Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 11 - Survivor - full transcript

When the tribes merge, Yul attempts to change the course of the game.

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>> JEFF PROBST: previously on


>> I trust you completely.

>> PROBST: At Raro, Adam and

Candice reconnected.

>> Candice and Adam had a little

attraction, so I'm a little

worried because we don't want

Adam to falter.

>> PROBST: At the reward


>> North by northeast.

>> Wait, it's north-northwest.

>> PROBST: ...Raro lost their


The new Aitu tribe wins their

third challenge in a row!

...and Candice was banished to

Exile Island again.

>> Hopefully this is a

character-building experience.

>> PROBST: At the reward, Aitu

felt like champions.

>> It was a warrior's welcome.

That's part of their culture.

And we were warriors that just

came out of a fierce battle.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


The losing tribe will take back

to camp with them this bottle.

...a message in a bottle

promised a mysterious twist to

the game.

>> Go, Rebecca!

>> PROBST: The two tribes

battled it out...

Sundra has fourth bundle for


...and Aitu was victorious once


Aitu wins immunity!

Raro, we have a date at tribal


You will open this bottle after

the vote.

Back at Raro, Rebecca was blamed

for their loss...

>> There hasn't been one

challenge where Rebecca has been

a strong force to help our tribe


>> PROBST: ...while Jonathan

hoped his hard work earned him a

spot within the tribe.

>> I think I have earned at

least the right of one more


>> PROBST: At tribal...

Tenth person voted out, the

second member of our jury.

...Jonathan was spared.

Rebecca, the tribe has spoken.

Then the mystery of the bottle

was revealed.

>> "You've just voted out one

member of your tribe.

You will now vote out another."

>> PROBST: So Jonathan was back

in the hot seat.

But at the end of the second


The 11th person voted out of

Cook Islands and the third

member of our jury. was Jenny who took the


Jenny, the tribe has spoken.

Nine are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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>> Fish are already up.


You know, I realized the first

time I was out there it was just

like hitting them in a barrel.

And now they're much more



Well, anyway, I'll bring back a


The way the votes came down last

night, they could have gotten

rid of me at any point.

Whether or not that mutiny was a

good idea or not, I can't even

really worry about it.

It worked out my way.

At least at this point, it's

gone the way that I hoped it

would go.

Three people from this tribe

have been eliminated before

Candice and I.

And now I'm in a powerful

position in a smaller tribe, and

that's a good place to be.

>> How's the fire?

>> I'm a little disappointed

this morning.

I know these are young people

who like to sleep in, but

they're going to have to listen

to me now, and they're going to

see my way is a good way.

Let's get this fire going.

>> What's wrong with it?

>> We have to get it together

today, right?

We're going to eat.

Where's the water?

Have we got water?

>> I'll get it right now.

>> Yeah, let's go.

>> I got it.

>> Get fire going, get water


We have to hit it right now.

Let's go some firewood going


>> Jonathan better slow his


Don't be coming around barking

no orders in the morning, you


It's like, "Shut up, fool."

Okay, first we all know what

we're doing.

We're not knuckleheads around


>> Damn it.

All that just burned right up.

>> We need to win challenges.

We need to work hard around


We need to turn things around.

You know, I really got so close

to just bawling them out.

And I almost said, "Either I

have to be your father or your


Is that how you need to be

treated to do anything in an


Because I'm not going to lose

because you kids can't get your

asses out of bed."

>> What?

>> I just don't feel good.

>> What's wrong with you?

>> I'm just a little, like,

tired and achy.

>> We've been having challenge

after challenge after challenge,

and not getting a whole lot of

down time to recover, and

yesterday and today I just feel

really crappy.

I am getting a little bit

worried, especially going

forward, that it's going to be a


>> We are still the underdogs.

I mean, they still have the

numbers over us.

It's like we have to prove

ourselves every day, every


That's all we can do.

That's all we can do.

>> PROBST: Aitu, Raro, come on


Aitu, getting your first look at

the new Raro tribe, Rebecca

voted out at the last tribal

council, and Jenny voted out at

the last tribal council.

>> Two?


>> PROBST: Okay, Aitu, this last

challenge you won is enormous.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Had Aitu lost that

challenge, it would be 7-2.

Sundra, what's the feeling now

as you watch Raro walk in a

tribe of five?

>> Yeah, it's a mixture of


I think we're getting very even,

and it makes you think you can't

get comfortable at any point.

