Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 10 - Survivor - full transcript

One castaway attempts to pull off a last minute upset with a devious strategic move, while another becomes an outcast and is forced to beg for a second chance.

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Previously on Survivor:

A new unified tribe Forza

I want you to think of an alliance
with Stephen and JT.

former members of Timbira Coach and Tyson have established an alliance.

You are a warrior and we are together now.

- We're at the top, man.
- Good.

And he was one of them.

I thought Brendan transfer.

So Sierra and Brendan have also decided
to take three Jalapao.

- I think we should vote Coach.
- That would be awesome!

Paving the way for a showdown between Brendan and Coach.

We will cut off the head of the dragon
Brendan and return home.

When we arrive at the head to head
we'll see who really is the one.

And the ancient tribe found himself Jalapao
in an unlikely situation.

Will you say that we are
the controls of this game now?

We are undoubtedly in control of this game

A proof of immunity:

Here we are, this is Brendan and Tyson.

Tyson won his second immunity on.

At Tribal Council,
Brendan thought his plan was in the pocket,

If anyone has the hidden immunity statue
and would like to play, it is time to use it.

and has not played his statue.


The ancient tribe Jalapao supported the alliance Coach

Eighth person eliminated and
first member of the Jury, Brendan.

by Brendan backstab,
they left Sierra in an alliance of a person.

Brendan, the tribe has spoken.

Remaining eight.
Who will be eliminated tonight?

- Was not it great?
- Awesome!

- Sierra, you must admit.
- Yeah, you ...

Kick ass.

Obviously, I'm from the next so
just try to make the next few days enjoyable.

In short, whatever.

It sucks.
It was probably the worst night I've been here.

For now, I'm tired,
rather hurt and I want to disappear.

Can I have a conversation with you, Coach?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

I do not think that having written the name of Coach make me a bad person.

Although it was a difficult decision to make.

I never planned to vote for you

and I am 100% honest with you.

All the decisions you made were wrong.

You could write the names of everyone but you would not have the guts to tell them.

- You're right.
- Everyone ment here, except me.

I knew that Sierra wanted to appease his guilt,

the massage, the rationalizing to justify its decision.

This is what we do when we take
bad decisions in life.

But you have to realize one thing.

During a war ...
In love and war, it's kill or be killed.

You did take me.

Brendan attacked me.

Who is going to go next?

I came earlier in the water this morning
to celebrate the victory over Brendan.

Throughout my meditation, there was this sense of peace

who settled in me all my penetrating fibers.

I confront someone younger,

quicker than me
and perhaps stronger than me ...

I can carry 136kg,
we talked about it there two days

and he said: "Really?"
because it does not do this.

Defeat a worthy opponent like that,
at this point of the game is a great victory.

The Dragon Hunter
Dragon defeated once and for all.

The battle has already been won.

Victory is mine.

Anyway, it all started when my
bad start at the beginning of the game

I think I was blinded
and I'm not going to say otherwise.

The Council went as planned. Brendan had no
idea of ??what would happen and Sierra was really shocked.

Stephen and I, we
placed in a good position.

In fact, we had the choice of the person who left

and we decided to join the alliance Warriors.

We are pleased with the turn of events

and we love that Sierra is the following.

The worst part is that
I had no right of choice.

- I followed.
- But it is not you.

You say stuff ...

You come in all
conversations about anything.

It d?tennait the most important thing in this game

He had the statue so in my game ...

The most powerful thing is her friends.

According to the Council last night
I guess it's as if I was fighting for my life.

What sucks the most is that I was at the top of the game yesterday

and now I'm at the end of the food chain.

But I will not give up and die.

- I'm sorry I made the wrong choice.
- Okay

Everyone has moments of betrayal

but I would not go on a crusade against you.

- Neither against Coach.
- But you did.

I'd like to see Sierra tears.

I think it's funny because I've never liked Sierra.

For me, it is worth nothing.

I mean, his parents probably like.

I can not imagine a boyfriend.

The fact is that here, the thing
the most important is trust.

- Yeah, I agree.
- And you know what?

Everyone gets along well at camp.

And I do not think one
of them is a snake ready to bite me

If you continue to struggle, rowing backwards

and excuses ...

- You can continue to debate you ...
- I'm not trying to fight back, Tyson.

