Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 13 - Survivor - full transcript

The remaining five compete for time with their loved ones.

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>> PROBST: Previously on


Terry felt the pressure to

crash the Casaya bonds.

>> It's really imperative to try

to make some allies before the

next immunity challenge.

>> PROBST: At the reward


You've got to follow that rope!

...the tribe was divided into

two teams of three.

Terry, Danielle, Courtney win


The reward was a barbecue



...and the chance to play in

a second surprise challenge...


...for a brand-new car.


>> Yes, yes, yes!

>> PROBST: Terry wins the GMC


>> Unbelievable.

>> PROBST: The feast winners

arrived in style and fired up

the grill.

>> Cheers.

>> PROBST: Then Terry made a

bid for a three-way alliance.

>> I would do anything to get

us to a final three.

>> I'm 100% behind you.

>> PROBST: Back at camp...

>> We're going to vote off


>> Right, but then there's still


It'll be me, you and Courtney.


>> PROBST: Shane's plan made

Cirie suspicious.

>> If he could take Courtney to

the final two, he just may win

a million dollars.

So Courtney, to me, is more

dangerous now than having Terry


>> PROBST: At the immunity


>> Hold on, Court, he's failing,

I can see it.

>> PROBST: Once again, Terry was


(Courtney grunts)

Terry wins his fourth straight


Back at camp...

>> If you want to be here

tomorrow, me, you and Aras

have to vote Courtney.

>> PROBST: Cirie enlisted Aras

and Danielle into her plan to

get rid of Courtney.

>> Shane wants to take Courtney

to the final two.

I think Terry wants to take

Courtney to the final two.

Some kind of way, Courtney's

going, believe that.

(Courtney whistling)

>> PROBST: Courtney and Terry

thought the plan was to get rid

of Aras.

>> We're going to send Aras

home, so I'm feeling pretty

damn good.

>> PROBST: And Shane was sure

Danielle was the next to go.

>> That's it, Danielle, one,

two, three, four, then we each

move on one more spot.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal


The 11th person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island...

Shane, Terry, and Courtney

were shocked at the results.

Courtney, the tribe has spoken.

Five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

>> At Tribal Council, I thought

we were all going to vote

Danielle out, and without me

knowing, Cirie, Danielle and

Aras voted Courtney out, so I

was shocked.

>> Coming back from Tribal was

a little bit uncomfortable

because Shane wanted to go to

the final two with Courtney.

So to reassure Shane, Aras and

I came up with the story that

we couldn't tell him we decided

to vote Courtney because we

didn't have time, we were

leaving for Tribal and he was

up in no-man's-land.

>> Right.

>> I think it would have been

easiest to take Courtney to the

two, but Cirie assured me that

our alliance is still good.

So there's five of us left now,

Danielle goes next, and then

we're in the final four.

Man, it's nice to not have that

moron here running her mouth.

>> Don't sugarcoat it, how do

you really feel?

>> I'm just so happy that

chick's gone.

>> Last night was the fifth

failure for me in trying to get

numbers on my side.

Danielle and myself, we were

going to take Courtney to the

final three.

We shook hands on it, we looked

each other in the eye, and I

was lied to.

So as far as I'm concerned, if

Danielle's the next on the

chopping block, that's fine with


Not my problem anymore.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Guys ready to get to today's


>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, we have taken

elements from past challenges,

put them together to create a

four-stage obstacle course.

Here's how it works:

On my go, five of you will dig

in a circle of sand looking for

a bag.

First four to find the bag, move

on to the second round.

For the second round, carrying

that bag, you will race to

untie a wooden snake.

The first three to get to the

finish with the bag and the

snake move on to the third


For the third round, you're now

carrying the bag and the snake

as you race over a sand hill,

into a water pit where you will

untie a large fish.

The first two to get to the

finish with the fish, the bag,

and the snake, move on to the

final round.

For the last round, you'll

square off head-to-head as you

are now carrying all three

items you've collected through

a series of wooden tunnels and


First person to the finish wins


Want to now what you're playing


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Today you're playing

for love.

Face-to-face in person with

your loved ones.

>> Oh, man.

>> The winner of today's

challenge is responsible for

allocating who gets love and

how much love they get.

