Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 12 - Survivor - full transcript

After using guilt to gain control of an ally, a pushy castaway may land in hot water when the hidden immunity idol is put into play, resulting in a shocking turn of events at Tribal Council.

obviously, bob and i know
that our numbers are up.

outnumbered 5-2, bob and
corinne hatche a plan.

step con1: bob made another
fake hidden immunity idol.

that would fool me.

in fact, it looked almost
as good as as the real idol

sugar has had most of the game.

step two: corinne told kenny she had
an idol and convinced him to flip.



step three: bob showed
the idol to crystal,

and together they also
agreed to vote oit matty.



then, kenny changed the plan by
ordering crystal to vote for corinne.

you have to vote for corinne.




- ???
- ???

if this plan works out, i'll be the
biggest strategist in "survivor" history.

his plan relied on corinne playing the idol,

but she couldn't because it
was fake so corinne got the boot.

matty received three votes and was fuming.

will kenny's last strategic
move come back to bite him?

six are out, who will be voted out tonight.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

the vote tonight was four votes
for corinne and three votes for me.

and i believe that tonight
i got a vote from kenny,

and he want meas out of the game.

you were voting out corinne tonight.
why did you put down my name?

because i had the immunity
idol, i thought tflts real one.

don't lie bro.


when i got back to camp,
matty was super mad at me.

i voted for him and that was
a move to gain jury votes??.

i have been calling
the shots since day one.

i have been the mastermind???.



i started getting an ear load
of crap from kenny, you know,

why he did what he did.

don't want even want to
hear it from him, you know.

don't lie, kenny.

kenny is playing a game. he's a mastermind

and i'm on to him.

don't worry, don't worry.


i really like matty, but
he's a huge physical threat.

i have a strong alliance
with kenny and crystal.

and that's the best alliance i've
had in the whole entire game.



exactly. and i still put his name down.

i owe him. i'm letting
you both know, i owe him

i'm really regretting not writing
matty's name down tonight,

which is probably the stupidest
move i've made in this game so far.

hopefully matty didn't win
immunity at the next challenge,

and matty needs to go.

survivor s17 ep12




it's fake.

so you guys did lie to me.


and now my game is messed up.


i feel horrible about pulling kenny in.

now, he's in a real prickament,
and it's my fault.





are you genuineliy saying that, or
are you just lying to me again?


bob offered to give me
the immunity necklace.

i made him feel sorry for me.
this is a huge power play.

i feel horrible about it.

i made kenny a promise i wouldn't
play him as a fool and

that i owe him something and i want
to be, you know, a man of my word.

come on in, guys!

you guys ready to get to today's challenge?


for today's challenge, you
will race out into the swamp

through a series of obstacles
and retrieve a ball.

you'll then race back to the start,
toss the ball into a net.

then you head back out.

first person to get three
because in their net wins reward.

the winner will be flown via
helicopter to luanga national park,

where you will visit a gorilla sanctuary,
sponlsored by africa's eden.

this is a great opportunity to see up
close and personal these fascinating animals.

you will then enjoy a nice meal,

a good night's sleep with a bed and a shower.

you'll return to camp in the morning.

in addition, the winner of this challenge

has the power to send one
person to exile island.

- worth playing for?
- ??

all right, we'll draw for
spots and get started.

here we go. for reward.

survivors ready?


into the swamp,

through the net.


kenny to the station first.

matty right behind.

bob now working on his.

matty quickly has his
ball and is heading back.

kenny has his first ball heading back.

bob's heading back.

once you get it in the net,
head back out and do it again.

bob now back taking a shot.

gotta get it in the net
before you can head back out.

matty has his first ball in heading back out.

kenny has his first ball in.
kenny heading back out.

bob gets one in the net.

matty through the course and now
heading back with his second ball.

all three guys have hit their shots.

the women have yet to make one.


matty taking aim.

just misses.

kenny now back with his second ball.

bob not panicking, not rusng.

matty drills his second one.

bob with one shot drills his second ball.

kenny hits his second one.
he's heading out.

and it's matty, bob, kenny heading
out for their third and final ball.

matty with a big advantage in time.

bob now getting in on it.

it is matty, bob, and kenny.

first one to get their ball
in the net wins reward.

kenny just misses.

at just misses.

bob scores!

bob wins reward!