I try to explain my point of view

- So that we do not think that I was the mastermind.
- I do not think you were the brain.

I do not think you're smart enough for that.

That is good.

If I had lost the race yesterday
for whom would you vote?

It was not decided. I would ...

- For whom would you vote?
- JT.

- Wrong.
- This is where my thoughts ...

Brendan would come to you and would have told you to vote for me.

- I probably would not.
- Probably so.

- And that's what I say.
- Okay

I'll be 100% honest with you now.

You will be the next from
and you will not be able to change that.

Here, guys!

- Are you ready for the test today?
- Yeah.

For this test, you will be divided into two teams of four.

In my top two members
each team to collect sprinteront

a large board, piece of a puzzle,
and return for the next two to go.

Once in possession of four planks, you will
place the planks in their own locations.

Then you turn and tear down these boards
for hole alignment reveals seven vowels.

When you have the seven vowels,
you use the matching tiles

on your table combined response
with seven consonants that are given to you.

You will combine all
to reveal a sentence of four words.

The winning team will be called for an afternoon

from premises which have a show and a feast for you.

They will make a demonstration of capoera,

a beautiful Brazilian martial art
which combines dance and music.

It is quite spectacular.
You will enjoy a treat as local.

In addition, the winning team will send
someone from the losing team to Exile Island.

- Worth?
- Yes!

We will draw lots for tickets
then we will begin.

Well, we have our two teams.

The red team: JT, Erinn, Debbie and Tyson.

The Black Team: Coach, Stephen, Taj and Sierra.

Reward at stake
Survivors ready?


JT and Erinn start for the Reds.

Coach Stephen and start for the team black.

Shit, JT is so fast.

Well, starting to undo ? n nodes.

Detach these boards then bring them back.

JT and Erinn back with their board
for the red team.

Coach and Stephen are back with their first
black board for the team.

You now need to find the right place
for your first piece.


This is good.

Taj and Sierra go there for the black team.

Debbie and Tyson go there for the red team.

Taj and Sierra back with the second
black board for the team.

Taj door this board
carrying it on his shoulders.

Debbie and Tyson back with the second
board for the red team.

Find the right place
then the next pair can go.

- Not that one.
- Come back, come back.


Coach and Stephen to return.

Put it in!

Erinn and JT return
in the race for the red team.

Remaining two boards.

Attention Taj.
Do not break your neck.

I know.
But I could not do it otherwise.

- You?
- Yeah.

The red team is now leading
with the third board.

Go Coach!

Debbie and Tyson are on their way to the fourth
and last board for the red team.

Coach and Stephen are back with the third
black board for the team.

Yeah, it is.

Taj and Sierra are on the way
for the fourth and final board.

Tyson and Debbie have their fourth board.

They return.

Taj and Sierra have their fourth board.

- They return.
- Put it, guys!

The red team back with the last board.

- Come on, girls!
- Taj and Sierra struggling to return.

- These plates are heavy.
- No. Overthrow it.

Overthrow it.

The black team back with their last board.

You need to start looking at the alignment

holes in the pieces of this puzzle.

Nothing, Erinn.

When you have all the boards in the right position,

the holes align to reveal vowels.

- There is nothing.
- If you see a vowel,

you just.

If not, you're wrong.

There! That's good, though!

- Leave her alone!
- Good!

It is also good!

- It was an "a".
- Well, well and good.

- Well, they were.
- Read the letters.

The red team think they fair.

They will try to solve this puzzle.

Turn it. Turn it and flip it.
Turn it and flip it.

Once you have the seven vowels,
you will mix

with seven consonants and punctuation

looking for a sentence of four words.

We must turn first, huh?

Coach, Sierra, Taj and Stephen try
further align their boards.

Remember that ...

this is a feast.

Feast, feast, feast.

What do you see?

- I think it is good ...
- Tournes it.

The Black Team takes forever
to put its pieces in the correct order.

- The red team did easily.
- It was!

- It was.
- The red team think I have.

"You've earned a treat!"
That is correct.

The red team wins the prize!

The black team has never really started.

Well done guys.

Stephen ...
Stephen must go.

Erinn, Debbie, Tyson, JT, good job.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Before leaving for your wonderful
reward, a big decision ...

Taj, Sierra, Stephen, Coach.

One of these four is going to Exile.

- Stephen.
- No hesitation.

