Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Survivor - full transcript

Kimmi continues making a big deal out of killing and eating the chickens. A huge fight breaks out between her and Alicia. Over at Ogakor, the entire tribe would kill for some chickens, as their hunger has really begun to set in.

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Previously on Survivor:

Keith and Tina
plotted to take down Jerri.

She's the most bossy,

domineering person
I've ever met.

I didn't come out here
to be pushed around

by a bartender

Jerri persuaded Colby
to make a deal.

It's me, you and Amber
through to the end.

It's not like you're making
a deal with the devil here.

I simply agreed
to go along with them

to get me down
the road a little better.

Kimmi's morals

were compromised when the tribe

won chickens
in a reward challenge.

Don't break
her wings, though.

Can't they give us some
edamame, some tofu...?

Michael shocked
his tribe by killing a pig.

We live in a sick tribe.

We're going to get strong now.

Kucha continued
their winning streak

by taking the
immunity challenge,

sending Ogakor back
to Tribal Council

for the third consecutive time,

where the vote
was deadlocked in a double tie

between Keith and Mitchell.

One vote is the difference.

But ultimately it was Mitchell

who was voted out,
putting a dent

in Jerri's
hopes for an alliance.

12 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

( birds twittering )

We really started
noticing the smoke

and hearing
the trees explode and crash.

Uh, yesterday, I guess, is when
it got the closest to us,

and now we're just completely
pretty much overtaken by smoke.

My eyes are watering.

It's just extremely

hazy and smoky, and...

it's an interesting morning.

Well, we've had an interesting

past couple of days,
as far as, uh...

Let's see,
our last Tribal Council

we lost Mitchell,
which was a surprise.

It was a pretty...
pretty traumatic evening.

I think our...

our little group
of common voters

has been busted up.

It's a whole
new ball game right now.

I love this game.

( whispering ):
Tina and Keith

are definitely
grouped together,

but Colby is like the
one in the middle, like...

They're totally
grouping together.

Everyone else
is trying

to pair up and they're trying...
We're all vying

for Colby's vote.

I'm playing from
the center, dude.

I'm playing
for the joy.

( Keith laughing ):
Let's squash this one.

It seems like...

since Tina was able
to get Colby

to sway his vote last time
to vote for Mitchell,

seems like maybe he, uh,
might sway again to their side,

but we're almost
kind of fighting over him.

What we did was strategic,

and it was to help the team out,
and I know it did that.

I have, you know...

I'm not harboring
any ill feelings whatsoever

about the whole deal.

We still are
more powerful

if the three of us

are voting the same.

I'm still voting just
like I did last night,

based on who's the strongest...
who I think's got

what it takes
to make it in.

Maybe tomorrow,
I might be

thinking a whole lot different,

but... right now I'm not.

I mean, it's basically the end
of any alliance, pretty much.

Jerri, I don't care.

I don't care
about that stage of it.

I mean, all I care about

is doing
everything we can

to win the next two
immunity challenges.

That's the only thing
I can focus on right now.

Good morning, stinkies.

We gotta clean you out
'cause you all stink.

Last night was a very
uncomfortable sleeping night.

It was drafty, it was cold.

Nobody slept last night.

Like, it was just like
one of those nights

where anything
and everything

that could wake you up did.

I woke up once, and there was a
hot coal on my shirt-- look.

You're kidding?

And there was a
little fire in my woolly.

"Fire in my woolly."

That's not the first
time I heard that.

Well, how the hell
did it bypass

everybody else in front of you?

I don't know, but if it came
all the way back here,

it could have
landed on your face.

That's exactly right.

You know
what I'm saying?

That's not funny.
It's not funny.

The fire had been popping coals

out of the fire onto us.


So, we had to move our

our fire this morning.

It just was getting
a little too dangerous.

Very good chickens.

They're very happy now.

Hello, hello...

We got fire.

It was a little
right there,

you know, but, boy,
it'll be nice tonight.

Gonna be different around there
when it gets cold at night.

I guess we're ready to go.

Chicken-killing time.

You know what, though?

That hatchet
needs to be sharpened.

It's pretty dull again.

