Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 1 - Survivor - full transcript

Eighteen new castaways, separated into two tribes of men vs. women, are stranded on the remote islands of Palau in the South Pacific.

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>> JEFF PROBST: We are cruising

through a remote and absolutely
breathtaking section of the

Crystal-clear water that is home

to one of the most spectacular
natural wonders of the world,

the island paradise of Palau.
It is a unique landscape,

featuring hundreds
of lush islands,

magnificent coral reefs
and an underwater sanctuary

of sea life like no other.
♪ ♪

Sharks, manta rays,
giant clams, and literally

millions of jellyfish.
But this paradise has

an infamous history.
These waters were home to some

of the most fierce battles
of World War II,

and the remnants of war
haunt these jungles

and litter the ocean floor
in a watery grave.

It is an eerie mix
of man's explosive past

and nature's power to reclaim.
For the first time ever,

there are 20 survivors.
They've been set adrift with

only the clothes on their backs
and one canteen of water each.

Everything they've come to
expect about the way this game

begins will soon be wiped out.
39 days, 20 people,

one survivor.
(theme song playing)

♪ ♪
Welcome... to Survivor: Palau.

Just behind you, that beach
is your new home.

Waiting for you,
you will find:

two machetes,
one map to water,

along with the most valuable
thing in this game: immunity.

There are two
immunity necklaces.

One for the first woman,
one for the first man

who can get to shore
and claim them.

How you get to shore is up to

You're still about a mile out.
You can paddle in,

you can start swimming,
a little of both.

You are all on your own,
it is your choice,

but I suggest you make
a decision and start acting now,

because this game is on.
>> Paddle.

>> Let's paddle.

>> PROBST: Good luck.
>> Jeff's a son of a bitch.

>> PROBST: Good luck.
>> Jeff's a son of a bitch.

I can tell you that.
Hell, I thought

we were gonna get, you know,
some breakfast,

food and water or something.
Hell, no.

I knew he was gonna say
something like that,

that he was gonna say,
"The game is on."

Something told me.
We was...

pretty much in trouble.
>> As we were rowing the boat,

and we were getting
closer and closer to the beach,

everybody was thinking,
"Should I jump out?

"Should I swim to the shore?
Should I try to beat the boat?"

>> ( grunts )
>> The fight was on immediately.

And then people said,
"Oh, I'll take your spot

rowing in the back."
And other people were

whispering and wondering,
oh, is that because they want

to be at the back of the boat
so that when the boat gets close

to shore, they can run off?

to shore, they can run off?

>> As we were slowly rowing in,

I was, like,
I think it's close enough,

I'm gonna jump, I'm gonna swim.
'Cause I'm a pretty good

swimmer, so I figured
I could beat the boat.

Didn't seem like we were moving.
Everybody, I'm going.

>> Stephenie just said,
"I can't take it.

I'm gonna jump in,"
and then I...

of course,
I was right behind her.

I'm out of here.
All right, let's go!

>> Watch out for the oar!
>> I got in,

and, like, every two strokes,
there went the boat,

and I was, like, "Oh, my God,
that's the dumbest thing

I've ever done."
If we get off,

can we get back on?
What are your names again?

( others laughing )
Oh, my God!

Bad idea, I guess?
>> When Stephenie and Jonathan

dove in the water,
everyone's, like... (sputters)

(laughs) "You don't want to be
the first one to dive in!"

That is a gigantic target

on your head.
>> We were all excited,

because we wanted to jump
and start swimming,

but we didn't.
We kept waiting and waiting

and waiting.
>> The competitive nature

in me was like, "You got to take
off your shoes and go!"

( whooping )
>> Good job!

I got the immunity necklace.
I was not gonna let that...

little young girl beat me.
>> Whoo!

>> Good job.
Nice to meet you.

What was your name again?
>> Jeff.

>> Ian.
>> Good job, man.

>> Ian, he was the first one
up there.

Get his ass up there,
skinny boy, I'm telling you,

that's a fast little booger.
Well, I don't even know

if we have a tribe,
because I noticed

the banner just says,
"SURVIVOR: Palau."

It doesn't have
any tribe name on it.

>> One map, we're all together.
>> Because you've never seen

the game start this way, with
20 people, you get a little...

I found myself getting
a little paranoid.

