Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 1 - Survivor - full transcript

The 16 Survivors are divided into four tribes and learn about the dreaded Exile Island.

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>> JEFF PROBST: We are off the

coast of Panama on a remote

island that will play a dramatic

role in the lives of our 16

survivors over the next 39 days.

This is Exile Island.

Each week, at least one survivor

will be banished here, separated

from their tribe-- they'll have

no idea what's going on back at

camp-- and they'll be forced to

live on their own until they

return to the game.

But there is a silver lining to

Exile Island: it's a mystery

that could help one of our

survivors win the million

dollars and the title of sole


It's a twist like never before,

turning strategy on its head.

These 16 Americans have already

begun the adventure of a


They have been divided into four

tribes, each with four members.

They are strangers from

different walks of life, forced

to work together to create a new

society while battling the

elements and each other.

They must learn to adapt or

they'll be voted from the tribe.

In the end, only one will remain

to claim the million-dollar


39 days, 16 people, one...


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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

Come on in, guys.

Welcome to Survivor.

Cirie, what do you think about

the way you've been divided?

First reaction.

>> It looks like younger, older.

>> PROBST: Shane, is that what

it's sizing up to you?

>> Yeah, I mean, genders and

ages separated, the four of us.

I mean, it will be interesting.

I don't think this has ever

happened before.

>> PROBST: Shane's right.

For the first time ever, you

have been divided into four

tribes by age and gender:

Younger men versus younger women

versus the older men versus the

older women.

>> Uh... I thought I was young.


(laughing): I'm on the wrong


Why do they think I'm older?

Do I look older?

(older women laughing)

>> I would certainly prefer to

have some females on our team.

My personality, I can't help but

flirt with, you know, basically

any female I come into contact


>> There was the young beefcake

crowd, of which I was the

charter member and president,

and then there was the Love Boat

crowd, which was the older men,

and there was the Golden Girls

and then there was the Spice


It will be interesting to see

how things shake out.

>> PROBST: Let me tell you a

little bit about the island

you're on right now.

You will not be living here as

tribes, but over the next 39

days, many of you will be

spending some time out here


This is Exile Island.

Throughout this game, tribe

members will be banished to this

island, where you will have to

live with very meager supplies,

dealing with all the elements,

with nobody to watch your back.

And even worse, when you're on

Exile Island, you are not back

at your camp.

You are out of the loop and you

don't know what is going on.

Now I've got another surprise.

You're going to compete, right

now, in your first reward


>> Yeah.

>> Let's get it on.

>> I was just pumped that we had

a challenge right off the bat.

I mean, that's my forte, that's

my thing.

I'm an athlete, you know, I'm


That's what I came here for.

>> PROBST: All right, each tribe

will choose one person to run

for them.

On my go, you will race to the

other end of the island, where

you will find a pile of skulls.

Taking one skull at a time,

smash it on a rock.

Inside, you'll find a tightly

wrapped ball of fabric.

Untie it.

You're looking for an amulet,

not a stone.

Once you find an amulet, race

back to the finish.

The first three tribe members

back with an amulet win, for

their tribe, fire in the form of


In addition, the losing tribe

will choose one person to stay

behind on Exile Island, right

off the bat.

>> (whistling): Wow.

>> PROBST: Big enough stakes?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Definitely.

>> PROBST: All right, I know you

don't know each other very well,

but you got to make a decision.

I'll give you a second to


Who is going to run?

(all talking indistinctly)

>> PROBST: All right.

Older Women, who's going to run

the challenge?

>> Ruth-Marie.

>> PROBST: Older guys, who's it

going to be?

>> Terry.

>> PROBST: For the younger


>> Danielle.

>> PROBST: How about for the

younger guys?

>> Austin.

>> PROBST: Austin, Danielle,

Terry, Ruth-Marie, come up to

the start.

>> Let's go, Terry.

>> Look for the amulet.

Look for the amulet.

>> PROBST: For reward in the

form of fire.

Survivors ready.


(all shouting)

Austin down already.

Gotta get those jitters out.

>> Let's go, Terry.