We'll draw for spots and we'll

get started.

First four to get a bag and

cross the finish move on.

Survivors, ready?


Shane digging fast, Terry

digging quickly.

Aras right the middle of it

digging down.

Four people going to get a bag

and move on to the next round.

Danielle has her hands on her


Danielle moving on.

Terry moving on.

Two more spots left.

Cirie, Shane, Aras looking for


Who's going to get it?

Aras going to get the third


One spot left.

Cirie still in it.

Shane still in it.

Keep digging.

Cirie has her hands on the bag.

Cirie moving on.

Shane, first one out.

It's Aras, Cirie, Danielle and


Three people moving on to the

next round.

Survivors, ready?


First three to get a snake

untied and get to the finish

with both of their items move


Terry and Aras quickly at work

on their snakes.

Danielle untying a snake.

Cirie in it now, she's untying

a snake.

How quickly can you get the

knots undone.

Danielle with her snake undone.

She's first down.

Danielle has her bag, heading

for the finish.

Aras has his snake.

He's heading for the finish.

Terry has his snake.

Danielle moving on, Aras moving


Terry gets the third spot.

Cirie out of the challenge.

Here we go.

It's Terry, Danielle and Aras.

The first two to get to the

finish with the bag, the snake,

and the fish move on to the

final round.

Survivors, ready?


Terry lost his snake, got to go


Aras with a bit of a lead.

Terry trying to make up some


Everybody at the fish at the

same time.

>> Come on, Aras!

>> PROBST: Aras first undone

with his fish.

It's down to Terry and Danielle.

Danielle using her teeth.

Terry has his fish.

Holding on to it with his teeth.

Danielle got to hurry up.

Aras moving on, Terry moving

on, Danielle out of the


Here we go.

A showdown between Aras and


Who's going to be in charge of

allocating the love?

Survivors, ready?


Terry lost his fish, he's got

to go back.

Aras with a bit of a lead right

off the bat.

Aras up the first tower, Terry

right behind making up some


Aras almost loses his bag.

We're dead even.

Terry and Aras coming to a

meeting point, who's going to

get there first?

They're stuck.

They're fighting for it.

Nobody wants to give up an inch.

Terry's going to get through


Terry almost loses the fish.

Terry and Aras are neck

and neck again.

Aras loses his bag and has to

go back and get it.

Terry down through the tower.

Aras out of it.

>> Where's the love, baby?

>> PROBST: Terry wins reward.

>> PROBST: Okay, now we get to

the fun part.

First, we're going to bring out

your loved ones.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Terry, here's your

wife, Trish.

>> God.

>> That's so awesome.


>> I love you.

>> Love you.

>> PROBST: How's he look?

>> Good.

>> PROBST: Aras, here's your

mom, Theresa.


>> Hey, Mom.

>> You rock!

You rock, baby!

>> PROBST: Danielle, here's your

mom, Denise.

>> Mommy.



Mom, don't cry.

I love you.

>> PROBST: Cirie, here's your

husband, H.B.

>> H.B.

Yeah, H.B.!

>> Yeah, baby!

>> Hey, bunny!


I miss you so much, baby.

>> I love you, too, honey.

>> I'm so proud of you.

>> PROBST: Finally, Shane,

here's your son, Boston.

(cheers and applause)

>> Oh!

Oh, Boston!

>> Oh, man, all right!

>> I love you so much.

>> I love you, too.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Terry, here's how it's going to


Two of the loved ones are going

to go with their survivors on

an overnight stay.

You'll go to a beautiful villa,

you'll have pizza, lots of

stuff to drink, plenty of


In addition, you'll have

separate bedrooms, so you'll

have a little privacy.

That's for two of the loved


One loved one is going to go

back to camp with their


You get to live as they've been

living for the last 31 days.

That leaves us with two people.

This is where it gets tough.

One of the final two will get a

hug with their loved one and

that is it.

And the last person will get

nothing more than this,

separated by 20 feet, and that

person will be sent to Exile


So the first decision I need is

who is the first loved one that

is going to join their survivor

on the overnight stay.

>> Myself and Trish.

>> PROBST: Trish, come on over,

give your man a hug.