You know, we're not a tribe,
we don't have our buffs,

we're just getting to know
everyone's name.

>> I'm Jolanda.
"Jo" if you can't say it.

>> Oh, you guys, they're out

>> Something's gonna happen,
something big's gonna happen.

We can't just remain
as a group of 20.

It's a big question mark.
We don't have a clue

It's a big question mark.
We don't have a clue

>> All right, everybody,

let's, um...
think about who wants to do

water, who wants to do shelter.
>> I'll do shelter.

>> I'll do water.
>> Okay, water people...

>> Water.
>> So we got one,

two, three, four,
and Coby's five.

Okay. That sound
like a good plan?

>> Say what?
>> Five people go look for water

and 15 start
on the shelter?

>> Yeah.
>> When we got on the beach,

it was such a bore
with all the immunities

and just the craziness
of just being dropped off.

But, actually, I think we got
to things fairly quickly.

I mean, we found the map
to the water source,

we started thinking
about shelter and food,

and so people just broke off,
a group of four

broke off to go get water.
And then everybody else

stayed with shelter.
I mean, it was very quick,

it happened very fast.
>> He knocked it down

like Paul Bunyan.
>> I know. ( laughs )

>> You okay?
>> Yeah.

>> You know, it was funny,
I mean, uh,

everybody's just walking around
in different directions.

"Let's get the water,"
"Let's build a shelter."

And, uh,
you just got to watch that.

You know, I had a few people
try to wrangle me

into doing the fire,
and I'm just, like,

that's a loser job, man.
All right.

>> Let's get this going.
>> Oh.

I got to go
to the bathroom.

>> I'll get some more sticks.
>> Do we have a strong man here?

Come on.
Are you like Hercules?

Come on, Hercules.
Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

We came out
in the clothes we had on,

and were kind of taken by
surprise that we couldn't have,

you know, the clothes that we
had thought we were gonna have

with us.
It was really difficult,

I know, for a lot of people.
But there have been some great

modifications to it, so...
>> Don't, like, hack,

like, saw.
>> Oh, yeah.

Oh, I've made shorts
back in the day.

>> Oh, gosh, they're just
chopping things off left and

right, pants are falling off,
and skirts are getting

a little bit higher,
and shirts are getting tied up.

I had mine tied up earlier,
but... decided to...

stop for now.
>> I'm trying to find

the middle.
>> What's that?

>> That big rocky thing.
( whooping )

We found it!

( whooping )
What else?

( whooping )
>> We were so excited

to get to the water.
>> Coby!

>> What the hell is this?
>> Shoes!

>> Shoes!
So we finally

found the water source,
and also found a bag

of everybody's shoes,
which was really nice

to take back into camp,
Like, "Look, no more stilettos.

We have real shoes."
>> We can't let young,

good-looking people
have all the power.

>> That's what I was thinking.
>> 'Cause there's a lot of them.

>> Yeah.
Me and Coby pretty much knew

when we saw each other
that we were going to be, you

know, kindred to one another
'cause we understood

being different,
we understood being ostracized.

Yeah, I have to say,
I sighed a sigh of relief

when I saw you 'cause I realized
I wasn't gonna be the weirdest

one here.
>> ( laughing )

>> I mean that in a loving way.
>> I felt the same way.

I was, like, "Oh, we're
gonna totally get along."

>> You can tell that Angie and I
are both cut from the same

cloth, in that we think we're
different and we're the

outcasts, but I think we're both
gonna have to watch it

when it comes
to the context of the game,

'cause if we're
too much of an outcast,

obviously it's gonna
make us a target.

>> Now how do we get
that up there?

I don't know.
Tom, what were

you thinking with this?
I got this up here.

Actually, what we're gonna need
is, we're gonna need somebody

to get up here
to start putting

these cross pieces.
>> The boys really

got together and they used...
We used one big tree

as our base for our shelter,
and then they put reeds up,

and they said we needed
to tie them at the top,

so I offered.
>> Oh, my God.

Nice job.
>> Oh, watch it.

>> There you go.
I'm loving you already.

>> Okay.
I don't know if it was

a good thing or bad thing,
but I wanted to help

and I figured
my rock-climbing skills

would help,
so I climbed that had puppy like

a monkey and I did what I could.
>> Come on, sucker.

>> Where's the sun?
Beating down on me

all day long.
I think it is, like, 2:30.

