Surface (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Surface - full transcript

Sophie must end the investigation into her own crimes, and she realizes there's only one explanation left for what happened on the ferry.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I believe I owe you an apology.

For sharing information
that you weren't quite ready to process.

About your mother.

- About your history.
- I'm the one who should be sorry.

For not listening.

For refusing to accept that everyone
around me was just trying to help

when, clearly, I'm the problem.

Did something happen?

What happened is,

I woke up in the middle of an explosion,

then found out I'm the bomb.

Why do you say that?

What I did hurt everyone around me.

What did you do?

I jumped.

That's the only thing I know for sure.

And why do you think it's been so hard
for you to accept that?

Because I guess
I don't recognize that person.

But the minute you stop looking
for other explanations,

maybe you will.

What are we doing out here, Sophie?

Have you given it to anyone?

The evidence… about the transactions,
the bank account.

- Have you shared it with anyone?
- Of course not. No.

All right? I need you with me
to corroborate everything.


Sophie, what happened?

Why aren't you talking to me?

I need you to hold off. Just a bit.

But every minute we wait
puts you in more danger.

- I'll be all right.
- You don't know that.

I do.

Can you just tell me
what the hell is going on?

I just found out…

there are other people caught up in this.

Innocent people

who don't deserve to go down
for someone else's mistakes.

People who deserve some time
to get ahead of this.

My loyalty is to you, Sophie.

Making sure you're safe.
I don't give a fuck about other people.

Just give me some time.

This is not just about James. Not anymore.

Does he know you're here?

Twenty-four hours.

I'm trusting you on this one, okay?

Thank you.

I don't get this at all.

Twenty-four hours.

That's it.

Victoria emailed.

SFPD's Financial Crimes Unit
wants to interview me.

Apparently, someone tipped them off

to the internal investigation
at Ascendant.

What are we gonna do?

For starters,
you're gonna go to that bank,

and you're gonna empty that account.

Money trail's a lot less damning

than a bank account
full of misappropriated funds.

What does the firm know?

Not much. I took out some loans
and paid 'em back.

- Loans?
- Yeah.

You... You borrowed $11 million?


- From whom?
- Mortgaged the house.

Uh, Harrison made some deals.
Caroline cut a check.

Yeah, I'll go to the bank,

but I don't know if that will work.

What... What else?

Just act normal
and go to your appointments.

Keep up appearances.
Let me find out just how exposed we are.

Does this meeting have
anything to do with a cop

who was in our driveway yesterday?

Is he the one who tipped off FCU?

You know who he is?

Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.

He approached me

after the accident.

I didn't know
who we'd… been to one another.

That's enough. That's...

That's enough.

He was suspicious of you
from the beginning.

- He knew about Portland.
- That… …your alibi was a lie.

Alibi? What the fuck?

Hey, look, we're…

We're gonna be okay.

All right?

I believe that.

How much does he know?

Whose phone is that?

It's mine.

Hi, it's me. I have it.

Shelled the money into offshore accounts,
just like I said he would.

Everything was tracked.

He mapped the whole thing out,
including the last action.

The day before your accident,
3.1 million to a bank downtown.

The money is in an account
under the name Tess Caldwell.

Has to be him.

Who else could it be?

Tess Caldwell?


How can I help you today, Miss Caldwell?

I'm looking to access
some funds in my account.

Oh, of course, no problem.

Mmm. Have a seat.

I'm not exactly sure
how to say this, but, um…

I was recently the victim
of a pretty violent home invasion.

Oh, no. I'm sorry to hear that.

Thank you. Um, my passport
and all my ID's were stolen.

They pretty much cleaned out
the whole house.

And unfortunately, I need access
to the funds in this account immediately,

because of a business opportunity
that demands I move it right away.

With partners who aren't nearly
as understanding as you.

And how much were you hoping to withdraw?

3.1 million.

You want to drain the account?

Well, the only way you can do that
is with a passport.

Which won't be replaced for several weeks.

At which point my partners
will have moved on.

There's really nothing you can do?

Well, if you correctly answer
a series of security questions,

we could grant temporary access
to a percentage of the funds.

Security questions?

Personal information.

Your past.

Seems like it'd be worth a try.

You know, maybe I should come back
another time when I'm not so worked up.

You know,

under normal circumstances
with this kind of request,

I'd need to flag your account
for review by the authorities.


Your customers
never have their ID's stolen?

Mmm. Not right before
they try to withdraw $3 million.

Sure, go ahead.


"Question one.