Next decision, who's the second

loved one that is going to join

you on the overnight stay?

>> Boston, Shane.

>> Oh, God, God...

Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Now, the next

decision, which loved one gets

the experience of going back to


>> H.B., you're up, hubby.

>> Oh!

Hi, baby.

>> PROBST: All right, Terry,

toughest decision now.

Two people left.

Both their loved ones are here.

Who's getting the hug?

>> I'm going to send Aras back

to camp tonight.

>> Oh.

>> So Aras gets the hug.

>> Aras, come meet your mom.

Get some love.

>> I'm so proud of you.

>> When I get home...

>> Yeah?

>> Will you please on the table

have, like, five dinners?

>> Everything.

I'll just make everything you


Oh, my God.

>> I love you.

>> PROBST: Danielle, Denise, I'm

sorry that this is as good as it


Hopefully, it was enough,

Danielle, for you to be able to

see your mom.

>> I love you so much.

And we all love you so much, the

whole family and Pugsy.

We miss you so much.

>> Give everybody a big kiss

for me when you get home.

>> I'm so proud of you.

>> Mom, you're making me cry.


>> Be strong.

>> I will.

She's so cute.

I love her.

>> PROBST: All right, Danielle,

Exile Island awaits.

The boat will pick you up.

Okay, Aras, Cirie, H.B., Shane,

Boston, Trish, Terry, head on


>> I was so disappointed to have

my mother, like, five feet in

front of me and not be able to

talk to her and give her a hug,

and everybody else did.

That really sucked.

Maybe this is Terry's head

right now.

It's all good.

He'll get his.

Terry, he's out for me.

He's pissed off because I

basically ruined his strategy

plan to take Courtney to the

final two.

And you know what?

I don't care.

I was really pissed that I

couldn't see my mom, but at the

same time I'm not going to sit

and cry about it.

And how do you like that?

I don't have to share this with


This is fabulous.

>> Yeah?

>> Yeah.

>> Were they good?

>> Mm-hmm, when we was hungry

it was.

>> Yeah?

>> Why are you bringing the

stuff in here?

This is where we sleep at.

>> Oh, yeah?

>> Coming back to camp with H.B.

was kind of funny for me

because I knew he didn't know

what to expect.

>> Yeah.

But that's okay.

>> How's it feel to see her,


This is our reality.

>> I think it was shock for

H.B. to see how primitive we


>> What is that?

>> Oh, these is snail butts.

>> Oh, snail who?

>> Butts.

>> Butts?

>> Like the guts or something.

I use it to attract the fish.

>> Oh, okay, good.

>> It's called chum in the


>> Oh, okay. Hmm.

>> So, like, you see a fire like

that, that means there's tons of


You kind of try to make a


You want to have a lot of air

under the sticks.

>> Okay.


Man down! Man down!

>> We never made fire.

We ain't never been camping.

H.B. is just like me.

He's never been anywhere.

He's a couch potato.

>> What you going to do with

that, drink it?

>> Yeah, that's how we do it.

>> That's water.


>> Oh...

With the dirt and stuff in it?

>> It's good for you.


>> Okay.

I thought that was, like, a

basin that y'all wash y'all

feet in or something.



>> Seeing H.B. here, green, not

really knowing anything, it

helped me a little bit to

appreciate how far I've come.

It almost makes me feel like I

kind of underestimated myself

for 35 years.

And now it's like, "Damn, you

can do anything!"

>> Oh!

>> Three types of ice cream.

>> Dude, eggs!

>> Vanilla, chocolate, and


>> And milk, pancake mix.


>> What is this?

>> Is that a cerveza?

>> We went to this beautiful

house here in Panama.

In the kitchen, just sitting

there were four different kinds

of pizza.

Two bottles of white wine, two

bottles of champagne, a 12-pack

of beer.

>> Oh, my God!



I just want to eat it raw.

There had to have been about

three pounds of bacon.

All kinds of snacks.

Pretty much as much as you


It was all there.

>> Look at this!

>> This is how I was in 1978.

>> I was really surprised at

the condition that Terry was in.

I almost gasped.

I've never seen him so

emaciated and so worn out.

Oh, I can't wait to get that

beard off him, and get him back

to his hot-looking studly self.

