Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 15 - Survivor - full transcript

During a live reunion show broadcast from New York, the Survivors get together for the first time since being in Micronesia to discuss the results of the game.

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>> PROBST: Parvati, come on out.

>> I have to win this time.

It's my second time.

I am not coming back here to

starve and be miserable.

Outwardly, I'm still going to be

flirty, but I'm playing smart

this time.

I've put us in an alliance

without you being there.

I would absolutely say that my

game was a lot more cutthroat.

>> PROBST: Ozzy.

>> All the girls are coming

together and spinning the guys

around as much as we can, and

then we're devouring them.

I don't feel like I could have

played this game better, and I

feel like I can stand up tall

and be like, "I am a survivor."

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: We're live in New

York City.

We've just finished one of our

most enjoyable seasons of

Survivor, thanks to a fantastic


Let's start by congratulating

our winner, Parvati.

Nice job.

( cheering and applause )

You said it yourself, that you

came into this... everybody who

was a favorite came in with a


You were the flirt.

Did you have an idea that you

were going to start playing as

hard as you did on day one when

you came in?

>> Oh, God, no.

I wasn't going to start playing

in the beginning.

I was going to fly under the

radar and play the flirt and let

everyone underestimate me.


>> PROBST: Penner.

>> ...outed me and said, "This

girl's a threat; we got to get

rid of her."

And I was like, "Okay, I got to

start playing," got my head in

the game, and started making


>> PROBST: When did the idea for

the women's alliance first come

to you-- you guys?

>> Honestly, I came up with that

when we had the switch up.

I didn't have the numbers

anymore, and I saw that Nat and

Alexis were pretty unbreakable,

so I pulled them in.

And then I said, "There's no way

I can beat Ozzy and James."

So we got the women together.

>> PROBST: Was the biggest move

for you bringing in Alexis and


>> I would say yeah.

With the women that I brought

together, we had this game on


Like, these girls-- I couldn't

have done it without the girls

that I was with, because

everyone played their part.

Everyone was so brilliant at

manipulating and getting in

people's heads and ruining

people, basically.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: It also seemed,

Parvati, from a strategic point

of view, you bring in Alexis and

Natalie while Amanda's not


You now have two girls on one

side; you have Cirie and Amanda

on the other.

>> Yeah.

I mean, that was also in my


I was, you know, the pinnacle of

that alliance, and I knew... I

knew that Alexis and Natalie

felt more loyal to me, and Cirie

and Amanda felt more loyal to


So however the chips fell, I

knew I was in a safe spot.

>> PROBST: Amanda, let's talk

about some of the records you

now hold on Survivor.

>> Quite a few, Jeff.

>> PROBST: It's true.

Record number of days on the

show-- 78.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You went back-to-back

seasons, made it to the final.

You won the challenges that let

you dictate who you'd bring with


>> In the same, the same, the

last two in both.

>> PROBST: The last two.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You also... both of

your original alliances made it

to the end...

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: ...which is pretty


But you don't win.

>> I know.

It's a problem I'm having.

( laughter )

>> Third time's a charm.

>> PROBST: What is the wear and

tear, emotionally, when you go

through this?

Especially, you did it back-to-


You and James came back from

China, you had a few weeks to

recover from the bites, and you

went back out.

Where is your head at now after

playing a game this long that's

about deceit?

>> Oh, my God.

It is so hard to go back to real


And you're just... honestly,

this has been my life for a

while now.

Like, I know it's a game, but

it's been my life.

Like, this is what I've been

doing for, like, two seasons now

in a row.

And you get back to reality, and

it's just, you know, you have

trust issues, and you just...

( laughter )


You don't trust anybody.

And you're like, "Maybe they're

not telling me the truth, and

maybe they're just, like, trying

to say that to make me think

something else."

You know?

It's hard.

It's really hard.

>> PROBST: And what does it feel

like right now, not winning


Because you're one of the

strongest players in the game.

>> It sucks!

I know, and it's frustrating.

But, I mean, honestly, like, at

the end of the game, it's not up

to you.

