Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 8 - Survivor - full transcript

In anticipation of the merge, outnumbered Foa Foa devises a strategy that will allow them to make quick alliances with some of Galu's strongest players. However, after the long-awaited merge feast, an unexpected master manipulator...














At foa foa,russell and natalie
immediately pounced on laura.

Natalie's doing a good job
talking to laura around the camp.

If we merge,we need
somebody on the inside.

When foa foa lost
another immunity challenge

they went to tribal council and russell
made good on his threat to knock out liz.

You're the weakest link
when it comes to trust.

Liz,the tribe has spoken.

Outnumbered 8-4,foa foa now needs
a miracle in order to survive.

12 are left,who will
be voted out tonight.



As a tribe,we're down to four people,so we're in
a horribly inferior position so it makes our job

even more difficult because we have to struggle
to get to a merge and try and divide and conquer.

Otherwise,we're all screwed.

What is that,12 people left?

- Yup.
- So it's a possibility the next thing is a merge.

When we get over there,dude,game on.

The game starts.

If we all stick together and all
talk to somebody different,man,

at least one of them's going
to work for us,you know.

Foa foa needs a merge.

We have some strong ideas
once we get over there.

We plan on working as a
team,talking to different people.



We'll be a solid voting bloc
with you,whatever you want to do.

There's segregation in their tribe.

In our tribe,foa foa,there's unity.

We're all working as a team,so i'm
not really nervous about my numbers.

I'm too good for this game.

I'm too sly,and now i've got to make sure my
seed is planted in all of these dumb asses heads.

So once we do merge,we can
stir them up over there.

season 19Episode08

Since my return from the foa foa tribe,seems
like there's definitely a lot of tension.

I mean,clearly shambo
doesn't like me in camp.

That was a huge reason why i got
sent over to the foa foa tribe.

That makes nine,and that means there's
one somewhere because i brought it back.

Do you want to take my
canteen until we find it?


I have no reason to lie to% anybody.

I wasn't accusing you of lying.

I was just asking where the canteen was.

For two or three days
you've been coming at me.

If you want to take a walk with me
and work things out i'm good with that.


I don't need to work anything out.

I don't know what's going
on with me and shambo.

When i got sent to the other
tribe,dave handed her my canteen.

When i got back to camp
i said,"where is it?

" and she makes this huge bill deal and brings up all these
other things that i have no idea what she's talking about.

There's some power struggle
going on between you and i.

And i don't get it.I don't
understand it.I don't like it.

It's like there's this "9020010" young
thing going on and it's bizarre to me.

How you perceive and and your feelings get
hurt and what's your problem,that's you.

It's the way she treats
me on a regular base.

It's almost like the popular girls
in high school that are cheerleaders

that want to snub their nose at people
that don't fit into their circle.

I'm done with her.I
have no use for her,none.

You have a way of turning things about,

so i look like the bad person like i blew
this whole thing up like,"where's my canteen?

Where is my canteen?

- ****
- they're totally arguing over nothing,absolutely nothing.

Totally pissed off.

So now i have to suffer.
- I'm without a canteen.

To be honest,we know shambo's crazy,so if you get in
a fight with shambo,who's the one who looks bad you?

Look bad.

You fight with shambo,that means you're just as
crazy as her only you're not really cra crazy.

Tree mail.

It's time to follow your leader.

Face to face with your rivals once more.

With your bodies pumped,your minds
sharped,your taste buds and stomachs can score.

That would be awesome.

Sooner or later something
has to change for us.

I'm hoping today is the day.

We're not super confident in our
ability to win challenges anymore

but we don't want to lose
any more impunity challenges

because the four we have are the four
we want to go into the merge with.

They're the people we think can
really help us out when we get there.

We got tree mail.

It's so vague we don't
really know what it means.

It doesn't sound like the merge but i'm
pretty confident it's about to happen

so i have to take my
immunity idol everywhere i go.

We only have four people now.

But we have such a tight
group,so it's not over.

There's so much more to this game than
playing a physical game with somebody.

You have to be able to outwit them.

That's the most important
thing of the whole game.