>> (whispering): I hope she can

pound it.

>> PROBST: Here comes somebody.

>> Let's go, Terry!

Yeah, Terry!

>> PROBST: Terry back first, for

the older guys.

Only two amulets remaining.


>> Yeah!

>> There he is.

>> Austin!

>> PROBST: Austin back with the

second amulet for the younger


>> My boy, that's my boy.

>> PROBST: Older women, younger

women, getting nervous?

Nobody wants to stay behind


>> She's not a smasher.

>> God is gonna help her.

>> I just can't breathe until I

see her come up here.

>> Come on, Ruth, come on.

Come on, come on, come on, come

on, come on, come on, come on,

come on.

>> PROBST: Here comes the final


I don't know who's got it.

>> Lord, please let it be


>> PROBST: Ruth-Marie back with

the final amulet for the older


Older women, older men, younger

men all have amulets.

>> That's good, that's good,

that's great, you did it.

>> PROBST: Here she comes.


For the young men, fire.

For the older guys, fire.

The older women-- Ruth-Marie.

>> Yay!

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: For the younger

women, big disadvantage right

off the bat-- no fire, and the

worst news is you got to give me

a name now.

Who is going to stay behind at

Exile Island?

>> I'll stay.

>> Uh-uh.

>> You shouldn't have to.

>> I said, you know, "I lost the

challenge, I feel like I should

stay," and then the other girls

were like, "No, no, no, you


You just did the challenge."

You know, they were really cool

about it.

>> Should we, like, pick up

sticks or something?

Whoever gets the shortest?

>> Rock, paper, scissors?

>> That sounds great.

>> Can we do rock, paper,


>> PROBST: You can do whatever

you want.

(talking indistinctly)

>> No one really wanted to make

a decision in our group.

The whole time I'm holding my


I'm thinking, "Please, God, I

don't want to start off Survivor

on the losing end."

>> One, two, three, hit-- ready?

>> All right, I'm here.

But, you know, I'm the one who

got stuck sitting on Exile


>> PROBST: Misty is sticking


>> I'm staying.

>> PROBST: Here's how it's going

to work.

You will stay here until the

first immunity challenge, at

which point, you will return

back to your tribe.

You will compete.

There's one other element to

Exile Island.

Hidden somewhere on this island

is an immunity idol.

>> Ooh-hoo.

>> PROBST: So while you're out

here trying to figure out how to

survive, you ought to be looking

for it.

If you find the idol, you can

share that information with

whoever you want.

You can keep it a secret.

It's up to you.

The important thing to remember

is that you can use it anytime,

up through the final four, but

once there are only three of you

remaining, the idol can be used

no more.

But here's the best part: you

can hold on to that idol until

after the votes have been

revealed at Tribal Council.

That means you could have enough

votes to get you voted out, you

hold up that idol, you are now

immune, and the person with the

next most votes goes home.

It is a huge shift in how this

game is played.

Along the way, you'll be given

clues as to the whereabouts of

that idol.

Younger Guys, get out of here.

Here's a map.

Let's go.

Older Guys, here's a map to your


>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Have fun.

>> All righty.

>> PROBST: Older Women.


Sally, Danielle, Courtney,

here's a map to your beach.

The boat is waiting to take you


All right, Misty.

Tough way to start the game.

A few minutes in, you're

already left on your own.

Here's what you have on Exile

Island: one machete, one bucket

of water.

Water not going to do you a lot

of get good, 'cause you really

need to boil it before you drink

it, and you don't have fire.

You also have a lot of time to

think about why fate chose you

to be the first one out here,

which is also why immunity is

already so important.

And as for your first clue to

the whereabouts, I've already

given it to you.

Good luck.

See you at the immunity


>> Nice work out there, buddy.

>> Uh-huh!

(yelling like Tarzan)

>> Where's the map?

Who's got the map?

>> I am the first person exiled

to Exile Island.

I definitely feel very


I didn't expect this, this

soon, this early, so it came as

quite a shock.

Think, Misty, think.

Jeff did say there's an immunity

idol on the island, and he left

me with clues.

He said, "Why did fate leave

you behind?"

