Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 1 - Survivor - full transcript

It's a battle of the sexes when tribes are separated into men versus women, but they are in dismay when they learn of a game-changing twist - they must share one beach.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'm flying over a
remote polynesian island.

Below me are 18 americans who have
already begun the adventure of a lifetime.

This is definitely my game.

Girls love me.

As far as guys,like,the guys
aren't going to see me as a threat.

iF i find out one of these dudes like
me,oh,they're going to get played.

I have a ton of outdoor skills
that people won't necessarily know

because how bad ass
could a sushi chef be?

They think they've got
survivor figured out.

I'm going to try to
make a girl alliance.

They think they know the rules.

I've seen the game change.

I think i'm ready for a twist.

They think they've seen everything
but they're in for a huge surprise.

What they don't know is this season,

they'll be divided into two tribes
and will live together on one beach.

This is survivor: one world.

for the first time ever,two
tribes,one camp,no rules.

Who will stay true to their tribe,

and who will form
alliances with the enemy?

It is the ultimate adventure.

39 days,18 people,one survivor.

Survivor Season 24Episode
01 one world

Come on down.

Welcome to survivor.

- yeah! Finally!
- Yes.

Woman at the end with
the hat,what's your name?


You look around at the other
women,where do you fit in,in this group?

Nowhere at all.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Depend on what i make of it,really.

And what are you going to make of it?

Well,i'm going to make
it a good thing for sure.

Guy in the green what's your name.


- Colton.
- Yeah.

What do you make of the
other guys on this group?

There is some good-looking guys.

They're not as good looking as
me,but they're good looking.

Okay,guy right here
in the colorful shirt.

What's your name.


Birth name?

Greg tarzan.

What are you going to go by?


So,colton,right away
that's a big statement,

call me tarzan on a
show called survivor.

and he wants to swing and
get me coconuts,by all means

one guy is called tarzan.

I'm like he can't be
tarzan,i'm troyzahn.

This is my island,baby.

All right,you guys ready to begin an
adventure that will change your lives?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Let's divide into tribes.

Women over here,men over here.

These are the tribes.

It is men versus women.

I was absolutely horrified when jeff
said,men over here,women over there.

i was just like are
you freaking serious?

Like,look at my tribe and look at me.

Like i'm the girl within the guy tribe.

So right away the women all
went over and said hello,

they're excited,they're smiling.

The guys are going,no woman!

well,we all know men can't
survive without woman.

Thank you!


Guy right here in the
white hawaiian shirt.

You're shaking your head.

Those women are purely
all talk right now.

Just pure game.

The guys will have no problem.

- Sure...
- with what?

With everything.

All right,men,your
tribe name is manono.

Your tribe color is orange.

Women,your tribe name is salani.

Your tribe color is blue.

Before i send you on your adventure,

i'm going to give you 60 seconds to
strip everything you can off this truck.

Got it?

Your time starts now.


60 seconds.

Drop it to me.

Drop your items right
out here in front.

Toss it to me.

Okay,right here.

Right here,right here!

Got it,got it!

I got it,i got it,i got it.

You better watch your
items! 15 seconds.

The game is definitely already begun.


That's it!

Off the truck.

We scored.

I stole their stuff.

Where is that axe that we got?

I grabbed it,i grabbed it.

- Let's assess the take.
- I got the axe.

Women you seem to have some coconuts in
the back and some bananas in the front.

And an axe somewhere.

I think it was taken?

They took our axe?

You guys are cheats.

We didn't take nothing.

I brought an axe over here so somebody
came on our territory and took one.

There's a lot of stuff over
here.I don't know where it's at.

I stole everything from them.

It was just too easy.

It's like i had to go get it.

You guys are cheaters.Dirty. Cheaters.

All right,guys,hidden
immunity idols are in play.

Redemption island is not.

That's means when you are voted out
this season,there is no second chance.

You go home.

Men,here's a map to your new home.

Women,map to your new home.