- oh, it's all good.
- ??

bob, come on over.

your reward is pretty nice.

do a little gorilla watching,

nice meal, good night's sleep in a bed.

an adventure like this is always
more fun if you can share it.

choose one person to go
with you on this reward.


oh, thank you!

crystal, going to join
bob for a nice reward.

two's fun, three's a party. pick
one other person to go with you.

- kenny.
- ??

without hesitating, bob chooses kenny.

the way i'm playing the game right now is

i need cristal and kenny to work with me

because i am trying to play
for all the marbles in the pot.

all right, bob, one more big decision.

you have three people left.

one of them is going to exile island.

miss q. can go.

susie q..

susie q., exile island
awaits you. grab your stuff.


you will return in time for
the next immunity challenge.

- ??
- straight out.

sugar, matty, got nothing for you.

grab your stuff. head back to camp.

bye, have fun.


cristal and kenny drive me nuts.

they've spent way too long in this game.

my goal with sugar is to get her to
align with me and vote kenny and crystal out.

bob, crystal, kenny, helicopter
coming in. have a great time.

head on out.

oh, my god.

this is my first time
timeon a helicopter and,

yeah, i was looking down you see
nothing but pure jungle, saf vanna.

it really is eden out here.

oh, my god!



we walk into this hut, and

the first thing, of course,
we see on the table is food.

you have your fresh mango,
your fresh watermelon, your salami,

your cheese, your olives, your tomatoes.

these are good.

thank you, guys, for joining me.

thank you.


i wish i could have brought everybody.



i think if matty doesn't
win tomorrow, you know,

that would be a good thing.

i hope the nextove is matty

because it's not matty,
it's going to be one of us.

can we get sugar on board with that?

it would be nice if we could take matty out,

and it's nice they think i have won
the confidence of crystal and kenny.

and i think my integrity has
stepped in here and is working.

ken i believes i will give
him the immunity if i win it,

and the reason he believes me, i think,
is, because i do have integrity.

i mean, if you win immunity,

i could take a risk.

you don't have to give
it to me the first time.


if i don't give it to
you the first time,

i'm not a man of my word, right.

ythat's true.

but if you want to...

you want to analyze and get me off the hook.

originally i told you, i would
give it to you right away.

i think the best thing is for
you to make the decision.

and i'll be like, "i think you
should keep it tonight, bob."

or i'll say, "i think that i'm in danger."

this is the plan--

at the next tribal,

i'll be wearing the
necklace i haven't won yet,

and if kenny feels that he needs it,
and if he wants it, i will give it to him.

if he thinks it's better off protecting me,

he'll say, "no, keep it."


i hope they're going to let us take a
shower and get cleaned up before we go.

s the gorillas.

i'm so excited!

to take a shower was invigorating.

we had soap and towels and wash
cloths and put on some fresh clothes,

and we were just like,
wow, you smell so good.

it was pretty cool.

bork a big improvement.

i know.

the green does kind of
look good it you, to.

it does.

we even have pockets.

- hey, guys
- hi.

welcome to the??

- ??
- gorilla project.

- nice to meet you, i'm bob.
- nice to meet you.


after we cleaned up, some rangers came in and

spoke to us about the gorilla project.

it's called african's eden.

we're a sanctuary and rehabilitation facility.


the rangers explained
everything about the gorillas.

they said they were really
in danger because of

people poaching them in africa
and getting gorilla meat and

what's left is baby orphan gorillas,
and they have nowhere to go.

we walked down to an observation platform,

and we sat there for quite some time,
just sort of getting them used to us.

and then?? the large
silverback gorilla stepped out.


his head is enormous!

we were 25 feet from him.
he was right there.

i'm not usually spiritual,

but there was a feeling like

there was a connection between
these great apes, and myself,

how they were looking at us,
and we were looking at them.

and it just-- it did sort of rock my soul.

coming to exile, i
know sugar has the idol,

soy i went ahead and took my
chances and inn joyed the fruit

and get away from the whole game.

people back at nobag have no
idea what they're missing.

it was pretty easy choosing
the comfort, actually.

the one great thing about being at
exile is it takes you away from the game.

you can step away and say i don't
have to think about anything right now.

i think i'm going to have to
change it from "sugar shack"

to "susie shack."




