Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 8 - Survivor - full transcript

The hunt begins for the second Immunity idol hidden in the Guatemalan jungle.

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PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, the physical nature

of the game took its toll on


>> Everybody over here at Yaxha

has these things all over


Got a long way to go on the game

so probably gonna get a lot

more banged up than this.

>> PROBST: At the challenge the

tribes competed for a sweet


Today you are playing for


>> Oh, my God.

Also, the winning tribe will get

a chance to take part in a zip

line canopy tour of the jungles

of Guatemala.

Survivors ready? Go.

Nakum fell behind.

Bobby Jon is out.

Nakum panicking.

As Yaxha sprinted to victory.

Yaxha wins reward.

Flying high from their win,

Yaxha took the ride of their


>> We got to swing through the

jungle on these cables and felt

just majestic.

>> PROBST: And at the end of the

tour they found their chocolate


>> I'm gonna remember today for

two reasons.

The day I went rip cording

through a jungle, and the day

that I ate the most chocolate

I have ever eaten in my

entire life.

>> PROBST: The next day Yaxha

surprised Nakum with a visit.

>> Hi!

>> Oh, what are you guys up to,


>> It's my birthday so we

figured we would invite you for

a pool party.

>> PROBST: At the party, Jamie

didn't like the idea of the two

tribes meeting.

>> I was worried that maybe

Stephanie was getting along too

well with other people, maybe

she would, you know, form bonds


I'm here for business.

And everyone else should be


>> PROBST: For immunity the

tribes raced to unearth pieces

of a puzzle.

They're heavy with that sand.

The game was close but Nakum

assembled their puzzle first.

Nakum wins immunity!

Back at Yaxha, Amy felt she was

next to go.

>> I knew going into this if we

didn't win the immunity I had an

uphill battle.

>> PROBST: But Brandon and Danni

were still undecided.

>> I was hoping it wouldn't come

to this, you know?

>> Yeah.

>> I'm conflicted because here I

have my alliance with Bobby Jon,

but I believe that Gary and Amy

maybe deserve to be here a

little bit more than he does.

>> PROBST: With Bobby Jon and

Amy both at risk, the tribe

voted out the weaker of the two.

Then the game took an unexpected


The four of you will not go back

to your camp.

You will go directly to Nakum's


All of your personal items, all

the rewards you've won, will be


You are going to merge into one

new tribe.

Ten are left, who will be voted

out tonight?

( theme song playing )

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(animals calling)

>> We just went to Tribal

Council and then Jeff turns to

us and says here is your new

buffs, you are not going back to

your camp, you are heading over

to Nakum for a merge.

>> We were walking up to the

Nakum camp for the first time;

myself, Danni, Brandon and Gary,

and we just told each other

look, hey, we're in this thing

together, and we don't know

what's going to happen.

>> I twisted my ankle.

>> It was real tough for me to

walk in here tonight because I

can't be around Stephanie for

more than five minutes without

wanting to vomit.

And I can't be around Jamie for

more than five minutes without

wanting to knock him out.

So I don't know what I'm going

to do.

>> We have some new buffs for


>> Hey!

>> Oh, my God.

>> Gary.

>> What's up, big fella?

>> Gary.

>> What's going on?

What happened?

>> Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

>> Who got voted out?

>> Amy.

>> They brought us straight

from tribal.

>> Are you freaking kidding?

>> Merge, baby, merge.

>> Hey, ya'll, why don't you

come over here and get a buff.

>> These are nice, huh?

>> And they don't stink.

>> Yaxha came here immediately

after Tribal Council and

basically gave us new buffs and

told us there was a merge.

So we were all thrown for a


My head is, like, spinning.

>> Come on, let's get that fire


>> I just came into camp and

started doing my thing, man.

Right when I started getting the

fire, here comes Jamie over


>> There's not room in the


I hope they don't mind sleeping


>> He said something smart, I'm

just like, "Dude, you going

to say one more thing to me I'm

going to knock every one of your

teeth slam out of your head."

>> Ooh. Is that a log?

>> Yeah.

>> Wow!

>> Bobby Jon is just looking for

something to do, man.


>> I ain't trying to be the


>> You gonna chill out, brother,

or what?

