Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 11 - Survivor - full transcript

With two swing votes hanging in the balance, no one can be sure of their safety heading into Tribal Council, and even the most formidable villain in the game makes a potential miscalculation.

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The heroes and villains
merged with even numbers.


The heroes thought
they had the upper hand

when russell promised his,liegance.

This is where i stand.

I swear on my kids they
am on board with you all.

But he was only reeling them in.

Hurricane katrina,line,and sinker.

Sandra warn the heros


but only r*** believed her.



She's on the villain side for a reason.

At the last challenger danielle got
the immunity necklace around her neck

and the heroes tried to put
a noose around parvati's.

They're going to try to vote me out.

Yeah,they want you gone.

Russell gave up his hidden
immunity idol to save his queen

but parvati was only
using him as a pawn.

Unbenoanlsed to him,she is h a
second,secret idol of her own.

Two little green men protecting me.

At a game-changing tribal council,the
heroes switched their vote to ger.

Parvati,sensing something
was wrong,made a huge move.

Sandra,that's for you.

Jerri,that one's for you,too.

Damn it.

Displef she played both her
idols to save the villains,

and send home j.t.

leaving russell wondering
who's really in charge?

you have***

Nine are left. Who will
be voted out tonight?

yin yang***

i tried.

i'm done.


Well,that was a good one,you guys.

It really was. Actually.

Yeah,it was. It really was.

I didn't see that coming at all.



i didn't**

oh,you didn't?

- nope.
- damn.

Now they've got secrets going around?

What the hell is up with that?

Sso,parv where did you find the idol?

At the challenge.

And you didn't tell me anything
about it when i saved your ass?

I wanted it to be a surprise.

It's not a surprise. You lied to me.

- That's how i feel.
- How did i lie to you?

Because you didn't tell me about it.

You were never in danger.

We found it together. We
wanted to surprise you.

You surely took the one i
gave you,to save you,again.

I was going to save jerri.

It pisses me off that
you all didn't tell me.

- Chill out.
- Hell,no.

Wheaf,whatever. ***

You can talk all you want,but
it is what it is for me.

Okay,well,you can be mad if you want

but i don't see any harm
done in keeping a secret.

Russell likes to be in control

because he thinks he's
the godfather of this game.

And i think having me have
an idol he didn't know about

made him feel like he wasn't in
control,and scared,a little bit.

But that's kind of what i wanted,anyway.

- You all right? ***
- I tried.

Listen,the four of us are good.

But we're going to see what's
going on there to break them up.

- i'll***
- All right.

work on**

i'm gonna**


There's no way you're going to break
up danielle and parvati and russell.

When they first came over,i
had a chance with sandra.

I tried. I went to the heroes and tried

to tell them not to trust russell.

My heroes did not want to believe me.

With all that has happened,

i don't know how easy it will be

to pull sandra back in.

She opened the door once.

My only hope is to maybe get sandra

yin yang**

You guys pulled a good one.


It was just a regular
vote,a regular night.

That was a good one. I'm impressed.

But,when it comes down to the
top six,things have to happen.

And right now,the ship
is sinking. You know that.

Yeah,i know.

And somebody,one person,has to jump,

and that one person is
going to be very crucial

to what happens later on in the game.

We don't trust sandra right now.

That's why i need to
pull somebody else in.

I think i can trust candice
because candice knows

that her butt's in a sling right now,

and she has no other way to go.

If you're the last one standing,

you won't be the last oneue won't go
with number six. I can guarantee that.


I don't want to sit here and say
you're going to go to the top three,

but it's a strong point.

Well,just let me know.

- Okay,i'll talk to you later.
- All right.

I think that the right
way to go is candice.

100%,she's ready to
freaking burn her house down.

It's huge in the game
that we have numbers.

Now it doesn't even matter
what sandra wants to do

because candice is going to flip it.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge.


For today's challenge,you will compete
in a "survivor" version of shuffleboard.

You'll be randomly divided
into teams of three,

black team,blue team,red team.

One at a time you'll slide
your puck across the board.

The team whose puck ends up closest
to the center of the "x" wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

Robert lewis stephenson is most famous
for writing "treasure islandment.

" he spent his last years
and is buried here on samoa.