Mike got the pig,

and, uh, we ate real good, but

we wasn't able to save
all the meat, so I guess

we're going to eat chicken,
so we want to have the ax...

( scraping continues )

as sharp as possible
while we're...

while we're doing
the chicken in.

Hello, ladies.

I have such brilliant hens
over here, yes...

I just tell Kimmi, "For
your own self-preservation,

"let go of the chicken thing.

Stop talking about them,
stop getting involved..."

What's going on over here?

We're building a fire

to boil water, to
kill the chicken.

( clucking )

Well, that's my cue.

Yeah, we're ready.

See you later. Bye.

Stop making a big spectacle
when you leave.

"Oh, you're butchering
the chickens,

I'm out of here!"

You know, I mean, it's just...

It's too theatrical.

It's just too much.

Bye, chickies. Bye-bye.

I'm ready.

I'm feeling the need
to shed some blood.


Why don't you watch?

Yeah, sure.

Now, I don't, I don't,
I don't enjoy

killing animals, neither.


I don't, really,

but sometimes...
Nobody wants to do it?

Jeff, you want
to do it?

I thought Jeff
wanted to do it.

Maybe next time.

You got it? Okay.

( pounding, squawking )

I like that.

Get these feathers off.

Oh, they're hot.

Yeah, this is by
far the right...

Good stuff.

That chicken's
going to be so awesome.

It's gonna be so good.

That looks great.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

The food situation
could definitely be better.

It could always get better.

We're not eating
that much at all.

We're definitely not eating

as much as the other tribe is.

When you come to see me,

we have to go somewhere
and get a really good pizza.

And lots of
garlic and bread...

We haven't caught any fish
for, I think, two days now.

The whole hunger thing,

that for me
has been a huge hurdle.

Keith, did you
disassemble some of these

for the line the other night?

The only ones that are
rigged to go are the cricket

and the silver one.

Jerri went to go fishing,
and she needed the can,

and of course, she hollered out
to me, like her older sibling.

What do you suggest
we do with the fish guts?

I said we'll
take them to the end

and dump them
in the water like we've

been doing it,
and so, she brought them

down to the water's edge,

down at the end of camp
to dump them out

and then
she yelled back that it's

not a smart idea to dump them
in there, because...

We're literally
feeding the fish

every time we dump
the guts down there.

Well, my vote is that
you just bury them

in the sand down by
the end down there.

And the thing is,
it's also downwind from us,

so once they start rotting,

if by chance
you get a second,
if you want to...

I'll bury them.

No problem.
That would
be really cool.

It's all right.

I'm thinking on these
couple hundred acres

of water, I'm not sure that

a few fish eating some dead fish

is going to matter
a whole lot, but whatever.

It's just ridiculous
to me to continue

to dump the guts
at the end of our beach.

We're literally
feeding the fish.

It's no wonder
we haven't been able

to catch anything--
they're all full.

It's not that big
of a deal, but apparently...

it was.

I don't stand up
to her that often,

'cause I don't find it

necessary, 'cause
it's more exhausting

to argue with her than anything.

The fish... are now... buried.

Dead fish.

We haven't been
catching fish again,

and the other team is eating
chickens and pigs and eggs,

you know, and here we are
over here, starving to death.

You have any?

No luck.

Those are the things
that I didn't really think

going into this
that were going to bother me,

but it has.

...something really different.

No, no, I didn't get
upset about you. I left.

But my... no, my point is,

is that with
the, uh, chicken,

I'm just saying for these guys
to stay stronger,

it's better to, like,
do every other day,

putting meat in their body.

You got to be kidding.

I don't know.
We're active every day.

We need protein every day.

That's not a good argument.
It's not gonna work.

This isn't like a debate
to be arguing about.

No, I know.
I'm just saying...

But I'm telling you why
I don't agree with you.

That's exactly
the point.

Okay, well, you don't have
to agree with me.

And I don't.
So there you go.

Okay, fine.

I'm tired of
the chickens,
tired of it.

Excuse me?

Do you have some kind
of a problem?

Yeah, I have a problem
with your attitude.

Oh, really?

What the hell is up your butt?

What you just said
is not true.

We should be
having protein
every day.

If we have to have
the chickens, we will.

