Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 2 - Survivor - full transcript

One castaway's kind gesture causes others to take notice and question his loyalty to the tribe, while Francesca settles into solitary life on Redemption Island and speculates who will join her next.

Previously on Survivor:

16 castaways were airlifted
to a remote beach in Nicaragua.

Welcome to Survivor!

Where they were surprised by two of
survivor's most villainous rivals.

Boston Rob!

Boston Rob and Russell Hantz.

These two offer 156 days
of "Survivor" experience.

Rob, you join Ometepe.

- Russell Hantz, you join Zapatera.
- Come on, Russell, let's go.

All right! There is one more twist.

When you are voted out,
you will not go home.


Instead you will be sent to Redemption
Island, where you will live alone.

When the next person joins
you on Redemption Island,

the two of you will
square off in a duel.

- What?
- The winner stays...

The loser it out of the game for good.

At the Zapatera tribe,
Russell lost no time

aligning with the
pretty young tribemate.

When we get to the
merge, it will be over.


But everyone else immediately
figured out what Russell was up to.

At this point, get Russell
gone as soon as possible.

At the Ometepe tribe,
almost everyone fell

under Boston Rob's
charismatic spell.

It's such a blessing to have Rob here.

We might as well call it
camp harmony right now.

But Kristina decided Rob was
too dangerous to keep around,

so she joined forces with Phillip
and Francesca to get him out.

- I'm totally on board.
- Okay, cool.

And when Kristina found
the hidden immunity idol,

her plan seemed foolproof.


At tribal council Phillip
turned on his allies

and spilled the beans
to his entire tribe.

- You and "Francuesca"
- Francesca.

Francesca approached me to go along with
them because she has an immunity idol.

- Jeff, I'm a former special agent.
- You are a crazy person.

Francesca was voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

But you will have a chance to
re-enter this game. Take your torch.

Head to redemption island.

Ah, good times.

After what happened at tribal council
tonight, it's been kind of downhill.

Now Redemption Island,
my mind is just racing.

I don't think I'm
going to sleep tonight.

I don't really see how
I can sleep tonight.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

"Life on Redemption Island"

"You will have basic supplies to
help you maintain your world here"

"You will receive a ration of rice
each day and plenty of drinking water"

"At a certain point, the remaining
person on Redemption Island"

will re-enter the game and resume their
quest for the title of Sole Survivor

"and the million-dollar
prize. Good luck"

Tribal council was crazy. I thought
that it would be, but not like that.

Phillip totally just flipped
out and said a lot of things.

And I certainly wasn't expecting
to be voted out, but it's all right.

I have a second chance.
Here I am on my island.

Please, God, tell me I have flint.

Oh, wonderful. Wonderful,
wonderful. Okay.

I think that coming to Redemption Island
could be the best thing for my game

because, you know, I was on good
terms with everyone in my tribe,

but I was not part of,
like, the core alliance.

So if I can make it out here and
come back at some point in the game

when things are changing because
things are change every day,

I could still win "Survivor"

Let's see if I can start
a fire all by myself.

I'm actually not sad at all that
I'm not going back to my camp

because I'd much rather be here
than still be back in the game

with Phillip and all those people.

Oh, God.

- That was... That turned...
- That whole thing...

That was one of the wildest tribal
council I've ever been a part of.

- Really?
- They were yelling at each other.

- It was pretty wild.
- Yeah!

The tribal council didn't
go exactly as I had hoped.

It would have been perfect if I
hadn't mentioned anything to Phillip

at all about having the
hidden immunity idol.

I lost the battle, but it's
not the end of the game.

I still have the idol
in my possession,

and I am so grateful I
did not play that thing.

I'm so happy.

- Can I talk to you fair second?
- Yeah, yeah.

Step over here, please.

I know for a fact that
Kristina and Phillip were lying

but it doesn't take a genius
F.B.I. man to figure that out.

All you had to do was look at their
faces and watch their lips moving.

- I almost got duped tonight, today.
- Yeah.

