Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 9 - Survivor - full transcript

With a double tribal council sending two more castaways to Redemption Island, paranoia sets in and causes one castaway to dig deep for a chance to prolong their life in the game.

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Previously on "survivor":

sarita drops out of the duel.

Matt seized the moment,and
will re-enter this game.

As matt's time at redemption
island finally came to an end,

the tribes were merged.

But matt was unsure about sticking
with the tribe that voted him out

or making a brand new alliance.

Rob and the former ometepe tribe
had a narrow advantage at 6-5,

but ralph,from the
former zapatera tribe,

had a hidden immunity idol,that
could be used to even things out.

We play the idol and then all we've got
to do is reel matt in and we're good.

At the immunity challenge
the situation improved for rob

when his closest ally won.

Mike falls out of the challenge.

Natalie wins first individual immunity!

And when he finally got all the original
ometepe tribe members on his side,

he was back in complete control.

I don't want to switch.
I don't want to flip.

If it's god's will he'll take
me as far as he wants me to go.

*** Rob was thrilled

when ralph played the hidden
immunity idol that he should have kept

and matt trusted rob again and
paid the price,a second blindside.

Matt,once again,the tribe has spoken.

Matt is now headed for redemption island

where at least one of you will
have to face him in a duel,

and i have a feeling forgiveness,not
going to be on his mind.


First and foremost,i'd
like to congratulate myself

on being the most naive person to
ever play the game of "survivor.

" fool me once,shame on you.

Fool me twice,shame on me.

So i am reaping the
benefits of my-- my shame.

I can't believe i got blindsided
twice by the same people.

Like,i feel like a moron.

It's like it's the biggest
practical joke in the world

that's being played right now.

I'm trying to figure out
what exactly the plan is,

but i told you i'd stay here as long
as you wanted me to,and i guess--

i guess you wanted me to
come back and say,"here i am.

" i trust you. This is your will.

You're using my stupidity for glory.



A very,very smart play
by them last night.

Don't say "them."

- well,by rob.
- ***

That was,like,straight mob style.

He just eliminated the
wild card altogether.

I thought last night's
move by rob was genius.

This was,like,a hit
straight out of a mob movie.

Like,the guy comes back.

There's little question about
whether or not you can trust him,

but you just welcome him back
in and you pat him on the back,

you sit down and you
have dinner with him

and go out on the fishing
boats and kill him.

- Hey,rob?
- Yes.

- As much as i hated it.
- Yeah.

- It was a brilliant move by you guys last night.
- Thanks.

- Well played.
- Yeah. I appreciate it.


Man,it's part of the game,unfortunately.

- Yeah. Poor kid.
- Yeah.


For them to send matt back to
redemption was just cold-blooded.

I mean,do--
it's a game,

but do you not have any feeling
at all for a human being?

You got,like,the

- superman.
- Superman!

So,you know,with people
like that playing the game,

there's no breaking that barrier.

That's how we feel right now.

There's no breaking their loyal shield.

- What's that?
- Am i on the chopping block?

Chop block? Oh,the chopping block?

Am i the one they're going to send home?

Oh,i can't talk about anything
like that. We don't know.

Hey,if you were in the top three,

i-- i'll definitely vote
for you and not boston rob.

You can try,but still
we haven't talk--

we haven't decided
yet. Kind of pointless.

- All righty.
- All righty?

It's a hard--
it's a hard game.

Now since we're merged we
have no control,i don't think.

That's very aggravating.

I have no clue what's going on.

They won't let us know nothing.

I mean,how can we play a game when
we tonight even know where to start?

From hereon out we don't decide who's
going next until the very last minute.

- Yes.
- We're going to do the buddy system.

Nobody talks to anybody on their own.

Don't even
entertain any--

no conversation about
us just the weather and--

we're guaranteed to go to the final six.

All of us. Here we go,ometepe.


Voting matty off last night
accomplished one main goal

and that was bringing the old
ometepe tribe much closer together.

I have a whole vision that i'm
trying to put into action here--

keeping us versus them mentality,

thus,the separate shelters,the
separate eating times.

I want my group to hate zapatera.

It's us versus them,and
we're better than them.

And we're going to be arrogant
about it,and we're going to show it.

I'm not. But i want them to.

Because i want their votes
at the end of the day.


- Ashley didn't tell you?
- No.

Ralph pulled her aside
and was like,"i want you--

like,if you make it to the
top three,i'm voting for you.