We were going to the challenge.

We were walking down the beach,the other
tribe's coming down the beach toward us,

and we're meeting at
this treasure chest.

And jeff isn't around so everyone's kind
of on edge,not really sure what's happening.




I'm so excited.

Congratulations,foa foa and galu.

- You're now one tribe
- new buffs for everyone!

We will all go back to
live at the old galu camp.

Take some time to get to
know your new tribemates.

A feast awaits you.

I can't even tell you the sense of relief
i felt reading that it was the merge.

I no sooner got those words out of my mouth i just
knew it was going to be a hell of a good d day.

Oh,my god.

I'm actually really,really,really
happy that we merged.

And the feast was delicious.

There was chicken,all
seasoned and roasted.

There were cheeses and fruits.

Look at the size of these grapes!

It was like literally
a feast fit for royalty.

To our new tribe.

To the new tribe!

To samoa.

Galu-foa foa merge.

I am on top of the world,man.

I am in heaven right now.

You guys,these are
lemon meringue minipies.

This is what we've
all been talking about.

I'm on such a sugar high right now,i'm
like my prayers were answered totally.

So engineering school,huh?


Mechanical engineering degree.


Like,at first,i thought he's hermit crabs
are great,but after about seven or eight days,

i'm,like i never want to eat
another one of these things.

You know what i mean?

Russell is the best crab catcher,though.

Things are about to change
totally in this game.

The other tribe,i don't think
they even realize it right now.

I'm not bad,right,i'm not overbearing?

I'm looking over at foa foa where everybody
is take the step we said exactly in camp--

get to these people,get them under
your wing and connect with them.

We're steps ahead of them.

We already have our plan down.

The ones i know i can trust,they're doing want
them to do and it'oing to get stronger as we along.


I can only see i'm going
to rule in this kingdom.

Come on,who gets grapes

S is it!

Our new home,buddy.

Welcome you guys.

Do you have a certain place for bags?

That's our kitchen.

The kitchen sink.

The galu camp,i love it.It's
awesome.I feel like i'm at the hilton.

You know,at foa foa,we
had absolutely nothing.

Here at galu,there's blankets,pillows.

Everybody it really seems like a family.

I'll show you where
our water and stuff is.


Laura kind of took me under her wing.

She was kind of like mother hen
showing me around and it was really nice

because it was really important for me to
talk to laura to find cracks in this group.

Make no mistake,there are cracks.

It's just are there enough cracks and big
enough cracks to get the numbers on our side?

We've got to pick a name.

Does anyone have any
suggestions or ideas?

Does anybody have any
funny samoan strange.

Iga is the slogan for family.

That sound good to me.

Igit is.


Foa foa,the only thing they have going for them is they
have a new beach and they have new people to talk to.

They're starting
over.They're on day two.

I'm on day 19.

i have the hidden
immunity idol in my pocket.

And that's power in this game.

And they think they're going to strategize and
make friends and la-la-la we're extended family.

Like the name of our tribe
iga means extended family.

Extended family?

What's samoan for get
the hell off my island.

I definitely have tricks up my sleeve.

Day one,at foa foa,i
was very aggressive.

I went to everybody right off
the bat and my plan happened.

It happened just like i wanted to.

Over here rhyme going to s the same
things,exactly the same strategy,

but i have theide on to
make them sway my way.


Obviously,i didn't
find this on the beach.

It's the real deal.

Now,if you could take me to the
top seven,i'll hand it to you.

I'll give it to you.

I swear i will.

Does anybody know you have that?

Nobody.Everybody's between me and you.

Top seven,i'll hand it to you.

I can't believe russell
showed me he had the idol.

But you know what,desperate
people do desperate things.

I don't believe he
would give that to me,

but just knowing that he has it is huge
which means when we do get rid of him,

it's going to have
to be a big blindside.

There's a few rules i want to
put in place with this deal.

You can get rid of my guys whenever you want,but
the first one to go has to be one of your guys.

- Haton't happen.
- You don't think?

Who do you want the first
one to go,one of my guys?

It will be one of your guys or shambo.