Behind me.

It seems to me like he was

trying to tell us that the

immunity idol was buried behind

us, where we were standing.

That was my guess, anyways.

Behind me.

I'm going to be definitely

searching for that immunity




>> Oh, we have a machete!

>> We walked up to the flag.

There was a pot and a machete.

The machete kind of scared me a

little bit.

I thought we might have to clear

an area to build a house or


And clearing areas kind of

scares me, because when you

clear the area, the things that

used to live there come out, and

I'm not good with things.

>> And bless our team.

Bless everyone here...

>> Amen.

>> Amen.

>> Amen.



>> To finally be at your beach

where your tribe flag is, is

huge, and then, of course, we're

like, "Where are we going to

build a shelter?

Where are we going to build a


Oh, my gosh, we've got to do


We only have two hours of


You know? So we went straight

into work mode.

>> Ooh, that's pretty cool



>> ♪ Burn, baby, burn ♪


>> ♪ Disco inferno... ♪

Okay, here we go, kids.

More of that stuff.

Keep her going.

>> Good job!

>> Good job!


>> Keep more sticks, more


>> People, I think that was a

fire in record time, thank you.

>> I'm serious.

>> Yes!

Well, starting a fire was highly

successful for us.

Once you hit that flint, holy

schnikes, it's like a Fourth of

July fireworks parade.

Sparks were going everywhere.

♪ Kumbaya, my Lord,

Kumbaya... ♪


>> The Older Women are

performing very well.

Tina, who has the most

interesting background-- she's

actually a log roller-- she is a

very, very resourceful woman.

>> Water is ours!

>> And so with Tina stepping

forward into the leadership

position, I'm happy to step back

and be one of the worker bees.


>> They're what?

You said something scared you.

>> There's a lot of scary stuff

around here, though.

>> I don't think Cirie has had

a lot of outdoor experience.

Heck, we went to gather leaves

to make a cushion for our bed

tonight, and she said she hates


Did anyone tell her what show

she was going on?

I'm, like, thinking, "Leaves are

the least of your problem,


>> Oh, yeah, keep it to him.

>> Bam.

You better not strike out.

That would be a bum.

We haven't really prioritized

anything yet, and we got to

figure out how are we going to

get water, how are we going to

get fire, how are we going to

get shelter?

Put your left hand, like, an

inch over my left hand.

And they're all left hand?

Try to get it as close without


Now right hands.

Now, now, uh...

All right, we're going to leave

our hands here until you guys

start to feel something.

You tell me when you start to

feel a little bit of energy.

All right, so right now, I want

you guys just to think, right

now, what we're going to do.

We're going to make fire.

>> Okay.

>> Okay.

>> All right?

Seriously, just take a second,

stop and think about that.

You guys feel anything in your


All right?

>> Aras, uh, has definitely...

He's got a lot of ideas.

Some of them are kind of

harebrained, out of left field,

like doing medication to get


>> All right, we'll make a...

>> (laughing): Machete?

>> It's over there.

>> It's right...

>> And it's, like, so grandiose.

Like, and you just want to go,

"Okay, how are you going to do


Like, we need to worry about


>> Use that power in the hand.

You got it.

>> Brace yourself.

>> Think about this thing and

catching it. Okay.


>> Oh, my hand.

>> Keep the faith.

Keep the faith, fellas.

>> I mean, is there something

we're just missing?

Like some component of

fire-building that everybody is

going to be, like, "Those four


>> No, we're getting sparks.

>> Our tribe's just hysterical.

I mean, we all established

within two hours of being here,

when we didn't have a fire

going, and hopelessly building

this pathetic shelter...

(clicks tongue)

We don't have a clue what we

are doing.


That's the shelter right there,


>> Look at that.

>> (chuckling): Yeah.

>> Where's Bob Vila when you

need him?

>> That is the sorriest shelter

I think we could have

possibly come up with.

>> Possibly.

>> Got to be proud of it.

First night, you know?

We wouldn't want to peak the

first night.

>> Let's just hope it doesn't


Right now, it's not.

