Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 5 - Survivor - full transcript

Russell desperately scrambles to regain control of the tribe when a new power player emerges at Foa Foa.

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Previously on "survivor":

After eight days,the yellow tribe foa foa,had been to the first three tribal councils.

I just want to survive for another day.

I'm tired.I'm hungry.

Tensions were high.

Nerves were freyed,and the only person who wasn't miserable was russell.

When people fight i love that.I try to start fight.

He now has the hidden munity idol and a diabolical plan.


Over at galu,shambo had problems fitting in with the rest of her tribe.

Galu is le they're in high school.

The young opleant to lay on the beach and gossip.

She broke the fishing gear.

It's in the swamp.There's nothing i can do.

And lost one of thei chicks.

Shambo is a complete gilligan who messes things up all the time.

Shambo's best friends are on foa foa who she bonded with when she visited their camp.

There was a huge appreciation for shambo.

One,two,thre four,five.

Foa foa wins their first immunity challenge!

When going to lou finally lost an immunity challenge,russell wanted to take out monica.




But most of the others wanted yain to go home.


she does theeast out of eryone here.

At tribal council,russell reluctantly sided with the majo.

I'm sorry.

Yasmin was gone.

And by voting for monica,smbo furthe alienated herself from her tribe.

15 are left.Whwill be votedut tonight?


Everybody g left behind me.

And then we'll ben front of the fire in a minute.

We just got back from our first tribal council,and yasmin got voted out.

I didn't expect it,not by a long shot.

Do we have y flame the,shambo?

I haven't gotteto theot yet.I'm doing that right now,darrylin.We do.


Let me getthis pot out of the way so nobody gets hurt on it.

I'm a lile dispe about the fact that

every single person on our team was in alignment,

with the exception of myself.

I'absoly exhausted and hopefully i'll get se good sleep tonight

and pick you want pieces tomorw.





So it's like...

We just sit here and just chill and not d anything about it.

So tribal was pretty crazy.

Now in retrospect i realize that shambo is the onlyerson h who voted agait me,

so that kind of hangs over my head a little bit,

and so i definitely want to continue and take sham off.

She's my next choice.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Survivor Season 19 Episode 05


This ocean is a real bitch.

When you try to go out there,it hits with you massive tides

and waves that suck and you pull you and send you all over the place.

I've never seen an object,an an mat,or an mat,

that was as angry and fickle as this ocean.


The n oanisplayg around right now.

Oh,my god.Like,is there a hurricane out there?

It's day 12,and we finally came off a win.

We're still excited.

The sun's shining.The ocean's been crazy.

What if our flag washed away.

Seems like maybe it's a bright day for foa foa.

Tree mail.

Tree mail.

You guys ready?


The ocean's deep provide many a treat.

Some have fortune for what you will eat.

If you keep it all down inside your tummy,you just may win something yummy.

It's a food challenge.


We're going to have to eat gross,like,stuff from the ocean.

What do you mean gross stuff,like fish?

Just do it.


It will be nasty stuff.

No it will be like samoan rat.

You can't throw it up.You have to keep it down.You cannot puke.

I know.

I'm actually really excited about our reward challenge.

I'm a pretty experimental eater.

I'll try everything once so hopefully this comes to my advantage

and hopefully i am one of the stronger people on my tribe today.




You said it was going to be a hard time for you,didn't you?

No,i said i'd eat it.I'd just be grossed out.








Are you trying to put her on some kind of chopping block?

You want me to just watch her,individual eating challenge?

I don't know,she's always spreading little ...

She's trying to spread little seeds in people's heads.

She should just shut up about it.

Liz could be dangerous for me

she's able to manipulate other to go her way instead of my way.

So as soon as i see somebody playing that mind game on other people,

they're a huge threat because that's what this game is all about is mind games

and i've life got to be the only mind game player here.

Come on in,guys!

Foa foa,getting your first look at the new galu tribe.

Yasmin voted out at the last tribal council.

Guys ready to get to today's challenge?

If there is one thing i am sure of,it is this-- You are all hungry.