I'm just saying, if you had
the chickens here...

Right! You see us
going fishing, right?

That's all I was saying--

It's a good thing just
to break it up, especially...

You are the defensive one

about the chickens, not me,

so do not yell at me
about the chickens.

I am not getting
emotionally attached.

You can get as emotionally
attached as you want,

because the only reason
why we said it

is 'cause we care
about your feelings,

'cause you're part
of this tribe.

But don't jump all over me,
sweetheart, don't ever...

Don't wave your finger
in my face.

I will always wave my finger

And mumble
under your breath.

You want me to say
it to your face?

Yes, say it to my face.

Yes, I will be happy to.

I'm saying it to your
face right now.
Thank you!

I'm tired of you
and the ... chickens.

You heard it!

What have I said
about the chickens, though?

That's the problem.

Please! You and
your little...

She has more of an issue

with the chickens than I do.


I don't really appreciate her
to begin with,

so for me to try to walk away
from a situation

I know is potentially
gonna turn ugly,

and her not to let me do that,

made me want to just run up
and grab her by the throat.

But I... I had to keep my wits
about me,

because that's not
what this is about.

What did I just miss?
I was peeing?


I've never liked Kimmi--
we all know that--

so when she jumps on me,

I will go at her
guns loaded, okay?

What did she say, though?

I totally missed it.
What happened?

Sitting on the floor
of the house, she goes...

Alicia has always had
a problem with me.

She said, "Kimmi, don't get
too attached to the chickens."

I'm, like, "I'm not getting
attached to the chickens."

Like, don't worry!
I'm a big girl.

I said, "You know,
while we have the chickens here,

we shouldn't just eat
four chickens and a pig

back-to-back days.

And I said, "You
know what, Kimmi?

"This is why we didn't
want you to get

emotionally attached
to the chickens."
That's all I said.

She's very critical
of other people,

she's very condescending
of other people,

and I will not be treated, um,
you know, like a jerk-off.

Give me a break.

If you're gonna make sense,

you can say
whatever you want to me,

but if you're not
gonna make sense,
keep your mouth shut.

I knew that

that that Alicia/Kimmi
explosion was coming.

I knew it was coming.

Kimmi was befriending
the chickens

and giving them names
and petting them,

and, um, Alicia
just had no patience.

Alicia doesn't have a lot
of patience for anybody, really.

I had enough,
and I let loose, baby.

Alicia is in charge
of telling people to do things.

Alicia's also in charge
of talking trash about people.

We still have
to stay together as a team.

We do.

So I'm willing
to live and let live.

I just think it was
a silly misunderstanding, but...

we all are on the same team,
so we got to...

at least have a poker face on
for game day, I suppose.

( birds chirping and squawking )

This fire doesn't
throw off the heat

that the other fire did.

This is the only time, though,
when the fire really stinks.

We moved the fire pit
away from our camp

for some safety reasons.

And we had it nice and close--

about five feet
from where we all sleep--

so it was really warm at night.

But we moved it away,
and last night

was really, really cold.

Coldest night for me.


You know, what can we do?

We don't have any blankets,
so we just bundle up.

Come on over to the fire.

It's cold on that outside.

Let me tell you,
it was cold on the inside,

so if it was cold
on the inside...

Oh, cold.

The water here grosses me out
more than anything.

This Crocodile Creek is...

food and bathroom

to fish and crocodiles
and birds and bats and,

you know, all kinds
of algae and bacteria,

and it's just... I don't know,

I just find it to be
incredibly gross.

Kimmi, I don't know if
she's been in the water once,

and, uh, the dirt's starting
to stick to her.

But also 'cause you can see
my tan line. Look at it.

You know, if one of the girls

puts on a different top,
you'll see a tan line.

When Kimmi puts on
a different top,

you'll see a dirt line.

I washed yesterday.

You changed clothes.

I mean, your neck
is, like, filthy.

Filthy. Well, because...

oh, because I was
carrying tree stuff today.

That's why my neck
is filthy.

And then she got
real defensive about it.

I said "I'm..."

I said, "If I had a booger
hanging out of my nose,

"and you told me about it,
I would say thank you.

I wouldn't get all mad at you."

That's nice.