>> PROBST: The game is clearly

up for grabs.

Okay, let's get down to


Paints, brushes, blank tribe


>> Whoa.

>> ...and new buffs.

You are merging into one tribe.

Drop your buffs.

>> We always wanted to have the

merge before we lost our

numbers, so we were really

hoping it was today, and the

future's looking bright.

>> PROBST: New buff, Ozzy.

Yul, Sundra.

>> "Wow" is the correct word.

Much different game.

We as the Aitu four have some

maneuvering to do.

There are still only four of us.

We're still underdogs.

But winners never quit.

>> PROBST: Now to the big order

of business-- where you're going

to live?

>> We've got more coconuts.

Trust us, get over here.

>> No rats.

>> We have no rats.

>> Jonathan and Candice have

seen both camps.

So what do you guys prefer?

You'd rather stay at Raro?

>> Well, there's definitely more


There are no rats.

>> Leave the ghetto!

>> Come on over, guys.

>> I think we're all cool going

over to their camp.

>> PROBST: So the merge is off

to a good start.

You've decided that you will

live on Raro's beach as one.

Now you have to get to that


There is a large native

catamaran just off the shore

filled with food and


Follow the drums and have a good


>> Yeah, let's eat!

Yeah, baby!

>> All right!

>> Oh, my god!

>> I knew something was up!

I knew something was up!

>> Thank you!

>> Thank you!

>> Let's all make a toast.

>> Whoo!

>> Let's all have some fun.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Okay, who wants coleslaw?

>> Hey, you guys have any of

that mustard or barbecue sauce

over there?

Can a brother get a dip?

>> Guys, I know it's all a game,

but I'm really looking forward

to getting to know the people on

the other side I've never gotten

a chance to interact with.

>> He does.

>> We have a new identity now.

We've merged into one tribe.

But the fact of the matter

remains that we're still divided

into two tribes, and as Aitu

came in with lower numbers,

things looked pretty bleak.

We seriously thought it was

going to be over for us.

The fact that we're still here,

it's great.

We're trying to figure out if

there's any chink in the armor

in Rarotonga.

We desperately need to convince

someone to come over to our


>> We're glad to see you.

>> Y'all are some tough


>> Let the games begin, one on


It's going to be fun.

>> The Raro kids, all they

wanted to do was get faded,

which is not what we used to

call it.

>> How you doing, brother?

>> I'm starting to do really


>> Oh, no!

There he goes!

>> I'm watching my girlish


>> These kids are vomiting,

they're eating and drinking so


Is that how you compete in a


I'm here to win a million... a

million dollars.

That's a one with six zeroes on

the other end of it, okay?

They're psychos.

I mean, I don't understand it!

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you very much!

>> Thank you!

>> Beautiful, lovely.

>> Thank you very much!

>> Thank you!

>> Our new tribe name is


We did a little combo with them


so Aitutonga's our new little


Hey, guys, welcome to our home.

All right, latrines are down to

the east side and west side.

>> We have a coconut grove.

>> I feel we have cool numbers

because we had a 5-4 merge, and

everyone on my previous tribe,

Rarotonga, we're all sticking

together regardless.

Parvati, Adam, and I are very


Jonathan and Candice can't

really sway, because they sold

them out in the mutiny.

So I'm feeling very good.

But it's also good to read the

other tribemates, because

you've got to keep your enemies

close, you know.

>> Yeah.

Tap dance.

>> Yeah, because we're both on

both sides, so...

>> Parvati's gold, got that


>> So is Sundra.

>> Ozzy is a good captain, you


He's real mellow, down to earth,


I see Ozzy and I clicking nice.

So I'm keeping my eyes on him in

case things get kind of ugly.

>> Yul and Becky are... they're


>> Yul is going to get cut

off, though, because my five are

going to want to cut off your

strong points.

>> I've always known that I

might have an ally with Nate,

just from the time when we

kidnapped him over to our side.

I took advantage of that right

away, and as soon as possible,

just started talking to him

about what we could possibly do.

>> Yeah.

>> And then we're straight.

>> I'm so happy about how today

turned out for Raro.

It's a really, really good day.

Adam, don't you dare start with


>> Why?

>> I can tell what's on your


>> You can read me like a book,


I've been boozing it up a bit


They had some beer and some

wine, and I... you know, I

partaked a little bit.

>> What happened to Candice?

>> You know, it's good to sit

back and relax, not to have to

worry about challenges, not have

to worry about tribal council.