It's kind of funny,russell came
to me with this attitude of,

"i'm the boss and here's
rules," he tells me.

I'm like,just so you know,i kind
of hold all the cards right now,

and you just need to try to stay alive.

You're in a worse position
than myself at this point.

- You're coming here with 10%.I got 90
- right.

Laura's digging her own grave.

She told me,"i'm 90% in
charge of this,russell.

You're about 10% right now.

" in other words,sit down and listen.

No. It don't work like that for me.

She might be the first to go.

All right,well i'm just going
to try to win them all,then.

Who else can i do?

I went to laura.

I thought it wasn't going to really work,so i'm
going to do the same thing with somebody else.

Maybe... Monica.

Is this the immunity idol?


Does anyone else know you have this?


Now,this can bring us all
the way to the top two.

If i know you're on the chopping block,i
would give this to you and let you use it.

I'm in.


This has to stay between me and you.

- Absolutely.
- Or this won't work.

Monica didn't mean a word she
said over there on the rocks.

I see it in her eyes,but she might actually start
meaning what she tells me if i get rid of her boss.

I get rid of laura,she comes a-runnin'.

Now,if we could get one of the
guys on my side,that would be gold.

I'll get rid of laura
one way or the other.


That's crazy.

I got it with no clue.

That is impressive,bro.

I'm telling you,dude,we can be in control
of this game without them even knowing.

I can convince my people
to vote whoever i say.

I know you can do the same.


Dude,i swear,if i think your butt's on the line,i
don't have a problem giving it to you,let you use it.

Yeah you're the only one here who
can do it with me.I can see that.

Russell divulged to me he
had the hidden immunity idol.

I think because russell is an aggressive player and
he realizes maybe having a relationship with someone

like me is something that could be
very,very beneficial to him in this game.

Do you think laura is trustworthy?

What do you think?

I think she should go first,because
once she's gone,the girl power is over.

Laura and monica have a relationship
that is potentially dangerous.

And even though it's going
to be viewed as a big move,

i think it's a manageable risk to vote off laura
first while we have votes from the other tribe.

My guys are going to vote laura.

Then i'll go get some cavalry.

That's crazy,bro.

Oit could bee and you at the end.

That's crazy.

Me and june could be
a good team,i believe.

He's smart enough to know what's going on,so
things are going to get crazy tomorrow out here.

Nobody's going to expect me and you.

All right.

We're going to turn
this game on its side.

- Shake your hand as a man.
- Absolutely.

- I'll be-- i'll horn what
i say right now.- Absolutely.

Has he ever heard of
a man named babe ruth?

He struck out more than anybody ever.

But you know what?

He also hit the most home
runs,so that tells me one thing--

keep swinging,baby.



Two other i'm using a snail.

Shambo's a really good
person,and we do connect.

I think it has a lot to do
with my southern background.

People trust the south.

So she could be one of my
numbers.mean,i could use her for that.



Knowing what a little
spiteful snake she is.

She's half the battle.

We got into quite the little scene.

She was just being a bitch to me.

I said what is your problem?

You've been very,very mean
spirited and awful to me.

Shambo hates laura.

She hates her.

So i know at any point
she'll vote laura's name.

Kill two birds with one stone,you know,get rid
of a strong player,laura,and get rid of the snake.

I trust russell implicitly.

The guy is definitely cut
from the same cloth as me.

He's a country boy.I'm a country girl.

And he just keeps bringing up
that laura needs to be first.

She's the bane of my existence in samoa.

It's not like we need
this multilayered plot.

Write laura's name down
tonight.It's that simple.

You need you have the conversation.

Full jaison off to the side.


Pull mick off to the side.


Pull natalie off to the side.

This is what's going on.

And tell them no matter what,laura is
the only name we are writing down,okay?

- Sounds good to me.
- **

Cay ondi it was easy t control
way easier than i thought.

John's on board,and i
have shambo in my pocket.

So if we can get rid of
laura,this whole game might change.

Come on in,guys!

You have now merged into one tribe.

It's a completely different game.

You guys ready to get
to today's challenge?

Take back tribal immunity.