I mean, it's not bad.

I mean, we're all dirty.


It's a big one!

Is it FedEx?

It's, like, a package.


It's a book!
It's a catalog.

Check this thing out.

That is stylin'!


Okay, "You must be prepared
when your tribe's in a bind.

Build a travois,
and save their behinds..."

Build a what?

A stretcher thing.

Like a stretcher.

"...and save their behinds.

"Look through this book.
You can only choose two.

"Plus from your friends

at Target,
clean teeth and shampoo!"

Shampoo! Oh!

Oh, my God, you guys!

We get to pick
two things.

We get to
pick two things.

Okay, boxers
and slippers?

We'll skip that page.

Toilet paper?

Blankets, we need blankets.

Blankets I think
is one, don't you?

Blankets would be wonderful,
'cause we really...

now that we moved our fire...

I think we're all in agreed
on that one.

Everybody wants the spices?

Oh, it is a catalog...

Raise your hand.
Everybody wants spices,

what do you want?

Spices? I'll go with spices.

The two items that we chose...

we definitely need blankets.

Last night was really cold.

I had a miserable night's sleep.

I don't know if anyone really
slept through,

especially without our fire
out here, it's so cold.

We are going to choose
for the second item spices,

and we get
toothpaste and shampoo

when we win this today.

They're using some French words.

A stretcher.

It's a stretcher,

to carry somebody in.

Look how they show
the thing, though.

It's not like what you'd think.

It's a teepee...
it's a triangle.

Oh, wow.
We have to make one
of these, you guys.

So, how do we want
to build this thing?

Let's think.

We could even make something

out of rope
for her feet to sit in.

We could have add-ins,
like a pillow...

If we use that bamboo
pole, how are we going

to tie onto that?

Those up there are
going to start to cross.

Is that real hard wood?

That can go right under my butt.

That's the width.
We want the length.

Keep it tight where
you guys had it, at the top.

Can you come around this

and tie a bunch
of slipknots in?

Is that on your head?

Yeah, but that's okay.

We're gonna need it
for the back corner...

Are your legs still
where you can reach the corners?

Or you need to slide down
a little bit?

Rock solid.

One, two, lift.

( Elisabeth laughs )

Feels stable enough?


All right,
we got it down.

I think over at, uh, Ogakor,

they're probably
trying to pull it together

really well.

We have to go out there
as if we're facing a tribe

just as strong as we are.

Who's gonna decide

do we want to make it
like a rectangle...?

All right, here, give
me the good stuff,

then just hold...
You hold onto that end,

and as I weave it,
just follow-follow me with this.

We're dragging this thing.

We want the least amount
of friction we can get.

Okay, so what's your point?

What's wrong with this?

I'm saying...

Do you see what I'm
doing with this, though?

Exactly, and I think
it's great.

I'm saying instead
of starting it over the top,

start it underneath.

You see what I'm saying?

We got two pieces.

No, I don't see what
you're saying.

You guys want to, like, put her
in it and pick it up--

the four of us,
just to see what happens?

I kind of took over
when making the travois.

I knew that the idea I had
would work,

and everybody was just kind
of standing around and talking,

and no one was doing anything,

so I just kind of grabbed
the bull by the horns.

God bless America. This...

I have probably a
little more patience

than Colby does.

But I can usually tell when
he's getting a little tense

and a little agitated. He'll...

He'll walk away from it
and just take a breath.

Let's try it this way,
just in case we're able to.

Is it really bad?

Yay, it works!


The toughest part
for this tribe

is coming
into these challenges

with our guns blazing,
ready to rock.

We gotta win this thing, and we
still got a shot at doing it.

Come on in, guys.

All right, well, we've already
established how tough it is

living in the Outback.

You're battling-- among other
things-- an out-of-control fire,

wildlife, crocodiles,
snakes, spiders.

If you get hurt,
you are a long way from help.

You have to be able
to rely on your tribemates

to get you back to safety.

That's where today's challenge
comes in: triage.

You were asked to build
a travois;

a three-sided stretcher.

You're going to use that today.

Two members from each tribe
will be the rescuers.

Three members will be
the victims.

You'll be placed at three
different spots out here

on the river
on little sand spits.