Do you believe this?
>> I know.

It's amazing.
>> So what are you thinking?

Ian, me, you?
Just an early something here?

We might all be
split tomorrow, but, uh....

>> I'm in with that,
with you guys,

'cause we would be strong.
The whole thing could

be reshuffled, but...
>> Yeah, absolutely.

>> Grasshoppers have protein.
( yelling ):

I just ate my first grasshopper!

Oh, my God.
Do you want to knock off

threats, or do you want to...
You don't know how the game's

going to play out
after that, right?

>> Are you not leaning
towards any of the girls?

>> Honestly, I'm not leaning
towards anyone.

>> I'm leaning towards Jonathan.
The one who jumped in the water.

>> Although he worked so hard

>> Everybody's working hard,
really, when you look at it now,

I mean, in their own way.
I'm just going

with connections.
I don't real connect with him.

I don't think I've
said anything to him

the whole time
I've been here. Honestly.

I don't think
he's talked to me either.

Everybody's assumption
at this point

is that we're all
basically screwed

because we all think we have
Tribal Council, like, now.

>> We don't even know if we're
going to be on the same team.

>> I know, but that's why you
just got to go for today.

Right, but that
could change tomorrow.

>> So we thought we had three
days of at least getting

to know everybody, at least.
You know, we don't know

if we have that,
so everybody's security

has been blown,
so everybody's freaking out.

>> Whoa!
>> But I've definitely

gone to different groups
all day today and said, "Who

are you going to vote for?
"Really? That's interesting.

"What about voting
for this person?

What about Jonathan?
Hmm. Good."

And as long as I do it subtly...
You go, boy.

...and sneak it in there,
you can change their minds,

'cause at this point, everybody
doesn't want it to be them.

Good morning, everybody.
>> Good morning.

>> This one's cashed.
>> PROBST: What's going on,

>> Oh, hey, how you

doing there, Jeff?
>> PROBST: What's up?

>> Here we go.
>> We got visitors!

>> PROBST: What's up?
>> Whoo, Jeff.

>> PROBST: How are you?
How's everybody doing?

Big group.
Anxious to know

what's happening?
>> ALL: Yeah!

>> PROBST: All right, so
Jolanda and Ian,

you guys were the first
two to the beach.

Who was the first person?
>> Ian.

>> PROBST: Ian.
All right, Ian,

take a spot right over here,
Jolanda right over here.

Getting a little
uncomfortable over here?

>> Yep.
>> A little nervous now.

>> PROBST: How's that immunity
feel, Jolanda?

>> It feels good.
>> PROBST: It ought to feel

real good.
The immunity necklaces

that you're wearing
guarantee that you're gonna

stay in this game
for at least ten more minutes.

Which cannot be said
for the other 18 of you.

We're gonna divide
into two tribes

with nine members each,
that's 18 people.

There are 20 of you.
Two people will not be selected

to be on a tribe.
Two people will get on a boat,

immediately, and be sent home.
Ian and Jolanda you will make

the first picks, alternating
between men and women.

Each time you choose a person,
that person will choose the

next member of the tribe.
Ian, because were you first to

the beach, you will select
first; you're picking a girl.

>> Okay.
>> Uh, Katie.

>> PROBST: Jolanda,
you're picking a guy.

>> Bobby Jon.
>> Good choice.

>> PROBST: So, Ian and Jolanda,
your work is done.

The person you pick
will now pick.

Katie, you're picking a guy.
>> Tom.

>> PROBST: Bobby.
>> Stephenie.

>> PROBST: Tom, you're picking
a woman.

>> I'm gonna take Janu.
>> PROBST: Janu, still in the

game and relieved.
Steph, you're picking a guy.

>> Jeff.
>> PROBST: Jeff, gonna make it

to at least the first challenge.
Janu, you're picking a man.

>> Gregg.
>> PROBST: Janu, you look upset.

>> No, it's just kind of weird.
>> PROBST: Kind of weird?

You don't do this a lot?
Jeff, you're picking a girl.

>> Kim.
>> PROBST: Kim stays in the

Gregg, you're picking a woman.

>> Jenn.
>> PROBST: Kim, you're picking

a guy.
>> James.

>> PROBST: Jenn, you're picking
a guy, tough decision.

Getting down to it.
>> Uh...