>> Day one, each tribe is on

its own island, okay?

>> Oh, that's cool.

>> We get there, and, dude, I'm

freaking out.

If I could have chosen one

reward and lost the rest of

them, I've got my son on an

overnight with all the food I

could ever want.

By day six, I'm out of my mind.

I'm ready to quit.

I don't because I think about

you, and I think about how you

would have killed me if I would

have quit.

You know, my son would have

missed out on this amazing

experience and I'm so grateful

I didn't quit.

>> This is what Exile Island is

all about and the hidden

immunity idol.

It's a shrunken head.

I'll try to unflatten it a

little bit.

>> That's a good thing to have.

>> It is a very good thing to


We started talking about the

game and the fact that my wife

is such a perceptive person and

great at strategizing.

Immediately she just invested

her whole mind into what I was

going through and interjected

herself into the game.

>> I'm starting to feel like

it's going to end up being all

men at the end.

>> We're going to take out Aras.

Me and Cirie, when it gets to

the four probably.

>> But Danielle is gone.

>> She knows she's done.

>> I tell you what, if I were


>> I'd look for the idol.

>> But the idol is in his bag

that's in your bedroom right


>> He hasn't told me, I'm


>> You know, the thing that was

really weird is that Terry's

wife, Tricia, is more

competitive than Terry.

So she was the one that wanted

to talk about strategy.

What a lovely woman, but

unbelievably competitive.

It's been hard out here without


>> I think my dad's doing

really well in the game 'cause

he knows how to play the game.

He's really smart and athletic.

He's like a brother to me more

than a father.

We do everything together.

And he's like a kid and he,

like, he does fun things with me

and stuff, so I really missed


>> I love you.

>> I love you, too, Dad.

You okay?

>> I'm so good.

I just remember him saying, you

know what I mean, like, "Shane,

here comes your son, Boston."

I just couldn't believe it.

>> This is nice.

>> I didn't really give a crap

that much about the bed.

It was who I was sleeping with

was extremely wonderful.

(both laughing)

We had some private time, but I

tell you, just the snuggling,

just the snuggling and being

able to sleep with my wife was

just a warm, warm feeling.

God, this is awesome.

>> Okay, baby.

>> Do you see that stuff right


>> Uh-huh.

>> Those branches?

>> Yeah.

>> Can you get that?

>> Yep.

As soon as I got up, it was

like, "Okay, we need to do the

fire, okay, we need to get food,

okay, we need to get water," and

I'm like, "Oh, my God, we just

woke up already!"

>> We need to reserve our

energy, so he needs to help us

and he needs to see what we do


But he likes it.

He doesn't mind.

Thank you, honey.

>> Uh-huh.

Cirie and Aras have been working

me like a dog and it's bugging

me a little bit.

It's like, "Honey Bunny, can you

go get us some water?

Honey Bunny, can you get us some

more twigs?

Honey Bunny, can you cut this


"Honey Bunny, can you scale this


I'm like, "Oh, gosh, you're

killing me out here."

Y'all got your own little

servant, boy, I tell you.

(Cirie laughing)

Mm-mm-mm! Y'all are livin' it

up, living it up!

But I know that I'm not going to

be here long, so I'm going to

help as much as I can.

Boy, here goes nothing.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> I'm so proud of Cirie.

I mean, words can't even

express, you know...

(sobbing): ...words can't even

express how I feel just to know

that Cirie is doing this for her


It's wonderful to see that she

would come out here and take

this risk for us.

I love you so much, baby.

>> I love you, too, honey.

>> She's my hero.

>> Bye, honey.

>> All right, baby.

>> See you, H.B.!

>> Take care of him, honey.

>> Having H.B. at camp brought

back why I'm here.

I'm not just here for me.

I'm here for us as a family.

I want H.B. to have a better


I want us to have, like, a

wonderful life.

>> What up?

How was it, guys?

Did you get your good night's

sleep in?

>> Oh...!

>> You are so welcome.

You know what?

The choices were so clear to me.

>> When Terry and Shane returned

from their reward, Terry was

kind of explaining his reasoning

for delegating the time the way

he did.

