Survivor (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Survivor - full transcript

While Rich is fishing, the others begin to realize that nobody votes him out because he provides. He celebrates turning 39 in his birthday suit, which bothers the girls. The alliance continues to piggyback Sean's alphabet voting s...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
16 Americans marooned
for 39 days

in the middle
of the South China Sea.

Separated into two tribes,
Tagi and Pagong,

they competed against each
other to remain on the island,

but now the tribes
have merged into one.

Rattana is the name,

and it is everyone
for themselves.

Every third night,

the entire tribe will hike
deep into the jungle

to take part
in the Tribal Council,

where they must vote one
of their own off the island.

In the end, one will remain

and will leave the island
with $1 million in cash.

Last week on Survivor:

Yeah, bait's gone.

Food was scarce,
rice was being rationed...

So a can's only going
to last us two days?

They're eating that much.

And Rich was still

the only one providing fish.

Rich is playing a big game.

And so is Greg--

he cut
play-kitten Colleen loose.

You look right
in the kitten's eye and snap

its neck. It's nothing personal.
You're hungry.

And made a move on Rich.

He's trying something.
That's great.

The reward challenge

brought videos from home...

Hi, Daddy.


Except for Jenna.

Oh, don't...

It would've done wonders to see

that my kids are okay.

She's tugging on people's
emotions right there

and that's a threat for me.

And at Tribal Council...

Is there an alliance?

Do I have to answer?

No, I'm just kidding.

No, no.

Last week, Greg was voted off.

Eight castaways remain.

Who will be voted off tonight?

That was my deal--
out of here.

Well, I don't know
if they were...

Outright lying
is absolutely essential,

especially when you have

a host like Jeff,
who's as bold as to ask

"Well, so Sue, tell me,
is there an alliance?"

What a question.

You think
I'm going to come out and say

"Oh, yeah, we got four of us
voting up against all you guys.

We're going to knock you all
down to the end." Come on.

It won't be
bad if you get
in the water.

Those people flat out lied

in front of a national
television audience.

I mean,
they want a million bucks

and they're going to get it...

And I loved Jeff's question

"Is, uh, a deserving person
going to win this money?"

The answer to that question
is "no."

How you doing this
morning, Kelly?

I'm doing.

I didn't really sleep
last night.


This whole alliance thing
is getting too stupid

and too crazy.

If we stick with it,

it's just like lining lambs
to the slaughter.

Who goes next? Who goes...?
like, that's no fun.

I know.
We were targeted
already, anyway.

If we keep
annoying them
like we are,

we're going to be
gone really soon.

Yeah, I don't like it.

I-I'm not happy playing
the game that way.

If I'm going to win,

if I'm really going to be
the last survivor,

if I'm really going to survive
and really do this,

then it has to be on my own.

Rich is definitely
in this very good

strategic position
for himself, I think.

He's worked hard.
Well, not that hard.

Just happens to be good
at spearfishing.

He doesn't do much else.

He sure don't do a damn thing
around here except fish.

But he's a good sport.

I mean, we call him all kinds
of names and make fun of him.

I sort of liked him
before I knew he was queer.

Lost a prong to a good,
five-foot nurse shark.

I got to take them
by hand from now on,
like Tarzan-style--

wrestle them.

He's in an ideal position,
'cause I think

he's the epicenter
of the power right now.

He's bringing in the fish.

Oh, my God.

There's got to be 25 pounds
or 20 pounds of fish here.

It's all about
the fish, man.

The fish don't
influence me, though.


Not in the least.

You can take the heavy-duty
equipment and I'll putz.


'Cause I fed you today.


I love Rich, I really do.

He's been a great asset
to this camp,

but he is a little immature
in his motives at times.

You'll be so damn full
of protein after this meal,

you won't know
what to do with yourself.

This is funny.

I am...

This man...
the master.

He's very protective
about spearing fish

and he brings it up
at every island council:

"I'm catching fish.
Don't vote me off."

It's an insecurity aspect
to him.

The last island Tribal Council

when I was talking about, um...

"I'll be staying around here
because I'm providing fish"

was an outright blatant lie.

I'm staying around here
'cause I'm bright.

It has nothing to do
with catching fish.

That is a
lot of fish.

Catching fish
makes people happy,

but that's not why

they're voting me here.

They're not voting me off

because I'm not letting them.