I want to say some things
from my heart to you.

Until I go to Redemption
you own my vote.


When I come back, I'm a
competitor like I said.

This guy Phillip, F.B.I., whatever
Special Agent, he is a piece of work.

He told me that I own his vote
for the rest of the time he's here

until he goes to Redemption Island.

I want to play to the level of
integrity that when I say something,

it means something. That's really...

I don't know if he's delusional.
I think he's a good-hearted guy.

I do. Just might not all be there.

Let it be a lesson to you...
Government jobs, stressful.

Let's get to six and then we can
play all the strategy we want.

But, like, let's just get to six first.
I'm not making any bones about it.

This is my alliance. That's it.

And now once we know
who we're voting for,

now we know we don't tell anybody else.

Vote Phillip. Phillip's gone.

With the exception of Phillip's little
twist where he decided to out Francesca,

things went pretty
much according to plan.

It seems as if this group of players
knows how to follow directions.

Phillip it did it to
himself. He's an idiot.

Just try to win a couple of challenges
before we have to let him go.

I'm down with that.

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Right there. Look at
that. Just missed him.

When I went hunting
for the crabs, you know,

you find yourself going
back to that primal state.

There's a part of that comes to a place
where you realize here in Survivor,

you are going to be
tested in so many ways.

The fine specimen is
creeping up on his prize.

- He has his pink shorts on.
- Thee traps the crabs.

When I revealed to the girls
that I was a form Federal Agent,

it was designed to let the girls
know that I am a trustworthy person

and at tribal council last night,
Francesca maligned my character

and I was definitely
impacted emotionally,

because one of the things about
me is that I love my country.

Having worn the uniform...

that I swore that I was prepared to...

to protect and defend,

to have her try to take
some of that pride I have,

and having served as a
Special Agent and earned

the right to be called "trustworthy,"
it hurt me. It made me angry.

I had lots of emotional
feelings going on.

Got one! Got one!

And I think the best lesson I
got last night for me personally

besides the game aspect was
I still love Phillip Sheppard.

He's a good guy. And that's okay.

Killed one with a stone, baby.

You are a legend, sir.

These fools that I'm dealing
with, they ain't too bright.

And poor old Ralph. That dude might
be the dumbest player to ever play.

He might be the dumbest player
person on the face of the earth.

Besides... be the dumbest
player on Survivor.

**** It's pitiful.

But I've got a good player with
me. Stephanie's a good player.

Now all I need is Kristin.
Three worked for me before.

I believe it just
might work for me again.

Okay, you know what we need to do?

Next challenge, for reward, there
might be a clue for the hidden idol.

What we're going to have to do is
you're going to have to look everywhere.

- I'm going to tell Stephanie the same.
- Okay.

I'm going to start looking for
the idol without the clue today.

So... I come to realize that I
can trust nobody but my people.

Krista and Stephanie, my
alliance, my two girls. That's it.

I believe that's all I have right now.

They have one somewhere
for sure. Look in trees.

Right now, I have to go all
out. So my plan is find the idol.

Yeah, you've seen me play before.

You know what you seen?
You seen me finding idols.

That's what you seen.
It's how I play this game.

Russell is running around
looking for the idol.


Dadgum ants!

Hey man, I found the
Immunity Idol. Hot doggie!

I was picking up rocks. Oh,
here comes some more people.

I was picking up a few rocks, and I
just happened to look in that stump,

and I thought what's
that rock doing in there

and I pulled it out
and there lay the idol.

I just can't believe
I found it that easy.

Russell thought he was
king at finding them idols.

He knows where they're
at. That was simple as...

wiping your hiney with toilet paper.

So, Russell, eat your
heart out, man.

Oh, baby, you're mine.

It gives me a certain peace knowing
I'm not out here by myself, you know.

I was praying God would
put me in an alliance...

like the kind he wanted me
to be in. I'm pretty thrilled.

Me too, me, too.

He's so hard core. You need
to come hang out in Wisconsin.

