Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 14 - Survivor - full transcript

A Final Four celebration gets ugly when one Survivor blows up and quickly divides the camp.

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>> PROBST: Previously on


>> PROBST: Aras and Cirie

covered their tracks...

after duping Shane

by ousting Courtney.

>> PROBST: At the reward


Terry wins reward!

Trish, come on over, give your

man a hug.

...Terry won a night with his

wife at a private villa...

Who's the second loved one that

is going to join you?

...and chose Shane and his son

to join them.

>> HB.

>> PROBST: Terry picked Cirie's

husband to spend the night at

the tribe camp.

Who's going to Exile Island?

>> Danielle.

>> PROBST: All right, Danielle,

Exile Island awaits.

>> This is Terry's head right


>> PROBST: Danielle fumed on

Exile Island, while at a

stunning villa overlooking the


>> Oh, God.

>> PROBST: ...Terry, Shane and

their loved ones...

>> I'll be good to you.

>> PROBST: ...enjoyed some

quality time together.

>> I love you.

>> I love you, too.

>> The reward was unbelievable.

>> What are you gonna do with

that, drink it?

>> Yeah.

>> With the dirt and stuff in


>> PROBST: Cirie's husband was

completely out of his element at


(fire pops)

>> What the hell...?

>> PROBST: And after he said his


>> See ya, HB!

>> PROBST: ...and Terry and

Shane returned to camp, the

tension between Aras and


>> In my viewpoint, there is no


>> PROBST: ...began to build.

>> You're starting to offend me.

What he's doing is, he's feeding

my fire, and the more he does

it, the more I want to beat him.

>> PROBST: Terry's flag moving

up quickly.

At the immunity challenge, it

was another showdown between

Terry and Aras.

Terry's almost there.

Aras fighting back.

Not giving up.

Terry wins immunity for the

fifth straight time.

>> She's depressed 'cause she

knows she's next.

>> PROBST: Shane and Terry were

convinced that Danielle was next

to go.

>> My guess is that it's going

to go down that way, yes.

>> PROBST: ...but Cirie, Aras

and Danielle had other plans.

>> Everything's the same.

Shane is it.

Shane thinks that me, him and

Aras are going to vote for

Danielle, when in all actuality,

me, Aras and Danielle are going

to vote for Shane.

>> PROBST: And at Tribal


Twelfth person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island...

...Shane was completely

blindsided and ejected from

the game.

Shane the tribe has spoken.

Four are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

(insects chirring)

>> Aw, boy.

We get back from Tribal and it's

pitch-black-- you can't see


Well, I put my torch the best

place I could find to put it.

I did, right there.

I couldn't see.

>> I didn't know it had a

specific place.

>> I don't slap my kids, Terry.

Thank you.

Well, here comes Captain

America, and he's like, "Well,

who dropped their torch in the

middle of the...?"

I don't even know-- in the

middle of what?

We have like 50 miles of beach.

>> You do know I was right

behind you...

>> Terry, I can't see.

I wasn't looking for you.

So I don't know where you want

my torch to be.

>> Well, God, this just looks

like one of my kids, you know...

>> Well, I'm not like one of

your kids.

>> You're not.

You're not, and that's why I

expected a little bit more.

Make an attempt...

>> I don't care what you expect.

I expect more of you-- you're 46

years old!

>> Make an attempt to throw...

>> Make an attempt to talk to

people like you want to be

talked to.

>> I tell you what.

Then the least you could've said

was, "Hey, I'm sorry I dropped


>> I didn't know you were right

behind me.

I don't have to say that.

What are you talking about?

>> Regardless, it was where I

happen to be walking...

>> Well, sorry, King Terry,

that this torch was where you

were walking?

>> All right, all right, Cirie.

Don't get so upset.

>> Don't ruin our night tonight,

Terry. All right?

Don't come into final four

territory and ruin it for

everybody else.

>> Oh, Who...?