It's up to different people.

And different people vote for

different things, and you don't

know what they're going to vote

for or respect or like, and

it's... honestly, it's, like,

impossible to guess.

All you can do is get yourself

to the end.

And then from there, just.. it's

up to the jury.

It's out of your hands.

>> PROBST: Cirie, how many

nights have you spent thinking

about that last challenge?

>> Oh, let's see, what day is it


( laughter )

Every single night.

Every single night.

>> PROBST: Was that your only

mistake, your biggest mistake,

if you can call it a mistake?

>> Honestly, yeah.

I feel like the only mistake I

made in this game was not

winning the last immunity


But for that, who knows?

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Tell me about the

women's alliance.

Did you guys sit and talk about

how easy... how easily the men

were being manipulated?

>> Well, I mean, kind of.

( laughter )

I mean, it was...

>> PROBST: Did you know it was

going to work?

>> Certain things with certain


( laughter )

I kind of... I mean, you can...

you have to be able to read

people to know, you know, like--

sorry you touched the stove--

but this thing that happened

with Erik I would have never

tried with Penner, because I

knew it wouldn't work for him.

>> PROBST: So you had the right

group of times at the right


>> We had the right group of


They were younger.

They were a little more naive.

And, you know, that's why it


Gina, I love you.

I'm praying for you.

>> PROBST: Okay.

It's Mother's Day.

It's all right.

Natalie, you come out of nowhere

as this raving fill in the


( laughter )

What's been the reaction to you

on the street?

>> You know, I've had some

pretty nasty responses on


I have some haters, which is


>> PROBST: Is that... is that

representative of you?

Because you seemed to relish the


>> You know, actually, I knew

going in that I had to really

play under the radar, because

I'm very opinionated.

I'm very stern and stoic in my

beliefs, and I am not shy about

letting people know what I feel.

So I knew going in I had to play

under the radar.

And then when it was time for me

to come out, I came out.

And it's okay.

>> PROBST: Is that you?

>> There are a million layers to

me as a human being.

I'm a very complex individual.

>> PROBST: Is that one of them?

( laughter )

>> I'm a loving, kind, generous,

amazing human being, and that's

one of the layers.

That's one of the pieces of the


Yes, it is, absolutely, 100%.

>> PROBST: Alexis, you're the

only woman that got blindsided

by your own women's alliance.

What's that feel like?

It's got to hurt a little bit.

>> It hurts a lot.

But I think that there's this

constant duality while you're

out there where we get it.

We know what we signed up for.

We know it's a game.

But at the same time, it's a

testament to what Amanda is


It is so personal.

And it takes a little while for

your heart to catch up with your


>> PROBST: Well, it was

masterfully done.

I must say.

And thanks, in large part, to

the women's alliance, it was one

of the most unpredictable

seasons we've ever had with some

of the biggest blindsides and

dumbest moves.

( laughter )

Second person voted out of

Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites,


First blindside.



>> I found the idol!

I found the idol!

>> PROBST: Ozzy.

>> The real hidden immunity


>> PROBST: Jason.


You guys are perfecting the art

of the blindside.

>> I want to give individual

immunity to Natalie.

>> PROBST: 13th person voted out

and the sixth member of our

jury, Erik.

I think that is what you call a

life lesson.

( cheering and applause )

Ozzy, did you ever consider

playing the idol?

>> Oh, hell, yeah.

I considered it.

I considered it about five times

before we got up to that point.


>> PROBST: Why did you not play

it that night?

>> Well, it's risky.

It's just... honestly, if it had

been anyone else but Parvati on

my side, I probably would have

played it.

But you know, I went into the

game with a relationship with

Parvati, and it... it's... I

knew I needed to trust more than

I was trusting in Cook Islands.

And you know, I said it before;

that ended up being my downfall.

And I had a lot of harsh words

for her at the end, and it...

you know, it's like I can

understand how someone might be

able to kill in the heat of


( laughter )

But at this point, you know,

I've... I've... I've forgiven,

and I'm over it.