The winning team will go to
his home,which is now a museum,

where you will enjoy at screen
of the movie "treasure island.

" you'll spend the night,get a
good night's sleep in a real bed,

return to camp in the morning.

There will probably be a clue to the
hidden immunity idol at today a reward,

so i'm hoping and praying
myself,danielle,russell,or jerri

goes that reward to find that clue,

just to keep the power in our hand.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes!

We'll draw for teams
and we'll get started.

All right,we have our three teams.

jerri. The black team.

Rupert,russell,sandra,the red team.

Colby,amanda,danielle,the blue team.

Black,you're up first,candice.

Candice with the first shot.

Everybody gets two shots.
You'll go one at a time.

Right down the middle. Good spot.

Could get knocked around a little bit.

Sandra with the first
shot for the red team.

Sandra off the board.

Danielle first up for the blue team.

Danielle comes up short.

Parvati up for the black team.

Red team,you're up.

Nice shot for the red team.

That is the mark to beat.

Amanda up,the blue team.

Amanda comes up short.

Come on,jerri!

Good toss by jerri.

Red still the mark to beat.

Rupert gives a toss,and look at that.

The red team very close now.

Colby up for the blue team.

Not quite close enough.

Everybody's had one
toss. Round two. Candice.

Candice was trying to knock
those reds right off the board.

Good idea. Didn't work.

Sandra up for the red team.

That was just a wasted shot there.

Blue,you're up.

And a nice toss.

Danielle knocks one
red peg out of the way.

The other red peg is still the
closest by about a half an inch.

Parvati,your last shot.

Nothing changes after that shot.

Russell up for the red team.


- Lame.
- On purpose?

Right dead in the middle for the "x."


a lot of obstacles in the way
of getting to that "x" now.

Amanda comes up short.

This is the last shot
for the black team.

Good toss but doesn't help.

Black team is out of it now
unless something happens.

Riewrnlt with the last
toss for the red team.

Comes up short.

One shot left in this challenge.

It belongs to colby donaldson.

You know what you have to do.

You either need to get rid of this
red puck or get yours in tighter.

Colby does it for the blue tribe!

Blue wins reward.


- You guys head out,head back to camp.
- Good job,guys.


We're eating all rice so
don't come back looking for it.

reward. Nice job.

Tbrab your stuff and head out. ***1



This is robert louis
stephe stephenen son's home.

He wrote 13 books while here.

A bed.

We have three books here.


kidnapped...and ***

I will take you to the next room.

At the reward,my main focus was

finding the clue to the
hidden immunity idol.

Can i say? **** Oh,my god!

Because parvati played two last
time,there has to be one in play this time.

So the whole time i was thinking
oh,my god. Where can this clue be?

Like,i'm not leaving here without it.

I have to get it.

treasure island

Sitting sitting on the bed,watching
"treasure island," i didn't enjoy any of it.

I was too busy thinking,where
could the clue be?

It has to be in this room.

- The popcorn's good,huh?
- Yeah,it's really good.

I found the clue in the bowl of popcorn.

I am freaking out.

This is,like,so much power,and
this could be a million dollars.


Amanda was really suspicious.

She literally gets up out of the
bed,and sits right next to me.

I'm like,is she kidding me right now?

Could you guys scoot over a little.

What are you doing,amanda?


Why am i

aman amanda. I'll seriously
grab it out of your hand.

- Will you just relax for a second.
- Then give it back to me!

- What are you doing? You're a psychopath.
- It's not yours.

Yes,it is ?

Amanda,give it to me.

- You're kidding me!
- I found it.

Give me back the clue.

- Can you give it back to me,please?
- No.

- Are you serious?
- It's not yours. It was in the room.

I found it.

You're scottic for
doing what you just did.

You're really psychotic.

Colby,are you serious what she just did?

I didn't even see what happened.

I was watching "treasure island.

" we have a problem,obviously.

What's our-- what's
our resolution?

Can you tell her to give it back
to me so i can have it in my hand,

because i found it,and
this is ridiculous.

I mean,this is our life in the
game. It's not ridiculous to me.

It's ridiculous that you
grabbed it the way did you--

i didn't think i would do that,either.

It was out of desperation.

It's your clue,danielle.