Now that you're merged into one
tribe,tribal immunity is no more.

Individual immunity is what you covet.

When are you wearing this,are
you safe at tribal council.

Let's get to the challenge.

Today,you'll participate in a game of
good,old-fashioned "survivor" t-ball.

One at a time place your
ball on the t,take a swing.

Whatever direction your ball land
in,you score that many points.

Highest score wins immunity.

And for today's challenge...
There are two necklaces.

Because two people will win immunity.

The women will take on the women.

The winner gets immunity.

The men will take on the men.

The winner gets immunity.

Make sense?

- Yes.
- We'll draw for spots.We'll get started.

Dav ball,yop for the men.

Let's go,dave.

Let's go,danger dave.

Danger dave.

Baseball your sport?

No,making love's my sport.

You play a lot?

Not often enough.

Let's go,dave.Thatta boy.

Nice swing.Where's it going to drop?

Pops into the three.

Not a bad score.

Good job,dave.

Jaison now up.

Three is the mark to beat.

T a chance.

On and off the course for jaison.

Jaison,you cannot win immunity.

- Good job.
- Russell's up.

Dave's still the mark to beat at three.

Russell giftz it a ride.

Land it in the four oh,man!

That puts russell in the lead.

Good job,russell.

Brett is up.

Russell has four,which means you have to
land in a five or the 10 up in the sky.

That might do it.

And off the course.

Nice try,brett.

Brett cannot win immunity.

That was a good hit.

Mick is up.

Russell still in the lead at four.

Mick needs to get something
in the four to five range here.

Won't do it.

Mick scores two.

That's not enough.Mick
out of this challenge.

Erik,take your swing.

Russell still in the
lead with four pnts.

Going for the 10,baby.

Going for the 10.

all the marbles.

A nice swing.

Just off the course,though.Ends up zero.

You looked good.

At least you looked good.


- All right.
- The last person.

Russell is one person
away from winning immunity.

Russell will four.

Which means,john,you have to land
in a five or the 10 to win immunity.

John gives it a ride.

Nicely done.

John land in the five.

My god!

John wins iividualmuni.

Oly crap,johnny!

Nice job,john.

All right the women are now up.

Natalie,you're first up for the women.

Nattily down hard,bounces
out of the course.

- No score for natalie.
- Oh,nat!


Monica's up.

Another lefty.

Monica nice swing.

End up in the two.Monica scores two.

At a way,baby.

Kelly,you're up.

Two is the mark to beat.

- Oh,good job,kelly.
- Kelly.

With a three.

Good job,kel!

That putsicle net lead.

Shambo's up.

Let's go,sham.

Three is the mark to beat.

Big swing.

Little result.

No score for shambo.

Laura,you're up.

The last person.

Kelly still the mark to beat at three.

You're going to need at least a four.

To win immunity.

Laura land it in the four.

Laura wins individual immunity!

Good job,laura.

Laura,john,come on over.


Nice job.


Safe tonight at tribal council.

John and laura cannot be voted
out at tonight's tribal council.

As for the rest of you,one
of you going home tonight.

Should be an interesting afternoon
for the newly merged camp.

By the way,cha is your name?

- Aiga.
- Aiga.

All right,aiga,grab your
stuff.Head back to camp.

See you at tribal.

When you saw laura immunity i got a
gut-wrenching feeling in my stomach.

The plan was put in motion.

We were going tout l.



- ***
- ***




So what's the consensus?

I don't know because ha anybodyet.

Who do you want gone?


I'm getting rid of theirl thing.

Well,dude that ain't goto h.

- You don't think?
- No.

The proble is erik laura,they
will decide who will go y.

Th we lo a number on your
tribe,we lose a number.

Laura would definitely be gone but she won
immunity,and shambo,she don't want to get rid of monica.

She said that's not going to happen.

She wants to let one of our guys go.

I'm sure i'm being targeted,so i
don't want to have to play the idol,

but if i'm feeling antsy about
tonight,i might have to go that route.

What are we doing?

Because if one of them has the idol..


i know he has it.

Did he show it to you.


He thinks he's going to go first so i bet
you he's going to play it tonight anyway.






