she's thinking.

I need to go for a walk.

I'm worried about my place in the tribe

because she didn't want to talk to
me about the hidden immunity clue.

I don't know if she
planted it,i have no idea.

Pete,what the hell is she talking about?

I wasn't here.

You have absolutely no clue
why she won't talk to me?

No,that's between you guys,not me.

You're lying to me by not telling me.

Whatever you want to believe
is what you want to believe.

I thought i had it locked down.

I thought i had abi as my number.

Two i thought i had pete.

I think i'm in tkaeupbger if there's
an immunity challenge and i lose.

If i knew what i did
wrong i could apologize

and instead it's this
blowup again of nothing.

I don't know,either.

It can't just be me constantly saying

"let's talk about this,let's
get over it,let's move on."

we need to be united.
We need to be a team.

I think the straw that
broke the camel's back was


when r.C. Let the clue out of her bag and
abi's little brazilian spice just broke open.

She's like too much. She's just like ...

seriously,are you insulting
my intelligence right now?

You're trying to frigging
fool me? I'm not stupid.

So more of my energy is going to go into
just blowing a little oxygen on some fire

over here and let them flame out for me

so that i don't have to be
the one that takes the heat.

Come on in,guys!

Kalabaw and tandang getting your
first look at the new matsing tribe.

Angie voted out at the
last tribal council.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


First thing's first,i'll
take back the idols.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,one at a
time you will carry two pots of rice

on a bamboo pole through
a series of obstacles.

You'll place the pots in their stand
and head back,then the next person goes.

Once you've collected all six pots,you
will use a wrecking ball to smash the pots.

First two tribes to smash all six
pots win immunity,safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal koupb jill
somebody will be voted out of this game.

Once again you are
also playing for reward.

The first tribe to finish ...

Steak,veggies,spices,all the
utensils you need for a nice male

and a great source of protein.

Second tribe to finish.

Couple of veggies,salt and
pepper and a pot to cook it in.

And if either winning tribe
wants to trade in their reward

for a tarp you can still do so.

Because matsing is down to three
tribe members,kalabaw,tandang,

half your tribe has to
sit out of this challenge.

Who's it gonna be?

The three ladies are gonna sit out.

We're gonna sit the
three ladies,too,jeff.

Both tribes sitting out the women.

The men are gonna run it.

Sit-outs take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,i'll give
you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity and a big
reward,survivors ready?


Malcolm out first for matsing,skupin
for tandang and carter for kalabaw.

Malcolm off to a quick
start,skupin out there.

Carter breaks a pot!

He's got to load another one.

Malcolm off to a fast start for matsing.

Skupin now slowing down.

Cartier trying to get back in this.

Matsing,for the first time in
any challenge,is in the lead.

Skupin right behind.

Carter having a lot of trouble!

He lost a pot right off the
bat and now he's struggling.

Take your time!

Malcolm heading back.

Malcolm flying through
the course for matsing.

Russell now on the course for matsing.

Carter trying to make up
some time now for kalabaw.

There's artis for tandang.

This is a challenge that may go quickly,so
falling behind can get you in trouble.

Artis really taking
his time for tandang.

Carter's now back.

Here comes penner for kalabaw!

Russell heads back to matsing.

Matsing still in the lead.

Penner trying to make
up some ground and he is!

Artis having trouble.

His long legs getting there this,scraping
his back against that obstacle.

Denice now heading out with
the final two pots of rice.

Matsing still in the lead.

The final two pots of rice for tandang.

Kalabaw has picked up time,jeff
now heading out from kalabaw.

Pete has now taken the lead for tandang!

Denice now starting to fall behind.

You're all right! We're doing fine!

Here comes jeff coming out with
the last two pots for kalabaw.

Grabbing both pots at once.

Come on,mama!

Denice tries for two but can't do
it,these pots are heavy and big.

Pete heads back.

Slowly kalabaw is gaining on matsing.

Jeff is now catching denice.

- Come on,denice!
- Dig deep!

Go,tandang! Everybody
under the obstacle.

Tandang with the lead,they're now heading
out towards the final stage of this challenge.

This is it!

Matsing is now back.

They're heading out for the
final stage of this challenge.

Kalabaw desperately trying to catch up.

Hustle up,kalabaw!

They're back,who's gonna do it?

Artis is gonna be the one smashing pots.

Malcolm gonna be the one
smashing pots for matsing.

Kalabaw's back!

Hustle out,you have to
get through this obstacle!

Tandang with a nice smash!

Artis doing a great job.

Come on,malcolm!

Kalabaw's back!

You guys are still in this!

Anybody's game!

Pot smashing all over the place.

Tandang looking for one last pot.

Matsing down to two pots left.

Another pot out.

Four pots left for kalabaw.

