Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 7 - Survivor - full transcript

One tribe calls upon the heavens in hopes of changing their luck, while the other tribe is left in shock when one of their own makes a risky move that will go down in Survivor history.

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Previously on "survivor":

by day 15,christine Had become a force to be Reckoned with.

Christine wins her fowrpght duel And stays alive on redemption Island.

And she was dangerously close to Winning her way back into the Game.

I can do it.

At savaii,oozy was On the outs with his tribe.

I am now a free agency.

But after a big win--

Savaii wins immunity and reward!

They all kissed and made up.


At upolu,mikayla was The only person not in the Alliance of six,

so coach wanted Her voted out.

But albert and sophie wanted to Get rid of edna.

Edna has zero challenge Value,zero.

At tribal council,Brandon erupted,

making it the Third tribal in a row where he Has suffered a meltdown.

Vote me out today if we were Going to play disloyal.

But despite outburst,Mikayla aves sent to redemption Island.

With both tribes now even and a Merge looming,

the outcome of The next immunity challenge Could change the game.



and then there were six.

It's not a good feeling to Have your name come up on the Vote

every single time you're at Tribal council.

Brandon's reaction and his Unpredict ablg nature is a Liability,


And if he continues this way,He--

he's making my job on "survivor" easier by just being Himself.

And we can't have him keep doing it.

Man,if we,if we get to the merge...

and he has another like that,we're screwed.

We'll keep him under control,man.

I hope so,'cause if he has another blow apart it's like...

No,we'll keep him under control.

If there comes a time where Brandon becomes a liability,

Just like old lenny of "mice and Men"

there comes a time where You got to put a bullet in Somebody's head

expwhrk in this Game,it's kill or be killed.

Survivor: South Africa
Season 23 Episode 07

DAY 17

We'll now bring in **** duel.


You guys ready to get to today's duel?

For today's duel,you will take apart a crate

and use the planks to build a bridge.

Once you've completed the bridge,

you'll take the bridge apart and use some of those planks to solve a puzzle.

First person to get it right says alive on redemption island.

Loser is out of the game for good.

This is it.
One shot.Take your spots.

All right,here we go.
Survivors ready?


First step is to take all the planks off of that crate.

Christine figuring out a system quickly.

Christine takes out a whole side in one swoop.

Pick it up from the.
Grab from the bottom.

Christine has all her planks.

She's going to start putting this bridge together.

This bridge is a puzzle in and of itself.

Mikayla has all her planks now.
She's tarting to work on her bridge.

Gotta put them in order,billion that bridge from start to finish.

This is a do-or-die duel.

Christine adds another plank.
Mikayla adds another plank.

Both women getting into a rhythm.

They're back and forth now.

Christine still with the lead but mikayla not letting her pull ahead.

Christine very close to finishing her bridge.

The ride side!
The right side!

Thatta girl.

Mikayla getting help from her former tribemates.


Christine with one piece left.
Mikayla still has four.

Once you finish it,tag out.

Go back,start taking it apart.
You're looking for pattern pieces.

The ones that have a pattern are part of your puzzle.

If they're blank,you don't need them.

Mikayla now with one plank left.
This will finish her bridge.

Tag out,come back.

Mikayla now start taking your bridge apart.

Toss the good ones at the box.

Christine's got a bit of a lead.

She's won four duels in a row.

Christine has all of her planks.
She's going to start working on the puzzle.

Mikayla has all of her pieces.

Both women working on the puzzle now.

You'll recognize this symbol.
It is the redemption island arena symbol.

There are always clues.

Both women racing to put this puzzle together.

Mikayla tnks she has it.

No,mikayla's not right.
Something's just off.

Look at it.
Take a moment.

What's off?Where are the patterns?
Where are the clues?

- Adjust and try again.
- Jeff,jeff,jeff.

Christine thinks she has it.

Christine stays alive on redemption island!

Oh,my god.Good job,guys.
Amazing job.

What's different as a result of this adventure for you,mikayla?

Out here,you know,it makes me realize how much stronger I want to be

and how much better I want to be.

Mikayla,your adventure has come to an end.

It's time for you to go.

- Raise hell,baby.
- I will,for you.