>> This morning woke up, and,

you know, like I mean it wasn't

a dream after all.

We really merged and everything.

And you know, a new tribe.

And you think, "Whee," you know,

one big happy family.

That's not how it works.


>> I don't think we have any

more wood to get.

I think you're okay.

Why don't you sit down?

>> Nakum, we came over...

I didn't think they were that

warm and friendly.

Brandon, Bobby Jon and myself,

I think Gary does, too,

we feel kind of like we are

slaves, because we know our

head's on the chopping block and

we will try to do what you can

to stick around.

But you feel like an outsider.

>> This whole deal kind of


You know, there's four of us

from the Yaxha tribe and six of

them from the Nakum tribe.

>> Now we can make room on the


Should we put it on the grill or


>> I think myself or Bobby Jon

are probably gonna be first on

the chopping block.

We are probably most likely to

get immunity, so they want to

get those guys out first.

And things aren't looking very

up to tell you the truth.

>> I hope it's not a freakin'

Reward Challenge.

We'll open tree mail and

there'll be a pig inside.

>> Or a Mayan feast.

Oh, my God.

It's a basket.

It's a basket.

What is it?

>> Okay, here we go.

>> "Congratulations, you are now

one tribe.

Here's your new flag and paints

for you to add to your new tribe


If you are feeling bored around

camp or could use some peace of

mind in this game, there is a

small individual immunity idol

hidden in the woods.

This is in addition to any

individual immunity you win at


It is about six inches tall and

is made of stone."

>> What?

>> "Find it and you have power.

You can use it at any time to

save yourself.

"You don't need to tell anyone

you have it, but if are you

going to use it, you must

"present it at any Tribal

Council before the vote."

>> "But the idol's powers expire

when are you down to the Final


>> So hidden somewhere in the

woods there is an idol that will

give us immunity that we can use

at any Tribal Council up to the

Final Four.

Somewhere there's individual

immunity hidden in the woods

to use any time you want.

>> We got tree mail saying that

there's a little immunity idol

about this big in a jungle

that's this big.

>> So the search is on.

Finding the secret immunity idol

could be huge for anyone.

If you use it right, you can

almost guarantee yourself to the

Final Four.

>> You checking this area out?

>> I think it's going to be

someplace around the temple,

don't you?

>> If I find the idol, I am not

telling anybody.

I wouldn't come prancing into

camp saying, "Hey, I found the


No way. I wouldn't do it.

>> It's going to be like finding

a needle in the hay stack.

You could be looking for days

and days and days for the damn

thing and still not find it.

And I got a target right on my

head, you know.

And so I could really use it.

Like, really.

>> Got to find that idol, man.

>> Bobby Jon was looking for the


And he said, "I'm not asking for

an alliance or anything like


He's like, "I'm just asking to

help me out so at least I make

the jury this time."

And I said, you know, "I totally

understand but I can't make any


It's going to be either him or

Brandon that goes.

>> Good morning, everyone.

So, have we thought of a name?


>> What's that?

>> Have we thought of a name?

>> What are you thinking, Cindy?

>> Take the two names and blend


>> Yeah.

>> Xhakum.

>> I like that.

That sounds catchy.

Ba-ba-boom, Xhakum. Hey!

>> I wanted to get our new

Xhakum flag started.

Xhakum to us means to us Yaxha

and Nakum put together.

So we are one big happy tribe,

right now.

Everything is A-OK.

>> Oh, it's so beautiful, you


>> That looks nice, huh?

>> Xhakum.

Very nice.

Look at that.

>> What's up?

>> The quest for the idol is

still under way.

I can tell you where it is

not, back there.

>> It's not back there?

>> Mm-mm.

>> Also not back there.

>> That idol could be worth a

million dollars.

I have been looking for it

because I don't want any of the

old Yaxha to have it.

That would put a hurting on my


>> I've got to take a leak.

Maybe I will take a leak all

over that idol.

>> Me, Gary, Danni and Brandon

up here are sitting ducks pretty


So I spend about an hour each

day looking for the immunity

idol, because I'm not done yet.

It's going to be found.

That's the thing.

It's going to be found for sure.

We just don't know when or who's

going to find it.