" and he was like are
you going to tell rob?

And she said no,he doesn't need to know.

Good. Thanks for telling me.

Thank you for being honest.

So natalie just came and told me
that ralph approached ashley and said

if she makes it to the top
three he's voting for her.

He's doing that so ashley makes
a case to not vote off ralph.

We're going to vote
his ass off gay anyway.

Okay. He's not going
to vote for me,ralph?

He's not going to vote for ashley,

because she ain't going to be
there now and it's your fault.

Ashley,you could have made it to the end

but you decided not to tell me anything.

You have to tell me everything.

It's my game. I'm in charge.

Come on in,guys!

Phillip did you have a
collision with a hawk?

No,i didn't have a collision.

I had a meditation &
tend of the meditation

i asked for a sign and out this feather.

- Literally out of thin air?
- Out of thin air.

So all things look good for you today.

It looks good for the alliance
of the former ometepe tribe.

All right,you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?


Natalie,gotta take back the necklace.
You don't even want to help me.

I know.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will
dig down to retrieve a club

and use it to smash a tile.

The first six move on to the next round

where you must submerge
your head in a water trough,

take in a mouth full of water,

then call under the trough,spit
the water into a bowl,

filling up a tube.

The first three move
on to the final round

where you must solve a block puzzle.

First person to get the
puzzle right wins immunity

and is safe at tribal council.

Loser,somebody will be voted
out and sent to redemption island

where matt is anxiously
awaiting your arrival.

All right,guys,we'll draw
for spots and get started.

All right,here we go. First
six move on to the next round.

Survivors ready? Go!

You've got to dig up the club,untie
the knots,and then smash the tile.

Everybody doing a nice job.

Grant and rob are through. Hello!

Ralph is through. Mike is through.

We're looking for two more spots.

David working on his knots.

Julie working on those knots.

Steve working on his knots.

David and julie moving on!

Here we go. First three to
finish move on to the final round.

Survivors ready? Go!

You've got to submerge your
head,get water,crawl under,

and spit it into your bowl.

Grant and rob doing a very good job.

Yeah,grant,you're doing it baby.

Great job. Great job,grant,keep it up.

Keep pushing,keep pushing.

- Grant very fast in this challenge.
- Keep it up,boys!

Three people are moving on.

Keep it up,grant,keep it up,grant.
You're killing it baby,that's it.

Grant very close now.

Mike very close. One
more gulp could do it.

- A big one,rob. Come on,baby,you got it.
- *** Keep it up,rope rob.

This is it. This is it.

Will this be enough for grant?

- Grant moving on!
- Good job,grant.

Mike,moving on! One spot left.

Dig! Let's go,dig!

- Keep going,rob,come on.
- Can rob do it right here?

No. David very close.

David moving on to the final!

It is grant,mike,and david in
the final round for immunity.

Survivors ready? Go.

You will recognize this puzzle
from our very first challenge.

We had awe large version of this.

Solid colors will be on
the inside and the bottom.

The pattern will be on the outside.

You got it.

- Take your time,grant. There you go,baby.
- Good job,grant.

Two former zapatera,one former ometepe.

It is one merged tribe but as
we found out at the last tribal,

that does not mean
everybody is getting along.

A win here would be nice
at tribal council tonight.

Grant doing a nice job.
If he's right,he's close.

Mike right on his tail.

Come on,mike. You can do it,man.

- Just focus. You got it.
- Come on,mike,you got it.

Doing a good job,grant.

Grant thinks he's getting closer.

Big immunity on the line.

Grant and mike both trying
to fit their last piece.

- Yeah,baby.
- Yeah,grant!

Work it,grant.

- Grant thinks he has it.
- Yeah,there you go.

Grant wins immunity!

Grant,come on over

nice job,man.

Grant safe from the vote
tonight at tribal council.

As for the rest of you,somebody
will be sent to redemption island.

Grab your stuff,head back to
camp. See you tonight at tribal.


Today's immunity challenge
was so close,so close.

It was,like,well,you know,prepare
yourself for tribal council.

It's going to be one of
the five of us tonight

unless we can pull off
a miracle,a hail mary.

I was looking at you .

- Let's go just jump in and crash their party.
- I don't want to do that.


I do now.

Why has the flagpole moved?

I don't know. It could be a hidden idol.

You know,i think we're all preparing

to potentially go to redemption island.