What was the name of the street
you lived on in June of 2003?

Crow Street, Upton Row,
Trowbridge Lane, Fisher Court?"

Fisher Court.

If you'll give me a minute, Miss Caldwell,

I just have to check something
with my supervisor.



Um, did something just crawl up your ass
and die?

In a manner of speaking.

Okay. What's going on?

Thought we were in the clear.
Money's back.

But the trail's still there.

A cop got access to my computer.

The accounts, wire fraud, everything.

How the fuck did that happen?

Look who I fucking found.

What's going on, guys?

Do you have any fucking idea
how fucking fucked you are right now?

There are political prisoners
who are less fucked than you.

Victoria caught you
going through my files.

- No, man. I...
- Oh?

Dude, I was just... I was just in there
cleaning up a bit, man.

No, you were talking
to undercover cops about me?

If you even think
of lying to us,

you should know that I watch
a ton of fucking drug shows,

so I know how to fuck a guy up.

What the fuck?

I didn't know he was a fucking cop.


It was a party,
and... and... they asked me to bring Molly.

Just as a favor.
I swear to God, it was my first time.

You know what?

As fucked as you are right now,
my situation's a hell of a lot worse.

And if I go down because of you,

I will drag your ass
all the way down with me.

Do you understand?

Yeah. Yeah.

So, I need you to tell me
about every interaction,

every conversation,

anything and everything you know
about an Officer Thomas Baden.

I'm sorry, okay?
Seriously, I-I'm sorry.

I really am, okay?

Am I gonna get fired?



Here you are.

Thought you might be standing me up.

Oh. Sorry. Thank you.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah, why?

Because, um,

you know, you were acting
a little bit strange the other night,

and, um…

I don't know. I guess there's just a...

A part of me that was afraid

that this whole mess was
starting all over again.

Like, history repeating itself, you know?

If it's weird with us
because of the money I lent James,


I... I just... I really don't want that
to get between us.

- And I'm sorry if...
- It... It won't.

It won't.

Then what's going on?

James told me the truth.


Except it wasn't.

The things I did…

You fell in love with somebody
you weren't supposed to.

You're human.

But how can you be in love
with two people at once?

Doesn't that mean eventually somebody's
going to get eviscerated?

No, not somebody. Everybody.

Did he come back?

The guy you were seeing before?

No, that's all in the past.

You know, none of us knew who he was,
and I sort of wish that I did,

because he's as wrapped up
in this mess as we are.

I'm just struggling
with how to make it right.

Every time I think about it,
I feel helpless,

like I'm right back in that water.

But you're right here.

We're right here to help you.

But that's not fair
when you're the ones I've hurt the most.

When someone tells you they love you,
Soph, believe them.

Let them in.

See, you've tried the other way,
and it doesn't work.

So, try this.

Any luck at the bank?

They wouldn't let me do it,
not without a passport.

What did you find out?

We're even more screwed than we thought.

Guess all that's left to do
is to lawyer up and wait.

Or I could confess.

Tell him who's really responsible.

Convince him to destroy the evidence.

No, he's not going to do that, Soph.
He's a cop.

Everything he's done,
he thought he was protecting me.

If he sees I'm the one he hurts most
by going through with all this...

- I can't let you do that. It's...
- I have to try.

I have to tell him something.

Look, let's, um…

let's sleep on it, okay?
There's got to be another way.

He's the one
that got us into this fucking mess.

No, I am.

Sophie, just leave it.

You do what you have to do?

We good to go ahead?


All I can say is…

…the person I am now in front of you,
that's not the person who did this, okay?

The money in that account
isn't money James stole.

It's money I stole from him, his company.

And all he's been trying to do
this whole time is track it down,

give it back.

He was trying to protect me.

James tell you all this?

You can't trust him.

I've been saying that since the beginning.

However he got you
to walk into that house with him...

- Why can't I trust him?
- 'Cause your marriage was fucked up.

No one knows that better than me.

You wake up one day with a clean slate,

and all of a sudden,
he wants to paint some perfect picture.

How could you trust him, Sophie?

Things have been… …coming back.

My therapist called them
intrusive thoughts,

but now I think they're memories.

For a long time,
I wasn't sure if they were real.

But then I heard your message, and I knew.

The name on all those accounts

is mine.

James is gonna go to jail
for something I did,

and I'll have to live with someone else
paying for my mistakes.

- So, if you love me...
- I do.

I know you do.
You have to destroy what you found.

I can't do that. Financial Crimes is
investigating because I pushed them.