??reward and they didn't
get to do anything.

i've been gunning for crystal
and kenny this entire game.


yeah, really.

well, i'll tell you what, you
better win that thing tomorrow

because you're the biggest threat now.

i wouldn't want to be matty right
now because he knows he's next.

if it's not bob, who is it?

in my alliance with kenny and crystal--

it is your alliance.

it's me and kenny and crystal.

so now you're choosing
them as your alliance.

???you're the evil three.

we'reot the evil three, dude.

i don't know, man.

it's mostly with me and kenny.

unless, you know, he could
totally be taking me ride.

he is taking you for a ride because
his main alliance is crystal i know 1,000%.

i'm sure matty is lying to me but

matty is the stronger physical threat.

i don't know who to believe.
i don't know who to turn to.

i'm pretty sure you and bob will win.

you have the idol.


nobody's going to vote for you.

we'll see.

not with having the idol.


oh, matty!

i'm certainly not going
to give matty that idol.

screw that, at this point, i'm using
the idol to make the next five.

if i don't win the next
immunity idol it's me.

i would say that's accurate.

my status is i'm basically on my own.


if i don't win the next
immunity challenge i think

i'm packing up my bags and going home.


was it the best ever?


all right, tell us about it.

look at this.

your shirt is clean?


oh, my god!

- ??
- ??

it's cool that bob went on the experience,
but he chose kenny and crystal.

which was so annoying and frustrating
to me because those two just--

i don't know. i'm having a
hard time with those two still.

i can feel it, man. that
you're, like, mad at me.

i don't know why you're trying to hide it.

you vote for me.

you said we were going to the end, kenny.

there's no reason to be upet.



you still say to this day,

"crystal, thank you for not
writing my name down."

my name has been written
down seven times already.

i don't care about that.


hey, kenny, don't talk about
it any more, okay, bro.

no, i'm mad.

mattyy is super paranoid. ever
since his name was written down.

it was a strategic move on my part.



rightitnow i'm throwing stink on matty

so everybody else can smell it
and will right his name down.



- ??
- how did i change it?

because you and sue are like that.

i am like that with sue. i like sue.

i like spending time with sue
out here. i don't trust her.

you can look me in the eye
and say you don't trust sue.

- i don't trust sue.
- you're lying.


you've changed, and it's not for the good.

but if you *** me and ken over--

- ??
- why did you get mad at me?

i didn't do anything.

because me and kenny have been
there for you since day one.

???what do you want from me?

i don't want anything from you.

i have no idea what's
happening right now.

crystal is going off
on matty for no reason,

and i've already seen
kenny go off on matty and

matty doesn't deserve to be ideal at.

what am i doing wrong, crystal.

keep doing what you're doing.

where did this come from?

matty is right, i think, that

cristal and kenny have been in
this together from the beginning

and they just take out whoever they want.

kenny acts like he's this
weak, little meager guy

and he spins all thesealize,

and crystal is just a big bully.

this is the thing,
they're not good people.

i'm starting to see that about
kenny and i know that about crystal.


do you really?

i don't know what's going on.

i don't know, either, but now
i see that they're not, like--

why would they kick you when you're down?

it feels like they're just going off
on you when you know you're going.