>> Dirty bird.

>> It's been a great day.

It's been the best day since

I've been here.

>> I'm not sure there is a whole

lot of danger, to be honest.

They don't have the numbers

to arrange a split vote.

Our backs are against the wall.

We need someone to flip.

We've kind of come up with a

desperate plan based on the fact

that I have the hidden immunity

idol, and it could change,

hopefully, the whole flow of the


>> Jonathan I know is... more

than anything else he's a

rational player.

>> Yeah, and I agree.

>> Like, he's going to put

defense above, like, personal


I don't know if the other people

here will do that.

>> I agree.

>> Jonathan, if I can convince


>> He's the one person having

the best...

>> Yeah, in a rational sense.

"You know what?

You come over, we have the

numbers, I have the idol, you

can't beat us."

>> It sounds like it might be

the best play to do, then.

>> So let's just talk strategy,

man, going forward.

>> Okay.

Like, does it make sense under

any scenario for us to work

together again?

>> At this point, I could not

entertain what you're talking

about at all.

I do not believe that Ozzy would

trust me.

I'm not sure why you would trust


>> Jonathan deserted us.

We had an alliance going.

And he turned his back on the

alliance and, you know,

basically left us for dead.

But at the same time, like, you

know, I don't really have an

option here.

I've got to figure out something

that's going to work, and this

might work.

>> Let's say I did what you're

proposing, okay, which I'm

actually not entertaining, but

I'll play the scenario.

I don't believe you can get to

the final four unless you're

aligned with the person with the


Because let's say you have the

idol, okay, and we vote for you,

three of you vote for me, okay.

Boom, I'm out.


>> Right.

>> So I would have to align with

you, because otherwise I'm going

to get my ass booted out before

the final four.

If I flip again, the Raro people

are going to go mental.


Right now, they trust that

there's no way that the Aitu

people would trust me or that I

would ever go back to them.

>> Hypothetically, say I have

the idol, how would I know that

if I were to tell you that I had

the idol you wouldn't just turn

around and tell the rest of your


>> Hypothetically, you... we

would have to learn to trust

each other again.

What am I going to say, "I


Okay, I promise.

And what's that... what's that

worth to you?

You know what I mean?

I'd have to think long and hard

about my reaction if you even

implied you could show me the


If you don't have it,

unfortunately, right now, I have

the position where I can say

you're just going to have to sit

and let me figure out what I

want to do.

>> Okay.

All right.

>> All right?

>> To be continued.

>> All right.

>> Always a good thing.

If Yul has the idol, I have to

consider flipping.

I made a very impetuous move


It worked out in my favor.

I have the numbers.

But if I was with the guy who

had the idol all along and I

have to flip back, that's a

fantastic twist.

>> So I think I know a way to

change the game.

>> How?

>> I have the idol.

I found it.

And I think I can use it to get


>> Yul pulled me aside this

morning and he said that he in

fact has the idol.

He has the hidden immunity idol,

and he's been talking to

Jonathan, trying to convince him

to come to our side.

>> If this works out, all four

of us are in the final four.

>> I mean, how awesome.

We deserve it, right?

Come on!

>> So that was pretty exciting

to hear, because definitely the

nice little wild card, you know?

>> You found it?

That's crazy.

>> I found it.

Like, I wanted to tell you guys,

but then I wanted to wait for a

moment where we could change the


And I feel like this is it.

>> Yul has the idol, and as long

as Yul can convince Jonathan to

flip sides, we're going to be


The only thing I'm worried about

is what to do with Nate, because

he's a really cool guy, you


I enjoy hanging out with him.

But I still feel like I've got

to be true to Yul and my tribe.

>> This could take all four of

us all the way.

And I'm like, that's how it

should be played.

All right, buddy?

We can do it.

>> What if Ozzy wins immunity?

Yul has to go before Becky and


>> He's really intelligent, and

he's a good competitor.

>> Yeah.

What do you think Nate thinks

about it?

>> I know Nate will do whatever

we wanted.

>> I want Yul gone simply

because I don't like the way he

and Jonathan talk.

>> He's, like, stirring up


>> Yeah.

>> He's feeling around, you


>> What is he saying?

>> He's saying "Come over, deal

with us."

And I'm like, "Are you crazy?

Ozzy's going to vote me out in

one second."

>> Who do you think goes first?

>> I mean, that's just stupid.