This is my home away from home, Jeff.

In addition, Steve.

Now that Brendan and his statue is gone too

there is a new statue
in Exile. Stephen is therefore went

to be sure that Sierra did not
the other statue, if any another.

Erinn, Debbie, Tyson, JT, take your business.

Go ahead and enjoy your afternoon.

Coach, you continue to take
all these great rewards.

All the experience of a lifetime does not help you here.

You know, I had no boards
like this in the Amazon.

Okay, guys.
Take your business, go back to camp.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'm super excited to have won the award
because I've never been before.

Dude! Look at the food.

There was all this food just
before us and I was so hungry today.

It was really perfect.
I really wanted it.

- Oh my God, you took?
- Yeah.

We are disgusting.

We do not wash our teeth since twenty-six days

then we all empillons
the food on our plates

and we eat like savages.

They looked at us kind of
"What is wrong with these people?"

- We are very hungry.
- Really hungry.

Usually I do not eat much.
And this little boy ...

I am the director of a college in the United States.

That is why I asked after the kids.

As a mother, I miss my children.

And as a director, all of my ...

908 college students fail me.

So immediately,
I felt drawn to her children.

You're beautiful.
You're a very attractive man.


I would not take my work for granted more

because I was not and I've always loved

but I realize how much I love
these children with whom I work.

A kind of banjo is cool.

This is really cool.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form

but in fact they do not have physical contact.

Looks like they are fighting
but it is also a dance.

Then they started to invite us
to teach us to dance with them.

After eating all the food,
you're so full you can not move

and we have these people who say:

"No, come on, come on, dance with us."
and us: "OK."

It goes a little dance, cool, no problem.

But once seated,
oh, man, it was terrible.

I did more than was necessary.

Oh disgusting.
I just throw on my feet.

I like children who eat pizza and ice

then go play in the Playland Ball and jumping around

and then do not understand why they vomit.

It was terrible.

Brendan left with the statue in his pocket yesterday

and there could be a new statue
which nobody knows the location.

So I hope to find a clue to another statue

and I will end with two statues in my possession.

It looks like a big piece of paper.

Oh, no!

This index is 7, which means
there is no new statue.

This means that I am here for nothing!

Fine. I'm glad not to be the reward.

Who wants a treat when you can be ...

in the sand?

God thank you, I do not have food and

I have a desert terrain for a few days.

You, Coach and Tyson have an alliance.

- It makes you bad people?
- No.

But if we fucked
and made bad choices in the game,

we would have done much more than "Yeah, I'm sorry."

Who should go then?
Everyone was loyal.

That part, if not you?
There are reactions to actions.

You chose the wrong action but i adore you,

I care about you.
I do not want to eliminate.

You think what happened was a big hit?

You have no idea how many people will do this to you.

Later in the game,
there will be a time when you'll regret it.

Proba ...
Ok, maybe.

But I have an alliance
and you must understand that

I play the game too, Sierra.

Now I am El Limbo.

This puts me in a position even more insecure.

- Okay
- What are the choices you have made.

- As I said, this is not against you.
- This conversation is over.

Now you decide.
You wanted to talk to me

and now you decide that it's over?

I wanted to talk to a level

without confrontation when people interrupt us.

- Ok, so you've done with me?

I ended up beating me.
I ended up with this.

It is as if you frappiez me in the face.

Nobody hits you in the face.
Why do you think so?

Because it's ironic that you keep other liars.

- Other ...
- Who are the other liars?

I'm not talking to you, Erinn.

I just wonder who you mean.

If there are other liars, I want to know who they are.

You'd be the last person I would say.

So it's like that.

It is as if you said
and again the same thing.

And I think it has finished you listen.

I do not eat so go ahead without me.


Although Sierra am bored to death and I think
it is really stupid, she's right.

Everything she says is entirely true.

Once Sierra is no longer with us, the game will change

and I'll be the one who will reverse completely.

I am guilty of the charges.

Hello Coach.

All I wanna say is that
if you were me, you give up and accept you?

I mean, I could give up and accept

but I guess it would not be me
and you do not seriously expect me to do

something like this because you probably hope to me.

I was not going to hurt and I want those to which ...

Except for me.

And if you gave me another ...

I do not ask
but I say that if it is feasible

and if it were possible

have another chance,
I'll prove it that I am a good person,

I am a loyal person.