- ??
- you' not going.

why don't i just--

you're not going to go.


well what, do we do?

you, me, bob, and sue.

i have to talk to bob because i
know bob better than anybody else.

at this point.

sugar, are you truthful--

i am not--

if sugar really is telling me truth,

i have hope, and i could play this game.

i might have to go to the end
with bob, and bob will dominate,

but least good will prevail.

it's either me and you guys --.

who do we take out first
then if you're being serious?

crystal, crystal goes first.

this is just intense.

i'm just praying that i
can find the strength to...


come on in, guys!

we'll now bring in susie,
returning from exile island.

- ?
- was it a good time?

- welcome back.
- thank you.

you guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


first things first, bob i
will take back the necklace.

thank you.

once again, immunity is back up for grabs.

for today's challenge,

on my "go you will study the
features of a gabonese mask.

you will grab a bag of mask pieces

and make your way through a
series of obstacles to a station

where you will find a second blank mask.

you will use those features to-- pieces
to fill in the missing features.

one more thing,

you will be blindfolded.

first person to collect all three
bags and successfully recreate the mask,

wins immunity guaranteed
a one in what, kenny?

one in five chance of
winning a million dollars.

there you go.

losers, tribal council, where somebody
will be voted out of it this game.

worth playing for?


all right, we'll get started.

here we go. other side, sugar, other side.

here we go.

for immunity. survivors ready?


you'll use your hands to study that mask,

or if you decide to, you
can head out right away.

it is up to you.

matty quickly out to a lead.

matty at his station first, got his
first bag, and he's heading back.

not going to work on it one bag at a time.

kenny back with his first bag of pieces.

bob is back.

sugar, bob, kenny, are all going to
start working on recreating the mask.

matty's going to go get
all of his pieces at once.

- crystal.
- yes.

you are off the course.

are you in the wrong lane.
you're completely off track.

you gotta get back on the
course and find your lane.

matty coming back with
his second bag of pieces

while kenny bob, sugar, and susie

start working with their
first bag of facial features

crystal, up over a hitching
post, heading the right way.

in the wrong lane.

matty heading back for
his third and final bag.

bob is heading back,
looking for his second bag.

crystal once again off the course.

crystal back on the course.

matty coming back with that third bag.

everybody else so close, and yet
so far away when you cannot see.

matty now back with all three
bags of the facial features.

matty now going to start
working on his mask.

kenny heading back now
looking for that second bag.

bob is back with his second bag.

crystal miraculously is almost there.

crystal has arrived with her first bag.

kenny takes a header into a pole.

even the king can get
injured in this challenge.

everybody working on their mask now.

bob now heading back for
his third and final bag.

susie heading back for her second bag.

bob took a header into a station.

susie is off the course.

bob heading back with that
third and final bag.

matty going to head back
to check is mask again

while bob is back with
that third and final bag.

i think i have it.

bob thinks he has it.

bob does not have it.

matty now coming back
after checking that mask.

bob making a lot of changes.

kenny still working on his
mask. he has all three bags.

the question now is do
i have the right pieces?

crystal not giving up, continues
to fight in this challenge.

susie trying to find the course.

i think i have it, jeff.

kenny thinks he has it.

kenny is wrong.

kenny going to head back
to check his mask again.

matty very close.

bob is almost there.

big immunity on the line.

i'll try that.

bob thinks he has it.

bob is right.

bob wins immunity.

four straight challenges.

bob, come on over.

once again immunity is yours.

turn around, brother.

once again, bob is safe at tribal council.

after 36 long days, tribal council tonight.

one of you will be going home.

grab your stuff. head back to
camp.i will see you at tribal.

four challenges in a row.

i'm 57 years old, it felt real good.

been a good run at four. i
never would have guessed that.

bob promised me that if he won the
immunity necklace that he'll give it to me.

now it's up to bob.

actions do speak louder than words and

i can only wait to see
what he does tonight.

i know we want to get rid of matty.

we get rid of meat tonight,

there's a chance bob lied to me and
won't give me the necklace next time.

so i'm going to tell bob to
give me the necklace tonight.