>> Terry, you yelled at Cirie

for putting her stick where she

wanted to put it, as a

35-year-old grown woman, and

then you start an argument...

>> It was right in front of me,

where I was walking.

After a few minutes, when we

joined up at the fire, I became

the pin cushion and all three

ganged up on me on how

inconsiderate it was for me to

tell Cirie not to drop a piece

of equipment right in front of


>> We could've come back here

and celebrated our final four,

but you knocked Cirie right

away-- first thing you do.

>> All right, all right.

That's fine, that's fine.

And you know what?

You guys, maybe I'll go to bed

and you can have your little

final-three situation, all


It doesn't matter to me.

>> Oh, man.

I didn't come here to make

friends with 24-year-olds.

They haven't made it easy for


The target's been on my back.

I've been the underdog the whole


>> Congratulations, final four.

>> I know.

>> The three of us did it.

>> You know what?

If nobody talks to me for the

next five days, I could give...

I'm winning the million dollars

and that's all.

>> That's all it is.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

The final four.

You guys ready to get to today's


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: It is for reward.

Here's how it works:

You will be attached to ropes by

one of two carabiners; using the

two carabiners, you'll clip and

unclip from one rope to another

as you navigate your way

around each other along a main

thoroughfare that leads to six

stations-- holes, hermit crabs

rocks, iguanas, shells and fish.

Each time you get to a station,

you must count the number of

items, race back to the start,

find the answer tile with that

same number on it.

Once you've been to all six

stations, you will have six


You'll then place those six

numbers into an answer grid.

Using the combinations of the

two numbers in each column will

open the locks.

If a lock doesn't open, it means

you counted wrong.

You can head back out and

correct your mistakes.

Once you've opened all three

locks, the tribe flag will drop.

First person to lower their

tribe flag, wins reward.

What to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

The winner of today's challenge

gets a once-in-a-lifetime tour

of the Panama Canal aboard a

luxury hundred-foot yacht.

>> Huh?

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Five-course meal,

open bar.

Spend the night.

In addition, the winner will

decide who goes to Exile Island.

Worth playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots

and we'll get started.

For reward, survivors ready?


Terry and Aras, off to a quick


You only need one carabiner on

at a time.

Cirie, trying to go around

Terry, booth losing a lot of


Cirie, playing

defensively, nice move.

Aras, off to his first station.

He's counting rocks.

Danielle, counting the shells.

Cirie, to her first station.

She's counting iguanas.

>> Ooh. One, two, three...

>> PROBST: Terry, counting the


>> ...38.

>> PROBST: Aras, heading back

from his first station.

Cirie, right behind.

Now Terry's coming back.

Danielle, heading back from her

first station.

Bit of a traffic jam.

Terry and Danielle, heading


Aras and Danielle, jammed up.

Aras is already coming back

from his second station.

>> One, two, three...

>> ...18, 19...

>> PROBST: Terry, coming back

from the second station.

Cirie, heading back from the

second station.

Terry's made up a lot of time.

Danielle's trapped.

Got everybody locked up.

Now Cirie's making up time.

Cirie, Terry, and Aras, all

back with their second number.

>> Doesn't work...

I hate this.

>> PROBST: Everybody gonna have

to keep moving.

You slow down, you will fall out

of this.

You get tired, you will fall out

of this.

You can sleep on the yacht.

Aras, getting a lot of momentum


Terry, back out on the course,

looking for his fourth number.

Terry and Aras, mixing it up.

It's back and fourth.

One carabiner over another.

Aras frees up, heads back with

his fourth number.

Danielle, back with her third


Terry, back with his fourth


Cirie, back with her fourth


Aras, heading back with his

fifth number.

Terry, heading back with his

fifth number.

Terry's made up some time.

Terry now with the lead.

Aras takes it back.

Now Terry has it, and Cirie,

coming down to be a roadblock.