They'll know if I start getting in the way
and they'll come after me.

There... There must be something?

I can't talk right now.

Um, no, we... we have to.

Okay, make it quick.

Before you lose your shit on me, I just...

I need you to know I was
just looking out for your best interest.

And that the only reason
I didn't say something sooner

is because I had no idea
who he was until...

Until you mentioned his name
to Todd on the roof.

What the f...
What the fuck are you talking about?

Okay, just... just promise me
you won't make me the bad guy here.

All right?

Because I'm the only one
who saw the writing on the wall.

I'm the only one who did anything
to keep it from getting to this point.

So if you hear this
and you decide to hate me,

you know, fuck that noise, okay?

Harrison, just fucking say it.

All right.

I mean, the only way out of this shit
is if I fucking disappeared.

I can't let you do that.

Come with me.

We could start over.

Together. Just the two of us.

- You want to run away together?
- Isn't that what we've been waiting for?

What about your life?

What, this?

How would this even happen?

We take a train, bus,
I don't fucking care.

We walk away from all of this.
We leave this shit behind.

Don't you get it?

Here, we never stood a chance.

Did you follow me here?
What the fuck, James?

Get in the car. Get in.

I told you not to go over there.
What did you tell him?


So, what did he say?

He'll destroy it.

All of it.

Just like that?

Pretty much.

If only we could trust a word he says.

Has he ever told you how you two met?

Outside a party.

Has he ever told you
what he was doing there?

Waiting out the rain.



Well, I guess his job
wasn't always so lucrative.

Because he used to do
some work on the side,

which is how Harrison ended up
hiring him to look into you.


Make sure you weren't gonna do
exactly what you ended up doing.

And the only reason
nothing came of his investigation

is because instead of doing what he was
supposed to do, what he was paid to do,

instead he decided to start following you.

Started showing up in places
where he knew you'd be.

He was stalking you, Sophie.

That's what he's always been doing.

So I think it'd be incredibly stupid
to assume a man like that

is gonna keep his word.

I'll handle it, okay?

We have people.

And what do those people do?

We're not gonna
fucking hurt him, Soph.

We're just going to make sure
that he knows

that destroying that evidence…

that's his only choice.

Get over here. Come on.

This is a terrible idea.

It's no big deal.

No one's ever gonna see it but us.

You're no fun at all.

Have you thought about
what I've said?

You and me,
just the two of us somewhere warm.

What am I supposed to do,

just pack up and leave, write him a note?

People leave each other all the time.

I love you, Sophie.

And isn't that all that matters?

This was never about the future.

Let's just enjoy the moment.

And isn't that all that matters?

This was never about the future.

Let's just enjoy the moment.

Can you do that?


This was never about the future.

Let's just enjoy the moment.

If we hadn't met by chance,

if it wasn't some grand coincidence
that night outside in the rain,

and you were actually there
because someone paid you to follow me,

you'd have told me. Wouldn't you?

You wouldn't have lied
about something like that, would you?

That's not how it happened.

Then how did it happen? Explain it to me.

Okay, yeah.

He told me to look into your past,
see what I could find.

But all I found was someone who was lost.

Someone else who was going through
the world alone. Someone like me.

- How do I know that's not another lie?
- It's not.

Then why not tell me
the truth from the beginning?

If our connection was that strong,
it wouldn't have mattered, right?

Yeah, I should've told you, okay?
I get it.

But I didn't plan on it
happening this way.

I didn't know when I came in the car
with you that night,

I was going to fall in love with you,

So instead,
you did what everyone else has done.

Convinced me I was
who you wanted me to be,

because you thought you knew me
better than I knew myself.

And now I don't even know
who the fuck I am.

- But you do know.
- Here's what's gonna happen.

I'm going to walk out of this station,

and you're going to destroy
whatever evidence you found about James.

- You know I can't do that...
- And if you don't,

if James or I ever see your face again,

I'm going to the police, the press,
to anyone who will listen.

And I'm telling them about
the entrapment, the blackmail,

all the crimes you committed
because you were obsessed

with putting the husband
of the woman you were fucking in jail.

So you're blackmailing me now?

Just like you blackmailed me.

Telling me you could only destroy
that evidence if we left together.

That was just another manipulation,
wasn't it?

No, it was not.

I guess we're gonna find out, aren't we?

- You can't do this.
- Really? Why not?

'Cause if you can't have me, no one can?

Were we ever
gonna run away together, before?

Or was that just a lie too?

