Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 1 - Survivor - full transcript

The castaways are shocked to learn that they'll be divided into tribes of older players versus younger players. The older tribe is especially surprised to learn that they'll be teamed with former NFL Coach Jimmy Johnson. Meanwhile...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This is nicaragua:


Straddled between the raging waters of
the pacific ocean and the caribbean sea.

It's where ancient rain
forests battle for survival

against some of the world's
youngest and most active volcanos.

This ruggedded landed
has resisted taming

and it is where 20 americans have
already begun the adventure of a lifetime.

Everywhere you look there's
monkeys hanging from things.

There's dangerous animals here.

It's like...It's real.

There's no fences like the zoo.

I'm jimmy johnson.

I'm 66 years old and i've won two
collegiate national championships.

I've won two superbowls.

What could top it off better
than to win "survivor"?

They think they've already
been divideed into two tribes.

Though they have not spoken,first
impressions are already forming.

I notice the older gentleman
looks like a mafia boss

and he looks like he
wants to boss people around

and i'm not the kind of character
that likes his buttons pushed.

There's an old gray-haired guy
that's pissing me off already.

He seems like the kind of guy who's going
to step into the leadership position.

I hope he does because he'll
just kicked off right away.

Smeup forced to work together,they must
learn to adapt or they'll be voted out.

I'm single.I am
single,single,single.Very single.

And flirting is something
i'm going to use if i have to.

in the end,only one will remain
to claim the million-dollar prize.

39 days,20 people,one survivor!

39 days

Season 21 Episode 1

Come on in,guys.

Welcome to "survivor: nicaragua.

" woman in the plaid,what's your name?


you've had a little bit of
time to spend with these people.

Can you tell thingsbout
people from the way they walk?

From the way they're
looking at each other?


You can tell a lot about a person
not just the way they're walking

but by the way they're
watching other people.

I was born with a birth defect that
forced the amputation of my right leg

when i was six months old.

{\a6}KELLY B. medical student

I think initially i'm
keeping everything a secret.

I don't want people to
make assumptions about

my physical ability and
that's what people do.

- Guy in the blue,what's your name?
- Marty.

Think you've picked up
anything based on eye contact?

You can tell people are "this is my
team,this is who i'm going to be with.

" so people are checking each other out.

As i'm looking around the group right
now,i see jimmy johnson,an n.F.L. Coach.

I want nothing to do with
jimmy johnson in this game.

{\a6}MARTY technology executive

I have no idea why the
hell he's even here.

And i'd rather have him
on the other tribe,frankly.

You guys ready to get started?

- Yes!
- All right,here we go.

Hidden somewhere down that
lagoon is a medallion of power.

The medallion of power could give
you huge advantage in this game.

The person who returns wearing the
medallion of power claims it for their tribe.

This is not an individual reward.

- Make sense?
- Yes!

You can go any time if you want

somebody's got to the run to the
right;somebody's got to run to the left.

People are scattered everywhere
looking for the medallion of power.

Keep looking!Keep looking.

Oh,my god!

Very good!

Everybody head on back.

- One of ours.
- Yes,sir.

- *****
- What a way to start.

I don't know your name
but you did a great job!

Guys,come on back in.

I noticed there was a girl with a limp.

She has darker brown hair and i
couldn't tell what was up with it.

{\a6}ALINA art student

Like,i think that she,like,maybe
has,like,a hip problem?

But i don't know.I don't know
what's going on with that.

Marty,what's your take on brenda
having the medallion of power?

I think it's a killer.It's important
to win anything thrown at us

and to be the tribe to win the first
thing,i think bodes really well for us.

It would be great if it were that way.

Unfortunately,marty,this is not the
way the tribes are going to be divided.

We're now going to divide into tribes.

If you are 40 and
older you're over here.


If you are 30 and
younger,you're over here.

Damn,man,i wanted the
old football coach,man!

- Oh,god!
- Jimmy johnson!

Divide it up!Let's go.

Young guns!

I'm young at heart!

Oh,man!The older ones
here,the younger one there is.

I was looking forward to some of
those young people carrying me.

{\a6}JIMMY J. former nfl coach

I don't want any of
the old people with me.

When the switch came,my
first thought was oh,damn.