But if I give up now

as I want because I want to go, it's true.

I do not want to be surrounded by a bunch of people that ...

I hurt.

I do not want to leave like this.

If you ask me if I want to give you a second chance,

Of course I would.

Will I do it?
Probably not.

This is what I think. The most honorable

is to accept your fate,
do not try to make arrangements.

The Samurai, if he or his family was covered with dishonor,

do you know what he did?

He fell on his sword.

Death before dishonor.
You can not change the inevitable.

You prefer to keep Erinn really over me?

No, but you made your bed.

I would high Sierra
if I did not have this conversation with you?


Would you Coach, the person
which leads me to overcome the trials

if you do not think I'm capable of?


So I do not want to have this conversation with you.

You know that the coach in me
constantly look to those

who need assistance or encouragement.

When I see someone like Sierra

? c my heart is with her.

How to save the friendly enemy?

It kills me to have this kid who asks me support

because she lived so many bad events.

It breaks my heart.

Is what you give up, Coach,
if you had made the wrong decision?

There is a very small glimmer of hope
but mostly I need to win immunity.

I think this is my only chance to go through all this.

Here, guys!

We will welcome Stephen back from Exile Island.

- Stephen!
- Hello.

I missed you!
Especially body heat.

- Thank you.
- We missed you.

- Are you ready for the test of immunity?
- Yes!

First thing, Tyson, I take the necklace.

Tyson had two times the immunity was to grasp.

The aura he third time?

For the test today, you will participate
a version "Survivor" of shuffleboard.

You will each have three pucks.

You start pucks with one simple goal.

The person who completes the puck
closest to the center of the cross

wins immunity and is guaranteed to have a chance
seven to win the million dollars.

Losers go to Tribal Council
where someone will be eliminated from the game

There is an alternative to the test today.

If you feel so confident
you think that you do not need immunity

you can skip the game and instead ...

Oh, no!

You can eat.

It will take a stone.
Take a stone.

- Oh my God.
- Oh my God, thank you!

No need to look at the stone,
it does not mean anything for the moment.

If you want to eat,
you show me this stone.

If you want to play
you show me an empty hand.

Everyone puts his hand forward ...

and reveal!

Stephen says he will eat.
JT says he will eat.

Coach says he will eat.

Thank you, dude.

So Coach hungry enough to abandon
game to eat pizza.

When do I get my pizza, buddy?
I won all these tests, you know.

It should let me have pizza and not
count on me sceler agreement to eliminate Sierra.

For those who eat, take a seat at the table.

For others, it will draw by lot the order
then we will begin.

Well, we have our order.
This event is about to begin.

JT, Stephen and Coach
you can eat as long as the game is underway.

Start eating.

Sierra, you're first.

Everyone will have three chances.

And change the order in each round
so nobody is stuck in the same position.

Sierra a little short.

Debbie with his first chance.

Debbie, a little short.
There is a trick to learning this.

Use cold energy, these chills.

Taj goes a bit far.
Erinn with his first shot.

Nobody has yet had much luck.

Everything Tyson,
this is to block the path for all the others.

Second round, this time
Debbie, you are the first.

The first round did not matter.

Debbie with a good start.

- Come on, Debbie!
- Debbie is now closer.

Taj with his second throw.

Tyson receives a shot of Taj.

Tyson now owns the brand to beat.

Erinn's turn.

Erinn slips instead of Tyson.

Erinn is closest.

- Tyson up for its second run.
- Well done, Erinn.

Once again, Tyson blocking the way.

Now Sierra is up for his second run.

He'll have to go for a chance Tyson.

Sierra move Tyson and place head.

After two rounds,
Tyson is the closest to the cross.

Everyone still has a chance.

Taj will be the first.


Taj nothing but a sand dune.

I should eat.

Erinn is as follows.

Erinn bumps into the nearest puck Sierra.

Tyson is the following.

Tyson, your last shot.

Tyson increased its lead!

Tyson still holds the mark to beat.

This is Sierra.

Sierra, you know what to do.

It should be closer to the cross Tyson.

Sierra Tyson knocks
and gets in position to win this game

Sierra is now the brand to beat.

Big change.

When Sierra was his little dance,

I told myself that I had ruined everything.

I have been involved?
Yeah, I should have.

Now, Debbie prepares for his final run.