And it's... you know, she's an

amazing girl, and she's... I

respect her a lot.

( applause )

>> PROBST: So the relationship

has healed?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right.

Jason, first of all, you find...

you find the fake idol, which

leads to one of the greatest

lines ever uttered on Survivor,


>> It's just a bleeping stick!

>> PROBST: Yes.

( laughter )

Which, by the way, what was your

reaction when you... you thought

he had the idol, and then you

see this thing that Ozzy made.

>> Oh, yeah.

I thought he was pulling one

over on me.

I mean, I opened my bag thinking

he'd put the hidden immunity

idol in there.

And I was like, "Well, he can't

possibly think this is the

hidden immunity idol, so what's

he trying to pull?"

And I storm down to the beach

and kind of give him a peace of

my mind, and at that point, I

realize he did, in fact, think

that the stick with a face on it

was the hidden immunity idol,

and I knew I was done.

>> PROBST: So, Jason-- and we

adore you-- but you watch your

idol, Ozzy, make the fatal

mistake of not playing the idol.

You think you have the real one.


You get another lesson.

That's not the real one.

Oh, now I have the real one, and

you do the same thing!

How many sleepless nights have

you had?

>> Uh, more than I'd like to

think about, you know.

It was... just it was a mistake,

you know, lack of logical


And I should have seen it coming

with it happening to Ozzy.

And yeah...

>> PROBST: I mean, you end up

with a souvenir.

That's basically it.

>> Yeah, yeah.

I got it right here.

>> PROBST: I'm sure you do.

>> So, you know, I got this

sitting home on my desk to

remind me of that mistake that I

made all the time.

And it was, you know, just a bad

move and something I'll never...

never let down.

>> PROBST: Well, and James,

you're just delighted to have

somebody in your club.

( cheering and applause )

You're not the only one.

Ozzy and Jason certainly put

themselves in the Survivor

hall of fame for dumb moves, but

they pale in comparison to

Survivor fan Erik.

Dumbest move ever?


It's true.

Plus, Fans vs. Favorites, did

one side have a distinct


We'll find out when we come


( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: You are you going to

compete against some of your

favorite survivors from seasons


>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Come on out!

Jonathan Penner.


>> The fans versus favorites

setup is the ultimate challenge,

because we have the favorites;

they're coming in here with the


But at the same time, you have

us, and we know their game.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man!

( cheering and applause )

Welcome back to the Survivor:

Fans vs. Favorites live reunion


Penner, did the favorites have

an advantage this season coming


>> Absolutely.

I mean, I think I was the... I

did the worst at Cook Islands.

I was seventh from the last.

So I think between the ten of

us, we figured we had about a

year's worth of Survivor

experience between us hitting

the beach, and that gave us an

incredible advantage.

We have a fire within a day.

We had two shelters within a

day, a cave in another day.

We were catching food within 24


And they couldn't catch us,


>> PROBST: Yau-Man, what's the

downside, the disadvantage for

the favorites?

>> Well, the fans have seen all

of us in action, so they know

everything about us.

They've gotten... you know, they

know exactly how we're going to

play, and we have no idea who

they are.

That's their advantage.

>> PROBST: Which is why you're

sitting third out?

>> Yes.

( laughter )

I'll take any excuse I can get.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Ami, you... the game

really shifted, it seemed like,

with you.

You were the first favorite to

go before a fan.

Did you feel it turn?

>> Wait a second.

Fairplay went before me, and so

did Yau.

Hold on.

But yeah, I definitely felt a

turn, like, "Okay, this game is

completely shifting, and now

it's everybody for themself,"

and I was the first one to

realize that.

>> PROBST: What's it like for

you doing this two times?

>> It's been awesome.

I've been really doing a lot of

charity, and I'm bringing

together a lot of the survivors,

and we're going to be doing a

lot of charities together.

So... awesome

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Well, when it came to

the fan side of this idea, Erik

was exactly what we had in mind.

He knew the game.

He knew the players.

He was enthusiastic.