We need a woman tho 2
help us read our map.

Guys you're heading out that way.

Women you're heading out this way.


We're not letting those
muscles discouraged us at all.

Let's lode up the stuff,guys.

Girls if we all keep our head in
the game and try to stay together

and take the boys down,then we'll
be one huge ball of bad-assness.


As we walked through the jungle,we
began to realize,oh,my god.

This encampment is hundreds of miles
away,and we had tons of stuff to carry.

It was a huge burden.

We each lost 10 pounds of water weight.

I'm trying to act all tough but inside
i'm just hurting,just sucking wind.

But the guy that impressed me
the most on that trek was leif.

He was carrying the heaviest thing out
of anybody you know,he's a buff little dude.



Back there.

Watch out.

We're uck on somhing.

This is harder than it looks.


Oh,my god!

Put the coconut into the basket.

Come on.

We can do it.

All right.

Are you sure?

Well,then put the pot.

Give her the pot.

Yeah,i wasn't too thrilled
about the men versus women thing.

I'm a girl.

I know,i'm crazy.

We're all crazy.

I mean,women-- and that's
the thing too,but no offense,

but women can be see warm and they seem so
understanding and compassionate and accepting,

and then before you know
it,just like-- you know.

You better put that on your shoulder.

The hike into camp definitely showed who are the
stronger girls,and it's kim,myself,and chelsea.

And i would say sabrina.

I love kitty kat.

She was a little weak and she was
irritating me,but she knew that.

Right away i already knew who our five was going
to be and it was done in a matter of seconds.

It's me you,kat.

Sab. And kim.

- I think that core can win challenges,actually.
- Oh,yeah.

How you feeling?

Pretty good.

I'm hanging in there.


Sit down,yeah.

We're good.We all look athletic.

We seem pretty bright.

Time will tell.


I didn't plan to form an
alliance right off the bat.

I was just going to lay low but i think
when the guys started stealing off the truck,

that was a huge rivalry
right off the bat.

And when the guys did that,the
girls upon like,women power!

And i'm not a big fan
of but i'm going with it.


Ladies,we are so close.

Look at the mountains and the cloud.


This is manono!

Okay,so we all camp together.

So the guys camp is here,too.

So we're all together.

Shut up!

- I swear to
god-- no we're not.


When we walked on to the beach,we
looked up and saw our flag

and we were so happy to get here and we looked
five treat to the right and saw the manono tribe.

What is going on?

Are those suckers living us?

I'm like wait a minute!

Hey,it's going to be a party!

We were kind of pissed.

Nice to see you,ladies.

So we actually do get
to see them at least.

When we saw our flag i was excited.

But when i saw ther flag next
to our flag i was just confused.

I was like,wait.What?

So i'm going to hold on to this just
in case the ladies get any ideas.

Well,obviously,we're together.

I mean,one world.

well,it doesn't look
like one world to me,bro.

It looks like their world and our world.

Do you see it?

There's three of them!

There's four.

Be quiet,be quiet.

So y'all get one and we'll get one.

All right.

Are y'all down on that?


We'll strategize.

All right,let's all work together
and we'll split the chickens.


There's one.Where's the other one?

One's going right there.

You better not touch our chicken.

Get it! Get it!

Alicia,get the chicken!




Let me talk with the girls.


We need a shelter built.

Chels,you and i both made a deal.



Look,if we're all going to live in
the same area,we have to work together.

Let me figure out what we
don't have then we'll bargain.

If i had to do the jumping on the
truck 60-second grab all over again

i would have stole some
things they stole from us.

They played dirto that truck.

We have a good inclining a of how they're
going to play the game,and game on.

We will give them the chicken but we
need them to help us with our shelter.

Let's go over here.

I'm not a ladies' man.

I'm not a guy that's going to go
around and keep the girls happy.

I don't care about those girls.

Give us that chicken as an apology,and
then we'll think about talking.

Screw shelter.

They need us more than we need them.