- **
- **


So the fact that he has
it,seems kind of dangerous.

Here's the bottom line--
moanica needs to go.

Listen to me,listen to me,listen to me.

This morning it was
supposed to be laura.

Laura won immunity.

The next best thing you can do
to weaken laura is axe monica.

Some members of galu they just want to
go down the line foa foa,foa foa,foa foa.

They're playing really junior
varsity "survivor" right now.

There are sons of inherent risks to
breaking up the team we developed in galu,

but it's a risk i'm comfortable with because i still
believe it's in our best interest to get rid of monica.


Keep her at bay.

You know,at first i
didn't like the idea.

However,by allowing me to vote with
laura,when she gets spooked after al cocil,

she'll have nobody to turn to but
me,and i can go ahead,gain her trust,

which could be good
for me,down the road.




*Trust me

Here's what has happened.

"a" nobody talk to shambo.

Let her vote whatever she wants.



If you go
monica,monica,monica,it's done.


Erik,he wanted to vote
monica,which is crazy.

The plan to just vote foa foa and shoot them
down,you know,turkey shoot-- pop,pop,pop.

So there may be something going on in erik's head that
he's not letting on because he's a crafty,crafty dude.

And that makes me a little nervous.



Then definitely the three of you will stay
and i'm pretty sure russell will stay,anyway.


We want him to think that
he's going home tonight.

That way,he plays the idol.

We all know he's got it.

People have seen it.

So what you need to know,you know.

You choose a different route,there
will be a different outcome,

i can't guarantee the four
of you are here tomorrow.

Here's how i file right now-- i feel
like erik is talking down to the tribe.



Erik told us if we get russell to
flush out the idol and use it tonight

they will agree to vote out one
of their own instead of one of us.

But to be honest with you,i
don't really like that guy.

So i kind of want to just put four
votes on erik,and let the ball roll.


i could leave this game easily
knowing he went before me.



Why is he freaking out?

He wants all of the girls gone.

I don't trust erik.

- ***
- Here's the thing...


Because there's no way
to pull it together.

We can ask kel.




The i think of it is galu still
has plenty of people,plenty.

I'm telling yo y'all,he
is going to wreak havoc.

Kelly and laura,i just basic lie
let them know erik needs to go now.

We have four people.

They have eight.It's not
rye big deal if we lose one.

I'm definitely putting my faith in laura and
kelly and i'm just going to hope that it works.



Oh,my god.

He's trying to get you off tonight.

- Are you serious?
- **

Erik has t to go.

Really,everyone is on board.




- He's manipulating
everybody-- i know.



who's erik?

- Erik
- Our erik?



- *****
- ***



This is the first time that
i don't know know nothin'.

All of a sudden all hell breaks loose.

All the girls want to vote erik out now.

I don't know what they're thinking.

They could possibly be
say,let's say vote erik.

That way russell will feel way comfortable,won't
use his idol,we'll vote him out.

And then they get me and the idol.

- ***
- What else can we do?

They blindside one of
us,we go home.We it's pizza.

What concerns me is that it just seems almost too
easy right now and that makes me uncomfortable.

Fortunately,i've got my idol in my pocket
and i'll use it if i need t to use it.

Jaison,take me through the merge.

Foa foa's already down to four people.

Now you have to go over to galu's camp
where they've been living this whole time.

I mean,it's almost as frustrating
as losing challenges,un.

But at least with the
challenges,we had some say in it.

So for me,for a guy who is used to having
at least some control over his life,

i think more than frustration.You
just feel helpless.

Moanica,how does this merge
change the trust in the game?

Before it was can i trust
the people on my tribe?

Does it suddenly become i have
to trust the people on my tribe?

In this game,you never
really know who to trust.

I mean,someone could be
saying something to your face,

and then saying something completely
different behind your back.

So even though foa
foa is down in numbers,

someone could turn their back on you.

You just really never know.

Erik,looking at the four foa foa,what do
you think galu should base the vote on?

You know,to me,i struggle to see
anything that foa foa has to offer galu.

