Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 15 - Survivor - full transcript

The winner is revealed as the twenty castaways reunite and talk about their experiences.

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Let's get to this.

You know,I just said this a Moment ago,

but it was months Ago when I said it,

and now that The season has
aired and I've Had a chance

to listen to the Fans tell
me literally on a Daily basis

the consensus is Really clear
to me that this is One of,

if not,the greatest Season
we've ever had on "survivor.

" So kudos to you guys.

Very tough game.
There's a lot of--

there were a Lot of reality shows.

There is no show like
this that Forces you guys

to live in these Elements
and compete with the Mental

challenges that go on,on A daily basis.

But now it comes
down to this--

Three people in the "heroes
Versus villains season.

" All villains,parvati,russell,Sandra.

And nine votes if from your Jury.

The jury has spoken. I'm
now going to read the votes.

I'll remind you,in case you've
Forgotten,these are votes for a Winner.

Here we go.

First vote. Parvati.


One vote parvati,one vote Sandra.


Two votes parvati,one vote Sandra.

Sandra. We are tied again.

Two votes parvati,two votes Sandra.


That's three votes
parvati,two Votes sandra.

We're tied again. Sandra.

Three votes parvati,three votes Sandra.

Two votes left.
--Three votes left.


That's four votes sandra.

Three votes parvati.

Now there's two votes left.

The winner of "survivor:
Heroes Vs. Villains," sandra.

sandra diaz***

sandra's family

you did it!

sandra's hometown***

You did it!

We celebrated our 20th
season with what many Fabz say

was our best season Ever.

It was a wicked game
from start To finish.


Record-setting events and dumb Moves

along with our first
Two-time "survivor" winner.

Does that make for the best Player ever?

We have everybody back here.

We are going to talk about it.

We are live in new york city

the "survivor: Heroes vs. Villains"

One reason only,for a million Dollars.

Sandra undid sugar's Top.


I've been sole surviving Since
my alliance was wiped out.

You know how some people
forgive But don't forget?

Well,I don't forgive and I Don't forget.

You want russell gone? Russell's gone.

she's weak in challenges.

She's ease to beat for the vote.

russell is keeping me around

Because I'll never get a single
Vote but I don't know about That.

- Sandra moving on
- ***

if Anybody has the
hidden immunity Idol--

should I let you finish.


I want the title of sole
Survivor. I think I deserve it.


Welcome to the "survivor: Heroes vs.
Villains" Live reunion show in new york City

where we have just crowned
Our first two-time winner.


does the Fact that you are the
only Person who has won twice,

does That make you best player ever?

it makes me the queen.

That's what it makes me.

The best ever,yes?

- Without question?
- without question.

I mean,I have two titles.

What else can you ask for?



I go out there and my goal
is to Make it to the end,

and I make It to the end and I win.

You can't beat that.

Parvati,is sandra The best ever?

sandra is extremely logical And
her argument makes perfect Sense.

However,I mean,I have to argue
Because I've played three times,

And I've lasted the most amount Of days,

and I'm kind of a Challenge dominator.


that doesn't mean anything.

That doesn't mean anything.

I played twice,and won twice,

And she played three
times and Only won twice.

Russell,third person In this trifecta.

Best player ever,sandra?

do you really want me
to Explain this to you?

get on him!

- In 30 seconds or Less.
- okay,okay,social player. No.


She's lippy and she knows it
and She loves it and that's okay.

But social game,no.

Physical game,maybe the worst
Physical player to ever play the Game.

that's actually strategy.

That is actually a strategy.

It is true
that in--


- You have the floor.
- let me finish!

Strategic game,her strategic Game
from day one,get rid of Russell.

You know what? It never
panned out for her.

So let's award her.

- that's right. that's right.
- for her failures.

- No-- un what--
- the point--

- okay.
- Hold it. let me talk.

You've got 10 Seconds.

problem is the game.

I think there is a flaw in the Game.

A flaw in the game of "survivor?

- " yes.
- Okay.

if she can win the game
Twice,there is a flaw in the Game.

What's the flaw.

- let me tell you what needs to Happen.
- and he doesn't like it.

nothing needs to happen.

Hold on,hold on,Russell,russell stop.

You've had 78 days to talk.