And it was obvious from that minute
that i'm with the guys,not these girls.

And if you cross me,i don't care what
you look like or what sex are you,

i'm not working with you.

She'll come to her senses when she quits trying
to be a hero and she'll come give us a chicken.


There's a clear divide
within,like,this one world.

there's the guys over here and
there's the girls over there.

I mean,i definitely
want to be over there.

We love you.

We adore you.

Okay my new name for you
is country club cocoa.

Country club colton.

Oh,my god!How are you?

I mean,the minute i saw
colton i knew colton was gay.

He's very comfortable
with it.Good for him.

Countrygirl,what's your name,chelsea?

I'm colton.

Nice to meet you.

I love you already.

I also knew that he was going to have
problems identifying with the guys around camp.

There's a lot of manly men around here.

Nobody has an issue with him
being gay or anything like that.

It's just he doesn't
try to fit in at all.

You know,the first
chance i have,girl power.

I'm going to be over here.

If colton doesn't fix,that he's
going to be going home quick.

I mean,i just know,immediately,i'm--
we're living with the girls.

The girls are going to like me.

If you get-- if you're
more one of the girls

than one of the guys they're all
going to want to get rid of you.

If you're one of the guys and want to be
a runner and use that to our advantage,

the access,you're safe.

So do that and see what happens.

All right?

Matt is-- he's very
arrogant,first off.

He's very condescending and he
thinks he's running this show.

But if i get what i
want,his torch is going out.

So is this the fratted
boy alliance over here?


You guys are working hard.

Frat boys?

I was blinded by the hotness,all right.

We're putting a huge target on our back.

No,we're not.

What is anybody going to do about that?

That's exactly right.

You get four strong.

The way survivor works is the strong say
because they benefit the tribe and the weak go.

I'm aligned with big
mike,j-bird and bill.

It's an easy alliance.

We're the young,fit guys.

You know,we're not going to get
any survivor point for that one.

I don't know what more
we need to talk about.

Everybody else is screwed.

I'm in the group and i'm happy
and it's the dominant alliance,

clearly,so i'm sit,pretty,as
far as i'm concerned.

Where are my matches?


Can i-- hold on.I
want to talk to you.


- Can i talk to you three just for second?
- Sure.

I am not,like,trying to be that person

but if any of you find,

like a clue to an idol or anything,like,you
know who needs it the most.

'Cause there's only two things
that are going to keep me this game

and it's the idol and jesus
and he ain't showing up.

Colton is a wild card.

I-- my gut its telling me to
believe in him,but who knows?

Anything can go down in survivor
but he has me cracking up in stitches.

And if humor is his armor,then he has
all of us sold like suckers,so i like him.


Even though this is one world,two me it's
two hemispheres-- their tribe versus our tribe.

I don't really think the women's
tribes wants to be in with us.

They're keeping
everything on their side so

i don't want to help
them in any way possible.

As far as i'm concerned,they
need to stay on their side.

I'll stay on mine.

And if they need us more than we need
them,then we're in charge of this game.

Come on,baby,light.


- That's it.
- Got it.

Sweet! Sweet!

What's up?

I'm sabrina.

What's up,sabrina.

We-- we got our
fire started.

I see! I see!

And-- and-- who
got the fire going?

You guys are looking at me like
i'm kryptonite or something.

Just let me put it out there.

Would you be interested
if we swapped--

if someone came over and started
a fire,and we gave you a chicken?

We said we'd work together and split
the chicken,no matter who caught them.

Okay,we'll see.

All right.

The women definitely noticed the fire,and as
soon as they saw that smoke,they came a-runnin.

I'm just checking it
out.I'm just chicking it out.

Here we go again.Here we go again.

Where is that chicken?

I am the master of the chicken.

The chicken thing set
things off on the wrong note.

They want us to give them fire
and that ain't going to happen.


Since you guys stole our axe,maybe
we could trade that awx stole.