And he was star struck.

He was definitely a Survivor


>> That's Jeff Probst!

He's just standing there!

>> PROBST: Erik, you're a freak.

>> I'm a huge fan of Survivor,

since the beginning, when the

first one, Borneo, came out.

>> Couple more steps and you're


Good job, Dude.

Erik, he's like a wide-eyed kid

in a candy store.

>> Oh, baby.

>> Oh, that is sad.

Something's wrong with that boy.

>> I want to give individual

immunity to Natalie.

>> You officially go down as the

dumbest survivor ever.

>> PROBST: Erik, the tribe has


( cheering and applause )

So, Erik, what was your initial

reaction when you found out you

were going to be on the show?

Because you've been watching...

I think we said during the

season, you've been watching

since you're 14.

>> Yeah, I lost it.

I mean, this is crazy.

This is freaking crazy.

Right now I'm in... I haven't

ever left my small town.

I live in Pinckney, Michigan.

It's the middle of nowhere,

pretty much.

And I never thought in a million

years... I know how many people

apply for the show.

I know how many people are crazy

about this show.

And I didn't think I had a

chance to be on.

And then someone calls me up and

says, "Hey, you're freaking


We want to talk to you.

We want to see you."

I was ecstatic.

I mean, I can't...

>> PROBST: What's the reaction

been in your hometown?

>> It's been awesome.

I mean, everybody knows me

because I have this big, dumb

hair on my head.

And they see me, and they're

running up to me.

They're like, "I love you on

that show.

You're so funny."


And I'm like... it's crazy.

I've never done this before.

I've never experienced something

like that.

>> PROBST: The tribal council

where you gave up your immunity,

I said at the end that's what

you call a life lesson.

Would you agree?

Was that a life lesson for you?

>> I would totally agree with


I mean, it taught me a lot of

different things, looking down

the line, looking around.

( laughter )

At first... I mean, when it

happened, at first I was like,

"Oh, my God, you're dumb.

You're real dumb."

But when you think about it, I

mean, the end game is pretty

crazy, and I didn't expect the

social part of this game.

I didn't expect to make friends

with these people, and I never

treated people in that way

before, in the way that this

game demands, in the way that

you need to use people like

pieces to help you move further.

And I saw everybody here as a

friend instead of a competitor,

instead of an enemy.

>> PROBST: So now that you've

seen it all play out and you've

had time to think about it,

regret that move?

>> Initially, yeah, that was

real dumb.

That was way dumb, like off-the-

charts dumb.

But when I see what you had to

do to make it further, there's

part of me that says I'm not

that guy.

I don't think I can do that.

I mean, I don't have that within

my being to treat people the way

that needs to be treated to win

this game.

I mean, certain morals come into

play with that.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: James, I want to get

you involved on something now

that involves... that involves

Erik and Jason and Ozzy.

We had three... within a few

weeks, three of the craziest

moves we've ever seen.

Of the three, since you are

somewhat of an expert on dumb


>> Aw!

>> Aw, James.

>> PROBST: Is that not fair?

>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: Of Jason, Ozzy, and

Erik, who made the dumbest move?

>> You know, Jason and Ozzy were

kind of blindsided.

I mean, that's part of the game.

It happens.

My good buddy here, Erik, I

mean, the girls were in the


They were cruising along.

He was on the side of the boat

with a life vest on.

He had it.

All he had to do was float


He took the vest off, the life

vest off, and handed it to the

ones in the boat.

And I was like, "Wow!"

( applause )


Thank you.

You, boy.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: All right, with that,

James, I think then... would the

audience agree with that?

( cheering and applause )


Erik, we adore you, and you will

forever be a part of Survivor


James, go ahead and take that

imaginary crown off your head

and just hand it to Erik.

( applause )

You're a good sport, Erik.

Up next, it was one of our

toughest seasons ever.

Three people were forced out of

the game.

We will hear from Jonathan,

Kathy, and James.

Plus, you know about one

Survivor love affair, but

there's another one that you

don't know about.