- ??
- ??

i'm cool

??bob has been winning
all these challenges.

we should have got rid of
him when we had the chance

but we kept him in because everybody
hated randy and now we're paying foit.

he's too dangerous at this point.

none of urs has the chance to
make it to the final three.


in all honesty, i would
like to take out matty,

but if it's bob's name going
up tonight, bob it is.

as long as it's not crystal, i'm fine.



- ??
- i don't know

why would you be scared?

i don't know.

bob made a deal with me, you know.

he's going to give me that
immunity necklace if he wins.

if he doesn't, he will look really
bad in front of everybody.

if he does, he looks good in front
of everybody and he goes home

so a lose??.


why would they blindside you n
we're going to take matty out.



why would you feel--

i'm with you.

there might be the four, still.

okay, we'll talk-- we'll talk about it.

let's find out who is voting for whew?






hey, guys....





kenny has come up with this elaborate
plan to hoax bob out of his necklace.

if bob were to give kenny the necklace

then everybody would vote for bob

because they want to
keep their five alliance.

i don't want to be
aligned with those guys.

i want to be aligned with the good guys.


crystal and kenny i have been
in like, an alliance with them,

but something-- something is
really striking me weird right now

that-- that i didn't feel before.

crystal and kenny i have been in

like, an alliance with them,

but something--

something is really striking
me weird right now

that-- that i didn't feel before.

and they told me that if you give kenny the,

uh, the necklace then he's going to--
they're going to blindside you.

that's the plan.

and, see, i wouldn't know that
unless they told me that.

so i think that you shouldn't
do everything that they say.

i think we need to take them out.

i mean, i just wanted to
talk to you about it.

you don't have to make any decisions.

you can vote for whoever you want.

where does susie stand in all this?

i really don't know what susie's doing.

i'm sure she's going to vote
for whoever matty votes for.

and i think we should vote for crystal.

sugar said to me it was a blindside
coming which is an interesting thing

because she hasn't done anything
to show me i can trust her.

she has not done anything
that shows me i can't trust her.

so i want to believe but she's--

she's-- she's playing the game.

i really have...

a big place in my heart for you.

i appreciate that.

i mean, it's a big decision
for you, and i understand that,

but i just want you to
look out for yourself.

i will not vote for you.

i know you're the biggest
threat but i don't care.

i just think the good guys
should win in the end.

what are we going to do if
he doesn't give me the idol?

i'm going home, obviously.

i think he might give up the necklace.

- i think he might do it.
- why, what happened?

i just talked to him for a
little bit, and i was like--

i hate lying to bob because
i really, really like bob.

- but it is a game.
- yeah.

i just told him that kenny's next.

i think-- we'll see.

i think matty has a chance.

bob thinks that i'm on
the outskirts with him,

and i've made him think that.

hopefully, he will give
me that immunity necklace,

and bob goes home tonight,

but if not, then matty
will be going home stead.

sugar, did you tell bob that you
were gonna vote for kenny.


hey, but i think he's on board with
kenny and crystal no matter what.

let me do the thinking.

i just talked to him.

just vote for crystal.

at leasr i know i'm safe today.

i'm definitely playing my idol at tribal

because it's my last day to do it.

maybe i should give it
to matty and save matty,

but i don't want anybody to blindside me.

just as long as matty listens to me,

and bob knows to trust me,

everything's going to be fine.

we'll now bring in the members of our jury.

marcus, charlie, randy,

and corinne, voted out
at the last tribal council.

so, bob, let's start with you.

four challenges in a row.

there's no hiding--

you're a legitimate threat in this game.

you hit the nail right on the head.

it's a huge target on my back,

and if i don't win i
could be joining the jury.

kenny, you start seeing a
guy like bob bring it on strong,

he could win his way to
the final tribal council.

yeah, he amazes me, you know,

for being as old as he is,

he's strong. he's smart. he's agile.

he's-- he's bob.

matty, when you see bob
win challenge after challenge,

what starts going through your head?

you know, if anybody is
going to dominatat this game,

i'm really happy that it's
this man next to me, bob,

because it's a lot better him
having that necklace around his neck

than somebody a little less caliber.