- Yes. - Yes,sir.

The good news is,today you will eat.

I'll spin the wheel.

One member of each tribe will roll a ball.

The ball will land on different ingredients.

I will then blend those ingredients to make a samoa smoothie.

And you will then gulp it down.

Each time you get it down,you score a point for your tribe.

It's not a race.

If you get it down,you score a point.

First tribe to five wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.

- Yes. - Yes,sir.

If you can get the bad stuff down you get the good stuff.

survivor barbecue.

All you have to do is get the smoothie down.

Drink it.I don't care what it tastes like.

In addition,

the winning tribe will send one of its members over to the losing tribe for a little spy

and idition whic means that person will miss out on the reward.

Worth playing for?

All right,galu,you're sitting out three people this challenge.

Keep in mind,you cannot sit out the same people in back-To-Back challenges.

Who's it going to be russell?

It's going to be kelly,laura,and john.

Kelly,laura,john,take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else take a spot on your benches,and we will get started.

All right,first two.

Shambo for galu taking on jais jaison.

What ingredients will we have in our first smoothie?

Oh,i like this one.I like it.

- We have giant clam and we have jeff's choice. - Sweet.

First the giant clam.


That looks pretty good.

Jeff's choice means i get to add whatever i'd like.

And the flies seem to al like the octopus.

All right!

Let's see what else we can have.How about a sea snail or two.


And a little noni juice.

***No worries.

Think of the steak.

Add a little garnish,fresh seaweed.

Thank you.



Don't chew,just swallow.

Shambo not messing around at all.

You got it,girl.

Good job,jaison.

shambo,you're done.Have a seat.

Good job,sham.

Good job,baby.

Oh,that one's look tough.

You got it,jaison.

It's his last gulp.

Stay with it,jaison,you got it.

And he keeps it down.Jaison scores for foa foa.

We are tied 1-1.

Next two.

We have russell taking on russell.

The battle of the russells!

Wow you landed on the same one.

It's a jelly fish special.

Let me just get in here and get some good helping of jelly fish.

All right!


I think i'm going to go milk.


I don't even drink milk by itself.

Well,you're going to really enjoy this.

B on appetite,gentlemen.

Bottoms up.

Great way to start day 12 on "survivor: samoa.


Russell says no problem.

All right,russell,take your time,baby,take your time.

Other russell spitting it up.

Think about the steak.

Think about those steak and saucages.

Steak for dinner.

Not messing around now.

That's what you call a survivor right there.

Nice job.

After two rounds,we are tied,2-2.Very impressive.

Next round.

Brett for galu taking on mick r foa foa.

Giant clam with sea cucumber.

A little sea cucumber.

Let's do milk.

Does the body good.

Sea cucumber and giant clams,courtesy of "survivor.

" Enjoy,gentlemen.

You got it!

This is a chunky shake.

Nothing smooth about this smoothie.

Come on,you can do this,buddy.

Mick is not messing around.

Empty.Mick scores for foa foa.Take a seat.


Don't puke,baby.

Brett getting everything.

Licking the glass.He's a freak.

I think that's about good.

Nice job.We're tied 3-3.

Next two.

It's monica for galu and liz for foa foa.

Both balls land on sea urchin.

Since both balls landed on it,i think we'll just give the full deal.

No worries.

You got it,liz.It's a proteinhake.

Wow,it's like a chocolate shake.

A little sea noodle for a garnish.


All right,liz,you got it.

You can do it.

Monica takees that sea noodle out.Don't lose any of that.

Liz plugging your nose.

All right,liz,you got it.

Monica is not waste anything time.She's just trying to throw this down.

You're doing good,liz,yeah.

Liz trying to avoid that rancid smell.

Monica shopping the sea noodle down.That is impressive.

The girl can eat.

Slow and steady,li liz.

Monica,show me that empty mouth.Nice job.

Monica scores for galu.

Liz very close for foa foa.

Good job,girl.

Nice job,liz.

We are still tied,4-4.

Ashley for foa foa.

Dave for galu.

You both get your drink down,we guty ta tiebreaker.