Listen,you have nine guys here who are
looking for a chicken and they're negotiating.

You girls always come bare handed.


Listen,we're beyond the charm.

You're beyond the charm?

Listen,i'm a little too old for charm.

What are you kidding me!

That's not going to work!

It was worth a try.

It was worth a try.

It just goes to show you,these chicks
over there,they're in kookue-land.

They want to trade fire for chicken.

It's the first days,it's
the first hours.

We don't need a chicken.

If Monica takes her pants
off will you get us one.



Monica,we're going to set up a pole and you
girls use the girl and we'll talk about it.

If we get naked,we get
what?I don't know naked.

I have no idea.

We have no control over that.

See,they're not agreeing to anything.

The girls are so typical.

I've been around 50 years,lady.

You didn't just come over here with a set of
tatters on you and walking around in your bikini.

You're not getting fire
from me in the first day.

You have to suffer two or three days and
maybe one by one they'll quit-- we're done!

This is not what i signed up for.


let's go rinse off.

And think about the fire we don't have.

I just wish we had a little bit of
fire so we could hang out and talk.

Wait,maybe we should go over to the guys' camp
and just ask if they might want to give us fire.

It's not just they want fire.

I want to see you guys.

I want to talk more.

I want a campfire setting.

It's all about the ambiance.

Me,too,me,too-- what
does that mean,ambiance?

What does that mean.


We were just going it come and see
if you wanted to give us fire now.

Do you want to share at all.

We just want to see each
other so we can talk.

- Really.
- We want campfire setting.

I don't know if fire is going to happen.

Who do we have to convince?

Who do you think is
rung the show over here?

- **
- Tarzan?

You think tarzan is running
the show the over here.

You see tarzan and think he
must be calling the shots.

I'm just asking.

Matt,and bill and
you.They're de dehydrated.


They can't boil the fire so us
having fire is a big advantage.



Is that a no,jay?

Is that a no?

You're at war here,period.

Somebody has to beat somebody,so i think any
deal with the girls at this point is ludicrous.

They're down.Keep them down.

If they get fire on
their own,good for them.

If they don't,let them struggle.

Tonight,christina and i thought
the boys stole the axe from us,

so let's go over and
steal an ember from them.


I mean,we're here.

Might as well just do it.

Okay,let's give it a whirl.


Do you guys want pineapple for
breakfast because that's all we've got?


I can't believe y'all stole a
fire in the middle of the night.


Last night we went over
and tried to steal an ember.

Did we start a fire?

Yeah.Did it last?No,it died.

Come on.

You can't smell that?

Are you kidding me!

I smell wood burning.

Fire is so important.

We need to get that fire to-day.


I can't do that fast by myself.

I think some of these girls who have this chip
on their shoulder thinking we don't need the guys.

Look,it's not so much about pride
it's about,yes,we have a game to play,

but we also need to survive as well.

Look,guys,we really need fire.

What is it going to take that we can
work together,like,for fire,for instance?

If you guys are willing
to leave us 40 of those-

- yeah,we will-- we would give you
fire,and we would even make it for you.


It's just--
that's so much.

That's a lot of work.

20,each person do two?

20 fronds and you've got a deal.


She is a negotiator.

I've learned a lot.

Christina keeps going to
the boys' camp,making deals.

Every time people find her she's
doing,like,handshakes and things lieb that.

She's trying to make little
peace treaties with the guys.

I'm not stupid poop we can
do 20 and they'll do fire.

But we need their fronds.

It's right there.


Are you bringing it to us
or do we have to carry it?

We'll come over
here,we'll do it--

no,she wants them brought to her.

We will weave for them,but we are going to weave
at our camp and they're going to bring us our fire.

Let me tell them.

They're not going to
want to do them over here.

I'm about to punch
christina there her face.

I see what she's doing.

She's trying to be friendly with the guys and she's
going to be the first one to go,first one to go.

I just went to go kind of,you know,take a
bath,and on my way back i said,you know what?