We tossed around the idea

of trying to see if we can
woo some of the ometepe tribe,

but rob's got them on such lockdown.

I mean,he's like the--
he's like the prison guard.

They're digging at
the flag. Let's go dig.

- Come on.
- What?

Come on,come on!

Oh,they're covering it back up!

They're coming back.

Let's screw with them.

What are we digging?

- I think we interrupted something.
- ***

We were just looking for rocks.

Rocks? I found a couple.

There are rocks over there.
All you can eat rocks.

We'll stand back and watch.

You might want to go until we hit water.

- Might be able to get it.
- Yup.

Immediately upon returning
from the challenge,

mike and i decided to
look under the flag.

We had a thought that maybe
an idol had been placed there.

But the murlonio crime syndicate
decide to get shovels out

and dug a few feet deep around the area.

By that point in time we had
pretty much come to the conclusion

that there was nothing there.

- Anything?
- No. Not yet.

I thought there was an
idol under the flag,though.

- Really?
- The zapatera tribe could really use it.

They came running back,grabbed shovels.

They thought we were
looking for an idol,

and i think rob thinks to some degree
that we may have found it before--

before they were able to
get back with the shovels.

Well,we tried.

Here's the thing-- i still
can't shake this idol paranoia.

Like,idols are what
killed me last time around,

and i'm still struggling with them.

I know i have one idol.

But last night at
tribal,ralph played his idol.

So i believe another idol
could be in play at this point.

They're freaking out now because they think
we might have found it under the flagpole.

Isn't if fun playing with these
clowns over here on this other tribe?

Tonight,we basically
have to make up a vote

that could potentially
cost me my "survivor" life.

Let's go around. Who
does everybody think?

I would go with ralph.

But who is our biggest
threat at this point?

- It's either mike-- - i
would either do mike or david.

David is strategically smart
but we also have to think about

who is going to have the best
chance to beat matty at redemption.


No. David.

So we have to pick
someone to vote out tonight

knowing the possibility that
person may actually have an idol

or somebody else may have one
and give it to that person.

This is one of those times in
"survivor" where you have to gamble.

Hold my hand. My hand. Get your buddy.

- I have to go to the bathroom.
- I have to go,too.

- We'll go up here.
- We've got to go,too.

So,phillip,your prediction that
the feather would bring good luck

to a former ometepe member came true.

Grant wins immunity,safe tonight
at the vote. You knew that.

My great-great-grand father,a
full-blooded cherokee,

came to me in a meditation,and he
told me that was what would happen.

He also stated the former ometepe
shall live long in "survivor" lore.

Mike,there's six ometepe.
There's five zapatera.

You guys are in trouble right now.

You know,you come into a tribal
council with zero optio options,

and it's not a fun situation.

Julie,do you look at these six and
think somebody is on the bottom?

Absolutely. It's obvious who we think
is at the bottom but they have no idea.

So,then,david,of the
six,who is on the bottom?

We think phillip.

I enjoy being on the
bottom. If that's where i am.

It's a nice place to be. You can
look up and see what's going on.

If someone said to me,"you're the
guy that's always getting the wood.

You're the guy that's
always fetching the water.

" guess what,being one of 12
members in my family,it's funny.

I did that as a child.

And you know what,i have a new
family right now here on "survivor.

" that's right.

Matt thought you guys
were his family,too.

So,ralph,you're trying to find a way in,

but right now they're
just block everything.

I'm not going to give up,jeff.

If i'm still here in the morning,i'm
going to push like the dickens.

I might get a feather
tomorrow. You never know.

It takes courage and determination

and knowing when to hold
your tongue to get a feather.

Oh perform so you can
hold your tongue,right,huh?

Apparently so,i'm still here.

God bless him. He might
go out on the beach

and a whole bird might fall down
and get a whole bunch of feathers.

Mike,what do you make
of phillip's feather?

You know,i think it's
an insecurity thing.

I think phillip is
struggling to find himself.

I don't think he knows who he is.

You're right,i'm a guy with a
college degree,became a special agent,

serving three different
agencies and served the army

and received the second highest
medal they give during peace time.

- Give it up.
- ***

- You sound like a lunatic.
- You what you sound like?

An educated person.

The one at the bottom of the
cesspool struggling to get out of it.

Phillip never ceases to amaze me.

You'll be amazed when
i see you sail away.

I really have no idea
who is going home tonight.

Do the five of you have
any idea who it will be?