And you can drive yourself nuts

looking for it.

>> So you went to that place

over there where we get all the


>> I'm not even going to look

any more.

It's driving me crazy.

I have to take a break for a

little bit.

I mean I'm exhausted, man.

Up and down, up and down, up and


>> Let's just go chill then.

>> I really want to find it.

I really feel like it's here but

I cannot find it anywhere.

And I'm horrible at looking for


I'm just the worst person at

finding anything in the world.

So my odds of getting this

immunity idol are a little bit


( insects buzzing )

I'm searching for the immunity

idol and I reach up and put my

hand, like, in a hornet's nest

at the top of this temple.

I just got attacked by hornets.

I'm done.

That was just the signal from

the Mayan gods that I am not

meant to find this idol.

>> What you doing there, big


>> I'm just going to make a

couple more flies up, just in


>> For all those big fish we're

going to catch.

>> Yeah.

>> Right.

>> Fish fry.

>> Yeah.

I was really expecting

some sort of food.

Because it seems like in the

game of Survivor whenever a

season merges or the teams

switch, or anything big happens

where people come together,

there is always food involved.

And I mean, an immunity idol

like that is cool and all, but

we're like starving.

So I would much rather feast.

But whatever.


>> This will be the first time

there's ever a merge without

a celebration.

>> That's pretty sad.

>> I'm sad already.

>> You know, we had camp over at

Yaxha, it was positive.

We had fun.

We all got along.

And come over here, and it is

just like, they just complain

all the time.

>> Come on.

Two days into the merge already

and we didn't have a feast?

>> That's retarded.

>> I'm bored out of my mind,


>> It was just so negative here

at camp.

I mean, just complaining about

not having food or not having

anything to do.

And so we just said we needed to

get out, get away for a little


Go fishing.

>> Do you want to go fishing?

>> Ready?

>> Yeah, fishing.

>> Keep dreaming, baby.

>> Is there any chocolate left?

>> Do we have any honey left?

>> We are devils.

>> I don't care. They went

fishing and it's a slap in the

face, you know?

>> I can't believe they are all

really that dumb to all go


>> If they were even strategic

they wouldn't have gone all

together to go fishing because

they wouldn't leave us six

here to plot our next plan.

>> You know, we can hang out and

eat honey while they go fishing.

I'm not, like...

I'm not totally cool with that

kind of like that kind of

attitude like we are in control


So we don't have to do anything.

And we have to make them do


>> It's like we're at war, man.


We have to do all their bitch

work and they get to raid all

our resources and all our other

stuff that we worked hard to


>> They went right through our

stuff when we came over.

Didn't even ask.

>> Like a bunch of pigs.

>> All right, let's do this.

Whoever catches the biggest fish

goes home first.

>> Yeah, whoever catches the

biggest fish goes home first.

>> You guys are crazy.

>> How does that sound?

>> I kind of had this really sad


Am I a member of the axis of


>> Man, they better bring some

fish back.

>> They better get their ass up

tomorrow morning, too.

Before they catch a damn six

footer, man.

>> Bashing people when they are

not around to bring group unity

is not a pretty way to play this


>> Let's make sure we got it.

>> So Brandon. Brandon...

>> Is that what we said?

>> Brandon, Bobby Jon and then


>> Right.

>> Stephanie bitches a lot, man.

>> She sure does.

All they do is complain.

>> They complain so much.

Talk about food, complain.

You ain't going to eat on


They ain't never ate on


You ain't going to eat on this


You ain't going to eat on the

next Survivor.

So why you want to talk about


>> If we are smart we will go

ahead and not worry about it,

and we'll just keep knocking

them off like we wanted to.

>> Knock them out one by one.

>> Nobody over there is going to

save anybody's ass.

They are all out there for


That is how it was in the old


>> It's not time to be nice


It's time to protect our

investment of, you know, blood

and sweat, and it's time to let

those guys go home.

>> We're awesome and everybody

else sucks.

>> I say they are some of the

most wonderful people I ever met

in my life.

>> I'll say it right back.

All of them.


(overlapping chatter)

>> Nice, nice having this pool

right next to our camp.