Tell me if
I'm doing it...

like cutting
too much meat.

No, you're doing pretty well.

Got it.

Now rip it out.

I'm sorry, I can't...

You want
to do one?

Do you see them

bringing these stingrays

and stuff in?

They're, like,
still flapping around

and they take this dull knife,
and chop off their head.

It's disgusting.

( loud slapping )

If I choose

to watch my dinner
that came from the sea

be killed or not be killed,

I would rather not
watch it be killed.

Rich, you're the man.

You are the reef master.

Yeah, there's some water
over here.

Oh, I'm so
looking forward

to this now.

I wouldn't even eat fish sticks.

I'm just hungry.

I could care
less about that.

When Rich came in
with a fish,

I said to Rudy, "I should go
and stoke that fire up."

And Rudy's, like, "Oh, no,
no, no, that's good enough.

It's hot enough,"

and it wasn't hot enough.

Well, I would say
it's done, Rudy,

and black.

It curls up
into little balls.

I know.

The fish is tough to cook

because they cooked
a little bit

and then they cooled off

and they had to start
the fire back up

and cook the fish again,
so Rich is sort of irritated.

( rhythmic tapping )

Rudy's clueless

when it comes to fish, and, um,
you know, really ruined it.

You ready?


Nobody knew what to do
with cooking the fish

and so it sits here

and it sits half on the heat,
and it sits over there

and it gets turned over
halfway and it doesn't,

and so it's half-cooked
and overcooked and undercooked

and half of the fish,
half of the three rays

were wasted...
and that infuriates me.

It's overdone.

It's charcoal.

Its wings are curled up.

It's very, very easy
to put a fire together

that's nice and hot.

Just 'cause I see
how to do that

doesn't mean anybody else
should know how, so...

I was sitting there, just
pissed off, really frustrated.

I don't want anybody around

I don't want anybody near me
when I'm frustrated,

and people are sitting there,
"What's wrong?"

and that just makes it worse.

Don't be hard
on yourself.


Just take it easy--
let us be hard on you.

Okay. Go for it, dude.

Don't you know how
a fire works, man?

Uh-huh, I do...

and I'm not really patient
about teaching anybody,

so I'm just going
to do it myself from now on.

I probably won't get fish
actually for a little while now,

anyway, because they need
to appreciate it.

I'm bringing in too many
right now.

I brought in a bunch yesterday
and a bunch today

and so we need
to take a break

and let them kind of hunger
for it again.

So many times Rich opens
his mouth,

and I just want to be, like,

"Oh, be quiet over there
in the corner.

"You're not making any sense,
and you think you're so smart

"and you're... just go home,
and go get your liposuction

and go catch more fish,
'cause you're bugging me."

You know, he thinks
he's so above everybody

and is full of baloney, really.

Pathetic, burnt, overdone

wasteful again.

Amazes me.

The hardest part now is...

( sighs )

...the food.

We're hungry

and Rich is the only one
that can fish.

You got to go out
an hour before it gets dark

and then, right at
when it was getting dark,

we started getting our bites

and then, after it got dark,
we didn't get no more bites.

We've gone fishing
in the morning.

We've gone in the afternoon...
at night.

We're not catching any fish.

I'm getting
to the point

if there ain't
no crabs out there

in a day or two,
I ain't gonna to do it no more.

It bothers me
that I can't get my own food,

that I have to rely
on someone else.

Ooh, big fish.

Oh, wow!

We got a fish, you guys, right?

It's a fish, for sure.


That's so awesome.
Look at that thing.

He's pretty big.



Good proof
that we can get the fish.

We caught a fish today,
finally-- yes!--

and it feels so good.

I feel so accomplished now.

I think, uh,
it disappointed Rich

that us girls
kept these crab traps going

and that we caught a fish.

That's good.

He's going to make
a big point

"Oh, that ain't a lot
to feed you,"

but it's a point
that we did catch it.

So, I don't give a ( blip )
about how he's going to see it.

We caught it;
I feel accomplished.

We've done it all now.

We got a fish, man,
a edible fish.

I ain't kidding you.

Big one?

Yeah, pretty
nice size.

Is he kicking?

Yeah, he's
still alive.

Yeah, he's still alive.

Yeah, that's a good one.

I know it.

But, yeah,
he's going to be...

I think it might bother him.

In a way, I hope it does.