(birds calling)

>> Oh, this is kind of cool,

too, this little... story.

>> We could do a lean-to.

>> Yeah.

We could... and it's flat.

>> Well, there are so many


I don't know.

We should keep looking.

Don't you think?

>> What would Misty like?

(laughing): What would...

>> It hasn't been the greatest

day for us.

We started off, like, you know,


Plus, you know, since we didn't

win the flint and, everyone else

did, we don't have fire, and

don't have water.

And we only have three of us,


And none of us has ever made a

shelter before.

It's such a cool tree, huh?

It seems like we could do

something with this.

>> I don't know.

>> I don't know.

>> I'm-I'm not...

Are you feeling it?

>> No.


>> Nope... Next!

>> I'm just kidding.

>> We are so back-and-forth

about where to pick our shelter.

We were being women:

"Huh. Do you think this will


"I don't know.

What do you think?"

"I don't know.

Is purple my color?"



>> Do you want to keep walking?

Other options?

>> I-I'm happy walking, just

checking out where we're living,

just for fun.

>> All right, let's check it


I started to get a little bit

frustrated with the whole, like,

where we should do the shelter.

If you see it and you like it,

don't even look any more,

because it's just a waste of

time at that point.

It's starting to get dark.

>> Oh, man!

How old this guy is.

Oh, man!

Dead, on this little beach.

Come on.

That's-That's really weird, huh?

Oh, we love you.

I thought it was really ironic

that the turtle, that

represents, like, mother and

goddess and, like, Native

American culture, and, that

like, this is the island where

three women, you know, are

living on.

It just to me, it just seemed

really significant.

I mean, they're just, like, such

a symbol.

Like, the turtle is Mother


Even more specifically, North

America is called Turtle Island.

>> Courtney's kind of just so

out there.

She had all this symbolism for a

dead sea turtle.

To me, it's just a turtle.

I cannot fake that I'm, like,

deep into this.

>> Should we just...

>> I don't... I don't know.

I'm thinking about high tide,

just, like, rolling her back in

the ocean or something.

>> Rolling it back in the ocean?

>> Yeah.

>> I think Courtney...

she overdramatizes things, I

believe, which is not needed.

We need to, you know,

build a shelter, catch food,

build a fire.

>> Oh, my gosh.

It just freaks me out, man.

>> There's so much to do and so

little time to do it.

(birds singing)


>> All right, Bruce.


>> Some I already cut.

>> Awesome!

>> We're feeling really good

because we got our fire and

boiling water.

You see any other smoke on any

of the other islands?

>> Let's make a rally up into

the thing and get some really

dry wood, 'cause we're putting

wet wood on the deal.

>> Okay.

>> We're stoked.

We're Older Guys, and we're

into this, and we're doing the

Boy Scout thing right now.

That's the best-smelling

stinking fire I've seen in a

long time.

When people come over here, if

they do, they're going to see a

roaring fire, and they're going

to see some shrimp on the


>> Can I trust you?

>> Yeah.


>> I'll never lie to you.

>> Okay.

>> And I expect you to never lie

to me.

>> I'll shake on that.

>> Yeah?

>> Yeah.

>> All right, we'll never lie to

each other.

>> No matter what.

>> All right.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.


>> That's awesome!

>> Yeah.

>> Well, I did do, do a little

white lie to you.

You know I am, you know, I'm an

American Airlines pilot...

>> Yeah.

>> ... but I-I didn't want

people knowing the military


Uh, yeah, I flew F-14s.

Aircraft carriers.

>> Terry's a great guy.

I found out he was a military

pilot, flew F-14s.

My background is that I retired

from NASA as an astronaut.

There are some similarities

between the expedition to space

and the expedition to a deserted


The teamwork concept is very

much alive on this island.

>> By the way, I'm getting

chewed to death right now.

I don't know if they're in the

sand, but...

>> Let's get all these back

first, and don't waste a lot of

energy on one.

>> We're coming!

>> I already want to start

calling people out because

they're moronic.

>> Come on!

>> I'm with the older guys, so

the older guys, I don't really

fit in with them all that much,

and they just want to work all

the time, and I'm exhausted.