I'll give you 10 seconds
to tell Me the flaw.

what needs to happen is America needs
to have a Percentage of the votes

I'm just saying. I'm just saying.

you still wouldn't win if They
had a percentage of the Vote.

- I would have won last season.
- you still would not win.

The only people here that like
Are you right there. That's it.

You're pointing to His family.


Sandra,let me
ask You this--


for the record,That's
obviously not--

our show Is not that.

Our show is very clearly defined In
that you attack a group of People,

you put them in one Situation.

You vote out people and in the
End the last group,that jury,

Decide who they think deserves It.

This isn't a game in
which you Include america.

That's a different game.

So you haven't won this game.

Maybe you would win that game.

Sandra,what was your key move?

Was there one move that
you look Back on and say

if this hadn't Happened,might
not have gotten There?

I have a ton of moves,jeff.

Like I said,I was a fan first
Before I became a "survivor.

" When I go out there I take
a Little bit of every season

and Use it to my knowledge and Ability

and I learn from every Season
what mistakes not to make

And how to proceed in the
game So I take it day by day.

Tom westman,what Does it say
as one of our Favorite winners--


What does it say on one hand
Sandra has only played two times

And she has won both times.

She has never been
voted out. Of this game.

On the other hand,in all
the Time she's played,

she's never Won a single challenge.

Even beloved courtney
has won a Challenge .

you don't have to win a Challenge.

You don't have to wayne Challenge.

So,tom,what does That say
about what the elements

Are required to win this game?

I've always said the
game is A third physical,


a third Strategic and
social,and it's a Third luck.

A lot of luck comes into it.

The one thing I've always Maintained is

- whoever won that Season deserves to win that Season.
- thank you.

that's the way it plays out.
That's the hand you have.

It's the people that
you're Surrounded with.

You win it,it's your game. It's yours.

Sorry,russell. Congratulations,sandra.

Russell,are you Surprised you
didn't win,didn't Get a vote?

you know what? I didn't
play twice. I played once.

A long time.

Referring to the fact That the
played back to back Without a break.

let me tell you how good I Am.

- really!
- back to back means nothing.

- Rupert played back to back.
- when I can make a winner--

J. T.,you're Referring to ...

Look like

the Dumbest player in history,

that Means I'm good,right?

- let me just
Say-- - ***

all right,russell,plant It.

Let me just say for those
of you Who are with us,here--

in Letterman theater,and those
of You watching with us at home,

I'm not exaggerating when I say

This is what it was like
every Single day out there.

All right,we're going to take a Break.

When we come back,we will
still Hear more from russell

because I Have a feeling he's just
getting Started,and later in the show,

Ironically,russell,you tipped
Off something we're going to do.

We are actually going to crown The winner
of the dumbest move In "survivor" history,

and,J.T.,you're in the running.

But first,let's relive some of The
toughest challenges from This season.

- get that ball.
- Big battle!

Colby goes strong.

Tom not messing around.

Candice now takes parvati out!

you've already showed you're
A disgusting human being

to Swear on your kids' lives.


rupert,the second coming of Christ.

You're such a dumb ass rupert.


Welcome back to the "survivor: Heroes
vs.Villains" Reunion show in new york city.

Sandra,one of the story lines
That came out with you this year

Was your husband being in Afghanistan.

As you said,he's over there.

This is what I do. I huftole "survivor.

" Where is your husband? There he is.

sgt. ***

He's good.

- And he's just back for two Weeks.
- he's back for two weeks.

- To to be a part of thi.
- yes.

- And then he's heading Back to afghanistan.
- yes.

Well,we thank you For your service.

What did he say to you,when
you Guys hugged down there,

what did Your husband say?

he said,"good job,don't
let Russell get to me.

I'm the queen.

Parvati,do you think When it
came time for the jury To vote,

do you think teaming up With
russell worked against you?

yeah,I think so,because Russell
was so hated by everyone On the jury

that everyone just Lumped
me in with him and was Like,

"oh,you were riding his Coattails.

You were his sad little,you
Know,pathetic coattail rider

Which was,obviously,not true,

You know,but no one in
this Game believed anything

that I Was saying so I
had to win Challenges.

I have to say it's Worth
pointing out your stats,

114 days in the
game-- the Record.

Nobody has played this
game Longer than you. And--

Also worth noting,tied for Second in
terms of most Individual challenge wins.