I have a pretty good idea it
will be one of the five of us.

All right,grant has the immunity
necklace. You cannot vote for grant.

Everybody else is fair game. It
is time to vote. Mike,you're up.

Phil,you are one odd duck,brother.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

All right,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,phillip.


That's three votes phillip.

Phillip. Four votes phillip.

That's five votes phillip.


Mike. Two votes mike.

Mike. Three votes mike.

Mike. That's four votes mike.

Mike. Five votes
mike,five votes phillip.

One vote left.

Ninth person voted out of rile
"survivor: redemption island,"

mike. You need to bring me your torch.

Mike,the tribe has spoken.

You'll had to redemption island

- where you will have a chance to get back in this game.
- Very well.

Well,it's pretty clear
that the former zapatera

are on the wrong side of the numbers

which means you have to keep
digging,trying to find a way in.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp. Good night.

Stay tuned One more survivor
will be voted out tonight.





you ain't***

i know that.

Tonight's tribal council
was pretty interesting.

I think the biggest
thing i took away from it

is that phillip is slowly
becoming a very loyal soldier.

Which is good for me.

i should***

And even when faced with "you're
at the bottom of the pack" comment,

by the other tribe,he respond
that,"i love being at the bottom.

That's where i'm comfortable.

" i'm very happy that
phillip is obeying and doing

as he's told and he'll
be rewarded for it.




Phillip's not really crazy.
He's kind of playing crazy.

But he is a little crazy.

So even this early,i'm still thinking
about my end game and the jury.

So as far as phillip and i
go,phillip's at the top of my list.

He's my number one. That's
all he needs to know.

So natalie and phillip are
coming to the final three with me.

- ***
- ***

Thank you,sir.

Could you-- could
you and andrea share?

Yes,absolutely. Thank you.

Everybody thinks phillip is naive.

Phillip is idiot.
Phillip is a crazy guy.

This is a game.

Everybody wants to stand
at final with a guy like me

who has been polarizing,insulting,

and so knowing boston
rob the way i know him,

he's thinking,who can
i have stand next to me

and who doesn't look so pretty?

Fill sheppard.

But i'm a smart guy. I'm a complex
person,and i gotta make something happen.

But there's a time for
that and now isn't the time.

Today's the day.

I have to do something.

Good luck.


- I understand that.
- Okay.

- That's all i gotta do is go talk to them.
- No.


you get***

you get one try***

if you don't get some progress on
the first chance,then it's over.

Going over there
and ruining it now--

that's what i'm saying. You don't
know what they're going to do.

- Don't do something stupid.
- All right.

We need to get this game on the road.

Time's ticking. We're getting close
on time. We've got to make some moves.

You know,a tribe that sticks
together ends together.

- And what they want to have
happen-- - until you merge.

and when you merge,it's
about one on one.

you wanna***

I'm really not concerned.

I just want to talk to
you,and nobody wants to talk.

There's nothing to talk about.

There's a whole lot to
talk about. This is a game.

We're not here to talk
about the game with you.

If you wanted to talk about your
steers and how you started your farm,

we'll be happy to hear it,for
a little bit-- for a little bit.

- I want to give you my opinion.
- ***

As my grandmother used
to say,opinions are like.

You can talk aboutaa that at home.


You came over. I was having
a private conversation.

Most people say,"excuse me. "
anyway,back to our conversation.

- He's so nuts.
- ***

When nobody is willing to play
the game it's not a lot of fun.

We're just sitting here to
hang on as long as we can,

and there are no guarantees that
i'm not already the next on the list.

Come on in,guys!

- They look good,phillip?
- Oh,yeah,baby.

Well,i'm happy to tell you

that today everybody will have an
opportunity to feast on cheeseburgers.

- Shall we get to it?
- Yes.

First things first.
Grant,take back the necklace.

My goodness!

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you are going to
hang from a bar for as long as you can.

After 20 minutes,you'll be
allowed to use your legs only.

Once you drop from the
bar,you're out of the challenge.

Last person left hanging wins
immunity,is safe at the vote.

Losers,somebody will be voted
out and sent to redemption island.

Now to the cheeseburgers.

You're going to each take a
white rock and a black rock.

Take one of each. Individual decision.

You're going to keep this
secret until i ask you.

Black rock means i want to
play. I want a shot at immunity.

White means i'm eatin'.

Everybody put your palms
out where i can see them.

Everybody reveal.

Only two people opting to eat.