{\a6}CHASE pro face car jackman

The antiques have the best
coach you could ask for.

They've got a super bowl
winning coach on their team.

He's a great leader.That's
what he's done the whole life.

Older tribe,you are espada.

You're wearing blue.

Younger tribe,you're called
la flor,you're wearing yellow.

Put your buffs on.

Make it official.

Where do you put it?

- I think it can go on your head
- i'll have toes me up my hair.

It's going toes me up far while anyway.

Brenda,you won the medallion
of power for your tribe.

You don't know how much power it has,

all you know is that
it is for your tribe.

But you're going to
have to make a decision.

You can hold on to this unknown power

and get a chance to
use it later in the game

or you can trade it right now
for fire in the form of flint

and a crate full of fishing gear.

You've got mask,fins,line,hooks

and a spear to go along with it.

So as a tribe here's
what you're deciding.

Do you keep power in the game or do you
give it up for a quick start back at camp?

What you don't keep
the other tribe gets.



I say we keep it because the longer we stay
in the more opportunities we're going to have.

Keep it.

The medallion threw
everything for a loop.

I want to keep it.

I like the fact that it's power.Power.


- I hope they keep it.
- I do,too.

Fire and fish.

Fire's going to be so important early.


All right,let's...Dude,we've
got to fish.

Do we want fire or fish,dude?

What's the desnigs are
you going to keep power or

so here's what you're deciding:

do you keep power in the game or are you
going to trade it for the fishing gear?

We're going to take the fishing gear.

All right,brenda,take it off and give
it to somebody on the other tribe.

Older tribe,you'll get a chance
to play that medallion of power

at some point later in the game.

We got power,whatever it means.

We'll find out.

And it's gold.

Don't winners carry gold?

Espada,head out that way,la
flor,head out that way.

I figure the old people need the
medallion of power more than we do.

I don't want to
underestimate the old people

but i don't think they'll be
able to handle some challenges.

There's no reason why
we should lose to them.

{\a6}SHANNON pest control



- Jimmy.
- Jimmy...

- Jimmy?
- Jimmy j.!

- Just call me jimmy.
- Oh,man!

All the adventures i've had
in the past,i was in charge.

I can fire players,i could
recruit players,i could sign them.

Out here i don't have the control.

So we've got to get the
floor of the shelter.

Maybe somebody's going
to be infatuated with me

being head coach jimmy
johnson superbowl winner.

Well,i'll play on that.

I'll flay superstar status.

You walked in and I was like,
Hey,that's Jimmy Johnson.

Some of these other
players may resent that.

Maybe they're philadelphia eagle
fans or washington red skin fans.

- Do you think that's him?
- That's jimmy johnson.

But taht can't be the Jimmy...

Jimmy Johnson was the coach
of the Miami Dolphins...

and Dallas Cowboys.

That's him.

So i've got to work on each
particular contestant to win them over

because if i don't i'll be a target
and they'll vote me out early.

I really like you.

The first time i saw you i got a good
feeling about that and i trust you.

- And me,too.
- I trust you ,too.

You know what?

- I agree.
- Okay.I'm with you all the way.

Back in south dakota
coaching the swim team

you have to deal with a lot
of different personalities

{\a6}HOLLY swim coach espada older tribe

and you still have to hold
your composure at the same time.

So i'm very good judge of people.

Listen,I want you to
know,You got my word.

The first time i saw wendy i trusted her

and most of the time i
do read people very well.

You have my word.

Holly said she wanted to
be in an alliance with me

and i thought that was awesome
but i wasn't expecting it so soon.

{\a6}WENDY goat rancher espada older tribe

I don't know if i'm naive.

My brother calls me sheltered
and that's kind of like naive.

I got three!

This is my third!

Being a goat rancher,you're with a lot
of goats,you don't meet a lot of people.

My strategy from the beginning of
the game is take baby steps first,

not be the first person voted off.

My husband thinks i'm going to be the first
person voted off because he thinks i talk a lot.

So i think i'm going to bite my tongue

and hide my true self
from the tribe meats.

Wendy jo,where are you from?

From montana.

And you like horses?

I do!

She's a little weird.

We got fire now.

- We'll have fire now.
- Okay.

Oh,yeah,you got that.