>> Over the top, Cirie, over the


Danielle's got her fourth


>> PROBST: Terry and Aras,

quickly trying to find

their number and get back out

here to that sixth station.

Aras jumps into the lead.

>> D, let me through!

Let me through!

>> PROBST: Aras, working with

Danielle to get more of a lead.

Terry, right behind him.

Aras, getting blocked by


Aras wants Danielle to block


>> Go the other way.

>> PROBST: Terry and Aras,

looking for their sixth


Danielle, 'causing a roadblock.

It's Aras, Terry, Danielle,

Cirie-- all mixed in together.

Who's working against who?

Who's helping who?

>> Ow! Ow!

>> PROBST: Cirie blocks Terry


>> PROBST: Terry, Aras going to

their last stations.

Aras and Terry neck and neck.

Both coming back from their

sixth stations.

>> Block his ass.

>> Watch it, Dee.

>> PROBST: It is a roadblock

with Terry and Aras trying to

get back to the end.

>> Yeah, man. Whoa!

>> You pushed me first, Aras.

You pushed me first.

>> PROBST: Whoa, easy guys,


>> Pull.

>> Terry, you pull it.

>> Keep your hands off.

>> PROBST: Two battering rams.

>> Oh, my...

>> PROBST: Aras now tied up with


Terry now with a bit of a lead.

>> Oh, oh, my rope...

>> PROBST: Terry first back to

his box.

>> Dee, go around me!

>> PROBST: Aras back now.

It's Terry and Aras.

Do they have the right six


Both trying to solve the


Three locks.

>> Six, seven, eight.

>> PROBST: Cirie and Danielle,

you're not out of it till they

get their locks open.

Aras has figured out his first


Cirie back with her sixth


Danielle now back.

She's in it.

Suddenly, Cirie and Danielle

have a shot.

Terry's figured out his first


Cirie has her first lock undone.

Danielle has her first lock


Everybody working on their

second locks.

Everybody in this.

Anybody could win it.

You think you have a number

wrong, go back.

Cirie and Terry heading back out

for a second look.

>> Go back there.

>> PROBST: Aras going to head

back out.

Danielle all alone now.

If she's right, she could win


>> Three...

>> PROBST: Terry coming back.

Thinks he has the answer now.

Danielle heading back out on the

course for a second look.

Seems nobody thinks they got it


Terry's still fighting it, still

not getting it.

Cirie and Aras have been gone a

long time.

Terry heading back out for a

third look.

>> Don't you have to come back

after each look once you're out


Aras should have been back here


He's taking multiple looks.

>> PROBST: No, Terry, you're


>> I can take multiple looks?

>> PROBST: Yes!

>> Oh, you didn't tell us that.

Was one look and back to the


>> Somebody call an ambulance.

Terry's crying on the course.

>> Well, I had to take over your


>> PROBST: Aras is back.

Did he get it right this time?

Danielle, Cirie, Terry, you are

still in it.

Aras opens his second lock.

Aras with one lock left.

Aras has his third lock undone!

Aras wins reward!

>> Yes!

>> Good on you.

Good on you.

You-you got whatever he said,

and I missed it.

Let me get this straight.

The first time out, we were only

allowed one pass, come back and

get the numbers.

>> PROBST: Yes.

>> Well, the second time I

came back, you know, I didn't...

I didn't have to come back.

I could have got... stayed out


>> I got a question, Terry.

Every time somebody else wins,

are you going to say you got


It that how it's going to be?

>> Uh, that's the only... first

time I lost, so there you go,


>> Are you serious?

>> Right back at you.

>> 'Cause every time you don't

win something, you complain

about it, every time.

>> Right back at you...

>> You have no respect for

anybody else out here.

>> Keep it up.

>> What are you going to do?

Say something bad about women?

Do I have to worry about that?

>> Oh, there you go.

That always works.

That's a real mature comeback.

(Aras scoffs)

(Terry sighs)

>> PROBST: Aras?

>> Yo.