It's your clue. You found it.

Yes,but i would like it back in my hand.

It's okay.

I need a glass of wine.

Yeah,so in the end,i ended
up giving the clue back

and gave it to danielle like an idiot.

And colby wasn't back me up,and
i was just like,oh,my god.

I was just like,are you kidding me?

yin yang***

Look at you guys!

- Hey,guys!
- How was it?

we shared ***

And me and russell and
rupert had won that,

like,the three of us barely fit in.

That's awesome.



- do they**
- yep.

Amanda takes it and runs over
the other side of the room

so i jumped up and grabbed
and it i was like,"give me it.

" i wrestled hir to the ground
and wripped i it out of her hand.



"follow the path to where
you get water for drinking.

" it says on the clue
something about a stream.

Where they drink water,it's
by the stream over here,

under a rock,by a bendy tree.

Danielle's looking on one side.
I'm looking on the other side.

I pick up a rock,after being
there five seconds,there it is.

She turns her back to me,

i take it out,throw it to the side.

I sit on it.

I hid it in my pocket.

if they see***

I wanted to break away
from her immediately.

Because they hid a hidden
immunity idol from me.

They didn't let me know about it.

You know what? I'm not
letting them know about it.

I am the king of hidden immunity idols.

It's still raining.


This is my guarantee
to you that--

i'm serious,*** i have the idol.

How did you get it?

Because she gave me the clue.

And i found it before
she even got there.


With me showing you the idol,it
should show you that i trust you 100%.

Will you show it to me now?

- You want to see it now?
- I'd rather see it now.

- Okay,let's go see it then.
- All right.

Stick with me,i can take you places.

Knowing that russell has the idol could
be a little bit of ammunition for me,

but right new,i can't tell anybody

because i can't trust anybody

to not take a little bit of information

that they get and use it against me.

- Now you trust me.
- I trust you.

We are going to the final three.

This is what's going to get us there.

I'm not sure they trust russell 100%,

but it's a big thing that he
showed me the hidden immunity idol

so it's really tough.

It was a tough decision to make.

This is real.



They took out boston
rob,he was in my alliance.

They took out courtney
before we came here

because they knew that if me
and courtney came over here,

- they were done.
- Okay.

So if i flip with you guys
and make it five against four,

it's either got to be
danielle,parvati,or russell.

When tyson went and
then boston rob went,

and then courtney left
me,i was like,i'm done.

But now that they took out j.t.

and i can jump to them
and be five against four,

now is the perfect time
for me to make my move.

In terms of the idol,i agree with you.

- Danielle has it.
- And she's greedy.

I also agree she's not
going to give it away

i know danielle has the
hidden immunity idol or will,

because she has the clue.

We have to assume she
is going to find it

and has it in her possession.

If danielle doesn't
win immunity today--

which i'm going to try my dandeddest,

don't you think she will play the idol.


They won't tell me until an hour before.

So we need to make sure they
don't think you're flipping.

So the thing is,we
need you. We need you.

And if you want to do this do we
first take out russell or parvati?


Are they trying to talk to you,anyway?

No,he's-- he's kind

Like jerri said,he doesn't,like
have,no personality.

I told you i haven't talked to
him since the day we got here.

That's why he's dying to talk to me.

We have five votes right now.

We have six votes.

Like,if you would flip,all
of a sudden we get five votes,

and you vote another
way,that would be--

- it wouldn't matter.
- Bad for the the game.

No,hold up. You're doing math wrong.

No,no,i'm saying we have six people.

We have one person from their tribe.

- Oh,okay.
- ***

But,anyway,i trust you.

If i stay with the
villains,i'm top five,

i'm not moving up from there

because they're not willing
to get rid of russell.

That's why i have to flip to the heroes

because i need to get russell out.

Russell? You want russell gone?

Russell's gone.

All four of us will vote for russell.

Russell just told me now somebody
from them already came to us again.

I'm hoping one of those girls is lying

and that they're going
to stick with you.

They need to stick with
you or this won't work.

If they don't stick with you,they're
going home one after the other.

- I know.
- Seats up to you.

I'd rather put rulz's ass up there.

My god,all it will take is for
sandra to switch over to our side.

There's five votes for russell.