>> PROBST: James.

>> Ashlee.
>> PROBST: Coby, you're

picking a woman.
>> Caryn.

>> PROBST: Caryn, how does that
feel to be standing over there?

What's going
through your head?

It's not a good
feeling, Jeff.

It's better to be on this side.
>> PROBST: Ashlee,

you're picking a guy.
>> Ibrehem.

>> PROBST: You each have one
pick left.

You're gonna pick one guy,
gonna pick one girl.

In doing so, you're gonna pick
the final members of your tribe

and effectively vote out
two people from this game.

How you feeling, Wanda?
>> It's been an awful long time

since my heart pounded this

>> PROBST: Jonathan, how you

>> I'm just...
My heart's beating.

I thought I was gonna
be picked before this.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to
make the final selections.

Caryn, you're picking a guy.
Make your decision.

>> Willard.
>> PROBST: Willard stays in the

game, Jonathan is out of the

Ibrehem, you're picking a woman.
Make your decision.

>> Angie.
>> PROBST: Angie stays in the

Wanda is out of the game.

Tough to say, but, guys,
it is time for you to go.

Right past me, you got a boat
waiting out here.

>> Go have some chips and

>> Go get it, Wanda.
Go get it, John.

Come on, now.
>> I love you, too.

Come on, now.
>> I love you, too.

Have a good one, guys.
>> Bye!

>> I was really, really,
really sad.

But that's all right.
I'm gonna wipe my tears

and refocus.
That's in the past.

It's a whole new game.
All right.

Let's hand out the buffs.
( cheering )

>> All right.
>> PROBST: You guys are Ulong.

You wear blue.
Your tribe-- Karor.

You will wear brown.

>> All right.
>> PROBST: Okay, so you're now

two tribes-- Ulong, Karor.
Two tribes still living

together on the same beach.
Head on back.

>> Get out of here.
>> Are you serious?

( laughing )
>> That's the plan.

>> I really thought you're
giving away the competition.

( laughing )
>> It's definitely going

to be weird,
all staying on one beach

together, though.
It's still coming through,

>> It hurts to be last, but...

>> Oh, yeah.
I felt horrible

being picked last.
I didn't think that I was going

to be picked last.
>> How many girls we have, five?

>> I thought 100% that Coby
was going to pick me.

>> Five and four.
>> Five and four.

I don't feel like I'm on the
tribe that I should be on,

so there's no kindred feelings
with my tribe.

I'm the odd man out.
>> Never had anything

against you, ever.
>> Guys, if there's any sort

of competition
that they are trying to put

into this game already,
let's not be the ones

that start into that.
>> No, no, no.

>> Our average age is higher.
but let's try to weaken them

when it comes to physical stuff.
>> I'm altogether

very, very happy.
I wanted a wise tribe, if I had

the opportunity to pick.
We got a little bit of the

older folks, which I really
like, and we're up against a

bunch of the young bucks.
You compare the tribes and you

see a definite difference.
They come to you

and say, oh, listen,
so and so on your team

was talking about you...
they are just trying

to break us up.
>> I love everybody

on this team.
>> We definitely have

some kind of advantage,
which I don't care

what you say, you know,
smart's in it, too, but

athletics is going to play
a part in it, also.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
You guys ready to get

to the challenge?
>> ALL: Yeah.

>> PROBST: It is both reward
and immunity.

Here's how it works.
Both tribes are going

to compete head-to-head
in a jungle obstacle course.

You'll make your way
through a net maze

and then through
a series of tires.

You'll reach a covered supply
dump, where you will find

a set of paddles
you must take tied

to four survival items
you can choose

to take or leave behind.
Fire in the form of flint,

two cans to carry water,
flour and rice for your food

and a tarp for shelter,
but the crates

that these items are in
have been weighted to make them

very heavy to carry.
Untie all of your items,

continue through the course
carrying the items.

You'll go up and over a wall,
through a jungle swamp.

When you reach your canoe,
drop the items you chose

to take with you,
get in the canoe,

paddle out to retrieve a flag
and race back to shore.

The first tribe
to get back to their mat

with all nine tribe members
and their tribe-colored flag

wins immunity and all the items
they carried to that mat,

keeping in mind you can only win
the items that make it

all the way to the finish.
So, it becomes a choice.

You want to win
to guarantee yourself immunity,

but you want to win
with as many items as possible.