Christine,you have singlehandedly sent five people out of this game.


- You're becoming a legitimate force.
- I've always been a legitimate force.

- Always been a legitimate force.
- My whole life.

With each win,you're getting closer to getting back into this game.

Grab your stuff.Head back to redemption.
Wait for your next duel.

Christine has been on a hot streak.
She has won five duels in a row.

When we merge,she could go to the other side or she could come with us.


People are thinking the merge is coming after the next challenge.

So if we lose the next challenge tmight be worthwhile for us

to send somebody to redemption that can beat christine,

come back in the game,and even out the numbers.

You know,you've got to make big moves in this game,

and if we have to,that mike a big mov worth making.


You know,us of us being in This position we're in,

we're on Different,opposite poles but Still

the same side of the loop.

We should help each other as Much as we can.

That's what I was going to Say.

The only thing I??m worried About,christine won today.

If-- if we don't win

we're going To have to send somebody into Redemption.

Cochran and I got back from the Duel,and

I wanted to let Cochran in on my worst-case Scenario plan.

Who do you want to send?

Well,the thing is,is we Have to send somebody who we Know can beat her.

That way we can get our numbers Back.

I don't want to go to Redemption,but if it comes down To it,

if it's like a do-or-die Situation.I will go.

That's unbelievable.

What I??ll have to do is I??ll Have to take the idol,i'll have To give it to somebody.

Hopefully they'll promise to Give it back if I make it back.

So then I would go to ref Demption,hopefully win--

the general sense around camp Is that the merge is happening Sooner rather than later.

And now ozzy suggested he'd be Willing to make a pretty bold Move

in the event we lose our Next immunity challenge.

He's considering lending his Hidden immint idol to somebody Else on the tribe,

allow himself To get voted off the tribe

so he Can be sent to redemption island Arena

and duel against kristina,Hopefully win,

come back it our Tribe and keep our number Intact,6-6 tie going into the Merge.

I was thinking it over in my Head,and it might be--

it might Be one of those big moves they Might have to make.

There's a lot of things that can Happen,but this is,like,my Worst--

this is,like,Worst-case scenario.

It's an admirable thing,man.

It's-- sometimes you just Gotta like suck up and go for It.

Now ossie seems to have gone From a bitter free agent,

temper Tantrum throwing baby to a new Man.

If ozzy was being honest,would Willingness fall on his sword For his tribe,

that would be Great for me because that would Mean I wouldn't be going home at The next tribal council.


Father,you've been so faithful to me in this game,

I give you the glory,Father.

I praise your name,Father...

for everything that you have given to me at this point.

I am not worthy,Father.

I am not worthy. I am not worthy. I am not worthy,Father.

I am not worthy. I am not worthy. I am not worthy,Father.

This tribe is down in the Dumps.

We feel after the vote last Night that we're divided.

We feel like we blew the last Challenge,and we feel like We've lost.

We need a shot in the arm right Now,and we need something to Boost our spirits.

The only thing we can do is to Say,

look,guys.We've got the hidden immunity Idol.

Go team.

That's what we have to do.

There's waves within waves in The game of "survivor" to Survive.

We gotta find the idol today.

Look,here's the deal.
We're unified.We are even numbers.

We're going into a challenge.
We're playing the greatest game In the world.

It's a great adventure.It's not over till it's over,And we're going to win it,


Look,we've got a clue to the Hidden immunity idol,

and it Says it's behind a wall of Roots,okay.

We know-- so right now,sophie,albert,And I know that I have the idol.

It's close to the beach,but It's in the jungle.

But people like rick and Brandon and edna,want to find The idol,

so we've got to Pretend like,look,we found it.

Father we ask that you would Find favor on us today.

We ask for a rejuvenation of This tribe

and we ask that you Would bless us and give us favor In the challenge.

Father,we just thank you,Lord,for keeping us safe,Father.

Thank you,Lord...

that we're gonna find this idol,Father God.

Father,we need a victory.

I ask that you would give us a Victory in that next challenge In jesus' name.

You know,this whole prayer Thing,for me,it doesn't weigh As heavily on my mind

because I??m not the one speaking the Prayer.