That's it.
We are reduced to this.

Sierra share with immunity
unless Debbie place himself closer to the cross.

And it does!

Debbie wins individual immunity!

This event is over.
Drop it, Stephen.

Finish what you have in your mouth!
That's it.

Debbie, come here.

Director of college a chance
seven to win this game

Debbie can not be eliminated at Tribal Council tonight.

For the rest of you, after twenty-seven days,
One of you go home tonight.

Take your business.
I see you in the Council.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you!

What I had to do today
was to win immunity and this has not happened.

Part of me thinks that it may be my destiny
but there is a big part of me that prays for a miracle.

Debbie, if I s? you would win,

I would have sat down and ate half a pizza.

I'm glad you won.
It could not be better.

I'm excited.

I wanted to at least win one.

Honestly, I knew we had to win this one.

There is nothing worse than seeing

someone celebrate before the game is finished.

You've seen her dance?

I wish I had again the immunity necklace.

It would have been pretty cool
if I had won for the third time.

But the Council tonight will be awesome.

I hope Sierra will cry a lot.

I do not go to the Tribal Council in the rain.

Oh, God.

You know what we could do tonight?

- He has no immunity.
- Yeah.

I think we should eliminate Tyson.

- We may not have another chance.
- It's true.

This is the time.
This is a golden opportunity.

- Who the hell ...
- I know.

I really like it but it is in
a fucking game for a million dollars.

Speak to JT and keep me informed.

I'll do what you want.

Everyone at the camp will detest.

- You're 100% with us, huh?
- Absolutely.

Tyson is such a competitor physical

he could win all races.

We got lucky today
someone else has gained so

we must get rid of Tyson.

And this could be the opportunity to do so.

This could be Tyson or Sierra tonight.

This is not an easy decision.

But I know that there is no
lucky I just won this game

by dragging and leaving
others make decisions for me.

This shot may be crucial for me.

- You think qu'Erinn is unanimous?
- I hope so.

We must decide what we did tonight.

I think it should be Tyson.

This could be our only chance.

If we do, it is a big blow.

Not least.

I hate to do so soon
and spend more days with Sierra.

If we do not eliminate Tyson
he could win all races.

There are seasons when someone
gains on all tests.

It could be you.

- You know me talk.
- Yeah.

- Are they watching you?
- No.

Sierra looks.

Sierra is a fucking liar and I hate her.

- I also hate.
- I want out of my field of vision.

If we continue with this plan

Stephen, Erinn, Taj and I turn to Tyson

we could do without talking to Sierra

because we have the numbers.
But it would be contrary to

alliance Warriors Coach that has struggled to create

So for me, it is a difficult decision.

- Summarize the plan.
- Okay

- Sierra leaving tonight. No brain.
- Okay

One of my main priorities at this point
is to go to the Final 5 alliance with the Warriors.

It would be stupid to have an alliance,
to give a name and wear,

speaking of us as warriors
and change at the last minute.

I know I can trust you
and this is important to me.

You have my word.

It will really hurt Coach
if I do vote to transfer Tyson.

It will really hurt.

I do not know what I'm gonna do, man.

We will host the first member of the Jury.

Brendan, eliminated the last Tribal Council.

The last Tribal Council, Brendan was evicted by surprise.

Sierra, you seemed stunned.

Yeah, unfortunately, I
certainly due from the choices I made.

But if my time is my time
and no one will surprise me by tonight.

Tyson, you do not have the collar tonight, you
worried that it could be you or you're more comfortable?

Yeah, I feel pretty comfortable.

The people with whom I ally
are people in whom I trust.

I am also pleased that Debbie has won.

When you can not win, it's nice
to see someone you love winning.

Thank you Tyson.

JT, this is hard to hear it? Tyson said:
"If I did not win, I'm glad that Debbie has won."

- He did not say ...
- I said, "Someone I love."

This does not mean that it is the only one I love.

- Who else do you like here?
- Debbie Hum, Coach, Stephen

Taj, Erinn, JT ...

And Brendan.

So your vote is pretty clear.
Sierra you vote.


Sierra, do you think people tell you
you will be eliminated because they want to appear nice

for once in the Jury
you vote for them if they are in the Final?

No, it was pretty clear when
Brendan is gone I'll be the next.

What I was trying to explain
in the covenant that I made with someone else,

I probably talked to this person
what we expect to ...