Let's just say that they were able to get a
galu member to turn in a very cohesive team,

i would be floored
if i saw them get one,

let alone two or three that they
would need to actually spin this game.

And that's not me being
cocky or confident.

But i just struggle to see what
it is that they can do,you know.

Your heart goes out to them,but,you
know,they're in the hole.

Russell,erik's saying you
don't offer us anything.

Why do we need you at all?

Well,i don't like pity.

I think that we have a lot to offer,and
i think he's going to be surprised.

Again,you see the tenacity in
the eight of us since day one.

So it's a long shot.

But you can understand why
somebody who's down in numbers,

like foa foa,would do
anything to try to stay alive?

I think one way to look at it is how is it that
they reacted to the merge and mingling with us?

I'll tell you right now,russ
goes out there and scrambles.

He's been in everybody's ear.

Mick comes in,he does his
thing,he takes it-- the chin.

He says the numbers are what they are.

And jaison is just an emig mabecause
you see intece and fizzicle prowess

and athleticism but you
don't see it come together.

Jaison,basically saying you have great
potential but not doing anything with it.

You can take a look at my resume.

I'm here to play a game.

I'm here to be strategic in my own way.

So i have a strong,strong problem
with that,with that comment.

I mean,you want to talk about resumes,let's
look at your resume in this game from day one.

You know,i'm thinking
you're making my point.

Honestly,the personal attacks
on me in which someone says

i can't put it together
just-- they-- they eat at me.

You know,for 28 years,i've been fighting
to-- to do things,to accomplish things.

And i feel like people have
doubted me the entire way,

and i've had to push through roadblocks
that i couldn't go around or under or over,

and so i think maybe it just
takes me back to those days.

And i've tried to play this game
hard but not take it too seriously,

but sometimes,un,something
just kicks in.

I like that.

You know,i like that in a player.

If i was your coach i would
say that's what i like to hr.

I guess the point is i
don't care what you like.

Russell,there's a lot of judgment
coming from galu to the foa foa group.

Are you feeling a little
attacked or maybe misundersto?

No,not at all.

You know,we can still make this happen.

This-- we
still have hope.

So,erik,you've got to respect russell
saying i don't care that we're down to four.

I still believe i can win this game.

I do respect the fact.

It me does not strike me
as someone who gives up.

I respect that.

But this type of
competitiveness is misaligned

and if he doesn't focus it in the next couple
of days,then i can't say 100% i respect it.

In other words,just roll over
and get voted out quietly.

That ain't going to happen.

I will talk to each and
every individual up here,

and i'll try to strategize with
everybody to try to stay in this game.

I ain't going to stop playing.

All right,let's get to the vote.

John and laura,you both have
individual immunity tonight.

If you want,you can assign
that immunity to somebody else.

Never in my life,jeff.

I'll keep it.

All right,you cannot vote for
john.You cannot vote for laura.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Dave,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are rd,the thperson voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

Everybody knows i have
it.I might as well play it.

The rules of "survivor" state if
anybody plays a hidden immunity idol,

any votes cast against
that person will not count,

and the person with the next highest
number of votes will be voted out.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for russell
tonight will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,jaison.


Two votes jaison.


Two votes jaison,one vote erik.


Two votes jaison,two votes er erik.


That's three votes
erik,two votes jaison.


That's four votes erik,two votes jaison.


That's five votes erik,two votes jaison.


Six votes erik,two votes jaison.

Seventh person voted out of "survivor:
samoa" and the first member of our jury.


Sevthat's.That's enough.You
need to bring me your torch.

Erik,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,your first vote as a
new tribe,first blindside.

This is most definitely a new game.

Grab your torches.Head
back to camp.Good night.

season 19Episode08




Russell is the most conniving
player in the game right now.

He needs to go.

And now he is out of idols.

That was the dumbest
move playing that idol.

Low on friends.

And needing luck.

This is the first time i'm
struggling on what to do.

I'm disappointed.

But i said playing "survivor"
would be looking into a mirror,

and i'm pretty proud of the face i see.

I don't regret going home with the idol.

You can't defend againstt something that's
invisible and this blindside was invisible to