Now let's get to immunity.
Ian, Jolanda,

you can you take those off.
Like I said, those guaranteed

you'd stay in the game
ten more minutes.

Those ten minutes are over.
This is what you covet now.

Immunity-- the only thing
that keeps you safe in this game

is this.
As long as you have it,

you can't be voted out.
Take your spots

and wait for my go.
Here we go.

For immunity and reward.
Survivors, ready...

Tom with a big head start.

Neck and neck right now.
Tom the first one over

for Koror,
followed by Gregg.

Here comes Jeff for Ulong.
>> Come on, come on, come on!

>> PROBST: There's Ian for

We're tight.
There's Jenn.

Koror got a bit of a lead.
Here comes Caryn for Ulong.

Ulong in one fell swoop
catches up.

>> Come on, let's go, guys!
>> PROBST: Ulong moving on.

Koror, go!
Up and over, however you want.

Neck and neck still.
>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Start pulling those

You gotta move all your items
to the mat before you can

start untying them.
>> Let's go, guys.

>> PROBST: Get that last item,

Ulong, start untying.
This is where you

make your first decision.
Are you going to take

all your items or not.
Koror working together well.

Koror, very close.
Koror is free.

Koror is leaving
their food and their water,

taking only their fire
with them.

>> You guys, come on!
We gotta go.

>> We're gonna lose.
>> I'm telling you,

I think we should go.
You guys, finish it up.

We gotta go.
>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Ulong, keep it

Koror first to the wall.
>> Two people push me

up that wall.
One, two, three.

>> Come on!
>> This way, this way.

>> Come on!
You got it, Ulong!

>> Get out of the way.

>> Try jumping down.

>> PROBST: Here comes Ulong
right on your tail.

Koror having trouble
getting Willard over.

Ulong brought food
and water, did not bring fire.

Interesting strategy.
Koror is up and over.

Koror, go.
Ulong really struggling.

Koror making their way
through the swamp

with a big lead.
( grunts and groans )

Ulong finally over the wall.
Koror first to their canoe.

The strategy was
to only bring fire,

and it's working so far.
Paddle out.

Get your flag.
Come on.

Let's go, Ulong!

Keep it moving.
You're still in this.

Get in, get in.
The rest up front.

Ulong, go.
Paddle out.

Hustle up, guys.
Good paddlers might

be able to catch them.
>> Get to that side.

Right side paddle backwards.
>> To the right side!

>> Paddle faster.
>> Paddle on the right.

>> PROBST: Koror still with
a big with a big lead.

>> Left to right side.
You'll get taken off to do it.

Right side.
>> That's good,

that's good.
All right, now listen,

both sides.
>> Turn it around.

>> We're going the wrong way.
>> PROBST: Ulong,

the flag is that way.
( indistinct shouting )

>> Guys, let's freakin' paddle!
Ulong is looking for

another island.
>> Go. Go.

>> PROBST: Koror working
together, straight,

strong, fast.
>> Come on!

Come on!
>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Ulong having a heck
of a time paddling.

>> Too many people on one side.
>> PROBST: Frustration setting

in for Ulong.
>> We're going to get it.

( whooping )
>> Whoo!

>> Whoo!
>> PROBST: Koror wins immunity

and reward!
>> Yeah!

( whooping )
>> Good strategy.

>> PROBST: All right, Koror,
nice strategy.

You chose to only bring fire.
You can boil water with that.

You can cook food with that.
Okay, here's immunity.

Yes, yes, yes!
You are safe from

the vote tonight.
One other decision.

Because you won,
you get a choice.

The two tribes will no longer
be living together on one beach.

You can either go back
to what you know

and the shelter
you help build,

or this is a map
to a new unknown beach

where you can start fresh.
>> But why see a beach

we already saw?
Let's go see something new.

>> New adventure.
>> PROBST: You're going

to take your chances.
>> We'll take our chances.

>> PROBST: Give up what you know
for the unknown.

>> Yes, we are.
>> PROBST: Here's your map

to your new home.
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Ulong, good news is,
you're going home.

You're taking your
outrigger canoe with you.

Bad news is,
you're get some much-needed

practice when you paddle
to Tribal Council tonight

and officially vote out
the first member.