I hope it bugs him,
'cause now he can't

say that no more, you know?

'Cause us girls
caught this one.

( buzzing )

Oh, wow.

I love getting mail

and there was a log hanging

above our mailbox.

It looked an awful lot like
part of the tree,

but when I took it down,
there was a sign on there

a little a nursery rhyme,
it says:

"If you can make like a monkey,

"then you'll be home free,

"if you want barbecue for lunch,

then go climb a tree."

Somebody's eating
a barbecue.

That sounds like fun.

Shish kebob!

I'm sure the game is
anything but simple,

just, like,
just pick a rope and run.

Hey, look who it is!

Hey, Jeff.

Well, here's the deal.

I thought today,
we'd switch it up a little

and show you the carrot,
the reward, before the challenge

so you guys know
exactly what it is...

Listen to
your stomach.

You're going for.

Are you
smelling this?

This is
today's reward.

Oh, man!

Some good, old-fashioned,
American barbecue.

We got it all.

All this stuff, here...

Look at that,
a lot of meat.

Steak and a hot dog.

Some kebobs.

We got your buns...
your chips.

A little something
to remind you of home.

And since we're talking
about home...

Why not?

Love letters from home.

Jenna, yours on top.

Oh, I got one!

I'm so excited.

One of you guys gets
a great barbecue,

you get to read your
letter from home,

and does it get any
better than that?

Sound good?

I was shaking
when I saw the food.

I started shaking
because I'm, like,
"That's real chicken."

Now think about that
and then think about rice.

I'm thinking,
how am I going

to get my grubby
little hands

on some of
them burgers.

I'm prepared
to eat rice tonight...

( chuckles )

like every night.

I want the letter from home more

because I can go back
and get rice,

but I haven't seen
or heard anything from my kids.

That's it, I'm going big,
going for all of it.

No offense, Jeff, but if I win,

you're going hungry, bud,
'cause I'm not sharing.

Then, let's go do this thing
and come back and eat.

Man, oh, man.

I want this stuff.

Here's the deal:
basically, it's a ropes course.

There are 16 legs.

On each one of them is
a medallion with your number.

You guys have all been
preassigned a number.

Pretty simple-- you got to get
through all of them,

grab a medallion from each one.

First person back here
on this platform

with all 16 of their medallions

gets the barbecue.

If you fall off the course,
you're out.

Sound good?

Everybody get ready.

You got an eye
on where you're going?

Get up here on the
ring, Sean... buddy.


Survivors, ready?!



( laughing )

You got time, Rich.

Five, five, five.

Good job, Rich.

Your first medallion.

Keep it up,

You're in
second place.

Okay, so I love being tall.

Try to keep
mental notes

of where you've been
and where you've

still got to go.

Careful, Jenna.

Keep it up, Sean.

12 more to go.

Doing great, Rudy--
fifth place.

Come on,
I got to go under you.


All right?


Good work together,
guys, on the ladder.

Keep at it, Rudy.

You're still
in the lead, Kelly.

Oh, no.


You got to get back
here to the platform.

Okay, is anybody
else finished?

Oh, that's me!

Colleen or Kelly--

first one back
here wins.

( squeals )



Nice job.

( all talking excitedly )

That was awesome!


Colleen, right here.

Good job, Colleen.

We've got
this great barbecue--

it looked pretty good...
a lot of food--

we've got a great letter
from home.

How about


Not quite.
Don't even make
me pick one.

I do want you to pick one
person to come with us...

Make it a party.
Do they get
the letter, too?

This person will
get their letter

and this person

will also get
all the food.

( clicking tongue )

( chuckling )

Jenna is going
to hear from her kids.

Good work.

That wasn't
a tough decision, was it?

She didn't get a video.

Thank you
so much.

Very nice gesture.

So, you guys can, um,
sadly head back to camp

and we're going to head down
to the beach

and have a barbecue.

Enjoy it, guys.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.


( laughing )

Listen to what
Sean says today...

What did he say?

He goes, "Well..."

'cause they voted four
against Dirk

when he wasn't there.

Then they voted four
against Gretchen

and then it's, like,
they voted six

against... but obviously,
four against Greg,

and he's, like,
"If it happens one more time,

I know..."
and I was, like,

"What are you talking about?

It's happened three times."

I mean, what's going on?

But, see, Sean's the...