I find coach to be lailgt more Questionable when he actually is The one saying,you know,

"dear God,help us find the idol," When he knows he has the idol in His pocket.

It givees me a little bit of an Icky feeling.

In jesus' name.

Who found the clue?

Me,that's really amazing.
Good job.

I think it said "just out of reach..."

so it maybe,might be like,about ten foot high.

What the heck?
What is going on?

"trust from tribal brothers and Sisters and ensure survival if your family wins

for an Awesome reward and despite from The game everything depend on The best pair of twins.

" wait,there's another one.

So sophie and I went to honor The idol.

Lo and behold it was two for the Price of one.

Tree mail rolled up on our Doorstep

and now we're going to Roll up a victory in this Challenge.

Today your tribe will Participate your faces and facey

As well as adorn yourself in Your best warrior look.

Choose pairs of players to Compete together.

Their face and body painting and Attire should be identical to Each other.

What we need to do swe need To make a quick detour before we Go back to camp,

grab it,grab The idol and come back and say

This is our day.
This is our day.

- Hey,guys!
- Everybody come in!

What is it?

You don't understand,we have Two pieces of great news.

You found the idol.

Let's just wait.
Let's just wait.

Just be cool.

We got it,boys!
Come on!

Soviety and coach.

Take a look.
Take a look.

Look at that,baby!

We actually all said a Prayer,asked god for help to Find the idol,and we got tree Mail.

Not only did they get the tree Mail,we found the idol,not Five minutes after we prayed.

Pray together,stay together.

It's definitely an advantage Having the big guy upstairs on Your tribe.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to today's Immunity challenge.

First things first,Ozzy,i will take it back.

Thank you.

Once again,immunity is back up For grabs.

The winner of today's challenge Wins immunity,is safe from Tribal council,

and will have a One-member advantage in this Game.

In addition,the winning tribe Will be taken from here to the "survivor: south pacific" Cinema

where you will enjoy an Exclusive sneak peek of the new Colombia picture's movie

"jack And jill" starring adam sandler.

The movie doesn't open until November 11 so it is truly a Sneak peek.

And of course you will enjoy all The goodies that go with a Movie--


There is a connection between The movie "jack and jill' and This,"survivor."

"jack and jill" is about a Expwrght sister.They are twins.

He doesn't also get along with His tin

but in the end he Realizes he needs his sister to Survive in the world.

It is the same for you guys.

It is the bond you make that Will get you to the end.

You have already done a great Job of pairing yourselves up as Twins.

Here's how it will work.

One set of twins will be your Callers.

The other two set of twins will Be blindfolded.

Using only verbal commands,the Callers were leading blindfolded Twins

through a series of Obstacles to collect a bag of Maps.

Once you have all four bags,one Set of twins will empty the bags

And using only their sense of Touch will pair up the masks in Matching pairs.

First tribe to get it right win Immunity and is headed to the Cinema.

- Worth playing for?
- Yeah.

I'll give you a Minute to strategize.
We'll get started.

For upolu,the callers are coach And rick.

For savaii,the callers are jim And cochran.

For reward and immunity,Survivors ready?


Stay low,guys,stay low.

Just follow him,edna.
Don't worry about the rope,ed Edna.

Brandon and edna for Upolu.


Edna taxes a hard hit Right off the bat,almost Knocked her out.

Keith trying to drag dawn.

Now you're good,go forward.

To the right,keith!
You're in the wrong hole.


Keith,long body,Having trouble getting through This course.

- Go,go,go,go,go!
- Brandon looking for The first back.

Left! Right there!

And they got it!Brandon and edna have the first Bag and they're heading back.

- You got it!
- Go,go,go,go,go.

Brand brandon and Edna back with their first bags.

Keith and dawn are back with Their first bags.

Albert and sophie now for upolu.

Get up,albert!

Cox ran is on the rope Management for savaii.

Now go up,up the hill.

Left,now down.

Here's the pit.

Up to the top,up to the top.

Ozzy and whitney Diving through the course.



Hands up,albert!
Hands up!

Got it.
Untie it!

Albert stumbles into The second bag.

Ozzy,stop!Right behind your head.Right there.