Maybe I'd already left you.

Maybe all this is just playing out
the same as it did before.

- I won't let it.
- It's not up to you.


Where have you been?
I've been calling you all night.

I went to see him.

Fuck. You shouldn't have done that.

I told him everything.

Then what is it?

Soph, we promised
we'd stop hiding things from each other.

- What just happened?
- I don't know.

You don't know?

- I don't know. I don't know.
- I...

How could I be so wrong about him?

It's just...

The things he said to me,

they... they seemed like the answer

to the one question
I couldn't get out of my head.

What question?

What if I didn't jump?


I keep having these memories

of a man…

pushing me from the ferry.

Hannah told me they're not real.

They're my mind's defense
against the unknown,

but that hasn't stopped me
from seeing them over and over.

I... I knew it.

I knew you couldn't have jumped.

It... It never made any s...
Any sense to me.

I even said so to the doctor,

and he told me
that's what everyone thinks, but…

but I-I just didn't have
another explanation until now.

What are you saying?

What you're thinking.

Sophie, he's unstable.

He's obsessed with you.

He... He lied to you about
the very nature of his existence.

What if he was doing it
to cover up something he did?

Tell me you don't think
he's capable of doing that.

Leave a message.


I think you know who this is.

I wanted you to know. I know everything.

The burner phone.

The stalking.

You're just doing
the exact same thing you did before.

I don't know what the fuck
you thought was gonna happen,

but I do know this.

She's never gonna be with you.

And if you ever try to hurt her again,
things are gonna end a lot worse for you.

You left the house at all?

Soph, we took care of it.

He's given up.
He's never gonna try and hurt you again.

I promise.

It's over.

Now it's time for us to go live our lives.

Look, he's...

He's had some time to cool off,

really think about
everything we have on him,

and I'm sure he's realized
that it's just not worth the risk.

You don't know him.

He's obsessive.

He's not suicidal.

Fuck, I'm s... I'm sorry.

You know what I mean.

Do I?



I got us a table
at a little place in the neighborhood,

just around the block.

What do you say?

Look, we can't let this
control us forever.

We just can't.

So is that a yes?


Looks strange.

Not at all. Here. Try it.

- Holy shit.
- Right?


It's almost like you knew I would like it.


To fresh starts.

Fresh starts.


Order me another before I get back?

Of course.
It's down the hall.



I'm sorry. You were right.

I should have told you the truth.

I was just so scared of losing you again.

What... What happened to you?

Guys I was infiltrating
found out I was a cop.

Someone wanted me dead, blew my cover.

Look, I tried to forget about you
like you forgot about me, but I couldn't.

And I think I let that twist the way
I was seeing things.

I know that's no excuse,
but I never meant to hurt you.

- You said you tried to forget me?
- And I couldn't.

Try harder.

Sophie. Take this.

What the fuck?

Look, I swear I'm not here
to hurt anyone, okay?

The fuck you aren't.


Oh, my goodness. Oh, my God!

Hey, hey! That's it! Hey!

- Break it up!
- Get off!

He said he'd survived an attempted hit.

Someone blew his cover.


Did you have anything to do with that?

Are you fucking kidding me, Sophie?

Honestly, Sophie, I know there's
a lot going through your head right now,

a lot of disorienting things,

but how you can possibly believe
a single fucking word

that comes out of that man's mouth.

After everything he's put us through!

It's fucking beyond me!

- One of us?
- Undercover.

Drug ring caught up with him.




Come on. Come on.
Let's get you home. Come on.

Come on. Let's get some rest.

Come on. Sit down.

There's a video…

that he gave me at the restaurant.

Footage from a passing boat…

from my accident.

My… jump.

'Cause that's what it was.

I jumped.


No one pushed me.


Wait, y-you... you t...
You told me you thought he pushed you.


you did.

But you... I mean,
you... you didn't disagree with me.

I mean, the moment I said it,

you looked at me like
you've been thinking it the whole time.


the man inserted himself into our lives

over and over again.

He stalked you.

He filled your head
with things that weren't true about me.

About you too.

He was obsessed with you, Sophie.

Obsessed with...
With getting me away from you.

That's the truth.

That's the truth.

Where are you going?

Try and make
some fucking sense of this all.

James, you can't just walk away from this.

If you think that just because
he didn't push you,

that he wasn't capable
of doing something like that,

or that all of this wasn't
hurtling towards an ending like that…

This is not our fault.


Tell me you understand that.

Look, we did nothing wrong, okay?

We did nothing wrong.