Sean's the swing vote,
you know what I mean?

'Cause you, me and Gervase
could definitely

do something.

They're going
to pick people off

until it gets down to them

and then they're going
to start eating each other,

you know what I mean?

But I'm saying, like,
why are we sitting back

and watching it happen?

So, let's do it.

( chuckling )

All right,
here are your letters.

You read yours first.

Oh, mine's so thick.

I love it.

Go on
and read yours.

Oh, my God.

Oh, they're drawings!

Oh, my...

( laughing and crying )

Oh, my God.

How cute.

Yeah, we have them
all over the house.

( sniffles )

My car interior windows
are decorated

with stickers
I can no longer get off.

"I'm proud of you...
super, wonderful, hooray."


( sniffling )

Happy birthday, Rich.

Thanks, Suzy Q.

Rich's birthday

is today,
and it's his 39th birthday

and he celebrated immediately

by taking off
all of his clothes

and celebrating
in his birthday suit...

which you never get used

to seeing Richard naked.

( laughs )

I'm 39 today

and I had intended

for quite a long time
to celebrate my birthday naked.

And I'm sure he does love
to be naked,

and I'm glad for that

and I thought I'd be okay
with that,

but sitting at the fire
this morning

and he comes just walking up

and sits, like,
two inches from me


I wanted to get away.

( laughing )
All the nakedness,
I'm just...

I'm just having a problem
with this nakedness.

It felt awkward
sitting next to a naked gay man,

and if he had, like, something
to cover the butt crack area

I'd be cool with that.

When I go home,
my wife asks me about--

"Well, who was with you?"

I'll say, "A queer
that ran around bare-ass

half of the time,"
for one thing.

( laughing )

Rich wanted to be naked
for his birthday.

Oh, fun.

Show off a little more.

I mean, he was doing it
for shock value.

It's goofy.

Who walks around naked 24/7?

I think you were doing
it for shock value.

For shock value?

Is it shock value?

I don't know
if it's shock value or not.

Colleen was particularly
uncomfortable with my nakedness

and when she saw me naked,
she just made a funny face

and put her hands over her face

and who knows what that's
intended to signal?

I said to you, like,
"Oh, my God, Rich."

But if I lived my life
based on what

made other people

I wouldn't be
living my life.
My life.

I love that Rich gets annoyed

with me--
that makes me happy--

and he really has
in the past two days

and it just makes me want
to egg him on more.

Oh, big deal.

Who gives a crap?

I'm naked, whoopee.

( laughing )

( seabirds screeching )

Oh, yes, we have a clue.

"Our next challenge is
a battle of wit

"Just make sure
there's always

"a new square to hit,

"being immune
at the council

"is what it's about,

"paint yourself
in a corner

and you'll find
yourself out."

( squeals )

Ooh, we get
to play mind games now...

Not that we're
not playing mind games now.

It's crunch time now.

It's getting down
to the final wire

and I'm amazed
that I'm still here

and I got 12 days left.

"Our next challenge
is a battle of wit..."

It's not even a strategy.

I'm just really focused now,
on winning these challenges.

"Paint yourself in..."

kind of like twister.

I'm trying to think,

"How did I lose yesterday

and how can I stop that
from happening again today?"

'Cause today is even bigger
than the food

when it comes down to it.

You know, I'd rather not eat

and get that immunity challenge
every time.

I know the only way
I'm going to stay

is to win the challenges, so...

that's the only thing
I'm worried about.

That's the only thing
I'm focusing on

is winning the challenges.

I think it's a fair system.

I think you're
a perfect example.

I'm glad I decided
to not go back

for the alphabetical order
after you won immunity

'cause it gives the contestant
an out to avoid my vote.

It adds a new dimension
to the game

I'll be going alphabetically.

( laughs )


Yeah, did you know

that we're going by Zelda now?


Yeah, Zoey and Zelda.

Why? Why do
you want that?

Uh, alphabetical reasons.


I'm going in alphabetical
order-- Jenna is next.

It would make me happy

if Gervase does not win immunity
this time

'cause I had
to skip him last time--

you know,
I skipped him in the order--

and maybe Jenna will win it
and get out of the order.

I know it's nice
that if you win immunity,

you get skipped
and then you never get

in the rotation, like Ger.

Oh, you're out
of the rotation?

Ger is out of the rotation.

Oh, so I'm next.