>> PROBST: Come on over.


>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Tour the Panama Canal.

Hundred-foot luxury yacht,

five-course meal, open bar and

an overnight stay.

You're bringing one person with


The other two people who do not

go on the reward will go to

Exile Island.

(Cirie gasps)

So the name I want is the person

who is going with you on the


>> Cirie.

>> PROBST: Cirie.

>> Thank you!

>> Sorry, Dee.

Sorry, Terry.

>> Got to do what you got to do,


>> PROBST: Danielle, heading

right back to Exile Island.

Terry, been there several times


Grab your stuff.

Boat's waiting.

(engine humming)

>> Cirie, we're going on a

yacht, and then we're going to

go see the Panama Canal, but,

most importantly, we're going to


(Cirie laughs)

>> Winning my first individual

reward challenge was really big

for me psychologically.

The reward was a five-course

dinner on a yacht through the

Panama Canal.

(boat horn toots)

(man speaking Spanish)

>> Gracias.

>> Okay.

>> I was totally excited about

being picked.

I've seen yachts on TV, in music


(Cirie giggles)

...but never in my wildest

dreams would I have ever thought

I myself would be on a yacht.

>> Cirie, cheers.

>> Cheers to you, Aras!

>> Final four.

>> Final four.

>> And hopefully, both of us

make it final three.

>> I know. Final two.

Why you joking?

>> Yeah, final two.

>> Damn, that is huge.

Damn, that's big!

You can fit my house in there.

>> If you couldn't fit your

house in there, Cirie, I

wouldn't let you win the

million dollars.

Let me tell you that right now.

The situation with Terry is, I

see him whining, and I'm, like,

"Oh, Terry's whining," and I

make fun of him.

>> What was he saying at that


What he say...?

>> "Jeff, Aras should be back by


(Cirie laughing)

"Aras should be back!

He's looking at two in one


>> Is that what he said?

>> Yeah.

(Cirie laughs)

And I yelled out, "Somebody call

an ambulance.

Terry's crying on the course."

It was huge to beat Terry at the

reward challenge, but for me,

what I try to practice is love

and-and compassion, and I

haven't practiced love and

compassion with Terry recently.

I have been...

It's been ego.

It's been all of my ego.

>> Oh, this game is terrible.

>> It is.

You got to take people out.

>> I hated that challenge today.

(Terry scoffs)

>> You know what?

The rivalry with Aras is

starting to get a little


The past couple days, he's

getting really, really


>> Yeah.

>> And I don't know if it's...

he's cracking or what.

Aras is kind of a hothead these


His emotions-- he's really

wearing them on his sleeve.

What ticked me off is, at the

challenge, I was just trying to

get a final ruling on how I

basically messed up.

And out of his mouth came, "You

always argue when you've lost."

Then he said "Well, you know,

what are you going to do, uh,

you know, make a disparaging

remark about women?"

I have not made a disparaging

remark against a woman here.

I wasn't appreciative of that,

but, uh, I've got to just act

like a 46-year-old, try to calm

it down, you know, and

hopefully, you know, there will

be one more immunity challenge,

either myself or Danielle will

win it, and he'll be gone.

>> Say you win the next


>> That-that would... would be a

must if we... if us two want to

get to the final three, and...

>> Then, yeah, you would win,

and then Aras and Cirie will

probably vote me, and since...

>> Right.

You'll have the hidden immunity


>> I'll have the hidden idol,

because you won't be able to use

it after that anyway.

>> Right, right, and then


>> And then I can vote Aras off,

and then Aras will be the one to


That would be...

>> Right. Right, unless Cirie's

got some wild hair and wants to

vote Aras off, too.

>> I doubt it.

>> Yeah.

>> They have, like, a bond.

>> Yeah.

>> Aras ended up winning the

reward challenge, and he got to

pick one person to take with


He chose Cirie, so, therefore,

that tells me that it's the

right time to align myself with


It's gotten to the point where

it's like I'm going to try to

use him.