- Will you?
- Yeah.

Matt is really cute. Good to look
at, but, you know work just...

We're close, and I think we have
a little bit of loyalty going on.

- Yeah.
- Actually, yeah. ****

Matt's trying to play the good guy,
but Andrea knows what she wants,

and if she can have her little
puppy dog along for the ride,

she's going to walk him. She's going
to walk him all over this island,

and for me, that's not good
because I know how strong a pair

can be in this game. Like Amber and I.

But now I'm thinking about who I'm
going to sit next to at the end.

How's the vibe with him? Everybody good.

- Yeah, for sure.
- What about Matty and Andrea?

I think they're dangerous.

Matt's looking for a way
to get far with Andrea.

- Yeah.
- For sure.

I mean, for sure, 100%, I know that
game. I played that game with Amber.

You know.

I think Natalie's a perfect
partner at this point,

but it's going to be hard, though. It's
like, literally, picking the girl up,

putting hoar my back, and I'm
going to drag your ass to the end,

and hopefully they're going
to give it to me at the end.

The options, as I see it,
if we lose the next one,

we have to get rid of Phillip
or we have to get rid of Andrea

in order to keep the tribe strong.

Matt will get hurt by it, but we
don't have to tell Matt, you know.

- Yeah.
- All right?

Sounds good.

I'm going to make big moves,
but I really trust Rob,

and I think making big moves
along with him will be smart.

Come on in, guys!

Zapatera getting your first
look at the new Ometepe tribe.

Francesca voted out at
the last tribal council.

- What?!
- She was strong.

They're dumb.

All right you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?


First things first,
Ralph, I'll take it back.

- I'll get it back.
- Oh, yeah? All right.

See you tonight.

Phillip, does that inspire you when
somebody throws that in your face

and says: "this baby
is coming back with us"

It brings out the animal in me.
I will outlast any man over there.

- What about the women?
- That's another day. We'll see.

All right, for today's challenge,
you're going to swim oput to a platform,

climb to the top, smash a tile, and
retrieve a key, the next persons goes.

Once you've retrieved all five
keys, one person will use those keys

to open a box and retrieve a ball.

The remaining two tribe members will
use that ball to break five tiles.

First tribe to break all
five tiles wins immunity,

is safe from the vote, and
avoids Redemption Island.

In addition, you are playing for reward.

- Fishing gear.
- Oh, fishing stuff!

You've got a mask, fins. You've got
line, hook, sinker. A a fishing spear.

- Sweet!
- Big reward.

Losers, tribal council where
somebody will be voted out,

will be sent to Redemption Island,

and will have to face off
against Francesca in a duel.

Zapatera, you have one extra
tribemember. Sitting one person out.

- Who's it going to be?
- David.

David, take a spot on the bench.
Everybody else, five you a minute

to strategize and we'll get started.

Here we go. For reward and
immunity, Survivors ready?


Brandt and streef in the water first.

Brandt almost gets there
just on his dive alone.

- Grant up quickly.
- Go baby!

Grant gets the key. He's good!

- ***
- Bring it home!

- Grant is back.
- C'mon Ashley!

- Ashley's in the water.
- Come on, Ashley!

- Rrita's in the water.
- Come on, Ashley!

Ashley now with a leave on Ometepe.
Sirita trying to pick up some ground.

Ashley with a nice
smash and grabs the key.

- Yeah, way to go!
- Sarita smashes her tile.

Ashley is back. Matt is in the
water. Sarita trying to get back.

Matt already to the
platform. Sarita's back.

- Julie's in the water for Zapatera.
- Yeah, baby!

- Matt has the third key for Ometepe.
- Go, go, go!

Andrea with a belly flop in the water.

Julie smashes a tile. Julie's
got to get the key now.

- Andrea in the air.
- Right there!

Ometepe with a one-key lead.
Russell in the water for Zapatera.

Boston Rob now going for
that fifth key for Ometepe.

- You got it!
- Go, Russell!