I haven't had a cigarette.

You know, I smoke three packs of

cigarettes a day for 20 years,

and I haven't had a cigarette in

like, 31 hours.

I mean, I'm just at the end of

my rope.

I'm fried.

Yo, man, we also got to stop

worrying about hurting people's

feelings at this point.

Like, we're here.

All four of us don't need to

get the water.

All four of us don't need to

head to the path to find the

mud chute.

>> You're right.

>> Like... I'm, we're all


>> You betcha.

>> (whistles)

Do you have the machete?

I left it there.

>> What's Daffy Duck doing over


What's he doing over there?

I am not in a good spot, man.

I've got to get through this

detox for sure, the cigarette



I can't lash out at anybody.

I can't, I can't, I can't.

It is unbelievably hard.

And I've been here a day.

>> Woo-hoo!

(thunder rumbling)

>> Spending the night on Exile

Island was my worst nightmare.

I'm tired.

I'm hungry.

I'm really, really, really



My tribe mates, the three of

them hopefully are doing better

than me, so they're strong for

our next immunity challenge.

But, uh, I definitely feel at a

huge disadvantage.

And I'm the first one voted off

should we not win.

So, I have been digging around,

because Jeff mentioned that

whoever finds the immunity idol

on Exile Island doesn't have to

tell anyone else.

Well, I think that's going to be

a huge advantage, and I

definitely want to use it.

So when I see my tribe mates at

the next immunity challenge,

I'll trick them into thinking

that I found the immunity idol.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Misty,

returning from her stay on Exile


>> How you guys doing?

>> How's it going?

>> PROBST: So, Misty, how's

Exile Island?

>> It's been lonely, but it has

its advantages.

>> PROBST: What advantages does

Exile Island have?

>> Well, you told us there was

an immunity idol in there, and

you told us where it was, so...

>> PROBST: So you spent a little

time looking for it.

>> Enough.

>> PROBST: Okay, well, in this

game, there is nothing more

powerful than what?

>> Immunity.

>> PROBST: Immunity.

This is what you're playing for.

>> Yeah, baby!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: This is the immunity


There are three pieces to it

because at today's challenge,

three tribes will win immunity.

The losing tribe goes to Tribal

Council tonight, the first

person will be voted out of this


Today's challenge is going to

test you physically.

It is also going to test you


Here's how it works: all four

tribe members will start on the


On my "go," climb up and over a

barrier, swim out to your raft.

The raft is attached to a clip


Once you've released the raft,

start paddling to shore.

You'll then race up the beach

where you have to solve a


Your goal at the brainteaser is

to release a metal ring from the


Buried in the sand is a diagram

to help you.

Your dilemma is whether you

choose spend the time digging

that diagram up or solving the

puzzle on your own.

Once you release the metal ring,

you'll toss the ring out,

retrieve a grappling hook.

When you pull on the grappling

hook it drops a flag.

The first three tribes to drop

their flag win immunity.

Losing tribe, Tribal Council.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Swim out, we'll get


Here we go, for immunity,

survivors ready!


Up and over, one at a time.

Everybody over.

Tina bringing it up for the

older women.

Now you've got to get down and

unhook those rafts.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Older men are the

first ones free.

Younger women right behind.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Older women cannot

get their rope released.

Younger guys having trouble

with their rope.

Older men having a little bit of

trouble paddling now.

Younger women staying calm.

The older women have released

their boat!

Younger guys still trying to get

that rope free.

Everybody following the lead of

the younger women.

Young guys in serious trouble.

Still cannot get it free.

They're swapping out.

Young women doing a good job.

Older men making progress.

Older women have it going on.

Younger guys have their rope


All four tribes paddling to


>> Back, paddle back, backwards,

keep going backwards, you're

steering us.

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Young women are first

back to the beach.

Moving on to the brainteaser.

Older men, right behind.

Trying to free that metal ring.

>> Here we go guys, let's do


>> PROBST: Both tribes are

putting two people on the puzzle

and two people digging.

>> Here, we've got to get the

green rope out from here.