- You definitely--
- who is first?

Colby donaldson holds The record.

Russell,what Happened?

Did you know what happened
with The hat at the time

when you Came back and it was gone?

no I didn't know what
Happened with the hat.

I figured somebody did
Something,but it was--

you Know,there was three people Left.

So what strategic move would That be?

So I'm like,"where's my hat?

" I don't know where my hat is.

Is the first time you Saw what
happened just watching It tonight?


Missandra said--

- I think it was a good move.
- it stunk. It was dirty.

It was funky so you 3 it in the Fire.

you know what?

I give credit where credit is Due.

and I felt bad after I did it Because
he said he wore it for Two seasons

but when he started Acting
crazy I said I'm glad I Did it.

I give credit where credit is Due.

And by burning my hat could
Fluster me at tribal council,

But,at the end of
the day-- Parvati.

- Parvati what?
- she probably should have won.

a different game.

That's called "russell
decide Who wins 'survivor'"

pitch that To mark burnett.

He might fully like it.

I think he would.

Are you aware,Though,when you're
playing this Game are,you aware--

I don't care about that.

I play as hard as I can.


Take a deep breath with me.

Russell and you me right here.

all right,me and you.


- I'm just trying to Get some information.
- okay.

Are you aware during The game,like,

when you get Into an argument
with rupert That's that vicious--

we just Saw a clip
of it coming in--

You're not going to get his Vote.

When you betray jerri probably
Not going to get her vote.

Are you thinking,that's two
Votes but I've got others?

you know what,after I played The
first time and played right Again,

I played one time.

And I

That's not the Question.

Are you aware of jury?
This is a fundamental--

let me Explain something
before you Answer--

I hear what you're saying.

- You haven't answered What I asked so I'll
ask you Again-- - he doesn't understand .

Do you think about The fact

that the social game is
Something you're missing?

I don't care about that fact!

I play the game as hard as I Can.

I do what I have to do.

I do what I can do. And you know what?

I make it to the end every time.

- Boston rob,boston
Rob-- - but you never win

Boston rob. Boston
rob,quick question--

if You and russell had teamed
up,How might that have gone?


it would have gone pretty Good.

The problem with russell-- and I
Think what he's trying to say to You

is that he doesn't play the Game to win.

And it's clear in his strategy.

He plays a good game to get to The end,

but he doesn't play a
Game to win the game.

And that's where he and I Differ.

Among other things as well.

If we had teamed up,we could Have
done pretty well together,I think.

and you play the game to win?

- I do play the game to win.
- he does.

- when have you won?
- I haven't.

But I gawrn,given the Opportunity,

I'd gladly go back And kick
your ass all over the Island

you know what? Let's make it happen.

You make it happen.

That could be a Future
season. Rob versus russell.

All right,I want to talk about
Something else they found very--

I thought was impactful this Season,

a couple of dumb
moves,Starting with you,tyson.

It's a little hard for-- to set
Up,but if you watch the season,

There came a time at tribal Council
where boston rob had Laid it out--

here's what we do And we get rid of either
parvati Or russell by the end of the Night.

Inexplicably you change your Vote.

Do you-- not only
were you voted Out.

You changed the entire
course of The game.

Do you think about that?
Does that haunt you?

all the time,yeah. But,you know,what?

You have to take risky
moves in The game to get far.


That was risky or Dumb?

if it would have been worked Out,I
would have looked like a Genius,jeff.

Parvati has played the game With,like
"85 people if "survivor" history

and I knew Everybody
hate russell--

So you were playing The odds.

I knew he had the idol
Because coach told me

and I knew He could give it to parvati.

- So you've got a Strategy behind it.
- yeah,definitely.

J. T. Ings,the other
Dumb move this season.

We already talked about it.

The only question for
you is I Saw that move

as a pretty decent Strategic
idea if you were right

And he needed you it could
have Been a brilliant move.

Do you have any regrets about That?

not at all. I would have never done it
if I Thought I was safe to begin With?


I was at a point where I
felt Like I was going home

the next Couple of votes no matter what.

The odds were against
me,and I Was hoping

to play with
coach,Rob,courtney,or,you know,Tyson.

And one by one,they got picked Off.

Kn I'm not going to be able
to I Play with parvati--

You again,you played The odds.

my back was against the wall.