Sea slug guts.

Maybe the worst thing out here.

Awesome.That's what i want.

The guts of a sea slug.

Let's go water with this one so we can really see what it looks like.


I'll give it a little bit of a blend but not a lot.

You think those are kidneys or livers or what?

I don't really want to know.

Chunks for ashley,a few more chunks for dave.

Here we go.

Sea slug guts compliments of the house.

Gout this ashly,no worries.

You wanted to be on "sur.

Welcome to the game.

Good job,ash.

Take your time.

Ashley trying to block out dave's near-Vomit sounds.

Dave gets it down for galu.

Ashley gotta get it down to force a tiebreaker.

No worries.You got this.

Oh,don't puke.

It looks like she vomited in the glass and then she's got to drink the vomit.

There she goes.

Suck it up.

Ashley needs to get this down.

You're going to have to swawl expo chug.

Can't do it.

Ashley can't finish for foa foa.

Galu wins reward!

I'm going to puke again.Sorry,guys.

It's all right.

Galu,congratulations.Nice job.

First order of business,

russell,you're sending one person from your tribe over to foa foa's camp.

They will stay with them until the next immunity challenge.

So whoever you choose is going to miss out on this reward.

I'm going to send my girl shambo,again.

Excuse me.

We need more ...

I don't think that's very fair since i've already been.

What do you want me to do?

Can you spread the love for me?

Russell has made his decision.

All right,shambo.

This is for you to open in private.

Join foa foa on their bench.


Had to pay for that chicken.

Galu,your reward.

Come get it.Head back to camp.Have a great afternoon.

I'm so bummed out.I'm pissed.

Having russell say i have to come over to foa foa.

It's not coming to foa foa.

It's missing out on the protein that my body so ****




I don't care about reward.

You guys are pissed.Imagine how i feel.

We're happy to have you,but i totally understand how you feel.

I'm happy to be here with you guys.You guys are all sweet heart.

There's no hidden agenda.What you see iwhget.

Sorry we don't have steaks for you.

It's all good,man.I don't need a damn steak.

I'll take a group hug.

Group hu.We can do that for you.

I'll take a group hug.

I love these guys but i wanted that rib i wantei wanted that steak.

I need that steak.I need that protein.

I'm so disappointed in myself.

You know,i was surprised.

I thought ashley would be just fine in today's challenge,

but she's one that lost it for us.

Like,come on.It's just one of those things you have to suck it up.

I've never so os ssy life.

It's nothing that's going to hurt you.Itust t bad.

I sometimes don't feel she's carrying her weight.


I'm going to be a target.

Don't worry about it.You are a rock star.****

I almost threw up.

I'm so happy you're out here.

You have no idea.

I'm very disappointed in myself.

I tried but my body couldn't take it.I threw up immediately.

I could not get it down.I put all the blame on myself.It suction.

I tried.

You know what?You did so good.

I'm really proud of you.You sucked it up for sure.

Honestly you're helping me get through it.

After the challenge,ashley felled horrible.

She felt like it was her fault.But you know what?

We're kind of like sisters so we've kind of been able to talk each other through

and encourage each other so i just wanted to make her feel better about it.

I hope i can pick you up and you've done well.

You've done really,really well.I'm really proud of you.


Get that fire going.Get some water.

Quick order of business.

If people were to ask me,well,

it really sucked that i sent shambo over to the tribe so she couldn't partake in the feast.

Well,it really sucked when she lost our chicken,all right.

So this should clean her slate,

but she had to suffer some consequences for losing a food source.

So let's eat!

So we come back from the reward challenge.We've got all this food.

Everybody's ready and it's like let's eat.

But jumps in and starts messing up the fire,doing a bum job of it.


Any dry husks anywhere?

No,all of this husk is wet.

I just want to eat the thing.

I'm damn near getting ready to eat it raw because this is bogus.

You need three things for fire.

You need the spark.You need air.And you need fuel.

Dave,you do a lot of talking but not a lot of action.

Is that right?

- Yeah,you do,man.
- It's funny.

Because i was the one who started the fire first.