Ozzy has the second Bag for savaii.

Keep going.

Sophie takesy a big Fall.

Five more paces until you get There.
You're not there yet.

Upolu has their Second bag back.

Brappedon and edna heading for Their third bag.

Ozzy and whitney have their Second bag.
Have to get back to the mat.




Keith and dawn Looking for their third bag.

Get up on it!

Brandon has the third Bag for upolu.

He has to get it untied.

You goit!

Keith has the third Bag for savaii.
He's heading back.

We are neck and neck right now.

- Go,great,run!
- Dawn down in the Water.

Keep going!

Now under!

- Over,edna.
- Edna is just holding On to brandon.

Out of the pit.

Savaii has now taken The lead.

Keith and dawn back with that Third bag for savaii.

Left just a little bit,Brandon.

Brandon,put it on the table.

Get out of the way,get out Of the way,man.
You're unhocked.

Cochran having some Trouble.

Edna and brandon have their Third bag.

Go on knees.

Cochran doing the Rope management for savaii,and He's all tangled up now.

What is going on here?

Jim now coming down to help.

It is critic you get them Unhooked properly.

Upolu takes the lead.

Big malfunction for savaii.

Savaii still struggling with the Ropes.

Go straight.

Get down,to your right.

Upolu looking for the Fourth and final bag.

Savaii has lost a tremendous Amount of time.

Right there!Platform!Right there,platform!Go!

Albert's found the Fourth bag.
He's got to get it untied.

Go,go albert!

Albert is losing a Lot of time at the fourth bag.

Ozzy and whitney have now Caught up.

- Go,go,go,go!
- Albert has the fourth Bag.

He and sophie are heading back For upolu.

Ozozzy has the fourth bag for Savaii.

You've got to move!

Ozzy and whitney really slowing Down,once again having trouble On the rope.

Albert and sophie with with the Lead.

Full speed!

Ozzy and whitney Continue to struggle.

Cochran was in charge of getting Them hooked in,and he did not Do a good job.

Move it!

Straight in front of you!
Put it down!

Albert and sophie Have the fourth bag.

They are untying the bags now,Releasing the masks.

Ossie's going to unhook and Rehook the rope the way it Should have been in the first Place.

Sophie and albert with a lead Now.

They're already working on their Maps.

We ask you,father,please to Help us right now.

Give us this victory,father,we Will bow on our knees and give You the acknowledgment.

Ozzy and whitney back With their fourth bags.

Start untying.
Release the masks.

Nobody can Help at this point.

Albert starting to work on Pairing them up.

Whitney starting to work for Savaii.

Keep getting them open.

Put it right there.
Put it right there!

One's upside down,stop.

Sophie making an Adjustment.

Ozzy and whitney working.

- Okay?
- Albert and sophie Think they have it.

- Upolu wins immunity and reward!
- Brandon,come here,come Here!Come here!

On your knees.
On your knees.

You didn't hook it in right!

Father,we thank you for this Victory.

Father,we praise your name that We have praised for you,

we give You the glory and honor right Now.

Everybody says in jesus' name.


Thank you.

Coach,how big a win Is this for upolu?

This challenge was about Family,hidden trust,

some Blindfolds but we give god the Glory.

We prayed before the challenge,During the challenge,

and we Gave thanks and knelt down Before him when we won the Challenge.

We are a family,jeff.It's a great group of people We're playing with over here.

The advantage goes to Upolu.

You have a one-member advantage,No tribal council.

In addition a nice break from The game.

You will be taken to the "survivor: south pacific" Cinema

- and you will enjoy "jack And jill." - I love it!

Come get your Tickets.

Have a good time at the movies.

All right,guys,congrats.

- See you,guys.
- God bless me.

Ossie,this the most Intensity I??ve seen yet in a Season

that has been very Intense and very close.

What is the feeling right now For you?

Pure frustration and anger.

I feel like we almost had it.
We were there.

Someone didn't connect the right Rope to the right person or Whatever.

& we went downhill from there And got tangled up.

I can't even big gwin to Describe the frustration because

When you are just about to grab Something and it gets pulled out Of your hands

it's the worst Feeling and you imagine and now We have to go to tribal --

all right,savaii,tribal Council.