- I can do it.
- Who's got the glasses.

They think i'm some
middle aged housewife

that toot les around
the house all day long,

they here in for a big surprise.

Because that's definitely not me

{\a6}JANE dog trainer espada older tribe

i need to get it really concentrated
right on that small spot.

I'm 56 years old and i'm the type person
that stays busy all the time doing things.

I just don't think there's
anything i can't do.

Where there's smoke there will be fire.

Winning the million dollars
is real important to me

because it will help me pay off my farm

and the fact that i
lost my husband in '09,

it means i would haven't
to work as hard as i do.

But his spirit i know is still with me.

And that's what keeps me going.

There you go!There you go!Here you go!


Keep it going,guys.

Jane,you rock!

- Is that friction or glasses?
- Glasses,baby.

- Glasses,honey.
- Killer.


They gave up the medallion
and what did they get

{\a6}MARTY technology executive
espada older tribe

jane started the fire
literally within half an hour.

The fact that we made fire that quickly,it
reassured us all that you know what?

We're going to take this thing.

Espada rules!

We've got just as much going
for high fives all around.

LA FLOR younger tribe day1

- Benry.
- Benry?

Nice to meet you guys.

This game that's old guys versus young guys,we
know we're going to be able to dominate.

{\a6}SASH real extate broker
la flor younger tribe

Great beach,great waves,beautiful girls.

Doesn't get much better than that,right?

Do we have a machete?

We have one right here.

We can catch rainwater
and all kinds of stuff.

{\a6}JUD student la flor younger tribe

As soon as we saw 30 and under
it was like these are my people!

This is going to be a lot of fun.

- You look like you'd be good in the water.
- Or not.

Damn,that was there!

The guy with the long blond
hair,he's a dumb blond.

{\a6}SHANNON pest control
co.owner la flor younger tribe

I mean,i never really called a guy a
dumb blond before but he's a dumb blond.


Blond-head kid,the one
that looks like fabio.

Dude,he's just retarded.

We've got to get more bamboo.

You're fabio,you go get it.

All right.

The name fabio,man,i didn't even
realize i was being called that at first.

I'm going to go help fabio.

Do that,he needs it.

Dude is an idiot,damn.

Fabio,like,rides a white horse and does butter
commercials and is kind of a cheese ball.

Whatever.Dude,i don't
care what they call me.

I'm gonna win the million dollars
so i guess my mick name's fabio.

Okay,look,i feel that me and you
will be the strong nest challenges.

Without me and you i
think they're screwed.

You and i are definitely going to be the
strongest as far as just strength wise.

We may not be the best
swimmers or something.

I won't be the best swimmer but strength
wise any kind of athletic ability wise...

That's a target on our back.

You're right because they see
alpha males being targeted.

That's what's good about me and
you sticking down to number two.

Rob and russell could
could havn it last year.

I don't know about you but i
don't want another girl to win it.


It's important we don't
let girls take over.

We already get owned in marriage.

Pretty soon we'll
have a woman president.

I mean,a guy needs to sack up
and we need to win this one.

So being an a.P.T.,every time i notice
people looking down at the ground

i thought they were looking at my leg
and my foot about what about my pants?

I was paranoid that people
were just staring at my leg.

I was definitely thinking they were
suspecting something was different.

So i guess i'm going to have
to just show it to everyone

and so that's my goal is to
make sure that i come out with it

and am able to prove immediately that i
am as physically capable as everyone else.

I want to say something to everyone.

- What's up?
- Can we group?

- Group meeting,guys.
- We got tree mail?

No,no,i kind of called
the group meeting.

We already have first
impressions,got on the know each other

so i think at this point i'm pretty
comfortable with my team,right?


- Wait,i'm confused.
- Well...

- Prosthetic.
- I knew it!

I knew it,too.


All right,now i am excited.

What happened?

I had a birth defect.

You are a rock star.

All right. Cool.

I've always been fascinated
on how those things work.

How do you tell it to move?

She does have a thigh.

Being that i'm such a
was i could almost cry.


If i went to the final
three with her or two

i'd be like just give her the money.

Just cut her the check
because no money in the world

can replace what she's possibly
gone through in her life.


But really she's going to be too
big of a threat down the road.