Sean's going around
telling everybody

"Don't be in the alliance.

Don't..." um...

"vote your conscience."

Meanwhile, he's going around
preaching everyone

to vote their conscience

and he's, like,
"Oh, okay, alphabetically."

My votes are going
to go alphabetical.

So, today's Jenna.

If I'm going
to be the swing vote--

which I don't think
I will be--

then I won't vote for her,

Sean... I like Sean.

Sean's a great guy, you know,

but about Sean's
alphabetical order.

It's like my granddaddy
used to say:

"If you want to be seen,
stand up,

"If you want to be heard,
speak up,

and if you want
to be appreciated, shut up."

I'm just going to stay
in alphabetical order.

It's all I can do.

We've tested
your physical strength,

your swimming ability,
your agility,

your speed... all that.

Today is something
a little different.

It's up here, in your head.

This is a game
that requires strategy.

It's a lot like chess,
a little bit

like tic-tac-toe,

but unlike chess,
where you're taking one person,

you've got seven people
to think about.

The way the game works is
you'll start on a square

and you'll simply,
one at a time, on my cue

move to another square,

turning the square over
behind you.

As long
as you can keep stepping

to another square,
you're still alive,

but when you run out

of red squares
to step on, you're out.

So now, if you just flip over
these squares here,

we'll determine
the order.

Oh, yeah, baby.

Oh, yes.

Now, in any particular order,

step on one
of the flower squares.

It does not matter.

These are all even
when you begin.

So, Rich, you're up first.

Perfect. Rudy.


Gervase, to you.








Yeah... I'm out!

Take a step back

and flip
that one over.

There you go.

Take a seat
on the log.

That full meal
has got you...


All right... Kelly.

Jenna-- out on the island
by herself.


Just had to get
in the center.

Looks like you're out,

Just doing my part.

Join Colleen
over there.



I'm out.

Sue, you're out.

All right.


Sean, you foiled my plan.

Sorry, baby.

Was that your
plan, Sean?

No. Well, yeah, once she
got behind me, yeah, yeah.

To block her?


You need to worry
about yourself, Hatch.

No, there's nothing
I can do.

I'm whimpering
into nowhere-land, here...



the wise old man
is looking good.


Oh, no, Sean,
no, Sean.

Don't you know
you're dead, Sean?

You're ruining it.

You got 50 million.

She won't last, Sean.

Rudy will last longer.

He'll have to kill me.

Otherwise, I could
have bebopped around.

Sorry. I'm doing what
I think is right.

Oh, Sean...

Bad move, Sean.

You could have gotten Rudy
out of there.

No, he
couldn't have.
Yes, he could have.

All right, Rich.


Rudy has many
more options.

Down there.

He's doing right.

You should've
diagonal so...

Don't listen
to her, Rudy.

She's trying to
trick you, Rudy.

Shut up.
I am not.

It's those young girls,

trying to get
in your head.

Stay strong,

Is it my turn?


Still alive.

Jenna, you,
are not.

You're out.

I figured
you are.


Rich, turn over

your last tile--
you're done.


Rudy, it's down
to you three

for immunity from
tonight's vote.

Go sidewards!
Go left, Rudy, go left!

No coaching
from the side.

No, no, no.
Directly to your left.

To the right, Rudy!

Take... take...

No, left, Rudy,

because then you
have down here...

Up to the right, Rudy.

She's trying to trick you.

No, no, no,
no, buddy.

This one.

Yeah, there
you go.

Good job, Rudy.


Ain't gonna work.

You've won, Rudy,
if you take that path.

If you go at a
diagonal across,

you got more squares
than him to land on.

You've got more squares left.

There you go!

There you go.

Yeah, now you're
heading up to the beach.

I think it's
a foregone

( sighs )

Flip that over,

Good job, Rudy.

There you go.

You got it, Rudy.

Hang tight, buddy.

We're going to be
taking that tile
from you any minute.

( cheering )

Rudy, you win.

Take the honor of
flipping the rest

of these over for me.

( buzzing )

Tonight's going
to be interesting.

Oh, yeah?

Really, when they
first got here,

they were
really ambitious.

Now you can see
their ambition's

kind of, like,
filtering a little bit.

If I feel like sitting
in a hammock all day,

I'm going to sit
in a hammock all day.

I'm not going
to stop you.


We had fun, you know?

