Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 16 - Survivor - full transcript

The season's castaways reunite.

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All right!


Thank you. ****

Let's get to this vote. Here we go.

Love the enthusiasm. Nice to be live.

Well, for a season that started
old versus young, I think it

says a lot that we have three people
from the young tribe in the final.

Congratulations. But there
can only be one winner.

The winner of "Survivor:
Nicaragua" gets a million dollars.

Could be life changing.
There are nine votes in here.

These are votes for a
winner. Let's read them.

Love you, Fabio!

First vote...


One vote Fabio.

Chase. One vote Fabio, one vote Chase.

Fabio. That's two votes
Fabio, one vote Chase.

We are tied. Two votes
Fabio, two votes Chase.


That's three votes
Chase, two votes Fabio.


Four votes Chase, two votes Fabio.


That's four votes, Chase, three
votes Fabio. Two votes left.

Fabio. We are tied.

We have four votes Chase, four
votes Fabio. One vote left.

The winner of "Survivor: Nicaragua"



Come on down!

"Survivor: Nicaragua" started as a
showdown between old versus young,

Resulting in our youngest
winner ever, 21-year-old Fabio.

Was he really a goofball
or just playing cool?

NaOnka is here and she has
even more to say how she played,

Why she quit, and the parents who
want her fired from her teaching job.

Plus coach Jimmie Johnson will
share his "Survivor" experience

and he's brought along a few
of his football buddies to shed

some light on why he
was voted out so early.

It is the "Survivor: Nicaragua" reunion
show live in Hollywood, only CBS.

That's next.

My whole strategy bro, is
to kind Of make people laugh

and be all Crazy but it goes
deerm than Just oh, ha-ha.

Let's keep him around because
he's funny, it's like...

Hermit crab on my foot.

I hate playing stupid so much But it's,
like the smartest thing to do right now.

Fabio wins immunity.

I haven't double-crossed
anybody on the jury and I won

the final three immunity
challenges, and if that's not

outwit, outplay, outlast, then
maybe I'm a fool but right now,

I'm feeling like a million bucks.

Welcome to "Survivor:
Nicaragua" live reunion show.

We're in hollywood, and a huge reaction
from this house at Fabio's victory...

A lot of love.

- And a very good vote. Very close.
- Yeah!

First and most important
question, Fabio.

Did the name stick or...
because for people who might have

forgotten you actually started
thistarted this as Judson.

Yeah... And people ask me,
"so what's your real name?

People asked my mom, "why
did you name your son Fabio?"

- I'm Fabio right now.
- You're still Fabio?

I have a few characters, but, yeah.

Here is the question that was most on
my mind as we played this entire game.

I could never figure out if you
really were a goofball just kind

of stumbling along or if you
were playing a bit of a goofball

because you figured maybe
that's what people take me for.

I'll give them what they're looking for.

It comes down to knowing
yourself really well.

You can't... I'm very aware of
the vibes that I give off and

the way other people perceive
them, and I'm also aware of what

I'm getting back and if there's an
imambulance or another, I remember a few

times catching somebody, just one
little look will tell everything, dude.

What's your family history?
How did you grow up?

- How did you come to be this guy?
- Dude, I have been crazy for a while.

Really... no, a family
of artists on both sides.

My great-grandfather invented
the color wheel on my mom's side.

And my dad... my dad's
grandpa, I believe

invented the folding
card table for sampsonite.

- Really?
- So...

I have been thinking seriously
about human creative powers,

like in a physical sense almost.

And when you're down in the
jungle, there is a certain forest

down there that you can work with.

It sounds a little crazy,
but, it's there, dude, ***

And... and so the modeling
career, is it on hold?

Do we have... put something up
if we have anything of Fabio.

Because before
"Survivor"... There we go.

You were modeling and then you
end up with this name Fabio,

coincidentally, and you had
the long hair, which you cut.

What's happening? You've got
a million dollars. You're 21.

What happens tomorrow with your
life? Is it going to change?

Yeah. For sure. Yeah.

Dude, I... I don't even know, man.
I'm going to have a lot of fun.

I'm going to start a production company.

I mentioned that to you,
traveling around and doing music,

***** connecting our dots
around the world and reminding

the government, communications and
art, you know, it's like a corporation.

You have 55% of the influence, and
you get all these people together.

Yes, the entire time we were out
there you were telling me your plan,

"if I win, this is
what I'm going to do."

Chase, very close,
5-4. Very close vote.

I think the, you know,
like Fabio, for me,

anyway, there was one
real big question for you.