Let me look for the idol where are you?


Oh,my god.


I am having an amazing day.

Literally,the second place
i looked,i'm like,oh,my god!

There's a package.

i found the idol!Oh,my god.

Another all right.

This is the hidden immunity
idol for the manono tribe.

If you're not a manono tribe member
you must give this to someone.

I found an idol but it's not for me.

The rule says it's for the manono tribe.

I have to give it up before
the next tribal council,

and i'm just trying to
think,like,who should i give it to?

Thank you,guys.

Our main thing sgirls,i don't want
to cause something in your all camp,

but i need a partner
to help me find an idol.

I have to save someone
from the guys' team.

That could hurt or help me.

Colton is the obvious choice.


I found an idol but it's not for me.

I can't use it for anyone on my team.

I have to give it to one of you guys.

I have to save you.

Obviously,i'm her first-choice
candidate to give the idol to.

It's take,everything not to
jump up and down right now.

This is,like,my saving grace.

Come on in,guys!

All right,you guys ready to get
to your first immunity challenge?


Here's how it works.

On my go,one at a time you will jump
from a 25-foot tower into a net below.

You'll then race across a giant balance beam
and make your way over a long rope bridge.

Once all your tribe members are
at the mat,raise your tribe flag.

First tribe to release their flag wins
immunity and is safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council where somebody will be
the first person voted out of survivor:one world

and sent home.

In addition,you're playing
for fire in the form of flint.

Big stakes.Worth playing for.


All right,give you a
minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

This is a very high fall.

Make sure you keep your arms to
your chest and land on your back.

Here we go.

For immunity and reward
in the form of fire.

Survivors ready?


Bill jumps,kat jumps.

Bill loses a shoe on the mat.

Gotta get to the mat before
the next person can go

go men!


Jonas drops.

Sabrina landed feet first.

Land on your back!

Guys have a bit of a lead.

Let's go,nina!

Nina with a face plant.

Troyzahn makes it.

Here goes leif.

Kourtney gives it a go.

Kourtney falls hard on her hands.

Keep your hands on your chest.




Kourtney is really nursing that hand.

Come okourtney.

My wrist.

Here comes alicia.


Here comes colton.

Colton lands hard.

Feet first.

Monica,that's how you do it!

Yeah,that's it,that's it.

You got it,you got it!

Matt grabs the
shoe,jay,the last guy to go.

- Guys have a one-person lead
right now.- Come on,come on!

The men can move on now.


You got it,you got it,you got it!

The men are already
on to the balance beam.

The women are behind,need
to pick up some time.

All right,come on,come on!

Jonas with a nice save.

Kat catching up.

Jonas and catare across.

Kourtney with a serious
injury holding that wrist.

Troyzahn giving it a go.

Sabrina falls off.

The men have a two-person lead.

It's a long challenge.

Come on.

Kourtney,are you okay?

Uhm,i'm really dizzy,i'm really dizzy.

I don't think i can do it.

Everybody hold up!

Stop where you're at!



We need medical in to see kourtney.

Let me support it.Don't let me move it.

Any pain here?


Can you move that thumb?


Can you wiggle your fingers at all?

Can you make a fist?

Can you bend it back at all?

That hurts.

All right.

Ramona give us an update.

When kourtney came off the net he
landed with her arm down like that

on the so she bent it back and it looks
like the bone might be broken here.

You can see a big bend there.

Sometimes when you just sprain something
it can bruise and it can swell up,

so i want to make sure it is not just
a bad sprain that it isn't broken.

We'd like to get an
x-ray to assess that.

So it's unclear right
now what it is for sure.

Null x-ray,you won't know.


Which means we're not sure of her
status in the game at this point.


We will get back together in the afternoon
and figure out the status of that.

- That sounds good.
- All right.


So here's the update.

We're going to get kourtney an
x-ray,see her status in the game.

Right now,it's unclear.

Technically,this challenge requires
nine people start,nine people finish.