We had-- Pagong was a good,
was a good place to live.

Now we moved
into the new neighborhood

with the nasty neighbors.

( grunting )

I want to go over

in my house for
awhile and bitch.

Then we came in here

like, "Maybe we can
all be friends"

and they came in, like,
"We can smash 'em."

Yes, they did.

The people who came in swinging
were Rich and Sue.

They knew.

They're smart.

They're very smart people...

Although Rich
is just a numskull. God!

All you 16, 15 weirdoes
are making me nutty.

I'm losing my mind.

People are wishy-washy.

They're conniving
and they're stupid,

and that's what's happening,

and it's all out in the open
for everybody to see.

The decision
that I feel I'm left with is

do I interact
with these people, have fun

and just wait
till my ticket comes up

or do I try and strategize
and try and make a difference?

It's so sad now.

You know, we just wait,
you know?


we think of something.

( whistling )

Yesterday, at the dinner,

we had a whole conversation

about forming a new alliance.

Yeah, shh...

We're going to vote the same

and we figure that this puts us
in jeopardy for the next one,

but we were
in jeopardy anyway, so...

Well, we tried
the "be nice, honor" way.

It didn't work,
so don't be stupid anymore.

It's just, we're smarter now.

We saw that
that way didn't work,

so we got to switch gears.

What if I

just had this
as a skirt?

Oh, that's killer!

I don't think
models even wear

skirts that short.

Go for it, Colleen!
Wear it!

Not doing that, Sue?

Jenna and I were just,

you know, goofing off

and, uh, Kelly decided
to join in.

I feel bad for Kelly
because she wants to play.

And Rich is, like,
"Something's happened to you

"since these girls came.

I'm really worried about you,"

kind of putting her in her place

and makes her feel

a little self-conscious.

By her being nervous

and wishy-washy
about where her loyalties lie,

it's really making
Sue and Rich nervous.

You're young.

You hung out
with the chicks.

There's more Pagong members
than Tagi members

and the Pagong members...

Pagong members don't
like any of us.

They like you a lot better
than any of us.

Kelly's acting a little odd.

She's dressing like
the other two that are her age,

and I'm hoping

that Kelly hasn't, uh,
shifted trust

and-and joined forces
with somebody else.

All them girls
are dressed the same today.

Yeah, they're dressing
like, uh, superheroes.

Like who?


They were dancing around here
a little while ago.

It looked like
the third grade.

I thought
about a female alliance

and watching them,

the way they walk around,
hand in hand.

I even thought about lesbianism,
but, uh, maybe not.

I don't know.

And, uh, it could happen
if they had any brains,

but I don't think they got
enough brains to do that.

I move objects with my mind,

but only I can see it.

I probably will have

the swing vote tonight.

I'd said before, you know,
alliance or no alliance,

there's two people that I have
in mind to vote off

and they're two people that,
um, are-are competition,

but, um, they annoy me

and... ( chuckling )

they're kind of sucky
to live with.

Let's roll, Gervase.

Get out of here.

I really don't know
what's going to happen

at Tribal Council tonight.

I know I'm voting for Rich.

I know Jenna's voting for Rich.

I know Gervase
is voting for Rich.

As long as he's catching fish,

people are gonna try
to keep him around,

so I say, get rid of Rich
and we all starve together.

The rest of my alliance,

if that's what
you want to call it?

Yeah, we're all voting for Rich.

He's ruthless

and the fact that we're voting
him out on his birthday--

it's not lost on me.

We're giving him
a birthday present.

Okay, let's do this, Brutus!

Gotta go.

Today's immunity challenge
saw wisdom and strategy

outplay youth and strength.

Tonight it's Rudy
who's safe from the vote

as the others
contemplate their fate.

But this is not
the only vote on their mind.

Beginning tonight with Greg,
all members voted off the island

will return
to subsequent Tribal Councils

as part of a jury.

They will gather information

for a very important decision,

because, ultimately,
these seven will decide

who, of the final two survivors,

leaves the island
with the million-dollar prize.

( gong clanging )

You're back.

Tribal Council
number nine.

27 days you guys
have been here.

At the last
Tribal Council,
we established

our core group of nine,
so from that

two of you will make
it to the final vote.

The other seven

will form a jury that
will really decide

that final vote.

Now, in order to make
an informed decision,

the jury needs

So, beginning tonight, Greg
will be joining us here

as part of the jury.