We could get russell out of this game.

The guy is a piece of garn.

Sandra's the one that came to me,

and this morning she
just spilled the beans of

why she's so sick of all
of them,including russell,

really wants to get rid of russell.

So we vote tonight
for whoever she wants.

Yeah,i mean,this is it.

So i don't see any reason why
sandra would bluff me at this point.

If sandra's telling
me the truth,who knows?

She could be playing
me for the villains.

But if she's telling
me the truth,you know,

she's ready to come on
board and play ball with us.

So this changes everything in a hurry.

So what we've got to
do is go into immunity,

try to win to prevent the
villains from getting it.

But if we don't,we hope
sandra's telling us the truth.

He hope she's going to vote with us.

And in that case we will either
vote out russell or parvati tonight.


Guys ready it get to
today's immunity challenge?


First things first,danielle.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will
each have 150 wooden tiles.

On my go,ul use those tiles to
build a house of cards 10 feet tall.

First person to finish,wins immunity,

is guaranteed a one-in-eight
shot of winning this game.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be voted out.

We'll draw for spots. We'll get started.

All right,here we go. For immunity.

Survivors ready? Go.

First person to get to
10 feet wins immunity.

Very quickly,there are
lots of different strategies

about how to build this.

It's going to take some experimenting.

You may crash and burn a few times.

Don't panic if yours crumbles.

Don't panic if you see the
person next to you doing better.


Jerri doing a very nice job.

Russell's doing a nice job.

Billion a nice base.

Danielle staying in it.

Colby's building a nice house of cards.

And it all comes tumbling down.

Jerri just at about six feet.

Russell at five feet.

Danielle at four feet.

Amanda still on her first level.

Sandra's collapses.

Sandra now starting over.

Jerri now getting close
to the eight-foot mark.

It's russell and jerri
both just under eight feet.

This is when you have
to be very careful.

Jerri with a few
seconds' lead right now.

Russell's going to have to pick it up.

Jerri at the nine-foot mark.

This will put her at
nine and a half feet.

Russell at the nine-foot mark.

This will put him at
nine and a half feet.

Nobody else is even close at this point.

This is neck and neck.

Russell is out of cards.

Trying to make a little
pyramid to get him to 10 feet.

Russell's not there.

Russell's going to have to hustle.

Jerri on her last stack.

Jerri wins immunity!

By seconds over russell.

Come on over,jerri.

My very first immunity.

- Ever?
- Ever!


- Came at a good time,right?
- It did!

With this,jerri is safe at
tonight's tribal council,

gawrned a one-in-eight
shot at winning this game.

For the rest of you,after
30 days in this game,

one of you going home tonight.

Grab your stuff. Head back to
camp. I will see you at tribal.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

I'm voting for russell
because i've been waiting

to take him down for 30 days.

30 days too long.

It's time for revenge,and this
is for courtney,boston rob,tyson,

and even coach,who i don't care about,

but i'll stick him in there,too.


I'm having an amazing day.

This is the first time
i've ever had immunity,

so i'm just trying to
appreciate and really live

in the extreme high i'm
experiencing right now.

Because it feels good.

I'm swimming in ya.

You go,girl!

My very first immunity!

I'm fine that jerri won it.

Any one of my teammates could
have won it and i'm fine with that.

Look at the other side,rupert and colby.

They're done. They look done.

And candice thinks i'm going
to take her to the top three.

I haven't really made the decision yet.

So amanda is really an
aggressive,strategic player.

She's kind of like boston
rob in a girl's body.

So she has to go.

Let's put her name down tonight.
We ain't got to discuss much.

Now,i know. I know she's work it.

Put her name down tonight. I
guarantee she'll have six votes anyway.

I just want to make sure
everything is cool with me and you

with you putting her name down.

I trust you. I'm playing
the game like you.

I'm-- i'm ready to
put her name down.

She has crossed me too many timeses.

Going into tribal i knew
that either way that i chose

could be really the
beginning of the end for me.

Because i was going to make
people really mad on either side,

and,you know,just the fact that

russell had the immunity idol
and could pass it to anyone

made me nervous about not
voting with the villains.

And,so,i felt like i had to go with
the plan that was the most solid.

I know i gotta pack.