I don't care about being his


I'm not here to make friends.

I'm here to win the million


I can't believe you found that

right away.

>> Terry has the hidden immunity


I mean, before she showed me a

little glimpse of it, but this

time around, I held it in my


It's 100%, and I know he is

going to possibly let me use it.

>> We are going to do this

thing, and we're both going to

shake and look each other in

the eye, and...

>> No, no, I'll be...

I-I will swear on it now.

>> We are going to go to the

finals, you and I.

No matter who wins the three,

you and I will go to the finals,

and that's the way we'll do it.


>> We can't let Aras win the

next immunity.

>> No, uh-uh, no, we can't...

>> He cannot win.

>> The Panama Canal connects

the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans,

and most of the canal is like a

river, and then you get to the

locks, and the locks are what

allow you to rise or lower,

depending on where you are in

the canal, which is really cool.

(bell ringing)

>> Wow.

(horn honks)

>> The canal-- it just was

unbelievable that something man-

made could actually do something

like that.

>> It's cool, huh?

(Cirie chuckles)

>> Right now, I'm closer to Aras

than anyone out here.

I have been for 34 days now.

>> This is my favorite time of

day right here.

(seagulls screeching)

>> We're just taking it all in

and thinking how nice it would

be if the two of us made it to

the final two.

(horn blowing)

>> Here's to the final four.

(Aras mutters)

Hopefully, the final two.

>> On the yacht, from a

distance, this looks like a nice


I'm like, "Wow, is that our


Damn, it looks nice.

"Is that where I spent the last

35 miserable days of my life?"


But you know what?

Even though I'm not the

adventurous, outdoors type,

it was kind of nice to come


>> Oh, that was amazing.

>> That was amazing.

(breaking wind)

>> Oh!

>> That's why I don't like you.

>> Come on, come back here,


>> No, it's toxic.

(breaking wind)

>> I'm sorry, it's that



>> Hmm...

I have never started a fire by

myself with the flint.

I wouldn't mind trying it.

I don't think it's strange that

I haven't started a fire by

myself because there's always

people around jumping at the

bit to start the fire, so why

stop them?

If you want to start the fire,

go ahead.

Aras would never expect me to

have a fire going when he woke

up, so that's why I'm trying

to get it going before he wakes


I got a fire!



Oh, yeah.


I used the flint.

>> Wow.

I'm impressed.

Cirie made a fire.

It's awesome.

Day one, Cirie out here would

not have known what to do, and

now she's come full circle.

>> Yeah, I got the fire.


>> PROBST: Come on in guys.


>> Hey, Jeff.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

Terry and Danielle from Exile


Welcome back, guys.

>> Thanks.


>> PROBST: Aras, how was the

tour of the Panama Canal?

Did you get some food in your


>> I got a lot of food in my

belly, Jeff.

I ate almost too much.

>> PROBST: Feel energized for

today's challenge?

>> Yeah, I feel great.

>> PROBST: Ready to get to

today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First thing's first.

After five straight individual

immunity wins by Terry, once

again immunity is back up for


For today's challenge, you will

work to solve three puzzles.

Here's how it works.

Using a set of coordinates,

you'll cross two ropes.

Where the ropes intersect

you'll find a bag of puzzle


Race back to your answer board,

solve the puzzle.

That puzzle will give you your

next set of coordinates leading

you to another bag of puzzle

pieces and more coordinates.

Make sense?

First person to complete all

three puzzles wins immunity,

guaranteed a spot in the final


Your first set of coordinates

have already been set up for


We'll draw for positions and

we'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


First coordinates are already

done for you.

Everybody's digging.

Aras found his first bag of

puzzle pieces.

Danielle, Cirie, Terry all have

their pieces.

Everybody working on their

first bag of puzzle pieces.

Danielle using her teeth on

those knots.

Cirie, first to get hers open.