You came off... Even to me at
tribal council... Always wishy-washy.

red-Black, up-Down.

I was. I was wishy-Washy
the whole game.

The game drove me insane. ***

But, for me, strategy, lying to
people, stabbing people in the back.

That's the way the game is played.

If I'm bad at that and crazy about
it I'll take that as a compliment

because it really drove me crazy.

Was there anything going
on with Brenda and you

because in the beginning, it seemed like
there was a little flirtation going on?

There was. But... it
wasn't ever like that.

It really wasn't. Like,
we were just good friends,

and everyone took it as
the other way. But, I mean,

we were just good friends the
whole time. We snuggled together.

- It was a show-mance.
- ***

I couldn't do that in front of
my mom. My mom would see that.

Sash you had a little something
with brenda in another way.

In a... you have this really strong
alliance for a long time and your game

started to crumble when you
lost Brenda and then NaOnka and

Purple Kelly, which we'll get to later.

Did you ever think... did you consider
giving her the idol that night?

That was the big question of that
episode. You were tight together.

Why not save her?

I think what it didn't show
was the day before or when I was

on the zip lining reward, which was
amazing, I think Brenda and NaOnka

had a little time on the beach...

I made a big plan to take out Sash,
and that's what people don't see

- and I told a certain someone...
- You told NaOnka.

I told NaOnka, the person I
thought I could trust, and she,

of course, went and told Sash.

- So...
- And I confronted Brenda about it

before tribal council.
And I asked her...

- Pointblank.
- Did you conspire against me.


So you knew, Brenda, you
weren't getting the idol?

Yeah, but I... I mean,
there's still that...

Why? I'm going to go back to the
question I asked you at tribal.

Why wouldn't you scramble
at that point? ***

Because I was still hoping for it.

I was going to approach the people
that I started the game with,

the people that would want to
continue with me versus people

who didn't want... Wanted
me out from day one.

So it was Chase and Sash, and I
just had to keep on banking on that.

I have to make a public
apology to you, Sash,

because during casting, and even
the day before the show, I said to

Sash numerous times, "you will be the
first person voted out of your tribe"

And when I'm looking at you
snuffing your torch, just remember

that's what I'm thinking. And
here you are, in the final.

So I give it up to you.
You scrambled a lot.

- I thought of that on day 39, Jeff.
- What's that?

- I said I'd see ow day 39.
- Yes.

So, Chase, "Survivor"
is not your passion.

- I know your passion, music.
- Absolutely.

So give me... There are
so many reality shows now

that being on "Survivor" doesn't
necessarily change your life.

Has this made it harder for you to
do music or has it opened any doors?

I don't think it's done either one.

For music, the music industry,
you're going to go to Nashville,

which is where I live now,
and they'll sit there and say

"you were on Survivor? Okay.
Can you sing? Can you write?"

They don't care that
you're on "Survivor."

- And that...
- Yes, they do.

No. ***

That's fine with me. I know
the big-Time guys the in

the music industry, *** Kenny
Chesney, *** they fought to get there

*** but I'm fine fighting, doing
it the way everybody else did it.

I want to give you an opportunity.

I want "Survivor" to maybe
help you in this case.

- So we've got a guitar here...
- Yeah!

So... Chase, give us just a taste
of something that you have written.

All right, we wrote this last week ***
we recorded in EP on thursday, so...

It will be out soon so this
will be the first single.

- ***
- ***

Chase sounding pretty good
from you up here on the stage.

Still to come tonight, one of the
most despised survivors ever, NaOnka.

And one of the season's
most likable, Jane.

Plus, one of the season's
biggest underdogs, Holly, and

find out how "Survivor"
saved Jimmie Johnson's life.

We are live in Hollywood. It's the
"Survivor: Nicaragua" reunion show.

Pick it up!

- ***
- ***






Welcome back to the "Survivor:
Nicaragua" live reunion show.

Coach Jimmie Johnson, what is
it... You said in that clip we saw

toughest thing you've ever done and
you're a guy who's done a few things.

What is it about "Survivor?"

In football practice you work throughout
the day but you have a soft bed.

You have lot of food.
You have plenty water.

You know, we didn't have
water. We didn't have food.

We didn't have a soft bed.
We didn't have any sleep.

That, you know, that really played
on me more than anything else.

At night, you're cold and shivering.
You're standing by the fire.

It was the most difficult
thing I've ever gone through.

Now at my age, now these young kids they
held up a little bit better than I did.