>> Terry, just to let you know,

24 or not 24, man, everybody out

here wanted to see their family


Just as bad as you wanted to see

Trish, I wanted to spend the

night with my mom, and to, like,

think, "Well, it's just a mom,"

that rubs me the wrong way when

you say that.

>> When you get married, in my

viewpoint, there's no choice.

If I had a choice to see my wife

or I had a choice to see my

mother, I'm seeing my wife.

>> You won your reward.

Congratulations, you got to be

with your wife.

I didn't get to be with my mom,

so have a little bit of sympathy

and understanding.

Dude, 33 days, man.

You know?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> And that is my rock.

Everyone's got their rock...

>> Right.

>> ...and what you're saying is

"Well, that rock is more

important than that rock."

My mom is huge for me.

>> Here I have some 24-year-old

kid lecturing me-- "My mom is my

rock and she means as much to me

as your wife means to you."

I like the fact that Aras came


It showed a part of him that I

hadn't seen and maybe a little

crack that I can take advantage


When you have a wife, you'll

know this.

When it happens for you, it will


>> The least that I would expect

from a 46-year-old man who talks

about his age over a 24-year-old

all the time is respect.

That doesn't register with


But what he's doing is he's

feeding my fire, and the more he

does it, the more I want to beat


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Danielle from

Exile Island.

>> Hey.

>> PROBST: How was it?

>> It was awesome.

The weather was beautiful, so it

made my experience a lot more

enjoyable than the first time.

>> PROBST: All right.

Ready to get to today's immunity


>> Yep.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first,


After four straight individual

immunity wins by Terry, the

immunity necklace is back up for


Today's immunity challenge is

going to require balance and a

steady hand.

You are each going to stand on a

very small perch at the top of a

20-foot pole in the water.

On my go, you will lower a

bucket into the water, take that

water, and pour it into a very

narrow bamboo shoot.

As the bamboo shoot fills up

with water, it will raise a


When the flag is high enough for

you to reach, grab it.

First person to raise their flag

over their head wins immunity,

guaranteed a spot in the final


That is a one-in-four shot for

the million bucks.

One big rule: your feet are on

the perch.

Your butt, your knees cannot

touch the perch.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Losers-- Tribal

Council tonight, somebody going


We'll draw for positions and get


(Cirie shrieks)

For immunity and a guaranteed

spot in the final four.

Survivors ready?


Terry quickly up with a bucket

of water and he's pouring.

Cirie really taking her time.

Aras pouring.

Danielle pouring.

Nobody hitting the bamboo shoot


Your goal is to get water in

that bamboo shoot as quickly as

you can.

As the bamboo shoot fills up,

the flag will raise.

Terry's flag starting to raise.

Danielle's starting to raise a

little bit.

Patience and balance-- the key.

Aras gets a little bit of water

in that shoot.

Terry's flag moving up quickly.

Danielle's moving up.

Cirie surprising herself 20 feet

up in the air.

Shane still with nothing.

Aras now on the board, his flag

starting to rise.

Cirie's flag starting to rise.

Shane not having much luck yet,

water going everywhere.

It's pretty even right now--

Terry, Danielle, neck and neck.

Cirie right in it.

Shane has absolutely nothing


>> 'Cause I've been pouring into

the wrong hole like a moron.

>> PROBST: Shane just now

figuring out the challenge.

>> That's never good, is it now,


That's never good!

>> PROBST: Aras gets a nice bit

of water in that chute, his flag

raises quite a bit.

Immunity on the line.

Terry still with a bit of a lead

over Cirie, Danielle, and Aras.

Everybody in this except Shane,

who's starting to figure it out


Aras catching up, his flag

raises quite a bit.

Terry getting closer with each


Aras and Danielle right behind


Terry getting much closer to

where he can reach down and grab


Aras getting close enough that

he can reach down and grab it.

Is it close enough for Terry?

No, not close enough for Aras


One or two more buckets could do


Terry right on the money,

raising his flag quite a bit.

Aras fighting back, not giving


Aras getting closer.

Terry's almost there.

Terry reaching for the flag.


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: ...wins immunity for

the fifth straight time!

(Terry yells)

>> Shut up.

(Terry laughs)

>> PROBST: Oh.