Get your stuff, head on out.
>> After the challenge,

Get your stuff, head on out.
>> After the challenge,

we were so excited.
We won immunity,

and we won the stuff
that we needed to make fire.

We were so the underdog.
Winning that was huge for us.

( indistinct chatter )
This wave came,

and we went over.
I don't know what the deal was

with, you know,
who was leaning what way

or what, but I think
it was just a combination

of all forces,
and we just went down.

All of the supplies
to make fire

were in this heavy
steel container

that went straight down.
It was just like,

did this really happen?
>> I thought I saw something,

but hell, I don't know.
It may be right there.

>> We were so elated
the ride back in the canoe,

we were just loving life
and couldn't wait

to see the new beach.
And all this to happen,

we're just crushed right now.
And we don't have the water,

we don't have the flint
to start a fire to boil

the water and purify it.
We lost everything we won today.

We're in a worse scenario
than we originally had.

>> We lost to the challenge,
and we lost pretty hard.

The other tribe outplayed us
and outwitted us completely.

You know what,
we didn't make smart decisions.

They were smart,
they took just the fire.

>> The coconuts will sustain us
for 39 days if we had to.

So understand that--
I'm not going to allow

anyone to be negative.
>> Nobody needs to be negative.

>> Okay. No, no, about, "Oh,
we don't have this.

We got everything we need."
>> I know how things work.

I'm not the strongest person.
You know, people are gonna

choose who doesn't fit into this
and who they think

is a weak link.
So I definitely think

that I am a target.
>> But when it comes

to challenges, physically,
I know I'm stronger

than most of their dudes.
Well, let's keep on

what we was doing.
We're gonna do Angie...

>> Right. We're gonna do Angie.
But we got to get

the other guys to go in on it.
I want to go talk to Stephenie,

'cause we have issues.
If we have issues,

we need to work them out.
>> My vote will be for Angie

not because I don't like her,
but she is a person that

must be voted off
in order for our team

to be as strong as it can be.
>> So you think Angie.

>> I think we need
to keep the men.

I think it's absolutely...
>> We're keeping the men.

We can't lose any of our guys.
Which, I mean, seriously, I

mean, I-I could be voted off.
I don't want to be voted off.

I think the team needs me.
>> We need your strength.

But I do have to say,
we should've left earlier.

Yeah, you're right,
you're right, you're right.

I know that you're just
a complete go-getter,

and that's why you want us
to get everything,

and I understand that.
So I guess Angie.

>> Okay.
>> Okay. You, too.

>> Absolutely.
>> Okay.

Nervous as hell about Tribal.
Wish I wasn't going tonight.

We made a dumb mistake,
and I don't think

we should be going tonight.
But we are, and it's because

of one person, I feel.
The only reason

we lost the challenge
'cause we didn't

leave soon enough.
>> We didn't leave soon enough.

>> She wanted everything.
I don't think

we need to get rid of her.
I'm not gonna vote for her.

Stephenie's thinking
that Jolanda's the reason

we lost the challenge.
But that woman's got a lot,

a lot of strength.
I think she can still

help us out.
I haven't seen where

she's hurting us just yet.
>> Who do you want to vote for?

>> I think Angie right now.
>> She's not fit?

>> Yeah, yeah.
>> All right.

Well, I don't know, I'm sorry.
( laughs )

>> No, that's good, that's good.
>> I'll go with you.

>> Okay, news flash, news

This is something
that I noticed.

For every two hours, that we
work, we're gonna rest

for at least an hour, okay?
It is time for us to get

focused, kick butt
and take names.

>> Jolanda is a strong

She is not a team player.
I didn't know that

that's how you guys felt.
>> Right.

>> I thought I was the only one.
Are you down with that?

Are you in?
>> Yeah.

>> Because I'll be pissed
if everybody changes their mind.

I mean, I'll hold it
against you for life.

>> Now she says,
"We're voting out Jo.

Are you in?"
I was, like,

"Hell, yeah, I'm in."
Like, I'm thinking

I'm the one out, like
I know how today went.

You don't think I remember
exactly the order

in which we got picked
for tribes?

I don't trust anyone
in this tribe.

But if I can at least
make it past this one,

I'll be happy.
>> PROBST: Behind each of you

I'll be happy.
>> PROBST: Behind each of you

is a torch.
Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach a flame,
dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual
of Tribal Council.