susie, a lot going on these last few days.

hard to be away on exile?

yeah, when you're away like that

and you come back into
the game it's like, wow.

you just miss bit and pieces.

and then i have to rely
on my own gut instincts.

even now i'm still not certain.

kenny, with only six people left,

why do you think bob chose you

as one of the people to
go on the gorilla reward?

basically, at the last
tribal council, i-- i flopped.

i believed in bob,

and once i got back to camp,

everybody ticed that
i was the one who flopped.

and i was very frustrateed
and i asked him,

"why did you lie to me bob?"

and bob promised me something.

he said he would try his best
to win the next immunity challenge

and he would give me the
immunity necklace if he did win it.

bob, is that true?

that's what i told him.

we have since then renegotiated things.

i told him if he feels he's
is going to go home tonight

i would give him the necklace,

and after we discuss all,
this i'll make that decision.

and, kenny, you're making the case tonight

that you feel you're in danger.

i was in such a great position,

and no i'm on the outcast.

you know, i've turned on my alliance.

bob has the necklace, and where am i?

crystal, gotta make you
feel a little good that bob,

who clearly has some power in this game,

picked you as one of the
people to go on a big reward.

i feel loan that he chose me

because i haven't been on a reward
in the 36 days that we've been here.

and i feel honored to at
least get some kind of culture

from being here in africa.

matty, you think that's all it was,

bob just want somebody to
have a cultural experience,

nothing to do with an
opportunity to bond with two people

who could help you get further in the game?

i believe bob knows

that kenny and crystal
are the tightest alliance

since day one in this game,

and they have honestly dominated this game.

kenny, you're shaking your head.

i think that everybody thinks
that me and crystal are very tight,

but i jumped from my really good
position in the five alliance that i had,

and i feel like i could be the next to go.

so, based on what you're saying then,

how much more important is the deal

you may or may not have
made with bob tonight?

it makes the deal even
more important to me

because i've had a feeling
all day that it might be me.

matty, how you feeling tonight?

very vulnerable.

and i don't have that necklace on me,

so that puts me on the chopping block next.

let's talk about the hidden immunity idol.

i just want to remind everybody

that tonight is the
last night you can play.

the hidden immunity idol?

you're claiming that's
a hidden immunity idol?

oh, yeah.

i guess if you play it
we'll find out that if it is.


??that wasn't the idol.

i didn't make that one.

bob, it's time to vote.

you have the individual immunity necklace.

you can keep it for yourself.

you can give it to somebody
else including kenny,

if you want to. it is up to you.

i told kenny if i thought
he was going home tonight,

i would give it to him.


i'm going to keep it

because i don't think
he's going home tonight.

all right, so, you cannot vote for bob.

everybody else is fair game.

it is time to vote.

crystal, you're up.

you were once part of my alliance.

you wrote my name down one time

and it's time for me to pay you back.

crystal, i've been waiting
for this day for a long time,

and i'm very happy
that it's finally arrived.

you don't know how to deal with people.

so, good luck with that jury over there.

i'll go tally the votes.

if anybody has the hidden immunity idol,

and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

matty, take this cursed thing away.

the rules of "survivor" state
if somebody plays a hidden immunity idol,

then any votes cast against
that person will not count.

the person with the next highest
number of votes will be voted out.

this is, indeed,

the hidden immunity idol.

any votes cast for matty will not count.

i'll now read the votes.

first vote, matty.

does not count.

matty. does not count.

next vote,


one vote for crystal.


two votes crystal.

13th person voted out

and the fifth member of our jury, crystal.

that's three votes. that's enough.

you need to bring me your torch.

crystal, the tribe has spoken.

time for you to go.

well, we are down to five.

the million dollars is within sight.

the question is, which one
of the five of you will win it.

grab your stuff, head back to camp.

good night.




i having??

bob ??





i think i??

and matty, always??




cbs sunday.


cbs next.


???i don't know??



it's been a??



and good luck??