I reached out to somebody.

But I did not know he was
Playing the game to win.

We have been
Conductingoll on line--

do we get any money
if we win This thing?

No,actually,the Winner of this
actually has to Give some money back.

We've been conducting a poll to See

who the audience thinks
has Made the dumbest move

over the Past 20 seasons of "survivor.

" There are five nominees. Tyson is one.

J. T. Is another.

James the guy with two idols
That got voted out back in China.

Colby donaldson is one for People say you
took the wrong Person back in australia.

You could have won if you
had Taken the chef,keith.

And even erik,where is erik.

Erik with the new haircut.

Oh,my gosh!

We don't recognize hill any
Measure the ice cream scooper.

Here are the dumbest moves.
Take a look at this,flashback.

I'm not going anywhere. I'm
on "survivor" with two Idols.

Tenth person voted Out.

I want t give individual
Immunity to natalie.

13th person voted Out and the
sixth member of our Jury. Erik.

russell,play the idol
Tonight,and save yourself.

- you don't hand the enemy the Idol.
- J. T.

I'm going to vote for Parvati.

y thought it was an Opportunity
to give my vote to Parvati.


I don't even know that I
have A 50-50 shot against teen

Ahowever I'm choosing to go
into The finals with tina.

All right,and Typical
"survivor" fashion,

we Took some tiki thing
and turned It into a trophy,

and your name Will be on here,I'm
proud to Say that of the five,

the winner Comes
this season--

and,Tyson,it is not you.

J. T.,congratulations on make The
dumbest move in "survivor" History.

. thank you.

All right,still to Come,sprint
it going to award $100,000

to one of this season's
Castaways based on your votes.

Up next,some of the season's
Contestants surprised us.

Others were major Disappointments.

We're live her live "heroes
vers Villains" reunion show

james goes after randy
and With one push.

real clashy.

shut up!

I don't care who you are,you Just
don't talk to people like That.

shut th up and Listen to the
guy who has done The challenge.

a less cursing off
your tribe Might help.

keep your mouth shut.


Welcome back to "survivor: Heroes
vs. Villains. " It's our reunion show.

This year we had a lot of
Surprisesurprises and disappoin.

James I think it's fair to say
You might have been both in that

Disappointing to see you
get Injured and leave again,

but the Surprise for
me was your Attitude.

You just didn't seem like you
Were having fun from day one.

What was going on?

I mean,I really was kind of Having fun.


Just kind of didn't
seem that I mean--

- To nobody. -
I mea we had--

you just Seemed to catch me in my
moments Of the worst time ever. I love it.

I mean,it hurt my mom's
feel Ootion I'm sorry,momma.

You're telling me,On.

I've seen you play now three Times,

and and I,even from the Beginning
thought,man,the dude Is in a bad mood.

I was in a
great team--

Are you disappointed In yourself?

I'm dapy knee. I'm getting old.

- So you're all right With it?
- yes,sir.

were trying To--

the whole thing with
Stephenie he was trying to--

Here comes amanda to
James' rescue once again.

he was trying
to help me--

- Rupert.
- yes.

Tough start if you You.

A few minutes into the
game you Have a broken toe.

How did this compare
for you in Seasons past.

it wasn't just one toe.


It was two bones in one toe and The
toe we taped it off to was Broken,also.

I didn't know that until I got Out.

I thought I was going
to be out The first day

when they sat me Out thinkingsis
weak on that First challenge.

What do you make of The
whole good versus evil?

What do you take of this?

It was tough.

The lines are always blurred.

I tell people all the
time I Stole,I lied,

I manipulated and I was
one of the heroes,you be.

The game is it's game
is what The game is.

I like going out,though,and
Being called one of the heroes.

Colby,you were Brought
back because you Represent--

you embody the Qualities
of a hero on "survivor.

" This season,horrible
start,Moments into the show.

Did you know-- did you have a Feeling
this is not going to go Well right away?

l,physically I did,yeah,Yeah.

Losing to coach in
the first Challenge--


fizz ceacialg I knew
Things were different.

They were going to be very Different.

He's still behind me.

let me do it again! Let me do it again!

hey,get a room!

You know,we're Looking
at some of it now.

But you also,though,you didn't Seem
to be enjoying yourself out There.