No,but i don't want to do that because you'l you'll just e let me keep playing with it.

I'm not in the mood for suggeson.I'm in the mood for help.

All you gotta do is ask,man.All you gotta do is ask.

If anybody thinks they can start the fire,jump in?



Was i asked for help?

If you can start it,start it,you know.

I gotta hear it from chief.

No,you don't.

You're a grown ass man.

I'm not even trying to be arrogant,

it's just they sometimes patronize people without thinking about it,

but i'm afraid that i'm going to shoot myself in the foot.

Without knowing what's happening.

Chief,i'm sorry about being a jerk,dude.

Don't worry about it.

All right,shake?

It's all good,man.

All right.


I'd love to.

Build that thing up,dave,come on.

Whoo-Y,that's hot.

Dave's the man!

Dave,that's awesome!

Apparently nobody here knows how to make fire but me which to me is like,really?

All right,so what are we doing?

What are we doing?

But i'm trying to downplay my awesomeness because it speaks for itself.

Actions speak louder than words so i don't need to say anything.

That looks so good.

You know,hey,if i'm the only guy here that can make fire,

makes me pretty valuable.


They are in trouble.

I could take the whole-- After i finish this,i could take the whole team by myself.

Hey,you guys,i'm going to share the clues with you to the hidden immunity idol.

You're more of a damn tribe to me than my tribe is.

The third clue is turn your gaze downward,scour the earth and take heed.

Inside the whole of the tree is the idol you need.

Which is this tree right here.

Shambo,she's still looking for the immunity idol.

But she will never find it.

It's in my pocket.

So that's funny.

Jaison,do you have the hidden immunity idol.



No i don't have it.

Would i tell you if i had it?

I hope so.

I know damn well ben got kicked out with that freaking idol,diot.

Oh,i agree.

I know he did.

But he didn't play it,so ...

I know.

The immunity idol was never played if ben had it.

I mean,i know somebody has it,and i have a feeling if it wasn't ben it's russell.

And i have a feeling it's probably russell.


I've been in that tree a lot but not all the way up in it.

You don't have to go all the way up in it.

I'm telling you.You are lying to me.

Why is this so much of a concern for you?

Why are you so worried about this?

Because i feel like you should be honest.

You're freaking me out right now because i'm telling you the truth and you're telling me i'm not honest.

You want to be the one who goes next?

You're throwing all kind of stupid stuff around.

Liz,she gets it.She knows what's going on.

But why in the world would you threaten me?

That's like slapping me in the face.

You don't think i'm going to get back at you?

Girl,you're walking on thin ice.I'm going to tell that you right now.

Let me tell you.You're walking***





There's been a lot of rain tone,like torrential downpours,freezing.

Now our blankets are wet.

I'm really regretting the decision to choose blankets instead of tarp right now.

This is the hardest night yet.



Come on,boys.

Tree mail,baby.

Tree mail.


"Some hold on for their lives while others will attack.

So who gets the galorey and who gets the stack?

Obviously,in this challenge,you'll have to kick some butt.

Not worried about going home tonight?

Then you must be plain nuts.




past 24 hours i haven't really thought about the game.

I've just been trying to focus on staying dry but today is a huge challenge.

It's the first immunity challenge after we lost the last immunity challenge

so we really want to reclaim this and keep up our advantage.

So i'm hoping people will forget about their discomfort and just hit it hard today.

Come on in,guys!

All right,shambo,you can return to your tribe galu.

That doesn't look like a very nice welcome from galu,shambo.

Other than erik,nobody even acknowledged you coming bab.

It's a game.I wouldn't take it personally.

It's raining and everyone's trying to stay warm.

All right.You guys ready to get to today's challenge?

First things first,foa foa.I'll take back immunity.

Once again immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

one man and one woman from both tribes will each hold on to a robe

connected to a net while members of the other tribe attempt to shoot coke nuts into that net.

The more coconuts go into the net,the heavier the net becomes until you can no longer hold on.

Tribemember who holds on to their net the longest wins immunity for their tribe.

Losers go to tribal council where somebody will be voted out of this game.