- How old are you?
- 67.


You got fame.

One would assume you have enough
money that you're okay for the moment.

- Why do this?
- I love the show since day one.

I mean, it's been my favorite...
Other than football, my favorite show.

You know, I tried to get on this
thing about six, seven years ago

and got turned down. My wife,
Rhonda, did the little video.

We filled out all the papers.
Did everything. Turned me down.

I was just sick.

Okay, a couple of years later,
went through the whole process,

did another video, sent it all
in, I went through all the testing

and did all the physicals,
came out to L.A.,

I'm driving back to the
airport, and I got a phone call.

It was the Ssurvivor" doctor,
Dr. Horowitz, he said, "coach,

we'd love to have you, but
you got two blocked arteries."

He said, "you better
see your cardiologist."

A week later, went in, had
stents put in, lost 30 pounds.

My wife, Rondha, put me on a
strict diet, workout routine.

My cholesterol went
from 220 to under 100.

Got healthy.

So you might say "Survivor"
kind of saved my life.

And then you applied a third time.

I got healthy, so now
I can be on "Survivor."

We were glad. I want to talk...
Let's go down here in fact.

- You brought along a buddy of yours.
- Oh, yeah, I got my crew.

We've got Terry Bradshaw here.

- Mr. Bradshaw. How are you?
- How you doing.

Good, pop on up... Football
fans watch you guys every week.

- Right.
- And the Back and Forth.

Did you give him a hard time when
you found out he was doing the show?

I was in shock that he actually
it's first thing was his age.

I was worried he was going
going to kill himself.

That was the thing, really,
that bothered meet most.

We work out every saturday,
watch football all day saturday.

We're best friends and I
truly was concerned whether

or not he could survive
it. So when he got on...

of course nobody knew he got on it
until all of a sudden he's on it.

And then you're like how
long is he going to last.

And they got him off
before he hurt himself.

But, overall, you know, as you say,
for a 67 year old guy who doesn't

have the same drive because he
doesn't need the million dollars.

He has the drive. That's
where you're wrong.

- Really?
- *** He does have drive.

He loves the show, and I know for a
fact he didn't want to go off that show.

I know for a fact. He would
have liked to have stayed.

No, I don't think he
could have made it as far

as he wanted to go, but
driven he totally is.

So based on your knowledge
of how he talked about it,

where does this rank for an
experience for coach Jimmy?

I think outside of the realm
of what he's comfortable with,

which is football, this is... And his
lovely wife and his kids... Right there.

This is probably the most
important thing eave ever done

in his life because he's talked
about this, Jeff, forever.

He's talked about this show
and we both thought he was nuts.

- None of us could do it.
- You wouldn't do it?

Impossible. There's no
way I could do it, no way.

Physically, I couldn't do it.

- Well, we appreciate you coming out.
- My pleasure.

- We enjoy watching you every week.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Holly, Holly, going back
to you, or coming to you,

you lost your mind those first few
days. What happened out there, Holly?

Everything started so good, and
then the next thing you know,

poorDdan has $1600 alligator shoes
they're floating in the river.

I know. It's just...
It's so hard to explain.

When you get out there, you
know, no sleep. You aren't eating.

I missed my family horribly.

And everything Dan said to me for some
reason just really got under my skin.

He was constantly bragging about,
you know, the price of this,

and how many cars he had, and I was like
"do you really have to be on "Survivor?"

And I can't explain it. It's so weird.

But I do want to make a
presentation to Dan this evening.

Just because I felt horrible about
stealing his shoes. I really did.

And I heard a little secret that
Dan really likes cowboy boots.

And after I stole the shoes, he
told me that it didn't really matter,

because he had 20 more pair
of alligator shoes at home.

So, Dan...

I bought you a full
quill ostrich boot...

for you to take home.

There you go...

Dan, what... Holly
brings up a good point.

Why do this show? How rich are you?

Well, you talk about it a lot, right?

Well, you know, I don't know who
is here, if the I.R.S. is here.

You know, maybe I have a lot of money on
the side. I don't want to say anything.

I'm okay. My two boys
are in the audience.

And you met Matt when he was on
the show. That was very emotional.

And Mikey's there, and they were
with their two girlfriends...

Boy you just tossed my question
aside. All right, still to come.

Sprint is going to...

We're going to find out later
how many millions you have.

Sprint is going to award
$100,000 to one of this season's

castaways based on your votes.

And later, you won't believe
what we're doing for Survivor 22.

Up next, Jane, one of the
season's most liked contestants.