Taking us to our break, Survivor

composers Russ Landau and David


>> Come on, Erik!

>> PROBST: Erik going back out

and takes a hard hit!



>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh!

>> Ah!

>> Oh!

>> I want them to come and get a

boat and take me away.

>> PROBST: Ami's hurt.

Penner has a busted up knee.

Parvati has a busted up lip.

An absolute wipeout for the


>> Infection that goes into your

bloodstream is potentially


>> Ah!

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

some updates.

Penner, how's the leg?

>> The leg is much better, still

a little sore.

I got nice honking scar.

But other than that, it's going

to be okay.

>> PROBST: Why is this game so


>> First I got to say hi to my

mom, who wound up in the

hospital today.


Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

I'm sorry you're watching from


I love you.

Feel better.

( applause )

The game is hard... the hardest

thing, for me, about the game is

every day you're either getting

fired or you're firing somebody,

which is something that most

people go through once, twice,

three times in their life.

But every day you got to be

prepared, like, "I'm going to

fire your ass, or somebody is

going to look for me and get rid

of me."

It's betray or be betrayed.

It's tough, painful.

>> PROBST: James, what's the

update on the finger?

>> The finger is all right.

I had a lot of therapy and...

but yeah, a lot of antibiotics,

three times a day for seven


It was kind of rough.

But it was cool.

>> PROBST: Last time we did this

reunion show, we talked to you

about life at the cemetery, and

you told us about this

mother/daughter who came up in

the midst of grieving and how

you kind of turned their day


Any similar stories happen since

that season?

>> Yes, sir.

I mean...

( laughter )

My dad and I were working.

You know, we had a couple


We were trying to get everything

squared away, and this lady was

walking outside.

And a few more people started

walking outside.

And the next thing you know,

there's, like, 50 people

standing there, and they're all

just looking at me.

( laughter )

And it's kind of... I don't


It's a good thing, because I

like making people feel good.

So I'll pretty much do anything

to have somebody smile.

So this lady was, like, kind of

tearing up.

She said, "My mom loved your


( laughter )

"And it would be so nice if

you'd take off your shirt and,

you know, let me see your abs,

take a picture."

>> I love your abs!

( laughter )

>> Thank you.


( cheering )


>> PROBST: So you took off your

shirt and took a picture.

>> Yeah, pretty much.

I had to take off my shirt, and

she's taking pictures, like,


My dad's sitting there looking

at me like, "What's going on?"

And she's taken them.

She's so... she was so happy,


>> PROBST: James, always making

people happy.

( laughter and applause )

Speaking of your dad, we got a

chance to meet him on the show.

How is your dad taking all this?

>> My dad is enjoying it.

>> PROBST: There he is.

>> He's having the best time


I mean, he's such... you know,

my dad's a sweetheart.

And they've been having blogs

about him, and he's been

checking up.

He's the man.

They think he's cute.

( laughter )

He's taking my role.

I mean, he can have it.

He's my dad.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Now, Kathy, you had a

rough go out there.

You were... you were a huge fan.

You applied... people probably

don't know, you applied to the

show five times.

>> And called the last two,

because those tapes are


>> PROBST: You finally get on.

Yeah, you finally get on, and

what happened?

What was going on out there?

>> It just was an immediate


I mean, the people bringing us

in on the boats, I could tell

the natives were, you know,

backing away from me.

I'm like, "What?

Do I spell?"

I couldn't... you know.

It just was so isolating, and

you know, us three-- Chet,

Tracy, myself-- we were kind of

ostracized, and I couldn't

figure out why.

And it just got so hard.

And the weather and never being

dry and the rats crawling on you

and biting you and the bugs

biting you and the raw, giant

chewy clam lips that I swear to

God I never want to see again,

you know, it beat me down.

Mentally, I snapped.


>> PROBST: Well, I got to say,

Kathy, that, you know, I've seen

people quit on this show that I

kind of felt like were quitting

just because they'd had enough.

I got to give you credit.

You endured a lot out there.