>> Raro, they want to vote for

Yul right now.

They think he's the mastermind.

But if Yul has the idol, it's

going to be me that goes home,

because they're all going to

vote for me.

Yul will play the idol, I'll

have the second highest number

of votes, and I'm going to get

sent home.

Somebody has the idol, okay?

If it's on our side, then we're


It doesn't matter.

But I don't have it.

>> Yeah.

>> You don't have it.

If we vote for Yul, and Yul has

it, we're going to find

ourselves going home for no good


All this is very hypothetical,

because I told Yul, I said,

"Until you show me the idol, I

can't make a decision."

If he doesn't show it to me,

then he's just blowing smoke

( no audio ) ass, and there's no

reason for me to flip.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to your

first individual immunity


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Ozzy, I'll take back the

immunity idol.

Tribal immunity is no more.

Individual immunity is now what

you covet.

This is the immunity necklace.

>> Nice.

>> PROBST: When you have the

immunity necklace around your

neck, you are safe.

You cannot be voted out.

Immunity is the single most

important element in this game.

Ready to get to the challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Today's challenge is

very simple.

Each of you are going to hang

onto a pole for as long as you


When you fall off the pole,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person left hanging on

their pole wins immunity, is

safe at tonight's tribal


Only one rule-- you cannot use

the top of the pole to support


We'll draw for spots, and we'll

get started.

The challenge is officially


Nate sliding around the pole,

trying to get a foothold.

Adam struggling to hang on.

Candice absolutely calm.

Adam slides down the pole, finds

a safe spot.

Nate loses some ground.

Adam slips a little further down

the pole.

Not much room left.

Adam, first one out of this


We are down to eight people

vying for immunity.

>> It's only beginning.

>> PROBST: Where are you feeling

it, Jonathan?

>> My feet a little bit.

My feet are a lot bigger, so the

little bit of rope is... just

hard, I guess.

I don't know.

>> I think Jonathan has a point,


>> PROBST: What's that?

>> Basically, the surface area

supporting all of us is about

the same, even if your feet are

a little bit bigger or not.

But, you know, your mass goes up

at a faster rate than surface


It's kind of like why elephants

can't run up trees.

>> PROBST: Just what I was


>> Clearly.

>> I'm never going to get a date


>> Smart equals sexy.

>> PROBST: Jonathan loses his

grip, slides halfway down the


Jonathan now standing on his

last bit of rope.

Nate struggling.

Jonathan curling those toes.

Jonathan, second person out of

the challenge.

First two people out, guys.

Nate starts to slide down the

pole a bit.

Sundra starting to slip.

First woman to lose her


Nate down to his last bit of

pole left.

Sundra now on that last bit of


Not a good sign.

>> Come on, baby.

Come on.

Come on, baby.

>> PROBST: Nate, third person

out of this challenge.

We are down to six-- four women,

two guys.

Sundra taking herself back into

the zone.

Yul is adjusting a little,

trying to figure out where he

wants to settle in.

Sundra, fourth person out of

this challenge.

Candice showing off by doing

some squats.

>> You get her on Aitutonga, and

she gets wild.

>> PROBST: Is that your new

tribe name?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: I like it.

Yul trying to dig his hands into

that rope.

Yul starting to slide down even


Yul, the fifth person out of

this challenge.

Ozzy the remaining man, three

women joining him.

Parvati starting to slip.

Rain starting to come in.

Becky slides down.

Parvati now on her last


Parvati, sixth person out of

this challenge.

We are down to three -- Ozzy,

Becky, Candice.

Right here, Candice, that's the

piece of jewelry you want.

>> It's pretty.

>> PROBST: Becky, would look

good around your neck.

Ozzy, it's unisex, guys or


( laughter )

>> I like it.

>> Becky!

>> PROBST: Becky's feet give out


Becky is the seventh person out

of the challenge.

We are down to the final two,

Ozzy and Candice.

Both obviously, want this

immunity quite a bit.

Rain starting to really pick up.

Nate liking it.

>> Rain, rain!

>> PROBST: You think the rain's

going to hurry this up?

>> We could be out here until

tomorrow morning with these two.

I love you, Ozzy, I love you,


>> PROBST: Candice makes the

first move, sliding down the


The first move she's made in

over two hours.

Candice sliding down a little


Candice now on the last rope


Candice, drops out.

Ozzy wins the first individual


>> PROBST: Ozzy, come on over.

>> I feel like an old man.