Russell smashes the tile. And
comes up with the key in hand.

Come on, Rob!

Rob smashes the tile and
comes up with the key in hand.

Mike in the water for Zapatera.
Rob back with the fifth key.

Natalie now working on those locks.

Mike has the fifth andifiable
final key for Zapatera.

Zapatera was behind
but they have caught up.

Stephanie now working on the locks.
There are five keys. Only three locks.

Stephanie has the first
lock undone for Zapatera.

*** spin it back the
other way. There you go!

Natalie has her first lock undone.

Stephanie has the second
log undone for Zapatera.

Natalie has the second lock open.
Stephanie has all three locks open.

She's got the box
open. There's one ball.

Take your time.

- Natalie has the third lock open.
- Hand me the ball. Hand me the ball.

It is Ralph and Phillip tossing balls.

Phillip breaks the
first tile for Ometepe.

Ralph breaks the first
tile for Zapatera.

Let's go, Phillip, you got this.

Ralph breaks the second
tile for Zapatera.

Ralph breaks the third
tile for Zapatera.

- Let's see that animal, Phillip.
- Come on! Come on, baby, here we go!

Ralph breaks the fourth
tile for Zapatera.

One more tile and they
win immunity and reward.

Daggone it!

Ometepe breaks their second tile.

Ralph just misses.

- Ometepe breaks their third tile.
- You got this, Ralph, you got it.

- Dang!
- Ralph all around that last tile,

but can't break it. Ometepe
breaks their fourth tile.

It is 4-4. One tile left.

Ralph breaks the fifth tile!
Zapatera wins reward and immunity.

What is he doing?

Matt's shaking the opposition's
hand after we lost the challenge.

That's despicable. When just
got our asses kicked, not once,

but twice, back to back.
I'm not going ever to

the other team and giving
them hugs and kisses.

Zapatera you said you would
win it again and you did.

Thank you! Going home.

Zapatera come colect your
reward and head back to camp.

All right, Ometepe, tribal council
once again. Somebody will be voted out.

That person will go
directly to Redemption Island

where you will join Francesca,
and you will compete in a duel.

It will be your last chance
to save yourself in this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I
will see you tonight at tribal council.

- Holy crap.
- It's getting ready to por.

We just win the challenge, so
I grab the basket because I know

if there's going to be a clue,
it's going to be in that basket.

And as I'm walking, I see a clue
slipping out of the flippers.

I don't say anything to anybody. I just
grab the clue and put it in my hand.

I know this game. This
isn't my first rodeo.

- Ralph, you were awesome.
- Here's Ralph, he's like this.

When we come back to camp, I see Russell
with a little rolled up piece of paper

and said to myself, he has got the
daggone clue out of that daggone basket,

so, Russell he's going to pay the price
because this is not Russell's game,

- This is my game.
- He's got a clue.

The clue's in the
basket. It's all of ours.

- From now on, we take the reward.
- Exactly.

**** we were dog paddling at one point.

And everybody wants to throw the baton.

She's like, "I'm great
swimming short distance"

- No, you're not.
- You suck at life, okay.

From the fishing basket right
now, you saw him take it out?

Ralph said he saw him put
something in his pocket.

Of course he did, of course he did.

After our victory, Sarita came
and told me in the fishing gear

we got was a clue, Russell stuffed
it in his pocket. Ralph saw it.

*** That's what comes from experience.
He knew the clue was in there.

Ladies, I'll give you the honor.

The guy is the most untrustworthy
character I've ever met in my life.

He preached over and
over that this game was

about trust and who
you could go deep with.

If we're in this together show
me some faith and share the clue.

Clue to hidden immunity.

"If the looming vote
has you in a scary spot,

then I'd look where something is
alive next to something that's not"

- Okay.
- Something's dead.

Something that's alive,
something that is not.

I knew they were going to be like this.

But you know what, somebody
doesn't have this clue,

it's going to be hard
to solve the puzzle.

- Obviously.
- Okay.