I never went to tribal
council and not taken--

since pearl islands
when i walked in there

thinking i was safe and
went home with nothing.

- Nothing.
- Oh,yeah.

The one time i thought i was
safe is the day i went home.

We got lucky because
russell's going home tonight.



they **


- My turn?
- Yup.

what name***

what name they**

- Me?
- You.

of course**

i was***


i've never***

***she's not**

she thinks**

that makes**

who told you **



I want to talk to you. Sit down.

Before candice gets up there.

I don't know why she's running up here,

but she said that you
said put my name right now.

You're saying you're
going to vote for me.

No,nobody's going to vote for you.

That's what she said was sa said.

Amanda's going home.

The idol's getting played tonight.

I'm not scared,russell.

Why are you trying to threaten me?

I'm not threatening you. ***

I believe that candice believes
this is her only option,

and sandra,the same thing.

And because of that,they
have to make the decision

to get amanda out of here.

- If you put amanda's name tonight,she goes home,period.
- Yeah,i am.

If you put amanda's name down.

If either one of you
all switch tdon't matter.

If you put it,she goes home.

But she is going home.

If candice and sandra flips
on me today,then i go home.

They both would have to
have some kind of genius plan

to flip on me tonight
to go to the heroes?

The beat-up heroes?

If they do that,then more power to them.



oh god,***



she told**

Candice went and told russell
every single thing that was said,

including that i was on board with
rupert,amanda,and the rest of them,

and now we're screwed and they
won't trust us any more after this.

i bet**

Why are you switching now?

- She's not.
- I'm not switching.

You're with us?

Yes,she's totally with us.

Oh,my god.

We are trying like heck
to keep everybody calm.

So we just have
to figure out--

don't hang**

i'm not hanging you out to dry.

Listen,we're okay. Sandra,you're good.

Candice is on our side.
We're voting for parvati.

We're not going to let
you hang out to dry.

We're not going to let
you hang out to dry.

We're voting parvati.

Now,who is going to tell amanda?

I'll tell amanda.

We think russell got rid of our plan

and convinced danielle
to get the idol to him

but the greeded in of her

is going to make her
not want to give it away


If we vote for russell and danielle
goes difit away,they've won.

So maybe we throw parvati in
because nobody has her on the radar.

you going*** or am ***

What do you mean help you?
What do you want me to go to do?

- Are we going to do this?
- yes

Yes,if this thing doesn't
work,it's candice's fault.

Really,if this doesn't work,candice
is the one who spilled the beans.

This is crazy.

There are three days of scrambling
going on in three minutes.

We need to do this.

We need to vote out parvati
and we'll be right on track.

If you're scared of
russell,we'll write his name down.

I promise you. I bet you 100%
danielle will not give him theideole.

The fact that you and i are now
talking like this,we're done already.

We're freaking done.

Russell can we have a minute,please?

Every time i try to do
something,somebody's in my face.

I can't even do nothing. It's crazy.

The only way we can fix this
is to do what they said--

- ****
- *****

**** and i am jumping
ship,and i'm doing it for you.

- I did this for you.
- I was going to do it.

Why do you tell russell
everything we talked about?

Why did you run to him?

- I didn't run to him.
- I told you to tell him nothing.

Oh,my god. They're going to bury us.

just vote**

We can get rid of amanda later.


They have the idol
and we don't know who--

you're going to do this for real?

After i put my neck on the
line for you guys all day today,


and now everything we worked for
is about to go down the tubes?


tell me who you want out,please.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Coach. Courtney.

And j.t.,voted out at
the last tribal council.

So,rupert,after the last tribal council,

the strillans had the number advantage.

So when you're looking at the villains,

how do you figure out
who might be vulnerable?

Who might be the one that would
want to flip to improve their lot?

We've been talking
about that for a while.

But for one of the villains
to jump ship right now,

they're still going to
feel like they're fifth.

So there is no real need for any
of the villains to do anything

but stay with their five.

Sandra,even rupert,a
hero,says it's a crazy idea.

It's true.

The best bet is just to stay
with those who you're with.

But some of the heroes
have talked to me,

and i know that they sense
that i'm on the outside

because even i know that i'm on
the outside within my own group.