>> Let's see if we can get

through this.

>> PROBST: The older women are

now in it.

Younger women have found the


Young guys in serious trouble.

Younger women making progress.

Melinda watching them.

While Cirie, Ruth-Marie, and

Tina dig.

Younger guys finally in.

>> Hold on.

>> PROBST: Young guys are moving

on to the brainteaser.

>> This around, this around.

>> PROBST: Tina, Ruth-Marie,

Cirie still looking for the


Melinda trying to get a clue,

not digging.

That could be costly.

Young women have figured it out!

Young women are close.

That could do it.

Yank on it.

They've got it.

Younger women have immunity!

>> All right!

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: 12 people still out


You just don't want to be last.

>> I got it!

I got it!

>> PROBST: Dan has the clue for

the older men.

Younger men have the diagram.

The older women have it.

>> Lift both rigs up, both

rigs up.

>> Hold it, let me look, let me


>> PROBST: Austin's bleeding.

Nick is bleeding, and they're

nowhere closer.

>> It's out, it's out, it's out!

>> PROBST: Older men have their

ring free.

Catch that hook, and you've got


Bruce hooks it on his first


Older men win immunity!

They are safe from Tribal


Down to two tribes, one immunity


Older women, younger guys.

>> This has to be straight.

>> ...And up and over it.

>> Look it, we're one twist


>> Yeah, we've go it, we've got

it, we got it!

>> PROBST: The guys think

they're making some progress.

And they have.

The guys have solved it.

Older ladies, you better kick it

into gear.

This is about over.

>> But look at this though,

this is step number two.

>> PROBST: You got to toss it

over that grappling hook.


Older women still in it.

>> Go, keeping going, keep


>> PROBST: Down to two tribes.

Somebody going to Tribal


That could do it!

Younger men win immunity!

Older women going to Tribal


>> (cheering)

>> PROBST: Young guys, I don't

know how you pulled it out.

You got immunity.

Older guys, you've got immunity.

Because the young women finished

first, you get the bulk of the


Maybe it has a little more

spiritual power.

The older women came up short.

Tribal Council tonight, one of

the four of you going home.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who that's going to be.

Head on back to camp.

>> Tina, I'm thinking about

getting water.

>> Go ahead and get water.

>> Are you good with that?

>> Yeah. Water and wood in a


Well, we lost the challenge,

and, uh, someone has to go home

now... from our tribe.

I'm really nervous.

I don't feel like I'm the most

physically fit person on the


I don't want to be the first one

to go home.

>> Well, we're going to go get


>> (crying): I wrote this in the

sand for my son.

Charlie was killed in a car

accident just around four and a

half months ago.

And he was just 16 years old...

and he was my only child.

I am sad...

because I miss him.

But I would like to keep that to

myself for now.

So, I will come and talk to him

once in a while...


>> any challenges?

And she said, "Well, no."

So, I mean...

>> I don't like to say that I'm

gunning for anyone, but I don't

want to go home.

So I'm going to try to get rid

of the lumberjack lady.

>> And I think Tina's starting

to aggravate her, just a little


Because she was like, "I mean, I

really like her, but she is kind

of loud."

>> Whoa!

That's a fish.

That thing is breathing.

Oh, my God.

Obviously, with the tide going

out, he must've got caught

here, and he's going to

become... (screams)

You little...


He's a little son of a gun.

Big one!

>> Are you lying?

>> I'm not.

>> How did you catch a fish?

>> With my bare hands.

>> Oh, my...

>> Are you lying?

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> Okay, now, um, how do we want

to cook it?

>> Don't we need to fry it?

>> Yeah.

>> I mean, skewer it.

>> We can do it however you want

to do it.

>> There are a hundred reasons

to keep Tina.

She's a workhorse.

She caught a fish today.

I mean, honestly, there are a

gazillion reasons to keep her.

>> Let's go clean it.

>> We're going to fry him up.

>> I do think that Cirie's the

weak link right now.

>> Do you want to do it?

Go ahead and do it.

>> That's a big fish, you guys.

>> Slippery sucker.

I scaled the fish.