You were struggling for long


>> A long time.

>> PROBST: You finally had


So I hope you're proud of how

you did.

I know you gave it your all.

>> I did, I did.

Thank you.

( applause )

>> PROBST: It wasn't tough for

everybody out there, though.

It was very clear from the start

that Ozzy and Amanda were

forming a different kind of


>> I've always thought Ozzy was

really, really cute.

So it's kind of like a couply



>> Amanda wrestle a four-foot

shark by herself.

I mean, that's pretty attractive

to a guy like me.

Amanda, I honestly feel like I

started to fall in love with


( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: So let's get an


Ozzy, what's going on with this

love affair?

Is it still on?

>> Well, I mean, Jeff, you know

how these Survivor girls are.

( laughter )


( audience groaning )

And since... and since then,

it's been kind of tough, because

I've lost my job waiting tables.

I'm too popular, so I got to

clean the toilets now, and I

can't provide for her like I can

out on the island, so... you


>> He's joking, by the way.

>> PROBST: Amanda, clear this up

for me.

Are you guys still together?

>> Yeah, we're still together.

>> PROBST: Yeah?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: All right.

( cheering and applause )

>> He's not cleaning toilets.

>> PROBST: There's actually one

other love story.

I talked about the one we know

about, you guys, and we're glad

to hear you're together.

Mary, in the back row, another

Survivor love story.

Give us the lowdown.

>> Yeah.

Well, it's been a good year.

I got to play Survivor, and I

fell in love.

I met Ryan from Survivor: Pearl

Islands thanks to Jonny after

the show wrapped.

And in December, we had our

first date, and three days

later, he asked me to marry him.

The rest is history.

( applause )

Baby, I love you!

>> PROBST: Congratulations.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: All right, up next,

we have one more love story.

Jonny Fairplay-- he met a model

and had a baby.


Plus, somebody here is going to

pocket a lot of extra cash when

we come back.

Sprint is awarding $100,000 to

the Sprint player of the season.

Stay with us.

( applause )

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Well, since Thursday,

viewers have been texting in

their votes for the Sprint

player of the season.

This is the player that you guys

enjoyed following the most.

The votes are in, and I will

tell you the top three vote-

getters are...


( cheering and applause )


( applause )

And James.

( cheering and applause )

One of you is about to win

$100,000 courtesy of Sprint.

The winner of the $100,000,

courtesy of Sprint, goes to


( cheering and applause )

Back-to-back seasons.


James, you're shaking your head

in disbelief.

It's all those people at the

cemetery you're making happy.

They're just paying you back,


>> Man, thank you all.

>> PROBST: All right, I got to

check in with a few more people.

Congratulations, James.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Nice pocket change.

( cheering and applause )

Jonny Fairplay, up in the

corner, you know, I don't really

care to talk about you on


We invited you back, you did

what you did, boom, we're done.

What I am interested in is you

found love.

>> Yeah.

I'm one of the luckiest guys on

the planet.

I got my fiancée, Michelle

Deighton from America's Next

Top Model.

And I have the...

>> PROBST: Look at that

beautiful baby.

( cheering and applause )

>> I got the most perfect little

girl on the planet.

Her name is Piper Addison


And it's incredible.

I mean, like, I got the hug from

you leaving tribal council.

If you gave Piper a hug for me,

that'd be pretty big in my book,

Jeff, so...

>> PROBST: Well, Fairplay, we're

very happy for you.

It's nice to see you can create

something so beautiful.

It really is.

We wish you well.

( applause )

Well, one of my favorite

Survivor couples ever, I got to

say, is Joel and Chet.

( applause )

And they teamed up for a classic

Survivor moment that we got to

take a look at one more time.

>> PROBST: That's it.

( cheering and applause )

So, Joel, you were responsible,

yourself, Joel, for a couple of


>> What are you talking about?

>> PROBST: Then you get


What I want to know is which is

tougher to go back to the guys

in the firehouse, the fact that

you got blindsided or the fact

that Chet lasted longer than


( cheering and applause )

>> I... it's a very good edit.