Unfortunately, our beach is like

quicksand so it had to be

anchored out here, so we come

and go as a tribe, which is kind

of nice.

For those days that we're really

bored and our days off and

stuff, we just hang out here and

just enjoy ourselves.

>> Everybody just kind of

hanging out, kind of waiting on

tree mail, to be honest with


I don't think, I don't know,

I just don't think that the

Nakum's fairy tale right now is

going to quite come true.

They really think that those six

are going to make it down to the

final six.

But for some reason I just don't

think that's going to happen.

>> It's a box.

>> What the heck?

>> What the heck?

>> I don't know.

A message.

>> "'I don't need practice,'

former Survivors have said,

'carrying a pot around on my


So if you feel safe,

"ignore this note, and be

prepared to cast your next


>> Balance a pot?

>> Holy cow.

Who wants to try it?

>> I bet Lydia is good, she has

a low center of gravity.

>> We just have to stand there

with a damn pot on our heads.

You're a pot head.

>> This is going to be the first

individual immunity challenge.

So it's going to be quite


A lot of heads are going to be

rolling today.

>> I'm standing with it.

>> I can stand all day with it,

it's the walking.

>> That's the whole challenge.

>> I keep telling myself I'm not

out of this sucker yet.

Just get pumped up.

And that's what I got to do to

win because I've got a long road

ahead of me, if I'm going to do


>> I have a dome-shaped head, so

I'm S.O.L.

>> Whoa!

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, God.

>> PROBST: How is everybody


>> Pretty good.

>> PROBST: First thing's first,

take back the idol.

And I will take back the old


Don't need the buffs any more.

Immunity idol is of no longer

any value.

Individual immunity is what you

covet from here on out.

So catch me up.

What's the new name of the


>> Xhakum.

>> PROBST: Xhakum.

How'd the merge go down?

There was a few of you guys

that were probably sleeping when

you got some visitors.

Jamie, what was it like for you?

>> I was thinking there is not

room in the shelter, hope they

don't mind sleeping outside.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, what kind

welcome is that to say, "Hey,

you know, we don't have enough

room for everybody so some of

"you are gonna have to sleep


>> I'm not going to

ever pour myself on anybody.

I would just soon as sleep in a

tree with the howling monkeys.

It don't matter to me.

I'm out here to play the game

and do what I've got to do.

>> PROBST: Cindy, anything you

expected coming with the merge

that didn't come?

>> I think we all expected some

sort of a snack or you know a

treat, some sort of celebration

because, you know, we've all

come together.

It's almost like you know, a new


But here it was, all we have is

corn and nuts and hauling water.

>> PROBST: Well, it is true that

in the past part of the

tradition of a merge has been a

merge feast.

That tradition will continue

today, but with a twist.

If with Tribal Council looming

tonight you still feel very

secure in this tribe, don't

really think you need immunity

around your neck, you don't have

to participate at all.

Instead you can plop over here,

have a seat behind the feast and

eat and eat and eat.

If on the other hand you feel

like maybe are you a little bit

in trouble, your head might be

on the chopping block, you can

opt to take part in the


But if you participate in the

challenge, you don't eat.

>> Oh, my God.

>> You will each have in your

hand one ramon nut and one jade


When I tell you to, you're

going to show me the one

that tells me what you want to


Jade represents challenge.

Ramon nut means "I want to eat,

I'm not going to take part in

the challenge."

Everybody got your choice?

Three, two, one, reveal.

Rafe feels confident.

He's eating.

Take a spot over there behind

the feast.

Gary is going to participate in

the challenge.

Bobby Jon's gonna be in the


Jamie is hungry, take a spot in

the feast.

Steph feels lucky, take a spot

in the feast.

Judd is going to participate in

the challenge.

Cindy is in the challenge.

Brandon is in the challenge.

Lydia is going to fill her

belly-- take a spot behind the


Danni is in the challenge.

You guys can go and take a

spot, but don't start eating


All right, let me explain the


You are going to balance a clay

pot on your head for as long as

you can.

You cannot touch the pot with

your hands.

If you do you are out.

You cannot step off a small cube

which you will be standing on.

Last person left standing with

that pot on their head wins

immunity, is safe tonight at

Tribal Council.