So by the rules,this challenge is over.

The men have won and they can take the victory
right now and send the women to tribal council.

Now,because it is only day
three in a 39-day game,the men,

if you want,can make a gesture of good
will,and say let's finish this challenge.

If you four want to join these five
and hash it out real quick,do it.


The only thing i'm reminding you guys of
is that it is the single biggest mistake

made in this game is doing decisions early on
that nobody will forgive you for in the end,

but it is your call.

Do you want to vote?

All right,guys.

What's the decision?

We're going to take immunity.

Meaning you're going to
win the challenge right now.


We really thought you were
going to go the opposite way.

Come oguys!

Don't you want to finish the game?

Don't you guys want to finish and
complete it and do it the right way?

I understand.

If it was reversed and one of us got hurt,i
just don't think it would be the same thing.

How do you know?

Let me just finish,let me just talk.

The object of this game is to win.


There's plenty of challenges left if you guys
want to prove yourself that you can do it,

but there's no way you guys
would say,let's play ovment.

You just wouldn't do
it.I just don't buy it.

Let's go!

Bring it on! Bring it on!

We won.

- The challenge is over?
- Yeah.

All right,men,no
tribal council tonight.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

Women,i'll see you tonight at tribal and
i will give you an update on kourtney.

In our minds,we knew that
there was no chance they would

just take the immunity,and when
they did,it was,like,heartbreak.

Those guys don't give a crap about any
of us girls and they showed it today.

They don't care.

This is a no-mercy game.


Yeah,the challenge.

What a disappointment.

I feel so bad for
kourtney,and i hope she's okay,

but it's disappointing not to be able to finish
it and only got through the first part of it,

and this is what happened.

I don't know how this happened!

Yeah,it sucked that
we couldn't,you know--

i know,i wanted to at least try it.

It's kind of,like,what had to be done.

My only thing is i felt like we
were going to beat you guys anyway.

I guess we'll never know.

Never know now.

It's a game,right?

That's right.

The guys with the not wanting to
finish the challenge,you know,i get it.

In hindsight i can look back and
see maybe what they were thinking.

But i'm from texas,men are
chivalrous,grew up watching westerns.

It's just,like,no guy i know
would have made that choice.

Right now,it looks like who
has majority of the numbers?

How is it split up?

4-4 with me in the middle.

If you say it's 4-4,you're
the swing vote,right?

That's your big moment in this game
to knock out one of the big guys.

Because the thing sthat the strong guys are only
keeping you on because they know you're disposable.

No,they're keeping me because they
want me to be able to work y'all.

Right,you're disposable
they're going to play you.

- But when i get with
you all-- all right,okay.

So i'm giving you this idol.

I love you.

Listen,listen very carefully.

I mean right now it's up
to you how you play it.

This is the big move that
everybody is looking for.

You have to take the risk.

Forget who's going to
be pissed off at you.

Swing over and think about
the gay guy that come inside

who everybody thinks is going
to get out in the first round,

you come over and you knock off
one of the biggest people there.

He heads into the merge and then
we're going to turn this around.

Don't let him punk your ass,all right?

I want you to stay around,okay.

This island would not
be fun without you.

I love you.

Love you more.

Matt thinks i'm a puppet and he's in for a huge
surprise if everything goes like i want it to.

We're going to cut his throat faster than taylor
swift will write a song about her next boyfriend.

Can we talk about the
big elephant in the room?

We don't want to wait until the last minute because
we are going to tribal tonight,tribal council.

I don't know if she's okay.

I don't know.

Even if she's back in the game,how
can she really participate?


I mean-- she
broke her wrist.

She said she heard it crack.

I guess we just wait and see.

Hard to decide without hearing.

I hope-- this is
going to sound mean--

but hopefully she's getting x-rayed and just
really getting used to the air conditioning there,

and getting a fresh
drink of water and saying,

i like this,and don't come back.

Kourtney,poor kourtney.