Aras has his open.

Terry and Danielle right behind.

This puzzle will give you your

next set of coordinates.

Terry getting in on his puzzle.

Cirie making some progress.

Aras making good progress.

Danielle getting closer.

Aras has figured out his first


He's heading back out.

Terry figured out his first


>> Dagger.

Dagger, candle, doll.

>> PROBST: He's heading back


>> Dagger, candle...

>> PROBST: Danielle has it.

She's heading out.

>> Scarecrow to mountain.

Sword to candle.

>> PROBST: Aras has his second


He's heading back.

Terry and Danielle are going to

have to make up some time.

Cirie is quickly falling out of


Aras already working on his

second puzzle.

Terry coming back with his

second bag of pieces.

He's got some time to make up.

Aras very close.

Aras has his second puzzle.

Aras has his second set of


Going for his final bag of

puzzle pieces.

Terry starting to work on his

second puzzle.

Danielle still looking for her

second bag.

Aras digging for that last bag.

Cirie finishes her first puzzle.

She's heading out.

>> Why is this not working?

>> PROBST: Cirie looking for

that second bag.

Aras has his third and final

set of puzzle pieces.

He's heading back.

Terry's still working on his

second puzzle.

Danielle's still digging.

Cirie's still digging.

Aras starts to work on the third

and final puzzle.

Terry has second puzzle


>> Skull, fire, dagger, skull.

>> PROBST: He's heading back


>> Skull, fire, dagger, skull.

Skull, fire, dagger, skull.

>> PROBST: Danielle having


>> I don't get it.

>> PROBST: Use those ropes.

You're getting sloppy with the

ropes, you're not going to find


>> Dagger, skull.

>> PROBST: Terry taking his

time, making sure he's right.

>> Skull, fire, dagger, skull.

>> PROBST: Aras making good

progress on that last puzzle.

Terry has his third bag of

puzzle pieces.

He's racing back now.

It's Terry and Aras.

Immunity on the line.

Terry has his bag open.

Starting to work on the puzzle.

Aras still with a bit of a lead.

Danielle back with her second


>> Damn!

>> PROBST: It's down to Aras and


Both guys taking their time,

nobody panicking.

Terry getting through his

puzzle quickly.

He's gaining on Aras.

We are tight.

Aras very close.

Terry getting closer.

Aras working on that last piece.

>> "Safe from the vote."

Got it!

>> PROBST: Aras wins immunity!

>> All right.

>> Damn.

>> PROBST: First time somebody

other than Terry is wearing

individual immunity.

Aras is safe from the vote


Terry, Danielle, Cirie, after

36 days, this game will come to

an end for one of you at Tribal.

It should make for a very fun


Head on back to camp.

See you at Tribal.

>> Um, the comments you made

yesterday after the thing, um,

were undefendable by me out in

front of everybody like that.

They were false, uncalled for

and really slanderous.

What I need for from you is

either an apology, and then we

can talk about where you're

coming from and where I'm

coming from, or we don't have a

relationship for the next three

days because that's how serious

stuff like that can be.

I don't treat flight attendants

like that, I haven't done

anything that I wouldn't tell

my wife, my friends, my family,

my priest.

>> Terry was really upset that

I made a comment to him after

the reward challenge about him

talking bad about women.

Um, and you know what?

I didn't feel good about making

the comment that I made.

When I made that comment, I

knew it was going to get to

you, but I apologize and I

crossed a line that I don't want

to cross.

>> Okay.

>> I apologize a hundred


You have not said a mean thing

about women.

That was out of context and I

should not have said that.

As a human being, I treated you

unfairly and I take full

responsibility for that.

Going through this experience

is something that really brings

you closer together, regardless

of how you feel about someone's


And hopefully Terry and I,

through our conflict, we help

each other grow.

I apologize for going personal

like that on you.

>> All right, well, then, right


>> I'm sorry.

Straight up.