I had more fun watching the Season
than I did playing it. I really did.

Is that because it's Your third time?

well,I think there wasome
Adventure lost with this,

and That is a big part of it for me.

You know,and part of that was The
inability to really go in The water.

Whether it was fish,swim,all That.

You know,we were really Quarantined.

We could be the explore in the Jungle,

and that's a lot of what I
enjoyed from the previous Seasons,

even in panama,when we Weren't winning.

Lex and ethan and I would go
out And free dive every day.

There was a lot fun. There
was a lot of adventure.

And I couldn't find that this Time.

So you couple that with my poor
Performances in the challenges

- And it just wasn't-- it was a
rough season. - A rough season.

Amanda,you've played This game a lot.

You're second to parvati,I
Think,in days played.

Obviously,you've done very Well.

You were one of only four people
To make it to the end twice.

You,sandra,parvati,and Russell are the
only four people Who have done that,

and,yet,There's this one
quality that Seems to elude you

and it's that Killer instinct.

Does this haunt in life as
well When you just can't--

No,amanda,I'm not--
I'm not picking on you.

It's what everyone on the street Says,

she's such a goodlayer,But
then you back off.

You come to james' rescue. You
know-- you know what I'm Saying.

yeah,I don't-- I don't
know What that is.


It just happens.

When it comes down to the cut Time

where I have to perform
Tjust,like,doesn't happen.

I don't know what it is.

It's just something in me,I
Feel bad or something. You know.

I feel bad about voting people Out.

It's like the game is
really Emotional for me.

yeah. Still,today.

yeah. Not as much

- Stephenie.
- hi,jeff.

You,kind of like Colby came
in,and in terms of Women

you represented this ideal
Of great competitor,physical,

You know,shoulder halfway
out Of your body on day one.

- You never really got up to Speed.
- yeah.

No,I mean,I was,like,very
Grateful to come back a third Time.


And I knew that there was a good Chance

I was going to go very
Early in this game.

I mean,there's,like,probably
Three of us here

that really Doesn't hang out
with any of These other people.

So then the shoulder dislocation
Was extremely unfortunate.

Did you have fun?

I mean,I was there,like,Six
days. I tried to have fun.

But I was on the outs
before the Game even began.

tell thu--

it's Nothing that a pizza
can't cure At my restaurant.

G. G. Restaurant and lounge.

Jeff,what else do I have?
Com! I played for six games.

Good,congratulations For you.

- I'm glad you have a restaurant Going.
- thank you.

Cirie,is there Anything
you can do in this game

When you come into it with the
Kind of target you hado your Back,

is it just that's just the
Way it went this season .


jeff,I don't think there's Anything
I could have done Different besides--

I don't Know,maybe pay
tom a million Dollars.

I did everything I could.

When people have a perception
of Who you are and what you are,

It's hard to break that.

And if you're not given
the Opportunity to break it,

then You get what you get.

I want to,I want-- see
If we have this video.

Coach,you supplied a
moment This year with tyson

that was One of the most interesting
and Touching and funny moments.

We have this,I
want to roll It--

if not,we'll just talk About it.

people never say anything Good about me.

Am I that bad of a person,man?

if you want to stick it
out,I'll help you through it.

- thanks for coming out here,Man.
- no problem,dude.


one question--

we Don't have
a lot of time--

oh,geez,you've got to
Preface it with that.

- Well,because you Will tell a story.
- yes .

You found that a very Endearing moment,

you truly were Trying to
say what is it about Me?

You have learned anything about How
people perceive you in this Game?

the first time I came
into it I came in as coach,


you can Never be wrong and
have to keep A stiff upper lip

and I saw Myself on television and
thought That guy is an arrogant ass.


And I learned from the game
and Came into the next game

and I Wanted redemption so bad.

Early on the reason I broke down

Is the early thoughts
were can I Change it?

Can I change that perception.

At that point at tribal
when Sandra said that.


Tyson gave me a very empowering Speech.

Change who you are.

Are you a different Guy.

I am. I think I'm more humble,down
to Earth are chivalrous to the Ladies.

Come on.


We have our first Survivor baby,boston
rob and Amber have given birth--

let's See. There she is. Lucia.

And that's amber who
won "survivor all-stars.



" jeff: Up next,one of these Players
is going to win $100,000 From spint.