Sympathy vote no doubt.

So i figure we lose a
challenge to the old folks,

she's got to be one of
the first ones to go.

So kelly b. Has one leg and i
don't want people getting mad at me

because i talk about
her leg but it's a game.


We're in the title of
survivor plus a million.

So i'm not going to
treat you as an outcast.


where applebee's 2 for 20


Guys,fire,i mean,seriously. That's.


I overdid it,i think,

{\a6}jimmy j.***

when we were getting all the
wood and getting all the bamboo

and everybody was so excited to
get here and start working on stuff.

I just...

I think i did more than i needed to do.

Coach needs to be careful.

He's getting his as kicked out here now.

{\a6}jimmy t.***

I don't know he's going for an
academy award or if he's genuinely ill.

But this is not for the weak
and he's not a young man.


Zero sleep,sick throwing up,

ants and mosquitos biting me everywhere,

and cold and shivering
until the sun came up.

I don't think i've ever
had a 24-hour period

where i was in that much
discomfort and that miserable.

I've watched every second of "survivor.

" i never imagined anywhere
close that it was this difficult.

{\a6}jimmy j.***

First time i've ever
experienced anything like this

and it's an eye opener,i promise you.

{\a6}la flor***

Did you know jimmy johnson.

- I didn't know him before this but...
- Oh,my god.

Did you know it was him?

Well,i used to cheer
for the dolphins so...


I like your spirit.

- I like you,too.
- Okay,good.

I absolutely... I thought
that from the beginning.

Everything's just...

You can make an alliance right
now and then you get in a challenge

and end up hating that person.

I don't think i'm going to hate you.

I'm not talking about you
and me,just in general.

Brenda,she's a cute girl.
I'm attracted to her.


I for some reason really trust her.

First thought you
could come in and do...

Guys want to get girls out
or something. That's crazy.

- what if one of the guys is weak and you don't want to have her around?
- ***

I don't want to have this thing where
i have two different alliances. ***

I'm not trying to come on
here and lie to everybody

but my dumb ass and put
my neck on the line early

and i was not planning on doing that.

But i made that alliance with shannon

and now i've got to figure
out who i can really trust.

Sometimes you don't
have to say anything.

- I agree.
- We just know.


I'm kind of use odd to
having guys do what i say.

What's funny is chase came up

and told me the guys
have an alliance going on

and of course i'm going to use that
information to get me to the end.

I know chase trusts me.

He's a really nice
guy but he's clueless.

That looks like a well.

All right.

"this is a clue to a
hidden immunity idol.

It is up to you whether you share
this information with anyone else.

Decipher the clues to find
the hidden immunity idol.

" what do you want to do?

- Oh,gosh,well,we keep it between us for sure.
- I think so.

Especially this early.

This is a map?

I never realized how hard these are.

We just found the clue
to a hidden immunity idol.

This early the game.


But we can't figure it out.

So we're trying to decipher
what the clues mean.

- They're not easy.
- We're stumped.

{\a6}kelly b.***

So we're thinking we're
just going to hold on to it

and maybe come back to it.


- Will you remember where it is?
- Yeah.

Kelly b. And i...


It's kind of hard right now because we
found the hidden immunity idol clue together

which i wish we didn't find it together

so now i'm kind of forced
to be in an alliance with her

and i don't want her to stick
around for a long time because...

I mean,i don't want to go
to the end with her because,

i mean,or troy say it
but sympathy vote for sure

and i'm not trying
to go up against that.


- Okay!
- Treemail!

"change the course of waterfalls
or you may just lose your claim.

Keep your mind in the gutter or
be the first to leave the game.

" so can we give ourselves
any advantage with that?

This is a very stressful
time on these people.

{\a6}jimmy j.***

It's a very stressful time on me.

We tier understood dogs,the older
folks and they need motivation.

Everybody in this world needs motivation

and i think i can help
motivate this team.

Okay,folks,team huddle.

First of all,the reason why i'm
here is i'm here for the adventure

because there's no way in the world

a jury's going to give me a
million bucks. I know that.

But the thing that i can do,

i can help somebody win a million bucks.

And the winner can come
from one of you guys.

Nothing would make me happier than
to see one of you win a million bucks.

And i'll help you all
the way. I promise you.