Artis for the win.

Tandang wins immunity and steak reward!

We're still going for second.

Kalabaw down to two pots left.

Matsing one pot left!

Kalabaw one pot left!

This is it!

Malcolm misses!

Jeff misses!

Matsing so close they can taste it.

Malcolm misses again!

Jeff can win it!

Kalabaw wins immunity and reward!

Matsing loses for the
fourth straight time!

Huge comeback from kalabaw.

You did great.

That was killer.

Same old crap!


Same old!

Lord,i don't know what happened!

You gave me another opportunity,i
don't get what's happening,

father,you've got to
help me understand this.

I just can't take this!

Russell,you've been
going on breaking pots,

talking to i don't know who,if
you're talking to god ...

i'm talking to god,lord ...

i mean,jeff.

You know,for me,this
isn't supposed to happen.

Russell,with all due respect,you
sometimes talk like you're a superhero.

Like superman's never supposed to fail.

You're just a guy!

I'm a guy who was formed by god's hands.

I'm a perfect creature
and as far as i'm concerned

that's the way i'm supposed
to live my life: in excellence!

And everything i'm supposed to
do is supposed to be excellent.

And that means never failing?

Right. Right! Absolutely!

Russell,not everyone can succeed
at everything in a competition.

By design,someone will
fail. Someone will lose.

It pisses me off but at the
same time logically i understand.

Tandang,nice job.

Come get your reward and immunity.


Look at all these
spices,abi,you're gonna go crazy.

Oh,my god,that's amazing.

Kalabaw,nice job,come on over.

We're gonna trade the food for the tarp.


All right,kalabaw taking the
tarp and immunity,grab your stuff,

head back to camp,enjoy the night off.

Peace out,guys.

know the drill.

You're the only tribe to go to tribal
council,you're going again tonight.

One of the three of you will
be voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff,head back
to camp,see you at tribal.


My lowest low was after
the challenge today.


My dog died a few years ago that
i had all my life and i didn't cry.

I was about ready to cry after that
challenge because it hurt that much.

You okay?


It's disbelief,frustration,sadness,all
those things


because tonight we have to
vote one of the three of us out.

It could be me.

Vote denice out,that's it.

Got to keep the two athletes.


You know,me and denice have been
strategically aligned since day one

but i'm having to
make decisions on day 9

that i didn't consider having
to make until day 20 or so.

I'd like to think that
russell believes that

i'm going with him to vote out denice
and keep our matchup strong going forward

and i'd like for denice to
believe that i'm with her

and that we're going to vote out russ
like we've been planning for a week now.








I've got my alliance that's with
malcolm and i hope it's strong.

For me it's strong.


But if russell has the
immunity idol it's not good.

And,you know,i don't want to have to
draw rocks,i don't want to have to revote.

I don't want to have to go there.

So right now we're trying to get
russell to thing that he's the swing.

Or to think that he's comfort sobl

that if he does have an
immunity idol he doesn't play it.

What are you thinking?

This just really sucks.

This just isn't right.

I don't go into anything expecting less
than the best and when i lose i'm pissed.

But i'll get over it.

I just ...i don't know any other way.

I don't know how else
people approach life.

Is that how you've always been?

Is that how you've always handled ...

you know,it just got to ...

i got jumped by two kids.

I was probably about eight.

I was walking home from school
and,you know,i got beat up,

but beat up as little kids get beat up.

It wasn't like a grown man butt-whooping
where you're in the hospital.

And i can remember for a long time
after that i would go to school

and i was scared because i would see them and
they would tease and all that kind of stuff.

So long story short i catch one
of them and without even thinking

i just punched him right in
his face and he started crying.

And there was something about that.

Like,not the ...

because i don't condone violence.

But it was something about
just not being in fear.

I think just from that day it was just like
i'm not gonna cower in the face of anything.

I see. So you're trying to
figure out why we're in this.

- Right.
- But i don't know ...

the first thing i'm trying to
figure out if i'm going home tonight.

Well,that's what i ...

i don't know what your
thoughts are but look,

i like malcolm but
individual immunity long term,

once it's there,once you here in
with another tribe physically ...

it doesn't matter,it's
about social at that point.


Socially he's a big threat.

Physically the way he's gonna perform.

I mean,i don't know
what your thoughts are.

Well,i tell you what,if
you vote that way ...

i mean,that's just a thought.

I don't know how you're ...

see,i didn't know what was
up with you and malcolm.

I had always assumed
there was an alliance ...

you have to weigh it out every time.

And kind of go,well,what's ...

I mean,i'm just glad to know
that i at least have a chance.

I thought i was gone.

To be honest with you ...

i assume i'm gone.

We're all vulnerable tonight.

I assume okay,well ...