If after one hour we are still

going, we will move to a tie


Make sense?

We'll get started.

Everybody's pot is in place and

this challenge has begun.

You can start eating.

>> Oh, my God.

>> It's good.

>> This is so good.

>> PROBST: How's the food?

>> Good.

>> Mmm. Very good.

>> PROBST: Did you expect to see

four people sitting down to eat?

>> Brandon and Bobby Jon know

they have a chance to go home


They are the best two athletes

in the group.

I think Judd wants to protect

our lead.

I look up to him for it.

>> I thought we were one tribe.

>> You know it's not one tribe.

>> Yeah, but...

>> So why are you saying that

right now?

>> Well, because I can.

And I will.

And I want to.

>> PROBST: Well, Jamie so you le

the cat out of the bag.

So clearly it is no big secret.

You said Judd is up there

"protecting our lead."

Whose the "our"?

It must be you four and Judd.

So it's tribal lines all the


>> Yup.

>> I have been knowing the whole

time what is going on.

>> Bobby Jon, you knew you had

to win immunity today, bud.

>> I'm not trying to, it's just

when you start going off at the

mouth I'm ain't gonna let you

big boy me though.

>> PROBST: You are 30 minutes in

Never has 30 minutes seemed so


>> Good job, Judd.

>> How are you doing, Bobby Jon?


>> Are you consciously trying to

rub it in?

>> PROBST: Danni makes the

slightest move, Danni's out.

Take a spot on the mat.

And we are reaching the end of

the hour.

Five, four, three, two, one.

You're there.

Cindy, Brandon, Gary, Judd,

Bobby Jon, moving on to a tie


Slowly bring your hands up to

your pot.

Step down.

>> Good job, guys.


>> PROBST: Let's go.

Head over to the pyramid.

For the tie breaker, you will

race up the steps of the


No hands can touch your pot at

any time.

First person to the top or the

person who goes the furthest,

without breaking their pot wins


Here we go, guys. Survivors



Gary and Brandon moving out


Bobby Jon right behind.

Cindy's out.

It's Gary and Brandon.

Bobby Jon coming up.

Brandon's out.

Bobby Jon's out.

>> Way to go Gary!

>> PROBST: Gary wins immunity.

Nice job.

>> Good job, guys.

>> PROBST: Gary, the only person

safe from Tribal Council tonight

unless someone finds the hidden

immunity idol or perhaps has

already found it.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who is going home.

See you at tribal.

Head on back.

>> I swear right now, I'm not

eating again.

>> I don't care what you do.

You guys can do whatever you


I don't care what you do.

>> Unless everybody's going to

eat, I'm not eating.

>> You know me, I don't care

what you do.

You want to eat, you eat.

You don't want to eat, you don't

eat. I don't care.

I was just going in there to

compete, man. That's it.

>> Me? 'Cause you're so hot?

>> I think everybody should shut

up, I'm concentrating and you

keep yapping your mouth,

I'm like "Dude, shut up, man.

Shut up, man.

I can't listen to you right


>> Yaxha, we came into the merge

with just four people.

And Nakum had six.

And so obviously Jamie called it

out today.

We knew our head was on the

chopping block.

But he really called it out


I thought he was very cocky,

very arrogant and just a slap in

the face.

>> It wasn't like we were like

are not welcome here and get


>> Jamie did not show class at

the challenge whatsoever.

And I think everyone agrees on


People are seeing this nature in

him, this immaturity and they're

not liking it very much.

Even Judd's just like, the

dude's got keep his mouth shut.

>> Dude, shut up, man, shut up.

Argue later or don't even argue

at all, man.

>> We told him again and again

just keep some of your thoughts

to yourself.

Because I think it's starting to

come around.

It may come around and get him.

>> I just feel so crappy today,

you know what I mean?

Because like, I know who I want

to be voting with.

>> Yeah.

>> I've kind of been asking

myself like why are you

sleeping with the devil,


And today at the feast it was

like everything just

crystallized in front of my


I cannot respect myself and go

far in this game with Jamie.

>> We're just basically saying

that Jamie is getting a little

too cocky and he's not...

>> I am not going to tell him


I'm not here to baby-sit nobody.

>> Right. And we've told him.