So uncoordinated.

Obviously,she broke her wrist.

But i'm going to definitely turn the tables around
and let them know that christina needs to go.

It's guys versus girls,and she's playing
that side and playing us at the same time.

She's poison.

So i'm going to call her out.

I already know it.

I guess we'll have to see when we get
there who is going to be kicked out.

Behind iech of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach a flame,dip it in,and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
tribal council because in this game,

fire represents your life.

When your fire's gone,so are you.

Well,welcome to tribal council.

I'll give you an update on
kourtney'kourtney's condition iw minutes.

First i want to get a lay of
the land of the first two days.

Alicia atell me about the first moment when
you walk on to your camp and you realize,

we're going to be living with the men?

I actually like to
bond with girls better.

My weakness would have been the guys
being,like,with us so i'm glad that they moved out.

Kat,who is leading this tribe?

Everybody on this tribe has
a role that they're playing.

Like,i control the fire.

But everyone does
their individual roles.

So you handle fire.

And,kristina,how did you guys get fire?

Well,we went over to
the guys and i said,look,

is there anything that we can do that we can
work with where you can help us with the fire

because we need it today.

i can interrupt?

What happened was a
shady deal went down.

She told the guys she would
have two girls weave for them.

- I didn't tell them i would have two girls weave for them.
- Hold it,i'm talking.

Come on!You did.

We could have
kourtney-- yes,you did.

Thank you for the clarification.

Now we can move on.

However,it did benefit us.

It did benefit us,yes.

We did get fire this whole time.

I'm still not 100% sure what happened.

Alicia,the deal was exactly what?

That we would have two
girls weave in their camp.

No,that was not true.

So i want to clarify because all the
facts here are completely false,okay.

The guys-- then
why did you-- shh!

Because you're wrong!

Okay? So shut up!

- Really?
- Really.


Because you don't have the facts right.

Okay,i was standing there.

- Well you know who,if this game
is all about-- stop,stop,stop.

- Come on.
- Do you want to tell your side or not.

We got a fire pit and a better
pit than we could have created.

Chelsea,do you guys need to operate first as a
group of women before anybody goes into the enemy

territory or is it,hey,everybody is playing
their own individual game,do what you want?

Everybody is doing what they want.

I think even if we said let's
talk about every single thing

we need to decide on as a
group,it still wouldn't happen.

It's women.

We can't all agree on everything,and
that's just part of it.

And,monica,it doesn't appear
that there's any leader.

Un,it's almost like whatever is right in front of
us that has to happen right now takes precedent.

It's crazy.It's totally anarchy.

And you're laughing about
it like it's kind of funny.

But what's not funny is
coming to tribal council.

You've got huge animosity
between at least two people.

You have no structure.

And right now,the guys are thinking
those women are all over the map.

We have them right where
we want them-- nutsville.


Let me give you an update on kourtney.

Some good news and some bad news.

She's doing fine.

She's in good spirits.

But her wrist is broken in a few places.

It will require surgery.

And she is out of the game.

That's the bad news.

The good news,nobody else
is going home tonight.

In addition,because you've
been to tribal council,

you'll now go back with fire.


And as i send you on your way,i'd say there's a
little more good news and a little more bad news.

The other good news
sit's only day three.

Plenty of time to turn things around.

Bad news,there are 36
days left in this game,

and if you don't get it together,none
of you will make it to the end.

That's what i send
you home with tonight.

Grab your stuff.Head
back to camp.Good night.

Survivor Season 24Episode
01 one world

Stay tuned for scenes
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Next time on survivor:

the women of salani
go from bad to worse.

Women completely falling apart.

Right now we look like idiots.

And colton is on an island of his own.

Colton is the worst
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Colton is a virus.

If you want to mess with me,by
all means,but you ain't gonna win.

I'm not so proud of myself righ now.

But it kind of wasn't
my fault but it was.

I feel like if i had moved my arm out a little
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But if my son sees something
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