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Congratulations.

You are safe at tonight's vote.

One of you going home tonight.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who that's going to be.

Grab your stuff, head on back to


See you at tribal.

>> Yeah.

>> You did amazing.

I can't believe that you stayed

up so long.

>> I was like, "This is my only


I've got to take it."

>> After the first hour I was,


>> I'm happy Ozzy got the

immunity necklace, because I

respect him as a competitor.

You know, at least he's safe for

another couple of days because I

like the captain.

If there's a way I can work with

him, I'm definitely down.

>> How much longer would you

have stayed up there?

>> I think I could have kept


>> Yeah.

>> Ozzy, him winning the

challenge today, is a perfect

example of why we should get rid

of him as soon as possible.

He's the biggest threat.

But right now he's got immunity.

So tonight our tribe is sticking

together, and we're going to all

vote out Yul.

>> Yul, you were on there for a


>> Yul is the choice because

he's brilliant.

He's, like, Mr. Harvard-Yale-

Stanford guy.

And he's also really, really


So we just want to get him out

as quickly as possible.

>> I got eight.

>> So the hypothetical is a


And I'm asking you for both of

our sakes to become my ally


>> I was not that surprised when

Yul showed me the idol.

After our conversation yesterday

it made perfect sense.

So now I have a lot to think

about and a huge decision to

make, because basically, Yul

said, "Vote with us or you're

going home tonight."

>> This is only chance we've


Everyone recognizes that.

This is the only way this is

going to work.

I thought about it, though.

I would want to go to the final

two with you, because, honestly,

I think my chances against you

are better than either Becky or


>> I appreciate you showing that

to me.

I have to think about it.

I really do.

>> All right.

>> Okay?

>> To be continued.

>> My only concern about Yul is

he's the only other guy who has

been to exile.

Do you have the idol?

>> Yul was there for, like, a


There's no way he has it.

>> I floated this idea to them.

I said, "What if Yul has the


Well, they were like, "He

doesn't have it.

He's got to go."

These people aren't thinking.

I don't believe they're smart


They don't want to put the

mental energy into even running

the scenario of what if Yul

actually has it?

And if I can't convince them,

Yul will play the idol, it will

bounce back, and I'll be going

home very early.

>> Yeah!

>> Jonathan refuses to vote Yul


>> No, he can't come into our

game and tell us what to do, you

know what I'm saying, dog?

You and I are calling the shots,


>> I know, but we need five


>> Okay.

I mean, I agree, I just...

You know what I'm saying?

>> Nate's convinced we should

get rid of Yul, and I'm fine

with that, but I'm concerned

about Nate, just because he's

acting different recently.

He's not his usual self, and

he's been hanging around Ozzy a

lot, and that concerns me.

>> Nate just needs to chill out.

>> He's just thinking too much.

>> We're good.

And Jonathan's good.

>> Please understand, I have to

think about this.

It's an extraordinarily big

thing to do.

It's very appealing to jump over

to them.

On the other hand, Adam and

Candice welcomed me to this

tribe, really helped me out,

kept me alive here.

I would hate to betray them,

because if I do that, it makes

me the guy who betrayed every

single person in the game at one

time or another.

Basically, Yul said, "We'll pick

whoever you want to go."

And since I feel some loyalty to

Adam, I said Nate, who I trust

the least, because I know him

the least.

>> You guys have to think about


>> It's entirely possible that

Jonathan's pretending to go

along with the plan in order to

direct the vote away from him

onto Nate.

And if he doesn't vote with us

tonight, I'm going to play the

idol, and once it's played, then

I'm vulnerable.

I don't want to do that.

So I don't know.

I'm hoping somehow all this

clicks together.

>> Either way, people are going

to be pissed.

Either I'll have betrayed the

Raro people and I'm a complete

bastard, or I didn't jump over

to the Aitu people, and I'm a

complete bastard who screwed

them twice.

I don't know what I'm going to


I wish I knew.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury.

Brad, Rebecca, and Jenny, both

voted out at the last tribal


Jonathan, how did the merge

change this game?

>> Well, the very least of it is

the sleeping accommodations have

been hard.

There's nine in a tent, and

we've all had to get used to

living together after so many

weeks of vying with each other

like this.

>> PROBST: Sundra, how did the

game change from your


>> Well, the game changed in

that we have to start thinking

individually as well as still

thinking within your alliances,

your former tribemates.