You'll hear about the training
she did to get in shape

and we will hear from NaOnka.
She is itching to talk.

We'll be right back.
Taking us to the break,

our composers David
Vanacor and Russ Landau.

They think I'm some
middle-aged housewife.

They're in for a big surprise.
What if I want to beat them?

Jane has already won immunity,
does not want to give up yet.

She's a North Carolina girl, Jeff.

Oldest woman in this
game going up against

two of the youngest and most fit guys.

Jane wins individual immunity.

I may be little, I may be small,
but there ain't no way in hell

on an individual challenge
you will beat me, so...

Welcome back "Survivor:
Nicaragua" live reunion show.

Jane, one of the most popular
contestants this season,

and we just saw coming in from
the break, part of it was just how

physically fit you were, you know,
taking out Chase in that challenge.

You outlasted some other
guys in an earlier challenge.

Tell me about the prep did you.

I was very impressed
when you told us how

hard you worked to
get ready for the show.

Well, the staff led me to believe there
would be a lot of professional athlete.

So I was like, okay.

I'm not going to be able to compete
against them so I started running

and doing total gym and did the chin-Up
bar and swam one or two miles a day.

Every day I did that.

And you also prepped for
fire because you got fire

going without the help of anything.

I read an article on the
airplane you wrote and you said,

"why would anybody do "Survivor"
Without knowing how to build a fire?"

I bought a flint. That
was a piece of cake.

If you don't have a
flint, try other ways.

I practiced every day with my
glasses and different material.

- It really paid off.
- It did pay off.

What was the animosity
between you and Marty?

I could not figure out what
happened between the two of you?

You rubbed each other
the wrong way, clearly.

Day one I tried to make an
alliance with him, Tyrone,

and Coach and they just fluffed me off.

And I was, like, you don't
even know what I can do yet,

and you're fluffing me off.
And that kind of started it.

Marty, did you fluff off Jane?

I'm still struggling
with the fluff-Off.

But... no, she... She made
an alliance with Wendy Jo...

- No, I didn't.
- She made an alliance with Jimmy T.

We didn't think that was
too smart, and just...

You look at people and look at their
decision making and you figure out

who you want to hang
with. That was it, though.

- It was just about the game.
- Are you friends now?

Because clearly you did not
like each other on the show.

- That was not a put-on.
- Yeah. Not so much?

Really. Not so much.

So you're not going to
be going to visit Jane?

No, no, not going to
happen. Not going to happen.

Well, you weren't the only source of
antagonism this season, miss NaOnka.

It wouldn't be a great
season of "Survivor"

if we didn't have a great villain.
This season, her name was NaOnka.

I came all the way out here
from south central L.A.,

and I will not let
anyone stand in my way.

I'll push you so hard
that damn leg will fly off.

One shove, she's out of there.
Why you raising your voice at me?

I can get loud, too.
Fabio, I don't like you.

- I'm about to vote you off.
- NaOnka, you a little complicated?

Me! No! Am I?

This is just who I am.
So whoever don't like it,

I don't care what anybody thinks.
I'm still the same NaOnka I was before

and I'm still going to be
NaOnka after I leave here.

- You want to go?
- Yes.


So, NaOnka, is that really
you? Is anyone really like that?

When you're playing a game for
a million dollars, you don't know

how you're going to
act, and I acted a fool.

I did exactly what I
needed to do to win.

And it came across as a villain.

And I really didn't think that
I was going to be a villain.

You pushed a woman with
an artificial leg down.

How I looked at it is I
shoved another competitor.

I didn't look at her as someone
that has a prosthetic leg

because she was cast
just like every one of us.

There was nothing really... There
was nothing that had me like,

Oh, let me not do this. This is someone
I'm against for a million dollars.

Kelly, is that fair? Is that fair?
You're on the game of "Survivor?"

It doesn't matter
what your situation is.

I signed up for the same game.

I was going to be held to the same
standard. I didn't expect any less.

It started out I was offered a
free ride on her back at one point,

and I think I took that. I mean
I was a little offended by that.

I didn't need it. So, yeah,
we're playing the same game.

I didn't... I didn't take it
personally. I didn't try to.

NaOnka what's been
the reaction at school.

Because clearly, you know, a lot
of people come up to to me and say:

"she's a teacher? They
let her work with kids?"

Yes, they do! I still have
my job, and I never lost it.

- And...
- Have there been parentes that

have called and said, "listen,
I'm not so sure about this anymore?