Just as long as we're psyched up for
it and we know what we've got to do,

- we'll kick their ass. All right?
- All right!

I just got a pep talk
from jimmy johnson!

Come on in,guys.

- Halt!
- La flor!


Older tribe. They came in sort of either
serenading you or maybe that was a war cry.

Jimmy? Any impact?

I really don't concentrate
on what they do.

We know what we have to do.

Jud,what do you make of the older tribe?

Jeff,his name is fabio,not judson.


- His name is fabio.
- He's the man.

Let's figure out. Kelly,are you
going to go by kelly in purple

and blond hair what are you going by?

Purple kelly.

Purple kelly. All right.

Tyrone,when you see somebody on the other
tribe like kelly with one artificial leg,

does that make you think "i've got
to take it a little easier on her"?

Not at all. This is a competition,

we're all operate big the same
rules and we're going to win.

All right. For today's
immunity challenge

one person will be at the top of a tower

pouring water while five other tribe
members will use sections of gutter

to direct that water into a barrel.

Once the barrel fills,a large
bag of puzzle pieces will drop.

The four remaining tribe members must
then use those pieces to solve the puzzle.

First tribe to get it
right wins immunity.

If you have immunity in your
possession,you can not be sent home.

The losers of this challenge
will go to tribal council

where the first person
will be voted out.

All right. Now to the
medallion of power.

Older tribe,you guys
have this medallion,

you don't know what kind
of power it possesses.

Here's how it works.

The medallion of power gives
you huge advantage at challenges.

If you use it today,you
will start this challenge

with one bucket of water
already in your barrel.

Given that it takes about
five buckets to fill,

this is a significant advantage.

If you use it,then the medallion
goes to the younger tribe

and they will have an opportunity
to use it at the next challenge.

I'm going to give you
a minute to strategize.

I don't think that's enough.

This type of a challenge we can
compete with them no problem.

Let's make a statement.

Let's make a statement
and hold on to it.

- So we're keeping it?
- Yeah. Okay.

Older tribe,what's it going to
be. You going to use it or not?

We're going to keep it.

All right. Older tribe opting
to keep the medallion of power.

Give you a minute to
strategize. We'll get started.

Okay. It is the first immunity challenge

in "survivor: nicaragua,"
old versus young.

For immunity.

Survivors ready.


Set it up! Set it up! Set it up!

The task is very simple:

one person pours water down
the gutters into the barrel

once your barrel is
full,the puzzles will drop.

Go,baby! Go!

- Don't spill it!
- Very close! Very close.

You're doing great,guys,keep it steady!

Fast! Fast!

Younger tribe has a nice flow.

Slow and steady. Don't waste it.

- Just like that.
- Little slower.

I got it.

Slow and steady,everything you can get.

That's good. A steady flow.

Older tribe with a great flow.

Come on,guys! Keep it
going! Keep it going!

Come on,holly!

Keep it going!

Keep it going,keep it going!

Younger tribe releases
their puzzle pieces.

Let's go,girls,keep it going.

Don't panic.


Older tribe released
their puzzle pieces.

- Let's go! Let's go.
- You got it larks i dees!

Both tribes working on their puzzle.

We are very even in
this first challenge.

It's going to come down to four
older women,four younger women.

Will bit wisdom or enthusiasm
that will win this challenge?

Look at the buff,guys!

Young tribe off to a quick start.

Look at the buff!

Older tribe now getting something going.

Older tribe,you need to pick it up!

Come on!

Almost there!

Younger tribe getting very close!

What's not right?
Something's not working.

Leave that!

Older tribe now back in it.

Immunity on the line.

Somebody going home tonight!

Fit it in!

Younger tribe wins immunity!

Younger tribe,congratulations.

Nobody going home
from the younger tribe.

Brenda,would you have used
that medallion of power?


Because you're here to win,

so why take chances when
you're doing it right now?

Why are you thinking about
tomorrow or the next day

when you're playing right now?

All right. Older tribe,i'll
see you tonight at tribal

where somebody will be the first
person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff and
head on back to camp.

I remember my second superbowl
we lost the first two ball games.

But we were able to keep going

and we hung in there and,of
course,won the super bowl.

Losing the first challenge,it's
not the end of the world.