Galu,you have three extra memberes.You're sitting three people out.

You cannot sit out the same people in back-To-Back challenges.

You need to sit out two men and one woman.

All right,i'm going to sit out dave.



I have to.

And brett.

All right,dave,brett,sham poe,sit this one out.

Take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,give you a minute to strategize.We'll get started.

All right.

Holding the ropes for foa foa it is liz and russell.

For galu,it's russell and laura.

Here we go.For immunity.

Survivors ready?Go!

Let's go,galu!

The faster you get coconuts in the basket the heavier they get.


John scores for galu.

Jaison is short.

Mick way short.

John with another toss on russell,and it connects.

Good josh johnny!

Natalie's short.

Jaison's short.

Foa foa has yet to get one coconut in.

John going for two,and john connects again for galu.

Jaison with the first hit for foa foa.

Mick way short again.

Galu is on fire.They can't miss.

Foa foa needs to pick it up.

Rain really coming down now.

Erik tosses and it land on liz.He does not like it.

Kelly scores for galu.

Erik scores for galu.John scores for galu.

Russell holding a lot of weight in that net for foa foa.

Foa foa,you need to double time it.

Ashley hasn't made a single shot yet.

Jaison piling on russell now.

Hold on,baby!

Natalie connects.

John with another toss and another hit.

Russell struggling to hang on.

This might do it from erik.

Russell still fighting.

John trying to put russell out of it.

He connects.

Russell digging deep.

Another one from erik.

That might do it,and it does.Russell's out of the challenge.

Liz the last remaining hope for foa foa.

Come oliz!

Liz going to have to dig deep and outlast russell and laura.

Mick puts one in on russell.

Erik just misses.

Liz doing a great job keeping foa foa in this.

Jaison connects.

Russell now struggling for galu.

Erik calling it.

Is this enough?

Liz giving everything she has.Some enough from john?

Liz struggling to hang on.

Russell,hang on,russell.Hang on.

Good job,liz.

John puts another one in.

Liz out of the challenge!Galu wins immunity!


Galu,congratulations.Once again,immunity is yours.Yes.

No tribal council tonight.

Nobody else going home from ga galu.


after 14 days,one of you will be voted out at tonight's tribal council.

Grab cur stuff.*******


Today is the first day i'm convinced that we might get a real serious disadvantage.

It just doesn't-- As a tribe it,doesn't look good anymore.

Oh,i'm sorry.

It's all right.It's okay.

Our shelter got rain in it.None of us slept l night.

We're all cold.We're all tired.Our hands and feet look like crap.

This is absolute misery.

I have never in my life been this cold,

had my hands this destroyed and had my feet look so miserable in my life.

There's nothing i want to do more right now than get out of here.











I know i don't want to go.

Normally,before tribal council,

we all get to run around and scramble,trying to figure out strategy.

But today,i mean,we're all cooped up in a shelter right now.

I can't do much about it without other people hearing.

It's either we all just vote for whoever we think,and everyone just pack your bags

or we talk about it and figure it out so the person knows who's going home.



It will be an interesting trib tribal.

I have no idea what everyone else is going to do.

I'm going to vote for liz.

I haven't really had a trust with her since day one.

I always thought there was something weird going on with her.

So i just don't trust her.

I think ashley should go.

She to me is the physical weakest link.

I just don't think she pulled to sdyt in the challenges.

***Home tonight.

Becae the guys are pretty tight.Possibly liz,possibly ashley.


I'm playing by e.

We're all stu in the shelter,confined in a little ball.

So i don't know what everybody's decision is going to be.

But i think it's going to be o of us sure.

I'm absolutely no idea what's going to go down with this vote.

My mentality right now is just to go into tribal council and see what happens.

It bums me out they had to stop my strategy because of the rain.

That's not playing the game like i would regularly play it.

Liz asked me if i had the immunity idol,

and she just keeps telling me that she don't trust me.

You know,when you come at me like that and you tell me you don't trust me,

it puts a target on your back.

But liz is stronger than ashley.