He's merely here

to observe, gather

that he'll base
his decision on

and at each tribal
council, when somebody
else is voted off,

they will return to join Greg.

Happy birthday
to you, Mr. Hatch.

Thanks, Jeff.

Something we talked about today.

You were going to spend the day
in your birthday suit.

That was part of your original
idea, anyway.


A couple of people
voiced concern

that, uh, "Maybe
I don't like this."

Well, I just enjoy
being nude.

I'm on a deserted island in the
middle of the South China Sea.

I thought, what better place?

What better place than
to just hang out nude?

But it did make a couple
of people uncomfortable

so I thought,
"Why bother?"

Sean. I got to ask you

about the alphabet thing.

The alphabet.

Give me the rationale so I'm
absolutely clear on it.

The rationale
is manyfold.

First of all,
it gives me an order

that I can follow
pretty easily--

that's always nice.

And it is strategic.

If you look at the order,
the actual alphabet,

a lot of the Pagong people
in the beginning,

a lot of Tagi people
in the end.

This tortures me.

Every three days. I hate it.

Jenna, what's
your take on that?

I'm next.

I'm today.

That's true.

Yes. I'm "J."

That's, that's cool.

She knows she wouldn't
take it personally

and I think
she's a safe vote tonight.

If I was... felt
she was in jeopardy,

I would think twice
at the very least

of casting a vote.

Sue, what's your
take on that

as somebody who
might come up soon

in the alphabet
and get a vote

against you
even if Sean

thinks you're the
greatest person here?

Oh, Sean just...
he's neurotic.

He's just, he's an idiot.

Thanks a lot, Sue.

Thank you very much.

It's like

wow, okay,
so I'm next, you know?

That's the way he votes,
that's the way he votes.

I... I just think he just...

I don't know, that
or he doesn't have

enough balls to make a decision.

I don't have
a malicious bone in my body

and I think that
casting a vote,

it makes me
feel malicious.

I want to avoid it.

Yeah, but you came
into this knowing...

knowing you were going
to have to do this.

Me, I've changed my vote

like, three times
within the last two hours.

And now it's me, right?

( laughing )

No. No.

How important
is Richard right now?

He seems to be the only guy--
at least of who's left--

that's able
to catch fish.

No. We did today.

Trapped it.

We nailed a fish today
in the trap.

We have a bream.
They got a fish.

We got a fish today.

A nice-sized fish.

I'm outta here.

We gave it
to Richard for his birthday.

All right, it's
time to vote.


My vote's for Rich

because the longer Rich is
on this island,

the bigger of a threat
he becomes to me

taking that million dollars,

so I figure
if I get rid of him now,

everybody else will be cake,
so, happy birthday, Rich.

Eliminating a big mouth.

Continuing my alphabetic

Jenna, you know I love you,
no offense to this.

I hope you don't get voted off.

I don't think...

you might have one vote or two
votes or something like that

but nothing major,
I don't think. I hope.

Fish or not, I think
he's getting near the point,

he's ready to go home.

Even though it is his birthday.

As always,
your identity

at Tribal Council is noted
by your fire, your torch.

Directly across from you

are the eight torches

of the first eight people
voted off.

Tonight, another torch will be
added to that group

and that person will join Greg
next week as part of our jury.

I'll go tally the votes.

I just want to remind you
that once the votes are tallied,

the decision is final.

The person will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

Now I'll read the votes.

That's three votes for Jenna,
three votes for Rich.

The last vote...

"J" for Jenna.

Jenna, you need to bring
your torch over.

Jenna, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time for
you to go.



Jenna is now part
of the jury.

She'll return next week
and join Greg.

The rest of you

can head back to camp.

Good night.

Next week on Survivor...
A cigar!

Good news for Gervase.

Hey, everybody, it's a boy!

Having left the alliance,

will Kelly now vote
against them?

You're seeming
more down.

And if I'm going to do
something tonight... and dirty,

let's get Rich off.

Me and Kelly are
taking him down.

Well, I had a good time.

It was a great time
on the island.

I felt like I was
targeted tonight

because they knew that

Sean would vote for me

so they knew they'd get
an easy off with me.

They were more
powerful because
Pagong went into it

a little naive,
so, that's it.

I had
a really good time,

and no hard feelings
and nothing's
taken personally.