Just make sure we make a smart decision,

get rid of the weakest player
and still have the medallion,

still have a strong team.

I don't know********

Let's see what's going on.

I don't know,i can't even
think clearly right now.

I'm junkd from the
trauma of the challenge.

I need to sleep.

I want to lay down.

I'm 48 years old,but this place already
knocked me down,it's only day three.

So i've got to learn to deal with that

and i've got to figure
out how to play the game.

Jimmy T., what are you thinking?

I think jimmy's trying
to horn swag l everybody,

telling everybody i
really care about you,

i want to make you a million dollars.

So anyway,i'm voting jimmy tonight.

-I'm just...
- What do you think?

I've got to say this.

- I'm not going to not be heard here.
- Okay.

- I'm not going to not be heard.
- Okay,all right,i'm listening,i'm listening.

I know..i know..that
sometimes stars blind people.

I'm totally with you.

I've got to call him down.

Nobody wants to be the
first one to go home.

Whoever it is,

you know,we all got to decide
to take out the weakest player.

And that makes the team stronger.

So who do you think
is the weakest player?

I think it's either myself or
wendy.Personally i think it's wendy.

I mean,how is this team
going to get stronger?

Forget about personalities.Forget
about alliances.

- What makes...
- You really mean that?

I really do.I mean it.

Coach explained that we need
to keep our team stronger

and i agree with him.

And that's something i should have
thought about before i rushed into...

....the alliance with with wendy.

This game we just don't know.

I mean,but you ask yourself,does...

does the team get
stronger without wendy?

I'm really caught in a dilemma because

i really don't know.I'm just
going to see what happens.

- Here's the question,though...--
And the pot's not going to set well.

I look nervous and concerned probably
because i amer nervous and concerned.

Well,i don't know if i'm
nervous but i'm concerned

because i think i'm on the outs
because i don't think of I...

developed a bond with
a lot of the people.

- You going to come out?
- No,i'm going to go back up.

All right.

You shouldn't trust anyone
in "survivor" that's true.

Holly won't even talk
to me and she told me...

i'm thinking heck,what's
going on is all i want to know.

Here's what jimmy said to me.

He said at this point in the ball game

you know,we should focus on...

...strength and alliances
are broken all the time.

He said there's two weak players. he include himself in that.

- The other?
- Wendy

So who do you think keep
this is tribe strong?

I'm not...I don't know.What do you...

I don't know at this
point what to think.

I don't think either one
of them is a bad choice.

Why don't we around go around the circle

and honestly say who you'd rather.

Does that sound fair?

- Yeah.
- Sounds good.

- Sounds good to me.
- Sound good.

What do you think?

This is what i think.

I'm of the opinion that we
need to keep the tribe strong.

This is the first time that we've had to
really feel each other out for something

as important as who's going to go home
and you try to coax it out of people,

you're getting tentativeness,nervousness
about anybody saying a name.

So what do we say?***I don't know?

It could a be a real toss between
wendy jo and jimmy johnson.

We don't know how either one could
really perform in a physical challenge.

We're making some hunches here.

We're making some guesses
and wendy jo probably

doesn't add a lot on the
physicality side of the challenges.

And i think just because
you're jimmy johnson and

you're telling me the jury's not
going to give you the million dollars,

i'm not buying it.

It will be interesting.You
have to see how this thing ****

behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab the torch
and approach the flame.

Dip in the and get fire.

This is part of the ritual at
tribal council because in this game

fire represents your life.

As long as you have
fire,you're still in the game.

When your fire's gone,so are you.

Well,welcome to tribal council.

So let's talk about first impressions.

Jane,what is typically the first
impression people have when they meet you?

They might call me a southern hillbilly.

I call her "survivor"
mcguyver because within

an hour of hitting the beach
jane had the fire going.

She can do anything here.

Jane,did you know you could do it?

Hell,yeah,i knew i could do it.

Because i saw an article
that you wrote and it said

"why would anybody
come and play "survivor"

that didn't know how to make a fire?

you listened to something i said?

I took it to heart,too,because
i practiced for two months.

Jimmy big were those
first few moments for you

in making first impressions?

It's unbelievable.Where i
do come from i'm a leader.