I have three people, three
votes. That's all I need.

I never had numbers. I
always make it to the end.

I don't need no stinkin numbers.
All I need is trust, loyalty.

That's how I play this game.

This game's gonna get very interesting.

- For sure.
- Sarita looked terrible.

- What's that?
- Sarita...

- Yeah.
- She was a weak player, a weak.

- She's weak, yeah.
- She was dog paddling at one point.

- I agree.
- It was a pitiful performance.

Yeah, we didn't do that well.
I mean, we're all players here.

Four more to win. And
I say we win them all.


Russell, there wasn't no hidden
immunity clue in that bag, was there?

- Maybe there was.
- I saw you take something. Was that it?

**** We won it. You didn't
win it. We all won it.

There wasn't no clue in there.

- Russell.
- Russell.

Calm down, guys. This
is how the game's played.

You either with me or against me.

We just want to know if
there was one in there.

- What if there was?
- No I ain't threatening you.

Though it will be all of ours.

That's not how this game
is played, my friend.

We could have easily lost, Russell...

and then where in the
hell would you have been.

- You don't got got it?
- I don't have it.

- You say you ain't got it.
- I ain't got it.

All right, big boy.

But I don't like how you coming at me.

I was just asking you.

I'm just saying I don't
like how you coming at me.

- Oh, you don't?
- No.

- I'm just asking you.
- I'm just letting you know that.

- Okay, whatever.
- I know how to play this game.

Are you trying to tell
me how to play the game?

- Thisole boy here does, too.
- Sounds good to me.

I just want to be honest with
you. You can't be honest back.

Thank you, Russell.

He's got it. It's all right. I've
already got one. I didn't need it.

I'll play his game. I'll
show him how smart I can be.

Right on.

What the hell was that? Ralph went off.

He said he knows how to play this game.

He's like, "I know how
to play this game, too"

Really? Really?

You just done that to
me, to Russell Hantz,

and you know how to play this game?

I got my luxury item today
in tree mail. It's a journal.

I have no idea what's going to happen.

I don't know when the next
person comes to Redemption Island.

I have no idea what the
duel is going to entail.

And hope we don't have to
coexist here for a while.

That would suck, especially
if that person was Phillip.

I'd like to speak for a second like
we did after the last challenge.

I'll be very brief.

Could you come over for
a second, Matt? Thanks.

So we get back from the
challenge, and once again,

we have to endure the pretribal
council before tribal council.

I want to say to all my fellow
contest arch contestantse members.

I thought you guys performed
gallantry. You were outstanding.

You should be proud of your effort.

I only wish I could have performed in my
moment as well as all of you did today.

And having said that, I
want you to know I won't be

running around saying, "will
you do this, will you do that?"

The next thing that went on a
few days ago. It's not necessary.

I'll leave it to the tribe to
decide what's best for the tribe.

Thank you. If y'all want
to say anything, feel free.


Phillip, Phillip. You did
good. It's a team effort.

We win as a team. We lose as a team.

It sucks that we have to do what we have
to do now, but that's part of the game.

- That's right.
- It could have been any of us.

Cool, let's get to work. Let's get this
place ready. Let's get that fire going.

Phillip blew the
challenge, plain and simple.

But look, we just got
our asses whipped twice,

and Matt goes to congratulate
to the other tribe,

Matt's trying to play the good
christian game and the social game

and the end game on day friggin' five.

Wake up, brother.


- Are you worried?
- That looks pretty on you.

- Oh, thanks.
- No.

Because I'm a strong man.

And if it's to be redemption,
I kind of like that name.

Tonight I'm playing the
idol. I don't have a choice.

They still have enough votes
to vote off whoever they want.

So they're no way they're not
going to take the chance and let

is slip bay again so I'm playing
it for sure, which is really sad.

So what are we doing?

I don't know, do you trust Matt and
Andrea that they'll stay with us.

Andrea is decent in challenges.
Like, she's a strength, I feel like.

- I'm telling you, man...
- I understand we...