- Well... Yes.
- Don't lie to me.

I would be lying if I said no
because I'm at multiple schools.

One of the principals pulled
me aside and said one of the

parents didn't want their
kid in my P.E. Class.

What I want to put out there is
people have to understand this

is a reality tv show and it's
a game for a million dollars and

this has nothing to do with my real life
and I just want to put that out there,

like each and every one
of us is up here because we

were playing a game to win
a million dollars, so...

we shouldn't be judged with
our profession with this game.

I think that's ridiculous.

28 days, 28 days you
lasted on this show.

You had an immunity idol, which
could have taken you to the end.

- And you quit.
- I quit.

- Why?
- I had enough. I had enough, Jeff.

I just did not think that, you know...

If it wasn't for him, I
would have left post-merge.

When I first had my breakdown
because it was just the worst ever.

Like... The first day I'm like, "where
is the helicopter? I'm ready to go."

The weather was horrible.

I didn't know that rain forest
was going to be a rain forest.

Where is NaOnka's mom?

I want to talk to your mom and
find out the truth about you.

- Hi, mom!
- Hi, NaOnka.

- Mom, what's your name?
- Zina.

Ok. So, we wanted the same
show, you and I, right?

- Yes.
- Surprised at your daughter?


The things she said. The things she
did. I mean, is that... Did you say,

"Honey, go out there and
do whatever, kick ass.

- I don't care what you do."
- I Did say that. I did.


I'm surprised like
everyone else, you know.

When she came home she couldn't
say anything, and every week,

from week to week, I just couldn't
believe what I was watching.

Does the apple fall Far from the
tree? Are you a little bit like NaOnka?


- You are.
- Part of it. 50%.

- I'm the good girl, though.
- You're the other side.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

NaOnka, your mom just
threw you under the bus.

- Well... Yes?
- So...

- I'm mom.
- Ok. You still love her.

Yes, of course I love
her. I'll always love her.

Well, you will be happy to know,
along with Purple Kelly's parents,

that NaOnka and Purple
Kelly will leave a legacy

on this show because I want to be
clear with everybody here and at home,

starting from this point forward,
we will have a rule that says

if you quit this show for reasons
other than medical evacuation or some

extenuating circumstances, we will
have the right to do what we want,

meaning put you on the jury
or take you off the jury.

A lot of people...

Were coming up this season asking
why they were still on the jury.

So thank you for that,
Purple Kelly and NaOnka.

All right, next season in addition to
a new rules change, we have big plans.

You're going to hear all about it
and I think you're going to like it.

But up next, it is the Sprint Player
of the season and I'll give you a hint.

NaOnka, not in the running.
We'll be right back.

Welcome back, Well,
since Thursday viewers

have been texting and voting online
for the sprint player of the season.

This honor also include
a $100,000 cash prize.

This year's winner
received the most vote ever,

and won by the biggest margin
in the history of this award.

There is no drama, nobody
was close. Jane is the winner.

Of the $100,000 check from Sprint.

It was a blow-out.

Jane's daughter, who came out
and visited during the loved one.

So, Jane, let me ask you a
question. What's your annual salary?

Around $50,000 a year.

So double... Two years' worth of
salary just for being a likable person.

- Not bad, and congratulations.
- Thank you.

I want to pop around a couple of people.

Shannon, I want to give
you a chance to redeem.

Redeem what?

Well, I think... Maybe not. Maybe
I'll help bury you. I don't know.

I was calling the duck a
duck. It was quacking like one.

It had a bill like one and
I was calling a duck a duck.

If it was a chicken it became a
chicken but that was his business.

- ****
- Stop, stop, stop.

- I met his girlfriend last night.
- Stop.

It was good.

What I was referring to, and clearly
a mistake in judgment on my part...

- Oh, that's where you were going.
- Was to ask you just about

the comment you made about
Sash early in the show about

being gay and I was
actually going to give you a

chance to say you were
just giving him a hard time.

But it sounds luke I
stand by it. That's good.

No... Guys, how about this, no.

- Wendy Jo.
- Yes.

Your husband turns out was right?

He said with love to you, you
would be the first person off.

Did he give you a hard
time when you got home?

First of all, I didn't tell
him. So he had to watch.

- Ok.
- Nice.

And second of all he didn't
guess it because he said if I

sing and I dance and I talk and I don't
go under the radar, I'll be voted off.

So I didn't do any of those things
and I was voted off so he was wrong.

Well, I'm happy you were on the show.
I'm not really sure what you just said,

but you are one of a kind.