Terry, come on over.

You are undefeated in individual

immunity challenges.

Once again, Terry is safe at

Tribal Council.

Cirie, Shane, Danielle, Aras,

for one of you, the game will

come to an end tonight.

Swim on in, I'll see you at


>> (mimicking Probst): For one

of you, the game will end


(sings dramatic fanfare)

>> Hoo-ee!

>> That was fun.

Winning the immunity challenge

today was huge because it

doesn't just win me the four, it

vaults me into the final three.

I have the hidden immunity idol,

I don't even have to show up for

the next immunity challenge.

What a relief.

I've had the hugest target on my

back, now the pressure is off.

>> I think she's depressed

'cause she knows she's next.

The plan is for me, Aras, and

Cirie to take out Danielle


And I'm in a great space.

I've set myself up so that I'm

safe and I feel like things are

going to be solid.

>> After what happened at

Tribal Council the other night,

Danielle, you know, she blew me

off so I wouldn't feel too bad

sending her off.

And from what I know, she's

going anyway.

>> My guess is it's going to go

down that way, yes.

>> I would love to take Shane

to the final two.

Not that he doesn't work, but

my case speaks for itself.

Going out fishing for people

and cleaning up the camp and

collecting firewood and

building fires and teaching

people stuff.

With a huge target on my back

and winning the challenges,

that I think would be a

no-brainer even for a heavily

loyal Casaya jury.

>> Shane thinks I'm going home.

It's so funny how he thinks he

knows what's going on and, like,

he's controlling everything.

He doesn't know anything.

>> I was in an alliance with

Shane, but I found out he

wanted to take Courtney to the

final two and so that pretty

much puts me off the hook.

I no longer feel any obligation.

>> Yeah?

>> ...and she's good.

>> I've done a really good job

of setting Shane up for a

situation like this.

Shane thinks I'm his puppy dog.

He thinks he can tell me to do

this and I'll do it because, up

until this point, I have.

Which really makes it easy

for me to do things pretty


>> I know that Shane is looking

to get rid of me, I'm looking

to get rid of him.

Terry's out for me, he's pissed

off, but I have a strong bond

with Aras and Cirie.

Cirie especially.

I just trust Cirie with my life.

Like, I really, really do.

It's so key in this game to have

one person at least that you can


So I'm pretty confident right

now with my alliance.

>> This one is going to go


>> Right.

>> And then the next one we'll

go Aras.

But we can't look like we're

betraying Aras, because then

he'll remember that on the jury.

>> Right.

>> And you're straight, you feel

good, and you're 100% with me?

>> 100%.

No problem.

>> You, Danielle and Aras

aren't ... me, correct?

>> No. No, no, no, no, no.

>> All right.

I feel good.

I think we're probably pretty

good to the three.

>> Yes.

Shane thinks that me, him and

Aras are going to vote for

Danielle when, in all actuality,

Aras and Danielle are going to

vote for Shane.

Aras and Danielle-- those are

the two people I've had the

longest alliance with.

At the same time, this is still

a game and you have to look at

it logically, because I think

Danielle will be able to beat

me in the final two.

Courtney didn't hold true to

Danielle's friendship, and I

think Bruce kind of had a love

affair with Danielle, and I

don't know if her and Austin

bonded at Exile Island when

they almost died.

So Danielle is a threat.

>> I think I've set myself up so

that I'm safe, and I feel like,

at this point, I could beat


I feel like I could.

I mean, I feel comfortable, as

comfortable as you can feel out



Like, am I going tonight?

Just let me know if I'm going


>> I love Aras, but I'm going

to do everything, everything

that I can do to get myself

further in the game.

So it is safe to say that

somebody's going to be

surprised tonight.

There's going to be huge

fireworks, bigger than the

Fourth of July.


>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.




and Courtney...

voted out at the last Tribal


Terry, let's talk about the

loved one challenge.

Was that a tough dilemma being

in charge of allocating the


>> It's always a tough charge

when you're put in almost a

"God" position.

But the initial thing for me,

obviously, was my wife, followed

by Shane and then H.B. got to

go see what Cirie was up to.

Uh, you know, I'm afraid if I

offended anybody, but I think it

all worked out okay.