>> I told him twice.

>> Oh, we are supposed to stand

there and take it.

>> You didn't say a damn word.

You can't talk when we are in

the middle of a challenge.

>> I know.

>> Jamie is being an idiot right


And he's sitting there, digging

his own hole in his own tribe.

He's probably going home


I see these people in this

tribe, and they're like, they

can't take him anymore.

He's being arrogant, he's being


All he does is mouth off and go

to challenges.

At the immunity challenge I was

thinking what if I slipped off

this platform with this bucket

on my head and smashed it over

his head?

>> I was telling Brandon, it

sucks, you know, but if you are

the best athlete here, you're

going to be going, you know?

>> I don't think like that.

I look at people's character.

>> If you had your choice, who'd

be going home?

>> Man, I ain't even thinking

about it right now, Jamie, to be

honest with you.

>> Because your head is not on

the chopping block, or what?

>> Huh? Is my head on the

chopping block?

>> I said it's not on the

chopping block, so you're just


>> I'm not thinking about it.

I mean, dude, you know what?

if I do go home tonight, then I

go home.

>> But you know, Brandon's head

is on the chopping block.

>> I definitely wouldn't let

Brandon go home.

>> That is whose head is on the

chopping block today.

>> Well, I know mine is too.

>> Well, you, you say that but

you know Brandon's head is on

the chopping block.

>> Well, you're telling me it


>> You know it is.

>> I know mine is, too.

>> I have been honest this whole

game, told everybody what is up

and you can't even tell me who

are you sending home.

If you think you'd like to see

me go home, then just say it.

>> No.

>> We are all good farm boys so

if you got to say something,

say something.

>> Are you serious, man?

>> I guess they could afford to

lose one guy.

They're still gonna have us


>> I'll be damned, man, if it

works out like that.

I'm going to crap my pants if it

works out like that.

>> I bet you I'm better at

crushing corn than you are.

>> Is that a challenge?

>> I just had this, you know, I

have been mentally prepared for

going home.

I have been thinking about like,

oh, man, going home, 21 days,

three weeks.

It was a good run, and you know,

getting prepared.

And now this comes by.

(thunder rumbling)

>> Finding that immunity idol

would be awesome.

But you don't know if you over-

looked it.

If you're not looking in the

right spot.

I mean, I could search out here

all day long and not find the

damn thing.

Hell, it's only six inches big,

and I don't even know what color

it looks like.

I guess really I'm hoping that

this one deal goes through and

uh, Jamie gets booted off rather

than... not myself.

People have been saying that

the whole time, like, "This

is Survivor."

Things get pushed around, it

will change.

Something will happen.

And something is starting to


>> If we do what's right, we

vote for Jamie.

If we do what's right.

Integrity and what's right.

There are five voting against

him, that's numbers.

>> Yeah, but then like,

you know, where does that leave


>> Still on top, because then

there's nine.

>> Cindy, hey, do whatever you

need to do, you know what I


It's your thing.

>> But do what you need to do.

>> I don't know. I don't know

what to do.

It's really difficult.

I told the numbers of six, that,

you know, I'm voting for Brandon

because that is what we decided.

But my heart tells me to vote

for Jamie because I think

Brandon deserves to be here more

than Jamie.

But this game is not about who

you care the most about because

at some point you have to get

rid of everybody if you are

going to win.

So it is really very difficult.

I won't know until I write the

name down on the paper.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about

today's events, a lot going on

out there.

Some people choosing to eat,

some taking part in the


Rafe, were you are surprised

when Jamie said "Judd's up there

to protect our lead," implying

he's up there to protect this


>> For me it was hard to hear

the comments Jamie was making,

just because I didn't want it to

become something like us versus

them or six versus four or

anything like that.

Which I guess was a little bit

naive in the game of Survivor.

This is a game about numbers.

But this is also a game about

respecting each other and, like,

I get really frustrated when we

don't do that.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, where does

it sit with you?

>> I just thought that was just

no class.

I mean, for somebody to sit

there and say, you know, "Go

Judd, whoo-whoo."

I'm just like that is just no


I mean yeah, it's 6-4, whatever,

I know that.

That was just no class.

>> I have class.