Jimmy T., just a quick question...

You were really, I felt,
vulnerable when you got voted off.

You opened yourself up a little
and said, "all right, I can learn."

- Did you take anything from this?
- Yeah, absolutely.

I said at the beginning of the
game, on one of my interviews,

that take notes, get
your paper and pencil.

I'll show you how to play this game
and just do exactly what I didn't do.

I tried too hard. I played
with my heart instead of

my head and you have to play
this game with your head.

And Alina I felt like you
had a great time out there,

one of the few people I looked at
who I thought was always laughing

and smiling and even when you
were voted off, said it's great.

- I'll come back.
- Yeah. I loved it.

I loved every minute being
out there, all the craziness,

this women being all complicated
like she is even knows moments

where just so surreal and awesome
and I'm just so glad I was there.

I bring all this up
because like it or not,

functional or dysfunctional, getting
along... One thing is true on this show.

After 21 seasons,
"Survivor" is a family.

You're part of this family
now, and we have just added our

newest family member, and I want
to come down and talk to the dad.

We've had a couple of love
affairs come from this show,

probably the most famous love
affair is Boston Rob and Amber.

- What's up, buddy?
- How you doing.

They met on "All-Stars"
They fell in love. Amber won.

Rob won her heart, and you
just had your second baby.

- We did.
- So this is an amazing story.

There's a picture of her.

Give us the short version
of what happened with Amber.

It was pretty dramatic, like everything
that goes on in our household.

We got to the hospital
at 2:15 in the morning.

Amber had the baby at
2:25, no IV, no epidural.

I mean, just... She just got it done.

There was a moment
where you literally were

whispering in Amber's ear:
"you've got to push right now,

because there were some complications"

Well, the head came out, and like I
said, we got to the hospital very late.

We live about 40 minutes
away. We were rushing there.

And the doctor said, "now's the time."

I reached out... I went to her ear
and told her we got to get it done.

- That's why you guys are a great team.
- ***


Rob, you take us to the
break. Get us out of here.

After 21 seasons the
greatest adventure game

on television is about
to evolve once again.

It's big. Find out all
about it when we come back.

Nice job!

Welcome back to "Survivor:
Nicaragua" live reunion show.

Before we get to our big twist
for next season, I want to share

with you an experience I
had this summer in Nicaragua.

During a break in shooting, I
visited an operation smile mission

where I got to see firsthand how quickly
a child's entire life can be changed.

45 minutes, these kids have
a new smile, new self-esteem,

new outlook, and a new future.
It is an amazing thing to witness.

This we're's survivor auction
will benefit operation smile.

If you want to own a piece of "Survivor"
you can bid on items from the show.

We are heading into our
22nd season of "Survivor."

And we're doing it with a
twist that will change the game.

For 21 seasons, "survivors"
lived by one simple rule:

When someone is voted out,
they're out of the game.

Their shot at the money is gone.

But that's about to change.

This time, when someone is voted
out, they're not going home.

Instead, they'll be
forced to live alone...

on Redemption Island.

When the next person is voted out,

they'll be sent to
Redemption Island as well.

And the two will square
off in a head-to-head duel

where the only way to
stay alive is to win.

One person will survive long
enough to re-enter the game for

shot at redemption and
the million-dollar prize.

Those who voted them out may
not be so happy to see them back.

It's the biggest twist
in "Survivor" history.

Creating new obstacles,
forcing new strategies.

Who will have what it takes to outwit,
outplay, and outlast all the rest?

Find out this february.
"Survivor: Redemption Island"

All right, so let me
explain how this works.

This means that when the show starts,
everybody knows here are the rules.

When you're voted out. You're not
out. You will go to Redemption Island.

**** we have some former
survivors, find somebody.

Here, Ok, Cirie, very popular.

So imagine it is Cirie's season
and she's playing and she gets

voted out and you think, "man, I
wish Cirie were still on the show"

She will still be on the show.
She'll go to Redemption Island.

She'll have the same
supplies that everybody else

has and wait for the next
guy. Who else have we got?

Rupert shows up.

Now Rupert expert Cirie are living
togheter in the Redemption Island.

They get into a little duel,
the winner is still on the show,

the loser is out, and then we
go and continue this on and on.

I'm telling you, it's going to be good.

Fabio is going to get a
check for $1 million dollars

tomorrow morning right on
the "Early Show" on CBS.

February 16... "Survivor:
Redemption Island"

You will love it.

Congrats, brother. Way to go, man.