Somebody will be voted out of This tribe and sent to Redemption island.

Grab your stuff and head back to Camp.

I'll see you at tribal tomorrow Night.

Before the challenge,ozzy Reassured me in the event we Lost,

ozzy would say send me,Ozzy,to redemption island,

and Come back and restore our Numbers.

But after I blew the challenge,It seemed like that plan went Out the window.

I knew immediately that was the Next target.

I really did feel like crying *********

what an adventure,guys.


- "jack and jill,baby!
- Awesome job.

Let's do it!

This reward and immunity is So important for our team

and we Feel great having this private Screening of the new movie

with Hot dogs and pretty much Unlimited candy.

How we doing?
Where were you!

I've been waiting forever for You.

This place is creeping me out.

Some twins have strange Powers and they can feel when The other one is hurt.

- Little harder.
- What!

"jack and jill" loved it.

I love adam sandler.
Personally,i'm a fan.

The house looks amazing!

You got a new chandelier?

It was good because it was Funny

but at the same time there Was a message and the message Was,hey,

family comes first.

It's a great message for us to Be reminded

that going into These days to come,it will get Tough.

It will get to be a point of Compromise.

But we have to be Uncompromisable as a unit.

Unbreakable,that's what our Tribe is,

and now we're ready to Play the second hamp of this Game.

Good job,everybody,again.


I mean,it was a disaster.
It was a disaster.

You know the thing swe could Have won that so easily

because We were right there.

If you all want to vent at Me,i'm willing to hear Everything.

I cried like a baby the whole Way back.

I feel-- I just don't understand how It was that--

what was so Difficult?
I really don't.

So we get back to camp after This devastating loss,which I Guess,apparently,i caused.

You know,i've always felt like An outcast on my tribe,

but this Was a real-- a huge-- this was--

This was a new level of Oftrascizzim,and it felt Horrible.

That loss just killed me.

Like I??m saying,if you want To vent at me,i'm taking it All.

It's about who is going to Redemption island.

And that's something we could Decide as a group,because--

we have to decide as a group And they have to agree with it.

This is it.
This is the real deal right now.

That moment,the high I had Been experiencing from the Knowledge that,

really,i wasn't Going only in any event.

I was safe,nobody was going to Kick me off.

That involvemented instantly,And I knew immediately that I Was the next taring.

You know,i hate to say Tcochran,but you lost it for Us.

And I don't even want to say you Lost it for us,

but it was-- it Was a huge-- it was a huge Error.

And it ended up costing us the Win.

I'm willing to do whatever.
I feel horrible.

And,you know,i should be held Accountable.

It's a risky move to send Cochran to redemption.

It's a riskier move to send me To redemption

and have the merge Be delayed one more challenge.

Cochran volunteered to go to Redemption.

It's going to be his chance to Redeem himself.

Cochran,we all believe you can Do it.

You have to believe you can Do it.
That's the key.

But you gotta believe in Yourself,man.

You know,i appreciate the Words of encourage am.

It's not words of Encouragement upon it is the Idea of ref demption.

It really is.
It's time to redeem.

Instead of sending ozzy,

the Trojan course to redemption Island and destroy christine,

They're sending the court Jester.

And I don't know what I??m Supposed to be besides a funny Little dance

and make my hands Around in a comical manner.

It's not going to win the Challenge and it's probably not Going to get that many laughs

so I don't know what they're hoping For.

Feel it in your heart.
You can win.


Everything that we can Anticipate.

I mean,really,don't be Afraid.
You've got to push fear out.

Everybody was on aboard with Voting me off,

and what made it Worse was they had this kind of Weird kumbaya rationale for Voting me off that

only Confirmed their belief they Should go,so I??m terrified.

I don't need to be a hero at Redemption island.

I don't need to be the person That saves my tribe.

I'm not here to be a hero.

I'm here to make a as far as I Can,

whether that means Slithering on the ground.

I don't want to shine right now.
I'm willing to shine later.

I just don't want to go to Redemption island.

You're going to go there,and You're going to tell christine--

You're going to make is so pal Panel,that christine will say

That's it.I'm done.