There's a lot of time with...

with these people, so you can't

help but be bonded.

>> PROBST: Nate, tribal lines

still in play?

>> Yeah.

Oh, definitely.

It's like we've all made it to a

certain point.

But, kind of, we're kind of

starting all over, so you're

going to definitely stick to

what you're comfortable with,

and those who know you, and

those who you know.

>> PROBST: Yul, so if that's the

case, then Aitu is down in


>> The likelihood that all four

of us are here at all is very

low, but we stuck together, and

prevailed against the odds.

But the fact remains, you know,

both tribes are tight, and so we

came in at a huge disadvantage,

and the odds are still stacked

against us.

So I don't know what our fate is

going to be.

I feel like tonight is going to

be pivotal.

>> PROBST: Becky, do you see any

bonds, people that are closer

maybe than you'd like them to


>> I definitely felt bonds

between those two.

And they're very close, just

body language.

So when he came over here, we

sort of saw that.

>> The closest bond out here is

those two right now.

>> Becky, you and Yul, y'all

come on!

You trippin'.

>> But it was different.

I don't want lie on his lap.

It's just a different bond,

different body language.

>> PROBST: Parvati, what's going

on between Adam and Candice?

>> They love each other.

They want to make babies.

They snuggle next to each other

in the shelter.

I got booted out of my spot.

>> You told me you left because

he wasn't snugly, he wasn't

paying enough attention to you.

>> There are two sides of me.

I mean, they can both snuggle up

with me if they like.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, does it

concern you a little bit to see

two people pairing up in a way

that's different than you and

Ozzy might become friends?

>> Ah!

>> Certainly different than me

and Ozzy.

I think they really are enjoying

each other's company, but,

honestly, I do not see that it

has moved into some kind of

romantic situation.

And to answer, no, it doesn't

concern me.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, how will this

game be different after

tonight's vote?

>> I think this will definitely

set something in motion.

You know, either it's going to

just go downhill for Aitu, or,

you know, something crazy could


At this point, I think we're

definitely at a pivotal moment.

>> PROBST: Nate, do you think

the dynamic will be different

when you guys go back to camp


>> Yeah, it's definitely going

to stir up the waters.

If someone from Raro decided to

jump over, the cat's going to be

out of the bag.

Or if someone from Aitu...

because pretty much both tribes

are sticking together.

Let's keep it real, you know?

Like, it's kind of tribe against


So if there's a leak, definitely

the mood's going to flip.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, how has

this game changed you as a


>> I have enjoyed every second

of it.

I've bonded with people younger

than me in a way that I haven't

in years.

I have tried to drink in every

minute of it, because I know

that I will never have an

experience like this again.

And it has been a profound and

wonderful experience for me.

>> PROBST: Let's get to the

business of the vote.

Ozzy has the immunity necklace.

If you want to give it to

somebody else, you can.

>> Ah...

( laughter )

>> PROBST: And if somebody has

the hidden immunity idol and it

turns out you need to play it

tonight, you would present it to

me after the vote.

You too, would be immune, and

the person with the next highest

number of votes would be gone.

It is time to vote.

Sundra, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Yul.


Two votes Yul.


Two votes Yul, one vote Nate.


Three votes Yul, one vote Nate.


Three votes Yul, two votes Nate.


That's three votes Yul, three

votes Nate.


Four votes Yul, three votes



We're tied.

Four votes Yul, four votes Nate,

one vote left.

12th person voted out and the

fourth member of our jury...


Unless you have the hidden

immunity idol, Nate, you need to

bring me your torch.

Nate, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> One love.

>> PROBST: Well, there was a lot

of talk tonight about how

pivotal tonight's vote was.

And judging from Nate's reaction

and the looks on many of your

faces, I'd say the impact was


Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: next time

on Survivor:

>> It's vile to me.

>> PROBST: Jonathan's betrayal

sends the tribe reeling.

>> It pissed everyone in this

game off.

>> Are they eating?

>> PROBST: And lines are drawn.

>> Since when do you guys not


That's so rude.

You're trying to weasel your way


>> How dare you?

>> And all these people have

said that they don't like you.

>> That's bollocks and you know


>> It hurts to leave this early

in the game.

Jonathan, kiss my ass.

You are a dirty, stanky, wack

fruitcake who sold me out and

sold out our tribe when we

brought you in, you trading


So kiss my ass, Jonathan.

Other than, everyone I love.

But that's how it's get to be in

this world.