I do not know what you mean.

- I ...
- Nobody knows.

- Tyson!
- I know what she means.

- You want me to explain it to you?
- No, I do not need

you explain it to me, Tyson.
What I said is that ...

- What is there between you and Tyson?
- Tyson has always loved bothering me.

This is the way to be Tyson. It is kind of know-it-all.

I do not think half
things he said were really funny.

But it has never been really nice to me and that's fine.

Tyson, is it true that you
not hear you from the beginning?

I've never felt strong ties with Sierra.

I tried to be nice and cordial but
when I had finished listening to his speech, I'm done listening.

Are you not worried that this kind of attitude
can cost you your place in this game?

I told him that I gave him
five minutes and I did.

And it continues ...

I was irritated by what Brendan
and trying to do so

I do not see why I should give
courtesy when she gives none.

Well, it is a play on the strengths and weaknesses.

This is not a personality contest.

The fact is that it is really
strong in testing and if you want

take someone strong
with you to the Final 2, so be it.

But it is really hard.

I do not would eliminate
because we hear it.

I ?limirais so I can win an event

or someone with whom I am allied
can win another race.

It's just how the game works.

Coach, Sierra made a good point.

Tyson won the first two races of immunity.

He did not tonight. Is it a threat?

And if so, why not eliminate tonight?

I said at the beginning of the game that I wanted to

the path of the noble warrior and find
this great competitor against which to fight.

- Then you turned Brendan.
- Yeah.

- I'll explain.
- I'm sure you'll do.

Because Brendan is facing me.

- This is a war, "one against one".
- I thought that was what you wanted.

Exactly, and I won, thank you. Exactly.

I was more intelligent, cunning and
Right now, I'm sorry, I went further than him.

So I won the battle.

Now for the other, if I want to trust

of this tribe, we must be on the same wavelength

if we want to fight in an honorable way.

If I give my word,
wouldnt it.

So a honorable battle for you, this means that

As we agree on
how to play, it is a battle.

Absolutely. I'll be a voracious wolf

for those who want a head to head against me

and I will break his knees without remorse or regret.

JT, what do you think have the best battle in the Final?

Coach said he would change the game and it does.

I've never seen anyone
who wanted the best competitors in the Final.

When he gives his word,
I take it and there is no doubt.

Coach, if JT gives you his word, you think?

The first time I looked
JT's eyes and shook his hand,

I knew it meant something to him.

I saw honesty, trust and a warrior at war.

This is someone I respect

and I believe 100% when he says something.

Ok, it's time to vote.
Debbie, you have immunity.

You can sell or keep for yourself.

I think I'll keep tonight.

You can not vote for Debbie.
All others are legitimate targets.

It is time to vote.
Tyson to you.

Last week, Sierra, I terrace Dragon.

This week, I have to take care of his wife.

Good night, sweet princess.

You're an idiot.

I'll get the votes.

If anyone has the hidden immunity statue
and would like to play

this is the time to use it.

Once the votes read, the decision is final, the
person eliminated must leave the Tribal Council immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote



Sierra 2 votes, 1 vote Tyson.

Sierra 3 votes, 1 vote Tyson.

Sierra 3 votes, 2 votes Tyson.

We are equal.

It's been 3 votes and 3 votes for Sierra Tyson.

That's 4 votes for Tyson.

Sierra 3 votes. Remaining vote.

Ninth person eliminated and second member of the Jury

Bring me your torch.

Tyson, the tribe has spoken.

It is time to leave.

Another Council.
Another shot in the back.

It takes the turn of a battle to the end.

Grab your torches and return to camp.

Good night.

Soon in Survivor:

We veer all our people,
and you and I become vulnerable.

Timbira trying to regroup.

- That would be you, Sierra, Erinn and me.
- Coach, I think that's the only way.

Retouvent but thank you for the Sierra.

- You said you were going to be fair.
- And you put my name last night.

I'll ask again, Sierra.
Where is your loyalty now?

Sneaky bastards.
Now I know what it's like Brendan.

Yeah, it was a big shock.
I thought I had the game in the bag

but I would not have been so confident or so gullible.

Good luck to all,
I guess everyone deserves to be there.

You beat me
and this is a huge accomplishment.

What annoys me is that
Sierra will stay longer than me.