I don't know how I can pull Off the whole,

"i'm Indestructible to you of sow you Better be shaking your boots you Stupid bitch."


How you doing,ozzy?

My head hurts.

I could not sleep last night.

I blew it.I'm sorry.
I won't talk about it.

You don't need to apologize To me.

I'm just embarrassed.

That's the biggest thing I??m Feeling,really.

That's why I feel like the Notion of redemption island Takes on,like,a literal.

- Right?It's to redeem yourself.
- Yeah.

Yesterday,before cochran Cost us the challenge,

i told Him that I??d be willing to go,Sacrifice myself,go to Redemption,

beat christine and Get back in this game and give Our tribe an edge.

And last night I had some crazy Dreams about

actually doing what I said I was going to do.

I had to bring the idol out of My hiding spot,

just so Everybody really knows they Actually do have it.

I might as well make a grand Entrance.

Everybody thinks that this is Cochran's opportunity,that he Should going to redemption

and Redeem himself but I came to Redeem myself,

so it's my Opportunity,really.

The question is will the tribe Go along with my idea?


You're amazing.

That's it.

You want to touch it?

Yeah,give it to me,man.

Seriously,i'll take it.

What are you thinking?

I really-- I??m kind of Thinking I should go to Redemption.

What do you think,cochran?

It'sa-- you know,i agree the With the people that say it Should be me.

I don't have as much confidence They will do well.

Ozzy comes waltzing into the Camp with this pearly necklace Around his neck

saying vote me Out.
Send me to redemption island.

It was like the gospel.
I could have died right there.

What maxes you think this?

I just think that I??ve got Better odds.

I don't think so,man.

I don't know.

The reaction to ozzy Announcing that he would be Willing to go to redemption Island

was met with some Opposition,so I don't know What's going on right now.And it's creeping me out.

My piece with it is I think Everyone should stand up for Their own actions

and that's What I do in life and that's the Reason I??m disappointed with it.

Ozzy is talking about going To redemption island.Eye won't agree with it.

What worries me most about the Plan is that the merge is not Going to happen like we think it Is.

We are only as strong as our Weakest link,and that's Cochran.

So cochran's left to basically Pull the rest of the weight that Ozzy left behind,

and I don't Really know how much hope we Have for another team challenge.

And I know keith doesn't like This idea.

I understand what keith's Saying.

And I feel that way very Strongly as well.

If we're wrong about their Being a merge after the next Redemption island,

the biggest Deal would be if we have another Challenge

and we're down ozzy And all of a sudden,dawn's our Third guy,

cochran would be our Fourth guy.

Scary position to be in.

So,ozzy,at the end Of the half the challenge,there Was a lot of emotion.

Was there any finger pointing When you got back to camp?

Yeah,there was a lot of Emotion,and a lot of finger Pointing,

most of the fingers Went to cochran.

Cochran,what Happened?

I mean,i recognized there Was a problem when dawn and Keith returned

and the rope was All tangled up and that's when I Started to panic

because I Wasn't sure how to deal with it In a fast way.

I remember looking up at jim,And just being blank.

,thinking,god,this is my Worst nightmare.

- It was embarrassing.
- So,jim,you saw Cochran panicking.

Cochran had gotten to a point Of frustration because

the two Were tangled up and he had kind Of thrown his hands up in--

this Was the look that I had gotten.

Cochran,have you Found yourself in situations Like this

where you're maybe out Of your comfort zone and the Panic sets in?

I'm usually pretty calm,cool,And collected.

This was a new experience for Me.

It was a heartbreaking Experience for me because it's a Well found belief

that we're Going to merge tomorrow.


It's mixed emotions in that

We're going to be going down in Number but we're hoping

Redemption island can work in Our favor in some way

and get The numbers back up to 6-6.

Dawn,cochran says we Hope somehow redemption island Will help us.

Tell me about that.

Well,our hope is that Whoever goes to redemption Island can win that duel

and Send home christine and re-enter The game,

and then that leaves Us six upolu and six savaii Tribe members.

So,ozzy,your plan Is whoever we vote out tonight

Should go to redemption,try to Win,come back and rejoin us.