There's a flag designating
the area.

There is a circle
around that flag.

The victims will stand inside
that circle.

When the rescuers get out there,
you get on your travois

and you head back.

Once they cross this line
and they're okay,

they are miraculously healed,
they become a rescuer.

Now you have three.

Go on for the next person.

First tribe to get all three
of their victims back

to the first-aid camp
wins reward.

Now, Kucha, because you guys
have two extra members,

two people will sit out.

The winning tribe gets
what they wanted

and also what
the other tribe wanted.

( all groaning )

Shut up!

So, Kucha, you chose
the blankets and the spices.

Ogakor, you also chose
the spices and the soup mix.

It's a beautiful thing.

And Target has thrown
in a few other items.

They're not necessities,
these are luxuries.

Got fresh toothbrush...

Oh, my God!

...toothpaste, deodorant.

Oh, yeah, we could use that.

And of course, what every
survivor needs-- shampoo.

( all exclaiming )


Oh, my God.

That's awesome.

Okay, you guys decide
who's going to sit out.

Decide on your rescuers
and your victims.

Wait for my start.

Go, Ogakor!
Come on, guys!

Kimmi and Rodger, you're sitting
out for Kucha.

A lot of reward at stake.
Survivors, ready?


( indistinct shouting )

Go, Tina!

Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!

Dude, come here.

Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Pick it up!

Go right across there.

Go, Kucha!

That's it. Push, push,
push, push, push!

( indistinct shouting )


( indistinct shouting )

( yelling, shouting )

( indistinct talking )

You're ahead!

( indistinct shouting )

Walk through!

Okay, okay.

I love you,

I love you,
I love you, I love you.

( cheering )

Good job, Kucha.

Good job.
All right.


Nice job, Kucha.
It's all yours.

Here we go, guys.

What is it?


( cheering )

Toilet paper!

( excited talking )

( cheering )

I'm just so tired of losing.

Don't let 'em break
your spirit down.

I am getting
very frustrated with losing.

If we don't turn up

the heat and turn
this runaway train around,

then it may be a meltdown
for the Colbster.

It's not the things you lose,
it's just losing.

You know, it takes such
a psychological hit

on your already

psychologically tired body,

that, for our team,

it's definitely the loss
that hits us hard.

Winning the reward challenges

is, basically, just one more
nail in the coffin.

Not as important as immunity,
but another thing

that's gonna sink them
just a little bit lower.

I don't mean
to sound evil,

but it's all about
kicking somebody's ass.

There is no way
they're gonna give up.

They were very
graceful losers, actually.

I'm just so glad

we're not them right
now-- that's rough.

Some of the people in the tribe
are talking about

how guilty they feel
and how bad they feel

for the other tribe--
and screw it!

I mean, chop their heads off,
chop their legs off.

This is a game and I'm ready
to beat every one of them.

I'm ready to chop
their heads off

and their eyeballs out
so Mike can eat 'em...

( laughter )

I stink.

Me, too.

Toothpaste and toothbrush
and shampoo and deodorant.

I'm not going to know
what to do with myself.

Oh, my gosh!
Shampoo that doubles as soap.

Let's go wash.

Everybody else smells out here,
but everybody else bathes.

Thank God
we won that challenge,

so that we can bathe Kimmi.

Group bath.

We won the reward challenge

and we used the shampoo--
we each got a handful,

and we just all soaped up,

'cause the camp was getting
a little stinky.

Some more than others,

because some people bathe
more than others around here,

but it was fun.

( laughter )

We got mail!

"This next challenge will
prove harder than the rest,

"You'll be rats in a maze
for this little test.

"Just keep your wits
and you'll make it with ease.

The prize is the idol and that's
much better than cheese."

Oh, a maze.

I think we should have
a little pep talk.

Well, I think... today,

I don't think it's our
strength that's going

to get us through
this challenge.

I honestly think it's
our minds and our hearts,

and if we all believe
that we can do it,

I definitely think we can.

So just make sure
that you don't doubt

your heart and your
mind at all today,

and I think that's what
will get us through it.

There's a lot of pressure
on us today-- a lot.

But let's not forget also
to have fun with this.