>> PROBST: Cirie, how did your

husband like living at camp?

>> He was thankful for the

experience, um...

but ready to go home.

You know, he's like a city guy.

But for him to get to see what

we go through, it left him

extremely, extremely proud.

He said I was his hero.

Um, this is something once-in-a-

lifetime for us.

>> PROBST: Shane, you waited a

long time for Boston to get


>> It was, um...

Yesterday was unbelievable.

It was a magical, magical, like,

vacation with him and we were

just hanging and being dad and

son, and as I watched the sun

go down, I just thought to

myself there's absolutely

nowhere else on the planet

Earth I would rather be.

>> PROBST: Let's get to the

immunity challenge.

Terry wins again.

Five straight.

Aras, there's an obvious

competition between you two.

>> For me, it just becomes more

fun in a competitive sense.

You can look at it any way you

want, every time is a crack at


The thing of it is with Terry is

that he knows it just takes

one crack and he's done.

>> PROBST: At what point do you

stop saying "Just one crack and

he's done" and start saying

"Terry's looking pretty good

right now."

>> Well, Jeff, this way that I

look at it, is the challenges--

just one part of the game.

You can win all the challenges

you want.

If you don't win people over,

you don't win the million


>> PROBST: Shane, can you be

trusted at this point in the


>> Yes, absolutely.

I have not lied to anyone.

I have not cheated anyone.

My integrity is 100% intact.

>> PROBST: How about you,


Can you be trusted?

>> Um, when you feel like you

lose trust with someone or

someone's doing something

sneaky behind your back or

talking about voting you off

first, then you make a move.

That's how I look at it.

You have to make moves in the

game to further yourself.

I mean, that's the whole point

of the game, isn't it?

>> PROBST: I'm looking at the

immunity challenge today and

here's what I saw.

Cirie, Danielle working hard.

Terry, Aras working hard.

Shane pouring the water down

the wrong hole, kind of making


If you were less comfortable at

this point in the game, would

today's immunity challenge have

had a different feeling for you?

>> You know, I have one thing

in my favor which is, I feel

like I'm sort of being carried

to the end because I don't

know, I feel like everyone here

thinks they can beat me if we

get to the jury, or maybe more

easily than, like, Cirie who's

a mother of three and an

unbelievable person, or Aras

who's the golden boy who at any

point could levitate home, you

know what I mean?

There might be a little more

rust on me, you know?

>> PROBST: Danielle, how

worried are you, being two days

away, that you have no idea

what's in store tonight?

>> I'm scared.

I mean, I've been away for two

days on Exile Island.

You don't know what's going on,

you come back to camp and, you

know, there could be other

alliances formed or whatever.

I can only wish and pray.

I... I don't feel comfortable.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

Terry has the individual

immunity necklace.

You going to keep it?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: And once again this

hidden immunity idol has yet to

have come into play.

If somebody has it and they're

going to use it, they'll use it

after the vote.

It is time to vote.

Aras, you're up.

>> (whispers): Shane, sorry,


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Danielle, one vote



Two votes Shane.

12th person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island...


(Shane chuckling)

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: That's enough votes.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Oh, my God, I'm going to

have a chocolate ice-cream bar

in about one minute... I mean

one minute.

>> PROBST: Shane, the tribe has


>> PROBST: Well, the last two

Tribal Councils, the person

voted out has been absolutely

shocked, so if trust wasn't an

issue, it certainly will be

from here on out.

Six days left, grab your

torches, head back to camp.

Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> What are you talking about?

>> PROBST: Cirie stands up to


>> Make an attempt to talk to

people like you want to be

talked to.

>> Whoa!

>> PROBST: The Terry-Aras

rivalry gets personal.

Two battering rams!

And Danielle makes a move.

>> I will swear on it now.

>> We are going to go to the

finals, you and I.

>> It's the right time to align

myself with Terry.

>> Ah... I got duped.

I was blindsided.

I really thought that me, Aras,

and Cirie were, uh, locked in.

This will be the toughest thing

I ever do in the history of my


I just want to tell you, Bobo, I

love you so much, I'm sorry I

didn't win, I tried my hardest,

and Daddy's proud of himself,

although disappointed, and I

love you.