I thought about that and I don't

want to make this a personal


>> I accept that. I accept that.

>> I don't want to make it...

>> What the hell are they

talking about?

>> Why they hate each other.

>> The outcome of the immunity

challenge today-- Aras won, and

now, uh, Tribal Council is going

to go a little bit differently

than we planned.

Do you guys know what you're


Aras has the immunity necklace,

and Terry has the hidden

immunity idol, and my guess is

that Aras and Cirie are probably

going to vote me, and then me

and Terry would vote Cirie.

So it looks like me and you are

going for... up against

something tonight.

>> Probably fire.

That's what it usually is,

making fire.

>> So, we're assuming there will

probably have to be a


We'll probably have to do some

sort of fire challenge, um,

we're, we're guessing.

I'm telling you right now,

they're gonna...

It's going to be a two-two for

me and Cirie.

>> Well, I was just wondering if

you needed to... you know, learn

how to... know how to deal with

the magnesium.

That's what they're going to ask

you for.

>> With the flint, you mean?

Yeah, the back of the flint.

>> You know the technique,


(Aras vocalizing whooshing)

>> Yeah, I know how to do it.

>> Blow on it, like... and then

sticks... small sticks.

>> I got that part.

>> Small sticks first, then put

more husk.

>> Just take the flint.

(Terry vocalizing whooshing)

>> Yeah.

>> Take that back side, and you


(Terry vocalizing whooshing)

...and you get as many...

Try to get a pile about the size

of a quarter next to your

teepee, all right, so the tinder

will catch.

>> ...with sticks.

>> So as soon as I get a flame,

should I blow it or no?

>> Hell, yeah.

>> Or let it catch first?

>> Yeah, let it catch and



...and then keep building.

Just keep putting sticks up.

Hey, and have fun when you do

it, too.

Don't worry about the results.

You made it so far already.

Just enjoy yourself and know

that you can do it.

>> I have to.

I don't want to go home.

I have, like, mixed emotions

about Tribal tonight.

I feel nervous, and I feel like

I'll prob...

You know, it's a really strong

possibility that I'm going to

go home, but at the same time,

I think I'll do fine in the

fire-making challenge.

I've only seen Danielle make

fire with flint herself one

time, and I think I'm just as

good as she is at it.

I want her to think she has the

upper hand.

>> I'm pretty confident that I'm

good at starting fires, and I

haven't seen Cirie do that at

all, so I don't think the fire

is her thing, but then again, I

mean, I'm confident, but you

never know, so you have to be


You always have to have backup


>> Right. Right.

>> Then there's a tie, and we


>> If you had the idol on you,

then Cirie would automatically

be out...

>> Be out.

>> ...and then you and me

and-and Aras would go.

>> This hidden immunity idol--

tonight's the last night it can

be used, so I'm going to work


If you gave it to me, they voted

for me, and it was two for me

and two for Cirie, and I pulled

out the idol, I'd be fine?

>> Yeah. Yeah, you'd be fine.

>> I'm going to work him until

we go to Tribal Council to-to

try to give me that hidden

immunity idol, and, uh, we'll

see what happens.

>> PROBST: I'll now bring in the

members of our jury.

Austin, Sally, Bruce, Courtney

and Shane voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Well, when we started this game,

we started with four groups--

older men, older women, younger

men, younger women.

You got to be proud going to the

final four with one person

representing each group.

So, Aras, you and Terry have

been battling at challenges.

Suddenly, Terry loses

back-to-back, you win


Has there been a momentum shift?

>> Yeah, I think there's been a

momentum shift.

This is the way that I look at


I know every single time you

say, "Survivors ready," I have a

chance to win, so I always had

faith that if I kept knocking on

the door, eventually, it would

open up.

>> PROBST: Terry, this is the

first time you've been in Tribal

Council without that necklace.

You are, in a sense, vulnerable.

Do you feel it?

>> No.

>> PROBST: You don't feel


>> Right.