It is going to take every ounce
of keenness, of smarts,

of strength,
of everything we have.

The excuses are done,
check 'em at the door

and let's get
down to business.

It is going to be one hell
of a show today and it's,

you know, I think we're as ready
as we're going to be.

All right, Ogakor.
Here we go!

Let's do this!

I'll take that.

Once again, give it up, Varner.

The immunity idol
is back up for grabs.

Here's the deal today--
a giant maze.

46 tons of lumber, three miles
of burlap, two weeks to build.

Each maze is identical.

Inside each maze,
five totem poles.

Attached to each totem pole
are these medallions.

They're numbered--
one, two, three, four, five.

Working as a unit, your goal
is to get through the maze,

the medallions in order.

One first, then two, then three.

If you find five first,
don't grab it.

Once you've collected all five,

get out of the maze
on the other side.

First tribe to the immunity idol
wins immunity.

It's about 110 degrees today.

Should work up a nice lather.

Kucha, because there's no
obvious advantage

or disadvantage to having
more members in this,

you'll run the full seven--
all right, we'll get going.

One, two, three, Ogakor!


All right, immunity at stake!

Survivors ready?


Dead end.
Go back, go back.

Hurry, hurry.

Dead end--
go back, go back.
this way.

I see one, I see one, I just

don't know how to get there.

There's two.

Two in the far right corner.
Keep on moving.

This way, this way.

We all together?

All right.
Dead. Dead.

Work around to the right.

Right here.

Got it, got it, got one.

Two is over there.


Go! Go!

( indistinct talking )

No, no, it's right here.

One! One! One!

Okay, where
was two?

Far right corner.
Far right corner.

This way! This way!
This way!

No, go left,
this way.

I'm right here!

You're going nowhere!
It's this way!

Come here.
Is everybody here?

Have we found
three yet?

Got to be in
the back corner.

Back up?
Back, all the way in the corner.

Go. Come on.

Here we go, here we go.

I got two right here.

Go, go, go.

Good job, good job.

Yeah, we lost

( indistinct talking )

Other way-- right there.

Three. Right there.

It's right in here.
Come back.

It's right here.

This... Right there.
Go around this way.

That's three.

Four is in the front
right corner.

Five is in the middle.
Come on, Amber.

Go, Keith, go.

Go on, go on, go on, go on!

I think we got to go
all the way back down.

( all talking at once )

Come on, you guys, we got it.

Left. Yeah!

Right here, guys!

All right,
all right.

Keep moving.

I got it, I got it.
Got it, got it, got it.

No, no, no, right here.
It's right here.

We just gotta get
there from that way.

It's right here,
we got to get to it

from that
side, though.
Can we go
around that way?

Where is it?
Here it is!

Go, go.

Which way?
It's that way.

This is it, this is it.
We gotta go.

Tina, don't get lost!
Tina, come here!

Okay, I see your flag!
Come back, Tina.

No, dead end, dead end!

Go. Turn around!

I'm right behind you!
Come on.

I'm here,
I'm here.

Come on!

Back, back, back.

I'm here. I'm here.
We're here. Go, go!

We're out! We're out!

Come on!
Hurry up!

( screaming )

( cheering )

Yesterday, sitting in
the water, Amber,

tears rolling down your face,
you said, "I'm sick of losing."

Do you see any tears right now?

If they were,

they'd be tears of joy.


( cheering )

All right, guys,
you can head back.

Kucha, see you tonight
at Tribal Council.

That's the only way.

I don't care if you
get on my nerves,

and I don't care if you walk
up to me and spit in my face.

I'm sticking to it.

We are not a happy tribe.

We are not the family
we appear to be.

There is some animosity.

She causes so much trouble
within the tribe, as well.

That's a name I'm going
to be happy to write down.

Yeah, me, too.

I'm sure Jeff and Alicia
are gonna vote together,

and you've been spending
a lot of time with them,

so I figure you guys
are going to vote together.


You, Alicia and Jeff.

I'm not in their pact.

I'm not in their thing.

Tribal Council is a drag,

no matter which way
you look at it.

It's clear-cut who should go,
but they stay a little longer

and then somebody steps up
and looks like they should go.