When i talk,people listen.

When you get to "survivor",there's
people that are stronger,

there's people with more integrity and

when you have one of the greatest
leaders in the n.F.L. Of all time,

it's very frustrating.I'm
just another player here.

Jimmy,when you hear something like that,

do you feel a little target
on your back that people

will either look to you for leadership
or be annoyed that you are a leader?

Let me make it clear,i'm not the boss.

But,yeah,i'm going to be a target
every single tribal council.I know that.

But i'm not a threat to anybody
here for the simple reason

no jury's going to award me
a million bucks.I know that.

I'm not here for the money,i'm
here for the adventure.

But i'll only be here as long as
i can help this team be successful.

Jimmy T,can you buy that?

No way,he's going to
try to win this thing.

And i think he can win the game because

if he leads so well and
deserves the win the game,

the jury's going to
let him win that game.

Marty,just a minute brings
up an interesting point.

Most people on "survivor"
are born leaders.

Is that a shock for you
to get used to as well?

I think coming into it you
have to be careful about being

over the top leader because typically
that puts a target on your back right away.

So i think there's
different ways to lead

and it's making sure you don't lead
in the way that gets you into trouble.

Let's talk about tonight's vote.

Who here by a show of hands
truly thinks they're in trouble.

Marathon half the tribe.

Holly,why are you concerned
it might be you tonight?

I made an alliance right into
the game and coach came over to me

after the challenge and he feels
like there's two weak links.


Wendy,why do you think the tribe
would want to vote you out tonight?

I don't feel like i connected
very well with the people here.

I was very busy but some
people talked at the camp

and i didn't feel like
i got a lot of that.

Because they would be quite surprised

if someone asked me some questions.

There's nobody here
that even knows my age.

- Not one person asked me.
- I asked you.

- No,you didn't.
- That's one question i never ask anyone.

No,you never asked me!

You're not supposed
to ask a woman her age.

- How old are you?
- 48.

you look so young.

Wendy,typically the one question
you wouldn't ask a woman is

"how old are you.

" so it's interesting that that's
the question that as ha z you tweaked.

it doesn't have me tweaked,i just found
it interesting that nobody asked me.

Maybe i'll start tooting my horn.

Maybe that's what i should do.

Maybe i should have been
talkative and share everything.

But i didn't want to come in
talk,talk,talk,and drive people crazy

because people don't like
people who talk all the time.

So i stayed pretty kwai
ed and that is not me.

I have a nickname of chatter box.

All right.It is time to vote.

- You're up.
- Can i say one thing?

Wendy,you had something
else you wanted to say?

I would also like to tell the
group i think there's a lot

that i can bring through
my strength,my leadership.

I could be very friendly,very
honest,very funny,

fun to be with,strong
willed,strong physically.

People like to be my friend.

People like to be with me.

They trust me all the
time.Trust is important.

And i don't have any blisters
on my feet and that's an asset.

That will help.

Just a little thing i'd point out.

I think that's about it.

I just want to make sure you
get everything off your chest.

That's it.

All right.Let's get to the vote.

Jane,you're up.

Initially the decision was tough but after
hearing you speak tonight with your excuses,

it became easy.Wendy**,you gotta go.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,wendy.

Eve.That's one vote Eve,one vote wendy.

Wendy.Two votes wendy.

Wendy.That's three votes wendy.

Wendy,that's four votes wendy.

Wendy,that's five votes
wendy,one vote Eve.

First person voted out
of "survivor: nicaragua,"

Wendy.That's six,that's enough.You
need to bring me your torch.

Wendy,the tribe has spoken.


Well,tonight's vote was clearly designed
to improve the chemistry of this tribe.

One good thing about coming to tribal
council,you will leave here with fire.

Here's your flint.

Grab a torch,head back
to camp.Good night.

next time on "survivor.

" fatigue makes the minds get week.

- New york city boy danny
- let's just fill his shoes up and then...

Why you raising your voice
at me?I can get loud,too.

I don't like anything about him.

He gets on my nerves.

21 seasons of "survivor," never had an
opening question open that much whoop

******fair.And what
i find interesting is

this is probably the only time in
my life i was a loser with strangers.

I changed coming into the game.

If i would have been myself it
would have worked out better.