First,taking us to the break,

Our "survivor" composers
who Write all the music.



Viewers have been
Texting and voting online

for The sprint player of the season.

The honor comes with
$100,000 Cash prize.

The votes are in,and it
has Come down to,fittingly,

a Two-person race
between good and Evil.

On one side,we have rupert,one
Of the two finalists.

And on the other side,look at Russell,already
shake his hand Like he knows it's him.

It is russell.

America decided between
good Versus evil,

and much like the Game
went,evil has won again.

Russell is the sprint
player of The season.


And the winner of $100,000.

And you
will say--

I'll say it More succinctly
because we're Out of time--

you will say That's proof
to the point America--

they make the decision. They should.


I have to say,having Watchedded
you play this game Three times

it seems like this
Season it came together.

Are you happy how you played









first Time I played bad,they wante l.


Nic done.



you Were in it until the end,and
Then huthis breakdown at tribal.

You talked about how exhausted You were.

Did you feel it coming
on,or Was it in retrospect?

I felt it coming on. That
day was so stressful for Me.


Russell was trying to
get me Voted off all day.

You know,I'm human. I have
emotions. I have feeling.

I have heart and it just proved At
the end of the kay I'm not a Villain.

What can I say?****

- aaa****
- bbb****








jjj**** Fun this Season.


I had a lot of
fun. I came in--

I came back and I Had to,like,put
myself in the Space of,

really,are you going To do do?

And I was like I'm going
to go And have the best time

and enjoy it more Than I did
the first time. And I did.

- Randy,on the flip Side--
- I knew that was coming.

You rarely seemed to Be having any fun.

Did you have any fun at all this Time?

no,not a bit.


. And,sugar,on the
Corner,you go to the end,

and The first time,and then
you're First out the second.

- both sides of the rainbow.
- Yeah.

Is it still an enjoyable Experience
when you only play Three days.


I was not having fun
because It rained so much

and I just Didn't feel like
I had a decent Alliance.

One other thing I Want to point out,

another Celebration,much
like rob and Amber.


actually Postponed your wedding to
do This show,and now you came Home--

I'm looking at
a ring-- Did you.

- we got marri
- ***




m the "survivord 306 episodes

and we've seen and
Done a lot on this shoi.

Take a look at some of these
Stats. We visited 15 countries.

We had over 300 people play this Game.

We've had nearly 500 challenges.

Winners we've had 11 men,nine
Women-- average age 32--

twice As many single
people win as Married.

And we're almost dead
even when It comes to

men and women and How
long they last in the game.

So we thought it might be fun to
Create the "survivor" prototype.

We combined all of the
people Who won survivor

and came up With the ultimate player.

And we put all these things Together.

We used a little bit
from all of The winners,

and take a look at This,guy.

That is richard hatch's left
Eyebrow,sandra's rye eye broi.

That's the earlobes of parvati.

The dimples of j. T.

Bottom limb of tom westman.


If you know this guy or you are Guy,

come on "survivor" because You can win.

When we come bark find out
where "survivor" is headed next.

We want to pay tribute to a
dear Friend and former "survivor"

who Passed away this year after
a Long struggle with cancer.

Jen lyon will be missed.

in memory of***

20 seandz and we're Still going strong.

Our 21st season begins Shooting soon.


For the past
decade,"survivor" Has taken you

to the furthest Corners of the planet.

And subjected over 300 Contestants
to the harshest Environments

under the most Exhausting conditions.

Join us now as we enter
a new Decade of "survivor.

" This is nick rag what.

It is a land of empen trabl
Terrain,smoldering volcanos,

And savage wildlife.

Christopher columbus discovered
Its shores over 500 years ago.

And for centuries,spanish Conquistadors
set out to tame This exotic land

only to be Stopped at every
turn by the Expansive rainforest

of this Central american landmark.

A brand new set of survivors.

Exciting and ino vailtive Challenges,

and something that
May surprise them all.

Who will have what it
takes to Outwit,outplay,

and outlast all The others?

Find out this fall as the Adventure
continues on "surviv "survivor: Nicaragua.

Summer of tomorrow morning,sand Remark parvati,and
russell will All appear on the "early show" On cbs

and sandra will get a
Check for $1 million.



We'll see you back for the next
Edition of "survivor: Nicaragua.