So, for me, Kimmi
is a physical weakness,

and she just makes
the most sense right now

because I have
personal problems with her.

We just clash.

It could be very interesting,
Tribal Council.

Right now, I assume
that they think

that I'm voting against Kimmi.

More than likely, that probably
will not be the case.

The only person that
I keep my word with out here

is Elisabeth,

and I think she's
the same way towards me.

I took a little siesta
and I said,

it ticked me off that you would
just complain to everyone else

and not say something
to Kimmi just 'cause

you're afraid you'll get a vote.

I'm, like, if it's
bothering you that much,

I don't want to hear it,
tell Kimmi.


In the boat today,

we were talking about
voting against Alicia.

And we would miss her,
she does a good job cooking,

uh... you know,
she's athletic...

and, uh...

but there might be a little bit
more harmony around, too.


Move it out.

( thunder rumbling )

Look at that thunder's
coming in.

Don't like that.

Welcome back.

I haven't really had a chance
to talk to you guys

since Debb was voted out
in the first Tribal Council.

Haven't been back.

Michael, last time
you were here,

Rodger sort of, kind of
confirmed that you were

sort of the leader of the group,

or you had taken that position.

You know, everybody has taken
a leadership role in this camp

in one way, shape or form.

It happened to be
that food seemed to be

on the top of the charts
and I was bringing in fish.

And so, you know, I possibly was

anointed the leader
by Rodger that day.

But everybody

on this team has contributed
in their own way

in equal amount,
and that's why

we've been so strong.

Well, as always, it seems like
when you guys are here,

we get the rain coming down.

And there go the caps.

Alicia, talk to me about

Because for me, looking in,
I would say you seem to be

a strong leader
on this tribe as well.

I don't know about that.

I'm not so sure I'm a leader
as much as maybe a motivator.

I like to make sure

that everybody is
on the same page.

I think if we're all
on the same page,

especially going
into a challenge,

there's no way
we're going to lose.

What's your biggest

I think my motivation
for everybody

is probably
my biggest contribution.

I'm used to doing that back home

with my job
as a personal trainer,

motivating people.

And I think it just
comes naturally to me

in any kind of situation

to take on that
motivation role.

And that's what I do,
or at least I try to.

Kimmi, I've seen you in action.

Where are you feeling
in the tribe right now

as we come to a vote?

Um... I don't know.

Just like with anything,

um... it could depend on the day
or the weather,

you know, what goes
through your head.

'Cause, every day, you
feel close to somebody

and then you feel a
little bit separated,

and it's, um... it's weird.

All right, guys.
Behind me, four torches.

Debb is the only one familiar
to you guys

and another one is going
to be added to that pile

in a few minutes.

Let's do it.
Michael, you're up first.

This really should be Alicia,

but I hear other people
are voting for Jeff.

My vote is for Kimmi.

She and I have not gotten along
from the beginning,

and the whole food thing
is really becoming an issue.

It separates her
from the rest of the tribe,

so I think it's time
to let her go.

We need to keep
our tribe strong

and there's too much split
going on.

So, for a strong Kucha,

it's the best vote.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked
to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'm going to read them.

First vote...


Next vote...


That's three votes: Kimmi.

Four votes.

No need to read the rest.

Kimmi, you need to bring me
your torch.

Okay, bye, guys.

Bye, Kimmi.

The tribe and Mother Nature
have spoken.

It's time for you to go.

This way?

Go get 'em, guys.

Well, the good news is:

you survived Tribal Council.

Bad news is: this is
what you get to sleep in.

Have a good long walk home.

Grab your torches,
I'll see you tomorrow.

( theme music plays )

Stay tuned for scenes
from next time,

and hear what Kimmi has to say.

Next time on Survivor:

( man screaming )

When the unthinkable happens
at Kucha,

the tribe realizes survival
in the outback

is not just a game.

"There has been an accident
at the Kucha camp."

Oh, my God.

And it just really hit hard.

I knew for a long time

that my head
was on the chopping block.

It doesn't surprise me at all.

I'm glad that I stayed true
to myself and my morals.

Um, I know that Alicia and I
have not gotten along

since day one.

If that's what they felt
that they had to do,

then, you know,
power to the team.