So,amanda,how do you make it
appealing to somebody like sandra

who would say,"i'm already fifth with the
group i got here with from the beginning?

" you offer them a better deal.

How do you know the deal she's got
going on now isn't the best deal.

She might have the best deal.

She's weak in challenges.

She's easy to beat for the vote.

Sounds like somebody i want
to take with me to the jury.

But there are so many times when i feel like
i'm not wanted. You know what i'm saying?

So i have,like,a sense of
frustration within my own alliance.

So,russell,clearly,it ain't
paradise in the villain tribe.

First of all,the whole team will
be,we play completely different.

Danielle plays her way.

She's real aggressive.

You know,that's how she plays.

I'm aggressive,too.

Jerri,she plays a different way.

She's the calm one of the whole bunch.

Parvati,she's,you know,the
charming one of the whole bunch.

She plays a different way.

What about me. You didn't include me.

Sandra,she's just there with us.

That's a big statement.

See,i'm just there.

So,rupert,there are
cracks in that five-some.

I wish i would have
known there was distrust

before right now sitting
here at tribal council.

Russell,is one of the reasons
you like how danielle plays

is that the more she plays the
less chance she has of winning?

I'll tell you what,she's fighting
to get further in the game.

If she gets further in the
game,i get further in the game.

That's why i was glad
she did go to the reward

because there's going to be another
clue for the hidden immunity idol,

and she got it.

And she had to be very
aggressive to get it.

Colby,so what's the sense
about the hidden immunity idol?

Danielle has it. Yeah,definitely.

That's the consensus on the hero tribe.

Oh,yes,danielle's found it.

Parvati,everybody's thinking
danielle has the idol

might take the heat off of danielle.

Now maybe you're vulnerable.

Yeah,i definitely feel vulnerable.

I'm just trusting my
alliance to stay with me.

But if somebody flips and they
try to make it interesting,

then i have no protection.

Because i have given my protection away.

Russell,if somebody from the
villains were to flip to the heroes,

you've got to be a huge target.

You know,unless i find an idol,i'm gone.

But i take risk in the game.

And if you get caught with your
hand in the cookie jar,you go home.

But i'm well aware of that,

and i'll take the risk all day
long to get further in the game.

All right,jerri,you have
the immunity necklace,

i assume you're keeping that.


You cannot vote for jerri.
Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote. Russell,you're up.

You're a very strategic player but i
believe i know what's going on tonight

so i'll be using the
idol to get rid of you,

and i found it,not danielle.

I have to play my game.
You have to play yours.

I'll go tally the votes.

you do that.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol,

and you want to play it,now
would be the time to do so.

You be what,jeff?

For some reason i think
somebody has flipped.

And to keep them all honest,

i hope i'm doing the right thing
and playing it for myself this time.

the rules of "survivor" state if
anybody plays a hidden immunity idol,

then any votes cast against
that person will not count

and the person with the next highest
number of votes will be sent home.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,amanda.

Amanda. Two votes amanda.

Parvati. Two votes
amanda,one vote parvati.

Parvati. We're tied,two votes
amanda,two votes parvati.

Damn it.

Amanda. That's three votes
amanda,two votes parvati.

Amanda. That's four votes
amanda,two votes parvati.

Parvati. That's four votes
amanda,three votes parvati.

12th person voted out and the
fourth member of our jury,amanda.

That's five. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Okay,jeff,i know you've been
waiting forever to do this.

Just do it.

Amanda,the tribe has spoken.

i had to.

i'm never **

you wasted one.

Well,in spite of the fact that
another hero was voted out tonight,

one thing is very clear from
tonight's tribal council--

the villains are not
one,big,happy family.

Next time on "survivor":

we're set up pretty good. *****

The powerful villains alliance

you do ***

comes apart at the seams.

Don't yetal me russell.

I can't believe you.

If she tries to get rid of
either of us,we can blindside her.


That move,you're going to be next.

I made too many mistakes.

And when you make too many mistakes
in "survivor," you get booted.

I kind of messed myself up in the
reward when i gave the clue to danielle.

I should have kept it.

It would have been kept me in the game.

I think that was my biggest mistake.

I think the rest of the game
is going to be absolutely crazy

and i'm kind of ****