So he can think what he wants to


I'm the bigger man.

>> Man, just shut up, dude, I

mean, God.

>> Bobby Jon, I think no class

is when you have a chance for

immunity but you knew you had

the numbers so you didn't even

ask for it.

You thought you were too good to

ask for it.

>> 'Cause I knew that night I

was safe and I am an adult.

>> Try and let the people battle

for it who need it.

>> Brian needed immunity that


He could have asked for it.

He didn't get it and I could

have gone home.

And Jeff was sitting right


>> You weren't trying to save

Brian, though.

>> I don't even know what you

are saying, man.

>> I don't even know what you

are saying, but...

>> Stop. Stop.

>> I will let you have what you

want to have.

>> Okay, okay.

>> No one says I have no class.

You know, that is just


I didn't disrespect him like


I'm sorry I didn't play in that

game today, but we we'll see who

the bigger man is on the field.

(Bobby Jon scoffs)

>> PROBST: Cindy, why were you

in the challenge today?

You seem to be a part of this

magic six.

>> For me, I can eat when I get


But I'll never have the chance

to do what I'm doing here ever


And I'm going to do it as hard

as I can.

And yeah, it kind of hurt my

feelings a little bit, made me

feel like this group of six

people didn't have the faith in

me that they have in Judd.

But I stood there for an hour

just as long as Judd did.

I did everything I possibly

could, you know.

It makes things run through your

head like, "Well, then, who am

I, just standing here for the

heck of it?"

I'm an idiot for standing here?

>> PROBST: Gary, is it fair to

say that the six people fighting

for immunity today deserve to

stay in this game more than the

four who chose to eat?

>> You know, my hope would be

that everybody votes their heart

and not their mind.

Because at day 21 your mind can

play tricks on you.

But when you leave this game and

39 days are over, your heart is

going to be one that's gonna

tell you what's right and wrong.

>> PROBST: Cindy, at this

point in the game, what do you

base your vote on?

Is it as Gary said, heart and

morality and who deserves it, or

is it "As long as it ain't me"?

>> I think spending the time

that we spend with people out

here and getting to know people

and the level that you do, that

your morals and your heart

definitely come into play a

great deal.

It's impossible to block it out

if you even have a heart.

So it definitely comes into play

when you are making a decision.

It does for me.

>> PROBST: Okay, before we get

to the vote, an immunity idol

was hidden at your camp.

If anybody has found that and

you want to use it, now is the

time to present it.


Either nobody has found the idol

or they just don't want to

reveal it at this time.

Gary has individual immunity,

he's the only one you cannot

vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Judd, you're up.

>> I have the utmost respect for


We bled together and we fought

together, you are a good man.

I'm sorry you had to go.

>> You talk about having

Southern pride.

Well, part of having Southern

pride is being a Southern


And no, you don't have any class

at all.

>> PROBST: I will go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I will read the votes.

First vote, Brandon.

Brandon, two votes Brandon.


Two votes Brandon, one vote



Two votes Brandon, two votes



That's three votes Brandon,

two votes Jamie.


We're tied three votes each.


That's four votes Brandon,

three votes Jamie.


Tied again.

Four votes Brandon,

four votes Jamie.


Five votes Brandon,

Four votes Jamie.

One vote left.

Ninth person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala, Brandon.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> You're the sister I never


>> PROBST: Brandon, the tribe

has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> PROBST: Well, you have made

it to the Final Nine.

Two of you will make it to the

Final Two, the other seven will

make up the jury.

18 days left, a lot can happen.

One thing is certain, everything

you've done up until now and

everything you do from here on

out matters.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on Survivor

the battle continues.

>> Jamie's about that far from

hitting my breaking point.

>> PROBST: The search for the

hidden immunity idol


>> I'm going to pull out

everything I can to try and get

as far as I can.

>> PROBST: And one Survivor has

lost all respect.

>> Judd threw up in the shelter.

>> It's all a blur to me, man.

>> I played the game I came out

here to play, and I think

I played a pretty good game,

a pretty straight up game.

I wasn't always all about the


I was playing the game for


You can take me out of this game

before you take my pride.

And I think I did a pretty good

job of that.

I think I can walk away from

this and, you know, take