>> PROBST: Cirie, seem odd to

you that Terry is not the least

bit concerned?

>> No.

We've suspected for the longest

time that Terry could possibly

have the hidden immunity idol,

and that would be the only

reason that Terry should feel

safe tonight, so I guess we were


>> PROBST: Let's talk about this

hidden immunity idol.

I told you that it was good

through the final four vote.

We are at the final four vote.

It has not come into play yet.

Tonight is the last night.

Did that topic come up at all?

>> Obviously, that topic came

up, but it's up to the person

that has it, and we don't know

if they a hundred percent have


>> PROBST: The "they" is Terry?

>> We're assuming Terry has it.

Obviously, if he uses it, he'll

use it on himself.

>> In my opinion, I'm 100% sure

that Terry had that hidden

immunity idol.

Now, whether or not it's still

in his pocket or it's in

somebody else's pocket-- that we

don't know, but it's a risky

call if you have that hidden

immunity idol and give it to

somebody else and put yourself

on that chopping block, so we'll

see what happens.

>> PROBST: So either way, Terry,

it seems like good news for you

at this point, because people

aren't sure if you have it or


>> I'm not sure if I have it or


>> PROBST: Well, here's what we


If there's a hidden immunity

idol, it will come into play

after the vote.

So, going into the vote, the

only person you can't vote for

is Aras.

Cirie, if this is your last

night-- you've been out here 36

nights-- how have you changed?

>> I have lived my life

underestimating myself.

I've been on a couch for 35

years, basically.

And to see the things that I've

done and how long I lasted here,

if this is my last night, I had

a great time, I've experienced

things I could never experience,

once in a lifetime, and I'm


>> PROBST: Danielle, how about

for you?

Have you changed out here, 36

days in?

>> I just think that I've grown

to be more patient with

different personalities.

I mean, I don't think I've done

this crazy change, but I've...

I think I've mentally grown

stronger, and just like Cirie, I

was not an outdoorsy type of

girl, and I can scale a fish

now, I'm great with fire now.

It's just come natural now to


Like, if you want to do

something, get up and do it and

make it happen, 'cause it's...

It can happen.

It's easy.

>> PROBST: Terry, since nobody

seems to know for sure whether

you have the idol or not, it

could be you tonight.

>> Uh, if it is, I've proved to

myself that I-I could still hang

it out there with the... with

the best of the competition, and

the other thing I've realized

that I'm human, and I'm going to

make mistakes.

But damn it, I'm going to learn

from them, and I'm going to be

more patient with my kids, my

wife and-and friends and family,

and, uh, I'm going to take that

to heart and take it back home

with me, try to practice that.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Let's get to the vote.

Aras, you have immunity.

Keeping it?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Aras is the only

person you cannot vote for,

hidden immunity idol or not.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Danielle, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Danielle.


One vote Danielle, one vote



Two votes Danielle, one vote


One vote left.


We have a tie.

Cirie with two votes, Danielle

with two votes.

Danielle, Cirie, if either of

you have the hidden immunity

idol, now is the time to play


Neither of you have it?

The idol will not come into play

in this game.

It no longer has any power, and

we have a tie.

Aras, Terry, you are safe.

Danielle, Cirie, you're going

to take part in a tiebreaker


Here's how it will work.

It is a fire-making challenge.

You've been out here 37 days.

Making fire should be something

you know how to do.

You will have a fire-starter kit

and a small fire pit.

Your job is to a build fire tall

enough to burn through a rope,

raise the flag.

First person to raise their

flag stays in this game, moves

onto day 37.

Loser is out of the game and

becomes the sixth member of our


All right, Danielle, take a


Cirie, spot next to her.

You each have in your kit a

magnesium flint, you have a

knife, and you have all sorts

of kindling and other ways to

start a fire-- coconut husks,

things like that.

(Cirie exhales)

On my go, you will begin.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?

(Cirie exhales loudly)


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