Well,denice finally has
kind of said something

to me about wanting to vote malcolm.

Now,wait a minute,what if it ...

what if it really is malcolm
wanting to vote denice

and denice wanting to vote malcolm
and i'm in this pivotal position.

What am i gonna do?

Oh,you're is full of
mood. You want know dig it?


Tonight with only three people
and everyone telling everyone else

it's the other person this
could go any way,really.

And i like to think i'm
sitting in the controlling seat.

No chance we're being dry tonight.

Denice walks up to me,i say
"yeah,we're getting rid of russ."

russ walked unto me "yeah,we're
getting rid of denice."


russ probably walks up
to denice and denice says

"let's get rid of malcolm. We have
the best bond." it's terrifying.

Yes i'm a midwesterner,yes
i have faith in human beings,

i have to,that's what i hang on to.

If i get bamboozled
tonight it's not going

to shake my faith that
these are two good guys.

It will tell me that,you know,

i screwed up and they played
the game better than me.



That doesn't even hardly explain it.

Absolutely nuts.

So,malcolm,today at camp
must have been interesting

because it would be a
safe assumption to think

if player one says to player two who
is it,they're going to say player three.

There's no telling
what's going to happen.

Just because we're all saying
the same thing to everyone.

You're not playing the game

if you're not saying something
different to everybody right now .

Denice,you feel the same way?


Each one of us,our bags are full.

It's a helpless feeling.

Russell,let's talk about
the challenge today.

Specifically when it was over.

One of the things you said was...

and i'm paraphrasing...

if i do my best i should win.

It's a mind-set,jeff,and i talked
to denice a little bit today

because she's a therapist to take
the temperature of my perspective

on this attitude of excellence
and you know where i came up?

There is nothing wrong
with me expecting excellence

for myself every time no matter
what it is that i'm doing.

So i'm comfortable with that.

If it's a fatal flaw,i
have to accept it.

Who put malcolm in the spot at the
end of the challenge,the go-to guy.

I threw my hand up,called for the ball

and didn't get the job done and
taking all the heat for that.

For the first few challenges,you know,

i think we all to an extent felt we
were being let down by everybody else.

And i tell you when you're the one
who lets people down it stings double.

That's totally on me today.

All right,let's get down to it.

Denice,why keep you tonight?

I think in terms of wherever this goes i'll
continue to be a strong physical player.

Got a strong social game to help make
alliances going over wherever we end up.

Malcolm,why keep you tonight?

We can't wait for a twist
or a merge or anything.

We have to win something
at some point and,you know,

no offense to russ but i
got 20 years on the guy.

He's stale hoss,but
i got pep in my step.

No e fence to denice,she's an ox of a
woman,i drop a foot on her vertically.

I dropped the ball today but i think
we're the biggest physical asset we have.


Russell,why should malcolm
not be here tonight?

Because he is such a young stud.

He's a threat.

Not to say that i'm not.

But when i grow up i
want to be like malcolm.

This guy is incredible.

So your argument to
denice to keep you is what?

Okay,look,we have to compete.

I can compete.

Can't compete like malcolm.

But i'm no slouch.

And there's still going to be something
on the social end going forward.

And i can do that,too,based on what i
know experientially what needs to happen.

So few f you two stay together
you could maybe survive?

That's correct.

Malcolm,tell me why it makes
sense to get rid of denice tonight.

She's a step above all of us socially.

I don't think anything anybody
can say a single negative thing

about denice at this point.

She gets in front of a jury
they will stand up,they will say

"you guys suck,you suck,she wins."

you know,you're great,you're
cute,you look funny.

You're enthusiastic.

Oh but there's denice.

Can i write you my own check
along with the check you get

from "survivor" to help with the taxes?

So malcolm,what do you think
is going to happen tonight?

I think that the two going
forward are going to be the two

that have the best chance
together to go deep in this game.

And with that it is time to vote.

Russell,you're up.

I'm only making this vote because you're
just gonna be too big a threat going forward,

but you are a great kid.


I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it

now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,russ.

Malcolm. One vote
malcolm; one vote russ.

One vote left.

Fourth person voted out of
"survivor: philippines" ...


Bring your torch.

Russ,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.


Well,there's not much to say.

You're down to two,you know what
you've got to do: keep fighting.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

Good night.

Season 25 Episode 04

Text time on "survivor." with
matsing down to only two members ...

there's two of us
against two tribes of six.

The idol is their only hope.

This might be my last chance.

I feel like an idiot.

For kalabaw everything
is about to change.

The only time medical pulls anybody from
this game is when their life is in danger.

Right now it's just utter shock.

I was completely blindsided.

It's been a rough ten days wet
wise,dealing with my tribe this

which was definitely dysfunctional in so
many ways and this was just the straw that

lets do .....

you know what