We're in a weird spot. It's like
what do we do, get rid of Matt.

It's crazy. It's crazy. But this is
such a weird spot we're in right now.

They'll never expect four
of us to vote for Matt.

I don't want to vote
for Matt, but, honestly,

him going over to the other
tribe, it makes me sick.

- I know, it's not cool.
- It makes me sick.

It's not something you want to see
when you're in the heat of the moment

of a challenge you lost your
teammate going over and shake hands.

I don't know.

There's a time and
place for those things,

and that's that wasn't
one of those times.

We just all four for Matt?

Four of us vote for Matt and that's it.

But we tell Matt and Andrea
we're splitting votes.

And then we'll find out if
they were figuring to screw us.

We'll see when the votes
come through. You know?

I don't really want to vote Matt
out. I like him, but, hey, it happens.

The first game plan was to
vote out Phillip or Andrea.

Well, Matt's getting four votes.

I didn't want to play "Survivor"
like this. I really didn't.

I wanted to keep my team strong. I mean,
I get it. Matt's playing "Survivor"

He's playing textbook.
But he's playing with me.

All of us are safe and there's
no way any of us go home.

- So how do we want to do it?
- Let's just split it.

- Let's just split it.
- ***

- Keep it simple. ****
- Ok.

The plan is we are
going to split the votes.

Girls vote for Kristina,
guys vote for Phillip

and we're assuming Kristina will use
the idol and Phillip will go home.

- Done?
- Done.

As far as a Matt and
Andrea are concerned

we're going to split votes 3-3.

The girls are all voting for Kristine.
The guys are all voting for Phillip.

But in all actuality,
none of that is happening.

Myself, Ashley, Natalie, and
Grant, we're all voting for Matt.

And Kristine with this idol,
she better play that thing.

If she plays the idol we can break
up Andrea and Matt, it's a home run.

Could you tell me who do
you want me to vote for?

- I don't know. We'll see.
- All right.

You let me know.

He doesn't have a single
play. He has nowhere he can go.

He wants me to tell him what
to do and spare him, but...

- But it wouldn't be sparing him.
- No.

Hey, man, let's take a walk.

Every day Rob impresses me.

Like, it is unbelievable how
well he can just talk to people

and play this game and see what
they need and fulfill that need.

It's absolute amazing.

So the wheels are in motion
for everything to happen.

And everything's gonna happen
the way it should happen.

I still don't know who
it's going to be yet.

We haven't decide, but
no Matter who it is,

I'm telling you,
you're going to be fine.

- Okay I'll take you on your word, man.
- Here's the thing.

You have to... Like, first of all,

don't go off on a tirade at
tribal like did you last time.

I'm not going to do that.

I'm not trying to pull one over
on you. I have no reason to.

Phillip's a tough cookie.

I literally have to wait until one
minute before we go to tribal council.

I may actually even have to
tell him at tribal council

how to vote for because
Phillip likes it talk a lot.

He's liable to run
around and tell everybody

in the group everything we're doing.

The plan is bigger than just
tonight. So here's the deal.

When the time comes to vote,
I'm gonna take my right hand and

put it on the shoulder of the
person I want you to vote for.

- Okay?
- Okay.

But you need to feel
like you're going home.

- Okay.
- Obviously,

the way things are going,
you know, the way...

In order for everything to
work out... You're a smart guy.

You can figure out where
we're going with all of this.

So... Kind of like...
You're an actor, bro.

I know it may be me
tonight, and if it is...

Okay. You want me to say that now?

- Not right now. A little later.
- I got it.

This will be a good test to see if

Phillip does what he
says he's going to do.

And if he does, he can start to
earn his way back into the rotation.

If I get there tonight, and Phillip
starts telling everybody what I told him

Phillip will be sent packing.

Kristina, at the last tribal, a
lot of attention focused on you.

You chose not to play the idol, which
you are now wearing around your neck.

Even though everybody knew you had it,

and you were on the
hot seat a little bit.