I'm a little confused Because what I hear you saying On one hand,cochran,cochran,Cochran,cochran,cox ran?

Why is he going to Put his life on the line if you Vote him out?

Of course.The thing about it is,jeff,i'm Putting my life on the line.

You're putting your Life on the line.


You're saying you're Going to go to redemption Island.


You can basically say I had a Dream.
I saw the merge.

And I saw my chance at my own Redemption,

which has been Haunting me since the last time I played.

And that's by not playing the Idol,by not listening to my Senses

and not listening to my Heart and my gut.

And this time my heart and my Gut is saying

get your ass to Redemption island and prove to Your tribe

that you are worth Keeping in this game.

This is my opportunity to not Only make the becausiest move I Could possibly think of,

but to Play the biggest,craziest game I want to play,

and not only do I have the opportunity but I had The idol.

You have the hidden Immunity idol?

And this isn't news To anybody.

So what do you do with the idol?

I give the idol up.

And this is the part where it Gets interesting.

I'm going to make up a story.

I'm going to tell christine,That cochran,the little smart Weasel he is

that has been to Harvard law and watches the game Religiously,

found the idol,Kept it from us,we go to vote Him out,

he whips out the idol,See you later,ozzy.

Not only is cochran the villain,But he's now the double agent.

So I think that that gives us The best shot at taking them by Surprise

and possibly getting in Front of this game.

What if we don't Merge tomorrow?

There is a possibility that We don't merge.

And that these guys go to Another challenge without me.

But at least I??ve gone out on my Terms,

and I haven't gone out on Someone else's terms like last Time.

Let me offer another Argument.

If you don't win the duel Tomorrow,

you go out a bigger Fool than you did last time.


Keith,any Reservations at all about this?

I think I might have been the Most vocal.

I think this is cochran's time To redeem himself.

And it's his chance to kind of Prove his worth to the tribe.

Whitney,what's your Take on this?

You know,ozzy's one of our Strongest players.

If we do have another challenge Before the merge happens,

we're Not at our 100% without ozzy.

Jim,worst thing that Happens tomorrow morning when You wake up?

Ozzy loses and we have to go,The five of us strong,against The six of them.

Well,it is Definitely a risky move.

Let's see if you have the Courage to go through with it.

It is time to vote.
Keith,you're up.

22 seasons of "survivor" I??ve Never seen anything like this,

And I??m thrilled to be a part of It,

especially if it means Saving my ass for one more time Thank you.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has the hidden Immunity idol that you want to Play or give to someone else,

Now would be the time to do so.

Uhm,i think I changed my Mind.

I think I??m going to let cochran Go to redemption.

- Just kidding.
- You're a bastard,man.

Hold on to it,and-- it's going to be yours.

You better give that to me.
It's right back at you.

Let's do this.

All right,once the Votes are read the decision is Final.

The person voted out will be Asked to leave the tribal Council immediately.

I'll read the votes.

The first vote,ozzy.

Two votes ozzy.

Three votes ozzy.

Seventh person voted out of "survivor: south pacific." lucky seven.

Ozzy,you need to Bring me your torch.

- Gladly.
- See you tomorrow,man.

- You can do it,man.
- Yeah,you can do it.

Ozzy,the tribe has Spoken.

Y you will have a chance to get Back in this game.

I'm looking forward to it.

Grab your torch head To redemption island.Good luck.

- Sleep well.
- Be right back.

Well,you just made One of the biggest moves in the History of this game

based on One big assumption.

That the merge is next.

You'll find out soon enough if You were right.

Grab your stuff,head back to Camp.
Good night.

stay tuned for scenes From our next episode.

Next time on "survivor":

with the potential Merge on the horizon,

for ozzy's Plan to work he has to win at Redemption.

It is hanging on by the edge of The pole.

And cochran has to stay loyal.

First you get the ego maniac Voted out.

Then you get his idol.

Then you get the million Dollars.

Survivor: South Africa
Season 23 Episode 07

- Hello,hello.
- Who is it?

The move to get myself voted Out

is probably either the Stupidest thing I could have Done

or it's one of the most Iconic moves in "survivor" History.

- What happened?
- So lame.

- *********
- *******

Yes. how did you know?