In this game,
fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,
you're still in the game.

When your fire's gone,
so are you.

Have a seat.
Well, welcome to your first

Tribal Council.
I know you don't want

to be here.

what's been the biggest surprise
first three days?

>> Biggest surprise?
Oh, God.

we can't get fire,

we're so thirsty.
We were together as one,

and now we're separated,
we've formed bonds

and now they're gone,
and we don't know

what's coming next.
It's been really tough.

>> PROBST: James.
Happy with this tribe?

>> I am.
This is a damn fine tribe.

Everybody in here is tough,
they're young, they

got a lot of energy,
lot of testosterone.

We gonna win some matches.
We just didn't do it today.

>> PROBST: Jeff, let's talk
about the strategy

of today's challenge,
because it was about

making a choice.
And it seems as though

you guys have
a very strong tribe,

but it was brains
that beat you today.

Would you agree?
>> Yeah.

We've got the strength,
we all have the endurance.

There was just
a couple key times

that we just messed up,
and, you know,

we lost time trying
to get everything

we possibly could
and get running with it,

and... it wasn't gonna happen.
>> PROBST: So, James,

let me be clear.
You didn't even bring fire.

Oh, hell, no.
We should've.

You did not take fire?
>> Dumb-ass.

>> Well, we tried to get it,
but it was last,

and then when we realized that
we just lost a tremendous

amount of time,
we just said, okay,

just take the other stuff.
>> PROBST: Ashlee, is there a

leader on this tribe yet?
>> Jeff, I think that is...

the only thing
that's holding this group back,

is that we have yet to come
together as a group

and decide who is gonna lead
our group right now.

>> PROBST: Jolanda, can
this group lead itself...

as a group?
>> Uh, no.

We need somebody
to make a unilateral decision.

I mean, I would like,
if I could,

to help lead the team.
But I also know that I have

a very strong personality.
So, that's been

my biggest dilemma,
because I don't want

for people to say,
"Oh, you know,

"her personality's
too strong, she's bossy,

she's a... a witch."
>> PROBST: Angie, picked last,

tribe welcomes you,
but now here we are

at Tribal Council,
and you were still picked last.

>> Yep.
>> PROBST: How heavy is that

weighing on your mind?
Or have you overcome that?

>> It weighs very heavy on my
mind. I mean, it's hard

being picked last.
But I think that I tried

really, really hard
at the challenge today,

but I think
definitely, my head was gonna be

on the chopping block.
You know, either there's

some things going on
where somebody has

somebody else in mind,
or it's just...

it's gonna overwhelmingly be me,

>> PROBST: We'll find out.
It is time to vote.

Jolanda, you're up.
>> Um, Angie,

I just don't think that we can
be happy with losses.

We've got to evaluate
and move forward.

>> ( whispers ):
It's nothing personal,

but it's either you or I,
and I don't want it to be me.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave the

Tribal Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote.

Jolanda-- one vote Angie,
one vote Jolanda.

Angie-- two votes Angie,
one vote Jolanda.

That's three votes Angie,

one vote Jolanda.

Three votes Angie,
two votes Jolanda.

We're tied: three votes Angie,

three votes Jolanda.
That's four votes Jolanda.

First person voted out
of Survivor: Palau--

That's five votes,

that's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

>> Good luck, you guys.
Watch the way.

>> PROBST: Jolanda, the
tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.
Well, if there's one thing

It's time for you to go.
Well, if there's one thing

you should take away
from tonight's Tribal Council,

it should be this:
You need to stop

with the excuses
and get a plan, or you will

be back here very soon.
You're not gonna be going

back to camp
with fire; you're gonna

earn that on your own.
Go back to camp. Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

( woman screams )
>> Oh, my God, there were three!

( thunderclap )
>> Oh, no!

>> PROBST: ...Koror questions
the move to the new beach.

>> Do you think there
could be a worse

island than this?
>> PROBST: At Ulong,

Jeff and Kim get cozy,
and the search

for flint intensifies.
>> Fire is the only thing

that matters.
>> I played this game,

and I don't think
that I would do

anything differently.
I mean, I am the oldest,

and I think differently
than my tribe.

They are a lot more
happy-go-lucky than I am,

but that's fine, because
this was a great adventure,

and it's an experience that
I think everyone should try,

and I don't regret
anything that happened out here.