Well, I just had a feeling
that I shouldn't play it,

that I wasn't going
to get all the votes.

It was a really tough decision, though.

Do you have a feeling tonight as to
whether or not you're going to play it?

Just a little one. Just a little one.

Phillip, I asked you
before the challenge,

does this bring out the animal
in you? And you said absolutely.

The gorilla. A powerful animal.
Won't attack unless provoked.

A lion, one of the few animal animals,

whether starving to
death, will approach.

For me, that's how I feel
about my family and my country.

You do something to the United States,
that full power is going to come at you.

You try to attack my family in
any way, you get the lion, baby.

Now, what does the lion or the gorilla
do to itself if it feels it screwed up?

I don't think a lion ever field like it
screws up, because it kind of delivers.

And a goril athey either get
beat down by another silverback,

because it's survivor of the fittest,
or they don't lose, and I lost.

And I need to suffer the
consequences of that loss.

Boston Rob, what do you say to Phillip
when he says, "look, it's all me"

- There's a whole group here.
- I think Phillip is a competitor.

He takes it very personal and very hard.

I can understand that
because I'm a competitor, too.

And I said, "look, we win
as a team. We lose as a team"

But I understand how he feels.

I'd internalize it and I'd
feel like it was my fault, too.

So, Matt, you have somebody
now saying vote me out.

I deserve it. I lost this challenge.

On the flip side, he's
one of your biggest guys.

I mean, he's a huge
asset, even around camp.

I mean, it's tough to consider voting
someone out for a single mistake.

But in this game, it can
happen as quickly as that,

and so I'm just really
not sure at this point.

There's a lot of uncertainty
with this vote for some reason.

Phillip, to work so hard to get here,

it can't be easy to be on the
verge of walking out of here.

When I get to Redemption Island,
I'm not going to lay down and die

because I'm going to have an
opportunity to meet my nemesis:

- "Franchescua"
- Yes!

Nothing like a little payback.

You're looking forward if voted out
tonight going to Redemption Island.

I would have love to have
stayed but there is some upside.

Matt, are people spending much time
talking about Redemption Island,

what it might be like, what
they're going to have to endure?

The two main questions it's kind of
focused around are how many people

come back from Redemption
Island and at what time?

It would be great if you knew that.

I mean, if we knew that, it
would be a huge advantage. But...

I mean, this rain is
coming sideways right now,

and we don't want anybody out there
by themselves, we really don't.

But that's just "Survivor" I suppose.

It is one of the unique twists
of this season of "Survivor,"

and one of you is about to join
Francesca on Redemption Island.

It is time to vote. Andrea, you're up.

Kristina, for lying
and being a manipulator,

along with your friend, Francesca.

Are you kidding me?

I hope you don't hold it against me,
bud, and we'll see you on the flip side.

I'll go tally the votes.

- If anybody has the hidden...
- Jeff...

I think I'm going to need
a little extra help tonight.

Thank you.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast against
Kristina tonight will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Kristina. Does not count.

Kristina. Does not count.

Phillip. One vote Phillip.

Phillip. Two votes Phillip.

Matt. Two votes Phillip, one vote Matt.

Matt. We're tied. Two votes
Phillip, two votes Matt.

- Matt.
- Wow.

That's three votes Matt, two
votes Phillip, one vote left.

Second person voted out of
"Survivor: Redemption Island," Matt.

You need to bring me your torch.

Good work, guys. My goodness.

Matt, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a second shot
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head
to redemption island.

Have fun.

Damn, guys.

Only your second tribal council,
and already a vicious blindside.

You guys are learning this game quickly.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor":

I'm still really pissed
about what they did.

Rob finds out hell hath has
no fury like a Andrea scorned.



I'm dealing with a bunch of bitches.

This is going to be the
biggest blindside ever.

I've been on an
emotional roller coaster.

Sometimes I feel like
I just want to go home.

And there are other times
I think Rob just set me up

to have the greatest
comeback in Survivor history.