Phillip is going to eat cheeseburgers.

Steve is going to eat cheeseburgers.

Everybody else fighting for immunity.

We'll draw for spots
and we'll get started.

All right,go ahead and
get in your positions.

Everybody looking good.

All right,this challenge
is on. Start eating.

You have 26 burgers over
there,and a huge bowl of fries.

I can smell them from here.

- Rob losing his hat.
- Hang in there grant,rob.

How are those burgers?

- Good stuff?
- Amazing.

Those burgers better be good.

You're giving up immunity and a
shot,potentially,at a million dollars.

Rob struggling to get comfortable.

Eight people trying to win immunity.

We switch to legs only after 20 minutes.

Rob can't hang on any longer.

Rob is first out.

Rob will take a spot on the bench.

Now he's going to have to sit within
inhaling distance of those burgers.

Looking awesome,an tree. Keep it
up,ashley. You guys look great.

I'm concerned about david,though,his
head is starting to turn blue.

I'm very,very glad that
phillip is conceed for me.

No love lost between david and phillip.

I have no problem with phillip.

I have lot of problems with david.

Do you think you guys will
be friends afterwards,david?

Best friend.


elapsed burgers***

All right,we're going
to move to legs only.

This is going to increase
the difficulty quite a bit.

You will have to let go of
your arms when i count you down.

Five,four -- let them
go-- three,two,one.

- And we're good.
- Way to go,ralph. Hang in there big guy.

Aarrggh! I can't do this.

Julie drops from the
bar,cannot hang on any longer.

We are down to six.

My leg's going numb. Oh,man!

One little touch and you're out.

Grant starting to slip.

Grant is out. And ralph
is out right behind him.

David,david,david you're locked in.

- We are down to four.
- That's okay,girls hang in there.

David is starting to make
little adjustments,guys.

Yeah,it's called scratching my ass .

David,the last remaining
former zapatera member

fighting for immunity against
the three ometepe women.


You've been up there 45 minute now.

This is all about will
power,desire right here.

This is not pleasant.

- Keep it up,ashley.
- Oh,my god!

Way to go,david. Hang in there,brother.

I'm sure the circulation in the
bottom half of your legs is long gone.

Fight through this pain.

Whoever wins this
challenge is earning it.

There is no question about it.

- Natalie,hang in there.
- David,david,natalie's hurting,brother.

Keep hanging,girl. You have two
legs on it. He only has one leg.

That leg is going to be decapitated.

Keep it up,girls. Keep it up.

Hang in there,david. Be strong.


David cant hang on any longer.
David is out of the challenge.



I really want this one. If there's
another one-- will you let it go,ash?


- Do it!
- One,two,three!

Ashley goes in first,then
natalie,andrea wins individual immunity.

Way to do it,girls.

Take a spot on the bench.

- Way to go,david. Good job.
- Thanks.

Good job.

Andrea,wobble on over here

- how are those legs feeling?
- Actually,they're feel pretty good.

Nice job,great effort.

Andrea safe at tonight's tribal council.

Everybody else,after 24 days,

one of you will be voted out
and sent to redemption island,

where you'll meet matt and mike.

You have the afternoon to
figure out who it's going to be.

I will see you at tribal. Nice job.


I just want to say what a
great job we all did today.

A win is always important.
I never want to lose.

I always like to have an edge.

I don't want the zapatera
people to have immunity.

I don't want them to
have any kind of momentum.

I don't want them to feel
like they have any power.

So as long as someone
from our side wins,

i'm going to be happy at this point.

our*** I wonder***

I'm going to look.

Hey,we got all kinds of fish!

- We got 50 fish!
- Shut up!

I ain't kidin'. All kinds
of them! Bring a basket.

- Are they alive or are they dead?
- They're all dead.

If they're dead,you can't eat them.

They're still in good shape.

- No.
- They're not?

See it? It's like rigor
administratori t in.



Rob is trying to tell his
people that fish isn't any good.

They're all soft,still.
They're all still soft.

I think rob just doesn't want his
people to take anything from us.

I ain't***

Now,if rob were to catch all that fish,

that would have been a different story.
They would have been feasting over there.

- Oh,man. Those big fish are good.
- I'll have a little piece of that.

I'm hungry,bro.

- Just don't let it affect your judgment.
- Yeah.

It's just going to take a day
to get these hunger pangs away.

Here's the thing i'm running
my tribe like the army.