So i-- I don't really know which way i'm going to go tonight.

Jaison,finish this sentence for me,

"until 'survivor' the toughest thing i'd ever gone through was...


When i was playing on the u.s.a.National team.

In what sport?

Water polo.

We had this yugoslavia coach who believed our body had to be in crise all time.

We jumped into the pool and wrestling with one guy and did circuits of beating up on each other.


I came in here thinking this wasn't going to be that big a deal

because i had done a lot of training and done a lot of things i thought were hard

but this is by far the hardest thing ***

ashley,i'm gueing coming toal was welcomause splyhere is warmere andver from thrain.

That's true.

Because we're all so cold.Our clothes are drenched.

I mean,it sucks sending someone home but at the same time at least there's going to be a fire tonight.

And the fact that we're also stuck under this little shelter and it's pouring rain.

It's pretty tough to scramble when wre all sitting there watching each other.


What do you do,pull somebody out in the rain?

"Hell,no.I'm not going with you.

It's freezing out there.Are you mad?You're going home,man,that's it.

Natalie it has to be a little uncomfortable knowing they may have decided,

un,the girl in the yellow dress.I'm going to vote for her.

Thiews true.

There was no way to strategize.Literally we're,like,purple.

Before there was always scramble.

I think the weather had a lot to do with it today.

Russell,does the criteria for voting begin to change

when you look at what you've been through and what you might have to go through?

Does suddenly competition at challenges give way to

who do i really like being around or who can i trust?

Yeah,i think it does.

We are down to five people now,

and i think to me,it depends on who you can trust.

That's like gold in this game.

But the fact of the matter is,i really trust the people around me right now.

So that's the problem.

And that's the problem.Right.

Ashley,russell talks about trusting everybody at this point.

Who do you trust in this tribe?

I trust everyone to ray certain extent,

but i think my biggest trust lies in natalie and russell.

What is it about russell you trust?

From the get-Go,he's kind of pulled me under his wing a little bit.

I don't know.Just feel like i can talk to him.

So from the get-Go.That's why we have had kind of a different connection.

Liz,who do you trust?

I trust pretty much everyone here.

I think in going through three tribal council and enduring all the losses we've to endure

it's brought us much more closer together than i ever would have anticipated

and i'm surprised i would place so much trust in these guys but i do.

So you'd be shocked if it was you tonight?

I would be surprised,but it's my gut that would tell me

and,you know,that's not an issue about trust.

how will this tribe be better when they go back to camp tonight?

In the long haul,maybe we'll be a little more organized.

Maybe we'll be a little bit stronger at challenges.

You know,eventually,i think that will strengthen us.

Jason,you agree with that?

I think so.

I mean,depending on who leaves,we could be a stronger team physically.

We could end up being a weaker team because somebody's hurt that their person went

and they didn't think they were supposed to.

Russell,do you like the feeling as we get ready to vote?

It's so up in the air.

It's a wild card.Who knows what everybody else is going to do.

It doesn't make sense.And that's not how you play the game.

But with this group,i think we're just too tight.

So i don't really think it's up in the air.

We'll find out if you're right.

Let's do it.

All right,it is time to vote.Nick,you're up.

I trust you the least out of everyone.

I'm go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,ashley.



Two votes ashley,one liz.


That's threeot ashley,one vote liz.

Fifth person voted out of "survivor: samoa," ashley.

You need t me your torch.

Ashley,be thehas spoken.

Time for you to go.

Kick some butt,you guys.

Well,you're now down to five members.

The question is can you dig deep enough to do

what needs to be done to turn this game around?

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.Good night.

Survivor Season 19 Episode 05

Next time on "survivor":

the storms continue to batter both tribes.

The elements out here,it's going to break you down.

Another castaway goes down.

Hold up hold up!Everybody hold up!

Medical hold where you are.

Survivor was the hardest thing i've ever done in my entire life but it was the best experience.

I have learned so much about myself.

I am such a high-Maintenance girl at home.

I never thought in a million years they would be able to go through the things that i've gone through here.

I wish that my tribe would beat galu

and take some wins *****

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.