It's almost like everything that

I do is kind of like to ensure

to Ruth-Marie and Melinda that

we'll be okay without the

lumberjack lady.

And I hope it's working out.

>> PROBST: Behind each of you is

a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch

and approach the flame,

dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual at

Tribal Council because, in this

game, fire represents your life:

as long as you have it, you're

still in the game; when your

fire's gone, so are you.

Take a seat.

Well, welcome to Tribal Council.

Not where you want to be.

Melinda, been out here three


Tougher than you thought?

Less tough than you expected?

No, I would say that I'm

currently in Panamanian Hell,

right about now.

I mean, this is, by far, the

hardest thing that I've ever

done in my entire life.

And it's because it's


It's mentally, physically,

emotionally, spiritually,

I mean, that's why it's so


You should try it.

>> PROBST: It that right, Cirie?

>> Absolutely.

I've never lived outdoors.

I've never even slept outdoors.

So, for the people at home that

are like me, on the couch, stay

on the couch.


>> I completely agree.

>> Seriously, it's totally crazy

to me.

But now that I'm here, I want to

do more.

>> PROBST: How you doing, Tina?

>> I think I'm doing well.

I think it's been exciting to be

out there.

And I knew it was going to be

very difficult, but, um, I'm

pretty confident in what I know

how to do.

And I've been living outdoors

all my life.

Ruth-Marie, that's got to be

a little comforting to have

somebody on your tribe who feels

very comfortable in the


>> Very much so.

It's been wonderful.

We have someone who had those

abilities and took charge.

And I think we did a good job

of saying, you know, let her

take the ball, run with it, and

we'll try to fill in the gaps.

>> PROBST: Cirie, it's starting

to sound like, in some ways,

Tina is leading you through

these first three days.

>> Yeah, you can say that.

She... kind of took that


She did know how to start the


Um, she found the water.

>> PROBST: Those are two huge


Starting fire and finding

the water are gigantic.

>> Well, if Tina didn't find the

water, I'm sure one of the three

of us could have found the

water; and I believe we can

start fire.

She just stepped up and started

doing things, so, I mean,

what do you do, break her arm,

don't do that, don't start

the fire?

Don't go fish?

>> TINA: Do you think these

other three are pulling their


>> Um, not as much as I would

like to.

I have a really huge work ethic.

But I feel like if I keep

saying, let's get more firewood,

let's go find a fishing spot,

they're going to look at me as

a bigger leader than I am, and

then my head's on the chopping


So I just go out by myself and

work hard and have a good life.

>> PROBST: Melinda, any

disagreement on that?

>> Um, no offense to Tina,

because she really has been out

there working, but it's not like

she's out there working and the

three of us are taking a nap.

I mean, all four of us are

constantly doing something.

It's just that we might not be

doing the same thing Tina's


>> PROBST: Okay, well, three

days in, only four people;

sadly, there is very little room

to hide.

One of the four of you is about

to go home.

It is time to vote.

Melinda, you're up.

>> I wish I could've learned

more about you.

We just didn't click.

>> Somebody has to go, and your

fear of leaves was my biggest

factor because we have to go in

the leaves too.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Tina.


One vote Tina, one vote Cirie.


Two votes Tina, one vote Cirie,

one vote left.

First person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island.

Tina, would you bring my your


Tina, your tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Have fun.

>> PROBST: Well, you're only

three days in to what all of you

have agreed is already the

toughest thing you've ever done,

and yet, you vote out the one

person who could make your life

a little easier.

Be interesting to see how it

plays out.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


A twist on Exile Island raises

the stakes.

>> Ah...

>> PROBST: The pressure gets to


>> There's no reason for me to

be doing this.

>> Shane wants to quit.

Let him quit.

>> PROBST: And the storm moves


>> This place breeds bad luck.

(thunder crashes)

>> I think the girls made a huge

mistake, voting me out.

I hope they do terribly.

Working hard is what I do, and I

think it worked against me on

this one, but I would not have

been able to change a thing,

'cause that's just who I am.

That was really a great


I have no regrets.

I was just with the wrong girls.