Ime the general,they're soldiers

and they're all doing as they're
told which is a wonderful thing.

- Grant,
- come taste this. It's awesome.

- How is it?
- Come take just a taste.


There's no food out here,so i'll
eat anything,no matter what rob says.

This is a good one. I don't know
what the name of this one is.

I'm my own man,i make my own decisions.

I don't think there's
a dictatorship going on.

- Grant,
- we have so much really.

He's been constructed not to.

He controls their diet. It's amazing.

The ometepe tribe was
told not to eat the fish.

I don't know if rob
wants to keep them weak

or he just wants to maintain
control over them. It's cult-like.

He showed the power that he has

by just instilling fear in everyone
with the whole matt situation.

If you give any inclination
you're waivering in your loyalty,

he'll cut your head off then and there.

So nobody is going to cross him.

I've just got to sleep
for a couple of hours.

I'm living on a cup of rice,and
it's getting really old.

You know,what it comes down
to tonight is david or steve.

I'm not going to last much
longer,to be honest with you.

Do i eliminate what i consider

the biggest strategical
threat in the game right now,

or to i give the old
dying t-rex what he wants?

Because i think he wants to
go home and get rid of steve,

it may give me a jury vote.

I mean,i've been known to have a
mercy killing in me from time to time.

Haven't i?

- Phillip,same feather?
- Absolutely.

Have you had any other meditations?

Well,that's part of it. But there's
also,for the first time in 22 seasons,

a highly effective and beauteous and
glorious operation in effect right now.

- Which is what?
- It's called stel stellth.

Stealth r us.

And i am known as the specialist.



We have here,boston rob,the mineralist.
Principal responsibilities --

to develop strategies for challenging

and develop strategic
alliances that are impervious.

We're grant?

The destroyer of aspirations.
Better than known as the assassin.

Principal responsibilities -- to go out
and compete destroying any competitor.

And i forgot to mention the three degrees
who are highly effective,formidable,agile,

and have supreme abilities to focus
their mind like they did today.

Ralph,pretty tough to beat stealthr us.

It is. You reckon his
grandfather told him

to sit on the bench and
eat hamburgers today?

I guess the argument would
be does "stealthr us care?

I think it's pretty clear my tribemates
know what i bring to the table.

And,yes,it was difficult
for them to see me do that

but they know where my heart is.

Today i ate and i make
no apologies for that.

Steve,what about you? What was
the rationale sitting out today?

This is a time when you
need immunity more than ever.


I made the decision to take
the food and hope for the best.

Phillip,do you see any of the
zapateras trying to find a crack

in the stealth r us organization?

They are doing what they can
to try to make that happen

but our alliance is so strong,

we have a buddy system,and
it's highly effective.

A buddy system.

They are never alone,ever.
They're always with somebody else.

Rob has complete control over them.

It's not even a tribe. It's a cult.

David,at this point,everybody on
zapatera's got to be thinking one thing--

as long as it isn't me tonight. Correct?

There's that,definitely,but
at the same time,

with the numbers the way they are here,

it's virtually irsurmountable,

so the other phase of the
game,redemption island,

may be a better tactic to try
to advance yourself that way.

All right,andrea has the immunity
necklace. You cannot vote for andrea.

Everybody else is fair game. It
is time to vote. Andrea,you're up.


Hopefully this works.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now wouldn't time to do so.

Once decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,rob.


Rob. It says,"please
count this as four robs."

- it will only count as one.
- I couldn't help but try.

That's four votes rob.



David. That's three votes david.


David. That's five votes
david. Four votes rob.

Tenth person voted out the
"survivor: redemption island," david.

You need to bring me your torch.

David,the tribe has spoken.

You'll now head to redemption island

where you will have a chance
to get back in this game.

- All right.
- Good luck.


Well,if you're a former
zapatera,it's pretty clear--

you have to continue
to try to find a way

to crack the stealth
"r" us organization.

Next time on "survivor":

phillip takes issue with steve.

You don't start nothing
there won't be none.

But if you start it,i'm
going to finish it

you now called me crazy.

That's what happens when some white folks they
like to take a black man and make them crazy

when he makes an argument
that you don't want to hear.

And you know what i got to
say about that? You are crazy.

The last few days have
been really frustrating.

It seems like every time
the wheels start to spin

and i start to be able to play the game,

that the brakes are put
on it by somebody else.

- Knock,knock.
- Who is that?

- David murphy.
- What!