I'll say that.

>> PROBST: Well, the edit speaks

for itself.

Chet is two people to your left.

( laughter )

Did you have a good time on the


>> I had a good time on the


Yeah, I haven't had any issues

with any of the guys at the


That's their favorite scene too.

>> PROBST: Yeah.

( laughter )

No, it's great.

And, Chet, I have to say, with

all due respect to you, I gave

you a hard time out there.

>> You did, you did.

>> PROBST: I did.

And yet you outlasted a lot of

people in this game.

>> I did.

Well, I mean, every tribal

council I was at-- and lord

knows I was at a lot of them-- I

mean, you really drilled into me

that I was probably the oldest

person there.

I was always the weakest person


>> PROBST: I said that.

>> And you always praised the

athletic agility/strength

people, and I outlasted them.

So maybe when it comes right

down to it, maybe the whole

secret is just reading the

little Survivor manual just a

little bit closer than everybody


>> PROBST: Well said.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Tracy, underrated in

this game, I think, and I heard

that from a lot of people who

watched the show.

You got off to a bad start, just

the way the numbers fell in the


What advice would you give to

somebody who plays this game

that finds themself in a similar


Is there anything you could have

done differently?

>> I'd like to say no.

I think I tried everything I

could possibly try.

I begged.

I mean, I pleaded with Cirie

till the last breath.

She wouldn't budge, but...

>> PROBST: So sometimes, if you

get off to a bad start...

>> Yeah.

I mean, well, you know, the

thing about Survivor is when you

elect to go on this... you know,

this adventure, you own it.

And so you got to own it.

And as bad as you don't like it,

you got to own it, and you can't

complain about what could have

been better for you.

It's changing, and you got to

suck it up and take it, so...

>> PROBST: Nicely said.

Mikey B., I saved you for last

because I know that this being

Mother's Day and that one of the

things you wanted was to have

your mom here with you, because

she was so proud that you were

on the show, she isn't here with

us tonight.

Tell us what happened and tell

us how you're doing.

>> Um, she basically got sick

right around the time where I

was leaving, and I didn't know

how severe it was because she

didn't want me to worry about

her when I was on the island.

But she passed away last month.

And you know, she's... she's

still here in spirit, and you

know, she always taught us that

God has a perfect plan and that

that plan never fails and to

celebrate death and move on.

And I believe she's here.

Her sisters are here

representing her, and I think

she's watching over us.

( applause )

And happy Mother's Day, Mama.

I love you.

>> PROBST: And we want to wish

all of the moms out there a

happy Mother's Day, including

our own Audrey Roche, a part of

our Survivor family who couldn't

be here tonight.

Up next, we're going to show you

where Survivor is going next.

We'll be right back.

>> PROBST: Welcome back.

Well, Survivor 17 is just around

the corner.

Where are we heading?

Here's an exclusive look at our

next location.

Every day, millions of Americans

go about their familiar routines

with friends and family in safe


But this fall, 18 of them will

be thrust into a land beyond

their wildest imagination.

This is Gabon, Earth's last


Located in equatorial Africa,

Gabon is one of the world's last

remaining sanctuaries for pure,

untouched wilderness.

The culture of Gabon reflects

the beauty of this ancient land,

with rituals and dances as pure

today as they were generations


Gabon is the only place on the

planet where surfing hippos ride

the waves and elephants roam

with gorillas as leopards keep


18 Americans will be caught in

the midst of nature's fierce

battle for survival as they live

among some of the world's most

dangerous animals.

And for the first time, the

entire story will be shot in HD.

Join us this fall for Survivor:

Gabon: "Earth's Last Eden."

Tomorrow morning, Parvati will

appear on The Early Show on CBS

and will receive her check for

$1 million.

Immediately following tonight's

show, you can bid on one-of-a-

kind memorabilia to benefit the

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS


The Web site is on the screen


Finally, if you have what it

takes to be on Survivor, go to


We will see you back for the

next Survivor, Gabon.

Good night.

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